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  3. Hi @WebHostingPeople, This help guide contains steps to identify the php.ini being loaded by the cron job: https://help.whmcs.com/m/automation/l/969680-identifying-the-php-ini-used-for-in-command-line-cron-engine
  4. Just a quick update, today we released Lara v8.4.0, which is fully compatible with WHMCS v8.4.0 (released 2 days ago!).
  5. <?php use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; return; function hook_disableAllEmails($vars) { $disallowedGroupID = '1'; // Insert Client Group ID if (!Capsule::select(Capsule::raw('SELECT id FROM tblclients WHERE id = "' . $vars['relid'] . '" AND groupid = "' . $groupid . '" LIMIT 1'))) { $output['abortsend'] = true; return $output; } } add_hook("EmailPreSend", 1, "hook_disableAllEmails"); ?> This is not working !! What might be wrong in this code ?? Any tweaks ?? suggestions ????? Need to disable emails for a particular group
  6. Hi all, This error indicates that one or more of the database schema changes was not applied during the update for some reason. Possibly a server timeout killed the update process prematurely. The query to create the field (plus the others) is located in the /resources/sql/upgrade830alpha1.sql file. Creating the missing field will resolve the error: ALTER TABLE `tblaffiliateshistory` ADD `invoice_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 AFTER `affaccid`; As always, before making changes to the database, please backup.
  7. Innanzitutto grazie mille ancora per la disponibilità e l'intervento diretto per risolvere il problema, gentilissimo. Ho notato però che cliccando su Esito continua a caricare senza mostrare nessun messaggio nel modale. Inoltre a quanto pare l'esito della tua fattura test è "XML non trovato"; stesso di tutte le altre che ho provato a generare nei miei vari tentativi. Che significa? Cosa devo risolvere? Quanto a Digiting, hanno detto che non danno più Api per integrazioni con Cms/terze parti, però dopo un po' di pressione me le hanno date finalmente. Ora se quando genero fattura, come hai testato tu stesso, essa va correttamente nel nodo FTP, io ho terminato il setup in quanto per il resto appunto ci pensano loro. Ho solo bisogno di fixare quella problematica su Esito e sono pronto ad iniziare. C'è anche da dire che non sono sicuro che il cron generi gli xml in automatico appunto per la problematica a me sconosciuta. Grazie mille ancora se risolverai.
  8. I am looking for a query to get daily sales report of each product. The current reporting options in WHMCS does not have a daily report product-wise. Can anyone help me with this?
  9. Hello, I just shifted my WHMCS website from cPanel to DirectAdmin and facing many issues. The user and admin are unable to login, when the click on login then the same login page is loading without any error and when tried logging in for more than 3 times it says your IP has been blocked. and one more issue, when user goes to card, click on Order Now on any server and enters the domain then the verifying domain is not going on, it just shows verifying domain but it doesn't verify the domain. Please help me. Thank you.
  10. Yes, I suspect it's a PayPal issue too. The CC checkout page changed slightly a month or so ago as they added an extra option to sign up for an account just above the Submit button. Anyway, thanks for the prompt to sign up to Stripe. Pure laziness on my behalf that I have not already done so. I have, thanks to you, so now there is a new "Pay Now" option on client invoices.
  11. Sounds like an issue on Paypal's side, I think. Little bit of a side note but you may want to consider switching to Stripe. Fees are about the same (maybe a little less) and then you could just store the customer's card number and use auto debit. It could save you a lot of time and hassle. https://stripe.com/pricing
  12. Yes, up until that point it also works for me. It's when I fill in the CC details, select the right State and the "I am over 18" option and click on Submit THEN I get the "We're sorry, something seems to have gone wrong. Try again." error. I have indeed tried again a few times, and unfortunately the error is so generically useless I have no idea what the problem might be. The only response from PayPal is to clear the browser cache (done that a few times) and/or use a different browser (done that too). I've done this probably 1000s of times over the last 3 years without this error, up until earlier this year. As I say, I am waiting for another client to call in with their CC details so I can test another submission when using a Private window to eliminate whether it really is a local browser cache/cookie issue on my end, or not.
