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  2. Forget the API and just tap directly into your MySQL database to get data. Some API's are bugged and don't work properly just like hooks that won't trigger when they should. Using API's it means you now rely on WHMCS to fix or implement them. You can wait 5 years and maybe they will or will never bother to look at your feedback. And I'm sure you cannot wait that long šŸ˜. If you really need to heavily work with API's create your own API that talks to the database or just use code that gets data with SQL queries instead. The reason I state this is that API's are poor and not properly documented and hard to work. I found out I can just create standard PHP code and get something from the database faster than using an official WHMCS API which defeats the whole purpose of having an API in the first place. They improved some documentation lately but its still lacking decent examples and missing some API's as you probably discovered already. I'm glad you like the hooks, last time I really required them, I found out the only one I tried to use was not triggering when it should and another one was triggering after user registration action instead of before. Both confirmed by WHMCS support as bugs, I waited a month, two, ..., and since they didn't fix them fast enough I moved to use something else The problem with hooks is that they are great when they work until you then upgrade WHMCS to a new release and one stops working and now your whole system or custom implementation collapses because you relied on that hook. In my experience, the API and hooks are so unstable that if something works right now you should be afraid of upgrading in the future without properly testing first that everything still works. As opposed to something you created, which will always work and not rely on WHMCS software upgrades.
  3. I don't see why you have to marry to one option when it is a simple math calculation on the code, regardless if you do this with PHP, JavaScript or even Smarty code. Why not just let us pick one? Doing this would require 2 extra lines of code and nothing else. And while GB is mostly the standard you are forgetting metered services that bill per unit, in that case, some people would still need to show the user MB units or have complaints from users because of the GB rounding. When it comes to billing, its always better to be as clear as possible because are charged for units and might want to see the smallest denominator. If you ask me, there is nothing stopping you from putting all units there, MB, GB and even Kilo bits or even bytes units. Just let the user click over the metric and pick what he wants or switch between them on the fly since this would be a simple JavaScript calculation on the page. If this is hardcoded, maybe let someone pick for each product how he wants that measured.
  4. You can change this with General Setting > Support > Ticket Reply List Order. Admin notes are basically just replies on the ticket but hidden to the customer, but if you change the order to display them by Newest to Oldest, them admin notes will show at the top. I rather prefer it that way, to see the latest replies first and scroll to see to the older ones.
  5. Implementing this with standard JS/CSS would be very easy, but of course we can't because everything is behind a dark box. Personally I prefer to see the notes but I can completely understand how this gets messy if you are pasting large chunks of text with ticket notes, being able to collapse them would be useful in your situation. I do like the red attention grab since admin notes means "Hey, you have to look at this first...".
  6. you won't have to migrate the database yourself - the install script will do that when you give it the current v5.3.13 database details during installation. if you want to keep a copy of the database before doing that, then you could duplicate it in phpmyadmin, or do a SQL dump... although if the cron has been performing daily database backups, then you should already have a backup of the database locally.
  7. Hi, Can we change the below image in the product page ? Thanks
  8. Are there any nasty bugs I should be aware on 7.9 or 7.10? I'm trying to decide if upgrading to 7.83 only and stay on the safe way or jump to the latest completely. I also noticed another horrible bug with upgrades on this release. By nasty I mean not visual things that affect the user or admin side but stuff like this that affects billings or can cause money loss.
  9. Sure, just use whatever database tool you prefer. It makes no difference since you are just transferring data from one database to the other.
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  11. The installer does the database upgrade for you. You are supposed to upgrade from 5 to 6, from 6 to 7 and so on. If you installed a completely new 7.10.2 installation then you will have to copy the data manually from the old database to the new one. This is has nothing to do with WHMCS and the procedure is the same for all databases, just use your favorite database tool to do the process of migrating the data but not the DB schema.
  12. This is a routing problem with Laravel. If they wanted to fix this, it would take them 2 hours tops. The thing is that developers on WHMCS probably use a localhost system to test things out, it works, and they call it a day. Then people install WHMCS on their domain and of course, it does not work because now you have a real domain, or subdomain or its running from a folder and even something like / missing at the end will completely breaks the routing. It works for some pages, but not others. It's inconsistent for sure.
  13. You are entirely correct Brian. Thank you so much! I had previously put a custom link in the navbar to go to the specific "General Enquiries" department. I now changed the navbar link in the client area to go to the "Client Support" link, and it's working as intended. Thank you! Noah
  14. There is not fix for this. Search the forums. Here comes the problem. .htaccess rewrites the URL's on the web server, this worked until WHMCS 6 because it was raw/plain PHP and even if the rules did not work perfectly for your server, you could adjust them slightly and then modify some URL or paths in your templates. Starting with version 7 WHMCS moved to the Laravel framework. Like all PHP framework this uses routing, it means index.php is used to route every single call. Path and URL's are hard-coded in most frameworks and that is usually no issue because frameworks are open source and people can modify or adjust anything and everything. WHMCS put those hard coded paths and links behind obfuscated code called Ioncube. The result is that you have no control over how the URL and paths works now with WHMCS. If the SEO friendly URL's don't work for your server, I'm sorry to say this but you are screwed because there is no way to fix this with .htaccess rules. The reason is that even if you create rules to modify the URL's, WHMCS is trying to resolve something else internally. I had nothing but problems with SEO url's since version 7. I had to create many hooks and PHP patches that try to read the existing URL and then redirect the user to the proper URL, thinks like voting on articles, search, and many other things. It's a gigantic mess. If you get a reply from WHMCS they will most likely just tell you they don't give support for customization of installations and another canned reply in order to close your ticket. Your only option is probably to use the ugly non SEO friendly url's if you want everything to work.
