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    • i am getting this error.. everytime. how i can solve this? Smarty Error: Syntax error in template "file:/home/domain/public_html/billing/templates/themename/knowledgebasecat.tpl" on line 38 " {$kbarticle.article|truncate shovon:100:"..."} " too many shorthand attributes
    • if I had a pound/dollar/euro/rand for this being asked... is the quantity a slider, and are the 3 configurable options priced the same? if yes to both, i'd be tempted to make those 3 config options just 1, edit the template and use some Smarty/jQuery code and set the limit of the slider to a value depending on the first config option (5,29,70 etc)... if those 3 options are priced differently, then ignore this suggestion! that shouldn't be difficult if there are 3 options - you know two of them will be zero (as they'd be hidden previously)... if there is only one second config option, then the problem solves itself. again, Smarty/jQuery is going to be your friend here. i'm not aware of any addons either - a lot of users having been waiting years for WHMCS to add the feature - I doubt that it's imminent. whilst linking config options isn't technically difficult, it would take a lot of explaining... and/or planning. to do this properly in the templates, you'd need to know your config option IDs - also, i'm assuming this is standard_cart and not a custom orderform template...? so while I could tell you generically how to do it, you'd be better off getting a developer in to work on a specific solution for your issue. your best bet is to either post in Service Offers & Requests and ask for quotes for the project, or contact a developer directly by PM.
    • I've edited the original report to query your custom field value, create new file inside /modules/reports/ directory (as any changes to the original file will be overwritten when WHMCS updated) and copy the following code inside, test <?php /** * WHMCS Sales Tax Liability Report * * Edited version to display "GSTIN" custom field value * * @author SENTQ (19/11/2017) * * */ if (!defined("WHMCS")) die("This file cannot be accessed directly"); $reportdata["title"] = "Sales Tax Liability"; $reportdata["description"] = "This report shows sales tax liability for the selected period"; $reportdata["currencyselections"] = true; $query = "select year(min(date)) as minimum, year(max(date)) as maximum from tblaccounts;"; $result = full_query($query); $data = mysql_fetch_array($result); $minyear = $data['minimum']; $maxyear = $data['maximum']; if (!$startdate) { $startdate = fromMySQLDate(date('Y-m-d')); } if (!$enddate) { $enddate = fromMySQLDate(date('Y-m-d')); } $queryStartDate = db_make_safe_human_date($startdate); $queryEndDate = db_make_safe_human_date($enddate); $currencyID = (int) $currencyid; $reportdata["headertext"] = "<form method=\"post\" action=\"?report=$report&currencyid=$currencyid&calculate=true\"><center>Start Date: <input type=\"text\" name=\"startdate\" value=\"$startdate\" class=\"datepick\" />     End Date: <input type=\"text\" name=\"enddate\" value=\"$enddate\" class=\"datepick\" />     <input type=\"submit\" value=\"Generate Report\"></form>"; if ($calculate) { $query = <<<QUERY SELECT COUNT(*), SUM(total), SUM(tblinvoices.credit), SUM(tax), SUM(tax2) FROM tblinvoices INNER JOIN tblclients ON tblclients.id = tblinvoices.userid WHERE datepaid >= '{$queryStartDate}' AND datepaid <= '{$queryEndDate} 23:59:59' AND tblinvoices.status = 'Paid' AND currency = {$currencyID} AND (SELECT count(tblinvoiceitems.id) FROM tblinvoiceitems WHERE invoiceid = tblinvoices.id AND (type = 'AddFunds' OR type = 'Invoice') ) = 0; QUERY; $result = full_query($query); $data = mysql_fetch_array($result); $numinvoices = $data[0]; $total = $data[1] + $data[2]; $tax = $data[3]; $tax2 = $data[4]; if (!$total) $total="0.00"; if (!$tax) $tax="0.00"; if (!$tax2) $tax2="0.00"; $reportdata["headertext"] .= "<br>$numinvoices Invoices Found<br><B>Total Invoiced:</B> ".formatCurrency($total)."   <B>Tax Level 1 Liability:</B> ".formatCurrency($tax)."   <B>Tax Level 2 Liability:</B> ".formatCurrency($tax2); } $reportdata["headertext"] .