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  1. See how the Auto Provisioning of the WHMCS Cloudflare Module Functions.
  2. Another version of the module is coming soon! Don't forget to upgrade your module.
  3. Hi, We have great experiences to develop the WHMCS custom addon module / Proviosning module development. Please contact us here for Custom WHMCS Development.
  4. Hi All, We are pleased to inform you that we have launched another version of our Cloudflare WHMCS module. This version has brought a lot of new features for Web hosting providers as well as your clients. So, lets discuss all those features now: After we came to know that Cloudflare Official WHMCS plugin is not more supported by Cloudflare team. We take a step forward to create a Cloudflare solution for all the WHMCS users that supports all the versions of WHMCS including 7.5.1 and Beta 7.6 How our CloudFlare WHMCS Module Helps Admin? > It gives you an option to resell the Clouflare services, whether FREE or Paid. > When your client purchased Cloudlfare service from your website, our module automatically creates a user account on Cloudflare and register the customer domain there. > Our module automatically updates nameservers on Domain Registrar, without manually doing it. > You can now add Cloudflare service as a product addon, and increase chances of your purchases. > DNSSEC and Cname Flatten features are added in this version. How our Cloudflare WHMCS Module helps your clients? > We provided a friendly User interface for your clients to manage all the Cloudflare settings in their client area, so no need to visit Cloudflare dashboard to manage settings. > Your clients can see a detailed analytics of the traffic in the client area, which is a plus point for them. > They can easily manage Cloudflare DNS and IP setting in the client area. > They can manage Cloudflare Firewall settings in the client area. > Your users can optimize the speed and Caching of the website. > They have the options to Upgrade or Downgrade the Cloudflare plan from Client area itself. > Other things they can manage are as follows: Scrap Shield Settings Cyrpto Settings To Know more about module, visit: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/2146
  5. Hi, We have developed several payment gateway and its our expertise area. You can contact us here for Custom WHMCS Development
  6. Client Search Filter! A great feature added!!!!
  7. Hi, Just completed the upgrade process, we do not find any issue with the upgrade, it went streamlined. Now moving forward towards the testing process.
  8. Get flat 50% OFF on all modules with Annual subscriptions from WHMCS Global Services. Waiting for what? Grab this offer today! Use Coupon Code: INDEPENDENCE50 Purchase your Modules at: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/user/wgmcsglobalservices/products
  9. We are doing the upgrade today and will update the issues in case we face. Fingers Crosses!
  10. We have launched our new module for all WHMCS users "Account Statement WHMCS Module". Now you can allow your customers to download their custom account statements from the client area only. How Account Statement WHMCS Module helps Web hosting companies? Avoid repetitive accounts statement requests from your customers by allowing them to download their account statement for the desired time frame via their account panel. Admin can send Bulk Account Statements to their customers by selecting a specific time frame provided in the backend. Admin can schedule auto account statements via email to all their customers monthly, quarterly, annually or on a specific day. Admin can easily manage the fonts, paper size of the account statement PDF from the backend admin panel. Admin can now set the type of invoice (whether paid or unpaid) that he/she wants to show to the customers via account statement. Find out more at: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4517
  11. We have successful launched Alipay Cross Border Payment Gateway Module for WHMCS users. Now you can easily accept payments from your customers reciting in China. To know more about the plugin, visit: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4537
  12. Hi, Please contact us here for custom development. We can create the hook for you. Thanks
  13. https://whmcsglobalservices.com/custom-development/Hi, We can create the WHMCS BunnyCDN Provisioning module for you. Please contact us here.
  14. WGS

    Cloudflare WHMCS Module

    @clusterMake sure the "Reseller/Owner" in WHM is the same as the username you used in WHMCS when setting up the server.
  15. WGS

    WHMCS/cPanel Intergration Issues

    Need to check!

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