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    • WHMCS.Community Wrapup - October 2018
      Hi Everyone,

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      That's a wrap for October!

      And that wraps up the October 2018 wrapup, as always please provide any community-related feedback in the General or WHMCS.Community Assistance Board
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    • WHMCS.Community Turns One!
      Today marks 1 year since the launch of WHMCS.Community!  In that time we're re-platformed from vBulletin to Invision Community Suite and seen tremendous growth in across the boards.  It's thanks to all our users that the new community has been a success, and we're just getting started!

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    • Didn't WHMCS add a hook for this to be added? And if so wouldn't it be better to remove the WHMCS added hook?
    • Hi,   Is it possible to do mass payment of invoices using a payment gateway? What code we have to do for that? We have to add any function to the payment gateway file?   Please help
    • you shouldn't even need to do that - just add the configurable option to an existing product and test it in the cart - so making a test order should be unnecessary... except for peace of mind about the process! for simplicity of price updating, i'd have gone with the slider and that way you'd only have to update one price. with more advanced coding, you could change the labels on the slider to suit your needs... https://www.screencast.com/t/jNuvO49MrMkm in the above screenshot, the configurable option slider is still set in GBs (Min: 0; Max: 5) and priced at £4.95 per GB... and as you can see from the video, the sliding will work and adjust the price accordingly. of course, then you have the potential added complication that the order summary will still output in GBs - you could change that in the ordersummary.tpl template to show MB if you had to... ... but then you'd probably have to alter the viewcart templates similarly, along with possibly the invoice and email templates too.... hence why I originally said it was easier to just sell them in GBs! that's ok - no offence was taken... though bear in mind that I didn't say I needed access, I just wanted to see the public site... over the years, i've found it quicker to actually see the public site myself rather than ask a series of questions and wait for the replies. it would take a sadist of extreme perversion to answer questions on WHMCS when they don't actually use it themselves! 🙂 i've got 2 live production WHMCS installations (probably reducing to one next year) and I think currently 9 different dev installations of various versions from v5.3 to v7.6.1... no doubt increasing to 10 after the forthcoming v7.7 beta is released. 🙄
    • then you will need a hook - the one below should do it... <?php # Remove MarketConnect Navbar Hook # Written by brian! use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar', 1, function (MenuItem $primaryNavbar) { if (!is_null($primaryNavbar->getChild('Website Security'))) { $primaryNavbar->removeChild('Website Security'); } });
    • additionally, don't forget that MarketConnect has been around for 18 months now - so these issues should have been ironed out by now. ... and when someone @ WHMCS says "this is something we are looking to do in the future", my heart just sinks... it really does. 😢
    • Just to be clear, I thought of that before coming here. I still need someone/quote to create custom tables around the whmpress plugin
    • On the topic of additional SpamExperts storage licenses in the event that clients need more storage,  this is the final stake in the ground from WHMCS MarketConnect Support: Original Post of Support Ticket WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply My Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply My Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Came back to me My Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply My Reply   So there you have it, more claims that additional storage can simply be added under the FAQ and yet it's not the case as we have to log a ticket directly with WHMCS or SpamExperts to obtain additional licenses. So many claims that MarketConnect is automated and Wonderful and then this! Stay away from this platform people!  While the concept is amazing, it just doesn't live up to it's claims.
    • The default SpamExperts welcome email is used for the addon purchase. Yes it lists the addon in the order summary on the invoices.  but I don't want to add that info on the invoice.  The client would not even read it. It needs to be in the welcome email.
    • Hi All,  Thanks for showing your love to our ClientX - client area template. We are happy to announce the new version 1.0.7 which is now fully RTL supported.  Here is a changelog for the new version update:    New Feature : Fully RTL supported. Colored PDF invoices can be generated and printed. Bug Fixing : 1). Fixed the login details issue on Login to cPanel / Login to Webmail buttons. 2). Fixed the more button on product category section. 3). Fixed the scroll issue on left navigation. 4). Text overlapped with active product services on homepage. Improvement: 1). Show active product service on full screen on homepage, in case of single active service.   View more at: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4635
    • Boy a discount license would be nice! @WHMCS ChrisD I found a comparable billing system for cheaper... and the codebase is almost all open source except for the licensing... I submitted a ticket in myself to billing. Do you think you guys could do a price match, especially since I already bought the license manager with my WHMCS, and I wouldn't want to re purchase if I switched to the competitor. 

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