= "</center>"; $reportdata["tableheadings"] = array( $aInt->lang('fields', 'invoiceid'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'clientname'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'invoicedate'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'datepaid'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'subtotal'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'tax'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'credit'), $aInt->lang('fields', 'total'), "GSTIN" ); $query = <<<QUERY SELECT tblinvoices.*, tblclients.firstname, tblclients.lastname FROM tblinvoices INNER JOIN tblclients ON tblclients.id = tblinvoices.userid WHERE datepaid >= '{$queryStartDate}' AND datepaid <= '{$queryEndDate} 23:59:59' AND tblinvoices.status = 'Paid' AND currency = {$currencyID} AND (SELECT count(tblinvoiceitems.id) FROM tblinvoiceitems WHERE invoiceid = tblinvoices.id AND (type = 'AddFunds' OR type = 'Invoice') ) = 0 ORDER BY date ASC; QUERY; $result = full_query($query); while ($data = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $id = $data["id"]; $userid = $data["userid"]; $client = $data["firstname"]." ".$data["lastname"]; $date = fromMySQLDate($data["date"]); $datepaid = fromMySQLDate($data["datepaid"]); $currency = getCurrency($userid); $subtotal = $data["subtotal"]; $credit = $data["credit"]; $tax = $data["tax"]+$data["tax2"]; $total = $data["total"] + $credit; # Get Custom Field Value $getCustomFieldValue = full_query("SELECT `value` FROM `tblcustomfieldsvalues` INNER JOIN `tblcustomfields` ON (`tblcustomfieldsvalues`.`fieldid` = `tblcustomfields`.`id`) WHERE `tblcustomfields`.`type` = 'client' AND `fieldname` = 'GSTIN' AND `tblcustomfieldsvalues`.`relid` = '".$data["userid"]."' LIMIT 1"); $getCustomFieldValue = mysql_fetch_assoc($getCustomFieldValue); $reportdata["tablevalues"][] = array("$id","$client","$date","$datepaid","$subtotal","$tax","$credit","$total", "$getCustomFieldValue['value']"); } $data["footertext"]="This report excludes invoices that affect a clients credit balance " . "since this income will be counted and reported when it is applied to invoices for products/services.";  
    • Hi, Yes, clients can place an upgrade/downgrade options order, and it will automatically change the quota settings on the cPanel hosting account upon payment of the upgrade invoice. If you are experiencing problems, the Utilities > Logs > Module debug Log tool can be used in order to see the commands being sent/received between WHMCS and the module,
      Please enable it, reproduce the problem, disable it again and then copy the data into this ticket reply for us to review. More detailed instructions are published at http://docs.whmcs.com/Troubleshooting_Module_Problems Note: Please remove any sensitive information before posting it here publicly
    • Hi, I would not recommend moving the Next Due Date backwards.
    • if going from v6 to v7, change pluck to value... ->value('exchange_rate'); pluck is now used for another function in Laravel - confusing or what!
    • "Pay Now" Button Not showing In customer invoice, where Payment method is available but client can't pay his due bill from invoice. currently using WHMCS v7.3.0
    • Hello,
      That's what I really do.
      But it turned out that there were so many files I had to change the name of the folder modules to another name and upload the entire folder from version 7.4.1.
      I noticed there were many problems here and there but after changing the entire folder all ended.
      Now uploads the required modules after uploading their latest update. Best Regards.
    • Hello  enkompass.php has been retired and you can go ahead and delete this file from you /modules/servers/ folder
    • Hello this sidebar hook work fine unless upgrade to new version after that it cant get rate, output change to : "my rate is: Array" however nothing change in code,     $activeproduct = Capsule::table('tblhosting')
          if ($activeproduct > 0) {         $exchangerate = Capsule::table('mod_gateway_exchange_rate')
                              ->pluck('exchange_rate');             if ($exchangerate) { .......  

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