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    • To add new credit card  brands, I created a hook like @brian! said, work nicely for CIELO brands api 3.0 gateways. <?php add_hook('ClientAreaPageCreditCard', 1, function($vars) { $array = array('Visa', 'Master', 'Amex', 'Elo', 'Aura', 'JCB', 'Diners','Discover','Hipercard'); return array("acceptedcctypes" => $array); }); add_hook('ClientAreaPageCreditCardCheckout', 1, function($vars) { $array = array('Visa', 'Master', 'Amex', 'Elo', 'Aura', 'JCB', 'Diners','Discover','Hipercard'); return array("acceptedcctypes" => $array); });   thanks 🙂  
    • Thank you for being a part of the WHMCS 7.7 Beta.  Our 7.7.0GA release is now available from https://download.whmcs.com/ The 7.7 conversation continues in the WHMCS V7.7 Release Boards which can be found here .  The Beta Discussion boards are closed for new topics & replies but will be in read-only mode for a few days.
    • To fixed I used second parameter equal true. It fixed the error... jsondecode( $original, TRUE );    thanks brian!
    • Hi all, Thanks for your assistance in the pre-release testing, and suggesting this feature. We're interested to hear your reasons for not wanting to use this feature? Is there a particular situation or workflow in which it has an undesirable effect? Or are SSL certificates not a product you're interested in selling? Regrettably there isn't time to add an option to toggle this on/off system-wide before the GA release, but I've taken the feedback on board, and we can potentially look at adding it in future.
    • My confusion is the field in the "tblemailtemplates.schema.sql." is shown as 'blind_copy_to' yet the previous recommendation was to add the field 'blindcopyto'.  Once I added the field 'blindcopyto', I was able to edit the template normally without any errors.  This was in reference to 'Brian!' response concerning the error: PDOException: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'blindcopyto' in 'field list' in /home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/billing/vendor/illuminate/database/Connection.php:462 Then a WHMCS support person sent me an update to a ticket with the comment "I found that the "blind_copy_to" field was missing from your tblemailtemplates database table. I have created this for you now."  When I checked the table, the 'blindcopyto' field name was now replaced by 'blind_copy_to'.  So I edited a template and it saved normally without any errors. Now I have done application development for about 30+ years of my life and I'm pretty darn sure that 'blindcopyto' and 'blind_copy_to' would be viewed as two completely different fields in code. So how in the heck does both work without one of them throwing an error?  
    • Fixed.
      The issue: for security reasons, .htaccess was no writeable by WHMCS, so in it there were the old rules but not the new rules created by WHMCS 7.2 I guess that also a strange, different issue I fixed with a workaround few weeks ago may be related to this... But during update process found any alert, warning or error about... 😕
      All is well etc. etc.
    • Right now, we have: - our WHMCS system in datacenter A
      - our DNS servers spreaded in datacenter A, B and C
      - our Linux hosting system in datacenter D
      - our Windows hosting system in datacenter E
      - our remote backup system in datacenter F

      Every datacenter is in a different country (but for A and F: same country, 250 Km of distance)   
    • now that you've reached 10 posts, welcome to the big leagues! 🙂 which registrar are you using ? domain pricing import has always been awkward in WHMCS - not least, because there is no generic way to get the information... some registrars allow users to obtain pricing via API, others via csv and I daresay there are those that don't allow access to a users specific pricing info at all. if you had said you were wanting to use csv, I might have suggested using the Hexonet ISPAPI Pricing Importer as a means to importing the prices - whether it's an option for you to convert the xml to csv and use the addon, I don't know - but if you do (and even if you don't and write another solution), backup the database before running it, just in case! 🙂
    • Try using min-height. Max defines the largest it will be allowed to get, not how large it should be. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/max-height
    • depending on your settings, there should be no need for intervention from you - though you'd probably accept the order at some point. https://help.whmcs.com/m/provisioning/l/705136-handling-pending-orders remember that domain registrations are not instantly available - it can take 24-48 hours for the new DNS details to propagate around the world (though i've seen it occur quicker with .uk domains) - so even if someone registers a domain with you and you immediately approve the order, then it shouldn't "work" any quicker than if you hadn't (assuming auto setup is working correctly). if you aren't seeing this occurring, then it might be worth opening a ticket with Support to check your settings.

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