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  1. Hello there I thing it is hard-coded, but just to make sure! It is not possible to translate picture below. I think those info comes from DOMAIN REGISTRAR, if so we should live with that. I have searched on client area languages and did not find nothing.
  2. Thank you @brian! I managed to make it works!
  3. Hello there How can we activated domain suggestion to our domain search on client area?. So when client made a search for domain that is not available it will auto return Domain Suggestions names. I have read WHMCS docs, but did not help a lot. https://docs.whmcs.com/Domain_Suggestions I am using ENOM registrar I want to have suggested domain bellow search like this print from other hosting provider. There is any options in General setting I am missing to tick? It do never prompt to any suggestion in my website 😐 Thank you!
  4. zitu4life

    Adding a menu item under "Logs"?

    Wow, now I see changes, Appreciate that! now I realized how WHMCS has grow since beginning. I think V8 will be like as v7.8+ because looks like WHMCS are working very hard on v7.8 due some sensitive improvements that they decide to bring all together in 7.8, due to that, I think they will take some break and only comes with few things. they also are working on project managements improvements that has lot of future requests, they also are working on new iphone and android app from scratch...actually I guess they promise new cellphone app this year...lot of work... Yes, I decide to go across and use a front-end template from marketplace not encrypted so even if developer disappear I still have options to hire others to fix it, but I am learning everyday...perhaps in next 2 3 years I could be able to learn better how to customize client area to look like basic front-end, so I will be my own backup developer, anyway I do not have problem on hire people for doing job I can not do alone, others people already usually hire me or my company for things they do not know hot to do too...So it is fair enough 😊
  5. Hello there I am looking for a way to change how WHMCS handles tasks in project management. i know this addon is hard-coded but perhaps this could be changed with CSS or hook. So... by default WHMCS display all tasks (completed and not completed) and also there is a check box to tick HIDE COMPLETED TASKS. I want to revert it, by default to hide all completed tasks and only if i tick do display HIDDEN COMPLETED TASKS. If i tick now to hide COMPLETED TASKS, once I refresh browser all tasks will be displayed again. Some times i have project with more than 50 tasks, and I need only to focus on UNCOMPLETED TASKS, and now it is boring to see all the time all COMPLETED TASKS. I guess CSS or hook could do that, but I do not have to right skills to do that. PS: I have custom.css on admin with @brian! hook. and also there is some style css on project manager folder on cpanel. thank you!
  6. zitu4life

    Adding a menu item under "Logs"?

    Sometimes looks like v8 could has several changes 😣 and all we have been done could no longer serves. Normally when WHMCS announces news comming update I get happy, considering new improvements are coming, new future, etc, etc... I am using WHMCS for almost 3 years (7.3 I guess), and did not see big changes on ADMIN or CLIENT AREA, it all look same during all that time...six still the same, admin blend still same... Why we should expect WHMCS to make changes in future version... I guess you are trying to say usually on changes like v5 v6 v7 v8 could has more changes comparing to vx.1 vx.2 etc. Anyway I did not see how WHMCS looks like on v5 v6...if anyone has print would like to see it. I have customize my front end template to be my own...so I should be afraid since it uses template from 7.8.2 ? when V8 comes it could cause me issues? or need to do all customization's again or even start from scratch?
  7. zitu4life

    How to make payment gateway

    Hire expert developers for that. If you are a beginner and also are looking to have your own custon payment gateway integrate with WHMCS you wont achieve that alone. it requires a particular skills and expirence. You need to have API documentation received by a GATEWAY provider, implement it, security, REFUND, it is not like joking with some customization. But like Kian point you, it all start with that documentation, make payment gateway it self there is a tutorial there, details and devil are on INTEGRATION. By the way, would like to know if there is any expert in payment gateway integration to WHMCS in this community? 3Dsecure and Verified by VISA.
  8. Hello The easiest way I am thinking for not show promo codes is apply prices manual overrides, if this clients has 10 hosting in hist account, you will go on his client summary page and edit all 10 products prices manually after calculating new prices (using a calculator) with that hidden discount that only you know, so all invoices will just display new prices you setup up. I usually do this, but like you said before, it will need always a manual intervention, so if this client do not renew for example 3 services, so his discount will be less, so another time you need to overrides all prices for this specially client. Let see if others have found a way to do that with some automation.
  9. zitu4life

