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  1. I guess WHMCS understand only one language: Terminate account=Delete account
  2. Hello, if you can not login on WHMCS official website, and also you are receiving message Login Details Incorrect. Please try again. Your may be using wrong password or wrong email...try resetting your password https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/password/reset/begin
  3. hello @Norberto Ramirez As you highlight server has changed (for example: domain change, IP, directory etc)...it means you need to re-issue your license. You need to logging in WHMCS login website to do that, if you bought your license on some hosting company or get it on reseller or vps\dedicated services, you should contact then by ticket and they can re-issue license for you.
  4. Hello there How can I use custom css on order forms Can I just create a a file there custom.css???
  5. Thanks @brian! it really helps understanding the way to achieve my goal. But I have to wait beta v8 to see what main changes we will go...hope that WHMCS release it before end of june. I will get in toch.
  6. Hello there I intend to create news products that will apply specific own addon not existing in market-connect addons. I have created a product on my dev, and also my addons, so on cart page that I would like to customize those addon to looks more vivid like market-connect addons that comes with pictures for example. Here is my addons is there possible to start with those from WHMCS marketplace and edit them? I do not know where they are located or even if they are not encrypted. PS: From WHMCS admin i have realized that it is not possible to customized it, perhaps tpl files. Thanks!!
  7. Hi @bluesteam I do agree with you. I have edited my template email, saying that also client can just reply to that email to us. So now they mostly do that, replying. we agree with quote. But if there is more friendly way to improve it, I would like to listen too😇
  8. Hello. I am assuming that you mean users/members=Admin Staff. If so the answer is no. Admin staff will only see those messages for those project that they were assign to. But the bad thing is that WHMCS Project management will only allow you assigning a project to one staff at a time. I assume it is designeted to be like that, because they update PM on September 23rd, 2019 but it still work like that. I do not see advantages of having it be like this, with that limitation.😪 But a Full administrator will see everything, even if a project is not assign to him, possible it is related to roles permission. If you did not order PM yet, here are a print how it looks like, relating to messages
  9. Hello there Clients can see Network Status on client area. There is a PHP Info url there, if I click it will open one of website currently hosted in my server...After inspected it I am seeing that php.info has this url https://12.34.567.89/status/index.php?action=phpinfo" target="_blank">PHP Info</a> where 12.34.567.89 is overriding my actual IP. So I can not figure out why in all client area this https://12.34.567.89/status/index.php?action=phpinfo will redirect to one of website hosted on my server. Show I contact my server admin to double check or someone else have face this issue before? Thank you
  10. Hello there Currently we can monitor our business with this new app , see some metrics, and also ticket reply. But my feeling is that it can get even better. - Webdesigners; - "Professional" Developers; - Webhosting business; - WHMCS it self, as a software; - And possible many more areas that are using WHMCS software; We do not have even an option to take quick notes. Idea is to have a PM addon access on the app, or if app provide a way somehow to have a quick MENU named Others where users would choose to add specific futures currently existing on WHMCS as default. Not asking for full futures, but those basically one (see current projects, create new, create tasks on the goo, mark task as completed). A cellphone usually is always with us, so even, on the beach, mountain, hospital, airport, etc, etc...great idea for a project can raise and having a way to note it before we forget is good, or even assign a new task to the team.👍 Setting Icon could be re-arranged to provide more space, as after we sett up our our app we will use it very offen.
  11. Yes you are absolutely right. Removing IP is not a good idea due to domain propagation...So with IP address customer will be able to login immediately. And it is also leaving it with HTTP like WHMCS TEMPLATE currently is, because if we change template to HTTPS will be some situation where customer could not login: 1- In some cases server could has some configuration conflict and HTTPS will get unavailable, so having HTTP by default means always customer will be able to login; PS: But I agree that I could customize that email template, to get more clarified and perhaps also remove some information there...and also providing a oficial login after propagation, where client should know that after 24 hours he only should use cpanel.customer-domain.com to login.
  12. Actually I think the issue is that WHMCS template provides IP address on those email template...or perhaps I have wrong configuration on Setup>Products>Servers Se email example send out to client: PS: Of course I have edited IP and domain....IP is just 12 34 567 890 (fake informativos) ============================================================== Login Details Username: cpanelusername Password: D12(P)D08aebsL Control Panel URL: http://12.34.567.890:2082/ Once your domain has propagated, you may also use http://www.customer-domain.com:2082/ Server Information Server Name: My company server Server IP: 12.34.567.890 If you are using an existing domain with your new hosting account, you will need to update the nameservers to point to the nameservers listed below. Nameserver 1: ns1.mycompanydomain.com (12.34.567.890) Nameserver 2: ns2.mycompanydomain.com (12.34.567.890) Uploading Your Website Temporarily you may use one of the addresses given below to manage your web site: Temporary FTP Hostname: 12.34.567.890 Temporary Webpage URL: http://12.34.567.890/~cpanelusername/ And once your domain has propagated you may use the details below: FTP Hostname: http://www.customer-domain.com Webpage URL: http://www.customer-domain.com Email Settings For email accounts that you setup, you should use the following connection details in your email program: POP3 Host Address: mail.customer-domain.com SMTP Host Address: mail.customer-domain.com Username: The email address you are checking email for Password: As specified in your control panel Thank you for choosing us. ========================================================================== I usualy login to cpanel just using.... cpanel.mydomain.com whm.mydomain.com So Is it needed to provided client those IP information or those template could be changed to provide client cpanel login as cpanel.customer-domain.com which will have HTTPS...I am wondering if as it is IP adress the reason for not have HTTPS
  13. Hello there Today a customer send an email saying that when he tried to access to cpanel there is no https....After troubleshooting I saw that he was using email received when buy new hosting account. And on email template for new hosting account it has http by default. I think perhaps it should be like that and there is no error regarding that....Assuming that if it has HTTPS customer could not be able to login, since it is new account and no SSL where set yet!!! is this true or a better explanation for why WHMCS email templates are sent out without https. Can I edit to have better scenario?
  14. There is a invoice merge...So you could create second order and generate invoice and untick send invoice to custumer...at This time go to client invoices list, select those 2 invoices and merge them on 1 invoice only. Now use template e-mail SEND MODIFIED ITEMS to informa client that there is a change...I usually use This method.
  15. I am tempted to say this still not designated to work on the app . Not sure if others users also try this. But i have made several combinations of trying and none work... On App we have these fields: WHMCS url with our domain ✅ Admin user name: I have tried combination with desired staff username, have also tried using API identifier❌ Admin Password: I have tried combination with staff password and also with API Secret ❌ API acess key: I have tried my own API created following WHMCS tutorial, and also tried those automatically created on roles tab.❌ If a staff with limited roles would be possible to login, would be good if WHMCS update documentation showing tutorial, because it sounds it still not designated to work. PS: Different combination did not work!!!!! If an WHMCS support specialist could give it a try while app is on development stage would be a must.
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