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    Are you kidding? https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/billing-term-change : 174 votes. That, together with the "twin" you quote, are 174+29 = 203 votes 😎 But it's meaningless, because we can find also: Request for support pin code: 236 votes. Declined. https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/support-pin-code Monthly emailed PDF statement: 204 votes. No answer. https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/monthly-emailed-pdf-statement Charging VAT on credit: 111 votes. No answer https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/credit-system-usable-in-european-union-countries And ideas with just 3 votes that were accepted and completed: https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/integrate-fraudlabs-pro-into-fraud-protection-core (I looked also for the request for a feature like marketconnect, or the strange and buggy multi-user system you realized, but was not able to find it: can you please link it? πŸ˜‰ )
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    It's pointless, as has been pointed out they don't act upon it! They listen to the secret hidden voices (some would see a doctor, but who am I to judge?) And then feed us the "Highly requested" nonsense πŸ™„ It's so see-through and absolutely tragic, they'd get more respect by admitting they're only interested in further monetising their customer base as directed at the shareholder meeting! The request page is literally a box ticking exercise and a way to not give an answer! Hopefully with the new money coming in they'll be able to hire some competent devs to implement useful features and not just ones that pay them commission!
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    Added vote on both as well, we often get this request from customers.
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    Does 203 make it more viable? The requests site and how it works is ambiguous at best. Especially with no dates/times.
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    I'd prefer a reversal, but yes a toleratable second option!
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    Thanks for sharing, I'll request those are merged together πŸ™‚
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    History has shown, they don't revert decisions regardless of how stupid, poorly implemented and buggy they are perceived by users. They will forge ahead, continue making awful development decisions and the hired chimps will say how great it is and how they got asked so much.... except in public LOL ... for it! "It's a feature, not a bug" - whmcs staff authorised response list.
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    <?php use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; add_hook('AfterCronJob', 1, function($vars) { $alreadyRun = Capsule::select(Capsule::raw('SELECT id FROM tblactivitylog WHERE DATE(`date`) = CURDATE() AND description = "I did it!" LIMIT 1'))[0]; if (date('H') == '14' AND !$alreadyRun) { // Do your stuff logActivity('I did it!'); } }); I'm going back to my cave.
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    Why won't WHMCS put the ability to set a new client password back into the admin area? Have it controlled by an admin permission to limit who can actually do it. That leaves the choice up to the WHMCS administrator/owner.
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    How dare you forget the nonsensical platitudes! They work hard copy/pasting them and changing the words! πŸ˜› We've intentionally broken the client/user system. Wildly inappropriate and not well thought out features just cause more work! I think they hope we're going to start selling their incoming webhosting/server packages on market connect to clients, which can be sold to users! I'd guess they're moving to the world's most convoluted multi level marketing scheme known to man 🀣
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    It's the result of not understanding the market anymore, it's why they think selling us extras is adding value to the service! Market connect is just a collection of companies willing to pay them commission
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    I figured it out! They want to have bank level security... you see the bank I use for business supports multiple users but I as the account owner can't change the password, security question, or do a password reset. All I can do is enable or disable a user, yay for me. I don't even think I can change the email address come to think of it. Granted, this is probably a good thing for a bank but for WHMCS?
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    I do wonder, if it was intentional or they thought it'd break the mess of client/user system. I don't see any value to removing it, when all other passwords for services are still plain text and the hash is stored locally. Bizarre, truly bizarre! I'd actually pay to watch whmcs at work! I reckon it'd be nearly as good as Chester Zoo! I also don't understand the lack of humility to say "Yeah, we messed up here. This whole idea was terrible and we'll revert back" I think there's absolutely zero benefit added - users could be sub accounts with access. There's no need to further complicate an already delicate house of cards known as a whmcs database. I've seen more complaints about this than any other half-baked and poorly implemented feature and they seem to still think it's good! I do hope they spend all this extra money on a competent developer! If they hang around the colleges in Milton Keynes they'll probably find an upgrade willing to work Saturdays 🀣 Absolutely tragic state of affairs.
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    Well, yes sorta . In this case it is more of a developer helping developer. Now if someone that I know says "yeah they abandoned ship", I will gladly post a hook. But yes, code posts have gone down and @brian! noted that in a post a while back.
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    Not a full solution without you confirming the Change User Password module at https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/5645-change-user-password does indeed not work and the developer is not supporting it. An answer but still vague would be: use AdminAreaHeadOutput hook, check if file is clientsprofile, return javascript that will append the td where the password field should be.
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    Can confirm that works, for now. A hook could be done that injects that field in.
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    Hello @Remitur when your module details are in tbladdonmodules, the modules are active and include the hooks file WHMCs deletes module details when you deactivate a module and does not include hooks file
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    This is a registrar feature. You should ask them. Another way is to say registrar adjust their module to store the EPP to WHMCS as a service custom.field and then you can create a Hook to display a button on Client/Admin Area and trigger a SendEmail API function and send the EPP through an predefined Email Template.
