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    So WHMCS honors legacy reseller agreements, but they don't honor owned sold licenses? Amazing, really. I'm baffled.
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    Are you kidding? https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/billing-term-change : 174 votes. That, together with the "twin" you quote, are 174+29 = 203 votes 😎 But it's meaningless, because we can find also: Request for support pin code: 236 votes. Declined. https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/support-pin-code Monthly emailed PDF statement: 204 votes. No answer. https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/monthly-emailed-pdf-statement Charging VAT on credit: 111 votes. No answer https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/credit-system-usable-in-european-union-countries And ideas with just 3 votes that were accepted and completed: https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/integrate-fraudlabs-pro-into-fraud-protection-core (I looked also for the request for a feature like marketconnect, or the strange and buggy multi-user system you realized, but was not able to find it: can you please link it? πŸ˜‰ )
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    Continuing from... I think we all want to continue discussing reseller program. Let me recap. We were asking this question (quoting Zomex). After several weeks, this is what was learned few hours ago from a ticket submitted by wsa. This raises other questions. Basically there are 2 groups of developers: As far as we know, Theme Metro is the only member of the lucky group that has been allowed to profit on WHMCS reseller program in contrast with rules. Good for him! He managed to get a very good backdoor deal In the other group we have pretty much every other known developer. The same that have been ruled out from the reseller program for the last 15 years Of course WHMCS can freely do what they want including favouring a developer at the expense of others. I guess we must accept that a competitor will play with an unfair advantage. As I said in another thread, he even asked me a partnership to help him abuse his position. It doesn't sound right to me. I'm questioning what is the role of other developers in this scheme. What are we to WHMCS? I have the feeling we're just a bunch of developers not worthy of attention. I underline that I'm not angry or upset. I'm disappointed by how WHMCS fail to realize how such "special deals" negatively affect others. Why should a developer stay on this platform? Just to be repeatedly ignored and subject to "special deals" in contrast with written rules? We've all been refused in the past. This includes the many providers that were trying to do what exactly what Theme Metro is doing in this precise moment. I'm confused 😡
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    Added vote on both as well, we often get this request from customers.
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    Does 203 make it more viable? The requests site and how it works is ambiguous at best. Especially with no dates/times.
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    I'd prefer a reversal, but yes a toleratable second option!
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    Thanks for sharing, I'll request those are merged together πŸ™‚
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    History has shown, they don't revert decisions regardless of how stupid, poorly implemented and buggy they are perceived by users. They will forge ahead, continue making awful development decisions and the hired chimps will say how great it is and how they got asked so much.... except in public LOL ... for it! "It's a feature, not a bug" - whmcs staff authorised response list.
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    Why won't WHMCS put the ability to set a new client password back into the admin area? Have it controlled by an admin permission to limit who can actually do it. That leaves the choice up to the WHMCS administrator/owner.
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    It's the result of not understanding the market anymore, it's why they think selling us extras is adding value to the service! Market connect is just a collection of companies willing to pay them commission
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    I figured it out! They want to have bank level security... you see the bank I use for business supports multiple users but I as the account owner can't change the password, security question, or do a password reset. All I can do is enable or disable a user, yay for me. I don't even think I can change the email address come to think of it. Granted, this is probably a good thing for a bank but for WHMCS?
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    Not a full solution without you confirming the Change User Password module at https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/5645-change-user-password does indeed not work and the developer is not supporting it. An answer but still vague would be: use AdminAreaHeadOutput hook, check if file is clientsprofile, return javascript that will append the td where the password field should be.
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    Can confirm that works, for now. A hook could be done that injects that field in.
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    Hello @Remitur when your module details are in tbladdonmodules, the modules are active and include the hooks file WHMCs deletes module details when you deactivate a module and does not include hooks file
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    This is a registrar feature. You should ask them. Another way is to say registrar adjust their module to store the EPP to WHMCS as a service custom.field and then you can create a Hook to display a button on Client/Admin Area and trigger a SendEmail API function and send the EPP through an predefined Email Template.
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    @WHMCS John Thanks for leaving this bug unresolved. We've got clients pissed off at us. When we start losing business because WHMCS isn't functioning correctly should I just request a credit from you off our bill or should I loop my legal team in too?
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    Hi @aegisdesign The Wordpress hosting feature uses WordPress Toolkit for provisioning in cPanel and Plesk. The WordPress installs will be available for management via the WPTK interfaces.
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    cWatch it’s not a module that is provided by WHMCS. You should ask the developer.
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    Regarding Epik - just in case anyone is using it, be aware of it and have a read: -> https://domainnamewire.com/2021/09/16/epik-hack-what-we-know-what-you-should-do
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    Thanks for the follow-up @123host, I can confirm that the documentation was updated on 18th August to clarify this behaviour: https://docs.whmcs.com/Data_Retention_Policy_Automation#Automatically_Delete_Inactive_Clients We have also opened case CORE-16974 to refine the description in the UI later this year. Space in the UI is limited, so out documentation will always contain more information about each option in the UI.
