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    in v8, the summary stats were removed from the admin display - e.g Pending Orders, Overdue Invoices and Tickets Awaiting Reply - the simple hook below adds them back to the output in a similar location (top of the page)... <?php # Stats Info Bar for v8 Blend # Written by brian! use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; use WHMCS\Billing\Invoice; function admin_v8_infobar_hook($vars) { $pendingstatuslist = Capsule::table('tblorderstatuses')->where('showpending','1')->pluck('title'); $pendingorders = Capsule::table('tblorders')->whereIn('status',$pendingstatuslist)->count(); $overdueinvoices = Invoice::overdue()->count(); $awaitingreplylist = Capsule::table('tblticketstatuses')->where('showawaiting','1')->pluck('title'); $ticketsawaiting = Capsule::table('tbltickets')->whereIn('status',$awaitingreplylist)->count(); $headerreturn = '<div style="margin: 0; padding: 5px; background-color: #1a4d80; display: block; width: 100%; max-height: 20px;"> <div style="text-align: center; color: #fff; font-size: .8em; margin: 0;"> <a href="orders.php?status=Pending" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$pendingorders.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.pendingorders').'</a> | <a href="invoices.php?status=Overdue" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$overdueinvoices.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.overdueinvoices').'</a> | <a href="supporttickets.php" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$ticketsawaiting.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.ticketsawaitingreply').'</a> </div> </div>'; return $headerreturn; } add_hook("AdminAreaHeaderOutput",1,"admin_v8_infobar_hook"); this was originally written for v8.0.0 betas, but the code has now been updated for v8.0.1 (where the $sidebarstats array no longer exists and the values now have to be calculated from database queries).
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    i've posted the hook for the admin info bar in the thread below - should work on both v8.0.0 and v8.0.1 ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Although it seems small but for us the users every extra action we need to do is important. Please bring back the fixed search box as I am sure every one is using it many times everyday. Thank You Giora
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    i'll guarantee that there is at least one existing bug that hasn't been fixed in v8.0.3 - I saw its error in the activity log on Monday (in v8.0.2) by chance and it's seemingly caused by one of the Six templates trying to use a feature that is now prohibited by the Smarty Security Policy.... you gotta love how the internal testing was so thorough that they don't even know when/how/why a template that they wrote is breaking the arbitrary security policy that they imposed.
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    Hi all, I'm pleased to confirm that v8.0.2 addressed the issue related to domain sync Next Due Dates and an improvement to the reporting when an invalid domain is encountered: CORE-15468 - Correct reporting of Domain Sync Next Due Dates CORE-15461 - Provide context for Invalid Domain errors in Domain Sync Thank you for reporting those issues.
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    don't worry - everyone's having a collective migraine trying to get their heads around this nonsense. ๐Ÿค• the session cart array no longer exists, so every $smarty.session.cart solution that's ever been posted will now fail... oh what fun. ๐Ÿ™„
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    methinks he was being sarcastic - as the three of us all posted in that now-deleted (sorry hidden!) thread... which, for the benefit of others, is worth mentioning that it was started at the beginning of August (2 months ago)...
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    it is possible to add the details back with a hook (i'm still tidying up the CSS and testing on other devices)... it's probably also worth mentioning that from my limited texting of the GA so far, the blend theme from v7.10.2 still appears to work on v8 - if you still want to use the old layout in the short-term.... if updating to v8 and wanting to use the old theme, then uploading the old blend folder from a v7.10.2 download to the /admin/templates folder, e.g call it blend7 (don't overwrite the existing v8 blend theme as those changes would get overwritten during an update) - then you can switch themes in the "My Account" section. from a quick test, there is a missing language string in the help menu, and the setup title as been changed - but if you correct those with Admin Language Overrides, then it looks like this... <?php $_ADMINLANG['setup']['title'] = "Setup"; $_ADMINLANG['help']['support'] = "Get Help"; Mass Mail is called Email Campaigns now, but the URL hasn't changed... intellisearch still works... some of the sidebar icons might be missing, but I suspect that's caused more by the v8 dev being a fresh install rather than an updated v7 with previously existing v7 image files. i'm still working on other solutions to fix the hideous v8 menu system...
