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  1. WGS

    new registrar module

    Hi, We have developed several EPP and without EPP WHMCS Domain Registrar module please contact us for custom development here. Thanks
  2. We are pleased to announce that we have released the V1.0.3 version please download the latest files. Here is the below summary of New feature , improvements & bug fixes. New Feature Added : Side Navigation Bar Menu Manager: Admin can now Add/Delete/Edit the Menus, Menus Links and Menus Icons of the sidebar. Color Schemes and Font Changer: Easily change the color schemes and fonts from admin backend. Dashboard Manager: Admin can easily control what information to display on the dashboard. GST Compatible: Now ClientX is compatible with GST module. Virtualizer Module Compatibility: ClientX V 1.0.2 was not compatible with Virtualizer WHMCS module now we make it compatible with that. Side Navigation Bar Display Control: Admin can easily define the regions on which they need to show the side navigation bar. For Example: Admin can now disable the side navigation bar on cart pages. Add Custom Header and Footer: We provided an option for admin to add their custom header and footer. Bug Fixing : Fixed Reset password issue. Fixed Coupon code not working issue. Fixed Checkout page Broken Issues. Fixed Domain Page broken issues. Fixed overlapping issues of the Application form. Overall UI fixing, responsive design fixes. For more information please click here
  3. Hi, Please contact us here for custom development! Thanks
  4. Hi All, Glad to update you all, that we have released the version 4.0.5 of our SoYouStart, OVH and Kimsufi Reseller module. Here is the changelog: VPS server will be terminated at OVH if canceled or terminated the server on WHMCS side. Make it Compatible with 7.6 WHMCS. Created the dynamic product configuration for dedicated servers. We get the OVH dedicated products list in Module setting and mapping with whmcs products. Remove error alert message while placing the order from the admin side for VPS and Dedicated products. Fixed the infinite loop in WHMCS 7.6.X product service page. Standard module features for VPS and Dedicated server 1. Get Server Information 2. Modify IP Reverse 3. FTP Backup 4. Power Options 5. Usage Information 6. Re installation Progress 7. Resources 8. Interventions/Logs 9. White Label Email Piping 10. Monitoring Client Area Features * Modify IP's Reverse * Basic server information display * FTP backup management * Allow/Deny feature per server * Custom OS reinstall * White label email piping * Interventions history * Real time hardware analytic * Power option like (restart, reinstall OS, Netboot) * Real time monitoring View module at: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/soyoustart-whmcs-module/
  5. Hey All, We have launched another version of our Account Statement Module. The upgraded version is 2.0.2. New Feature Added: Added another section to show "Total Outstanding unpaid invoices" from start date. Checkout module at: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/account-statement/
  6. We are pleased to announce that we have released the V1.0.2 version please download the latest files. Here is the below summary of New feature , improvements & bug fixes. Added the option in admin to change the theme color. Added the option to disable multi language. Added the option to disable addons , domains or active products on home page. Revamped the Market connect SSL pages. Revamped the Checkout page If Market-connect product added than showing the product recommendation. Template is compatible now Standard cart , Modern Cart etc. Removed the second cart badge. Custom css Override file added. Override header/footer feature added. Fix the box alignment on homepage. Fix the more button on domain page. Fix the promo code issue.
  7. WGS

    Hi Matt,

    This is Manvinder from WHMCS Global Services, it's been 9+ years since we are providing WHMCS custom solutions. We are a small team of WHMCS developers and all are excited to know about how you started WHMCS, what are your roles being a founder of WHMCS and your future plans.

    We would like to have a small interview of yours, if you can spare out sometime from your busy schedule and help us with your answers to our questions, it will be helpful for our community to know you well. Hope you will spare out sometime for us :)

    manvinder singh

  8. We have launched a new update of out ClientX client area template. The new update V 1.0.1 has been introduced with some new features, improvements and bug fixes. Template link: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/clientarea-template/clientx/ New Login Screen with Social Logins All new Client Area Dashboard New Domain Manage Section Redefined Support Section New Invoice Section New Orderform
  9. We can do that for you, please contact us here: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/custom-development/
  10. We can develop this module for you: Contact us here: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/custom-development/
  11. Introducing ClientX We have launched ClientX which is an innovative client area template for the WHMCS. It provides a splendid look to your WHMCS client area, which you have never experienced before. This is our first step to strengthen the hosting providing companies. Many more are in a queue ;) Here are some key features of our template: Redefined Dashboard Redefined Orderform Template - CartX Redefined Login Section with Social Logins & Registration Screen Manage Products in Style Introducing DomainX - A better way to buy, renew or manage your domains Want to know more? Checkout the template at: https://bit.ly/2MDi3cF Demo of the theme: https://demo.whmcsglobalservices.com
  12. I got you, what are you are looking to build a unique web applications that really cant work without licensing. We have developed many solutions. If you have not find anything to it, lets discuss out.
  13. Hello svejorange, What information you need regarding the module. We will be happy to assist you. Thanks
  14. WGS

    FreeRadius Module

    Hello, Yes we can create a hook for you. Please contact our WHMCS custom development team for a free quote. Thanks
  15. Hi, if you are sill looking out for a solutions, get in touch with our WHMCS Custom Development team.

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