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    You write, that you are using WHMCS v7. But the admin page shows a WHMCS v8 installation. The exception contains the word "Forbidden", so my first thought would be a permission problem (wrong chmod / chown?). However, against this theory speaks that this problem would then probably not only occurs when creating customers. I have also found this knowledgebase entry from WHMCS, which also refers to a problem where the error message contains "Forbidden": https://help.whmcs.com/m/v80/l/1309724-troubleshooting-a-clientrequired-forbidden-error-when-deleting-quote-items According your screenshot, you are not using the latest WHMCS version. I would therefore suggest to update your WHMCS installation. Maybe it's a WHMCS bug. Beside of this, i suggest following: Remove the files at the /includes/hooks directory and retry it. Don't just recopy the WHMCS files, but delete WHMCS completely from your server and upload a fresh copy. This ensures that there are no leftovers. About point 2: You could use "rsync --delete --dry-run" to check in advance what differences there are between the content on your server and the original data. If all this does not help, you will have to contact the WHMCS support.
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    Hi i have added 3 WHMCS installs to my iOS app when I switch my phone off and back on it looses the profiles and I have to re-add them! iPhone 11 Pro Max with latest iOS 11.6 stable
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    Okay, it's even worse than I expected. I don't know what WHMCS was thinking when they designed such an unbalanced working environment where X must follow the rules while Y can do whatever he wants. That's not about becoming resellers. It's just that WHMCS forbidden us to play with the same "weapons" preventing many developers and providers from joining their reseller program. I guess we can pack our bags and disappear.
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    Nope, no ways to do it in a safe way. No every registrar supports any TLD, and every registrar has his own, different price. So it's you (reseller of registrar) to decide what registrar use for a certain TLD and what's the price. Besides this, there're other reasons: i.e. not every registrar is the same, few registrars may have wrong or just annoying procedures to manage a certain TLD... leaving the user to decide what registrar use to manage his own domain may be a nightmare.
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    You should use this: { "extensions": ".es,.com.es,.nom.es,.gob.es,.edu.es", "uri": "socket://whois.nic.es", "available": "There is no information available on the domain consulted." }
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    In invoicepdf.tpl: if ($customfields) { $pdf->Ln(); foreach ($customfields as $customfield) { if ($customfield['id'] == 12) || $customfield['fieldname'] == "CLIENTCODE") { $pdf->Cell(0, 4, $customfield['fieldname'] . ': ' . $customfield['value'], 0, 1, 'L'); } } } This should show only the customfield, if ID is 12 or Field Name is CLIENTCODE. Other customfields, no. {$customfields|print_r}
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    Honestly, WHMCS support should be the ones to help you, now that the rates for the software are what they are. They relied on members in this board to handle the things they either broke/removed/missed, and they've lost that support. They were told it was going to happen, and carried on as if it didn't matter. It did, and it does.
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    It' seemed overcrowded at the main page, perhaps you can do something with it.
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    Coding is my hobby too πŸ˜„
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    Sport πŸ’ͺ as if there's no tomorrow
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    Focus on things that will make you productive. There's a lot of things you can do to keep your mind away from stress at work, what's your hobbies? Perhaps you do have something to do during your free time? Listen to relaxing songs.
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    Maybe this response from Brian will help:
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    Just to finish this off for those following. WHMCS acknowledged that the UI was incomplete and confusing. The documentation states "This setting deletes client records after a given number of months without invoice or transaction history." The automation interface says After no invoice or transaction activity has occurred . Those statements make it perfectly clear that any history or activity should prevent record deletion. An invoice had been issued just over 6 weeks before this all happens, so there had been invoice activity. I received an apology, but wasted way too much time recovering data and proving the point to them. The one thing no one ever hears is something like "here's 3 months credit since it was our fault". We shall see how quickly they fix the documentation before someone else falls for their trap. As for logs being deleted. The excuse used was EU GDPR. But that is a complete nonsense. Not all of us are in the EU so it should be an option whether or not to delete logs. But the idiotic part is that most of the logging is anonymous anyway "client 25 status changed to inactive". If the client data is gone, the log is effectively anonymised. There is no excuse for not keeping complete logs as a history of activity.
