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    You can't be serious with this statement. WHMCS will run until the PHP version no longer supports it, or some security flaw comes along that you won't offer a patch for, just like the most recent one. As for "spreading the cost out over the year"? Disingenuous at best. Bring consistency for users? You've got to be kidding. This is a money grab, and a way to finally do away with the folks that thought purchase of an owned license would get them actual consistency. Little did we know that the final objective would be to get all users paying far more, "consistently", for you. Disheartening, and I'm sure it's all falling on deaf ears, since any pricing changes here will likely be upwards, and not in favor of any "grandfathered" licenses. We're being "grandfathered" in the Eskimo sense...stuck on an ice floe to drift until it melts.
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    You're allowing us to spread our $120 a year update payment over 12 easy monthly payments of $849.95? That's really good of you, thanks guys!!!
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    Chris, Do you consider a price increase of 85x to be reasonable? Also on the new pricing, once you go 1 customer over 10k, your price goes from $249 to $849? Can you just admit what's going on, which is a huge, greedy cash grab. I've never even heard of a price increase of around 8400% before. There is literally no justification for it, you know it, we all know it.
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    the most positive spin you can put on the last 24 hours is that someone at WHMCS handled the announcement process very very badly... i'm struggling to think of a worse example of how to announce something like this. judging by the vast number of emails I received this morning, I think a lot of users have now passed the point of no return and will move on elsewhere - I don't blame them. btw - I suspect the timing of the announcement might be linked to it being the first day of the UK tax year.... either that, or it was a remarkable coincidence. absolutely he knows - either that, or he's a puppet who's not really in charge... can't have it both ways. it's too late now, but he would have been better served spending less time hiding behind blog posts, and more time reading/posting in this place, and not delegating the responsibility to others who don't have the authority to say boo! and can only reel out the copy&paste corporate sentences.
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    Basically, we're all being forced onto plans that are an order of magnitude more expensive with zero days notice. It's flat out fraud. We paid for a lifetime owned licence and have been paying our annual support fees for a decade, and these greedy bastards have decided that the middle of a pandemic is the perfect time to screw us all over.
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    @AALayer if you ever want to sell your whmcs.design domain give me a shout! It'd be perfect for an up coming project! Basically an image hosting site, where people can upload their photos of infected genitals. For science. Mostly.
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    Not sure about you, but I did not agree to profit sharing. Someone having 10, 100, 5000, or a million clients does not mean WHMCS loses money because their costs do not go up when mine do. The only potential for costs on their side going up is support and if that is the case then they can simply limit the number of tickets per month or per year. Plenty of businesses that do software limit the number of tickets and I would prefer that over seat pricing any day. Seat pricing is needed in some cases, like where the demand is low for a product.
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    Be very aware of HostBill. I sold my license with them. They do all sort of tricks and change their licensing price by the month. They have changed pricing 100 times before. Their trick now seems to be that your purchase the modules but if you then later want the updates you need to buy them again. That way you keep buying the module every year if you want updates. And technically the software is worthless without the modules. Instead of just charging a fixed yearly update, this model is even more deceiving. I also reported huge security vulnerabilities to their developer before and they claimed it was not an issue but how cPanel worked. Its not an issue when you can take over another customers DNS and hijack their entire domain? Well, that should tell you something about them. The developer them silently fixed the issue without telling anymore but insisted it was not a security a hole and then they decide to charge for that. The person behind Hostbill is a crook and some people even claimed he was probably a junkie based on how many times he changed pricing, sometimes even the same day. Hostbill also seems to be based on a stolen WHMCS version 4. They now changed the code enough to have no differences but initially even their documentation was a plain clone copy. I would never trust Hostbill for anything serious. The owner is unstable. And could tomorrow just decide to close down the business and you will find the whole website removed. He is that unstable.
