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      We are pleased to announce the release of WHMCS 8.5 to General Availability.

      This marks the end of pre-production testing, and WHMCS 8.5 is now the recommended version for all new installations and updates.

      WHMCS 8.5 features Client Area Home Page SSO, the ability to sell 2 & 3 Year SSL Certificates from DigiCert, Shopping Cart Cross-, Metric Billing for Plesk, Improved System Settings, cPanel SEO via MarketConnect & Hook System Improvements.

      For more information about all of the new features in WHMCS 8.5, visit the What's New in WHMCS 8.5 Microsite.

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    • If you mean a reply in a ticket, that should be doable with Brians code, since it searches tblticketreplies, and that includes both user and admin responses. Maybe one of the filter fields being used is causing the problem?
    • If I don't find something right away, I search for it directly in the database. The SQL queries would be: SELECT * FROM `tbltickets` WHERE `message` LIKE '%123456%' SELECT * FROM `tblticketreplies` WHERE `message` LIKE '%123456%' SELECT * FROM `tblnotes` WHERE `note` LIKE '%123456%' Via phpMyAdmin this also works via the "Search" link in the navigation bar (see attachment). Based on the output, you will find the ID of the ticket / customer. While not as nice as a reasonably integrated search in WHMCS, this works well.
    • I have used Brian's add-on, but I can only get it to search for things customers have said back to us.  What I need is a way to find a message I sent to SOMEONE, but can't find it.   We also put reference numbers in the Notes,  and would love to be able to find it.  If we can remember the customer, we can go to their account and manually find the ticket... But I need a way to search for "123456" and it look in the tickets messages/notes from admins. I'd gladly pay for help in doing this, or writing in this ability.
    • I am not sure when this happened but my logo stopped appearing in emails. see attached. I have the correct url entered for the logo in General Settings > Logo URL https://clientportal.uxmediahouse.com/assets/img/logo.png but I still get this in all emails:  
    • This started occurring today for us as well.   No changes on the M365 end.  Currently forwarding to another mailbox/domain to connect to POP.
    • Hi there, can anyone help shed light and a potential fix on an issue we are having? using the sagepay module (still using 3ds v1 (yes I know, as we are getting a custom module made)) The 3d secure termurl has a double slash // in it and for some card transactions it results in failed payments. Not all cards only certain ones. Checking the template files we can see that the 3dsecure.tpl file has this in it ($code) which in turn pulls in this info (updated info for privacy): <div id="frmThreeDAuth" class="hidden"> <form target="3dauth" method="post" action="https://secure7.arcot.com/acspage/cap?RID=90184&VAA=A"> <input type="hidden" name="PaReq" value="eJxVUttuwjAMfd9XVLyPpIGmgEx"> <input type="hidden" name="TermUrl" value="DOMAIN>COM//modules/gateways/callback/sagepayrepeats.php?invoiceid=12345"> <input type="hidden" name="MD" value="201656147"> as you can see there is a double trailing slash // before modules. No idea where thats getting populated from.. tried testing this on a dev install BUT it doesnt get inputted with the termurl info at all its simply: <div id="frmThreeDAuth" class="hidden"> <form target="3dauth" method="post" action="https://test.sagepay.com/3ds-simulator/html_challenge"> <input type="hidden" name="creq" value="ewogICJtZXNzYWdlVHlwZSIgOiAiQ1JlcSIsCiAgIm1lc3NhZ2VWZXJzaW9uI"> <input type="hidden" name="threeDSSessionData" value="412F895A-0E74-2E33-1041-4AA39EF81669"> So cannot problem shoot at all... The problem it self comes from having the double // in the URL and some banks are now getting very strict and payments fail (not all seems to be just 1/2 banks). A very simple fix would simply be to ensure double slash // is not included... BUT cannot find where that needs to be updated. The general settings are correct and ONLY include the one traling slash PLUS inspecting code NO other double trailing slash is included... Its only on that 3d secure file which gets populated... from I dont know where... having a lot of payments failing and really could do with some help... Anyone?
    • Can you share these templates please?
    • All good commentary. Have a test domain renewal in process now (should run in a couple of weeks). Will see how that plays out...
    • So, we pride ourselves on getting back to people quickly with answers, so when we got this message saying they hadn't heard back from us, it was concerning all the way to the top.       We didn't really see anything TO answer, it seemed more of a statement just letting us know what they did... until I logged into the email account and checked the email itself and saw there was a lot more to it, but since they had added a emoji, it looks like it stopped importing.  Above is what we saw, below is what she sent (missing info in yellow highlighter): Since so many people use emojis anymore, this is a little scary on how many messages we only got part of their message.   Is this a bug, or is there some way to stop this from happening?      
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