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  1. For example I needed to edit linkedaccounts.tpl of my custom cart, instead of just duplicating the file and editing it without my cart I also need to edit the include path within checkout.tpl. Would be great to see includes handled the same as assets and check whether the file exists within the child theme.
  2. Thanks, at least I can proceed now. With that said it's a real shame that includes are not handled in the same way as assets. I have not needed to make any edits to viewcart.tpl, now I need keep a copy in order to handle checkout.tpl. This is still something that should be changed as the solution is a workaround more than anything.
  3. @WHMCS John when can we expect to see a patch for this?
  4. No it isn't set as the active template in the general settings. The default cart is Standard Cart, all products are set to use the default. Then I am loading the child theme using the browser variable carttpl= It appears to effect checkout.tpl only, all other files I have tested work correctly within the child theme. I didn't test the child theme prior to v8.1 as I created and used a fully customized version of Standard Cart. Thanks.
  5. Looks like we found a bug. Hopfully it gets fixed soon.
  6. Hello, I'm testing the child template functionality with the cart. All files are working for me as a child cart apart from checkout.tpl. For some reason the file duplicated within my child cart template is being ignored and the parent cart (Standard Cart) copy is being used. Is anyone else able to replicate this? Thanks.
  7. This was their reply. Before running the command submit a ticket to WHMCS with reference to #NVK-604326 to ensure it's the same solution: Thank you for contacting WHMCS support. I am sorry to hear that the MarketConnect client area links are not working. Based on the details provided, I suspect that this is due to missing values for the slug column in the tblproductgroups database table. This should be populated automatically, but if the table has been edited or an error occurred previously that wasn't rectified, it could result in this. The good news is that potential cause has a fairly simple solution: the slug value defaults to the product group name, converted to lowercase and spaces replaced with hyphens, so the following SQL query could be run to populate the records with missing values for it as needed: UPDATE tblproductgroups SET slug = LOWER(REPLACE(name, " ", "-")) WHERE slug = ''; Before running the above, I would recommend taking a backup of your database as a precaution. If that doesn't help, could you please provide temporary working WHMCS admin and cPanel/FTP login details so we can look into this for you? To securely provide these details, please click the "View Ticket Online" button at the bottom of this email, then click the "Submit/Update Login Credentials" button. Finally, click the "Save/Update" button at the bottom of the page, and then reply here so we may continue our investigations. If you have a firewall or htaccess blocks in place, please grant access to the following IP to allow our staff access: For information on the level of access I'll need to your server, please refer to https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/knowledgebase/301/FTP-UsernameorControl-Panel-Username-value-is-not-valid.html Best regards,
  8. Hello, Feel free submit a ticket, I will take a look for you. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for confirming Brian. This was indeed a bug on my end. Assumed that I could comment out the department with HTML and it wouldn't effect the form. Turns out it did so used CSS to hide it. Can confirm the same bug on step 4.
  10. Hello, When I submit a ticket using a child template it redirects to/submitticket.php without creating the ticket. Error messages are also ignored prior to the redirect (such as leaving the subject blank) Works fine with parent. Thanks.
  11. Hello, The reply anchor link on the sidebar doesn't work, the within the primary content does. Looks like the onclick needs to be changed within the sidebar from: jQuery('#ticketReply').click() to: smoothScroll('#ticketReplyContainer') Thanks
  12. This turned out to be an issue on my dev install. Must have been caused by a previous error or glitch during a past update. Fixed using WHMCS's provided SQL statement.
  13. It's showing normally for me too. Would be nice if it was centrered by default, CSS: .bootstrap-switch { display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; }
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