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  2. Dean - ITDept.net

    Wanted: WHMPress Table Templates

    Just to be clear, I thought of that before coming here. I still need someone/quote to create custom tables around the whmpress plugin
  3. bluesteam

    BUYER BEWARE: The False advertising of MarketConnect

    On the topic of additional SpamExperts storage licenses in the event that clients need more storage, this is the final stake in the ground from WHMCS MarketConnect Support: Original Post of Support Ticket WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply My Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply My Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Came back to me My Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply My Reply You might be happy with that approach but you still haven't told me how I am supposed to charge my client and what the steps on my side would be to maintain this additional license. You're forgetting the email archiving that isn't enabled by default! not to mention the false advertising stating that everything is 100% fully automated and it's not. So yes, I am planning on moving away the first chance I get and other's have even stated that to enable it is simply stupid. So there you have it, more claims that additional storage can simply be added under the FAQ and yet it's not the case as we have to log a ticket directly with WHMCS or SpamExperts to obtain additional licenses. So many claims that MarketConnect is automated and Wonderful and then this! Stay away from this platform people! While the concept is amazing, it just doesn't live up to it's claims.
  4. The default SpamExperts welcome email is used for the addon purchase. Yes it lists the addon in the order summary on the invoices. but I don't want to add that info on the invoice. The client would not even read it. It needs to be in the welcome email.
  5. Hi All, Thanks for showing your love to our ClientX - client area template. We are happy to announce the new version 1.0.7 which is now fully RTL supported. Here is a changelog for the new version update: New Feature : Fully RTL supported. Colored PDF invoices can be generated and printed. Bug Fixing : 1). Fixed the login details issue on Login to cPanel / Login to Webmail buttons. 2). Fixed the more button on product category section. 3). Fixed the scroll issue on left navigation. 4). Text overlapped with active product services on homepage. Improvement: 1). Show active product service on full screen on homepage, in case of single active service. View more at: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4635
  6. mfoland

    discount license

    Boy a discount license would be nice! @WHMCS ChrisD I found a comparable billing system for cheaper... and the codebase is almost all open source except for the licensing... I submitted a ticket in myself to billing. Do you think you guys could do a price match, especially since I already bought the license manager with my WHMCS, and I wouldn't want to re purchase if I switched to the competitor.
  7. Yesterday
  8. After signing up for the WHMCS marketplace I now have a menu option Website & Security. I would like to remove this, we are just trying to have less stuff in the members area. Thanks!
  9. cseamiya

