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  1. Hmm that is odd, I would suggest opening a ticket via https://whmcs.com/submit-a-ticket
  2. Is there any reason you purchase from the enom side rather than via the WHMCS integration which is designed to register and renew domains.
  3. @Ron the Web Guy I've taken a look at your Checkout, Register Page & Change Security and all load with a single security question for me, could you please try opening a incognito window and see if this helps please?
  4. Currently, the only way to get newly registered domains into WHMCS is to manually enter the domains via an order in WHMCS, we don't currently have a sync for domain names function built in yet and from what I can see not something we have on in our next release. Are you ordering your new domains from WHMCS or from eNom Direct?
  5. I'd recommend uploading a fresh copy of your WHMCS Vendor Folder - re-applying the hotfix - and if this doesn't work submit a ticket for our team to take a look into this via whmcs.com/submit-ticket:
  6. Hmm, ok that is a bit odd, I think we might need to transition that over to a ticket, before we do that can your share your client area URL here so I can take a quick look
  7. @Ron the Web Guy thanks for your post! Just checking have you possibly setup "What is your Dream Vacation" as a custom field on the client profile? You'll find these under Setup > Custom Client Fields
  8. @rbrownCan you clarify the behaviour you are experiencing please? I ran a test and found when I entered the domain and clicked search I was taken to the client area with the domain name filled in to click search
  9. You would need to leave Require Domain enabled then as WHMCS uses this when creating the product, prehaps if you could explain why you want to prevent someone entering the domain til the end we can figure out a work around for you.
  10. Out of the box, no, you could untick "require domain" on the product but that would mean WHMCS can not store the domain name, are you using a third party system to collect the domain names?
  11. If you are using configurable options @VirtualWorldGlobal you should be able to tick "Configurable Options" on the upgrades tab of the parent product. This will add a Upgrade/Downgrade Options tab in the client area From here the client can enter the additional number of licenses needed This will then create a pro-rata'd invoice for the client to pay. Please note, this behaviour does not apply to addons as they have their own billing cycle.
  12. Hi @Greysoul Thanks for your message, WHMCS does bill on the same day each month, we presently do not support 30 day cycles at this time, the only real way around this would be to manually set the next due date back, but this wouldn't be an optimal solution. Outside of this, you may be able to find a developer to create a hook or customisation, would you like this post moved to the third party developer boards?
  13. We are also aware Office 365 are set to retire POP Basic Authentication access to Exchange Online mailboxes which was scheduled for October 2020 has been delayed until the second half of 2021 for people using it but also will be something we are adding soon. The team do have this on the list, can't confirm what we have for V8 but it is something that we are working towards
  14. Cloudflare discontinued their plugin for WHMCS quite some time back, it hasn't actually even been made compatible with WHMCS v7 but there are third party addons in the MarketPlace
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