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  1. Hi @wp4all, Could you share the rest of the output please? Especially the last few lines. You can skip the HTML in-between though.
  2. WHMCS John

    GoCardless Module Directory Filename

    Hi @yorkukhosting, Thanks for joining in the pre-release discussion. At present WHMCS supports a total of one stored set of payment details per client. However we are planning to introduce support for multiple credit cards (and potentially other tokens) later this year: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/multiple-credit-card-support_1
  3. Hi @wp4all, This feature is a live detection of the SSL status to the domain entered into the "Domain" field on the service, it is not based upon what products the client has in their account. The SSL Monitoring test performs a curl call to https://yourdomain.com with the ssl_verify_peer option enabled. A red status indicates that cURL on your WHMCS server was able to connect to the domain, but unable to validate the certificate. Any error code returned by cURL will result in a red certificate icon. To troubleshoot, connect to the command-line of your WHMCS server and run: curl -v https://yourdomain.com Replace yourdomain.com with the value from the Domains field in WHMCS. An error response might look like: [root@john ~]# curl -v https://v75.test.whmcs.rocks * About to connect() to v75.test.whmcs.rocks port 443 (#0) * Trying connected * Connected to v75.test.whmcs.rocks ( port 443 (#0) * Initializing NSS with certpath: sql:/etc/pki/nssdb * CAfile: /etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt CApath: none * SSL: certificate subject name '*.whmcs.com' does not match target host name 'v75.test.whmcs.rocks' * NSS error -12276 * Closing connection #0 curl: (51) SSL: certificate subject name '*.whmcs.com' does not match target host name 'v75.test.whmcs.rocks' In this case, curl error 51 is returned, so the SSL Status for the v75.test.whmcs.rocks hosting account in WHMCS would be red. Please work with your server admin/hosting provider to resolve the cURL connection error between your WHMCS server and the hosting server. To remove the SSL certificate status from your custom template, edit the following files: clientareaproductdetails.tpl clientareaproducts.tpl
  4. Hi @wp4all, Thanks for your help in pre-release testing this feature. We are checking with CodeGuard what the expected workflow is for using the WordPress integration. The system should also be redirecting to your WHMCS installation for the upgrade. So we're looking into that too. Please keep the feedback coming!
  5. Hi @WH user, This sounds a lot like the problem we are trying to solve with this adjustment to the cron command. In the command we suggest now (when an EasyApache environment is detected) the binary looks at the file path being executed, walks up the file system looking for a .htaccess or php.ini or user.ini that sets the php handler (that multi-php writes) and uses that. The limitation in this (as I understand it from speaking with the EA team at cPanel) is that when accessing a file outside the web-root it will fall back to the system default PHP configuration. We'd be interested to hear if you have success using this cron command compared to the one you've been recommending.
  6. WHMCS John

    Remote File Storage - Share Your Experience

    @yggdrasil, Yes, S3-compaitble services should work - please check the documentation for information on this. Please let us know which services you tested it with and what the results were.
  7. WHMCS John

    Installer Stuck on Step 4

    Hi all, If the installation process appears to be timing out or encountering an error at step 4, try executing it via the server command-line: php -f /path/to/whmcs/install/bin/installer.php -- -v Replace /path/to/whmcs/ with the path of your WHMCS installation. The command-line should hopefully be subject to fewer restrictions than executing it via cgi. The -v flag will also increase verbosity, so will output details of any errors which occur.
  8. WHMCS John

    Bulk invoice load API

    Hi, Thread moved to Service Offers & requests.
  9. Hi testers! One of the key new features in WHMCS 7.7 is Remote File Storage Locations and Migration. During the pre-release testing we want to hear about your experiences with this feature. Some potential starting points for discussion are: What was your experience of changing the local file storage from the default locations to a custom local location? What was your experience of changing the local file storage to a remote AWS S3 Bucket? Did you choose to migrate existing data? How was the migration experience? How was the experience of migrating between remote storage buckets, or back to local storage? Was the process of adding new configurations and changing the storage settings easy to understand through the UI and the documentation? Did you try and S3-compatiable services (non-AWS) ? Was this feature helpful in High-Available Environments? In addition to resolving any errors which might occur, understanding any pain points is of particular interest to us. Your input will help us tweak messaging in the product or documentation and publish support articles. Thanks for your help in the pre-release testing!
  10. WHMCS John

    GoCardless Sandbox

    Hi @proxgroup, Thanks for taking part in the pre-release testing. Due to the nature of the auto-activation routine we have implemented in the module, it is not practical to offer a sandbox option at this time. I'd be interested to hear more about the kind of scenarios you envisage a sandbox mode being useful in?
  11. WHMCS John

    GoCardless Module Directory Filename

    Hi @cyberhostpro, If there's a way we can make improvements to the module, that is something we'd be interested in. I'll message you directly for more info.
  12. Hi Testers, A minor new feature in WHMCS 7.7 is automatic detection of the preferred PHP Binary in the Cron Commands provided throughout the product: Setup > Automation Settings Setup > Support > Support Departments Setup > Support > Escalation Rules The aim is to help users - particularly in EasyApache Multi-PHP environments - execute the cron.php script using the same PHP configuration used to serve web-pages. Thereby ensuring the daily automation tasks are completed consistently. During the pre-release testing we want to hear your experience of this feature. Some potential starting points for discussion are: What was the cron job command generated in your installation? When using it, did the daily automation tasks execute successfully? What server environment are you running? Thanks for your help in the pre-release testing!
  13. WHMCS John

    FraudLabs Pro - Share Your Experience

    Hi @EvolveWebHosting, Thanks for your feedback. At the release candidate stage we are feature-complete, so won't be adding additional functionality to the module at this time. However we can certainly look at popular feature requests to consider adding it in future. Please do let us know how the check results are working for you in the 7.7 module.
  14. WHMCS John

    FraudLabs Pro - Share Your Experience

    Hi there, This is a totally new module developed internally by us. It does not have any relation to any existing after-market modules.
  15. WHMCS John

    GoCardless Module Directory Filename

    Hi @cyberhostpro, The module does not currently record transaction fees from GoCardless.

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