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    Me neither 😐. They don't make much out of us, just occasional updates but equally we don't cost them anything either; we don't use WHMCS support because it's utterly worthless. With our owned license we have several choices now: * keep with the current version and stay running PHP 7.2 for ever. Obviously not sustainable, but little alternative for now as our access to updates has been removed without notice. Our install is old enough to not even qualify for security patches. * throw away our owned license and start renting the product we already paid for lifetime access to, cost increase from $0 to $$$$. Except for fixing security shortcomings in their product it doesn't offer anything much for the money, just the aforementioned useless support and some useless features designed to generate more affiliate income for WHMCS. There's nothing in there that reduces our costs or increases our sales. * go somewhere else after ten years. That's a lot of work, but looks like the most likely eventual outcome. I don't know who they think their customers are, but with an economic downturn and this global virus nonsense we're struggling here. Our clients are small businesses that are downsizing, quitting, retiring, going bankrupt. Constant downward price pressure from predatory VC-funded big box hosts, upward pressure on everything else, power, cooling, hardware, labor etc., and apparently billing software. Our prices are lower now than they were 15 years ago when we started and we're still the high-priced player in our space. Show me some other products that cost less now than they did in 2006. Prices to long-term clients stay the same of course, as is customary in this industry, that's one reason we prefer owned licenses as we have little room for 2021 costs when we are charging 2006 prices. I expect we could find more money for WHMCS if they insist, but it's not coming from a big money pile, it's going to come from chopping something else here or at the expense of my kids. And WHMCS doesn't deserve it. We're not going to make sacrifices for a company that actively wants to bleed us of every dollar we have, and then some more. I don't expect a partnership, but I at least want to work with companies that are somewhat on our side, support our cause and treat us with a little care and respect. WHMCS is not such a company.
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    WOW Brian! You contributed so much and you are not even in the hosting game? I will not waist my time on WHMCS again because we are leaving , but I would like to give a BIG thank-you here for all of your kind ,precious, free and better-than-WHMCS-support 's support
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    You must be new here. They don't care about loyal customers but money. Many of us here are loyal to the brand for years and have tried to help others, as well wasted countless hours trying to make WHMCS better. We always got silence. WHMCS will not change because a few customers whine about pricing. Their already huge and are making more profit every year. They don't want lousy customers paying a few bucks a month. I don't think you understand what WHMCS wants as a company. They want to move into a leased SaaS model, one you will have to pay them a share of your profits, for every customer and every thing you sell. Why else do you think they even launched something like the MarketConnect...
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    WHMCS has been a sinking ship for years. This has given me the motivation to move quite a few licenses to other services that honor their word. WHMCS simply cannot be trusted and it is shame. RIP WHMCS.
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    I never imagined they'd go this far. My imagination tends to be limited by my own moral compass, so that limits the things I'd believe could be done here. VCs and corporations have no such limits. We'll see.
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    if it gets below 2, I might get some promotional mousemats and pens made and send them to the WHMCS staff... but only if they behave themselves lol.
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    WiseCP is still looking really nice. Recurring billing is in their feature request section and I've posted and contacted about an ETA or if its in active dev. Depending on if they can give an ETA etc I may hold out and wait to migrate over.
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    If I have 1 customer or one million why should that have any influence on what I pay to run WHMCS? You seem to forget that WHMCS is a local software. It runs in your computer. A server, or a cloud server, is still a local computer. And you are the one paying for it, not WHMCS. It costs WHMCS the same if you have one active customer or a hundred thousands. Is WHMCS paying the support costs for my customers? How about the support? Or my electricity bills? If I have one million customers, is WHMCS going to pay my staff? You see, the bigger you are, the bigger your costs are. And WHMCS now wants more money based on nothing but thin air. You might say, but....Adobe....That is still a fixed subscription. Adobe is not charging you more per picture you edit, and they are certainly not charging you more based on profit. Even so, their model is mixed now, as they now bundled extra services with their local software because they realized people are not stupid enough to pay a subscription for only local software. And even, so their competitors have eaten into their market exponentially. Example, Affinity, I paid once, and still receive free updates since years now....and they are doing more than enough money. The justification to charge per customers for a local software is just insulting. And now going away with the owned licenses is related that those licenses having unlimited accounts. Let me say this again. Why does WHMCS care about my active clients? Its none of their business. Those are MY CLIENTS, not theirs. Would you be ok with paying Windows based on the amount of hours your computer is on? We are doing all the marketing, all the support, and all the hard work to keep every customer active (which is already very hard in such a competitive market) and yet WHMCS takes your profit per customer? The model is based on greed. I will not give them more money the more successful I'm if they are not providing me extra value in return. And they are not, the software is the same and does the same stuff regardless of the amount of active customers. In fact, it costs you more to run the software the more customers you have. You seem to completely forget this. If you have 1000 active customers per second on your WHMCS installation it will cost you a nice server with a huge database every month. And guess who will pay for that? Not WHMCS. And what is worse, at that size you probably want to run in a cluster (which WHMCS does not even support, which means it not even designed for bigger business) because you want to spread the load between servers or at least still stay online if one server fails. And guess what? And that point you will MORE Than one WHMCS license, because WHMCS will make you buy 2 licenses. I hope you see the problem here. The bigger you are, WHMCS already costs you more to run and this is not even related to licenses. Running any software at specific sizes is more costly and what does the company behind the software do? Instead of making it easier and more cost affordable, they make it even more expensive.
