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  2. DennisMidjord

    zoho smtp not working

    Seems like something is blocking the connection from your server. You will face the same issue if you try to connect to another SMTP service if it's running on the same port. Ask your host to open port 465 outgoing TCP.
  3. hardikjoshi(gujjuhost.com)

    zoho smtp not working

    i try it but not working. any other email smtp services website ?
  4. No, it's the same, as it takes 6 seconds just to open(show the first pixel of the WHMCS after domain search has been initiated.
  5. I wouldn't have thought that would matter as the table doesn't get shown again after a search... is it any faster if you switch to using "Modern" ?
  6. Today
  7. Same result with all of them. Yes, no matter which TLD I select. I'll try to reduce the currencies in the price list, currently, 20 active, to see if that makes any change.
  8. We're now at version 2.2.72 and I'm starting to hate European Union 😑 Crazy Europe Monaco is not an EU Member State but it's part of France territory for VAT purposes therefore it works like an Intra-EU country. As if it wasn't enough it uses French VAT numbers that start with FR prefix even though its country code is MC. VIES wants VAT Numbers with FR prefix but Italian Revenue Agency wants MC for electronic invoicing. Isle of Man is another country, place, territory, planet, star, universe, TV series (I don't care anymore) that loves to complicate things. It's a tax haven blacklisted (or gray listed) by EU and a territory of UK that is going to leave EU (how? when?). What about Greece? Its ISO code is GR but loves to call himself EL. Austria? AT? Nope, ATU. San Marino? Let's just say that they love to "talk" with Italian Revenue Agency of a specific italian city! Cyprus British overseas territory? I stop here. Apart from my rant, the good news is that the latest version of BX handles Monaco and Isle of Man properly. All other stuff like Greece and Austria were already supported. I perfectly understand why WHMCS doesn't want to deal with billing. Wise choice! 👍
  9. graziano_68

    redirection after the payment

    Hello regarding my topic request , anyone can reply please ? Thank you
  10. brian!


    between which pages are you trying to do it ? if it were two customs, bear's code would work I think, or two pages with no redirection.... but if there's redirection in play... hmm
  11. web2008


    Thanks for the answer, but have tried this and it doesn't work. Also tried "id=" and "name="
  12. bear


    The link needs to include the page as well as the anchor, ie: link-to-page.php#anchor
  13. web2008


    Does anyone know how to get anchor from one page to another in WHMCS to works? On the same page it works fine!
  14. Dear community, You recently gave us plenty of feedback regarding our products. This allowed us to narrow down the focus to the things you need the most in our software. Thank you! Today we would like to hear your opinion on yet another matter. Do you use our Account Synchronization For WHMCS module? If so, please answer a few simple questions and help us understand how you are feeling about such features as account export/import. Take the 1-minute survey!
  15. you haven't mentioned which method you're using for lookups in domain checker, e.g standard whois, domainspinning or a registrar lookup option? theoretically, if it was standard whois, and that one TLD was an obscure TLD with a slow whois server, then I could slightly understand the delay... if it were namespinning, same situation would apply as that would probably default to using whois anyway for a TLD that eNom didn't sell. if this is happening with major TLDs, e.g .com, then the above should be irrelevant and i'd expect far quicker responses than 14 seconds. have you discussed the situation with your host ?
  16. brian!

    Additional Policy Agreement

    it should be triggering automatically - looking at your site, the PayPal logo is in the correct folder, so I don't know why it wouldn't show the logo (unless the hook isn't being triggered)... but the two hooks can work happily together... there should only be one hooks folder, located inside the 'includes' folder... the one inside the main folder is not a default part of WHMCS - maybe it's being used by an addon.... but any hooks in there won't be triggered by a page load... the ones in /includes/hooks/ should be though.
  17. couldn't you just use assign Support Custom Fields to the relevant support departments ? https://docs.whmcs.com/Custom_Fields#Support_Custom_Fields now forget what the description says above - if you made these custom fields "Admin Only", then the client will never see them, only admins... they'd be viewable from the "Custom Fields" tab on the viewticket page. I think that's an easier solution that the more complicated alternatives you were looking at. 🙂
  18. yeah, looks like the array is slightly different than it was years ago... it's fixable, but i'll leave it until v7.8 comes out of beta, just it case there are further cart changes in that release that affect this.
  19. ModulesGarden

    Module Gardens WordPress Manager Issues

    Apologies for this inconvenience. The support agent assigned to your case will be providing you with further instructions in the current ticket very soon. Thank you for the patience.
  20. Hello @honesting, Thanks for your post! Case #MODULE-7059 is open with our development team to ensure that the DirectAdmin module is accurately returning success/failure when module actions are performed. At present, success is being returned in some cases, where the action being performed was not successful. In respect of changing passwords through the DirectAdmin module, this is functionality that does presently work, however, if any errors are encountered on the server when changing a services password (the most common one being the servers credentials set within WHMCS being wrong, so the change password action fails), due to case #MODULE-7059, this will may be shown in WHMCS as successful, when it was not. In summary, #MODULE-7059 is open to ensure that the DirectAdmin module is correctly displaying success or failure for module actions, not to correct an issue with changing service passwords, which is a feature that presently works. If changing services passwords is not working for you, please respond to us in the ticket where we highlighted this case to you, so we can work with you to determine what issue/error/configuration is preventing you from changing service passwords within WHMCS.
  21. Remitur

    Registrar Module

    I suggest to enable module logging in WHMCS ( utilities -> log -> module log), then try a registering operation, and see what's the detailed command sent and what is wrong...
  22. v1.096 (Jul 11, 2019) Added function SSL and PHP function to domain creation
  23. v4.6 (Jul 18, 2019) New Central Portal for Client Area Removed ioncube 9 support
  24. The choose a domain section part of the order form on standard cart is not functioning properly on iPad. Tested it with several sites running WHMCS. Can anyone else confirm issue? Not sure if its related to iOS 13 beta.
  25. Welcome to WHMCS.Community t1naburz5! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.

  26. NancyHintersteiner

    How to solve 500 internal server error in my website?

    Reload the web page. Clear your browser's cache. Delete your browser's cookies. Troubleshoot as a 504 Gateway Timeout errorinstead. Contacting the website directly is another option. Comeback later. And you can find more solutions here: https://docsbay.net/how-to-fix-http-error-code-500-internal-server-error
  27. Yesterday
  28. Thanks, I think adding the text to the template is good. The free domain variable of the code is not working with the latest WHMCS.
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