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  1. I think also it could be related with app trying to see automatically if there is a new version of the app available to update, what means issues on WHMCS side (play store or apple store). Issues looks not be on local cellphone. I usually switch from home wifi to 3g\4g phone plan and works fine, but suddenly with no explain happens loosing connection login details
  2. here too I have saw it lost all login credential ( at least 3 times) and had to insert it all again, but i did not realize in what circumstance it will lost login credential, it lost login credential 3 days ago.
  3. Only version 8 supports PHP7.4 and its Will bem released beta on comming weeks. Check WHMCS blog.
  4. While I think all 3 stats are important, Income would be my choice. 1- We clearly need to provide a great support to our customers to ensure , they will be happy and stay with us for long and long years 2- Orders are also important, but WHMCS has powerful automation's, so this means after clients pays he\she will receive their domain and hosting without need our manual intervention. 3- Income ✳️...Every business , unless it is just a hobby , we need to pay attention to income in so every aspects, so having our income on our hands make us think and also think in actions needed on time to fix some gaps, or low semester full income. My suggestion to complement this income stats for the APP is to have Reports somewhere on the APP, not all reports, but just Annual Income report and Income Forecast As a company owner, having those metrics on the app is a must, because it allow us to analyse and compare even far away from Laptop. On the graph above, we could see on first trimester 2020 where better to 2019, but after COVID numbers goes down...so have a possibility to analyse and take those conclusion on our hand is also important, while thinking on strategies to trying to fix it
  5. Hello @WHMCS Sachin Thanks for letting us be more open to share our ideas.πŸ˜„ Al WHMCS users like this software a lot, so even that we know that software belongs to WHMCS, we would like to have it with our branded name on it, so my suggestion is that app could import our company name (that already exists on WHMCS admin>Setup>General settings) And display that name on app somewhere, on top or not, it is up to WHMCS where would be more convenient during developing , my print suggestion bellow. PS: this option to show company name could be also optional, so this mean if a user do not want to see their company name there , he\she could go to app settings and disable it with tick on\off so every one will be happy. Personally I think having a possibility to see our company name on APP make, make us feel like ...this is our app too, also perhaps could be users that have several WHMCS installations, so when they switch from one to another they could know easily on what installation is πŸ‘Œ
  6. I guess WHMCS understand only one language: Terminate account=Delete account
  7. Hello, if you can not login on WHMCS official website, and also you are receiving message Login Details Incorrect. Please try again. Your may be using wrong password or wrong email...try resetting your password https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/password/reset/begin
  8. hello @Norberto Ramirez As you highlight server has changed (for example: domain change, IP, directory etc)...it means you need to re-issue your license. You need to logging in WHMCS login website to do that, if you bought your license on some hosting company or get it on reseller or vps\dedicated services, you should contact then by ticket and they can re-issue license for you.
  9. Hello there How can I use custom css on order forms Can I just create a a file there custom.css???
  10. Thanks @brian! it really helps understanding the way to achieve my goal. But I have to wait beta v8 to see what main changes we will go...hope that WHMCS release it before end of june. I will get in toch.
  11. Hello there I intend to create news products that will apply specific own addon not existing in market-connect addons. I have created a product on my dev, and also my addons, so on cart page that I would like to customize those addon to looks more vivid like market-connect addons that comes with pictures for example. Here is my addons is there possible to start with those from WHMCS marketplace and edit them? I do not know where they are located or even if they are not encrypted. PS: From WHMCS admin i have realized that it is not possible to customized it, perhaps tpl files. Thanks!!
  12. Hi @bluesteam I do agree with you. I have edited my template email, saying that also client can just reply to that email to us. So now they mostly do that, replying. we agree with quote. But if there is more friendly way to improve it, I would like to listen tooπŸ˜‡
  13. Hello. I am assuming that you mean users/members=Admin Staff. If so the answer is no. Admin staff will only see those messages for those project that they were assign to. But the bad thing is that WHMCS Project management will only allow you assigning a project to one staff at a time. I assume it is designeted to be like that, because they update PM on September 23rd, 2019 but it still work like that. I do not see advantages of having it be like this, with that limitation.πŸ˜ͺ But a Full administrator will see everything, even if a project is not assign to him, possible it is related to roles permission. If you did not order PM yet, here are a print how it looks like, relating to messages
  14. Hello there Clients can see Network Status on client area. There is a PHP Info url there, if I click it will open one of website currently hosted in my server...After inspected it I am seeing that php.info has this url https://12.34.567.89/status/index.php?action=phpinfo" target="_blank">PHP Info</a> where 12.34.567.89 is overriding my actual IP. So I can not figure out why in all client area this https://12.34.567.89/status/index.php?action=phpinfo will redirect to one of website hosted on my server. Show I contact my server admin to double check or someone else have face this issue before? Thank you
  15. Hello there Currently we can monitor our business with this new app , see some metrics, and also ticket reply. But my feeling is that it can get even better. - Webdesigners; - "Professional" Developers; - Webhosting business; - WHMCS it self, as a software; - And possible many more areas that are using WHMCS software; We do not have even an option to take quick notes. Idea is to have a PM addon access on the app, or if app provide a way somehow to have a quick MENU named Others where users would choose to add specific futures currently existing on WHMCS as default. Not asking for full futures, but those basically one (see current projects, create new, create tasks on the goo, mark task as completed). A cellphone usually is always with us, so even, on the beach, mountain, hospital, airport, etc, etc...great idea for a project can raise and having a way to note it before we forget is good, or even assign a new task to the team.πŸ‘ Setting Icon could be re-arranged to provide more space, as after we sett up our our app we will use it very offen.
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