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  1. Hi @UnwilfulExpenditure No, My production version is 8.1.3 I am starting to realize that some Modules garden sometimes causes issues...This is second time I got something related to their module, when I sign up for their 7 days trial. Possible will need to re-install that module that module, better is open a ticket on modules garden and they can fix it them selves.
  2. I did not open Setup Wizard for so long. And today tried to change WHMCS logo there, but it just prompt this error... have tried already: 1 - change my admin template to default blend bu same error 2 - activated display error on settings but no other messages.. 3 - Tried to see Server details after click Edit Got this error The file /home/zitu4life_fake_cpanelusername/public_html/modules/addons/TimeTaskManager/TimeTaskManager.php is invalid. Please upload the file once again or contact ModulesGarden support. (12789e48d1e4321212ed507fbc11a406c78d87899 != )
  3. Hello there I have some modules that currently inactive (do not use it anymore), and I need to remove it from my installation. I know I can go on setting on addon modules Bu I still saw those sql tables on PhpMyAdmin Can I just delete then on php my admin to? There is some modules to be deleted. I guess they are also using some space, and my backup plan charge me for that, so why have them there and paying extra costs for that.
  4. Hello there Is it possible to have a WHMCS module that can use https://www.openstreetmap.org/. Like having a maps inside this custom WHMCS module? I am playing and exploring possibilities for custom module.
  5. Hello @WmPitcher I am not best one perhaps to point what is the best practices, but... If you need to invoice a client using admin area, so I would advice use ADD ORDER, wich will generate invoice for that order and also this info will be used by WHMCS for reports and analytics. - using manual invoice will need you to add custom invoice lines that could be anything your want and WHMCS will group all custom invoice items on same group. So add order is better. I usually use Billable items for small items that I need to invoice clients already with contracts with me, clients with Billing Cycle active, and I need to add something to invoice them and this item is smaller to invoice now, so I use billable items to invoice this smaller item together with next invoice.
  6. I noted and missed that thread for the first time after starting using WHMCS. On every release WHMCS used to create it but this time no. I can think in some reasons why not this time, but expect it do not become a rule. I like to test WHMCS and post what I found out.
  7. Today I noted that I was not able to access my WHMCS admin (got that display on browser) For a moment it sounds strange and trying to checked what happened. First thing was my is hosting server down? I tested other website on same shared hosted and it works!! Well it gets scared!!! I logged-in directly to my WHM and when it prompts me to enter my 2 Factor authentication PIN it brings me more peace of mind once on WHM and latter to cpanel, made security inspection and noted that my .htaccess restricted me to loggin, and after more excavation found that my public IP were different ( my Internet service provider ISP released a different range of IP´s) that I have not allowed access to my WHMCS admin. So after confirm that there is new range of IP, I added that to my .htaccess and it starts works normally. So it looks to be a good practice using those security tips. Happy that it blocked me access 😃because it shows me in practice that it will block others un-wanted strangers away from my server.
  8. Hello After we activate 2F authentication for the first time we get a QR code to scan with our mobile and complete 2F authentication, but this QR code only appears once, and if we change mobile phone, we do not find anymore QR code. I can not find this print anymore on my WHMCS admin. Is it reset-able? Print image is from WHMCS documentation https://help.whmcs.com/m/security/l/1220677-using-two-factor-authentication-for-clients
  9. In my case I use 1GB plan which costs 5.25 USD year. it looks like they compress all files before backup, so it is soo cheap that looks OK, but if your files\server is so critical having other backup to complement it is a must. It backup's ALL FILES and also DATABASE, regarding backup, I have made a test deleting some files and also tried restore from Code Guard and works. I am on second year using Code guard, and did not have any issue to say for now. I am not trying to promote them, just trying to help others that could not have in place any backup's so it can help, as before using them I have a stress when my WHMCS kill his self. And also sometimes we have clients that think that hosting provider is 100% responsible 🤪 for backups, so this is a an option to increase our clients website confidence. I have my entire public_html on backup.
  10. hello @snake I am using it and it never fails so far...auto backup automatically and it sends me emails with confirmation daily. It send data to amazon servers which brings me more peace of mind. Price is also great as we have discount from marketconnect. I guess I test also restore backup once and works ok. If you do not have any other backup reliable it is a great choice, Before I was using email database default on WHMCS, but code guard is of course lot better. So currently I have a cron backup locally every day on my hosting + codeguard which have been work great, witch those 2 in place I having been focuses on business growing. PS1: despite is good believing in God, time to time I make a full cpanel backup and store offline on hardrive just in case. PS2: I usually test all market connect services first before sold it out to clients..it is good understand how it works.