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    Maybe, just maybe, you could listen your customers and put it back the way it was, the way it's always been, the way that we rely upon to effectively run our businesses. WHMCS isn't for lawyers or accountants or other industries that can lollygag when it comes to replies. We're in hosting and when things go wrong sometimes it needs attention immediately, and there is absolutely no way for us to know every person that every customer will ever involve. It's not realistic and it is affecting our business to the point where other options are getting to be worth the money. This is a once in a decade decision, so anyone who leaves isn't coming back. So maybe you should give us back the software that we're paying for instead of tacking on six more things that will break and telling us it's a feature when you KNOW its a bug. YOU KNOW ITS A BUG. The way I know you know? I have the confirmed bug reports! YOUR OWN TEAM CONFIRMED THIS IS A BUG! So stop blowing smoke up my a** and just fix the software like you've been saying you were going to and in fact did fix for a while before you broke it again!
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    Actually they're not. It's not an option to give access to our customer details to a third party like this. This is not safe for more reasons than I can list. You shouldn't be doing this either. Go ahead and email your customers and update your TOS to say that third party venders will have access to their personal information and credit card details and post back to let us know what they say. The software doesn't work, just don't be a * and refund it. Then go back and try to make it better. It's not hard to be a decent person. And WHMCS, please stop making our jobs harder.
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    Looks like host bill is following WHMCS and creating a marketplace in their software https://hostingjournalist.com/hostbill-clients-can-now-resell-marketgoo-seo-tools/
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    it can be done... πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ the OP has been given the working solution. 🎁
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    buen dia alguien tiene los templates para spanish para la version 8.2.0 ? por favor, pudiera compartirlo
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    Hi Ed, Currently we do not have an official WHMCS Discord server but it is something we could consider if there is demand for one.
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    He just helped us to fixed the issues we faced with WHMCS, who else is here to help? @brian! is the only one responded to our queries most of the time, community is live because of him only.
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    I never published it, but I ended up writing a simple admin hook (using css) to hide those banner adverts on the products pages... short of enabling every MC option, it was the easiest way to get rid of the damn things (you can temporarily dismiss them, but they always seem to come back)... i'll attach it to this post in case you want to use it.
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    I've read through a few prior threads but can't quite wrap my head around this, I'm trying to add a little bit of text onto a config option that when you hover over it you get an explanation (attached a screenshot) does anyone know how to achieve this?
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    I posted the hook below previously in the v8 beta forums.... of course, the thread has got deleted.... when will i ever learn not to post code in the beta forums? <?php function admin_custom_css_hook($vars) { $head_return = '<style>.col-md-8 {width: 100% !important} .tasks {display: none;}</style>'; return $head_return; } add_hook("AdminAreaHeaderOutput",1,"admin_custom_css_hook");
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    one way to do it would be in three parts - 1. cart action hook to get tooltip content for each applicable config option; 2. template changes to display any additional content (at some point i'll change this to use another hook to make these changes rather than editing the template); and then 3. using Language Overrides to trigger the tooltips... so first the hook - i've modified a previous hook for this purpose, but it's still working in v8.1 (Six or 21) with standard_cart... <?php # Add Tooltips to Configurable Options Hook # Written by brian! function cart_config_options_tooltips_hook($vars) { GLOBAL $_LANG; if ($vars['templatefile'] == 'configureproduct'){ $configurableoptions = $vars['configurableoptions']; foreach ($configurableoptions as $key => $option) { $langstring = "configurableoptiontooltip".$option['id']; if (!empty($_LANG[$langstring]['text'])) { $configurableoptions[$key]['tooltiptext'] = $_LANG[$langstring]['text']; if (!empty($_LANG[$langstring]['placement'])) { $configurableoptions[$key]['tooltipplace'] = $_LANG[$langstring]['placement']; } else { $configurableoptions[$key]['tooltipplace'] = 'top'; } } } return array("configurableoptions" => $configurableoptions); } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageCart", 1, "cart_config_options_tooltips_hook"); next the template changes... in the configureproduct.tpl template, there is a block of code within {if $configurableoptions} that contains four <label for> tags ro display the option name... <label for="inputConfigOption{$configoption.id}">{$configoption.optionname}</label> we can add conditional Smarty code to add the bootstrap tooltip options for those enabled options... <label for="inputConfigOption{$configoption.id}" {if $configoption.tooltiptext}data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="{$configoption.tooltipplace}" title="{$configoption.tooltiptext}"{/if}>{$configoption.optionname}</label> btw - in this example, i'm tool-tipping the config option name itself... if you were going to add a "what's this" type tooltip, then you would wrap the above if statement around that text... and then the third step is the language overrides to trigger the output.... $_LANG['configurableoptiontooltip32']['placement'] = "right"; $_LANG['configurableoptiontooltip32']['text'] = "Choose the amount of memory that you think you will need."; $_LANG['configurableoptiontooltip43']['text'] = "Public