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    • Usage Billing: Share Your Experience
      One of the new features added in WHMCS 7.9 Beta 1 is automated Usage-Based Billing, enabling you to bill your customers for what they've used and consumed. This introduces a number of new UIs in the admin and client area, as well as advanced new billing logic. During the pre-release testing we want to hear about your experiences with feature.
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      Today, we've begun the process of overhauling our WHMCS.Community Rank Structure.  Previously, limited to Newbie, Member and Level 2 Member our new structure introduces a range of new ranks including Visitors, Members, Collectors, Advisors & Contributors. Over the next few days as users log onto the community they will be migrated over to their new WHMCS.Community Rank based on their activity to date on the community.
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    • You said you were diving, so I was waiting. :) Simplest way is to load the page, and look for the CSS calls.
      Looking at "/ph-web-hosting.php", there is no head content at all, including CSS calls, which means it's missing the header include. Seeing as it's outside the WHMCS directory structure, that may be the reason? Without seeing what it is you're specifically doing, it's hard to guess accurately. Did you follow this at all, making sure paths were defined properly?
      https://developers.whmcs.com/advanced/creating-pages/ Or did you want these to be fully external to the WHMCS structure and only call information from WHMCS?
    • @WHMCS John having the same issue, I have my other pages saved in the root of my template folder. The homepage works fine however none of the other pages work and I get an oops error. I checked my security logs in Cpanel and i get this  [Sun Dec 01 16:14:19.129928 2019] [:error] [pid 3944648:tid 22728671176448] [client 97.101.9****] [client 97.*****] ModSecurity: Warning. Pattern match "^POST$" at REQUEST_METHOD. [file "/opt/mod_security/hg_rules.conf"] [line "1423"] [id "9009999"] [msg "8 char spam"] [hostname "hosting.sundezine.com"] [uri "/billing/whatsnew.php"] [unique_id "XePm20R8**************"], referer: https://hosting.sundezine.com/billing/ Any help would be great. 
    • Your offer? Sounds like you're  doing me a favour.   Thanks for "offering" to support the software that I'm paying you to support. Sadly you do that so poorly it's just not worth the hassle.
    • Option 3: use WHMCS as mai site 😋
    • SSL's from DigiCert via MarketConnect is probably the easiest to setup.
    • I feel your frustration @Chris74. I am new to WHMCS and so far it is so so for me.  It would appear more support is needed. I am getting the run around as well. However don't quote me yet, not until I dive deeper. 
    • Hi there, Sorry if these are silly questions but i've read tons of threads on multiple forums that the best practice is to split your whmcs/main-site from clients sites. That's exactly what we want to do now but i've yet to find a post that explains in detail what to do. Maybe it's obvious but i'm going to ask so i can be certain before we start moving things. We are also changing providers (still deciding which one so will use examples for clarity) so this may be the best time to do this. From what I've read there's a few ways to do this including vps, dedicated etc but we aren't at that point yet. So the two options are either to get a shared hosting account with the current provider and move the whmcs/main-site there (different server) and that way we can still use the free WHMCS license or move the whmcs/main-site to a complete different provider but then we can't use the internal WHMCS license so only option would be to buy our own license. So, correct me if i'm wrong: Option 1: (move whmcs/main-site to different server on the same provider for example Hostgator) Buy a separate shared hosting plan Move whmcs/main-site to it Update nameservers Update server IP address in WHMCS Option 2: (move whmcs/main-site to a completely different provider for example Hostpapa) Buy shared hosting plan Move whmcs/main-site to it Update nameservers Buy WHMCS license Update server IP address in WHMCS There are cost differences but the main thing is to make sure it gets done right. Is there anything else that would need to be done? Any other suggestions? And is it normal for beginner/small resellers to have their clients with one provider like Hostgator and then their whmcs/main-site with another provider like Hostpapa? Does this make it easier for folks to find out you are a reseller? Thanks and appreciate any advice.   
    • Hi @Chris74, Yes we will need to review the data in your WHMCS installation's MySQL database to assist in resolving the issues you are facing here. Should you change your mind, my offer stands.

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