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  1. WHMCS John

    WHMCS MaxMind Error

    Hi @ZeroGravity, In v7.6.1 you shouldn't see the location warning on the Order Details page in WHMCS. Can you post a screenshot of that please? Orders > List All Orders > Click Order ID. The following options you have enabled require the Insights or Factors service type: Reject Country Missmatch Reject Anonymous Networks Reject High Risk Countries So you'll need to change from Score to Insights of Factors for those to work.
  2. WHMCS John

    WHMCS MaxMind Error

    Hi @ZeroGravity, The error from your screenshot is different from that being described by the OP in this thread, and unlikely to be the reason for an order to be declined. The fraud check is triggered when an order is placed. Paying an auto-renewal invoice is note related to an order, so the fraud check is not run. Can you please share a screenshot of the Maxmind report for this order, along with your Maxmind settings? (blank out any sensitive information)
  3. WHMCS John

    alternative to whmcs

    Hi @nzdomainz, I understand that you have contacted our support team for assistance after updating your WHMCS installation. I've taken the liberty of looking up your account details, and hope to address what I believe is the source of your question here. With the type of licence you hold, it is necessary to have active Support & Updates subscription in order for us to provide full assistance after the first year. I can see that our technical support team has bent the rules for you to provide some specific guidance and self-help articles to point you in the right direction. I'm sorry if this wasn't clear to you at the time of purchase. Our Customer Service team did review the terms of your licence with you, but should you have any further questions about it, please don't hesitate to let Customer Service know. We hope that you find the the benefit and value that our product brings to your company justifies the modest optional maintenance fees, and that your business has benefited from the great new features we've implemented over the years. Should you choose to renew your Support & Updates again this year, please do reply to the Technical Support ticket and out 24/7 team are ready to assist you further. In the meantime, I see our great community is providing assistance to of their own kindness in this thread, I encourage you to make use of their generosity: If you have any further questions about your licence, please don't hesitate to continue the conversation with our Customer Service team. This community is not the best place to get the answer to your original question, so I've tidied up this thread and have closed it. Thanks.
  4. WHMCS John

    Exchange Rates Update Failed

    Hi @ISH, We have diagnosed that the exchange rate feed source used by WHMCS has changed. A hotfix has been published for v.7.6 to resolve this, which is available at: We are presently working on back-porting this hotfix to other supported versions and will publish them at https://whmcs.community/files/ over the coming days.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    The URL of the European Central Bank XML Feed appears to have been changed on 8th September 2018 without notice. This is the feed used by WHMCS to update the exchange rates and convert product prices. This results in an error when attempting to update exchange rates:
  6. WHMCS John


    Hi @Zabwino1865, To work around the problem, please switch to the "Six" template via Setup > General Settings > General tab. Then go to the Ordering tab and select the "Standard Cart" order form template. Presuming you're using custom templates, this will enable WHMCS to function which you update them for compatibility with WHMCS 7.6: https://docs.whmcs.com/Version_7.6.0_Release_Notes#Template_Changes
  7. Hi @krokos, The green status badge in the Automation Settings page indicates that that the cron.php script was touched in the past 24 hours. The error on the System Health Status page indicates that not all parts of the daily automation tasks completed. Typically this is the backup process which fails due to hitting the PHP memory limit. Please begin by reviewing Utilities > Logs > Activity Log and ensure you see a number of entries beginning "Cron Job" and "Automated Task" each day. The final entry every day should be "Cron Job: Completed Daily Automation Tasks". If you see some Cron Job entries but no "Cron Job: Completed Daily Automation Tasks" entry this suggests the cron is being terminated prematurely by your server. Please increase the memory_limit and max_execution_time settings in your server's php.ini. Then see if things improve and you start getting the cron job report again over the next few days.
  8. WHMCS John

    Translate MarketConnect blurb?

    Hi @tkalfaoglu, There certainly is! Please take a look at this guide: http://kb.marketplace.whmcs.com/m/overview/l/951014-customisation-and-localisation-of-promotions
  9. Hi all, A hotfix has been published for this case. It can be downloaded from here: Thanks for your reports.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    An issue has been identified in the 7.6.1 release - published on 28th August, 2018 - that causes the domain synchronization task not to be performed at the scheduled time. This could result in domains remaining in Pending Transfer status, or keeping inaccurate expiration dates.
  11. WHMCS John

    cron config?

    Hi @bear, In 7.5 and earlier, the Domain Sync options are located under Setup > General Settings > Domains tab. In 7.6 they were moved to Setup > Automation Settings.
  12. @bear, This change was made to domainsync.php in 7.6.0.
  13. Hi @renjin21, No it will not. Due to cPanel's API changes in the version 74 release, you need to be running WHMCS 7.3 or above. Instructions for updating WHMCS are published here: https://docs.whmcs.com/Updating
  14. WHMCS John

    Credit card is not accepting

    Hi @JatinG, The file you mention " skyhighsstripeforwhmcs.js" is not part of a stock WHMCS installation. It sounds like it might be part of an after-market module or template which is having an undesired effect. I'd suggest making sure any after-market Stripe payment gateway modules are removed, these are typically located in the /modules and /includes/hooks directories. Then try again. If the issue persists, the next step is to switch to the stock theme and order form template: Setup > General Settings > General Tab. Select the "Six" template Setup > General Settings > Ordering Tab. Select the "Standard Cart" template Then test again, see if the problem still occurs.
  15. WHMCS John

    marketplace modules languages files?

    Hi all, I thought it would be helpful to highlight the documentation which covers translation of MarketConnect upsells text in WHMCS v7.6: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/help/connect/kb/overview/general/customisation_and_localisation_of_promotions We hope this makes the process easier and helps increase conversions!

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