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  1. I can't see them being at any risk legally but time will tell.
  2. I will find you somewhere on this community no doubt 😎 In all seriousness I just wanted a fair way to handle active/inactive accounts. If my total increased but it's a fair representation then so be it. With that said I am predicting active clients to decrease by at least 10%. That's a good one. Made me feel a little better for sure 👍 That's a fantastic idea. No doubt it's going to help a lot of people. WHMCS should really provide more options regarding inactive accounts but of course it's not in their interest to do so.
  3. JESUS I am not the sharpest knife in the draw, I remember seeing this setting in the past and brushing it off but completely forgot about it. My problem seems to be that I react emotionally without thinking and actually researching. For some reason I missed this setting which is quite embarrassing having used WHMCS for over 11 years. Now enabled and will wait for the daily cron tasks to run. Expecting to see a good drop in active clients. On a side note checking inactive clients I found a couple that should really be active. Perhaps this will sort that too. Hopefully I don't end up with a higher active client total haha. Thanks.
  4. No I do have the setting enabled. I am very hesitant to enable it. Unless I'm not understanding correctly it appears that enabling it will automatically delete clients including those with past transactions/invoices prior to the set month. I do not wish to delete clients who have transaction/invoice history as to keep the record. If this setting would mark a client as inactive but not delete the account that would be ideal. It's important to mention that with the setting disabled I do have over 2k inactive accounts that have been set correctly by WHMCS without deleting them. Yes, marketing them as inactive does change the license total. Edit: it's important to note that I have clients who have made one-time purchases, I cannot have these accounts deleted permanently. A better system would be those clients marked as inactive and then changed back to active if for example they login or create a new order. If I enable the automation setting these accounts to my knowledge would be deleted permanently.
  5. WHMCS has always been marketed as a solution not just for web hosting providers but also web designers, one-time purchases etc. Now the issue is those of us who have used WHMCS for providing one-time cost products/services are now being charged monthly in 2021 for "clients" who have not made any transactions or accessed their account in years. While these accounts should be changed to inactive in WHMCS that is not the case. I'm going through active clients now to show that some do not even have any transactions/tickets/products yet are still "active". @whmcs - how can you call the examples below active clients? These are just a couple I have picked out, for our install these make up at least 20-30% of "active" clients. A great way for you to make money but a very poor way to treat your loyal clients. I've been using WHMCS for over 10 years, participated in all Beta's, answered thousands of tickets related to WHMCS itself. It's a real shame to see how you treat your clients. I am not against the price rise as such, but I feel that it should be done in a fair way relative to the income/usage a business has. Counting one-time purchases made years ago on accounts not logged-in to for years as active is disguesting and one reason why Blesta is going to see huge growth this year. "Active" client examples Example 1 - Last login 2013, all services canceled 2013. Example 2 - A great example for those of us who used WHMCS for one-time purchases. One-time purchase in 2011, last login in 2012. - in our case this makes up a large percentage of our "active" clients Example 3 - A example of using WHMCS for free products. In this case web hosting trial and web design quote back in 2011. No transactions ever made, last login 2011. Example 4 - No transactions or products, an affiliate account. Last login 2014. Example 5 - All products canceled by 2017, last login 2017. Once again a large percentage of our "active" clients. Would like to discuss with both WHMCS and you all which examples should and should not be active clients. In my opinion none of these should be counted as active. One I could understand is if the affiliate account (example 4) logged-in recently, that at least would make sense.
  6. Check your modules under: whmcs_path/modules/addons/ If there's any modules you're no longer using make sure you de-activate them in the admin panel under addon modules, then remove the module files.
  7. Yep appreciate the responses. It's to be expected that some running issues have occurred over the course of 10 years. In most cases the accounts are being marked as inactive but there is still a considerable amount I'm seeing with no activity marked as active. This thread can be closed, it appears to be some issues with my install and I will create a ticket with WHMCS now.
  8. This isn't related to even those with products. I have checked client accounts and I'm seeing many cases of clients with 0 activity (no transactions, no invoices, no tickets, no services) as active (old accounts). Now, I could automatically have these accounts deleted using the attached setting but doing so would also delete accounts in various cases (based on the info provided): - accounts with manually created invoices/existing transactions - accounts for affiliates - accounts with tickets (for example we use WHMCS ticket system for pre-sales tickets which is not out of the norm) This could be a issue with my installation bearing in mind it's been active for over 10 years. Perhaps a bug of some kind where in certain cases clients have not been marked inactive when they should have been.
  9. Yep, missed that one. This wouldn't be so much of an issue if WHMCS used some logical basis to determine what counts as a client or more options regarding the pruning of old accounts. They have one option under the automated settings to automatically delete accounts after x months of no activity. Of course the issue being that it would also remove accounts that have activity prior to that date. It is not a good idea from a business perspective to delete past invoices/transactions. What I'm getting at is I would hope that WHMCS are going to implement many more options in terms of client management and the ability to remove accounts with no activity, not just no recent activity. If I was able to remove accounts that had no invoices/transactions/not active as an affiliate I could reduce client total by at least 20%.
  10. Indeed, that is the same for us. We can't think of anything worse than deleting accounts for the sake on licensing terms. We prefer to keep all data active like yourself. If we enable the automatic account removal that invoices accounts with past invoices/transactions. In my case the client total associated with my license is simply the total number of client accounts! Compare the 2 attached pages to see if they match.
  11. Just checked under WHMCS admin > help > license information The number shown matches the number of client accounts in WHMCS (made up of many with no invoices - affiliates, spam registrations etc). @whmcs, you increase the price by up to 85x based on a very simple metric yet your only option for handling clients is to delete after x months after no activity. Where is the option to delete client accounts with no service/invoices/affiliate activation?
  12. Hello, With the insane price increase just announced it begs the question. What counts as a client? Is it a user, a user with an active product, a user with a recently paid invoice? I think I speak for many when I say that the majority of our clients do not have recurring products/services. The majority are one-time clients with their last invoice being paid years ago. Seeing as WHMCS's licensing cost is based on client totals I would like to hear specifically from WHMCS the criteria used to define a client.
  13. A massive shame this. In the same boat as the majority of my clients have a active one-time product, not renewable services.
  14. On behalf of everyone at Zomex we are happy to announce the launch of our new website! Along with a new website we have also re-developed our client area and have launched new products/services. View Announcement: https://www.zomex.com/clients/announcements/245/
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