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  1. I  am using the GridPane hosting control panel, can I use WHMACS to automate management and selling?

  2. WHMCS John

    Getting started

    Hi @Tbird, The WHMCS software is installed on your website and you will need somewhere to host customer websites, such as a dedicated server, VPS or reseller hosting account. GoDaddy do indeed offer reseller hosting accounts that include cPanel and therefore work with WHMCS to automate the selling, provisioning and management process: https://godaddy.com/hosting/whmcs There are many providers with similar offerings from which to choose, it's entirely up to you 🙂
  3. Hi @Tim., Unfortunately you opened that ticket at 22:29 on Saturday and closed it at 10am on Sunday; all whilst Sales was closed. However I see we were able address your second ticket opened on Sunday morning the same day, and your license has now been activated. Thanks for your order, we look forward to providing your business automation needs for many years!
  4. WHMCS John

    GoCardless Usage Questions

    Hi @Vox, Further to Chris' suggestions: 1. Yes this is possible A client can indeed only have one default payment method. But WHMCS can differentiate between a credit card and direct debit Pay Method, so will pick the appropriate one based upon the invoice's Payment Gateway. 3. Depending upon your product configuration Automation Settings, a service may not be automatically provisioned until the payment has cleared. In which case you could accept the order manually to provision it before payment has been received. You could perhaps make a customisation to the checkout.tpl template to hide the GoCardless option from the Checkout page, so that a client would pay via an instant method upon signup, then follow the steps in #2 for renewals.
  5. Hi all, We've seen reports of this error occurring on some environments in WHMCS 7.9.x and through our analysis determined that servers without the nd_pdo_mysql extension encounter this error. It seems mostly to be impacting Cloudlinux environments (but not exclusively). I've opened case MODULE-7317 with our development team to look at potential programmatic solutions. In the meantime, as others have stated, enabling the nd_pdo_mysql PHP extension will immediately resolve this.
  6. Please do open a support ticket with an impacted client. We can examine a database backup prior to the migration and compare it to the current database to determine the cause of this behaviour. For tokenised gateways, the fields in question are typically tblclients.gatewayid, tblclients.cardlastfour and tblclients.cardtype. There should be nothing in the other card* or bank* fields. As always; direct database manipulation is not recommended or supported. Before making changes to the database, please backup.
  7. Hi @sonuyos, The Express Checkout flow is available when purchasing one-time products. During our testing we found that Express Checkout didn't work well with subscriptions, so decided not to offer it when ordering recurring products.
  8. Hi @sonuyos @cyben76, PayPal have advised that the restricted country list was the result of the features and functionality being requested in the onboarding workflow redirect. A change they have recommended has been made to these requested features that should not affect functionality of the module but should enable on-boarding with all of the countries PayPal currently supports. A hotfix which changes this is now available from:
  9. Hi @steph.hope, If you click through to the cancel command in your Stripe account, can you let me know the cancellation_reason that is being sent please? Do you have a custom template? If so, does the problem persist if you switch to the stock Six template and Standard Cart order form template? I tried to reproduce the error on my stock 7.9.2 install but so far have been unable: Created a new client Created a custom invoice to a total of1.00 Logged in as the client Navigated to the invoice Clicked "Pay Now" Entered valid card details The payment was processed successfully and the invoice marked paid.
  10. Hi @benneth, This can be customised via the /modules/servers/cpanel/templates/overview.tpl template file.
  11. The subscription amount won't be changed if the invoice total varies. PayPal Subscriptions aren't really designed to be used in this way. Whilst there is an option to vary subscription payments in a limited way, in our experience the complexity of implementing it doesn't offer the flexibility users expect. As a result we have taken the decision not to implement that. However PayPal are working on a new payment solution later this year, which we hope to offer in future, which should offer more flexibility to vary payment amounts.
  12. Hi @yannick, Perhaps your browser is auto-filling a saved username and password into these fields? Try clearing or disabling password auto-fill option for this form in your browser's settings.
  13. Hi @Nordicway, The client would need to add the domain themselves via the Addon Domains page within cPanel.
  14. WHMCS John

    Exchange Rates Update Failed

    Hi @Mohsin Amer, You need to ensure that your server can establish a cURL connection to the exchange rate endpoint at https://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml: $ curl https://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <gesmes:Envelope xmlns:gesmes="http://www.gesmes.org/xml/2002-08-01" xmlns="http://www.ecb.int/vocabulary/2002-08-01/eurofxref"> <gesmes:subject>Reference rates</gesmes:subject> <gesmes:Sender> <gesmes:name>European Central Bank</gesmes:name> </gesmes:Sender> <Cube> <Cube time='2020-02-20'> <Cube currency='USD' rate='1.0790'/> <Cube currency='JPY' rate='120.86'/> <Cube currency='BGN' rate='1.9558'/> <Cube currency='CZK' rate='25.037'/> <Cube currency='DKK' rate='7.4681'/> <Cube currency='GBP' rate='0.83840'/> <Cube currency='HUF' rate='338.00'/> <Cube currency='PLN' rate='4.2825'/> <Cube currency='RON' rate='4.7979'/> <Cube currency='SEK' rate='10.5985'/> <Cube currency='CHF' rate='1.0616'/> <Cube currency='ISK' rate='138.10'/> <Cube currency='NOK' rate='10.0455'/> <Cube currency='HRK' rate='7.4495'/> <Cube currency='RUB' rate='68.8060'/> <Cube currency='TRY' rate='6.5806'/> <Cube currency='AUD' rate='1.6294'/> <Cube currency='BRL' rate='4.7341'/> <Cube currency='CAD' rate='1.4304'/> <Cube currency='CNY' rate='7.5787'/> <Cube currency='HKD' rate='8.3960'/> <Cube currency='IDR' rate='14790.39'/> <Cube currency='ILS' rate='3.7009'/> <Cube currency='INR' rate='77.2745'/> <Cube currency='KRW' rate='1301.79'/> <Cube currency='MXN' rate='20.1685'/> <Cube currency='MYR' rate='4.5145'/> <Cube currency='NZD' rate='1.7046'/> <Cube currency='PHP' rate='54.725'/> <Cube currency='SGD' rate='1.5111'/> <Cube currency='THB' rate='33.924'/> <Cube currency='ZAR' rate='16.2966'/> </Cube> </Cube> Additionally, version 7.4 reached End of Life in November 2018, so I would recommend updating to a current version: https://docs.whmcs.com/Updating
  15. Hi all, The new PayPal module does not currently have the option to suppress one of other of the payment options. Instead the payment option the user sees depends upon the products being ordered; the Checkout buttons are only displayed on the cart summary when the cart contains one-time products. If ordering a recurring product, they will go through the checkout workflow as usual and can create a PayPal Subscription. The enhancements to subscription handling mean we feel that some of the problems with subscriptions in the PayPal Basic module - particularly duplicate subscriptions - are negated. If the ability to force one-time payments is important to your business model, then he PayPal Basic module remains in place and supported, so you are welcome to keep using that, and we can iterate on the new PayPal module as necessary.

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