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    in Smarty, it would be... {$tldpricing2.pricing.$tld2.register[1]} to return a 1 year registration price, in the current currency. https://classdocs.whmcs.com/8.0/WHMCS/View/Formatter/Price.html probably because they can be more flexible to manipulate than if they were strings. in Smarty, it would be... {$tldpricing2.pricing.$tld2.register[1]->toNumeric()}
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    not from settings. the default email templates would be available in the /resources/sql/install/tblemailtemplates.data.sql file - so you could either replace all of them, or individually copy the content of a specific email template.
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    WHMCS v8.15.2 - Admin Area refreshed (old menu returns - due to public demand demonstrated by a 2-vote feature request gaining traction!). ๐Ÿ˜œ
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    Securing WHMCS We're pleased to announce we're working on releasing our second free module for WHMCS. In case you missed the first, it's named Plesk Checker. It lets you quickly identify problems in the integration between WHMCS and Plesk. This time we want to open source a script we used internally for years to help our customers to fix compromised installations of WHMCS. Here is the dashboard (click to enlarge). Watchdog Features The script performs file system integrity checks to detect: Compromised files that could potentially threaten your core install (eg. malwares, files with injections) Intruders. Unknown files that require your attention as they could be legitimate scripts of backdoors Missing files that could cause unexpected errors Anomalous and suspicious files buried deep within directories You can inspect all findings to take the appropriate actions but the module can also be configured to automatically deal with such files. The module verifies checksums of all .php files and performs checks every X hours. When a compromised file is detected, optionally the module can automatically take any of the following actions. Neutralize file so that it can't be used to harm your system (quarantine) Send notifications to selected administrators Watchdog Settings All settings can be changed from the following simple and intuitive interface. Please keep in mind that the module is not ready for use as we're still working on it. It won't take much time since we're "converting" a stand-alone script to make it work as a WHMCS Addon module. Get Involved! Follow the project on Github to send suggestions and be the first to use it once it will be ready for use! Follow Us on Github Looking for other free scripts? Take a look at our huge collection of Action Hooks and Reports for WHMCS.
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    Hello I am missing the Waiting Tickets, Unpaid invoices and Orders on top, It was very useful and I have to take extra steps now. ๐Ÿ˜ž Giora
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    V8.0.2 and still not fix this
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    looking at the changelogs, I think they have in v8.
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    indeed. I think the issue might be that the existing query is counting merged tickets and that's inflating the count... when I ran a test of the results, the WHMCS sidebar was telling me there were 37 tickets awaiting replies... the infobar was telling me 38 - and the one ticket that wasn't included in the sidebar was a merged ticket. <?php # Stats Info Bar for v8 Blend # Written by brian! use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; use WHMCS\Billing\Invoice; use Carbon\Carbon; function admin_v8_infobar_hook($vars) { if ($vars['template'] == "blend") { $pendingstatuslist = Capsule::table('tblorderstatuses')->where('showpending','1')->pluck('title'); $pendingorders = Capsule::table('tblorders')->whereIn('status',$pendingstatuslist)->count(); $overdueinvoices = Invoice::overdue()->count(); $awaitingreplylist = Capsule::table('tblticketstatuses')->where('showawaiting','1')->pluck('title'); $ticketsawaiting = Capsule::table('tbltickets')->whereIn('status',$awaitingreplylist)->where('merged_ticket_id','0')->count(); $current_time = Carbon::now()->translatedFormat("l, j F Y, H:i"); $headerreturn = '<div style="margin: 0; padding: 5px; background-color: #1a4d80; display: block; width: 100%; max-height: 20px;"> <div style="text-align: center; color: #fff; font-size: .8em; margin: 0;"> <a href="orders.php?status=Pending" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$pendingorders.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.pendingorders').'</a> | <a href="invoices.php?status=Overdue" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$overdueinvoices.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.overdueinvoices').'</a> | <a href="supporttickets.php" style="color: #fff;"><span style="font-weight: 700; color: #fc0;">'.$ticketsawaiting.'</span> '.AdminLang::trans('stats.ticketsawaitingreply').'</a> | '.$current_time.' </div> </div>'; return $headerreturn; } } add_hook("AdminAreaHeaderOutput",1,"admin_v8_infobar_hook"); if you tell me that works, i'll delete this thread and repost to avoid confusion for others about which version to use.
