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      Hi Everyone,

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      That's a wrap for October!

      And that wraps up the October 2018 wrapup, as always please provide any community-related feedback in the General or WHMCS.Community Assistance Board
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    • WHMCS.Community Turns One!
      Today marks 1 year since the launch of WHMCS.Community!  In that time we're re-platformed from vBulletin to Invision Community Suite and seen tremendous growth in across the boards.  It's thanks to all our users that the new community has been a success, and we're just getting started!

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    • Juts use google chrome inspect element option and get class OR id and change them in custom.css by using !important, Or can directly change in style.css in order form. 
    • yes look nice :)
    • Nice integration 🙂
    • You can always do it directly on the database and even automate it with a script if the volume of records is huge. But depends on how much data we are talking about. If its not that much, I would rather just do it manually and open 50 or 100 tabs in your browser and start to copy and paste things manually.
    • That is only true on CentOS for a vanilla Apache installation and that is not even the proper fix. You should not disable SELINUX to make Apache work, in fact, you should not disable SELINUX at all on CentOS to make something work unless you want make your server more vulnerable. You are not configuring Apache properly as it can work just fine with SELINUX. Its common for people to start making things less secure and more writable as a quick fix but it seems to me your server is not properly configured. Using the docroot tells me exactly this. You should run under a proper secured account with the proper user and usergroup in the Apache wheel. You are probably even running PHP in DSO mode and not under suexec. (just my guess). You are just asking for troubles in the future. I would rather get an administrator to properly install and secure your web server. Its not advised to run something like WHMCS like that that will be exposed on the Internet. WHMCS not wanting to be installed like that, is a good thing. Your web server is the problem, not WHMCS.
    • that sounds like an incomplete/corrupted installation... at the very least, you're looking at reuploading the /vendor and /include folders again and hoping that fixes all your issues. also, get these things working on Six/SC before using a custom template - otherwise, you won't know whether it's a WHMCS issue or a template issue and it will take longer to figure out which. if you've updated the database to the latest version, I don't think you can revert it back... unless you had a backup copy of the database from the previous version... but then you will lose the data between then and now.
    • Yes, I will consider to make it hook to avoid any manual modifies
    • oh I see - you can't do that out of the box, quantities must be priced per unit... I suppose if you altered the database table structure and allowed for more decimal places, you could price them at $0.005 per MB (or whatever it would be), but that's not even worth considering. the two easier solutions would be, if using a quantity slider, to sell them in blocks of 1GB rather than 1024MB - that's allows you to price per GB (e.g $4.95)... but if you're going to do this, you'll need to remove that additional code you added in configureproduct.tpl that moved the slider in steps of 1024 units, they now only need to move in single steps (as normal). alternatively, you would use a dropdown and sell them in blocks of either GBs or 1024MB and price accordingly for each option. if anyone vouches for me, who vouches for them? 😛 now that I know what you're talking about, I won't need access - I didn't before, I would have just needed to see what you were seeing (in the cart) to understand the issue (if the slider wasn't working as intended).  
    • that's true - and the facility is built into WHMCS without the need for an addon. https://docs.whmcs.com/CPanel/WHM_Import from the same page... I can remember that being one of the most tedious and boring tasks of using WHMCS when I first installed it. 😴 if you had client and billing data outside of cPanel (e.g in another package), then you might be able to import it using Import Assist or by getting a developer to write an import script for you... otherwise, prepare for one of the most tedious days of your life!
    • Welcome to the community @mcubedpe

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