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  2. Thanks. Doesn't look like these features will be available any time soon. I don't understand why whmcs add on developers can't create innovative and useful stuff. All I see in whmcs add on market is very basic modules with zero creativity.
  3. Now help me please with next: how used custom template instead default?
  4. Solved: Just need to re-save product (or server)
  5. Today
  6. Hello. I have a problem with hooks.php in module for servers, I want use ClientAreaPageProductDetails hook but it's doesn't work, I tried added this hook to modules/addons/{custom_module}/hooks.php and it's worked. How I can use this hook in modules/servers/{custom_module}/hooks.php ?
  7. pjs32


    We are using a custom theme - but we have tested on six and the problem remains. logs show UserID => 1979 message => An unexpected error - No Stripe Payment Method found from token token =>
  8. Yes I made this mistake before. buying a module from them, without check if they are reputable particularly on Market place.
  9. ejmerkel

    BrainTree Payment Module

    After upgrading to WHMCS version 7.8 our BrainTree Payment Module started having issues. It is charging cards Ok that are already in the system however users cannot add or update their cards. I assume the change with having multiple payment methods is to blame. Unfortunately, the module is not one that is supported by WHMCS and it appears to be originally created by Hosting Playground but they don't appear to be actively supporting this module any longer. Also, BrainTree is not able to provide a WHMCS module. Is any one else using the BrainTree payment gateway on 7.8? If you are can you tell me where you got your module, I would appreciate it. I am hoping to find a module that is maintained and supported. Thanks, Eric
  10. Before you buy any module check company history like how long they are a business and check if they listing in the WHMCS Marketplace. Check if they kept updating they module 🙂
  11. Appreciate all advice's , many thanks I have installed it on sub-domain on different cpanel with different IP, on a managed VPS with cloudflare security and firewall. For now installing it on 2 different datacenter will be costly as I am starting on hosting business now, but expect i n future to follow those advice's. There is any blog in terms of security better that wordpress you recommend?
  12. Thanks for the reply Chris. Yes I am having issues, when attempting a test transaction the order button just spins, I can't seem to find any logged errors anywhere either.
  13. zitu4life

    customize Invalid license error message

    Hello Chris , sure, I understand if someone post like this could be strange, but no bad intentions 😏 on that post. just trying to translate license message to desired language and did not find it on lang, than just rename it licenseerror2.php (what means same as delete it), so new message comes that I never see before and was just curious , but later I realized that I could translate it editing it on licenseerror.tpl.
  14. WHMCS Andrew

    Using old file path

    Could this be a customised attachments directory? Check your configuration.php file for those locations.
  15. xlegends

    Recurring Promotions Not Working

    Ok I just confirmed it. I ran the built in price updater and it just destroyed the remaining working coupon code calculations to regular price. Now everyone will be billed full price 😞 Is either a way to mass recalculate coupon code recur price or a way to view all clients with coupon codes.
  16. xlegends

    Recurring Promotions Not Working

    HI chris, I'm not sure. Most were self added during initial payment. For clients who forgot to use the coupon code, some added after. The ones having the problem. Im not sure if they were manual adds by me or initially added with payment. I know for sure 1 of them was self added during payment and still didnt calculate right during renewal. I did run the built in bulk price updater about a month ago so not sure if that's what did it. Anyway to globally run auto calculate?
  17. LosBooom

    DailyCronJob hook

    The problem was in 3rd party module, which was breaking automation tasks by whmcs.
  18. Dear All, I have tried to insert the below codes in regardless PreShoppingCartCheckout or ShoppingCartValidateCheckout, it leads to another page which indicate "You may verify your email address first before you can complete this order." However due to I have enabled Auto Redirect on checkout to Automatically forward the user to the payment gateway, after 15 seconds it will automatic lead me to payment page. Any advise? add_hook("PreShoppingCartCheckout", 1, function($vars){ if (PREVENTUNVERIFIEDORDERS===true){ $client = Menu::context("client"); if (!is_null($client) && $client->emailVerified!==true){ return array("You may verify your email address first before you can complete this order!"); } } }); Thank you in advance
  19. nordkappnett

    EPP Registry Registrar Module

    Hello there, Have anyone tested the CoCCA WHMCS Module (https://cocca.org.nz/#seven) with .as domain names? I am also trying to get in touch with ASNIC registry to get EPP/API access. Has anyone had success on getting such access? Thanks!
  20. WordPress is a completely different planet... Two security suggests: use it only on a different subdomain (never, never use it as a subdirectory of your WHMCS) Install it on a different hosting service (if possible, on a different server, with different IP)
  21. WHMCS ChrisD

    reCAPTCHA v2 invisible don't work.

    @rach you can either update the keys via your tblconfiguration table in your database or run this mySQL query on the database to disable reCaptcha globally you can then login and re-activate it and update your reCaptcha Keys UPDATE tblconfiguration SET value = '' where setting = 'CaptchaSetting';
  22. Hi @Mark_J this should be OK to ignore, it sounds like a false positive, are you having any issues processing Stripe Payments?
  23. WHMCS ChrisD

    Client is unable to login

    @launchivity Thanks for your post, what happens when they try to login what is the error message? Does it occur on the default Six Theme? What payment method are you using?
  24. WHMCS ChrisD

    customize Invalid license error message

    That is not a message that comes from WHMCS @zitu4life can you tell me why you are deleting licenseerror.php from your install?
  25. Hi @bpareek9694 The error you are seeing is being returned by the module (ProxMoxCloud in your case) it indicates that the username "nexacloud_21" is already in use on the server, you would need to either remove the existing account that uses the username nexacloud_21 from ProxMoxCloud or change the username of the account you are trying to provision in WHMCS to something else such as "nexacloud_22" save and then create.
  26. WHMCS ChrisD

    error at checkout

    @therussian There could be a number of things causing this could you login to your admin area, go into Setup > General Settings > Other and tick display errors, then reload the checkout and check for the full error details.
  27. sitesme

    POP3 Connection Error

    Not sure if this helps you but I have “fixed” the annoying messages by creating an email filter under our WHMCS cPanel domain. Just create the email filter, copy/paste the exact subject on the emails that you want to block and choose “send to another folder” (trash for example) or simply choose “discard all messages”. This is woking fine for me. Never got any of those notifications. I was getting about 15-30 per day.
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