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    Hey Brian, I`m just stopping by to say THANK YOU for this hook. It is so helpful, I`m back in the game!
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    So, 8.0.1 is doing well for me.. I'm happy with the changes/progress WHMCS has made with this release. Apart from the admin template missing the "Pending Orders, Overdue invoices, Open Tickets" (but Brian! has provided an easy hook to restore these, I'm quite happy with it actually. Seeing as 8.0.0 got such a bad rap (from me as well.. It's positive to see much hard work was done to get 8.0.1 out. I am sure there will be a 8.0.2 soon enough (or a few more hotfixes) but 8.0.1 is quite usable in a production environment.
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    I am also sad to see this has been removed - so have to spend even more time implementing customisation to fix what wasn't broken. Another example of WHMCS team not bothering to listen to users - and simply doing what they want instead......
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    Hi there, We've been able to reproduce this on our side, and have published a hotfix as an immediate solution: Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience caused.
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    If history is any judge, some time soon someone from WHMCS will pop in here to say to add it as a feature request in that system. I'm curious why this was never spotted or discussed in the BETA testing so they might keep it in place rather than removing such a useful thing. Oh, did that also suffer some changes no one asked for?
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    OK, Ive been using WHMCS 8.0 for over a day now and the click to view search in the top right corner is driving me mad. It needs to be visible always. The way it seems to autohide sometimes when im trying to use it causes a loss of productivity. (try selecting text in it from right to left - like your going to then paste over it) and the search box hides itself.. Arrrhh.. Surely im not the only one?
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    This is correct. @WHMCS John Would request to add this section in some form, perhaps as notification icons or dropdowns if space is an issue ?
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    This was the most useful information shown on the admin dashboard. Unbelievable that such critical information has been removed.
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    Over the years, most changes have been great... some, like the default hiding "Inactive" clients from the search have left me annoyed and scratching my head.... But removing the numbers so we could easily see in one place if things needs attention... Is the dumbest thing WHMCS has ever done. Whoever came up with this one, should be worried about their job.
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    Dear WHMCS Community, As we, up to now, did not use this community to promote us and our modules, I'll give it a try. To introduce myself: I am the Middleware Department Lead at HEXONET GmbH in Germany. My team is responsible for third-party integrations (WHMCS, Blesta, ...) and for providing tools for custom integrations. With HEXONET (located in Germany and Canada) you can easily resell and manage domains. We do our best to support our customers and to improve/extend in direction of specific customer requests. We are offering all our modules for free and we have no plans to change this. We have: The HEXONET registrar module that is shipped with WHMCS (get in touch with us to get updates as that version is for behind in point of features). Supporting all known WHMCS Domain Registrar Features e.g. IRTP (contact verification), TLD & Pricing Sync, Premium Domains, etc. In general we can also deal with IDN domain names, even though not officially supported by WHMCS. A drop-catching Addon to get Domain Backorders introduced in WHMCS A SSLCert Addon A PremiumDNS Addon A module for high performance availability check A widget offering you a module version overview (to see if there are new versions available) A widget showing your account balance at HEXONET (as we have a prepaid backend system) A module helping you to import domains in case you're starting with WHMCS / transferred to us using a non-whmcs way Find all our modules in our github company space: https://github.com/hexonet. We have big plans in Queue and as said, we do our best supporting our customers. Patching / Extending our modules in general happens in short as of existing CI / CD automation. If you need assistance when starting with us or if you have any related questions, just get in touch with us / let me know. Best Regards Kai
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    there wouldn't really be a file/template you can edit.... well maybe sidebar.tpl, but the coding would be a pain. a quick way to do this would be to use a hook.... <?php # Modify Sidebat Footer Hook # Written by brian! use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $primarySidebar) { $invoicesummary = $primarySidebar->getChild("My Invoices Summary"); if (!is_null($invoicesummary)) { $invoicesummary->setFooterHtml(str_replace(array("col-xs-6 col-button-left","col-xs-6 col-button-right"),"col-xs-",$invoicesummary->getFooterHtml())); } });
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    how did you upload the new theme - via FTP? are you sure you uploaded it to the right directory ?? did the theme include addon modules that needed configuring ultimately, just reuploading the Six version for your release might be enough - but I don't know if you did any damage to WHMCS with your template install process... that's the unknown here.
