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  1. Hi @J-B, This menu item was added to hold extra primary navigation when there are too many menu items to fit in one line. If you right click on the item in the dropdown and inspect it, what url does it have? There could be a link, but it appears empty due to a missing language string.
  2. Hi @zomex, Please also copy the viewcart.tpl template into your child order form template. In order to have a custom checkout.tpl, you must bring over the viewcart.tpl as well due to the inclusion of this template within it. This has always been the case with child order form templates.
  3. Hi @SwiftModders LLC, Thanks for your message, I've let the relevant people know this is needed.
  4. Hi @tworak, The /pipe directory has been deprecated for a while. Depending which version you upgraded from/to it was finally removed in v8.0 and the change itemised in the release notes: https://docs.whmcs.com/Version_8.0.0_Release_Notes#Removed_Legacy_Files
  5. Hi @AngelHidalgo, This could be caused by a poorly configured order form child template. Please refer to this thread for details:
  6. Hi @massa, This could be caused by a poorly configured order form child template. Please refer to this thread for details:
  7. Hi @zomex, Did you set your child theme as the default order form template in Configuration > General Settings > Ordering tab? That setting will take precedence over a child theme specified at the product group level. Do you encounter this same behaviour in v8.0 or earlier, or only in v8.1?
  8. Hi @tworak, Thanks for posting this thread and submitting a support ticket. I've addressed the majority of these points in your support ticket. To share a few specific answers which I think could benefit other users: 1. I wasn't able to reproduce this in Chrome or Firefox for Android (screenshot attached). Which browser and device are you using please? 4. The display of the US flag for English can be customised to meet your needs by means of a template edit. Specifically to the footer.tpl file and looking at this line: {if $activeLocale.countryCode === 'GB'}us{else}{$activeLocale.countryCode|lower}{/if} For more information on customising WHMCS appearance, please refer to https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/ 5. The arrangement of these dropdown options has been this way for a numbers of years and is currently by design. However you are welcome to customise the appearance of the order form template by editing the /templates/orderforms/$templatename/sidebar-categories-collapsed.tpl template. The documentation for customising order form templates is located at https://docs.whmcs.com/Order_Form_Templates#Creating_a_Custom_Order_Form_Template 8. This is not a stock WHMCS interface. Please contact the vendor of this URL Forwarding page for an update compatible with v8.1. 9 & 10. These indicate that your System URL setting is incorrect. Please review this guide to troubleshoot and resolve: https://help.whmcs.com/m/troubleshooting/l/1312423-an-error-occurred-while-communicating-with-the-server-please-try-again
  9. Hi @lims, Regrettably cPanel, Plesk (and as far as I know) DirectAdmin do not provide an API which would expose current service passwords, so unfortunately there is not a way to sync the passwords up. Corrupted passwords like this indicate that the cc_encryption_hash value within your configuration.php file was changed, so the data encrypted using the original hash can not be decrypted with the present hash value. If you have a backup of configuration.php with the original value, you can swap it back over temporarily and copy the passwords to a secure location. Then swap back to your current hash value, and re-enter the passwords. This will re-save them under the new hash.
  10. Hi @zitu4life Thanks for your detailed and well explained suggestion for a new email composition/sending permission delegation. We welcome feature request suggestion during the release cycle at https://requests.whmcs.com If you'd be so kind as to submit this request there, other users will be able to add their support with a vote.
  11. Hi @VinceM In v8 and above, the authentication aspect has been moved out from Contacts over to Users. Email settings remain at the Contact level. To have ticket notification emails sent and facilitate replying via email, please also add the desired email address as a Contact and tick the Ticket related email option.
  12. Hi @vincentg, You can lift the IP Ban early by following these steps: https://docs.whmcs.com/FAQs#Lift_IP_Address_Ban This will allow you to regain access to the WHMCS Admin area, the page also contains instructions on setting a new admin password.
  13. Hi all, We have been able to determine that this issue may occur when an order form template contains a theme.yaml file referencing itself as the parent theme. To resolve it, ensure that any custom order form templates in place don't reference themselves as the parent theme inside the /templates/orderforms/$custom_theme_name/theme.yaml file. For proper usage of the theme.yaml file in order form templates, please refer to https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/order-form-templates/ Please let me know if that is the case here.
  14. Hi @volex, Thanks for the feedback. We've opened case CORE-16073 internally to look into potentially tweaking this in future. Once we resolve cases and push features they are available at our change log, here: https://changelog.whmcs.com/ Thanks again for taking the time to report your findings.
  15. Hi @Rajkumar Popat, Please ensure you have applied the template updated to any custom themes you may be using, as this will be needed to accommodate the increase in complexity of the default captcha: https://docs.whmcs.com/Version_8.1.0_Release_Notes#Template
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