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      WHMCS V8.2 - Client Area Updated, improved, and built on Bootstrap 

      We're excited to announce the general availability release of our second release of 2021 - WHMCS 8.2! Be among the first to try out the new features and functionality by getting involved in the general availability release today.

      WHMCS 8.2 introduces a Wordpress Toolkit Automation, User Identity Verification, Prorata for Product Addons, Gateway Balances and more!

      The purpose of this board is to ask any questions, raise issues or provide feedback on the WHMCS V8.2. This board will remain open for the next few weeks after the release and will be archived after this time, your threads will then be moved to our normal boards to ensure they remain visible. WHMCS V8.2 includes a raft of new features check out the release notes to learn more

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      We're thrilled to share our Technical Preview of the new WHMCS Mobile App.  Please use this board to share your feedback and discuss any issues that you may experience.  Members of the WHMCS Team will be actively interacting and answering questions and issues via the board.   To report any bugs please head to https://www.whmcs.com/preview/mobile

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    • [From the Blog] New in WHMCS 8.2: New Features for Stripe Users
      Your payment gateway balances say it all about where your business has been and where it's going... and when you log in to WHMCS, it's probably on your mind. In WHMCS 8.2, we've made it possible to display payment gateway balances in the WHMCS Admin Area. Even better, if you use Stripe, we're helping you check your balances faster and stay aware of every change, with new and improved balance views in the Admin Area and a new Admin Area Dashboard widget. Stripe in WHMCSYou can already use...View the full blog post
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    • [From the Blog] WHMCS 8.2 Beta Now Available
      We're excited to announce the beta release of WHMCS 8.2. Be among the first to try out the new features and functionality by getting involved in the beta today. What's new in WHMCS 8.2WP Toolkit Automation - Enabling you to offer WP Toolkit to your customers with fully automated provisioning for cPanel & Plesk.White-label Site Builder from Siteplus - An easy to use and powerful site builder with an unlimited free trial enabling you to bundle it with all your hosting packages.User Identity...View the full blog post
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    • [From the Blog] Pricing Q&A with our CEO, Matt Pugh
      We recently announced some upcoming changes to the license tier structure of WHMCS licenses for businesses with in excess of 250 active customers and Owned license holders. In case you missed the announcement, you can read it here. Since the announcement, the team and myself have been engaged in lots of conversations with customers and partners. It's been a good opportunity to reconnect with many customers, and learn more about their priorities and businesses. In particular, I have enjoyed...View the full blog post
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    • Mike Dance, a devoted Blesta fanboy, is behind that site, or at least was at some point. He sells it, moderates their community, actually works for them in some capacity (see his name on articles he's edited) and was behind several failed hosting companies and previous license selling sites (which also failed).  I found the few times I looked at that bash site it was all about bashing WHMCS and elevating Blesta to the "end all be all", which it isn't.
    • WGS Monsoon Sale. LIVE NOW!😲 Grab up to 40% OFF on WHMCS Products https://whmcsglobalservices.com/best-discounts-and-promo-codes-for-whmcs-product-services/  
    • There's a man called Kian, Who lingers around here - Not so much anymore due to incompetence of whmcs....   that is making an opensource billing platform! If you scroll up you'll find him 😛  https://github.com/Katamaze/Leap#readme  
    • Unless there's more than one LEAP Software company, their website says they make legal software.
    • Only HB and WHMCS have put themselves in that exact position afaik in terms of billing solution, Others have had security issues (Think free ones... lol) But I agree, Sideways moves are counter intuitive and bad for business! I would never engage in one! I genuinely believe I'm upgrading for my use-case!  As an added bonus, We don't need to raise prices for new customers.... So double win for us!  WHMCS can be the best, Depending upon your needs - If you need support, security or ability to change things then it isn't 😉 P.S. I wanted at least 3 cents 😉  One piece of software i'm looking forward to is Leap - Interested to see what you come up with! 
    • @trupti-123 sounds like Marketing Material 🙂 @Moon Pielauncher hexonet applies the requested ns definitely and for transfers just if configured to do so. Sometimes Resellers prefer to have / keep the ns / dns first, probably to migrate after transfer. Thats why we made it configurable for transfers (also to avoid domains to go unplanned offline)