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    that's very kind of you.... there were many years when it literally felt that it was just me replying... my favourite time here was when both sentq and me were sharing the load. No! 😲 rule one when choosing a team - follow the Peter Principle... e.g, don't promote anyone beyond their proven skill set. runs over to Kickstarter lol submit a feature request - i'll get to it in 5 years time, but keep paying your monthly subs in the meantime. πŸ™‚
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    It works now. Not the most elegant script I coded but at the moment I have other plans.
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    You are correct, but there is a big difference. You can build with Blesta without Blesta the company. With WHMCS you can't, they are locking you in for life. At some point you will be hit with something missing on any software or solution, and you have to start customizing things. WHMCS has become less flexible over the years, some dumb things are near impossible to do or require intercepting code, like having API error messages in the users' language just to name a simple example which is a 5-minute fix on any other software on which you get access to the code. Even if you have all the features you need today with WHMCS, at some point you will have a bug that stops everything from working, or have them remove something critical required for your modules or customization to work. What are going to do at this point? Wait months or years until they fix them? Every update is a new nightmare with WHMCS for the past 3 years now. This is not what you expect for a product they think is worth $1000+ a month. And for me it's not even about money. It's about trust. Today they did this, I'm 100% sure as I said before, they will kill the self-hosted version at some point. Then what? Will you move to that version? And once they get rid of the per-customer license and move to a profit % license? Asking you a % of your total sales? If you think all this is drastic, and they would never do this, this is precisely what people said about owned licenses as well and yet here we are, WHMCS finally pulling the plug. Blesta sucks in features today but being open for me could prove more important than anything at this point, because it's a question of time until other developers will start to build the missing parts, just like Modules Garden and other companies did with WHMCS. And being open code, means anyone can contribute and collaborate with what ever stuff there is missing. It's not what is missing in Blesta today, but you need to think when WHMCS will kick you out as well, by accident or by force. They are not interested on self-hosted licenses anymore. WHMCS is moving to a SaaS model, I'm surprised some people think this is just a price increase. It's not, it's a long planned move for years to completely change the entire company and product. WHMCS is going the vendor lock approach. Make sure you are using the product in such a way that it's going to be very expensive to move out, at this point they will just squeeze you for more money. Even if WHMCS costs $5 a year, do you want to keep giving money to such a company? The only people that I see defending WHMCS in this situation are those that think they have enough money to keep investing on WHMCS and think this will kill smaller players, and they will have less competition, or maybe they think they are big enough to pay any licenses fee they ask or just afraid to lose all the money, time and resources invested around WHMCS. More than anything those people are afraid their WHMCS investment is going to disappear as developers don't create modules for WHMCS anymore, or most people move to another software. Just one example, how many would even use WHMCS if it was not for the surrounding community and third party support? Do you seriously expect WHMCS to reply here to everyone for help and questions once most of us are gone? Or keep supporting more and more third party modules? They will try, but killing your brand and product has deep consequences. When people start to do what they did with WHMCS with other products, it's a question of time when WHMCS will be the next Ubersmith. That product has not evolved in years, and you will not find a single company developing anything for them anymore, their brand is now lost in time. WHMCS is going that same route. It's a dead product because they stabbed the people that made WHMCS what they are today. They completely killed new sales at this point. Those people will just research the product and find negative comments. And once slowly the existing base starts to move what are they going to do? New sales