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  1. Hi @Harish14, Thanks for the suggestion! I logged that with our app development team for their consideration
  2. Hi @Waiting for Approval, This thread is located in the Third Party Add-ons Board. Is the License Suspended message you're encountering related to your WHMCS license key or a third party addon? If it's your WHMCS license key that is suspended, please check the status in our Members Area, and contact our Licensing team for more information. But if the error seems to be related to a third-party addon, then the vendor's support contact would be the best place to enquire.
  3. Hi all, This thread appears to have reached it's natural conclusion and is drifting away from the original topic of the price changes. As a result I've tidied up the off-topic posts and will now close this thread. Thanks 🙂
  4. Hi there, The app operates using the API. Outputting data from custom addons, reports or dashboard widgets is not currently a function of the API, or a feature we have planned within the scope of this project. The activity log data is output programmatically via the API, and so made sense for it to be available via the app: GetActivityLog
  5. Hi there, Thanks for providing your feedback, We'll certainly take this under consideration next time the payment gateways page is up for re-design. Out of interest how often do you find yourself needing to make such changes via this page?
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I'll share this with Sarah. This is a four part series, so stay tuned for more!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    An issue has been identified in the 8.1.3 release - published on 26th February 2021, that can result in new client accounts being created with empty profile details in a certain condition; A user who is not signed in, and is already associated with more than 1 account places an order, then at checkout logs in and opts to create a new client account.
  8. Hi all, Thank you for the continued discussion on this price change announcement. When announcing these changes, we committed to listening to all the feedback we receive via various channels (including here on the community) and that’s exactly what we’ve done. As a direct result of the constructive discussions we’ve had with a number of customers, we’re announcing two new Business license tiers at 20K and 30K clients, thereby reducing the size of the step which was previously from 10K to 50K. The details and updating pricing guide is in the process of being emailed to customers at present. Matt has made a blog post discussing these changes and addressing some of the common questions we’ve received: https://blog.whmcs.com/133688/pricing-qa-with-our-ceo-matt-pugh The intensity of the discussion here really speaks to the passion of our users, thanks for your continued support! We are excited by the possibilities these changes will unlock, enabling us to deliver new tools to help your business grow in future web-hosting landscapes.
  9. Hi @Cowboy, Unfortunately we didn't receive your email, so the ticket auto-closed after 5 days without activity and credentials deleted for your security. You're most welcome to use the client area to review the status of your tickets, reply directly (which will ensure any responses are received) and securely communicate to us. Could you please update the ticket it with the information we've requested so the matter can be investigated further on your environment.
  10. Hi @Cowboy Please begin your troubleshooting by following the steps in this guide: https://help.whmcs.com/m/troubleshooting/l/678268-troubleshooting-login-problems I can see from your ticket that our support team asked for some information on 28th, and you've re-opened it today. Could you please update the ticket it with the information we've requested so the matter can be investigated further on your environment: 04/05/2021 12:07 New Ticket Response made by User 03/05/2021 06:28 Ticket Auto Closed For Inactivity 28/04/2021 06:22 New Ticket Response (by Staff)
  11. Hello, Based on this information supplied here, I suspect you'll observe the same behaviour if you were to make a similar number of requests to a similar PHP/MySQL script (Wordpress, Magento etc.) hosted on your environment. Interpreting the parameters being passed in the requests as being impactful or in some way manipulating WHMCS to behave differently are a red-herring. Most likely it's an attempt by the bots to make the requests appear unique and trick any DDoS mitigation/firewall rules which may be in place. A good way to confirm this as an environment specific issue is to: Make a fresh installation of Wordpress, Create a simple bash script to send ~20 curl requests per second to the Wordpress index.php page (without any query string). Execute the bash script Observe how your webserver behaves. If you see the same unresponsive behaviour after excluding WHMCS in this way, I'd suggest investigating the options available to optimise your server configuration to handle this level of traffic, or leverage WAF services (such as Cloudfront) which might help to reduce levels of malicious traffic to your site.
  12. My comment about there being no change to the vast majority of license holders is because the vast majority are on leased licenses, and we were able to keep the pricing for the most popular Plus tier unchanged at $18.95/month. In the case of Owned license holders only, you are correct to say that all will see an increase.
  13. Hi Damo, Thank you for starting this thread. I want to start by saying that our team fully understands that the price changes announced last week do have an impact on our users and their businesses. We are continuing to listen to all the feedback and opinions being shared, and your comments and feedback really are being heard and discussed at the highest levels within our company. We are also responding and engaging with many customers directly via our support desk and other channels. If anyone has any questions or concerns that they feel have not yet been addressed, I would invite them to email us on sales[at]whmcs.com or using the contact form at www.whmcs.com/contact With that said, I wanted to respond to a few specific points. To frame the discussion in full context; the vast majority of WHMCS customers are not experiencing any change to their pricing, and that is important to us. We've provided a tiered pricing structure since 2016 and are confident that it establishes a good link between the size of a business that our automation facilitates and price. Whilst simultaneously not penalising businesses who may have a smaller number of anchor customers providing the majority of revenue. Over the past few weeks, we've had some interesting conversations with users about other models WHMCS is enabling, which will help shape future decisions. As a business, from time to time we will review our pricing and make changes. The changes announced recently are the result of extensive consideration and discussions with our customers and partners. We fully understand that the changes to Owned Licenses are impactful to many. The primary issue we are trying to address by announcing the End of Life of the Owned License product is the scenario whereby users allow their Support and Updates subscription to lapse, and then at a future date, re-subscribe, and in turn, receive access to all of the product developments and improvements made, even during the time Support and Updates was not active. There is no way for us to address this technically, and so a change to the way we manage Owned Licenses was the only way. While we did consider introducing a policy of backpay from the date of expiry along with the price changes, we believed that requiring Owned users to pay for many months at a time was less preferable than asking for monthly payments. Equally it is not possible for us to separate or differentiate the costs between development and support. While we understand that some users have lower needs for Technical Support, we have a 24x7 Technical Support team available for the benefit of all our customers and we believe that this is essential for a good product experience long term where inevitably support will be needed at some point. We know there have also been a lot of comments regarding feature requests delivery in what some consider an acceptable timeframe, or bugs they've reported which have not been addressed. The reality is we receive far more requests and reports of issues than we could ever deliver. But we have always done our best to accommodate as many as we can and we are continuing to invest in additional staff and resources which will enable us to accelerate our development throughput and deliver more change in future. Thank you, and I look forward to continuing to deliver an even better support experience to those who choose WHMCS to continue to run and operate their business. Thanks, John
  14. Thanks for the report. We've logged this with the app developers to be resolved in a future update.
  15. Hi all, Thanks for sharing your feedback and thoughts on the expanded pricing structure we have unveiled. For current leased license holders there are no changes today. The updated pricing will come into effect in ~3 months for current leased license customers. This represents our first pricing change since 2016, and are pleased to maintain the Plus tier pricing of $18.95. With incremental changes for larger businesses who see the most value from our product. If you have any questions or concerns about how these changes may affect you come July 1st, please don't hesitate to speak with our Customer Service team: https://www.whmcs.com/contact
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