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    The quick and dirty way: a simple query in phpmyadmin ...
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    Thanks brian it's work with data feeds
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    if the question is about displaying domain prices on the client side, then you have a number of options.... there is a hidden (not publicised) feature of WHMCS in that it has a separate domain pricing page (it shows grace/redemptions fees if you use them too) - for you, that page is @ https://lounce.hosting/domain/pricing/ the pricing table shown on the domain register page can be tweaked to show grace/redemption fees if required (or added to the domain transfer page) - https://whmcs.community/topic/294365-redemption-fee-in-domain-price-metrix/?do=findComment&comment=1315341 the same pricing table can be forced to show all TLDs by editing the template (not relevant for you yet as you only have 5 TLDs with priced) - https://whmcs.community/topic/272973-domain-matrix-show-all/?do=findComment&comment=1246181 you could use a data feed to show your current domain pricing in a basic table - https://docs.whmcs.com/Data_Feeds#Domain_Pricing_Table specific TLD prices could be pulled into your custom domain page using data feeds (they can slow the page load if too many are used at the same time) - https://docs.whmcs.com/Data_Feeds#Individual_TLD_Pricing if that domain page is using WHMCS, then you could use an action hook to pull current prices from the database - though feeds would be simpler to use if you're unfamiliar with hooks.
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    Welcome to WHMCS.Community Lilywalker! We're glad you're here please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Community Rules & Guidelines and take a moment to introduce yourself to other WHMCS.Community members in the Introduce Yourself Board.
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    https://docs.whmcs.com/Other_Tab#Default_to_Client_Area 🙂
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    off-hand, I can't think of a way via the admin settings.... I doubt you could use Marketer for such a purpose. you could certainly do it with a hook, invoicepaid I suppose, and then just determine if the invoice contains a service that's been renewed and if so, send a specific email template. one other thought on this, the blog mentioned that in 2019 there will be "On-Demand Renewals Support for Products and Services."... much as there is in the bugged domain renewals option... possibly as part of that feature, that will include a hosting renewal confirmation option ?? unless one of the WHMCS guys confirms what's going to happen, then you might need to wait for the betas to know. as I said, it can be done with hooks.
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    that output is from the Additional Domain Fields settings for .fr domains... https://docs.whmcs.com/Additional_Domain_Fields the docs page should walk you through the whole process - but just remember that it's better to create a custom file, additionalfields.php in the resources/domains folder, as specified above and then modifying your fields, rather than modifying the existing dist.additionalfields.php - which would work fine, but you'd lose all your modifications after updating WHMCS (which shouldn't occur if you use the method specified in the docs). <?php // .FR $additionaldomainfields[".fr"][] = array("Name" => "Legal Type", "LangVar" => "fr_legaltype", "Type" => "dropdown", "Options" => "Individual,Company", "Default" => "Individual",); $additionaldomainfields[".fr"][] = array("Name" => "Info", "LangVar" => "fr_info", "Type" => "display", "Default" => "{$_LANG['enomfrregistration']['Heading']} <ul> <li><strong>{$_LANG['enomfrregistration']['French Individuals']['Name']}</strong>: {$_LANG['enomfrregistration']['French Individuals']['Requirements']}</li> <li><strong>{$_LANG['enomfrregistration']['EU Non-French Individuals']['Name']}</strong>: {$_LANG['enomfrregistration']['EU Non-French Individuals']['Requirements']}</li> <li><strong>{$_LANG['enomfrregistration']['French Companies']['Name']}</strong>: {$_LANG['enomfrregistration']['French Companies']['Requirements']}</li> <li><strong>{$_LANG['enomfrregistration']['EU Non-French Companies']['Name']}</strong>: {$_LANG['enomfrregistration']['EU Non-French Companies']['Requirements']}</li> </ul> <em>{$_LANG['enomfrregistration']['Non-EU Warning']}</em>",); $additionaldomainfields[".fr"][] = array("Name" => "Birthdate", 'LangVar' => 'fr_indbirthdate', "Type" => "text","Size" => "16","Default" => "1900-01-01","Required" => false); $additionaldomainfields[".fr"][] = array("Name" => "Birthplace City", 'LangVar' => 