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    • Hello peterparker, Welcome and thank you for joining WHMCS.Community! Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the other community members. If you need any assistance with the community please reach out in the WHMCS.Community Assistance Board. Thanks! WHMCS ChrisD
      WHMCS.Community Manager
    • Thanks - I will look into that.  Is there any more detail on how to use the function logActivity ? Where would I add that in my code. Could you advise if the code for the hook is in theory, correctly written ? Thanks  
    • Oh perfect. Thanks! I didn’t know about {debug} but it makes sense given it’s Smarty based. 
    • Hi Andrew Thanks for getting back to me.  I already have a ticket #CXY-923182.  Usually, there are very delayed responses. You'll note I have another ticket with no response for over 4 days.  1. Have you checked your exchange rate is correct? Yes - no changes made in exchange rates.  2. Is your pricing properly defined for the billing cycles you are using? Yes - was working fine before the upgrade. All the rates / cycles / pricing exist.  3. Does the client area cart work ok? No - the client area does not work either. Customers have already ordered "free" registrations, and hence we've had to put the site under maintenance.  4. Have you tried disabling any hooks/addons? Yes, disabled - as well as deleted, but no luck. 
    • You would use language file overrides to do this. https://docs.whmcs.com/Language_Overrides Search the main language file in the ./lang/ directory for the text you wish to override, and then copy this into your override file and change as appropriate.
    • Hi @menkom  Some good points there.  I assume you are using the latest version 7.3? Your points are correct - I have the same issues.... and more - I added yours in!  Let's get this list sorted so WHMCS can add to the next development After installing latest version - 7.3  here are the current issues; 1) BUG - Need to be able to re-arrange the tasks - as you were able to in version 1. 2) BUG - Still can't start / stop a task timer from within the Tasks listing page..... surely be simply to add a "Start/Stop" button - as we had in version 1?  I don't want to have to go to a ticket each time to start a task, or to use the time tracking page which is is so cumbersome! 3) BUG - Still no way to edit the Project Start Date without going to the database!  Nuts If I want to backdate a project start date to the beginning of the month - no can do. 4) BUG - Still no way to "select all" when wanting to generate an invoice from completed timed tasks. So, if you have 30 tasks, you have to add each one = time consuming. 5) BUG - TAX does not get added to the generated invoice - no way to add it (even after invoice generation) 6) BUG - There is nowhere to add "private staff notes" as there was in version 1 7) BUG - Can't add notes for a task straight away,  need to save the task first = time consuming  8 )  Feature Request - Need to be able to control notifications better, i noticed that every single change sends a notification email ? (and also what email goes to the customer exactly - it could be made clearer.) 9) Feature Request  Why cant i categorise tasks better, eg... DEVELOPMENT as a main task heading then under that is the sets of tasks for this task group, right now it just looks like a long list of tasks that i cant categorise nor can i sort.   I'm still evaluating the other changes so will come back and update this thread when I've had a chance to find more issues ;-) However, I would like to thank the WHMCS team for at least working on the PM module and even though it's not perfect, I could certainly live with changes that only take one release cycle "-=)
    • You'd need to check with the specific registrars to see if they support the specific extensions you want to use.
    • I would suggest you open a ticket. 1. Have you checked your exchange rate is correct? 2. Is your pricing properly defined for the billing cycles you are using? 3. Does the client area cart work ok? 4. Have you tried disabling any hooks/addons? Still open a ticket so our support team can look at this and help you.
    • If you are editing a file where $clientsdetails are available (may be part of another param array too), you should find cctype and cardlastfour are parameters available to you. There are separate merge fields for these values available in Email Templates. $clientsdetails is available in the PDF invoice and the online viewable invoice.   In a template, remember you can use {debug} to see the variables available. This also applies to email templates, but you have to send the email to see what is available. https://www.smarty.net/docs/en/language.function.debug.tpl  
    • Hello, Has anyone implemented a way to show the card type and four digits of the credit card used for invoice payments? We would like to do three things: If no card is on file display a note on the PDF invoice / email template / print invoice. If a card is on file display the card issuer and 4 digits on the PDF invoice / email template / print invoice. As for #2 display the same information in the transactions table below the transaction ID. I was not able to find any template variables so suspect it may be a direct call to the database to look this up. Thanks, as always.

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