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  1. Great job on resolving your issue. I've seen many users experienced the same so I will refer them to this post from now on.
  2. Hello, This is how WHMCS works by standard. I imagine it is set this way to allow you to check each order manually should you wish to. For example you may wish to check that the automation worked correctly and that emails were sent out and even verify the client details vs the payment. Personally I have always liked this approach as I check each order manually prior to marking it as completed. I have seen modules in the past that will automatically mark orders as completed once the payment has been made. If you require this it will be worth checking the WHMCS marketplace.
  3. Hello, Is this for the admin or clientarea password reset? If it's for the client area it should certainly not be pointing to your admin URL. First check to ensure that your WHMCS URL is set to your WHMCS root. Have you tried the six template as well as your cloned template?
  4. Just to confirm you want this script to be loaded on the cart.php page? If so you can add the following to: templates/your_template/includes/head.tpl (or ../header.tpl if that file doesn't exist): {if $filename == 'cart'} <script src="https://fast.conpass.io/PRNN_HsRly2F.js"></script> {/if}
  5. zomex

    Default Template for Cart

    @WHMCS ChrisD I really think this needs to be removed as a warning if the active cart has not been edited. In the majority of cases I've seen users do not modify the cart, in this case it's a benefit to use the default card as it is updated with WHMCS.
  6. As Brian said the password reset has been changed a lot in recent versions and pwreset.php is no longer used. The new path for password reset is (this assumes you have SEO friendly URLs enabled in WHMCS): https://mydomain.com/password/reset/begin I would recommend first testing the Six template. If it works then it would indicate that your template is missing a update. If it doesn't then it could be an issue with your URL settings or WHMCS configuration depending on what is/isn't happening.
  7. Hello community, Just a quick update that we have updated all of our WHMCS templates with full support for V7.9.2. If you're a new customer you can browse our range of WHMCS templates that come out of the box with V7.9.2 support below: https://www.zomex.com/templates/whmcs/ For existing customers we have created a easy to follow update guide to add full support for V7.9.2 to your Zomex template: https://www.zomex.com/docs/whmcs-templates/how-to-support-whmcs-v7-9-2.php If anyone has any questions or issues feel free to reply to this thread or create a new one within the Zomex club and we will be happy to assist you. Regards, Jack Curtis Zomex.com
  8. WHMCS have just announced V7.9.2 which sees many new features. We've updated all of our responsive WHMCS templates & modules with full support for this new version. Learn more: https://www.zomex.com/clients/announcements.php?id=236
  9. zomex

    Hi Everyone

    Hi, Welcome to the community!
  10. zomex

    Deactivating 2CheckOut

    I also had the same issue on my system and was not aware that it was a bug only because I used 2checkout in the past. It is a good idea to de-activate and remove any un-used modules. I do the same also.
  11. This is good advice about Modern, I always recommend to use the Standard Cart as it seems to be the only developed cart template. Check to ensure that you're using the Standard Cart under WHMCS admin > setup > general settings > ordering. Also check your product categories (WHMCS admin > setup > products/services > edit each category) as it is possible that a category of products could be different a different cart than your default.
  12. uid is for the client. This code has been working for me for many versions now.
  13. zomex

    Logout constant

    As mentioned above this could be due to your IP being dynamic there for changing frequently. One option you can try enabling is under: WHMCS admin > setup > general settings > security > Disable Session IP Check
  14. Oh I see. I have not experienced those type of irrelevant questions on a large scale. That must be a real pain!
  15. zomex

    Stop ticket creation contact/sales preform

    Thanks I only noticed that setting a few days ago, it's quite well hidden.

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