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  1. My registration page is jacked up

    I am unable to see anything wrong when i visit.
  2. Addon for collecting sensitive information

    I think you have this module Not?
  3. All themes/templates are upgraded for latest whmcs 7.5.0, The upgrade instructions and change logs are available in download folder in changes.txt file.
  4. Yes @brian is rock , I am really happy to see that, now you got solution from @brian.
  5. After receiving plenty of requests and feedback from respective customers, we have decided to reduce the prices of our all templates and orders forms by 20% to 50%. Also, from February 12th, 2018 onward, we are going to change our support and update policy. After this change we can invest more in providing continuously and more better support. As per new policy, every new purchase will receive 12 months Free support and updates, after that you can pay a small fee for additional support and updates add-on for another 12 months. This add-on is optional, If you choose not to purchase an additional year of support and updates, you may continue to use current version of template without any worries, however you will no longer be eligible to receive customer support & product updates. The new support and update addon policy will not affect existing clients who have made purchase till 12th February 2018 (12AM) IST, they will get lifetime support and updates absolutely free. We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to deliver the most flexible and feature full solution for your business. Please visit www.ThemeMetro.com to see all new changes.
  6. It’s India’s 69th Republic Day, a proud moment for the entire nation. But, that is not the only reason to celebrate. ThemeMetro presents the Great Republic Day offer with flat 30% discount on all templates and order forms. Just use the promo code REP69 to avail discount. All you need to remember is that the discount period is from 23rd to 26th January, 2018. So stop looking and start buying!
  7. All themes/templates are upgraded for latest whmcs 7.4.2, The upgrade instructions and change logs are available in download folder in changes.txt file.
  8. Before going to XMAS Holiday we are pleasure to offer 25% on all ThemeMetro Themes/Templates & Order forms til 31st 2017, enter a promotion code, XMAS2017, and you will automatically get 25% off list price. Please make sure to complete your purchase early to avoid disappointment; once this sale's over there may be a long wait till we offer such a large discount again! Happy XMAS from Team ThemeMetro
  9. adeNo 1.5 has been released which is updated version for #WHMCS 7.4.1 and available for download from client area.
  10. Insert Knowladgebase Issue

    please try to refresh the browser and clear caches, because its working fine for me.
  11. Insert Knowladgebase Issue

    @brian! and @WHMCS John Thank you very much
  12. Hello, I notice a bug in 7.3 From WHMCS admin in ticket reply insert knowladgebase option not working.. Please try to insert then a popup appear, then try to select any category, Its redirect to homepage.
  13. Hello, eNO is our own copyrighted UI where we have integrated WHMCS admin theme to build adeno template. And one more thing, please take a look at our eNo client area template. You'll know what we are and what we do. and if you want to see our full admin UI. https://www.templatemonster.com/admin-templates/eno-admin-template-admin-template-64826.html If you know, nobody can sell others UI in big marketplace like Template monster, envato etc. As far as LARA is concern, It is based on someone other's admin UI please find link below. https://adminlte.io/ https://adminlte.io/themes/AdminLTE/ The common things you're talking about are always find similar in every WHMCS admin theme/template because they all have similar features and functionality as per WHMCS because WHMCS doesn't allow so many possibilities of modifications in admin section by tpl files, there are very few things which you can edit/modify. Thanks
  14. Redo template is now available in RTL too. Live demo available at https://goo.gl/ficJea

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