slots are the total number of spaces on a game server available to players."; $_LANG['configurableoptiontooltip47']['text'] = "Standard Support replies will be within 2 years of opening the ticket!"; so the first thing to note is the numbers - 32, 43 and 47 - they will be the ID numbers for the configurable option and can be found in many ways - simplest probably being via the browser (inspect element etc)... the hook in step 1 defines a default placement for the tooltip, e.g top - but if you feel that your default should be left, right or bottom, then you can define that in the hook. however, you can set placement values for each configurable option tooltip individually and it will overrule the default value - so in the above example, #32 (Quantity GB) will be shown to the right of the label... the other two, because a placement value has not been specified, will default to being on top... any configurable options that do not have tooltips activated by the language files will just behave as normal. because we are using language overrides, you can decide which languages show the tooltips - e.g if I looked at the above page in French, but no equivalent French overrides had been added, then the hook would effectively do nothing and the page would display as normal with no tooltips.... of course, you can add English text to your non-English language overrides files if you wanted everyone to see the tooltips in English (or the hook could be tweaked to not pull the content from the overrides files but from a defined array instead) - whichever way I went with this, I will guarantee that there will be someone who will want to do it the other way! btw - this is what it will look like on your site, using your Mumble product as an example... I hope that helps to point you in the right direction! πŸ™‚
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    Hi, When you go to your admin panel https://example.com/admin/orders.php and you see the order, when you click on the order ID to go into the order so u can manage it, you will see the transfer domain and under the domain if the user has entered EPP code u will see it. Be aware that by creating a domain extension you need to tick in the requirement of an EPP code when a transfer is made. By default if you have not done that the user can "make" a transfer without necessarily enter any EPP code. Regards,
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    Following a question from @Mauwiks... natively in WHMCS, there is no way to do this - but with the help of the attached hook, it is possible - just upload the hook to /includes/hooks the hook currently includes EIGHT different parameter options - I can think of at least 4 more options that I could add, and may do so at a later date, but I think 8 is plenty to be going on with. πŸ™‚ note: the addon's ID value can be found when in the URL when you edit that product addon in the admin area - configaddons.php?action=manage&id=1 Linking to one specific product addon cart.php?gid=addons&id=1 Linking to Market Connect product addons by brand cart.php?gid=addons&id=codeguard cart.php?gid=addons&id=sitelock cart.php?gid=addons&id=spamexperts cart.php?gid=addons&id=ssl cart.php?gid=addons&id=weebly these addons are found by the hook searching whether specific terms are found at the START of the product addon descriptions, e.g Codeguard etc Linking to multiple product addons cart.php?gid=addons&multi[]=1&multi[]=32&multi[]=54 Linking to a predefined group of product addons cart.php?gid=addons&id=group1 $group1 is a predefined array of product addon IDs that you can edit in the hook.. $group1 = array(12,28,20); you could, in theory, have multiple groups (arrays of addon IDs) predefined in the hook, but it's currently only coded for 1 group - but it would be simple enough to change. if you pass a numeric addon ID value that doesn't exist for the particular client, then you'll get the no addons available error message... ... I did toy with the idea of showing all addons under those circumstances, but I decided against it for now - not least because it keeps the coding simplified! πŸ˜‰ if you pass an undefined non-numeric id, e.g cart.php?gid=addons&id=brian, then there is nothing for the hook to remove and it will show all addons as per normal. you can only use one parameter option in a URL - e.g., you can't use cart.php?gid=addons&id=43&multi[]=32 addons_mauwiks.php
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    Hi @wesley98morgan The 'Could not instantiate mail function' error means you are using the PHPMail() 'Mail Type' option. The PHP Mail function uses the servers "mail" function which is not always reliable, nor does it generate a friendly error. Could not instantiate mail function means that when attempting to send the email, the server rejected it. Refer to points 2 & 3 here for suggestions on the type of server-configuration changes which could resolve this: https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting#could-not-instantiate-mail-function Switching to SMTP under Setup > General Settings > Mail tab would allow you to have more descriptive errors when an issue does occur and is usually more reliable when sending emails. The $smtp_debug line can then be added to the configuration.php file to see the full log from the server: http://docs.whmcs.com/Email_Sending_Issues#Troubleshooting
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    It's all written here. TL;DR version below. Place this hook in your includes/hook directory. <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook(ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar, 1, function(MenuItem $primaryNavbar) { $primaryNavbar = Menu::primaryNavbar(); $primaryNavbar->removeChild('Store'); $primaryNavbar->removeChild('Announcements'); });
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    going back to a post in 2014, I wrote that configurable options can't use fractions/decimals... one reason might be that the database table structure of tblhostingconfigoptions and tblprocoductconfigoptions sets the number of decimal places to 0... you could try changing the decimals value of qtymin & max to 2 in both tables (backup db first!) and then see if the cart accepts fractional qty values... i'm not sure it will, but i'm intrigued to know if this would work..
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