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  1. Shocking that one of the more serious bugs was not fixed.
  2. WHMCS have just announced V8 which sees many new features. We've updated all of our responsive WHMCS templates & modules with full support for this new version. Learn more: https://www.zomex.com/clients/announcements.php?id=241
  3. Indeed, for some reason I don't have it in me to ignore it :)
  4. You should not be critiquing anyones post considering you've added 0 value to the community. Come back when you've achieved something.
  5. Reporting this bug again. It's not possible to provide WHMCS access to check this when there's a client who is rightly frustrated and concerned when 2 payments have been taken from their account. In many cases this also ties into Maxmind where an order has been marked as fraud but the payments still go through as uncaptured.
  6. Another day another uncaptured payments and rightly upset client. Client orders and the order if flagged by maxmind. Client is charged twice and money has left their bank account. Stripe shows 2 payments as "uncaptured", have to manually refund one and capture the second one. Then apologise to the client about this unprofessional situation. @whmcs when are we going to get a response regarding this?
  7. Still facing issues with this bug. Even worse is I have even seen 2 orders blocked by Maxmind manage to create 2 uncaptured transactions for the order. This is a very unprofessional look for WHMCS users who have to try and explain this to clients. This has happened twice now.
  8. I haven't seen any trends yet. I can confirm that it has happened for both existing and new orders.
  9. We really need a update on this WHMCS.
  10. Good to hear it's not just me. I have also seen it for a renewal since my post.
  11. Opening this old thread as I'm seeing the same issue with v7.10.1 It happens very rarely about 1 out of every 30.
  12. Happy to help. But I would double check your URL, the 404 error is not what would be expected. If in doubt it would be best to submit a ticket to WHMCS and have them verify that your vendor access is correctly restricted.
  13. Hello, In most cases you should not need to make any changes. Only using certain servers/configurations will require you to make changes. Whatever you do, don't replace or edit the .htaccess file found in whmcs_path/vendor/.htaccess This file will block access to any directory or file within /vendor/ The .htaccess should contain: Deny from all Don't replace it with any file or edit the file as it would make your installation insecure. To test whether your /vendor/ directory is secure as per WHMCS's default setup you should try and visit a directory and file using your browser e.g: https://yourdomain.com/whmcs-path/vendor/ https://yourdomain.com/whmcs-path/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Addon.php You should see a 403 forbidden error when visiting the above URLs (replaced with your domain/WHMCS path). If you don't I would recommend submitting a ticket to WHMCS.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Over the years I have updated my form with changes made to the one on the Six homepage. It is not perfect but at least it doesn't result in an error when the captcha is enabled. Would be worth replacing the example in utilities > integration code with the following rather than keeping one that will result in a error for anyone using a Capcha: <form action="/domainchecker.php" method="post" id="frmDomainHomepage"> <input type="hidden" name="transfer" /> Find your Domain: <input type="text" name="domain" autocapitalize="none" placeholder="Search for your perfect domain name!" size="20" /> <input type="submit" class="btn btn-recaptcha btn-recaptcha-invisible" value="Search" /> </form>
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