    • I'm not a big fan of making such comparison. It's obvious that secondary brands always play the "bro-card". Exhibiting a customer-friendly attitude is the minimum you can do to attract customers. Ages ago in this very community we had the staff partecipating and actually listening to people. This is no longer needed when you affirm yourself as the leading company. Especially when you made competitors irrelevant for more than a decade. Everyone eventually ends up doing it. It's just a question of time (and money) before Blesta will turn into WHMCS. I've seen it happening countless of times. Every time a company increases prices or does something unpopular, a chunk of customers moves to the competitor that assures them they will never do that because they "highly value your feedback" or any other bull💩-catchphrases.  Few years later they manage to become relevant and end up taking almost the same decisions so the cycle repeats. Join, invest time, leave, repeat. I've worked with hundreds - if not thousands - of providers and all these mass migrations to "copies of inverior value" never solved anything. The few that cyclically switch software because of things like price increase keep going backwards. Like it or not WHMCS is the best software to run a hosting business. Same goes for Plesk or cPanel. Every provider is free to move to competitors (Blesta, Direct Admin, ISPConfig... name one) but they're condemning themselfs to decline. I don't see how one can boost the growth of his/her business by constantly downgrading technology level and by using second-class solutions. I'm not saying that one should stick to one software for the rest of his life. I'm saying that one should leave the boat only if it is sinking or is bringing you to the wrong place. If you don't see any future with WHMCS then leaving is not only fine but mandatory. On the other hand if one is leaving just for price increase convicing himself that Blesta is better or because their staff is more friendly or again because they promised you something, let me underline that: Fact: WHMCS is better Friendliness will go away when it is no longer needed When Blesta will need more funds, who you gonna call? Price increase! Be prepared to leave Blesta for HostBill followed by HostBill, Ubersmith, ClientExec... In my opinion the real issue here is not if X is better or cheaper or friendlier than Y. You can take as granted that in this whole industry every software that counts costs you more and more. Or even worse wants a % of your revenue. This is the root of the issue. All software companies share the same needs (lot of funds) and adopt (or will adopt) the same revenue model. I don't see how bouncing between the same stuff can make a significant difference. My 2 cent.
    • Hi, does anyone has a Hook which auto enables the DNS of new Domains in WHMCS?  Customers always complaining that DNS Management is missing and i have to switch that on, all the Time.  And i wont take this as upselling position. So activate DNS Management in Frontend for "0$" is aswell not suitable for me.  It just be there and done 🙂 Any Suggestions, or Code Templates? 
    • Really, I've seen many switch and enjoy themselves! I think those without technical ability struggle! Which is maybe why devs rally against it - Only technically capable users seem to enjoy it - It's not that difficult to use, but it's not as dumbed down as WHMCS. That and open codebase..... So it does kind of rule out the ones who take example hooks posted here from the goodness of peoples hearts and then re-sold for 30 euros a year 😂 ( This is no way an attack on you btw Zomex! Just a generalised spilling of my thoughts 🙂 I like what you're doing with mono, I keep meaning to try it out!) In terms of features, Most usable/good are 3rd party (Until WHMCS adds them in once it's been done 😉 )  - That's just been kicked in the you-know-what.... Unfortunately budgets exist for many! Most devs I speak to regularly are getting less sales, or seeing intention to not renew on a lot of products! The changes made definitely have a trickle down effect on the ecosystem that people such as yourself earn a living from.  Unfortunately piracy has become a real issue for 3rd party devs in the whmcs eco-system since that announcement! One large dev is spending his days trying to issue takedown notices! It's an all-round awful situation! No doubt many are doing the same for the WHMCS software itself! As you say, the staff for the other company are great! HM is a nice guy and will have a conversation with you about the product, You can also have a conversation with the devs/staff that are now part of the company - That to me is priceless! I saw a 3rd party dev talking with a dev in the discord about some changes - Live conversation - With an answer + advise.. in minutes. To me.... that is invaluable to know it's there if/when needed and from staff who know the product inside out! But to me, I can't look back now! I'm firmly happy with my choice to move and my other brands will follow suit!  Anyways, Each to their own I suppose - I was always a huge fan of WHMCS.... over the years that's been beaten out of me with lost revenue from the buggy software and/orterrible company decisions losing my trust!   
    • There is an option in whmcs UI to rate replies, but how can I do that via API?   Ticket Reply Ratings   Ticket reply ratings allow your customers to rate responses they receive on tickets in the ticket system. They also allow you to monitor customers' reactions to the support they receive from your staff. To enable the ticket rating feature, go to the Support tab at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings or, prior to WHMCS 8.0, Setup > General Settings. Then, check Support Ticket Ratings.   When enabled, each reply in the client area will show a row of stars for the user to choose from in rating the response. They range from 1 being poor to 5 being excellent. Rating a reply is optional, so not every reply will get a rating. Ratings display when viewing the ticket in the admin area and there is also a report in the Reporting section that allows you to monitor these ratings: Ticket Ratings Reviewer allows you to filter based on specific star ratings and within a given date range.
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