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    i'll guarantee that there is at least one existing bug that hasn't been fixed in v8.0.3 - I saw its error in the activity log on Monday (in v8.0.2) by chance and it's seemingly caused by one of the Six templates trying to use a feature that is now prohibited by the Smarty Security Policy.... you gotta love how the internal testing was so thorough that they don't even know when/how/why a template that they wrote is breaking the arbitrary security policy that they imposed.
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    not from settings. the default email templates would be available in the /resources/sql/install/tblemailtemplates.data.sql file - so you could either replace all of them, or individually copy the content of a specific email template.
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    Welcome to our world 😆 Glad you resolved this.
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    Ok. You reuploaded the template and the issue is still here. - Clear template cache - Close your CDN - Disable your hooks. - Clear browser cache - Check again
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    how did you upload the new theme - via FTP? are you sure you uploaded it to the right directory ?? did the theme include addon modules that needed configuring ultimately, just reuploading the Six version for your release might be enough - but I don't know if you did any damage to WHMCS with your template install process... that's the unknown here.
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    Yeah, WHMCS should do their job. They use their own software - but I hardly doubt they would ever use the beta themselves. Heck, they don't even use v8 yet! They don't even have enough faith in their own software to use the latest version 😅
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    that would be fine, except v8.1 and v8.2 will likely introduce further new features, and not just supposedly fix the v8 ones... and so the cycle starts all over again.
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    it will be safe as it's just removing hyphens from that column... I found one in my tblorders table and I ran the query... ----> beneficial? as string says, the field is just for show.
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    Hello, I have put a bug request in (should it have been a support ticket????) Any one else having this issue: Lets say you have a client that has funds in his account. They go to purchase a product: > on the checkout they are already logged in. They have 2 options presented: 1. pay using account credit OR pay using card (for which the relevant CVV field is displayed). NOW if the client chooses to pay with credit (that opion is selected as default) they would then naturally scroll down, click agree terms and click submit. Thats when the issue happens. An ERROR comes back stating they didnt fill inthe CVV field.... Well why would they? they paid with credits. (Come to think of it IF that credit option is displayed and selected as the default option WHY does the CVV field even displayed initially? seems weird behaviour. IF they choose NOT to pay with the credit and select the card (or other payment option) then yes that should then bring up the CVV field OR any other related card options...) As they have now got an error message, they scroll down (still logged in) only to find that the CVV field has disaapeared and the full card form is now shown. What?! How daft is that. They have a card on file (but cannot view via any account screen it as we use the sagepay token system (think that removes the payment methords display screen??) , but thankfully the checkout gives an indication what the card is which is good) BUT when this error happens ONLy the full form is shown and the previous CVV field (which also diaplyed last 4 digits of card is not there). SO that adds more confusion. IF you go back to cart.php?=view and then click on checkout the initial view is shown again i.e. pay with credits OR card and the CVV field only is also shown together with the stores card details. Just seems a bit backwards how this is working and clearly when an error is shown there is a bug. To top it off, lets sya you select pay with credits AND you enter the CVV (you have the hindsight to do so) and complete the purchase. You have used your account credits... WELL the order notification the admin gets states a new order with payment methord being: CARD/SAGE/STRIPE etc and NOT via credits/account funds etc. Thats totally incorrect. This is happening on a default SIX theme and default STANDARD CART order form with NO customisations and all hooks (only 3 avliable anayway) off... Is anyone else haing this issue OR can replicate this? Thankfully this is still on a dev install and was just about to migrate to live when testing brought this up! Phew. That would have created a whole load of issues as TBH not a whole lot of or clients are that savvy to think to enter the cvv IF they were paying using there credits (I mean who would??)
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    it will be called \install in the directory where you installed WHMCS.
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    Sorry for replying. I found the fix. Change the order form to "Standard Cart" for the fix. WHMCS 8 order-forms themes are different.
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    Hi, thanks all of you. Problem has been solved already by theme developer @ThemeMetro almost same day. They give me a updated /store/ssl/index.tpl file & problem solved. Thanks thememetro for quick solution.
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    Fixed...this was caused by hidden whitespace before the starting PHP tag at the top of the file for our custom module.