'fr_indbirthcity', "Type" => "text","Size" => "25","Default" => "","Required" => false); $additionaldomainfields[".fr"][] = array("Name" => "Birthplace Country", 'LangVar' => 'fr_indbirthcountry', "Type" => "text", "Size" => "2", "Default" => "", "Required" => false, "Description" => "Please enter your country code (eg. FR, IT, etc...)"); $additionaldomainfields[".fr"][] = array("Name" => "Birthplace Postcode", 'LangVar' => 'fr_indbirthpostcode', "Type" => "text","Size" => "6","Default" => "","Required" => false); $additionaldomainfields[".fr"][] = array("Name" => "SIRET Number", 'LangVar' => 'fr_cosiret', "Type" => "text","Size" => "50","Default" => "","Required" => false); $additionaldomainfields[".fr"][] = array("Name" => "DUNS Number", 'LangVar' => 'fr_coduns', "Type" => "text","Size" => "50","Default" => "","Required" => false); $additionaldomainfields[".fr"][] = array("Name" => "VAT Number", 'LangVar' => 'fr_vat', "Type" => "text","Size" => "50","Default" => "","Required" => false); $additionaldomainfields[".fr"][] = array("Name" => "Trademark Number", 'LangVar' => 'fr_trademarknumber', "Type" => "text","Size" => "50","Default" => "","Required" => false); $additionaldomainfields[".re"] = $additionaldomainfields[".fr"]; $additionaldomainfields[".pm"] = $additionaldomainfields[".fr"]; $additionaldomainfields[".tf"] = $additionaldomainfields[".fr"]; $additionaldomainfields[".wf"] = $additionaldomainfields[".fr"]; $additionaldomainfields[".yt"] = $additionaldomainfields[".fr"]; and then just change Birthdate, Birthplace City etc to French and save.
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    another option would be to auto-close the ticket after a period of inactivity... https://docs.whmcs.com/Support_Tickets#Auto_Closing if the ticket is auto-closed before the issue is fixed, they can always reopen it.
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    During the last few years I started to think that writing KB articles an more in general any content is worthless. It feels like we write to satisfy SERP instead of actual people. The new trend I'm seeing is that people are becoming more and more lazy. They turn on/off checkboxes without even reading 25 chars long descriptions. Few minutes later they blame about something that is not working as expected. Guess what? It was due to that checkbox. It seems hilarious but it's not 😟
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    I don't appreciate new spam links being added, or modifying previously valid links, when quoting me - i'll ask @WHMCS ChrisD to have that link removed.
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    It depends on how many users you have. Personally I'd start with the cheapest one. 2 vCores and 2 GB of RAM are perfectly fine for a small WHMCS. When you start seeing your Load Averages consistently going over 1.50 then it's time to upgrade. Nowadays you should be able to increase vCores and RAM on demand in few clicks in case your Provider supports it. Anyway since we are talking about very small prices probably it would be preferable to start with the biggest.
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    Obviously, bigger will always be better. If your site is small just start with the basic one and then upgrade in case of issues. Just take into account that a VPS is a full server and will require the same amount of work in terms of patches, upgrades, security, as a normal server. In that regard you will have to manage everything from the operating system to the network configuration. If you don't have a system administrator for those tasks, get a fully managed system.
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    If the developers and WHMCS would use Dynamic Key protection for their code, e.g. license queries could be secured so that they are not decrypted without the correct key. There is no 100% protection, but this option would make it more difficult for crackers. Pure ioncube encryption only provides moderate protection. The Dynamic Key is not complicated, but unfortunately only few use it. The decryption of WHMCS and/or modules is not only stupid for the developers, users of such programs gain a competitive advantage because they save costs and can offer their products accordingly cheaper.
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    On AffiliateActivation create the coupon code... INSERT INTO tblpromotions (code, [...etc...]) VALUES ({$COUPON}, [...etc...]) {$COUPON} should contain the ID of the affiliate in some ways (eg. Affiliate ID is 24 - Coupon code is 24AAABBB). This way you can determine the what is the right coupon to use for each affiliate by simply looking at digits. Alternatively if you don't want to store the ID in the code you'll need to create a separate table that stores the connection between 24 and AAABBB.