gone, existing income dropping... WHMCS was never about quality, but quantity. It was never the best product, but it was the best for its price range as it was affordable, and it was the amount of supported vendors, modules and developers that made it more valuable. All those paying users, while not giving them fortunes of income, gave them something priceless, an ecosystem around the product which make it more a platform than just another PHP software. Those that will stay, will have hard times ahead as WHMCS needs to keep squeezing them for more money, they are hit with more lock in features, bugs and issues, and this will be a lonely place soon as well. Once the outrage is gone, WHMCS will release new features, (even more buggy than before as they try to quickly advance) and invest in marketing and promotions and why not, maybe they will even consider backpedaling in some of their decisions to soften the blow of lost income, but the masks are off. They are moving to a SaaS model regardless if you like it or not. They are not a software company anymore, they are trying really hard to be a cloud service. And good luck with that, they cannot even keep this community running without an HTTP error every 5 seconds, wait until your business relies on them completely.
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    lol, nice, even if I grew up there. Also not lost on me that they fairly recently did away with the yearly support renewals for $99 and went to 6 months for $59.95. That feels like a way not to add $20 to yearly costs (which would amount to little), but as a token to explain the change while shortening the waiting period for when this shoe dropped that folks would need to move to leased. This feels like it was planned for some time now.
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    I'm not sure his notion of leaving is tied to lack of a license. Sounds more to me like he's decided they aren't deserving of his efforts any more with this latest stunt. We have plans in motion as well, and it's time to accept that the future is not with this software, unless you like the way things are going and how you've been treated. Not many seem to feel that way. To add, brian!, you've been a huge help to me, personally. Thank you. Don't know why you'd want to but if you want to stay in touch, just PM for my contact. I won't force that on you.
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    I got stuck in a sticky situation - the best way to do it would have been exactly the same way the commercial module was doing it... but I wasn't prepared to duplicate an existing module and release it for free, or then be in the ridiculous situation of reinventing the wheel and releasing it commercially - what's the point ? so the alternative would have been to do something naff (simple, quick, ugly etc) - the obvious option being a widget - basically just a basic form to select a user from a dropdown, password input field, submit button etc... to be honest, I couldn't be bothered - it's the sort of feature that eventually WHMCS will have to do themselves, so I didn't fancy wasting a lot of time on this. but for completion, I suspect the method used by the commercial module will by the same as outlined in the model class docs... https://classdocs.whmcs.com/8.0/WHMCS/User/User.html#method_updatePassword if it helps, the initial very rough script that I originally wrote to test it is posted below... <?php use WHMCS\User\User; $userId = 69; $new_password = "qwerty"; try { $johnDoe = User::findOrFail($userId); $johnDoe->updatePassword($new_password); $johnDoe->save(); } catch (Exception $e) { echo "Uh oh. I couldn't update the password. {$e->getMessage()}"; } for it to work, you can't already be logged in as an user (and it's easier not be logged in as an admin either I think).... whilst not a workable script for a novice, hopefully those interested in writing user password solutions might find it useful.
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    i'm more than happy to stay in touch with anyone i've helped here - those i've done work for will likely already have my email address... but i'm unlikely to be using any relevant hosting billing software in the future... i'll play with WiseCP at some point, and i've been messing with the open source, unlimited client version of Invoice Ninja for the last few months... but the only reason that I can answer customisation questions on WHMCS is because I used it for so many years - i'm not going to have such knowledge on any option billing software and i'm not interested in learning. I would expect to still be around for the next couple of months - still waiting for my second jab and the end of the UK lockdown.