  15. I think you'd have to go to those above Support, e.g the developers, to find someone who *knows* how it works.
  16. under most circumstances, that should be enough - support departments marked as hidden won't be shown to clients.... however, there is a way to bypass that hidden status and you're inadvertently doing it. you seem to have modified the contact link in the navbar to link specifically to the General Enquires department - assuming that link is in the client area too, then a client using that link will be able to submit a ticket to the GE dept.... if that link hadn't been modified (e.g it was just going to contact.php), then they shouldn't be able to (unless they know that they can directly link to the dept to bypass it's hidden status). so I would think that just removing the change to the navbar link should resolve the issue.
  17. Hey bud, yea i tried that they never replied to the ticket, i have found the issue basically when you enable Friendly urls like someone said above they all stop working on HTTP method, when you set them to basic they work again. However if you work on say a Cpanel server like i do the .htaccess responsible for running the site contains information on the PHP version. When you update between friend and basic URLS WHMCS complete over writes the htaccess. this in turn removes the php versions Cpanel put their, Ion cube then slits its wrists in panic and "Corrupts" WHMCS. Found a community with a few hundred people having this issue going back from when Friendly URLS where put in yet WHMCS refuse to admit its a problem and/or Fix it. Yet still want the monthly fees off us. Time to start looking for an alternative to WHMCS.
  18. Hi, I imported all of my customers via the cPanel import into WHMCS. I also have an affiliate to which I want to associate all their clients' products, in order for the affiliate to earn automatic recurring commissions on their clients' products. I got the "AffiliateTools" WHMCS addon from Utixo, for a more robust affiliate system. Now a couple of my affiliate's clients have paid for their hosting product. The problem is that the affiliate didn't automatically receive a commission on the products. I think this is because the imported products are not actually labeled as orders in the WHMCS system. Is there a way that I can convert the imported products into actual orders in WHMCS, so that I can then associate those orders to the affiliate? I've also asked the support department of the "AffiliateTools" WHMCS addon from Utixo about this as well.
  19. Hi, I'm trying to configure my WHMCS support departments so that anybody on our website, mywebhostingaccount.com, can contact us and it will go in the "General Enquiries" support department. I want a separate department for my logged in clients to use called "Client Support", which will only be accessible to logged in clients. I want to set it up this way so that I know which support tickets are from logged in clients. I have made the two support departments, and set the "Client Support" department to only be displayed to clients. This works, but the "General Enquiries" support department also displays to logged in clients, and is the default support department in the drop-down menu when opening a ticket from the client area. I either want to make the "Client Support" department the default support department for logged in clients, or hide the "General Enquiries" department from logged in clients completely. I moved the "Client Support" department to the top of the list of the support departments in WHMCS. I also tried clicking the box in the "General Enquiries" settings that says "Hidden? Hide from clients". But even with these settings, the General Enquires is the default department for logged in clients.
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  21. we want to use old database of whmcs of version 5.3.13 General Release(5.3.13-release.1) for our new installed whmcs version 7.10.2 we already using whmcs version 5.3.13 at client.sbglobal,info since 2010 . we don't want to loss our old database records.we want to import all old data of version of 5.3.13 into new installed whmcs version 7.10.2. so please help me for migration database from old version (5.3.13) to new installed version (7.10.2). thanks
  22. Thanks Brian, As usual, sad that it seems to be only us again, facing such issue. But yes, it is an absurb issue. eg: setting compulsory fields for custom fields for domains, but ended up, causing default domain fields (deactivated) to throw errors due during domain transfer.
  23. Hi, I discovered this month, while we are closing accounts, there is a change in how Stripe/WHMCS works with Credit, and makes the WHMCS reporting wrong. When customer in WHMCS use a credit to settle partial payment, what I'm seeing is Stripe deduct the full amount first, charge fee based on this amount. Then there will be a 2nd transaction which refunds the credit amount and the transaction fee charged in the 1st transaction for this credit. However this cause mistake in WHMCS transation and thus, its reporting. As WHMCS ONLY capture the original amount and the Stripe fee charged for this ORIGINAL amount. It does not record the refunded transaction fee (due to the amount offset by credit in WHMCS). How can we fix this?
  24. This is happening for 1 or 2 years now. I see the same on my installation which is running on version 7.8. Some invoices do not respect the languages and have mixed items (some English) some in the language of the user. I'm surprised this is still not fixed in7.10.2, but then again I guess nobody even bothers to report bugs anymore as they rarely get fixed so they can continue from version to version. One more reason I'm not even interested on upgrading, why bother if nothing is fixed and it probably introduced hundreds of new bugs that I don't need.
  25. Your best shot is WHMCS support, since most functions are encoded nobody really knows how stuff works except them.
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