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  1. @serverbd we're not seeing any wide spread reporting of an issue like this, have you taken a look at your server logs to identify if anything is reflected within these at the times you are sending email via gSuite
  2. I think I found a bug, what do I do? Tell us. During a beta period, members of our beta support team actively monitor reports so if you think you've found an issue, please submit it to us at http://bugs.whmcs.com Please provide as much detail as you can and a member of our team will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends). The form will require the following details: License Key -The WHMCS license key you are using. Affected Version - What version of the product are you utilizing. Brief Summary -Summary of the issue. Description - Description of the issue. Steps to Reproduce - Steps for us to reproduce the potential bug - please be as detailed as possible to allow us to diagnose the issue. Expected Results/Additional Notes - Any additional information or notes to assist us. Severity Rating - The severity of the potential bug being reported.
  3. Version 8.3, our second 2021 release is packed with new feature and functionality. 8.3 introduces a new disputes management tool for Stripe & PayPal, Automated Wordpress Hosting, SEO Friendly Product URLs, Improved SSL Certificate Validation, Improved Client Profile Summary and more! With this in mind we need your help! The aim with pre-releases is to have them used in as many different configurations and scenarios as possible. There are so many different ways to leverage the functionality available in WHMCS, and so many modules, customizations and add-ons, that nothing beats real-life testing and feedback. Ultimately this allows us to provide a level of Quality Control and Assurance that goes beyond what we can simulate in the lab, and benefits everyone. And we don't just want to know about things that are broken. It is equally as beneficial to us for you to tell us when you test something and it works as it should, as it is knowing about things we've broken. So please, keep us informed, tell us what you've tried, and what the results were, good or bad, and for those who contribute the most, we'll make sure you are recognized for it. 😃 If you haven't had the chance make sure you check out the Preview Site & Release Notes to learn about all the changes!
  4. @hbazzi` when the cron is suspending what reason is it putting as the reason for suspension? Have you moved servers recently?
  5. @arsenacerahul do you have any security software on your server? Do you have any detailed errors showing in the logs? Usually items such as Mod_Security cause these issues.
  6. Hello @m-mehdipoor As long as you have pricing enabled, your clients are able to select the number of years they wish to register for in the cart.
  7. @CLUBITS Does this issue occur when using the Twenty One and Standard Cart Templates?
  8. Hi Darkmesaia, It is possible to hide payment gateways based on product groups if this works for you? To do so navigate to Configuration > General Settings > Products/Services and then click the edit icon next to the product group. From here you can then untick PayPal from Available Payment Gateways to prevent this gateway from being available to any products in that product group.
  9. @ovi I'd also suggest going to Configuration () > System Logs > Module Logs, enabling this, navigating back to enter your credentials then go back to your module log to check the full details
  10. @maxalerator thanks for your post, firstly, have you checked to ensure you meet our Minimum System Requirements? Additionally, if you run the cron from a server terminal window with -F all -vvv after this, do you receive any further error details?
  11. Hello @Rider61 I can see that you have the number of days set to 2 before next due date, it looks like this product is a trial, do you have it set to terminate after X days?
  12. @StarburstHost Unfortunately we are still awaiting Ioncube Loaders, hopefully support wont be too far away!
  13. I appreciate your feedback @Bigol'tastynuggets I have provided the path that you need to follow and that is the limit of what I can do, I have raised this issue with our Partner Manager and he has advised that people can reach out to him via a ticket, as was indicated this is a legacy reseller arrangement which has since been retired, you are welcome to discuss this with Johnny directly. Additionally, as this thread has now gone well and truely off topic from its original topic around the change in pricing structure, if you wish to continue discussing reseller arrangements I can split that off into its own thread.
  14. I'm sorry Zomex, I can only provide information that I have access to, the reseller program is not an aspect of the business I interact with and therefore refer you to the best person to handle this, which in this case is the Reseller Program Team
  15. Being a third party module @pepsichanhvn you'd be best to reach out to @WGS directly, however I'd also suggest enabling your Module Log and seeing if something shows in there that will point you to the error.
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