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    Hi @brian! I can understand that everyone is looking for different options or developers leaving or choosing other solutions or markets, but this community developed not because WHCS created it for all to be a part of it BUT due to the members who actively participated to help each other. Can we create a new community so that people who want to keep in touch can connect and share ideas, thoughts and new solutions that they develop etc. Once I integrated BOXBILLING for a reseller long back for their billing needs and it looked good for only $5 a month, I heard that now it's opensource, can't everyone join hands to get this going . URL - https://github.com/boxbilling/boxbilling This may help so many small and medium hosts / resellers run their hosting business successfully during COVID-19 circumstances and support themselves and their family, why not do something which WHMCS people have not thought about exactly similar to the case where they just dropped a price BOMB. #DOGOOD #WHMCSCOMMUNITYMEMBERS-ROCK
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    And there in lies the problem, maybe v9 will introduce an automatic 2% cut of revenue as that reflects the 'value' of the product? I joke but that is the kind of features I would fear be on the horizon - after all merchant fees exist so why shouldn't 'we' have that level of cut as 'we' provide the billing software.
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    I’m ok with software priced by features, even by operator seat. Pricing software by MY profits? That’s crazy. It was bad enough with cPanel but at least cPanel is solid, fully featured, not buggy and with great support. I don’t think that describes WHMCS, quite the opposite.
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    How and why do larger businesses see more value from your product, John? Please enlighten me. Do they get better support? Do they get a better product with less bugs? Are you going to implement their feature requests?
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    Yes, that's correct. I think, for myself at least, it's being forced off the owned license that's really sticking in my throat. That, and the way it was done were not at all friendly towards long term customers. It was a kick in the teeth, and they're basing cost on something that has nothing to do with the operation at their end and costs them nothing. We are being charged more simply because we're using it and have seen some success in business, so it's a money grab (and increases will continue).
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    In terms of alternatives I'll throw in WooCommerce. We've been doing a lot of WooCommerce projects in the last years and always thought about migrating from WHMCS to WooCommerce. As we did all our hosting integrations for InternetX, LiveConfig (control panel) and Proxmox ourselves anyway it won't be too hard to migrate that into some custom WordPress/Woocommerce plugins. We already built a prototype using ACF Pro, CPT UI Extended, Admin Menu Editor Pro and AdminColumns Pro and are pretty surprised how good this all works. Especially since WooCommerce combined with Germanized Pro here in Germany does really work better in terms of privacy / DSGVO than WHMCS ever will. Combined with ElasticPress, WooCommerce Custom Orders Table and maybe even WooCommerce Product Tables this should even work for larger providers. In fact I know one of our partners (50.000+ hosting clients) moved from Blesta to WP/Woo some time ago and is still happy with its custom solution. It might sound a bit unconventional at first, and it's not for everybody. You definitely need to be able to code your own WordPress plugins. After some intensive testing in the last days I'm pretty sure all WHMCS can do can be done with Wordpress, WooCommerce, some premium plugins and some custom built plugins. And after all, it's all Open Source and not as much of a "lock-in" as WHMCS is.
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    @WHMCS John any jobs going? Bigfoot seems much more on the ball than the support staff? I'm sure many will stay if you appoint him as chief spokesperson! If not, for Β£1300 a month he will train you!
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    that assumes that Support only answers issues from those who pay (via a license) for that support.... you'd be surprised at what's been going on the last few years. I stopped using WHMCS commercially back in 2019 when I got out of the hosting game - all I have now are a few devs and an old v5.3 install (with no public access) that was previously used for billing. I decided back then that I would never use WHMCS for any business of mine again.... it's too unreliable, too buggy, poorly updated, badly documented.... life's more fun helping others use it rather than having to worry about having to use it myself, or worse still, expecting any clients of mine to use it. i'll probably get the free WiseCP license at the weekend and have a play with it... if I was still in the hosting/domain game, i'd likely take a look at Blesta, but it wouldn't interest me to run a hosting company again... I did it for 20+ years, that's enough for me. financially, i'm not exposed to WHMCS - the devs have less than 250 users and my dev work should account for less that 1% of my income this tax year (even if I flogged myself to death 24/7/365) - so I can walk away at any time with no impact to me if I choose to... I certainly won't be coding for any other billing solution as i've zero interest of going down that road - i'd rather just put my feet up for the next few years and enjoy myself. πŸ–οΈ it's 2.7 now. 😎 there are some weird 5-star reviews on there - I bet this won't get disputed lol ! I can't say that it's ever had that effect on me, but there you go... takes all sorts! πŸ™‚
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    Based on history of unpopular changes like this, there won't be, at least until the initial anger has faded. Historically, Cpanel and WHMCS will allow us to beat our fists against the glass for a week or two, then quietly mop up the community. The only reaction you might get will be a brief and infuriating "announcement" about how this is needed to continue to bring great things to users, and keep improving our excellent support" and so on. It will likely include something about how owned license holders were getting a far better deal because the leased users were paying more, so to bring it in line and make it fair for those paying loads more (even if it's their own doing), we will force them to pay what you pay, even though they bought the whole thing up front. Totally fair. Uh huh.
