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  2. Oh @bear stop stirring the pot. Haha. We would hate and move away if a hosted version was the only option. Respect and security for our client data is too important to us. Kayako burned us. SupportPal rescued us.
  3. For sure it doesn't stop PayPal. But the thing is that from time to time Subscription IDs disappear without any human intervention. I suspect there's something in WHMCS that triggers the deletion automatically but I can't find anything.
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  5. I like the look, it looks a lot better and modern. I would make it a option to list the main products like you have above on the homepage.
  6. Hi @web2008 and @pRieStaKos, We've been testing with Greek and Norwegian characters in the client profile data, but haven't been able to reproduce this error for ourselves yet. Does this happen for certain clients only, or every one that you've tried? If it's only certain clients, is there anything in common about their profile data which might provide a clue for us to try next? If there isn't, please do submit a ticket via https://www.whmcs.com/preview/mobile and we can investigate directly on your installation.
  7. Hi @Hyperlinks Media, At present I don't have any information to share about a hosted edition of WHMCS. We are assessing interest in such a service though, so please do register yours here: https://www.whmcs.com/hosted
  8. Push up the topic as it had been sinked due to very long approval process...
  9. Hello, anyone knows a avalible module or addon where we can define conditional product selection between the configurable options. For example: https://vsys.host/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=40 Is there already a similar Module or addon avalible ?
  10. Hi Our services are mostly just design related. Your looking for a payment gateway module? Try https://whmcsservices.com
  11. I would love to hear your feedback on the new design no matter how big/small. Please be as honest as possible. We have made the another two more screen. Display the domain result on home page and listing the products on home page.
  12. Hello Niscoltd, Thank you for posting the job over here. Yes we can create a module for you, please contact us at: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/whmcs-custom-development/ Regards Team WGS
  13. Hello Gareth, Thanks for appreciating the theme, yes we have optimized the theme in all possible ways. The new update will now be more faster and SEO friendly. To know about the upcoming features of HostX 2.2, follow us: https://bit.ly/35ny1St
  14. It's PHP... (even if it's missing the usual PHP open tag) I guess it's stll working fine; when I wrote it, years ago, used it to import few thousands users, 500 users at each run ...
  15. Hi, thanks for the reply. Do you mean that the OX suite app downloads all email to the phone instead of using IMAP ?
  16. I have no problem with being able to suggest features like this. But consideration should not be based on popularity (number of votes) and tech support have advised that it is.
  17. For some odd reason domains in the client summary are listed by domain ID, descending. It is effectively useless, I can't even imagine why would someone want/need to see a list of domains in order they were registered, especially if there are hundreds of domains. Ideally each column should be sortable, like most tables on the web and also like some tables in WHMCS, but the developers apparently aren't interested in this basic functionality. So I have found this item https://smartcoding.wordpress.com/2009/02/24/smarty-sort-array/, the same code is available on a few sites. But it is dated 2009 and doesn't work as expected. I create the plugin script and then in /blend/clientsummary.tpl on line 403 (in 8.0.3) I replace {foreach key=num from=$domainsummary item=domain} with {foreach key=num from=$domainsummary item=domain|@sortby:"domain"} ("domain" was obtained from the smarty {debug} screen) expecting it to be sorted by domain name. It doesn't work. I have tried all sorts of variations on this that I can think of without any joy. Mostly it doesn't output the table, some variations cause a fatal error. Does anyone have a solution for this so I can make the client summary list of domains more useful?
  18. Sure it's a flawed model, but how else can you suggest improvements? I would hope developers read through these and get some clues.
  19. The feature request is a flawed model and a waste of time. Don't bother. A feature shouldn't be considered based on whether or not it is popular. There are excellent ideas that are years and years old that have effectively been ignored.
  20. Hi, https://docs.whmcs.com/Kayako It mentioned: Module DeprecatedThis module is depreciated and is no longer distributed as of WHMCS version 8.0. However some of us may still need to use Kayako with WHMCS. Can we continue to use the Loginshare module in WHMCS 8.0?
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  22. As far as I know, Ukraine currency is not on the list and I have no idea on how to add it manually as well, I'm not sure if there's a manual way as well. You could try some currency exchange sites like this https://www.knightsbridgefx.com/ to have some reference for some of the lowest exchange rates available online.
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