  13. It's so long ago I've forgotten exactly how I imported them, but there were nearly 1000 customers previously managed in Excel (for nearly 2 decades), so I guess I massaged the fields and exported them as CSV to fill most of the client fields in WHMCS. I've never noticed the "Access Denied - Forbidden" error before when using "Login as Owner" up until recently. The other, more generic "something went wrong, try again" error when trying to submit a CC payment at PayPal is a PayPal error. I'll keep an eye on the Network tab in my browser and see if I can find some indication of why I am getting that error.
  14. @markc I went through the process you're describing and it does seem to be working. I'm thinking you've got some sort of an issue specific to your install / config. Here's what I did (correct me if I took a wrong step) Gateway: Paypal Basic 1) Logged in as admin and went to a customer's invoice 2) Click on 'view as a client' 3) Made sure paypal was selected and then clicked the pay with paypal yellow button 3) I got to the screen shown attached 4) I scrolled down and clicked 'Pay with a Credit or Debit Card' 5) I got to the screen shown in my second attachment That's how it's supposed to work, right? I was not using an incognito window. WHMCS v8.3.2
  15. Yes, I started to use the reset password feature but that just sends an email to the customer which I then have to find and view (via secret sauce), then respond to that email and add misc random password, and then I can go back to the admin screen and Login as owner. Back in the early v7 days, an admin could actually set or change the clients password directly in one step. Now it involves going via the email reset method. Way too many steps for 100s of client accounts. As for viewing invoices as admin. I used to simply go to the Invoices tab for the particular customer, click on the unpaid invoice, then on that page there is a "View as Client" button up next to the Print and Download buttons. Once looking at the actual invoice I'd click on the yellow Paypal button then when I get to the PayPal login page I'd select "Pay with a Card" and the next page is for a Credit Card payment with the customer details already filled in (except the State/Territory field because WHMCS sends the full state name whereas PayPal expects the short state name, so it can't auto present the right State value). I've been using this method for probably 3 years up until about the 1st Jan 2022. I'm still waiting for a customer to call me for a CC payment so I can test whether using a Private window in either Firefox or Chrome will work.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I have investigated further, the problem appears within "confproduct". It is not a problem of marketconnect, but the complete section does not allow to continue when configuring any product. Even if I delete all the configurable options from the service, just because it has the quarterly price, the product requires entering "confproduct" and it cannot be continued there.
  18. Give yourself more credit! You're doing this on a dev site which as you know is the best way to try one of these new releases.
  19. @markc Since none (or hardly any) of your customers login, try resetting one of their passwords on the admin side and then re try your process of logging in as owner and try processing their payment. I still wonder how you're going to be able to do this without logging into their Paypal account but you may know something I don't about that aspect (I've never tried it).
  20. FYI php version mismatch could mean the version of php are /usr/bin/php is not the same as the version you are running WHMCS on.
  21. Try without the -q switch to test at least. /usr/bin/php /home/username/crons/cron.php ^ run that manually and you should see any errors.
  22. i reinstalled whmcs and the problem was fixed. but now having an different issue, i have shifted my whmcs website from cpanel to directadmin now getting some errors. Users & Admins are unable to login, when they enter username and password and login then nothing shows and the same login page loads and when tried more than 3 times it says IP is blocked.
  23. Hi, After update v8.4 and php7.4 with Ioncube loaders V11 , Cron is not running. System Health Status is showing PHP Version Mismatch. Tested with commands: /usr/bin/php -q /home/username/crons/cron.php /usr/local/php74/bin/php -q /home/username/crons/cron.php On running cron , nothing is showing. No error.
  24. Yes, @Matt @WHMCS Alex This problem/bug appears when I activate "Auto Assign to Addons" of "Digicert" in marketconnect.
  25. Despite my best efforts I am still an idiot (lol). I neglected to uploaded the latest version of the pop.php file in my crons directory. Once I did this, the issue resolved itself.
  26. " Update Failed An error occurred that prevented the update from completing successfully. Error (Help Documentation) Error: Apply update dry-run detected 495 permission issues In ComposerInstaller.php line n/a: Script WHMCS\Installer\Composer\Hooks\ComposerInstallerHook::postUpdateCmd handling the post-update-cmd event terminated with an exception" I can not find this "ComposerInstaller.php" file. So what do I need to do to get this thing to update? Never had a problem before updating. Thanks Charles
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