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  1. Very poor response Chris. We are all waiting for clarification as to why it's always been marketed as a with hosting only partnership. Even now your reseller page says the same 3 times (see my earlier post with screenshots). So why has this been ignored for theme metro yet your policy of with hosting only has not been changed?
  2. Firstly I do like Blesta. I like their staff and the openness of their software and of course their pricing. But from experience I can tell you that most people I have seen switch to Blesta eventually return to WHMCS. You can't compare the two in terms of features. Also in terms of demand for Blesta it is a drop in the ocean compared to WHMCS. It's like comparing Amazon to Walmart.
  3. You completely missed my point John. The program has always been marketed as requiring the licenses to be sold bundled with hosting services even to this day your reseller program page confirms this. This is the reason I have ruled out your reseller program for the last 11 years. Theme Metro are bundling the license with templates, not hosting services. So why have they been approved?
  4. For troll to fan boy in 5 minutes. Your contradictions continue and your cringe increases post after post. You are the most emotional person when it comes to WHMCS that I have come across. For all the things you claim of others ultimately you are an Internet troll. Seeking attention via the Internet to fill a hole in your life.
  5. Did you even read my reply? My question to you is why are you even here? For someone who hates WHMCS you sure do invest a lot of your time in replying to every comment here. It's time to find something better to do with your time and stop wasting everyone else's. You don't need the warm embrace of a WHMCS "pat on the head" but you troll the community for attention. I'd say that's rather pathetic and a massive contradiction don't you think?
  6. Interesting that the coversation ended at that point. PS: I'm going to keep an eye on your project. It looks very promising.
  7. That's very interesting. He has also offered to sell his business to me in the past.
  8. Please don't try to assume why it matters to me. I have reported many nulled licenses to WHMCS over the years and every time they come across as either not interested or powerless to stop it. Long gone are the days of me trying to help WHMCS as a company. It matters to me because if it was possible to provide WHMCS licenses without reseller hosting I would have been doing so for the last 8 years. For as long as I can remember it's always been limited to reseller hosting bundles. Then I see a theme provider supposedly allowed to provide licenses it leaves me bitter about the lack of transparency.
  9. That is also how i understood it. Being that it had to be offered as part of reseller hosting only. @WHMCS John what is the situation here? If this is legit it seems unfair to offer this to one company only.
  10. I have always wondered about theme metro. They offer a free WHMCS license with their theme yet they do not provide reseller hosting: https://thememetro.com/whmcs.php Can anyone confirm if this is legit?
  11. Indeed, a lot of my clients are switching away from WHMCS. The only thing WHMCS's price increase has benefited is Blesta.
  12. Found the cause of the formatting error (thanks @brian! for spotting it). Not a issue with WHMCS itself. When activating the service my dev hosting timed out. So I had to re-activate it. That created a duplicate of one of the plans which caused the formating error. The solution if anyone experiences timeout issues is to de-activate to ensure the products are fully removed from the DB then re-activate.
  13. Hello John, I can confirm it's completely stock, I have also tested using the Six template and the error remains. As for the SSL issue that says a lot about the lack of testing for v8.2. It seems that any service that pays you a commission gets integrated regardless of the low quality.
  14. WHMCS have just launched v8.2 which sees many new features. We have updated all of our WHMCS Templates & modules with full support and created guides on how to update your existing product. Learn More: https://www.zomex.com/clients/announcements.php?id=246
  15. Such a shame. I remember when a new WHMCS version was exciting, reported bugs were fixed and features where added based on user feedback.
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