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    I'm 100% sure about something. I will never go with a ion cube product like WHMCS again. I think its Blesta for me, even while its very simple, I consider this software to be critical for your business, as such it's an investment on the long run, and they promote open code which is what is the most interesting in the long run as other people can code modules and things around it. That is what creates a product and its ecosystem. WHMCS basically told us in the email our purchase is now obsolete. I'm not going to again waste money on temporary products with a short lifecycle.
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    Leave a review here: https://trustpilot.com/review/whmcs.com they actively encourage reviews so I say give them as many customer opinions as possible! At least explaining the situation will new potential customers to get a clear picture!
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    Hi Everyone, Never Host All Your Clients With A Single Server Even If It Costs Less!! We have 3 companies and yes this is going to change how we use WHMCS I had been expecting such a change as cPanel prices changed allowing almost no time and raised their price 2019 (While this came all of a sudden and I was going through my OHS and hospitalized. It was a very challenging situation for us and my team members has real tough time discussing with clients know that why they were being given a chance to migrate to Direct Admin at such a short notice else their pricing will increase. This again happened in 2021 JAN and now we have more clients on Directadmin than cPanel We had been working on WordPress Recurring Billing with WooCommerce however that is in a complicated stage currently. We had been using Vision HelpDesk since 2011 for client support and Yes it's very Stable. Vision HelpDesk Support Rocks. We use WHMCS only for Server Management and client billing (3 companies). Now we plan to use - we are working things out - 1. WordPress / PHP based software for Billing 2. Vision HelpDesk For Tech Support 3. WHMCS For Server Management (1 License) 4. Busy Accounting For Accounting based Needs / Zoho Accounting 5. FreedCamp For Task Management (Using since 2018) Please share your thoughts, we are on the same boat...
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    yeah, as I posted in another thread, i'm coming round to that conclusion too. yeah I saw your hook code - in the version I could see, I saw absolutely nothing wrong with the code, nor could WHMCS object to it... mind you, there was a capsule use link that was going unused, so maybe it was doing something to the db that I can't see in the version I saw. πŸ™ˆ why? the ways things are going, the last one to leave at night can turn the lights out on this place... this will be just one of those situations that get discussed privately by those interested.... if a user runs a SQL query to set clients as inactive, what can WHMCS do? if they write a hook that makes a new client inactive by default, what can WHMCS do ?? granted, if an account when from 15,000 to 248 some questions might get asked, but how could they tell 100% it wasn't a genuine change ?? answer in the short-term, not easily... perhaps with future versions... besides they seemingly weren't actively chasing paying users who were using JS to remove the WHMCS branding link (not that will matter much in the future). anyway i'm long past caring what WHMCS think about anything - they've conceded the moral high ground on everything.
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    Whmcs must refund for all owned licenses if you force them for monthly basis.
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    Really? So don't do it. If you must increase prices, for any reason, increase it for 50%, 100%, 200%, but not 8.000%, that is just pure greed, robbery, immoral and maybe even evil, I have to say. I don't really have any reasonable explanation for this, and I believe that no one on this planet could really justify 3.000 or 8.000% price increase. You know this is not really possible. This is a web based application. If we do not have upgrades that mean that we do not have that software, since this is a web based application, and when next security issue is found we will not receive a patch. Right? That actually mean that we do not have that owned license any more, and that actually makes this owned license a *. This is a web based software and we bought owned (lifetime) license with promised option to buy renewals, of course also for a lifetime. We wouldn't buy owned license otherwise. You could increase updates and support price for 50% or 100%, or even 200%, but 8.000%... I have no words for this.