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    Some people want to show their client's credit balance when they login to client area, as the option not implemented by default in Six Template here is how to do it: 1) Upload the PHP file from Attachements to -> /WHMCS-Path/includes/hooks/ directory. WHMCS_SixTemplateCreditBalance.zip
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    I was going to say that it would be easy to convert it to PDO prepared statements but the Capsule is great too. 🙂 should be easy to use those examples to convert it to the capsule. Hi brian! good to hear from you as well, good to see your still at it. I did alittle bit of coding after WHMCS but finally decided that even as a hobby i needed to call it quits for health reasons so i have not coded anything for pay in almost a year now. Part of me still misses it and sometimes ill whip up something just to learn how to do something new but thats about it. I moved to East Texas and i am loving it so much, its pretty and green and the lake it close enough to toss a rock and hit a fish lol.... But unlike NM, Texas has so many lakes its hard to chose just one, its alot like Texas girls, they are all beautiful its hard to choose just one. lol This is a very quiet rural community where the police chief dresses like a old west cowboy in the old days 🙂, its a very very small town and thats what i love about it. I bought some land here, first time land owner 🙂 and its keeping me busy, building a fence and so forth. I know im retired now but the plan is when i get to actual retirement age all i have for bills is utilities and a small HOA fee every month and the rest is for play time including fishing. So thats the plan.... so they say.. Sorry to be so long winded off topic... hope everyone is doing well and brian! take it easy man and do that voodoo that you do so well 🙂
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    I wasn't aware of this thread but I have asked WHMCS for the exact same solution. We were lucky as we're using DirectAdmin as it can update curl for you. However, we're still running into all sorts of issues. The cron fails silently with collation errors--even though the collation seems to be set right. The ssl check essentially runs a DDoS on your server when the above happens when your customers have 100+ domains. The ssl check is an AJAX-call which returns a hardcoded link to an image. Good luck if you have a custom theme. @WHMCS John, I think you should be much more open in your decision making process, requests.whmcs.com is a wasteland and so far every major release has included a 'feature' that includes new banners in the admin area. I am 100% willing to increase our monthly subscription fee if you would start to listen to your customers, improve your changelogs and documentation, and stopped shipping new features that have not been tested properly.
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    What, you mean the community thread where the guy from Plesk says "don't do this"?
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    Hi all, I think it's time to solve once and for all the problem with the ticket system and email templates - regarding the main contact / master account holder receiving all the emails - even the ones regarding a ticket that was opened by a sub account or a contact person from his organization. The current state creates an overburden on the "master account holder" and causes misunderstandings who opens the ticket and so on (not to mentioned the spam to unnecessary participants). Please follow this scenario: - We have a company (let's name her "Macrosoft Ltd"). - We have in our WHMCS 4 contacts: 1. The master account holder - let's say his name is Tom Cruise and his rule is purchasing manager. 2. The support manager - Matt LeBlanc. 3. The sales manager - John Oliver. 4. The CEO - Elizabeth Tudor Problem #1: - When Matt opens a ticket he get an automated mail stating: Tom Cruise (Macrosoft Ltd), Thank you for contacting our support team. A support ticket has now been opened for your request and you will be notified by email when a response is made. - Please note that the ticket was opened by Matt LeBlanc - not by Tom Cruise!! Matt ask himself - WTF... I opened this ticket not Tom... - The same mail is sent also to the "master account holder" - Tom Cruise. Tom ask himself - WTF... I don't recall opening any ticket lately.... Problem #2: - In our WHMCS we see under the submitter field - Tom Cruise (Macrosoft Ltd) (although the ticket was opened by Matt LeBlanc) - only when looking inside the ticket we can see that is was submitted by "Matt LeBlanc (Macrosoft Ltd) Contact" Problem #3: - Any reply we make to Matt LeBlanc's ticket is also sent to Tom Cruise Tom ask himself - WTF... why do I keep getting this mails? (now take under consideration that Tom gets such an emails for all the tickets opened by Matt, John and Elizabeth - it can accumulate to lots of mails that's spams Tom mailbox!!!) Problem #4: - Let's say we want to sent a new quote to Elizabeth Tudor the CEO of Macrosoft Ltd Again the quote is sent to Tom (and any other contact that have the relevant Email Notifications setting) and to Elizabeth. and again - the name in the mail and on the quote is Tom and not Elizabeth!! Actually any email template that have the {$client_name} merge fields will be of Tom regardless who is the relevant contact that should receive such a mail / notification / quote etc. To sum it all up - there is a huge mix-up and confusion while using the Clients Information / master account holder information/ {$client_name}merge fields not to mentioned the amount of spam received to the email address registered under the Clients Information / master account holder. This is something relevant to any customer with more then one contact - so I'm sure that lots of WHMCS users face the same problem. If those problems weren't enough let's have few more: Problem #5 - Sometimes John Oliver sends a mail to Matt LeBlanc and add us in this mail in CC. A new ticket is opened with John Oliver set as the relevant contact. - Like stated before - Tom get's the email (and his name in the mail) - There is no way for us to see we are not the ones this mail is sent to (we are only in CC on the original mail). - If we reply to this ticket - only John (and Tom) will get the answer - nothing will be sent to Matt (unless we manually add his mail to the CC of the ticket - but there is no indication for us to do so). To sum it all up, I can't see the logic or advantages in the current situation - It create lots of problems and spam in any company that have more then one contact. I think that creating a clear and strict use of the relevant contact across WHMCS ticket, email templates and any other part of WHMCS - is mandatory. Every act we do should be related to a specific contact and only him. In the Feature requests system I found several relevant request: 12 votes - Client Contact Ticket Management https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/client-contact-ticket-management 7 votes - Disable Email to the main account e-mail https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/disable-email-to-the-main-account-e-mail 4 votes - Support ticket notifications - limit to contact participating https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/support-ticket-notifications-limit-to-contact-participating 4 votes - Improve email personalisation https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/improve-email-personalisation Total of 27 votes regarding the problem with the contact management. I think that WHMCS team should read this post and see the problems stated here and find a solution A.S.A.P But If from some strange reason it's not obvious this issue should be fixed - please please please add your votes. Thanks! Ram Thanks, Ram
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    Couldn't agree more. I'm stunned that the current state-of-affairs has survived for so long.