    CSS style need to change

    Thanks for your help. but it's done now.
  10. You are a champion. thanks.
  11. the welcome email for the main product - custom template or MC, or welcome email for the addon ?? does the invoice email list either in the order summary? if so, then it would be an option to put this info in the invoice email... not great for the end user experience, but if the welcome email doesn't have those details, then you're left with either adding the instruction generically in the welcome email template (e.g every purchaser of that product will see it), or you go down the road of additional coding to identify if either addon is in the order.
  12. Correct, the problem is this. the welcome email goes out without an issue. BUT...if the client purchases Outgoing Filtering and Email Archiving as addons, then the supposed "FULL AUTOMATION" (that does not actually exist with MC), does not enable the Email Archiving automatically and it does not configure outgoing users or set the SPF record. I want to inform my clients that when they purchase the Outgoing or Archiving that they need to log n to their dashboard and enablethe archiving as well as create the outgoing users. so this will have to be based on the fact that they have purchased the actual outgoing or archiving addons.
  13. so is this a hosting product with a MarketConnect service (e.g SpamExperts) as a product addon ? you could try setting a welcome email for the product addon (as previously discussed it would have to be custom, and not MC) and it would be sent once the addon had been activated.
  14. That would require that I actually activate the order and I would prefer not to. That is why I created a custom one. You are correct. but what is does NOT show are any variables pertaining to the addons of that product in question. addon variables are non-existent and it's the addon variables I'm trying to get access to. Correct, turning in to a complete bugger!
  15. More likely some third party baby.
  16. no doubt MarketConnect will soon have an option to sell your firstborn at highly competitive prices. 🙂 I would have added {debug} to the template you want to add the conditional to, rather than create a custom one... the debug window should show the arrays relevant to the email template type, e.g general, invoice, product etc e.g if you add a {debug} to an invoice template, the arrays available will be relevant to invoicing.... whereas, if you do the same to a welcome email, there will be no invoicing details, but a lot of service related information. the MarketConnect welcome emails might have a lot of additional variables added in the background that a new custom (unrelated to MC) probably won't have - I suspect to test this correctly, you would have to add the {debug} to the SpamExperts welcome template and make an order... of course, as we discussed in another thread, the MC welcome emails are often only sent when there is a failure - so this could be a bugger to test. as I say because you're trying it in a custom email template - I daresay that $configuration_required variable is only available to the MarketConnect welcome emails - there is probably code running in the core program that is adding that variable specifically to the SpamExperts / Weebly email templates. do you see why I tend not to bang my head against a brick wall trying to work out how some hidden feature in WHMCS works any more - it's often not worth the hassle. I suspect if you could add debug to the SpamExperts welcome email template and make an order (and perhaps make it fail to generate the email), then the popup window would show $configuration_required - i'd be surprised if it wasn't there to be honest. now if you wanted to recreate $configuration_required in a custom template, then you're into the realms of writing mergefield hooks and trying to figure out under what conditions $configuration_required values exist... i'm guessing that it's true if autoconfig has failed.. so possibly if the product status is set at pending in tblhosting - but that's just a wild guess.. only WHMCS will know what's going on with MarketConnect in the background.
  17. Ok, So I managed to create a fake order on my test account for the SpamExperts product. I then tested my template and lo-and-behold, that $configuration_required variable? NOT THERE! So that doesn't help me again! sigh....how the heck is one supposed to know what all variables are available if they don't tell us. sheesh! this is like farting against thunder!
  18. So I created a test template and simply added {debug} with some random text. I went to the test account I have on my WHMCS and went to the blank product for the test account and sent an email using that template. but I notice that again, not all variables are shown. For example, on the SpamExperts Welcome email template, there is a variable called $configuration_required but on the test hosting product, when viewing the debug info, that variable is not listed. So I suspect the debug will only show the relevant variables to that specific product type when viewing the debug info. I have to now find a way to add a dummy SpamExperts product and send another test using that test template to see if my theory is correct.
  19. Wow! Thanks Brian...Crazy that in order to know what we can use, we have to jump through hoops, do backflips and sell our firstborn... appreciate the help. Will try your suggestion
  20. Hi Brett, that's because a full public list doesn't exist - I daresay WHMCS wouldn't touch doing it themselves as it would soon become out of date and they would not want to commit to keeping it updated. the usual way would be to add {debug} to the email template in question; send a test message using that template; view the sent email via the client summary -> emails tab - click on the email and it should open in a popup window and more importantly, the debug popup window will also appear with a list of available variables and arrays... and you should then be able to know which variables are available for your conditional statements.
  21. Hello, This might seem obvious to some but for some reason I can't find the full list. I am looking at creating some custom email templates and need to use conditional variables. The table below showing the Available Merge Fields does not include ALL possible variables available. How would I know WHAT variables are available to me that are not in the bottom table to use in the template? Thanks Brett
  22. I am working on a hook using EmailPreSend to prevent proforma invoice emails being sent to the client. (what we do is on the first of each month, for some clients, we merge all their proforma invoices into one invoice and send them the main invoice). However, I am stuck on understanding the var for "messagename". Really the API docs do not explain it very well at all. What would the message name be for $vars['messagename'] ?? Any ideas folks? <?php /* see: https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/everything-else/#emailpresend */ //prevent someone accessing this file directly if (!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); add_hook('EmailPreSend', 1, function($vars) { //if this is the proforma invoice about to be sent we need to check if there //is any clients we DONT want to send proforma emails to if ($vars['messagename'] == 'My Message Name') { //this will be the proforma invoice number $relid = $vars['relid']; //list of client id's I DO NOT want to send proforma emails to $clients = array( "111", "222", ); //need to get the clientid from $relid $sql = "SELECT userid FROM tblinvoices WHERE id = $relid"; $result = full_query($sql); $data = @mysql_fetch_array ($result); $userid = $data['userid']; //check if userid is to NOT receive proforma emails if(in_array($userid, $clients)){ $merge_fields['abortsend'] = true; return; } } }); //end of hook ?>
  23. What do you mean with 300 projects? From 300 other WHMCS installations? 300 hosting accounts? 300 customer accounts each one with a domain or product?
  24. Apache runs on its own user group, you should not be running the PHP files that WHMCS uses in the same mode. Even if you are the only user in that server and you don't share or give anyone else access, how do you think ticket works in WHMCS? You need to upload files into the server, assuming someone by mistake is running everything under root (not your case but an example) that person that uploaded a file on a ticket now has root privileges on that file on your server. If he can somehow manipulate the system to rename it or finds a flaw in WHMCS (which is not hard when it comes to uploading files) he can execute a command, rename the supposed image and now he actually uploaded a .bash file, and since you are running things in root, the file now has root access which means game over as they can execute commands as super admin. The user just gained root privileges on your server just by exploiting WHMCS. While that is not your case, it's a example in case someone tells something similar like "Why would I not run everything under root if I don't give anyone else access to my server..". Well, you are giving people access to your server the second WHMCS is public. Since WHMCS runs PHP and that PHP is executed trough Apache, you need to make sure it runs with the minimal possible permissions and privileges on the system for those files. You really think that CentOS 7 would ship Apache but force people to disable SELINUX to make it work? The answer is no. It works if you properly configured it. You probably found some blog from an Indian developer that said to disable SELINULX, or another tutorial that does not need even use SUDO on commands. Copying and pasting commands is ok as long as you know what they do. Running a static HTML file that does nothing under that sort of web server config might not be as bad, but running PHP that also connects to MySQL is not a great idea. And WHMCS does not exactly have the greatest security track in terms of secure coding and vulnerabilities exposed. I'm also sure your docroot is not to read only mode only. Otherwise your WHMCS install would not work, how do you expect WHMCS to create the cache files for smarty or even the uploaded files from tickets if it can't write into the your folder? Don't disable SELINUX Move your docroot folder or use a proper vhost in the Apache config Restrict that vhost to a specific unix user/usergroup Run PHP under that user/usergroup with suexec I would say that is a minimum, assuming the worst happens, at least the person will not gain root access to your server and just be contained to that account and your WHMCS installation, cleaning that up might be easier than reinstalling the whole server. WHMCS does write files into your system, and if you running that as Apache, that is one level higher in permissions to a user account already which is bad. Disabling SELINUX also makes you system less secure. Here: https://www.electronicdesign.com/embedded-revolution/don-t-disable-selinux
  25. prasanthi

    Newbie Here

    Hello, Myself Prasanthi. I’m glad being a part of this community. I am interested in technologies and its upcoming, looking forward to gaining more knowledge through this community and share my views in discussions. Thank you.
  26. I am a bit familiar with CSS and WHMCS but have no idea what smarty is. Also, can you provide me a link to video tutorials, I have read the documentation but it didn't help me.
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