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  2. Free? HA they already announced intentions to charge when enough are hooked! It's poor overall! Even the abomination smarters made was better
  3. The license verification page has recently been updated to only show licenses with a “Last Access” date within the last 10 days show as valid. The last access is you as an admin logging in - so yes that can only be a dial home of some sort on admin login. The reason I needed to force mine was that a developer tried to access the admin site from the wrong URL and that then caused their crappy verification to continue to try and use that invalid URL (it was when a test site was being copied and the admin element was then removed)
  4. I was thinking these days that a rise price could get them removed those bored hardcoded again as they already provide unbranded license, so I do not see why having it hardcoded again, hope they annouce that they will removed it soon. Also hope that they make WHMCS cellphone app free 🙄.
  5. they specifically said that ? because your quote from the support reply says something else to me, e.g you manually need to force the reissue... no doubt this will more automated in v8.2, but that's going to be someone else's problem! 🙂 I can still remember the uproar in here (in v6.3 I think) when they introduced, with no warning, the hardcoded remote WHMCS logo image in the admin email footers... you know what the upshot of all those complaints were? nothing.... even if you feature request to get it removed, it gets declined. the lesson being - if you don't like what WHMCS are doing, or going to do, then walking away might be the best solution... listening is not their strong point and when they've decided to do something, they can turn both deaf and mute. 🙉🙊
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  7. in fairness, you chose the hook and didn't mention your invoicing setup. as hard as I try, I cannot make this hook fail - it's working with proformas for me... I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for that. I think either a) the hook isn't actually running on your server and/or b) your tax/invoice settings are overwriting the changes somehow.... I simply cannot reproduce the issue locally. enabling hook debug mode might be useful, as might tweaking the hook code to add a log entry upon successful running. does your site use 21 ? I thought it was a fully custom theme.... in any event, that's one for Support to deal with... the real test would be if the links fail with a clean version of Six or 21 - that should at least tell you if it's a template issue or something else.
  8. Imagine being a company for automation that requires manual intervention under the threat of defamation! @WHMCS John can you confirm if this is the case for us?
  9. It is showing my site is valid but only because I forced the registration... They said they are "dialling home" when you log into the admin area, so any firewall rules you have to stop outbound access will also result in your site being show as not authrorised. It is really unaccepable from multiple angles 1) They are attemting to "diall home" without permissions or notification 2) Who knows what they are capturing, they are at least capturing your internal IP - my guess is active user count and this is all linked to the recent price changes so that they can identify sudden reductions ... 3) They already have the list of licenced domains in their database 4) They are publicly showing the status of licenced domains as unlicenced
  10. fwiw, it's showing your domain as valid to me. ✅ it can't be just logging into the admin area - they literally want a forced license reissue occurring every 10 days ? it will work the other way too... nobody can publicly (easily) tell whether anyone is using a nulled license - the script will seemingly give the same result whether it's not legit or because a legit user hasn't logged in and reissued the license (and who the hell will know that they now need to in order to keep the public appearance of the license being valid?) - this is ridiculous, but yet somehow no longer surprising.
  11. have you reissued the license ? in any effect, you should be contacting ModulesGarden's own support about this.
  12. using the API in a hook? <?php # TLD Pricing on Custom Page Hook # Written by brian! function tld_pricing_on_custom_page_hook($vars) { if ($vars['filename'] == "subpage" && empty($vars['tldPricing'])) { $results = localAPI('GetTLDPricing', array('currencyid' => '1',)); return array("tldPricing" => $results['pricing']); } } add_hook('ClientAreaPage', 1, 'tld_pricing_on_custom_page_hook'); just rename "subpage" to whatever your subpage filename is (without the. .php) and select your preferred currency ID value - the returned prices won't be currency formatted (e.g no prefix/suffix), but I assume you will already know what they are and so can be added manually, or you could loop through the results array and add them in the hook (if you had to!). using Data Feeds would be an option - but if you prefer to stick with the array format used elsewhere, then the API may be your best bet.
  13. The one, and only one, reason that can make this decision fair is that, if WHMCS offers Support to your clients and host the software on thrir servers. But as long as, you (the Hosting Provider), is the one who offers support to the clients and host the software in your server, WHMCS has no reason to price their software per client. Anything else is just "Let it him to shut the door, let him shout, finally he'll accept it and he'll stay here".
  14. You're not alone, it seems. Some of mine are slow to appear also. Awesome. Really helping your image, WHMCS.
  15. Thanks, first I'm seeing those (having just been posted on Twitter, which I don't use). Looks like the trick is to coincide with the end of your yearly term, if leaving, or raise a big stink.
