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  1. Hi @snake, This is a licensing error, indicating a connectivity issue between your server and our licensing infrastructure. There have been no changes in this area between 7.7 and 7.8 so the timing is likely coincidental. We've not received similar reports from other users, so please do investigate this matter with SSL cert validation on your server with your server admin to resolve it.
  2. WHMCS John

    WHMCS 7.8.2 And Stripe Error

    Hi @howtekno, This error typically indicates out-dated templates. Which order form template are you using please?
  3. Hi @nomadph, This indicates a missing template. Do you see an error in Utilities > Logs > Activity Log? Please start your troubleshooting with this guide: https://help.whmcs.com/m/90416/l/1137873-problems-with-one-or-more-features-following-update
  4. WHMCS John

    SCA compliance vs 7.8 Bugs

    Hi all, We are planning a 7.8.3 maintenance update by the end of the month. Included, amongst the usual maintenance fixes, will be the few outstanding issues with the new Stripe Elements module and Pay Methods feature. We are potentially also looking to include module updates for gateway(s) who have published 3DSecureV2 implementation docs in the past few days.
  5. WHMCS John

    Module Not Activated

    Hi @JimJ, That will be the cause of the error. Version 7.8 has much more complex logic surrounding payment gateways, so has higher data integrity requirements. Disabling the Bank Transfer gateway and then re-activating it will create the necessary records.
  6. WHMCS John

    Module Not Activated

    Hi @JimJ, Thanks for that. Does that list contain all the payment gateway modules you have listed under Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways > All Active Gateways tab? This error indicates a module is being loaded but doesn't contain the required settings in tblpaymentgateways.
  7. WHMCS John

    Module Not Activated

    Hi @JimJ, Please share the output of this query: SELECT * FROM `tblpaymentgateways` WHERE `setting` LIKE 'type';
  8. Hi @melotel, On this screen you are storing a credit card in your database. The CVV number can never be stored, so that field is not offered in this interface. Instead the CVV field is now presented when capturing payment. It is passed to your gateway with the transaction and not saved. To test it out visit an invoice in the admin area and click "Attempt Capture".
  9. WHMCS John

    Module Not Activated

    Where do you encounter the "Module Not Activated´╗┐" error please?
  10. WHMCS John

    Module Not Activated

    Hi @JimJ, If you're referring to a "Module Not Found" error, this isn't a bug, but we are seeing a number of reports of this problem caused by after-market payment gateways. Check out this help article for help resolving it: https://help.whmcs.com/m/90416/l/1142674-troubleshooting-a-module-not-found-error
  11. Hi @twikamltd, WHMCS makes a best effort deduction for which token/card belongs to which gateway based upon a number of factors such as active payment gateways, the client's default gateway and their most recently paid invoice. If WHMCS does not get the migration correct, a member of staff can click on the Pay Method in the admin area and select from the list of active payment gateways from the "Gateway" dropdown on the "Pay Method Details" modal. WHMCS will capture payments from the legacy locations prior to Pay Method migration. The Pay Methods migration occurs when a member of staff views the Summary tab, a client logs in to the client area, or a payment attempt is made for an invoice belonging to the client.
  12. WHMCS John

    Button Behind reCaptcha

    Hi @WebsiteIntegrations, I've been able to reproduce this too, as such I've opened case CORE-13730 with our development team for resolution in a future update. Thank you for the report!
  13. WHMCS John

    WHMCS 7.8 Creditcard runtime error

    Hi @SametALMDR, This error indicates that your gateway is not passing the credit card number. Please ensure your gateway is properly passing the cardnum value in the _capture function.
  14. WHMCS John

    Stripe Charge Request Incorrect

    Hi @darrensweb, I'm pleased to hear you were able to solve the problem. For the benefit of others who may find themselves in this same position in future, could you share how you trimmed the last 30 characters from the gatewayid please?
  15. WHMCS John

    Sever Sync for Resellers

    Hi @Mechanic, Thanks for your feedback. That statistic is obtained from the cPanel get_maximum_users API command. If you'd like the cPanel API to output different data in this scenario, feature requests can be submitted via https://features.cpanel.net/

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