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    First off if possible don't use WP + WHMCS. You can get the same results directly with WHMCS. Having to deal with 2 separate systems is a time consuming activity. You have to maintain both them, you double the risks, it's unintuitive since you'll have two separate admin interface & database. Last but no least you are forced to keep both templates to look the same. Anyway this is my personal opinion. If you want to use WP + WHMCS, you can make them look the same by editing head, header, footer template files and playing with CSS. Here you can find the documentation. There are also plenty of threads on this community with tutorials. Keep in mind that it could be a quite long process if you are not familiar with WHMCS, CSS and Smarty but it's doable. Skilled people usually need 1-2 hours to get pretty decent results.
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    Market Connect is a bad idea. I think you will see that me and others criticized this before it was launched, already in beta. Its nothing but a fancy affiliate system on which WHMCS is reselling your customer services and making some money. Do you seriously want this? After the hard work and investment just give them over your customers? Basically what the market place is the following: WHMCS buys the service from a vendor, lets say SpamExperts, they sell it back to you, you sell it back to the customer. You see the problem here? You can just sign up directly with SpamExperts and skip WHMCS, why would you make your service more expensive and try to pass it trough more hands? Less is better. Less complications. As for the automation process, nothing is automated. You need to make the changes manually on your server, the automated thing they mentioned is just for selling the service and creating the account. Its even much worse. For those that are not using MarketConnect we are still forced to have all those files downloaded in our server using space and making the whole WHMCS installation more bloated, even if we are not using it and never will. This means WHMCS is just going to get bigger and bigger as they add new services into MarketConnect. It seems their opt-out is not really opt-out when I see all those files sitting on my server. Even if this worked completely automated, trust me on this. WHMCS is not going to support your customers in case you have any problems. They barely support us as customers, let alone will they support third party users for services that are not even from them but they are just reselling. My advise is going directly with the vendors, even if its more expensive you have a direct connection and deal with them. You can replicate or copy the whole marketing content from MarketPlace in your website the same way and SpamExperts and more other vendors have WHMCS modules that work directly with your WHMCS account. The storage thing. WHMCS just copied what SpamExperts offers directly in terms of marketing text, they didn't bother to check if their market connect services works or not with that. You would not have those problems if you had a direct agreement with SpamExperts, even upgrading storage would be a click on your account, their official WHMCS module supports all that. Marketconnect will always be limited to only what WHMCS decided to code in, that means it will be always be inferior to the official module a vendor provides as they can and will most likely support all their services.
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    Juts use google chrome inspect element option and get class OR id and change them in custom.css by using !important, Or can directly change in style.css in order form.
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    @Remitur As indicated by WP4All there are a few on the MarketPlace
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    https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/1314 http://bstacknetworks.com/whmcs-ovh-api-manager.php
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    Clear logs (email, activity, module, license etc.). I've seen WHMCS installations with log tables storing over 30 GB of useless information. Not only it's a waste of disk space but it also hits the performance of your CPU(s). Reindexing A_I on every new INSERT on a table that stores millions of records is heavy and can even slow your WHMCS.
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    Thanks Nick, but I already thought of that.
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    the only vaguely related list that i'm aware of is the test result list from a js VAT format validator script.. https://www.braemoor.co.uk/software/vattestx.php .. there's probably 1000+ valid (in a format sense) VAT numbers listed there... though i'd recommend clicking the links of any that you intend to use just to double-check that they're currently being used by a business.
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    Not in our experience. Though we've offered the free certs to those that ask, every single one opted for a paid certificate instead, even if just a cheap Comodo one. My customers aren't always the most technically savvy, but the notion of something free to secure them is apparently off putting. Your result will most likely vary.
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    Welcome to WHMCS.Community IamAQ! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.
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    @Remitur please don't hijack my thread. Please start your own!
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    🤣 Why am I so stupid? 😪 I deserve a ban. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back on topic, I understand your frustration. That's why I hate my sister. She works for a marketing company and she crafts pages like that.
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    Welcome to WHMCS.Community petrolins! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.
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    with grateful thanks to @WHMCS Nathan for confirming this to me privately, the full domain pricing page can be accessed via... - that was about the only combination of folder path that I didn't try! 🙂 both grace / redemption period columns are empty in my dev - so I don't know if that's a bug or if i'm missing something... it would probably be fixable with a hook if necessary. anyway, hopefully the full domain pricing table will be of use to others.
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    The _capture function should be fired when the cron runs to process billing.
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    Hello everyone! Today we bear the light-hearted news that as of now you can find us on yet another popular social networking platform – Instagram! Life at ModulesGarden is not all about sitting in front of the computer to produce heaps of code that turn into the WHMCS modules you know so well. It is also about all little and funny moments that happen in between - during a coffee break, or even sometimes after work. Follow our "ModulesGardenOfficial" profile to explore the crazier side of ModulesGarden! https://www.instagram.com/modulesgardenofficial
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    you can set a timezone in the configuration.php file too... that will only affect WHMCS.
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    Hello, Would you please write an updated version for whmcs 7.4 ? Yours Sincerely, Hamsaffar
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    the easiest way to do things like this is to right-click on what you want to change and "Inspect Element" - and that should tell you the css item to change... e.g to remove the globe logo... .domain-checker-bg {background-image: none;}
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    /* ***************************************************** ** Custom Stylesheet ** Any custom styling you want to apply should be defined here. ***************************************************** */ .navbar-main {background-color: #1E78FF;} ul.top-nav > li.primary-action > a.btn {background-color: #1E78FF;} .btn.btn-action {border-color: #1E78FF;}
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    If they don't even know about their own domain reseller accounts, I'd suggest you don't want to resell for them !
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    Hello, Just rename the folder ./whmcs and update your license information at https://whmcs.com/members

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