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    • Hello srsbiznus, Welcome and thank you for joining WHMCS.Community! Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the other community members. If you need any assistance with the community please reach out in the WHMCS.Community Assistance Board. Thanks! WHMCS ChrisD
      WHMCS.Community Manager
    • sure: <?php if (!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); function hook_ForceEveryoneToLogin($vars) { $clientID = intval($_SESSION['uid']); $adminID = intval($_SESSION['adminid']); if ($adminID===0){ if (!in_array($vars['filename'], array("login","dologin","clientarea","pwreset", "register")) && $clientID===0){ header("Location: login.php"); exit; } } } add_hook("ClientAreaPage", 1, "hook_ForceEveryoneToLogin");  
    • I am running into an issue in which the WHMCS installer insists that the necessary files/directories are not r/w when I have even made them world r/w.  I've restarted the installer, restarted apache, re-uploaded the source, examined the apache php config.  No issues were found and none of the actions have resolved the issue.  Has anyone else ran into a similar situation or have a helpful suggestion?
    • It appears that my client’s email disk usage is not being reflected when i run the Disk Space and Bandwidth Summary report (yes, even when clicking “update now’) and so presumably it is possible for them to greatly exceed the disk space limits we’ve set for them. Is this how it’s supposed to work or is something borked/misconfigued ?
    • I was able to find a solution: I copied "six" and modified the CSS.
    • Evening all.  I am toying with ideas at the moment, and wondered if the following is possible.  So currently, if "Stock Control" is enabled, and the quantity is "0", a client can click the product and is then shown an "Oops sorry" message.  I would like to know, if it is possible to edit the file, to either disable the "order now" button, or change its colour, like the example below. This would be instead of showing "-1 Available", and would hopefully prevent the client clicking the "Order Now" button, and seeing the dreaded "Oops Sorry" message.   Thank you in advance.  
    • Hello, What i do wrong? I have main page with button pay, after clicking i want to create invoice. 
      Its look like this:
      $('.submit').on('click', function () {
                      jQuery.post('{$systemurl}includes/hooks/ajax.php', {action:'createInvoice'}, function(data) {
              }); On the file ajax.php:

      use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; if($_POST['action'] == 'createInvoice'){     function getAdminUserName() {
              $adminData = Capsule::table('tbladmins')
                  ->where('disabled', '=', 0)
              if (!empty($adminData))
                  return $adminData->username;
                  die('No admin exist. Why So?');
          }     $command = 'CreateInvoice';
          $postData = array(
              'userid' => '1',
              'status' => 'Unpaid',
              'sendinvoice' => '1',
              'paymentmethod' => 'mailin',
              'taxrate' => '10.00',
              'date' => '2016-01-01',
              'duedate' => '2016-01-08',
              'itemdescription1' => 'Sample Invoice Item',
              'itemamount1' => '15.95',
              'itemtaxed1' => '0',
              'itemdescription2' => 'Sample Second Invoice Item',
              'itemamount2' => '1.00',
              'itemtaxed2' => '1',
              'autoappliedcredit' => '0',
          $adminUsername = getAdminUserName();      $results = localAPI($command, $postData, $adminUsername);
      } answer is : 500 (Internal Server Error)
    • thanks for the help worked flawlessly     
    • Hello Rubel Ah, Welcome and thank you for joining WHMCS.Community! Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the other community members. If you need any assistance with the community please reach out in the WHMCS.Community Assistance Board. Thanks! WHMCS ChrisD
      WHMCS.Community Manager
    • is there any way possible to exclude the register page in this mod as if they are not a member they can not register thanks in advance Andy  

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