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    Hi all, I have spent some more time in the feature request system and found lots of other relevant request regarding this problem. There are at least 22 feature requests with a total of 156 votes. In a nutshell all of them showing the same problem - in WHMCS there is no real distinction between contacts, sub accounts and main contact / master account holder. Actually there should not be a main contact / master account holder at all... The system should be built around companies with contacts /sub accounts that works in the company, the company itself should not have any direct contact information - It should serve just as a "container" to hold all the company contacts, products, services, domains, invoices and transactions# All the other information should be in a contacts /sub accounts level Let's go over the client profile: Profile tab: All the red markings represent information that is not relevant to the company - but rather at the contacts /sub accounts level. All the remaining information is relevant to the company information / setting. Contact tab: =========================================================== Again - there should be a strict and clear distinction between the company and the contacts /sub accounts and between contacts /sub accounts to contacts /sub accounts. This is something that should reflect on the ticket system, email template, quotes, invoices etc. ========================================================= This is the list of relevant feature requests I found - but there are probably more. Please vote for them + add your comment to this post so it will catch the eyes of WHMCS as the full project that it represent: 41 votes - Custom fields for additional contacts: https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/custom-fields-for-additional-contacts 21 votes - add custom client fields for sub-accounts too https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/add-custom-client-fields-for-sub-accounts-too 1 votes -Allow contacts/sub-accounts to update their details https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/allow-contacts-sub-accounts-to-update-their-details 7 votes - Support ticket notifications - limit to contact participating https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/support-ticket-notifications-limit-to-contact-participating 14 votes - Client Contact Ticket Management https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/client-contact-ticket-management 2 votes - Contact name in email templates https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/contact-name-in-email-templates 2 votes - Additional Contact Permissions https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/additional-contact-permissions 1 votes - Support Tickets - Contact Filter https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/support-tickets-contact-filter 1 votes - contacts should have the same disable field options as client details https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/contacts-should-have-the-same-disable-field-options-as-client-details 9 votes - Disable Email to the main account e-mail https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/disable-email-to-the-main-account-e-mail 1 votes - Company Access Controls https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/company-access-controls 1 votes - Client Contact Notes https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/client-contact-notes 17 votes - Send invoice related mail to Invoice contact only (if exists) https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/send-invoice-related-mail-to-invoice-contact-only-if-exists 2 - votes - Clients Marketing Email-Newsletter Opt-Out Facility II https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/clients-marketing-email-newsletter-opt-out-facility-ii 1 votes - Fully conceal financial information from account contacts/sub-users where permissions specifically require it https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/fully-conceal-financial-information-from-account-contacts-sub-users-where-permissions-specifically-require-it 3 votes - Allow assigning Contact to ticket https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/allow-assigning-contact-to-ticket 6 votes - Improve email personalization https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/improve-email-personalisation 15 votes - Include email addresses that were added via CC to opening ticket and all replies https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/include-email-addresses-that-were-added-via-cc-to-opening-ticket-and-all-replies 6 votes - Sub-accounts only viewing tickets they create https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/sub-accounts-only-viewing-tickets-they-create 2 votes - Sub-Account Modify Password Permission https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/sub-account-modify-password-permission 2 votes - Two-Factor Authentication for Sub-Account https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/two-factor-authentication-for-sub-account 1 votes - Support Tickets: Improved display of who you're communicating with https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/support-tickets-improved-display-of-who-youre-communicating-with
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    Hello @crudfunc Whilst at this time the team have not made any official announcements any information would be added to the blog and release notes if this is added in the future, you can also submit a feature request at requests.whmcs.com
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    As I know, the first isn't a rule sometimes. The reason of the problem could be anything.

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