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    @WHMCS John - so this issue continues to be painful for people and I have found another example of how broken it is. Ticket reply sent to account owner. They have an auto responder that sends from a different email address. Ticket Import Failed, the only reason I know is because of the workaround hook developed by users to fix a problem you created. WHMCS, which boasts will "automate your business", requires us to manually discover that this is happening and then manually add some sort of exception every time it happens. It is still a puzzle why are you adding an additional layer of complexity to WHMCS? You know what stat I would love to know? How many WHMCS users aren't even aware of this bug and are completely missing support tickets.
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    Reminder that there is a workaround hook to save us from what WHMCS broke The code is available at https://github.com/xxxmicrobexxx/whmcsEmailImportHook
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    @WHMCS John Thanks for leaving this bug unresolved. We've got clients pissed off at us. When we start losing business because WHMCS isn't functioning correctly should I just request a credit from you off our bill or should I loop my legal team in too?
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    Hi @aegisdesign The Wordpress hosting feature uses WordPress Toolkit for provisioning in cPanel and Plesk. The WordPress installs will be available for management via the WPTK interfaces.
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    For anyone that may come across this issue I believe I found the answer. The spotlight TLDs feature seems to be powered by Verisign, who only supports the TLDs .com, .net, .tv, .cc, and .name. Therefore it's unable to provide the spotlight feature for .org or any other TLD.
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    cWatch it’s not a module that is provided by WHMCS. You should ask the developer.
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    Imagine this - You buy a brand new car. You own the car. You intend to keep it for many years. After a couple of years, the car manufacturer announces that your car can no longer pass annual state inspections without a $200/month maintenance subscription fee. Your car still works fine. You just wouldn't be able to use it. Can you imagine that happening? That scenario would be identical to what WHMCS has done here.
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    Maybe, just maybe, you could listen your customers and put it back the way it was, the way it's always been, the way that we rely upon to effectively run our businesses. WHMCS isn't for lawyers or accountants or other industries that can lollygag when it comes to replies. We're in hosting and when things go wrong sometimes it needs attention immediately, and there is absolutely no way for us to know every person that every customer will ever involve. It's not realistic and it is affecting our business to the point where other options are getting to be worth the money. This is a once in a decade decision, so anyone who leaves isn't coming back. So maybe you should give us back the software that we're paying for instead of tacking on six more things that will break and telling us it's a feature when you KNOW its a bug. YOU KNOW ITS A BUG. The way I know you know? I have the confirmed bug reports! YOUR OWN TEAM CONFIRMED THIS IS A BUG! So stop blowing smoke up my a** and just fix the software like you've been saying you were going to and in fact did fix for a while before you broke it again!
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    Actually they're not. It's not an option to give access to our customer details to a third party like this. This is not safe for more reasons than I can list. You shouldn't be doing this either. Go ahead and email your customers and update your TOS to say that third party venders will have access to their personal information and credit card details and post back to let us know what they say. The software doesn't work, just don't be a * and refund it. Then go back and try to make it better. It's not hard to be a decent person. And WHMCS, please stop making our jobs harder.
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    I don't know why it doesn't work. The plugin maker said to change the permissions on a file to fix it which didn't. He then said he couldn't fix it without my whmcs and ftp information which obviously I'm not going to give. I said ok we tried, can I get a refund since it doesn't work. He said no. It amazes how WHMCS lets scammers advertise on their website. Weird stuff
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    buen dia alguien tiene los templates para spanish para la version 8.2.0 ? por favor, pudiera compartirlo
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    Hi Ed, Currently we do not have an official WHMCS Discord server but it is something we could consider if there is demand for one.
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    He just helped us to fixed the issues we faced with WHMCS, who else is here to help? @brian! is the only one responded to our queries most of the time, community is live because of him only.
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    WHMCS v8.15.2 - Admin Area refreshed (old menu returns - due to public demand demonstrated by a 2-vote feature request gaining traction!). 😜
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    Hi @wesley98morgan The 'Could not instantiate mail function' error means you are using the PHPMail() 'Mail Type' option. The PHP Mail function uses the servers "mail" function which is not always reliable, nor does it generate a friendly error. Could not instantiate mail function means that when attempting to send the email, the server rejected it. Refer to points 2 & 3 here for suggestions on the type of server-configuration changes which could resolve this: https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting#could-not-instantiate-mail-function Switching to SMTP under Setup > General Settings > Mail tab would allow you to have more descriptive errors when an issue does occur and is usually more reliable when sending emails. The $smtp_debug line can then be added to the configuration.php file to see the full log from the server: http://docs.whmcs.com/Email_Sending_Issues#Troubleshooting
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    Choose one response: 1) It was a feature asked for by many users. 2) Open a feature request for us to ignore. 3) The new user/client system means it's hard to get right, so no.
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    It is both. The user system was the larger and much higher demaned feature, so made sense to talk about that first. I'm glad to hear this hasn't impacted you often or caused great concern when it did. Of course users are unlikely to discuss this situation in a public forum, but I can confirm that in the private fora of support tickets, causes significant concern to a suitable number of WHMCS users to warrant a product change to address it.
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