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  2. But the user cannot change it, only the staff can do it? What is the reason for this implementation? I don't see a scenario where a user wants to change his e-mail and has to check it on 2 different sites.
  3. Hi, If you are using Cloudflare and the issue is that the authoritative IP address for requests is not being correctly recorded, you likely need to configure your Trusted Proxies setting inside WHMCS, adding in Cloudflare’s IP ranges.
  4. if it's the version for your installed WHMCS release, e.g if you have v8.1.3 installed, and it's the v8.1.3 version of standard_cart, then you shouldn't really need to do anything - probably the quickest check would be to see if there is mention of "metric" in the code of configureproduct.tpl - if there is, then you should be ok; if not, then you might be using an older version of the template.
  5. in fairness, i've used $validtemplates to mean either valid or invalid depending on the particular hook, so that might have caused some unnecessary confusion.
  6. if the field is called cpfnumber, and it's a product type email template, then {$service_custom_field_cpfnumber} should work... just tried it on a product custom email (in v8.1.3), and the service fields were there - both individually and in the array.... obviously, if the value is empty, then it effectively returns nothing (though you should get the same result by looping through the array). worst case, remember that this is a Smarty template, so you can add {debug} to the template and when you send a test message using that template, and then view the email in the admin area, it should open up the usual debug window and allow you to see some of the variables available, e.g your service custom fields.... remove it again from the template when you're finished. remembering to spell assign correctly too would help. 😲 for the record, I tried your code and it threw up multiple Smarty errors.. fixed by using.. {foreach from=$service_custom_fields_by_name item=customfield} {if $customfield.name eq 'cpfnumber'} {assign "cpfnumber" $customfield.value} {/if} {/foreach} though unless you're using a version that was bugged in this respect, this should be unnecessary.
  7. Our Time & Task Manager For WHMCS has already passed the WHMCS 8.1 compatibility tests , and is currently updated towards its support for the 8.2 version. Please submit a ticket to allow us a closer look into what is happening in your system - our support teams will be glad to help you take full advantage of any of our modules.
  8. has anyone managed to get this working with WHMCS 8? ive messaged the developer thru various channels and haven't heard anything
  9. Does anyone else have any experience with this?
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  11. Thanks Brian it makes sense to me now... i was thinking backwards in that the valid templates were the ones to hide the sidebar on, not show it on...
  12. Just thought of this and figured I would note just in case. If you need to have the customfield in multiple locations in the message, using smarty's assign would work better than looping each time: {foreach from=$service_custom_fields_by_name item=customfield} {if $customfield.name eq 'cpfnumber'} {assgin cpfnumber=$customfield.value} {/if} {if $customfield.name eq 'some_other_field'} {assgin otherfield=$customfield.value} {/if} {/foreach} ...... else where in the message CPF #: {$cpfnumber}
  13. Hi All! I haven't done an email only package in a very long time. I had a a dormant plan, so tweaked the features, etc. and assigned it to a customer. Only problem is the database info is showing there since I set it up under Shared Hosting to sync with cpanel. I don't seem to remember or find where to deactivate this? I also recall a long ago upgrade with a whm built in email only options, but can't seem to find that either. --For clarification, that's the database stats in the sidebar -- Any help would be appreciated!! Meredith
  14. Thanks:) I did replace the missing files and now it's working. I think because the last update of my theme was before adding Metric Billing feature, it does not have such files. Regarding orderform template, I use the default order form as suggested by theme author. Should I do anything regard this? I think there's nothing to do, but that might be wrong:(
  15. Is there away to have this but allow the direct store links to work or at least the direct to product link to work? Path I am looking for - Order page on my site (not whmcs) / click purchase / direct product link to purchase / once complete then access to the client area
  16. I am facing issue with iDevAffiliate integration with WHMCS, it doesn't track any sale and when I created ticket with iDev team they said Now am not sure how to fix this issue 😕
  17. have you contacted WHMCSDes (the Digit theme developer) to see if it's their template causing this ? you have bought Digit haven't you ?? the fact your domain fails the WHMCS license verification tends to make me suspicious about whether you have!
  18. what do you need to do ? the basics are covered in the docs, and there will be plenty of working examples of hooks posted in these forums that can do various things to the menu. https://docs.whmcs.com/Client_Area_Navigation_Menus_Cheatsheet
  19. does your custom theme contain usagebillingpricing.tpl and clientareaproductusagebilling.tpl ? if not, copy theme across from either Six or 21 and see if that helps. also, ensure that your orderform template, e.g standard_cart has been updated as configureproduct.tpl will include metrics code.
  20. https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3150-geolocation-hook-for-whmcs
  21. it's strange that some of those TLDs were on any list... reminded me of the old v6 days when WHMCS found a list of TLDs, added them to the database and didn't even bother to check if some of therm were a) valid and/or b) brands (and therefore not available for public registration). I think that I probably didn't emphasise above the importance of the $validtemplates array and how it defines which templates will be shown with sidebars.... if you're saying that you don't want any of the cart pages to include any sidebars, then it's just a case of removing the registration/transfer templates from the array - the quickest way being to either comment that line or or remove it entirely. //$validtemplates = array("domainregister","domaintransfer");
  22. Hi, we have problem with last Chrome update, WHMCS Connect can not access to server it just show WHM login page, by inspecting Chrome dev tool, it say this: Blocked autofocusing on a <input> element in a cross-origin subframe.
  23. Hi, we have found that when a customer changes the email address in their profile, the change is not made in their user account (owner). Is this normal?
  24. Hello, I also want to test, do you know if there is a module? thank you in advance
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