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    • TLD Import & Pricing Sync - Share Your Experience
      The Registrar TLD & Pricing Sync Utility is one of the main new features of WHMCS 7.10. It's located under the Utilities menu.

      Import TLDs from your domain registrar for faster initial setup of TLDs and verification of prices. Perform a synchronization at any time to easily review and compare your current selling prices with cost prices from your registrar, as well as view and import TLDs that you are not currently selling.

      Please submit your feedback by reply to this thread or via the feedback form at https://beta.whmcs.com
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    • 7.9 Release board to be retired - 8th February 2020
      Thank you for participating in the WHMCS version 7.9 release board over the last month.  We're letting you know that from the 8th February 2020 we'll be retiring the v7.9 release board.

      Board retirement timeline

      - Today - February 5th: The board will no longer accept new threads, please use our standard WHMCS.Community boards for any new threads.  Existing topics on the board can be replied to.
      - February 8th 2020 - The V7.9 Release board will be moved into read-only mode, threads will be moved out of the V7.9 release board and into our normal community boards where you will be able to reply to them again.
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    • Team WHMCS Needs You!
      Do you love helping people? Do you know WHMCS and Website Hosting? We want you to join team WHMCS!
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    • Another issue I'm facing -- the WHMCS Client Profile for my client shows 1GB of usage (instead of the manual override of 11GB). How can I ensure that the hard disk quota is reflected accurately in WHMCS?
    • Isn't it free for the first 100 linked bank accounts? I'm requesting developer access but it seems to be taking a while now.
    • Hi @WHMCS John, I would have thought that by "unticking" the box in Setup > Payment > Payment Gateways > Manage Existing Gateways > GoCardless > "Show on Order Form" would have had this exact effect. However, "unticking" the box removes the gateway from both the order form and then also as a payment method on any invoices. Or am I mistaken? As I couldn't get it to work. I really do not like modifying standard templates so have resorted to using a hook. Now I am no coder (despite using WHMCS for over 10 years now......😣) so have modified the code provided by @bendrop and @brian! in this thread: So here it is for anyone else. It seems to work for me but clearly I am not an expert so please test.......... <?php function cart_remove_gocardless_gateway($vars) {     if ($vars['templatefile']=='viewcart'){         // List of gateways to remove         $disallowed = array('gocardless');         $gateways = $vars['gateways'];                  foreach ($gateways as $k => $item) {             if (in_array($item['sysname'],$disallowed)) {                 unset($gateways[$k]);             }         }          return array("gateways" => $gateways);     } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageCart", 1, "cart_remove_gocardless_gateway");    
    • This is the main reason some of us believe it should be either moved into the community or at least clearly linked to and share the community login. Having it be a separate location (not easily found), the specific requests hard to locate (community search would probably be better at that), and a totally separate login means less of us will be bothered to go there, especially knowing how little attention things get there from WHMCS. If it was publicly within this community, with many eyes on it, and a way to quickly add your vote and thoughts, that might have more of an impact on decision making. Maybe.  The current system seems designed to make things more complicated, intentionally.  NOTE: this f o r u m changed every instance of that word in the above post. I didn't use "community" in it. 
    • global $CONFIG; $URL = $CONFIG['SystemURL']; i'd go along with Kian and get the value from the database, either using Capsule as per your linked thread or using the model. use WHMCS\Config\Setting; $url = Setting::getValue('SystemURL');
    • Is there a faster way to get it though, i mean it should be already loaded from the database why load it again. I am trying to find if the global $CONFIG variable can do such thing but i cant find any information about it anywhere.
    • Hi, did you fix it? I have the same question. I want to display at front-end "FREE" instead of $0,00 for products which have the price set up to "Free" in Products/Services > Product>Pricing Any help please? Thanks
    • Hi everyone,
      First I want to wish you all health and strength in this complicated coronavirus time.  And now to the issue it self.
      I think there is a problem with the way WHMCS is dealing with feature requests. Sometimes there are things that are just the right things to do - regardless of the amount of votes from users.
      There are a lots of reasons why WHMCS users vote or not vote for feature requests, some of us are just too disappointment from the lack of influence we have or the amount of feature request that are "under consideration" for years or even the unclerty of what can be done in order to promote a feature request to the level WHMCS dev will pick them up, and even the staggering amount of duplicated feature requests that are rarely merged (and then you can't see the real number of votes since it's spreaded over several identical feature requests), or even that fact that the feature request system is not working well.
      It doesn't means that some of the feature requests aren't very important and should not be implemented - sometimes it's a good idea regardless of the number of votes...  But sadly - this is the way WHMCS is working right now - and i fear we cannot change it.
      As the famous say is going - if you can't beat them, join them - so we need to try harder working with the feature request system and vote as much as we can on important feature requests.  We can try doing this together - each month to select several feature requests and to vote for them together as a group. Try and be more involved in the feature request site - answer other users requests, add our ideas and comments on others - including sharing a fix or a solution you have for the same problem. Find the duplicated feature requests (there are lots of them) and ask WHMCS to merged them together - so the voting  will include the right number of votes. Grow the community -  there are lots of people using WHMCS - how many of them are active in  the feature request system? how many of them are active in this community site? I guess that most of them are not. we should try and get more people involved and work with us and try to influence WHMCS to do thing differently, I know this is frustrating and that we all wish that @WHMCS Matt and the other wonderful staff of WHMCS would try and change the way the feature request are dealt with. I would recommend adding a certain amount of feature request in each new version - some of them should be the quick wins like adding a Date picker or date field for custom fields, or maybe bigger but important Allow attachment filenames which contain no Latin characters. or RTL support for clientarea and admin themes - and once every few version to add some of the bigger and tougher once like  Add an option to see the original mail from the client (with the original HTML formatting etc. or Add the "TO" recipients of an email to the ticket.

      In my opinion all of the above requests are important and should be added to WHMCS regardless of the votes they have. 
      Maybe some day it will be so. until then (sadly) - let's try to push forward our ideas by being more involved. What do you say? Regards,
    • I have some customers that are still running v5 and one v4. It works. Of course we all know that it's a bad idea but they say me that they had no issue at all. As you can imagine their websites look very old (portal template 😵) not to mention admin interface but they get money and setup hosting accounts.   Anyway you could try to update your system using a dev installation of WHMCS (you can get a dev license for free). Most of the times your template will work.

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