    Best Live Chat

    Well well, I was thinking buy WHMCS live chat addon and there is a free module available and also perhaps less bug 🤔🤔, I will make more research to see others opinion.
  10. I found on MarketPlace I template that suits all my needs, off course I have to made some customization's, but till now happy with results! Actually WHMCS has solutions for every needs, but sometimes you have to dig a little to get it works.😅
  11. zitu4life

    Hi for UKBSS.COM

    Why we can not inspect that website on browser? 🤔 How can i do that on my website too? it is LOCKED?
  12. zitu4life

    Hi for UKBSS.COM

    @grindey I like your website, it inspiring me for what i was looking for a days... But take a look in you page, about us if if have to correct pointed word.
  13. Hello there I found this tread from 2017 replied from @brian! So instead of having terms and service linked to the navbar, we could edit footer TPL, to have a link on footer? regards
  14. thanks for your reply @Kian and clarification, but what i am trying to say is not have a complicated header and footer. those templates already have header and footer, but for me it is a very simply footer...like nothing, they all just have... Copyright © 2019 Company Name. All Rights Reserved. nothing more, and I guess this info comes from six template. they all are like this... But also there is some templates with header and footer on MARKETPLACE, and their price all on average same even if they have that future or not...Anyway, I was thinking it would be easy to be done, but now I understand requirements on the background. a service called header and footer customization's would be a must, perhaps those developers should consider create this extra service, when client buy their modules 😅
  15. Hello there I was thinking about why WHMCS client area templates developers based on Six never think in such idea of having and option of customized simple header and footer in their template. I truly do not understand that. Perhaps it is complicated to develop?, perhaps does not make senses have it in their template?, perhaps they think clients will never need or used it...The true is that they do not add it....I have looked at a lot of those template and some are very nice module and have tested some of them: I will attach a print of WHMCS footer to explain ( I have removed some info due to not share some info). I template module would be more useful if such futures exists in future...my suggestion is not to create it as main module attributes, but in module control could has as option to tick to add header and footer and also a way to edit it (Add VISA and MASTER accepted, if possible private police, terms of services and ABOUT). Those guys create an amazing module, and then when you see you do not have those future you are forced to leave their modules and find FRONTEND templates that has those future, but most of those front end template has ugly customized client area...what a mess...if you want client area template, you do not have frontend, if you want frontend you do not have friendly client area... Please developers we are END CLIENT, we do not know how to code, we do not know how to create hooks and worst JS, make END USER facility more easy, so we will keep renew you module for several years, because we not want to deal on every WHMCS with footer and header edit, adapt integration, etc...please kindly take in consideration add those future as an OPTION for who need it, do not think every client already has their personal website with everything...... provide clients OPTIONS 😉... top header example with phone and email...😉 @SwiftModders LLC Nice Client area theme and do not find this future. This client area could be a good start point to use it as main front end to...This very skilled developer uses WHMCS for other things rather then hosting, so you are not only one, add these futures or think develop a new module front end not just related to MAINLY thinking in hosting. @Paweł Bis (LAGOM) Nice Client area theme and do not find this future. This client area could be a good start point to use it as main front end to we you wish so. Main Question is, What if I decide to use your client area module only? will find a gap of main futures Header and Footer, conclusion a need to jump to other module could be a option or pay more money for new development. Think about! PS: All front-end developers think you will only be sold out domain and hosting primarily,etc,etc, so if you will not, means you have to DIG a lot of customization and knows god what more to edit on their template. WHMCS is a powerful managing system not only for hosting or domain, so more END USER could like to have it also, and we need to think small business to not have money to keep 2 websites at time...ans support all costs, so a template could be a great choice. ( a template that allow us a facility to choice who we want to use it)... one thing that makes me success in my business for all these years, I usually listen to every single client needs, hope you too there. I could add more developers here, but they will be also on standby watching.

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