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    Yeah, WHMCS should do their job. They use their own software - but I hardly doubt they would ever use the beta themselves. Heck, they don't even use v8 yet! They don't even have enough faith in their own software to use the latest version ๐Ÿ˜…
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    "this is just an example and not tested by any means" - wtf ? for the cost of WHMCS support, i'd hope for better than posting random nonsense hooks that don't work... and even if it did work, I don't think it would meet your intention on how to use the variable in the template. it doesn't bother me that the serf at Support might not have explained why the variable no longer exists (he probably doesn't know the reason) - but I would expect someone from WHMCS to justify/explain it here... maybe it will be quietly fixed in v8.0.3 - I assume with the number of hotfixes being released and all the other new bugs, it will only be a matter of time before there is another maintenance release.
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    Hi, thanks all of you. Problem has been solved already by theme developer @ThemeMetro almost same day. They give me a updated /store/ssl/index.tpl file & problem solved. Thanks thememetro for quick solution.
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    Hi @jimsweb, The domain registration/transfer product group doesn't have a place to specify a custom URL slug in v8.0. But that is a good idea!
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    probably depends when and where you're doing this... I would have thought the array would be accessible on the domain register (and transfer I think) pages if you were hooking, but outside of there, it will be a case of checking for the existence and optionally combining the json files.
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    Today, we're pleased to announce Digit, which is fully compatible with WHMCS v8.0.2! View in the marketplace: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4613-digit-responsive-whmcs-client-area-template Features WHMCS Template v8.0.2 Gravatar Support SASS Support Auto Detect Dark & Light Modes Dark & Light Versions RTL Support Valid and clean code Bootstrap Based Grid System and Responsive Design Free Live Chat SEO Optimized Google Fonts Support All Pages are Redesigned Mouse Hover Prepared Support Font Awesome PRO & Glyphicons fonts icons jQuery Enhanced Neat and Clean Cross Browser Support All Files are Well Commented View in the marketplace: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4613-digit-responsive-whmcs-client-area-template
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    None of my invoices that have overpayment have changed date (s) so do not quite understand what you mean? Paying tax on overpayment, before the amount is possibly used on an invoice or repaid is not correct, neither in my head nor in my country. Otherwise, I agree that one should not change invoices that have been sent out and therefore I use Proforma Invoices which becomes an invoice when the customer has paid. Then you can change as much as you want without coming into conflict with the law and you avoid credits.
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    All system logs are now located under Configuration > System Logs The Activity Log is displayed by default, others can be accessed via the sidebar.
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    Just in case this happens to anyone else. WHMCS have a hotfix that resolves this issue. It seems you'll need to contact support to be provided it however. The issue is CORE-15504 Both admin and customer will receive an error and be unable to access the ticket. The error is: Error: Call to a member function owner() on null in .../vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Support/Traits/Requestor.php:0 Stack trace: #0 .../vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Support/Traits/Requestor.php(0): WHMCS\Support\Ticket\Reply->getRequestorType() #1 .../vendor/illuminate/database/Eloquent/Concerns/HasAttributes.php(428): WHMCS\Support\Ticket\Reply->requestor() #2 .../vendor/illuminate/database/Eloquent/Concerns/HasAttributes.php(414): Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model->getRelationshipFromMethod('requestor') #3 .../vendor/illuminate/database/Eloquent/Concerns/HasAttributes.php(370): Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model->getRelationValue('requestor') #4 .../vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Model/AbstractModel.php(0): Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model->getAttribute('requestor') #5 .../vendor/illuminate/database/Eloquent/Model.php(1633): WHMCS\Model\AbstractModel->getAttribute('requestor') #6 .../admin/supporttickets.php(0): Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model->__get('requestor') #7 {main} The hotfix resolves the issue and the ticket is once again viewable.
