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    • Client Profile (Admin) - Products/Services, Domains, etc
      It'd be super convenient if a total was shown for the various Products/Services, Domains, and other products!

      I have a client with a TON of domains. Active, Expired, Transferred, etc... It'd be a real time saver, if those counts could be also be included within the appropriate section.  I realize that there's a total count up top, in the Products/Services box, but some of these pages and up becoming *super* long to scroll back and forth in.

      just my .02
      - splaquet
      • 7 replies
    • WHMCS.Community Wrapup - October 2018
      Hi Everyone,

      Welcome to the October 2018 Community Wrap-up a look back at some of the highlights from the community over the last month.  WHMCS.Community is here to help you so please do send your feedback thru!

      WHMCS.Community October 2018 Statistics at a glance:

      307 new members joined WHMCS.Community

      338 new topics where created

      1,110 replies were crafted by WHMCS.Community Members

      WHMCS.Community Leaderboard

      Continuing his reign as the most reacted to community member is@brian! on 49 points!  In second place on 14 points is @Kian with @hanstavo finishing out the leaderboard on third place with 11 points

      Reactions on the community are a key way we surface great content on WHMCS.Community.  Every reaction to a post might see you or a thread you've contributed to added to the Top Picks & Leaderboard and soon, your reaction points will count towards your status on the community
      Popular Content


      Getting help from WHMCS.Community Team

      It's been a while since we last reminded people about the ways to contact the Moderation team when you need assistance such as changing your username, finding the right place to post or just asking a general community-related question.  The place to do that is the WHMCS.Community Assistance board this ensures that any one of the Community Team members can assist you as quickly as possible.

      That's a wrap for October!

      And that wraps up the October 2018 wrapup, as always please provide any community-related feedback in the General or WHMCS.Community Assistance Board
      • 0 replies
    • Team WHMCS Needs You!
      Do you love helping people? Do you know WHMCS and Website Hosting? We want you to join team WHMCS!
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    • What kind of problems? We can't help you if you don't share details.
    • Thanks again Brian. Not just blind but mad as well. I was sure I clicked on that and it just took me to the home page. It's probably because I've got so many tabs and browsers open, lol. either that or senility is taking hold.😟
    • if you haven't modified it, the "Home" button on the navbar should take logged in clients back to clientarea.php.
    • Ok, am I going blind or is there no way for a client to get back to the summary page ("Welcome Back, <name>") after they've visited another page, other than to hit the browser back button or manually remove the action from the url?  
    • it's in the language files... $_LANG['emailMarketing']['joinOurMailingList'] = "Join our mailing list"; so you should just need to use a Language Override in your override file... $_LANG['emailMarketing']['joinOurMailingList'] = "Únete a nuestra lista de correos"; it's strange that the opt-in message is hard-coded in one language in the database (by strange, I mean lazy) and not using Language strings... that's easily fixable with a hook (or by editing the template), so i'll bookmark the thread and return to it in the New Year when i'm in coding mood (assuming it isn't fixed in a v7.7 release during my absence!). https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/marketing-email-opt-in-message-translation
    • this isn't really a configuration question - because out of the box, you can't do this... you could price it expensively (to prevent casual ordering of the product) and use a Promotion Code to discount the price and ensure that this promotion is only used once per customer... .. but that wouldn't check whether the account was verified or not. you'd likely need to write an hook or addon that would check the verified status of the account and whether the current user already had this product - both would be simple queries to the database... you would likely need to post in Service Offers & Requests to pay a developer to write it for you (or if your lucky, someone might reply with a hook). there is the free Product Limiter addon, and it still works with v7.6.1, but it wouldn't check the verified account status without further coding - but it will limit the user to only have one (or another number specified by you) of a particular product... if they try to purchase more than the allowed limit per user, they'll get a custom (written by you) error message at checkout and they will have to remove the product before they can successfully checkout.
    • We're launching a new product line that uses the same provisioning module as some existing ones. So... We added new servers: Also created server groups for new products and added servers into them: In the "Module Settings" tab we selected the specific servers group for provisioning and selected "Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received": However, when the first payment is received, this is what we get in the log: Module Create Failed - Service ID: **** - Error: No server! Is it me doing something wrong or is it a bug? P.S. If I force "active" flag to 1 directly in the database for those servers, it works fine. But it's kinda weird way of solving the issue, imho.
    • Why don't you simply enable/disable the Tax Exempt status of the client in question? This way WHMCS will generate invoices accordingly with or without VAT.
    • Lazy way. Add both options in the same select: 2 slots Private +1.6 € 4 slots Private +3.2 € 6 slots Private +4.8 € 2 slots Public +2 € 4 slots Public +8 € 6 slots Puclic +12 € Or make "Public" a checkbox (yes/no) that costs a fixed amount of money (eg. +5 €) instead of messing up with different prices for slots

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