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    • The WHMCS 7.6 Board is now closed
      Hi everyone,

      Now 7.6.x has been in the wild for well over a month we're shutting the board down and moving the threads to the appropriate thread in the community existing threads can be replied to in this board while we move them to their new home.

      Thanks for making the 7.6 release board a success, we will return these boards with future releases as they do prove to be popular with the community.
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    • WHMCS.Community Wrapup - August 2018
      Hi Everyone,

      Welcome to the August 2018 Community Wrap-up a look back at some of the highlights from the community over the last month.  WHMCS.Community is here to help you so please do send your feedback thru!
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    • How to Manage your Active Client Count
      When running a business we all experience abandoned orders or accounts that are overdue. These can cause the Active Client Count within our installations to be more than the actual number. Therefore, we would recommend using the following configurations within your installation to suspend and terminate any unwanted products, services, addons or domains.
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    • Hi i created a custom page and im trying that my custom varible work in these custom page can some help me a bit.
      custom page info:

      template file:  withcrypto.tpl

        <?php # Cart Email Verification Hook # Written by brian! use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; function client_email_status_hook($vars) { $client = Menu::context("client"); if ($client && $vars['templatefile'] == 'withcrypto') { $clientemails = Capsule::table('tblclients')->where('id',$client->id)->value('marketing_emails_opt_in'); return array("clientemails" => $clientemails); } } add_hook('ClientAreaPage', 1, 'client_emails_status_hook'); ?>   also i know that exist a {$marketing_emails_opt_in} variable but i dont know how to make work in my custom page.   thanks
    • So I chose the hooks way to get the same implemented into the admin interface. Below is the hook to be used to make it display the required custom field's value along with the product name: <?php if ( !defined('WHMCS')) { header("Location: ../../index.php"); } use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; // Please set custom field id here. $customfieldId = 1; if($_REQUEST['getAll'] == '1') { if($_REQUEST['userid'] != '') { $all = Capsule::table('tblcustomfieldsvalues') ->join('tblhosting', 'tblcustomfieldsvalues.relid', '=', 'tblhosting.id') ->where('fieldid', $customfieldId ) ->where('userid', $_REQUEST['userid'] ) ->get(); }else { $all = Capsule::table('tblcustomfieldsvalues')->where('fieldid', $customfieldId)->get(); } $all = json_decode( json_encode( $all ) , true ); $newAll = []; foreach($all as $a) { $newAll[$a['relid']] = $a['value']; } ob_clean(); echo json_encode(array( "all" => $newAll )); die; } add_hook('AdminAreaPage', 1, function($vars) { if( $vars['filename'] == 'clientsservices' ) { echo '<script> document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(){ $.post(window.location, { getAll: 1 }, function(data, status){ var data = JSON.parse(data); var first = []; setInterval(function() { var x = document.querySelectorAll("[data-value]"); for (var i = 1; i < x.length ; i++) { if(typeof first[x[i].dataset.value] === "undefined") { first[x[i].dataset.value] = x[i].innerText; } if(typeof data.all[x[i].dataset.value] !== "undefined" && data.all[x[i].dataset.value] != "") { x[i].innerText = first[x[i].dataset.value] + " - " + data.all[x[i].dataset.value]; } } }, 100); }); }); </script>'; } if( $vars['filename'] == 'clientshostinglist') { echo '<script> document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(){ $.post(window.location, { getAll: 1 }, function(data, status){ var data = JSON.parse(data); var table = document.getElementById("sortabletbl1"); var rows = table.rows; for (var i = 1; i < rows.length ; i++) { if(data.all[rows[i].cells[1].innerText] != null && data.all[rows[i].cells[1].innerText] != "") { rows[i].cells[2].innerHTML = rows[i].cells[2].innerHTML+ " - " + data.all[rows[i].cells[1].innerText]; } } }); }); </script>'; } }); The only thing that needs to be setup is the $customfieldId inside the hook.   Hope this is useful to someone. Thanks!
    • no - it's just a bit of optional text... it only becomes awkward when you want to use it there, but not here... but if you're aiming primarily at a UK audience, then it makes sense to remove it entirely as it's only relevant in a multi-currency environment.
    • Hi @Zafer2834, How can we help you with your question?
    • Hey @Paule123 WHM has phased out Username/Password authentication with cPanel/WHM v72 this means the username and access key authentication will not work once a2 Hosting upgrade their cPanel/WHM  in the meantime, if they are using the lower version you can get the Access Key from WHM and use this in the WHMCS Server Settings screens
    • Hello, I signed up with A2 to be a reseller. They offered WHMCS which I was very interested in having.  This was the response I received from A2 after I purchased their Silver package which included a licence for WHMCS: "Hello Paul,
      We unfortunately do not support WHMCS API tokens on shared or Reseller hosting because this requires root privileges. You will need to engage WHMCS using the username/password system instead. You can reach out to WHMCS support for assistance with this if you are not sure how:
      We unfortunately do not create API tokens for customers on Reseller and Shared hosting because this is a security risk to the server." So...I have been working on this for a few days now. What should I do. I have 6 customers waiting to sign up. Your help would be appreciated! Paul
    • Hello,
      I used another way, unsing internal api: $command = 'GetClientsProducts'; $postData = array( 'clientid' => $ca->getUserID(), 'stats' => true, ); $resultArray = localAPI($command, $postData); global $smarty; $products = $resultArray['products']['product']; $smarty->assign("products", $products); In the custom.tpl {foreach $products as $product} <a class="dropdown-item" href="?p={$product.name}&usr={$product.username}&ip={$product.serverip}&porta={$product.customfields.customfield[0].value}&tec={$product.customfields.customfield[1].value}&step=two">{$product.name} ( {$product.username} )</a> {/foreach} But thank you for the example. 🙂
    • Edited the table and all works well. This should really work in the editor. I feel another feature request coming on 🙂 Here is the link for the other request to add the port variable https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/add-server-port-variable-to-email-template
    • Great news! After final touches, our brand new Lagom theme for WHMCS is now available to the public! Choose your favorite style, adjust the layout to your liking, and... grant your clients the unforgettable user experience!
      Let them see in an instant that navigation through your WHMCS has never felt this smooth and intuitive! varr (1).mp4 Choose from 4 different layouts Select one of the styles: Custom Order Form: Packages - more types coming soon Product configuration Checkout Custom designed illustrations for the WHMCS MarketConnect products: Custom designed icons:   Check our Live Demos: Left Layout - click to open whmcs demo Default Layout - click to open whmcs demo
        Banner Layout - click to open whmcs demo Condensed Navigation - click to open whmcs demo Minimal Style - click to open whmcs demo Futuristic Style - coming soon
    • Hi all,   Just a quick question... When I code and debug my normal .php scripts I do so in Visual Studio with the PHP TOOLS extension and all work great. My question is... is their anything like this to enable the debug of an addon module for WHCMS? How is everyone doing it currently?   Thanks in advance

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