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    you do realise that in v8.0.2, the $currency values exists again - so probably no need for a hook. 🙂 it's a currency object now rather than the previous array, but you could still access it's values in hooks or Smarty if required. {$currency.id}
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    aaahh - they've learnt that trick from WHMCS Support who often do something similar whilst running around the room shouting "customisation! customisation!". ðŸĪŠ just looking at your site (alphabet related I think lol), i'm not seeing anything horrendous - so you might have to point out where the issues are - hopefully not occurring on logged in pages!
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    yep - however I found that the tawk.to Live Chat module/addon caused the problem with clients trying to pay invoices, and also the realtime register domain plugin caused problems with clients trying to add a new credit card via the add payment method link.
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    in the short-term, there's nothing to stop you getting the blend theme from v7.10.2, renaming it and uploading it to the v8 admin/templates folder... it would need a couple of changes, but it would still work (as far I could tell from a quick test). .. and yes, the v8 menu system is awful.
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    I have been using OpenSRS for a decade or so and loved them until I started trying to use WHMCS 3 years ago (which still is not set up or functioning properly). Anyhow, I tried hiring a WHMCS developer to help me fix some other problems and he recommended looking into Rad Web Hosting as a more up-to-date registrar and one that was local. Anyhow, I only have a dozen or so clients on WHMCS, but if I transition from OpenSRS to Rad Web Hosting how do I transfer all my clients' domain names without them incurring a transfer fee (I will be paying this or have it included in their renewal fee)? I assume I can or should only run one Registrar app at a time. Is this correct? If I shut down the OpenSRS Pro app, will my clients still be able to access their domains? I am not a high-level developer nor a WHMCS expert so any help would be appreciated to understand how to make this transition between registrars with no disruption or expense to the client. Thank you!
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    Alternatively edit the template of your PDF so that it shows "Receipt" or "Order Confirmation" instead of "Invoice". In fact customers can still download PDF from clientarea. Yes, you could hide "Download" button but then you should start playing "hide and seek" with WHMCS also in Email Templates, titles etc. Rename it and live in peace. My 2 cent.
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    Welcome to WHMCS.Community sourceforest! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.
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    nice module, i was about to do this because i have clients what to see they balance when they login balance
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    Sorry, didn't get the question right then. ;-) What you could try is creating a module which posts to another page, and let that page just save the bank account number (or other information) in the description, or just let it mail the information to you. Just a little sample: /modules/gateways/bankoffline.php <?php if(isset($_POST['account']) AND is_numeric($_POST['account']) AND isset($_POST['invoice']) AND isset($_POST['client'])) { require("../../dbconnect.php"); // Check the logged in user with the posted user if($_SESSION['uid'] == $_POST['client']) { // Check if the invoice is from the user $result = mysql_query("SELECT id FROM tblinvoices WHERE userid='".$_POST['client']."' AND id = '".$_POST['invoice']."';"); if(mysql_numrows($result) == 1) { /* Put in a script like updating the invoice description with the details, or just a PHP-mail script. */ echo "<script type=\"text/javascript\"> <!-- alert('Bank account number saved (or something)...'); window.location = \"../../clientarea.php\" //--> </script>"; } } die(); } function bankoffline_config() { $configarray = array( "FriendlyName" => array("Type" => "System", "Value"=>"Bank (offline)"), ); return $configarray; } function bankoffline_link($params) { $code = '<form method="post"" action="/modules/gateways/bankoffline.php"> <input type="input" name="account" value="Fill in your bank account" onclick="this.value=\'\'" /> <input type="hidden" name="invoice" value="'.$params['invoiceid'].'" /> <input type="hidden" name="client" value="'.$params['clientdetails']['id'].'" /> <input type="submit" value="Request payment" /> </form>'; return $code; } ?> (Not the most beautiful script, but it gives you a little impression)
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    don't worry - everyone's having a collective migraine trying to get their heads around this nonsense. ðŸĪ• the session cart array no longer exists, so every $smarty.session.cart solution that's ever been posted will now fail... oh what fun. 🙄
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    Hi @Faizal1, I'm glad you were able to resolve the error. In v8.0.2 we've implemented automated pruning of the table, so it will not exceed 10K rows. You should not need to manually empty this table once the update is applied.
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