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  1. Mailchimp generic error

    Hi @jacksoggetto, Thanks for providing this details, it's most helpful. These messages indicates that the products being ordered don't exist in your Mailchimp cart. If you've had these products for a long time, it suggests an error occurred during the initial setup causing them not to get added. If they are new products, it could indicate that the daily automation tasks aren't completing to add them to Mailchimp in the background. I'd suggest disconnecting Mailchimp, then setting up the connection again to a new cart. This is done via the Addons > Mailchimp page.
  2. Payment Methods - Bank Transfer by Currency

    Hi @WebSupportParis, You could certainly create 3 duplicates of the Bank Transfer payment gateway module: https://docs.whmcs.com/Bank_Transfer You could adjust the display names so clients know which one to choose based upon their location.
  3. Hi, With the Display Errors option enabled, open your browser's network anaylser tool, reproduce the problem, inspect the POST and look at the Response. This should show an error message. Please share that here for us to review.
  4. Product Names from Different Servers

    Hi @WebSupportParis, New services should provision fine inspite of this. If not, navigate to the product configuration Module Settings tab, please click the "Advanced Mode" link in the bottom-right corner. Then tick the " Add Prefix to Package" chcekbox and save changes.
  5. Hi @AXON, The ClientDetailsValidationaction hook point can be used to add custom validation here. For more information on action hooks, please refer to https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks/
  6. Hi @jvwjgames, The error "Failed to perform early file copy during WHMCS file relocation: init.php" means that the auto-updater was unable to move the init.php file. Please adjust the permissions and ownership of this file so it can be manipulated by a PHP script.
  7. Permissions

    Hi @IzzyMichiel, You can test this independent of WHMCS with a little test script like this: <?php $filename = 'configuration.php'; if (is_writable($filename)) { echo 'The file is writable'; } else { echo 'The file is not writable'; } ?> Upload to your WHMCS directory and visit in your browser. If this simple script confirms the installer's assertions, it would be necessary to work with your server admin/hosting provider to adjust the file/folder permissions and ownership so they can be written by a PHP script.
  8. Hi @WebSupportParis, What error message do you see on screen please? Are there an additional error details logged under Utilities > Logs > Activity Log? In order to see the commands being sent/received between WHMCS and the module, the Utilities > Logs > Module debug Log tool can be used Please enable it, reproduce the problem, disable it again and then copy the data into this ticket reply for us to review. More detailed instructions are published at http://docs.whmcs.com/Troubleshooting_Module_Problems Please take care to remove any identifiable information when posting it publicly here.
  9. Font awesome

    Hi @ithaki, fa-circle-o is a valid font awesome icon: https://fontawesome.com/v4.7.0/icon/circle-o/ Please double-check the files within your /assets/css directory is up to date.
  10. Hi @configer, Please begin your troubleshooting by referring to this guide: http://help.whmcs.com/m/68919/l/736580-an-oops-something-went-wrong-error-after-update
  11. Hi @jerry.gai, Please post the output from the following command executed at your command line: php -q /home/mydomin/whmcsdata/crons/cron.php all -F -vvv Replace /home/mydomin/whmcsdata/crons/ with the actual path to the cron.php file.
  12. Hi @avantmarketing, Yes Stripe in WHMCS7.5 works in this way as described. Once a client has paid their initial invoice via Stripe, staff and the client will be able to manage their credit card details via the client and admin areas. With a token on file and a Credit Card stored at Stripe, WHMCS will automatically process the credit card when the invoices becomes due.
  13. Hi @cenourinha, There isn't a similar hook point to ShoppingCartValidateCheckout for the client registration only process. So I don't foresee a quick way this could be validated by the system so as to determine that it becomes a required field. I'm happy to be proven otherwise, but in the meantime you might need to consider disabling client registration without an order via Setup > General Settings > Other tab.
  14. The tblconfiguration table contains the general settings and automation settings P ricing and product data is stored in other tables, so to move those extra configurations you'd also need to copy: tblproducts tblpricing tbldomainpricing tblticketdepartments
  15. Question about Paypal IPN

    Hi, Our implementation means that you can use multiple WHMCS installations with a single PayPal account. The IPN URL is overridden by the PayPal payment button code, so will always be the appropriate URL for the WHMCS installation making the payment.

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