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  3. go to Configuration > System Settings > Other and enable Display Errors. Then open up the page where it gives you a white / error page and tells you the error
  4. I unbale to load the system health page since i am getting error message pleae help me how can i fix this . Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request.
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  6. Hello, As far as I remember, we could pay the invoices selectively in the old version designs of whmcs. However, in the current versions, we have to pay the invoices in mass or individually. Is there still a structure where as a user I can select and pay the invoices at the same time? I'm trying to code this situation on the whmcs side. Can you help if you have any information? Thanks..
  7. You cannot misunderstand the encoded module instructions, neither the instructions from the modules support team that you need only to place your code in the custom-hook.php file. This is a namespace function that is probably triggered in modules function. It’s triggered by the module (on daily cron and invoice creation), but the module is encoded and commercial. So, either something is wrong in the hook’s code, either support is not helping because they want more money… Anyway, it’s not my problem anymore 🙂 This was for an old client, back then.
  8. If you use hook code to define a function, that function will never be called unless you either call it in the same file, or use a module hook. In your code, you define a function but it is never called. Pretty sure here that you've misunderstood how module hook code works. The file is read, and it defines functions which are then connected via add_hook() calls. No sweat, this is complex if you're not used to it. 🙂
  9. Hi, I am considering moving to WHMCS from Woo. I need import customer data around 1000 records. Is there a .csv import or similar format for import export?
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  11. Hello. I accidentally cleared my session on my computer. When i did this i was no longer able to login to my WHMCS admin panel. I tried changing my password but with no luck. I do have a ticket for this issue, but i'm hoping for a quicker answer in the forums, since fixing this is crucial. What i have tried. - From the troublshooting guide i tried to query against the WHMCS database: UPDATE tblconfiguration SET value = 'on' WHERE setting = 'DisableSessionIPCheck'; But this did not work. - I tried uploading the sessiontest.php which gives no error. - I tried to login from a different IP and phone/computer, but i still have the same issue, which is wierd if it's session related. - Using recuva i tried to recover my sessions from Opera. However, that didn't help either so i guess they are corrupted. This issue happened straight after i deleted my cache/sessions. And there was no changes made to any files. I'm also logging in from the correct url. I am using a custom admin panel url. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hi, A currency cannot be deleted when in use by clients and that wouldn't solve the price conversion to EUR.
  13. Hi I'm in hosting business for a long time and we are using another automation platform and looking for a change, as I remember WHMCS had a lifetime license unlimited client with yearly update fee, is it possible to buy that license? or anybody have that license for sale?
  14. Hi, Long story short, we need to remove GBP currency from WHMCS and we'd like to convert all GBP users (~8k) to EUR. What's the best approach to this, bearing in mind that GBP service's prices are lower than EUR and they also need to be updated to EUR? Thank you.
  15. Hola. Queria saber si alguien habia visto o tiene desarrollado y en comercializacion un modulo de pago para Mercadopago, que muestre un QR de pago en la factura al cliente con el importe exacto a pagar y que tenga callback para la automatizacion de la acreditacion del pago. Gracias por sus respuestas.
  16. @PapaKaiThanks for the great info! Yes this is an area of craziness and potential financial ruin if done wrong!
  17. Hello, Need too, 1. clientareaaddfunds.tpl working good in 8.5.1 2. viewinvoice.tpl not working. In html checking it same <option value="tco">2CheckOut</option> in $LANG.addfunds All ok, but not working. Help please. Think some wrong in $invoiceitems
  18. I have been trying to install letsencrypt how do I go about it. Must I use certacode and how do I go about it
  19. A bit unsure of what you want to do, but don't know about any modules. The alternative can therefore be a SQL Query or API https://developers.whmcs.com/api/
  20. Have you set "Auto Refresh" under Support Tickets?
  21. I do not use any Server Module and handle the server location manually.
  22. Hi I've set up Go Cardless and the first time we tried to get a client to use it they got this error in WHMCS: Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again. Error: Invalid filename for redirect: https://pay.gocardless.com/billing/static/flow?id=HFEUJNDK6&KHHU7JJGHKLY8VFTU7678S Seems similar to the error posted in this old thread Anyone have any ideas?
  23. Thanks for your comments. Can you jump in to the GIT?
  24. Can you edit an order and change the client it was under? An / or can you edit the client attached to an invoice? Sometimes we need to move a product and open invoices to a different client
  25. I used the Apache directive from the following page I found in a Google search: https://geekflare.com/secure-apache-from-clickjacking-with-x-frame-options/ There is also a link to a "Header Checker" tool, that will verify if your site has the correct header implemented.
  26. really this applies to everything to do with daily task schedules. This isn't in real time or near real time
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