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    • Yup, Was able to confirm that if I am adding a ticket as a client in the portal and have WHMCS admin or cookies left over, the email wont be sent to me.  -N
    • Nope, we use a third party mail scanning service with a quarantine area not there either. Seems  that I cant submit a ticket from the portal on a machine that uses the same IP as a machine used to be in admin site. Make sense? -N  
    • Summarily, resellers bill their customers at their rate and we bill the resellers at our rate
    • Glad to hear its working for you now @Unity Capitalism
    • Good day, Part 1 We have a current use-case scenario where we need to automate the creation of sub-domains and tie these subdomains to be billed by our WHMCS module. What we intend to offer under the subdomains is access to our product which is hosted for example at example.com currently hosted and managed by the same WHMCS module on our hosting. For example, a customer comes to get our SaaS service:- 1) they signup and choose their subdomain e.g. xyz.example.com from WHMCS 2) when order is placed and approved WHMCS generates 2 subdomains xyz.example.com and xyzoffice.example.com each pointing to custom root directories (product.example.com/frontend and product.example.com/backend respectively). All generated new subdomain pairs will have to point to the same directory pairs under example.com
      3) We want to call a custom script that will autogenerate their database schema following their xyz subdomain extension on another server we bought and then populate the address of these subdomains to another database table. The idea is that we have a school management system we are selling online and have setup php script to point each subdomain access to resolve to a specific database but same web app but we hope to use WHMCS to automate the process of step 1 and 2 at least. We wish to use WHMCS to manage auto-billing of this online school management system. Part 2 Another thing is that we want to have resellers on this SaaS platform to setup their own billing price for their customers at their rate while we bill them. And we were hoping WHMCS could do this for us.   Lastly, we are reseller providers for the WHM managed by WHMCS and example.com here is hosted by us.
    • Hi @Chalipa  Are you using your normal email password or are you using App Passwords?  App Passwords can be setup under Sign-In & Security then App Passwords from your GSuite Account
    • There are modules with some of the features you're looking for in Marketplace. For sure there's nothing for this and frankly I don't get what's the point of multi-tier affiliate markeing 😟 Watch out GDPR 😛
    • This one should work. <?php use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; add_hook('InvoiceCreation', 1, function($vars) { $Data = Capsule::select(Capsule::raw('SELECT t1.total, t2.credit FROM tblinvoices AS t1 LEFT JOIN tblclients AS t2 ON t1.userid = t2.id WHERE t1.id = "' . $vars['invoiceid'] . '" LIMIT 1')); $CreditBalance = $Data[0]->credit; $TotalDue = $Data[0]->total; // Apply Credit only if Credit Balance is greater than zero if ($CreditBalance) { $postData = array( 'invoiceid' => $vars['invoiceid'], 'amount' => ($CreditBalance < $TotalDue ? $CreditBalance : $TotalDue) // If Credit Balance is less than Total Due there will be a partial payment ); $results = localAPI('ApplyCredit', $postData, $adminUsername); } });  

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