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      Welcome to the July 2019 WHMCS.Community Wrapup, highlighting some of the most popular content during the month, asking for your feedback and giving a sneak peek of whats ahead for the community.  Feel free to reply to the thread with any questions you have!
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    • Multiple Pay Methods - Share your experience
      Store multiple Credit Card and Bank Account Pay Methods per Client! In WHMCS 7.8, clients can now store multiple Pay Methods for faster checkout. During checkout and manual payment of an invoice, clients can choose any stored Pay Method that is applicable (or create a new one) for that single payment. It's a critical feature, let us know your thoughts!
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    • Great to hear you. We all are using SMTP sending emails, so your feedback is important to know how to proceed in future during troubleshooting. The interesting think is how this wrong setting would cause such behavior. Makes senses, that client registration will automatically send emails, even I have not thing in such possibility could be the reason. I am not sure that I could replicate your situation again, I guess it could be a combination off things, SMTP + local environment... I had wrong SMTP sometimes but never saw such a problem, normally we receive a warning message related SMPT, anyway no one post in this thread to activate display error in Setup>General Settings>Other tab We are glad problem solved at all 😃
    • Hello I know this is possible through hooks but I'm not sure how exactly! In the client area within the domain details page:   I want to add an option under 'Manage' which will link to another page - how do I do this?
    • I had a similar question and reached out to the module developer apparently WHMCS doesn't extend the ability to provisioning modules that use "module config options" or "custom fields" to be used a product addons. Which sucks because it forces you to use MarketConnect and limits your upsell.
    • Hi everyone, i am using  hostiko-light template and whmcs v7.7.1,   i want to remove/hide some tabs and panels from whmcs client area. 1. i want to remove the Action tab / Panel. 2. i want to add/remove some tabs/option in the client area menu. can you please guide me how to do these changes? it is urgent. thanks 🙂    
    • you should have seen some of the code I posted here in my early days *shudders* 😲
    • sadly, these days a lot of WHMCS users will just use MarketConnect products - and with their SSL products, they're added to the database as both products and addons (so they can be ordered alone or with a product as an addon).
    • not by default.... I suppose if they were an existing user and logged in, you would know who they were -  but not otherwise.... and even then, if they were going to want to use different contact details, you wouldn't know that. possibly you could use an additional domain field to ask them if the registrant was from the States (as that gets asked well before checkout) and adjust the price at that stage - but they could lie! 😲 they can do that already, but not until they get to the checkout stage - by entering the domain contact information... if they don't do that, their client registration details will be used for the domain. not from within WHMCS settings (as TLDs can only have one price per currency), but you could use a hook - but the timing is awkward, because the client will be checking out by that stage... so not a good time to hit them with a price change. unless there was a big price difference between X & Y, I fear the simplest solution is to just charge everyone Y. 🙂
    • I don't see why not, it's just a calculation based on the prices - leave it with me and i'll update after v7.8 goes GA (or as I like to think of it, it's final public beta). ☺️
    • I read that question, and my initial thought was "just add it!"... but on reflection, this could get real tricky! so let's walk-through two options... if ZAR is your default currency, then just add NAD to your currencies and give it a "Base Conversion Rate" of 1 - that way, it will shadow ZAR pricing.... you'll get an error on screen, and possibly in the log, when the currency updater runs, but that won't break WHMCS and the other currencies will be updated... and optionally, pricing will be updated too. if ZAR is NOT your default currency, and for the sake of argument, let's say it's USD, then I would still be tempted to add it... one option would be to add it as ZAR (wouldn't matter if you already have ZAR as a currency), give it the NAD suffix (or whatever prefix it uses)... off the top of my head, the only issue I can think of with this would be any currency selectors in the client area - if you don't have ZAR, then your NAD currency will say ZAR; and if you do have ZAR, then you'll have two different ZAR currencies shown.
      the solution will be a simple hook - but what that hook would look like would depend on your client area theme and where it's showing the currencies... usually with Six and Standard Cart, that would be a sidebar in the cart; with "Modern" it will be flag based; with my header currency option, it will be array based.... the point being that wherever it is, unless you're dong something extraordinarily unusual, i've probably posted a hook previously that can update it.
    • Hey @brian!,  Thanks for this tip. I just switched to Newest first 😊 

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