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    • WHMCS 7.8 Released to General Availability
      We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 7.8 to General Availability. This marks the end of pre-production testing and promotes WHMCS 7.8 to the recommended version for all new installations.

      WHMCS 7.8 introduces support for Multiple Pay Methods for clients, improvements to the credit card checkout UX, a new tool intended to help make it easier to keep servers in-sync and reduce dormant account usage, Auto-Complete for Server Creation, a New Stripe Module and more.
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    • WHMCS.Community Wrapup - July 2019
      Welcome to the July 2019 WHMCS.Community Wrapup, highlighting some of the most popular content during the month, asking for your feedback and giving a sneak peek of whats ahead for the community.  Feel free to reply to the thread with any questions you have!
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    • Multiple Pay Methods - Share your experience
      Store multiple Credit Card and Bank Account Pay Methods per Client! In WHMCS 7.8, clients can now store multiple Pay Methods for faster checkout. During checkout and manual payment of an invoice, clients can choose any stored Pay Method that is applicable (or create a new one) for that single payment. It's a critical feature, let us know your thoughts!
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    • I created my own module whereby admins must be able to enable to module and configure it, but not necessarily other staff. So I left most of the config on the page where you enable the module. And only the parts that staff should see is on the page actual module page. However, I also want a page where logs can be viewed. But I also only want admins to see this. So adding it on the module page itself won't work, as staff can see that. Instead, I'm thinking I can just add a menu item on Utilities --> Logs --> My Log.  Does anyone know how to add a page to this menu? is it possible? 
    • I made my own module with a custom field called "To Address" as shown here: $return['my_field'] = array ( 'FriendlyName' => 'My Email Field', 'Type' => 'text', 'Description' => 'bla bla', ); How can I add my own custom validation so that I can make sure: The email is valid and if it is, Execute an external service using the provided email address and show a notification if it is not valid Does anyone know how to add custom validation like this? 
    • I am creating a module and I want the flow for the configuration to be as follows: The first line item must be:
      [ ] Enable API Only if this checkbox is clicked, must the next field appear:
       API Key: ______________________________________ Is there an inherent way to do this? Or will I need to use javascript to show and hide the fields as needed? And if so, how do you add javascript to the admin backend? Is that possible? 
    • I'm sure it is possible, because by default any module has what you can see in the attachment. So, I can add a single checkbox like so: 'mymod_maintenance_mode' => [ 'FriendlyName' => 'Maintenance Mode', 'Type' => 'yesno', 'Description' => 'Tick to temporarily disable all notifications.', ], But let's say I wanted two checkboxes: Disable Maintenance Mode Disable Backend Access For Non Super Admins  How would I be able to get multiple checkboxes to appear in the same way WHMS makes it appear for the "Access Control" settings?   
    • Is there any way to show the custom questions when opening a ticket?   We have 7 questions we need to be filled out when we have internal started tickets and because of it being a three-step process... Step 1: Create Ticket
      Step 2: Go back into the ticket
      Step 3: Click on Custom Fields and then fill it in ...it means a large amount of the time, our staff forgets to go back into the ticket and fill out the custom fields.   All I want is for it to be like a client starting a ticket, where it has the entire start ticket questions and the custom fields.   I can't understand why a customer is asked to fill it all out and yet for admins, it is made dramatically harder.   Am I missing something?    If I am right that this isn't an option, does anyone know of a plugin that can do this?  Or anyone know of a reliable person/company that can write such a plugin?
    • Is it possible to use a general product group to charge time based work? Right now I create manual drafts that have no related product and this has a few disadvantages, mainly that you have no control over which payment options are available. If I could charge as a subset of a product then I could disable the payment option for that invoice type. Also it would give me a better insight into which part of my revenue is coming from that service.
    • Good Day I wonder if anyone can assist in my query.

      How can i customise the email registrar module  found here https://docs.whmcs.com/Email to pull information entered by the client from the  additional domain fields found here https://docs.whmcs.com/Additional_Domain_Fields ?
        I want to also customise the email that is sent but i can't find it in the email templates section. How can i go about thus ?
    • I can confirm that it seems to be mixing unpaid/overdue in 7.8. Doing a bit of **cough** research **cough** gives me the impression that someone messed up while defining the string used. It uses clientHomePanels.overdueInvoicesMsg while it should use clientHomePanels.unpaidInvoicesMsg.  
    • Creating a "Billable Item" from a product pulls the product description with & and it has to be manually changed else it appears like that on the client's invoice. Product Descriptions in the Admin Area shows & > Product description in Billable Item shows & > Invoice description shows & The transfer from the Product Description in the Admin Area to Billable Items should convert to "&" or creating an Invoice from Billable Item should convert to "&". It's not being done and is confusing for admins when creating Billable Items.
    • it shows them with & in the Admin Area or in the database ?? it will replace the text with & in the database, but I can't recall ever seeing it with ampersands in the admin area.

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