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    Ok so, this is practically the one and only benefit in return of the increased pricing. Which in return an average customer has to pay +$2/$300 a month. I'll leave the judgement to you, but I'm sure you agree with most arguments given. However, I do understand the chain of command especially in Private Equity space. There's nothing you can do. Management just decides and you have to carry it out. It's just what it is. The only thing I don't understand is how WHMCS has been able to survive almost 2 decades with pricing maxxed at $39,95 a month (+ additional services) and how $44,95 all of a sudden became the minimum price for 500 clients or more. How can this be justified other then a plain and simple cash grab put to the extreme? I could even sympathize with a price increase of 200% to $79,95 for unlimited clients. This would mean WHMCS revenue would double immediately and given the fact no extra costs are being made, the business became more reliable for the future. However, current pricing would increase WHMCS total revenue at least 4 to 5 times a year. And if that is the case, what do we get in return other then "business as usual and oh btw, you can now chat with us". Are you hiring a shitload of new programmers (lets say 50-100 at least) to fire up development so the ever growing backlog of future requests are finally being... developed? Is there ANY benefit justifying the massive increase?
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    This is *, go ahead to TrustPilot , g2 and class action soon . Spread this * on Twitter , Web hosting talk and everywhere !
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    yep, their score has gone from 4.6 yesterday to 3.5 today - so it's heading towards the same level it was a couple of years ago before the large number of one-line 5 star reviews started to appear on there... usually from users who haven't reviewed other sites - draw your own conclusions on that one!
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    Im using whmcs for 15 years, i have perpetual licence, obviously. in that time the only compitition was hostbillapp, which turn his bussiness model to bigger customers, its a very solid rock solution if you can pay it. Plesk buys cpanel. And then Cpanel buy buycpanel.com , and they closed it. Cpanel increase his licence model, from 20 $ to 150 $ each server in our case, and obviosly we moved to Directadmin for hosting and install Cwp for dedicated (free solution). bye bye cpanel in several servers, Cpanel buys whmcs, and you see what we will do I will create a post with alternatives, but Blesta is 99 % opensource code, i love that.
  44. 2 points
    Yesterday they (WHMCS) sent me a email for paying for Support on my owned lic! So today I paid them for that invoice, JUST about 30 minutes after this whole mess started. Well six hours later they gave me a full refund! If that's not a big F*ck You, then I don't know what is. Its time we move on
  45. 2 points
    On the DirectAdmin Website, under "Extras", they are mentioning two similar billing solutions: Blesta, and the relative new WiseCP. https://www.wisecp.com With WiseCP you can even get a free version with up to 25 endcustomers. I just did a testinstallation, and can say that it looks like a much more better designed WHMCS, and its easier to setup, whereas it has pretty almost the same functions. I think I will stay with WiseCP.
  46. 2 points
    That it true right now Blesta and ClientExec is happy that whmcs did this now they going to get clients
  47. 2 points
  48. 2 points
    John, in your opinion, do you think an increase from paying for updates as normal at $10/mo, to $849.95 per month is acceptable? I mean, do you think that's reasonable? An 85x price increase as we're just over 10k active users?
  49. 2 points
    My annual support expires in just over a month. This is a 450% increase in fees for me, in the middle of a pandemic. WHMCS are nothing but thieves and liars...
  50. 1 point
    possible? I don't see why not... not out of the box though, it would have to be coded one way or another. are you envisaging a sidebar with these headings, e.g instead of months ?? the real pain would be identifying which announcements apply to which one of more of those headings... if they were kb articles, you could use tags, but I think with announcements, you would have to use keywords in either the subject or the announcement itself... or define by announcement id which of them gets included in the relevant heading's results. i'd file this under doable, but would take some planning.
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