  16. I just start the translation to portuguese, but I couldn't fix yet. So I will drop my start. Please if you translate more reply here... thanks ///// WHMCS 8.1.3 $_LANG['nonotifications'] = "sem notificação"; $_LANG['apply'] = "Aplicar"; $_LANG['admin']['returnToAdmin'] = "Voltar para área admin"; $_LANG['searchOurKnowledgebase'] = "Pesquisar no site"; $_LANG['browseProducts'] = "Ver soluções"; $_LANG['secureYourDomain'] = "Secure your domain name by registering it today"; $_LANG['secureYourDomainShort'] = "Secure your domain name"; $_LANG['transferYourDomain'] = "Transfira seu domínio"; $_LANG['transferExtend'] = "Transferir agora irá estender o domínio por mais 1 ano"; $_LANG['homepage']['submitTicket'] = "Enviar Ticket"; $_LANG['homepage']['manageServices'] = "Gerenciar Serviços"; $_LANG['homepage']['manageDomains'] = "Gerenciar Domínios"; $_LANG['homepage']['supportRequests'] = "Solicitação de Suporte"; $_LANG['homepage']['makeAPayment'] = "Efetuar pagamento"; $_LANG['homepage']['yourAccount'] = "Sua Conta";
  17. HI @WHMCS John, This happen again, I was updating to 8.1.3, than I changed direct to database again. I just need fix a quickly as I can, my system can't be down. 1. nope, just update error, try again. 2. yes, please check the print screen attached 3. [13-Apr-2021 20:32:42 America/Sao_Paulo] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'ComposerAutoloaderInit5ba4e1568b3b64cd5814f10d4c7863e6' not found in /home/xxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/vendor/autoload.php:7 Stack trace: #0 /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/init.php(0): unknown() #1 /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/init.php(0): gracefulCoreRequiredFileInclude('/vendor/autoloa...') #2 /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/includes/api.php(0): unknown() #3 {main} thrown in /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/vendor/autoload.php on line 7 [13-Apr-2021 20:32:43 America/Sao_Paulo] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'ComposerAutoloaderInit5ba4e1568b3b64cd5814f10d4c7863e6' not found in /home/linknac/cliente.linknacional.com.br/vendor/autoload.php:7 Stack trace: #0 /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/init.php(0): unknown() #1 /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/init.php(0): gracefulCoreRequiredFileInclude('/vendor/autoloa...') #2 /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/includes/api.php(0): unknown() #3 {main} thrown in /home/xxxxxxx/cliente.xxxxxxx.com.br/vendor/autoload.php on line 7 thanks
  18. Yesterday
  19. I'll believe it when I see it and get to test it. It's great they're finally doing something about it but I think it will be very basic at best. I hope I'm proven wrong. When we used it, customers were quite confused about how to use the portal and place orders without contacting us for help. Not sure if that's changed over the past couple of years or not. I'm watching this one to see what their roadmap looks like over the coming months: http://hostingbilling.net/
  20. Correct, although if you take the advice of one of the embedded tweets and just search "adobe cancel fee" in your favorite browser you'll find people talking about this all over the place. I don't mean to make this thread about Adobe, just observing that WHMCS seem to be emulating them. "Plunderstorm" indeed 😂
  21. As the manager of the "community" You've been quiet - yet I've seen you online numerous times. For those still on the fence, could you at least feign an interest? It's crazy you seem to be wilfully hiding away until it blows over

  22. Sorry for necro-quoting but I'd like to say something especially now that I saw your signature... ... and this announcement. Basically you are suggesting that we are all a little bit ungrateful to WHMCS. Let me put things into perspective. You can afford to thank WHMCS team for the simple reason that you have never been affected by their many inexplicable decisions and general immobility. Your job consists in creating templates. What could go wrong with that? Nothing compared to what companies like Modulesgarden, me or any other developer faces on a daily basis. Have you ever invested 3 months of your time to figure out how to overcome a critical bug that exists from years? A bug that would take minutes to fix but WHMCS doesn't seem to care. Now imagine this happens every day and that on every new release of WHMCS you have to start over facing new bugs that adds up to old ones. Do you think is normal that a company of the size of Modulesgarden is forced to face this sort of things on every major release of this software? I had shivers down my spine on every update since I was pretty much sure I had to re-test old bugs & workarounds and face new ones. Not to mention reinventing the wheel due to WHMCS discontinuing features to introduce new defective ones. You don't know anything about that since you never committed yourself to coding modules on this platform. I assure you that is a painful experience. You can never sit down and have a normal day. There's always a new bug or a poorly designed feature to face. Templates don't give this sort of problems. Just think about it. Where all developers gone? Why WHMCS has so many abandoned modules? Most devs moved to another markets. You can count the remaining few on the fingers of one hand and they keep disappearing. That being said, now we have this massive price increase during covid and for no reason. Usually when companies increases prices, they explain you the reasons. What we have here? Nothing. Same bugs, same immobility, same attitude and the certainty that they will continue to ignore us. Thanks team WHMCS? I'll pass. As for providers, they've been milked from years. First by Plesk then cPanel and now WHMCS. They can't even freely migrate somewhere else as WebPros will surely buy every competitor as soon as they become tasty. The only solution I see is looking for an open source & free software that doesn't exist yet.
  23. You got that wrong. I certainly have recommended Blesta as my first choice in the past and the main reason was that I was sick with how closed WHMCS is becoming. When I said some will not move I was referring as now, or in 3 months. Maybe in a year or two sure... It really depends on how Blesta evolves from this point on. Free dev license is something WHMCS also has offered for test installations. The problem is that those people cannot move to Blesta as today because there is no replacement for some specific things they need. And those that can code that solution, might seriously think on just rolling their own stuff instead of paying yet another product. I remember when WHMCS first announced they would stop selling licenses and go full subscription. Tons of people moved to Blesta, at least I saw how this community and forums dropped exponentially in people active. But the product never really changed in a radical way. I like to go to their forums from time to time to see the activity and still has changed little or nothing. Paul seems very open and receptive to things, but then I see people asking basic things which are missing for years which is concerning. I feel he is still the only main developer behind the whole product. Not sure if alone he can keep up.
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