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  1. WHMCS John

    Stripe "Uncaptured" Payments

    Hi there, This is not currently a known issue in v7.9.1. However we have seen this occur on installations with custom templates. The payment capture relies upon the Stripe.js being executed appropriately on the checkout page, and custom js or out-dated templates might not trigger this appropriately. I'd suggest switching to the stock "Six" template and "Standard Cart" order form template temporarily to see if you can still reproduce the problem there If is not longer occurs on the stock templates, please ensure you have consumed all the template changes in v7.9: https://help.whmcs.com/m/93401/l/1184628-problems-with-one-or-more-features-following-update
  2. WHMCS John

    V7.8.3 Hotfix files are wrong

    Hi @pRieStaKos, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I can confirm there is a single meta hotfix file for all 7.8.3 hotfixes. I've ensured that all the cases are now linking to the latest file.
  3. Hi @ScottN, We've recently had this behaviour reported to us, and it has been logged with the case number CORE-14274 for resolution in an upcoming matinance release. In the meantime, this can be worked-around by: Navigating to Setup > products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Module Settings tab. Activate the Metric Items for the prodduct affected, Click Save Changes Then deactivate the Metric Items again
  4. Dear all, We are aware of an issue at PayPal processing IPNs, which will impact WHMCS users. PayPal have opened the following event to track the issue: https://www.paypal-status.com/history/eventdetails/13006 Impact The impact is that not all payments made via PayPal during the impacted period can be recorded by WHMCS. Symptoms Payments will be received into your PayPal account, but transactions will not be recorded and invoices marked paid. The Billing > Gateway Log may not contain any reference to the payment OR The Billing > Gateway Log may show an IPN Handshake Error Result. The debug data may contain a 500 Internal Service Error towards the end. Mitigation 1. Transactions can be recorded manually in WHMCS https://docs.whmcs.com/Transactions#Applying_Payment_to_an_Invoice 2. Once the incident is resolved you may be able to request the failed IPNs are re-sent: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/ipn/integration-guide/IPNOperations/#resend-ipn-messages When manually entering transactions it is important the PayPal transaction IDs are entered correctly so as to avoid duplication when re-sending IPNs at a later date.
  5. WHMCS John

    Paypal Module

    @123host, Your ticket was auto-closed whilst we were waiting to hear back from you at the start of the month. Can you please reply to your ticket to re-open it and add your current WHMCS admin and SFTP credentials so we can investigate?
  6. WHMCS John

    Paypal Module

    Hi there, We haven't been able to reproduce this problem on any of our test environments or installations yet. It would be most helpful if you could open a support ticket with login details so we can inspect exactly what's going in for ourselves: https://www.whmcs.com/submit-a-ticket/
  7. WHMCS John

    cPanel Reseller usage incorrect

    HI @jacksony, Are you referring to the traditional "Disk Usage" and "Bandwidth Usage" statistics at the top of the client's Products/Services tab, or the new "Metric Statistics" section further down the page?
  8. WHMCS John

    Credit Card / Pay methods Link

    Hi @Manchester Web Hosting, I can confirm that the Pay Methods link is not displayed for Reference type payment gateways: SagePay Repeats, PayPal Pro Reference Payments, PayPal Payflow Pro in reference mode These use an older integration method, whereby there isn't really a stored set of payment details; WHMCS simply sends a previous transaction and reference ID to Sagepay and the card details used to make the original payment are charged again. Sagepay's Reference APIs don't provide a method for clients to update the card details associated with the reference. If they tried it would not change the card which got charged. This behaviour has been the case with such Reference type gateways in WHMCS. Therefore the improvement this additional granularity in v7.9 facilitates, is to restrict access to the Pay Methods page when there is no gateway active that supports the ability to update stored cards either locally in the WHMCS database (local card) or remotely via the gateways API (Sagepay Tokens Stripe), naturally directing clients to the invoice page instead where they can pay with a different set of card details, and avoiding any confusion which might occur if they'd updated card details via your website, but the original card was still charged.
  9. WHMCS John

    VAT number not available to Invoice v7.9.1

    Hi @ServWise.com, To migrate your VAT Numbers from the custom field to the native field, please navigate to Setup > Payments > Tax Configuration. Then click the Migrate button. https://docs.whmcs.com/Tax_Configuration#Custom_Field_Migration
  10. WHMCS John

    cPanel Reseller usage incorrect

    Hi @jacksony, This could be related to the way disk space usage is handled for resellers by cPanel. Please refer this documentation and let me know whether it applies to you: https://docs.whmcs.com/CPanel/WHM#Reseller_Usage_Calculation
  11. Hi @hanliong, I'm please dot advise a hotfix is available for an immediate solution, when operating as a restricted user:
  12. Hi @Si, The PayPal payment pages are hosted by PayPal, I wasn't able to find a reference to this variable in the PayPal developer documentation, so don't believe it's something we can control from our implementation code. I'd suggest speaking with your PayPal account manager or Merchant Technical Support, in case this is a setting or product improvement that can be changed at their end.
  13. WHMCS John

    Direct Debit

    Hi @Tom Wilson, Payment gateways are currently set on a product-group basis. So you could divide your products into different groups and restrict access to certain gateways that way. Docs: https://docs.whmcs.com/Products_and_Services#Product_Groups
  14. WHMCS John

    WHMCS URL and Paypal IPN Changes

    Hi @ejmerkel, PayPal subscriptions will send IPNs to the old location until they are cancelled. PayPal does not allow the IPN URL on an existing subscription cannot be changed.
  15. WHMCS John

    Direct Debit

    Hi @Tom Wilson, Yes, the Stripe SEPA module can be used for customers in Euro-zone countries to make payments using their IBAN. UK banks are not members of the scheme so cannot use it. Consider using GoCardless instead which supports multiple different schemes: https://docs.whmcs.com/GoCardless This error can also be shown if a Stripe account is too new or too many transactions are attempted. Source: https://stripe.com/docs/sources/sepa-debit

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