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2Checkout Inline - Share your Experience
In 7.6 Beta we have added support for 2Checkout Inline checkout style. We want to hear about your experiences with this feature!
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Domain Verification - Share Your Experience
One of the key new features in WHMCS 7.6 Beta 1 is Domain Verification Support. During testing we want to hear about your experiences with this feature.
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MaxMind v2 - Share Your Experience
Share your experience of minfraud v2 in the v7.6 beta!
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Twitter API Update Causing Sign-In Integration Errors

Twitter have made some changes to their API this week which impacts our WHMCS Sign-In Integrations more information on the changes Twitter have made are outlined on their community.  In essence, we can no-longer override the Callback URL used by the Twitter App. Instead the Callback URLs settings on the Twitter Developer site now act more like a whitelist. The Callback URL sent by WHMCS must match exactly with the Callback URL specified in the app settings, or the login will fail.
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Calling Texans - Join Team WHMCS!
Do you love working with internet technologies and helping people? We want you to join team WHMCS!
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WHMCS 7.5 Now Available
Following 6 weeks of pre-production testing, we are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 7.5 to general availability. 7.5 is now the recommended version for all new installations and upgrades. WHMCS 7.5 really does have something for everyone...
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WHMCS 7.5 Beta Now Available
We are pleased to announce the launch of the WHMCS 7.5 public beta. Our public beta program gives you direct access to try our early pre-production releases and help test and contribute to the development process. To get started, read this post.
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How are you using our new HipChat & Slack intergrations?
In WHMCS v7.4 we introduced Notifications which allow you to trigger Slack or HipChat notifications on a set of triggers, so we thought we'd see how you are using it and how it's helped you to stay more informed, share your experiences and tips below!
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Taking a moment to reflect on our guidelines
2018 is a time to reflect on our community guidelines and remind everyone about these. In the last few weeks we've had a range of people not abiding by these, we want to take a minute to remind everyone about our guidelines and rules. Please take some time to review the guidelines and remember these as you interact on the community during 2018.
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WHMCS.Community - December 2017 Wrapup
Welcome to the December 2017 Community Wrap-up. A look back on the statistics and top content for December on WHMCS.Community. We'll be posting a look back at 2017 on the community in the coming days.  There was a lot that happened in 2017 and we'll begin unveiling some of our 2018 plans soon.
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WHMCS V7.4.2 Update Available
We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 7.4.2.

This is a maintenance release for the 7.4 series of WHMCS that includes updates, bug fixes and usability improvements.
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What's the one new trick you learned in 2017?
With 2017 behind us what's one new trick you learned in WHMCS you could share with the community to help them improve the way they use WHMCS?
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Reissuing Your WHMCS License Key
Reissuing - When and how to do it:
You should reissue your WHMCS License Key whenever you change any of the Valid Information (Domain, IP or Directory) or whenever you encounter an Invalid License Error.
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WHMCS.Community - November 2017 Wrap-Up
Welcome to the November 2017 Community Wrap-Up. We've had another great month on the community and are looking forward to seeing what December has in store
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Notifications - Share Your Experience
One of the brand new modules in version 7.4 introduces integration with Hipchat and Slack to send real-time notifications to your existing collaboration apps. During the pre-release testing we want to hear about your experiences with the module
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Opening effective Troubleshooting Issues threads
Providing threads with little information about the issue you are experiencing makes it harder for not just WHMCS Staff to help you but other WHMCS.Community members as well. This thread provides some tips and tricks to help us help you!
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Using Tags in Threads
Tags are a great way to let users see the version you are asking about or the area you are looking at.  Tags can also be clicked on to view topics with the same tag included as well.  If users start to tag content we'll be able to build a great content repository and make finding your answer even easier than before!
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WHMCS.Community - October 2017 Wrap-Up
Welcome to the October Wrap-Up where we take a look at what happened on WHMCS.Community in October. We also introduce the Leaderboard which is a new WHMCS.Community Feature.
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WHMCS 7.4 Beta 1 Released
We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 7.4 in pre-production. Version 7.4 introduces new integrations with HipChat and Slack and a powerful new Notifications feature along with many other changes and improvements. Read the full post to find out more.
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Live Webinar w/ Symantec: Profit by Selling SSL & TLS
Join WHMCS and  Symantec's Trust Strategist Jeff Barto on 1st November and learn how you can maximize profit by adding SSL & TLS on your portfolio.
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WHMCS.Community - September 2017 Wrap-up
Kia ora & welcome to the first WHMCS.Community Update on our new Community Platform! It's been a little while since we've done a community wrap-up however I'll be getting back into the swing of doing these in the first week of every month.
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We've redirected forums.whmcs.com
You might have noticed with the move to WHMCS.Community that our URL has changed from forums.whmcs.com to whmcs.community. To make the transition easy we've enabled redirects for all forums.whmcs.com threads, any bookmarks will point you to the right thread on the new WHMCS.Community.
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WHMCS Version 7.3 GA Published
WHMCS 7.3 has now reached General Availability. Learn what's new in V7.3 and how to upgrade in this announcement.
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Continuing with our look at what's new in WHMCS.community we take a look at the way quoting works on the new platform including the ability to quote multiple posts and multiple sections of a post.
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Where are the International Language Boards?
Learn about the changes introduced to International Discussions with the new WHMCS.community.
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