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    Just wanna say that I'm enjoying that we're already on 8.0.2 and it would be great if you could please continue sending out the updates so we can finally stop with all of these obnoxious hotfixes that no one ever sees until it's too late. On the topic though, it would be helpful if you included a message during updates that says whether there are any changes in the default themes, so that those of us who used them to build custom themes will know whether we need to update them. Thanks, best version yet.
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    As you probably know WHMCS v8 no longer provides statistics on top of the page about pending orders, overdue invoices and tickets awaiting reply. This action hook adds them back to interface as you can see from the following screenshot. This badge is fully responsive and appears if there's at least one pending order, overdue invoice or ticket awaiting reply. If there's nothing to show it disappears. To avoid any possibility of confusion, the hook automatically detects if you're running v8. Get the Code ยป
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    For what is worth, clicking amount reveals invoice items. The best thing you can do is create a dedicated page from which you can view/filter invoice items. Maybe you could ease the entire process by creating a table with two columns: website & related unpaid invoices. Injecting "invoice items" column in Billing > Invoices and in Invoices tab (client profile) is also possible but requires a bit of reverse engineering as you need to "read" filters, sort by, asc/desc, current page number, records per page and use it in your custom query. Let me explain. Let's suppose there are 50.000 invoices on your WHMCS. You are currently looking at Billing > Invoices that shows a maximum of 200 records per page. There's no point in loading invoice items of 50.000 invoices when you only need 200. That's why you need to "read" filters and respect pagination.
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    who in the right mind at WHMCS thought its a good idea to hide the overdue invoices in a billing system from the homepage!
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    if you're not going to do this using different orderform templates for each product group, then you'll likely have to use a hook to add your custom css code into the header/footer that triggers when gid=1 is in the URL.
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    Hi @web2008, Thanks for your report, we've been able to replicate this issue on our end as well. Case #CORE-15414 is now open with our developers in order to have this reviewed for future releases. Once we resolve cases and push features they are available at our change log, here: https://changelog.whmcs.com/ I apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this. Thanks again for taking the time to report your findings.
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    Hi @slim, We've been able to reproduce the same behaviour in v8.0.0 on our side, so have opened case CORE-15409 with our development team to investigate. Once we resolve cases and push features they are available at our change log, here: https://changelog.whmcs.com/ I apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this. Thanks again for taking the time to report your findings.
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    did you use .= and not just = ??
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    That is odd and almost seems to indicate you are not using SMTP if nothing is showing, are you using the default Blend Theme in the admin area? If it's helpful to you the configuration I use is: Mail Type: SMTP Mail Encoding: base64 SMTP Port: 587 (make sure this is open with your host) you can also use SMTP Host: smtp.postmarkapp.com SMTP Username: Server API token located under the API Tokens tab of your PostMark Server SMTP Password: Server API token located under the API Tokens tab of your PostMark Server SMTP SSL Type: TLS https://postmarkapp.com/developer/user-guide/sending-email/sending-with-smtp shows the other ports you can use.
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    I have been using OpenSRS for a decade or so and loved them until I started trying to use WHMCS 3 years ago (which still is not set up or functioning properly). Anyhow, I tried hiring a WHMCS developer to help me fix some other problems and he recommended looking into Rad Web Hosting as a more up-to-date registrar and one that was local. Anyhow, I only have a dozen or so clients on WHMCS, but if I transition from OpenSRS to Rad Web Hosting how do I transfer all my clients' domain names without them incurring a transfer fee (I will be paying this or have it included in their renewal fee)? I assume I can or should only run one Registrar app at a time. Is this correct? If I shut down the OpenSRS Pro app, will my clients still be able to access their domains? I am not a high-level developer nor a WHMCS expert so any help would be appreciated to understand how to make this transition between registrars with no disruption or expense to the client. Thank you!
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    then buy the Client Notifications addon! ๐Ÿ™„ <?php add_hook('ClientAreaHomepage', 1, function($vars) { return '<div class="alert alert-success"><div class="row"><div class="col-sm-1"><i class="fab fa-whmcs fa-3x"></i></div><div class="col-sm-11">Welcome to WHMCS!<br><small>buy the addon!</small></div></div></div>'; }); you could always log into their demo if you want to steal their div layout code, but you'd likely have to copy and adapt their css too.
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    Welcome to WHMCS.Community sourceforest! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.
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