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    • Following 6 weeks of pre-production testing, we are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 7.5 to general availability. 7.5 is now the recommended version for all new installations and upgrades. WHMCS 7.5 really does have something for everyone...
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    • We are pleased to announce the launch of the WHMCS 7.5 public beta. Our public beta program gives you direct access to try our early pre-production releases and help test and contribute to the development process. To get started, read this post.
        • Party/Celebrate
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    • In WHMCS v7.4 we introduced Notifications which allow you to trigger Slack or HipChat notifications on a set of triggers, so we thought we'd see how you are using it and how it's helped you to stay more informed, share your experiences and tips below!
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    • Hello I've noticed that in 7.5.1 (not sure about other versions as i never tested it in the past) that when someone unsubscribes from marketing emails that it does not remove them from the email list in mailchimp. In the module log it sends this to mailchimp [opt_in_status] => when originally subscribing it sends [opt_in_status] => 1 so how would it know a blank command means unsubscribe? Should it not send [opt_in_status] => 0 I've heard from other users of whmcs who confirm this issue with me as well. I would think that its important (especially with GDPR now in effect) that when someone clicks to no longer get emails that it actually takes them off the list.
    • @HardSoftCode thank you for providing that clarification.  Tried reaching out to you guys on twitter and through your website but received no responses.  Additionally your website created an error upon submission of a contact us form. Knowing this information, we will proceed.  Thank you!
    • Sorry, it was a missing div tag on the clientregister.tpl page. Adding recaptcha triggered it. I'll also stop posting my template questions here, thanks guys!
    • Hi Brian, just enabled but can't see any change . But as I understand it will only hide the sidebar in the cart or ? Greetings Christian
    • I am unable to see anything wrong when i visit. 
    • That's good to know. Thanks Brian. I was concerned that registrant data was held within the WHMCS database and could remain there until removed. I'll probably just find an addon to hide expired domains from the end user anyway  - just to stop them nagging.
    • did you take a look at the slider templates that are included with WHMCS... they use a sliding sidebar (if the feature is enabled in setup -> general settings -> ordering).... that might give you a starting point.
    • Hi @ all, I'm searching for a solution to hide on click the Sidebar. Has anyone ever had experience with it?
      I have already made single menu hide over a hook.
      Now I do not want to remove it completely but just let it slide out.
      The rest should of course be extended by this part. Could be also a commercial version. Thank you and best regards Christian
    • Hi Chris, generally speaking, WHMCS doesn't store registrant contact info of a domain - if it ever needs it, WHMCS pulls the contact info from the registrar and returns it to the registrar after updating... it's never stored in the database (if i'm wrong on that, someone from WHMCS can correct me). obviously the client's details are stored in the database - but they may or may not be different from the actual registrant info used with the domain registration. all the tbldomains table will store is that 'chris74.com' is registered to userid #34 or whatever... if you delete his account in WHMCS, they'd be no way to link the domain to the client because the client's details will have been removed from the database. if a domain has expired, then at some point, the current contact info will be removed from its record by the registrar/registry and made available for registration again... plus after a domain has expired, I can't see how you could modify/remove the registrants details anyway - it's not theirs at that point. with the usual caveat that i'm not a lawyer(!), you can delete the domain in WHMCS, but it's not going to make a blind bit of difference to what the registry stores... at that point, I think the GDPR responsibility falls on them, but the registrant info is going to get removed at some point anyway if the registrant doesn't renew the domain... i'm not even sure if the registry could remove the info on demand because they may need to store it internally for legal/police reasons.
    • you may be in luck, because with a bit of investigation on my part (Poirot style!), it might be possible to import NETIM pricing into WHMCS! I think you are going to need to download 2 free modules from Marketplace. NETIM Pricelist csv ISPAPI Pricing Importer so the first module will download your pricing from NETIM and export it to .csv; then you'll have to edit it to match the format used by the ISPAPI module, and then use that module to import the modified csv file with your pricing. i'd recommend backing up the database before starting though. the first module is marked as v7.4 compatible, whilst the second is marked as v7.2 compatible - but seeing as the ISPAPI addon was last updated only a fortnight ago and is PHP7.1/7.2 compatible, i'd be amazed if it isn't v7.5 compatible and they just haven't updated the Marketplace entry yet... but it might be worth contacting them both before starting just to double-check.  

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