  11. Hello there I am starting using another platform to complement missing future, because WHMCS do not have support that function, neither there is no such module for that. So I need to export some information from WHMCS. I was successfully to export clients and client profile. But it would be very friendly if I could export products and their prices to, as I have several ONE TIME product added, and out of the box I did not find how can I achieve that. I guess on WHMCS admin can not be done. What about PhpMyAdmin on cpanel? I am looking a way to avoid being using copy and paste one by one from WHMCS to another system.
  12. Hi @spirog it is worth say to not install beta release on your production website, if it is your case. I made it in the past when starting using WHMCS and learned with it. You can request WHMCS dev license for free if you bought your license directly from official website. You can pay one time for dev license if you bought your whmcs license from reseller. Also you can request a dev license theme from your module developer, so you can perform your own tests and customization before apply it to your production. I have it in place as i also use a them module from my front-end WHMCS website. Thanks to @brian! tips + 3 years ago, when I install beta release on my production after few hours after WHMCS release it.
  13. Thank you Brian, but what I guess what I am looking for is simple, it is just a cosmetic change...lets see... CV official language is also Portuguese, so my needs is just to instead of appears PT I need it to display CV. I have reached that modifying a hook to be like this. <?php # Specify Valid Languages for Language Chooser Hook # Written by brian! function valid_languages_hook($vars) { $mylocal = $vars['locales']; $activelocale = $vars['activeLocale']; $validlanguages = array("english","portuguese-pt"); foreach ($mylocal as $key => $value) { if (!in_array($value["language"],$validlanguages)) { unset($mylocal[$key]); } elseif ($mylocal[$key]["language"] == "portuguese-pt") { $mylocal[$key]["localisedName"] = "CV"; } else { $mylocal[$key]["localisedName"] = strtoupper($mylocal[$key]["countryCode"]); } } if ($activelocale["language"] == "portuguese-pt") { $activelocale["localisedName"] = "CV"; } else { $activelocale["localisedName"] = strtoupper($activelocale["countryCode"]); } return array("locales" => $mylocal, "activeLocale" => $activelocale); } add_hook("ClientAreaPage", 1, "valid_languages_hook"); So it works, but It can not display CV flag instead of PT flag. I inspected it on browser and I noted that flags are related to a code <button type="button" class="btn" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#modalChooseLanguage"> <div class="d-inline-block align-middle"> <div class="iti-flag cv"></div> </div> CV&nbsp;|&nbsp;$ CVE </button> <div class="d-inline-block align-middle"> <div class="iti-flag pt"></div> </div> So I have tried to change line <div class="iti-flag cv"></div> </div> where iti-flag pt to become iti-flag cv Also I changed it here <a href="#" class="item active" data-value="portuguese-pt"> <span class="iti-flag cv"></span> <span>CV</span> </a> replacing again iti-flag pt to become iti-flag cv But if I update browser I will loose changes, so it is just a cosmetic changes. Sorry if could been able to explain with other post
  14. Hi @brian! Can you give a hand. I have tried to modify your hook trying "trial and error" but could not completed alone and sometimes it gets website broke. I have this hook: <?php # Specify Valid Languages for Language Chooser Hook # Written by brian! function valid_languages_hook($vars) { $mylocal = $vars['locales']; $activelocale = $vars['activeLocale']; $validlanguages = array("english","portuguese-pt"); foreach ($mylocal as $key => $value) { if (!in_array($value["language"],$validlanguages)) { unset($mylocal[$key]); } elseif ($mylocal[$key]["language"] == "english") { $mylocal[$key]["localisedName"] = "EN"; } else { $mylocal[$key]["localisedName"] = strtoupper($mylocal[$key]["countryCode"]); } } if ($activelocale["language"] == "english") { $activelocale["localisedName"] = "EN"; } else { $activelocale["localisedName"] = strtoupper($activelocale["countryCode"]); } return array("locales" => $mylocal, "activeLocale" => $activelocale); } add_hook("ClientAreaPage", 1, "valid_languages_hook"); and I want to overrides abbreviation PT to CV and also override flag image from PT to CV, I see that on WHMCS admin there is a CV flag somewhere. I am aware that modifications can be done possible here replacing english to portuguese-pt and so EN to PT If I just replace english>portuguese-pt and PT>CV I will get that EN will be changed automatically to GB abbreviation } elseif ($mylocal[$key]["language"] == "english") { $mylocal[$key]["localisedName"] = "CV"; } else { $mylocal[$key]["localisedName"] = strtoupper($mylocal[$key]["countryCode"]); } } if ($activelocale["language"] == "english") { $activelocale["localisedName"] = "CV"; Regarding flags image it self I even do not know how to override it. I found an image on WHMCS but it do not helps a lot How can have PT>CV with flags images overrides too.
  15. there is a blog post from them https://blog.whmcs.com/133681/what-is-whmcs
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