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  1. Despite I like WHMCS project management addon and have 2 active licenses with PM addon active on their, on my production I will move to wbTeamPro and forward my WHMCS to my DEV and possible managed hosting clients. In 24 hours I realized that no way to continue. I will take my own license from wbTeamPro. I wont be pointing negative review about WHMCS project management but the difference is huge.
  2. Thanks @brian! I decide to give wb team project management a free 30 day trial starting today. My first impression after install it, is that possible I will leave WHMCS native project management, I got even a language overrides on new PM from wb team, which means I can customize it according to my needs easily in different languages. It is little more complex compared with WHMCS native, but with 3 years using WHMCS PM would not be difficult to adapt to wb team PM. I think on the first impression wb team will cover my business needs better that native WHMCS PM.
  3. Hello there I was thinking if it could be possible to customize PM addon files manually to have on main PM page info regarding what client project are related without need to open that project. This info is important, I do not understand why WHMCS do not have it by default. To explain better noting better like a picture 1. Perhaps it is not possible due to files a lot encrypted? 2. If I have developed a new widget for PM addon this could be achieved with widget on the main WHMCS page? thanks
  4. If any day, you get it work with a hook, please share. I got it working on my production.
  5. that was amazing!!!!!! Some times I waste some time looking for PM addon
  6. Hello I am trying to get added a PM button on top on header like this print I have made editing an Image. I need that button to be shown on all WHMCS pages on header, as we use Project management a lot every day to insert new Projects. We need that short cut on header. PS: I am using Lara admin ad-don, but if this can be done on blend I will try get it on Lara. Thank you!!
  7. I have heard on this community that is possible to develop new custom widget for PM, perhaps if you also are looking to have a more flexible widget we could split costs associate with this development.
  8. you are providing not enough information to get accurate help.
  9. I have submit now a future request! Hope it gets some votes! https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/email-compositionsending-permission-delegation
  10. These day, people will work more at home, so marketing is one of those tasks that could be done on home working, and with this new V8 email campaign it is should be more suitable, but if someone is working away from our eye, better to get more control on that.
  11. Hello WHMCS New V8 Email Campaigns, is amazing and bring us more value to how we can deal with communications with clients, and email marketing inside WHMCS, but after some tests I understand that this future improvements, could be locked to Administration roles permission. Currently if a staff has permission to access or create email campaigns also he has permission to decide to send or not, this is not right in my point of view. I understand that would be better if has a new permission ability to send mass mail So with this this new permission role means that I could authorize a staff to access Mass mail, create, preview but NOT SEND, because SEND OUT need some more responsibility and need another staff\administrator to decide to send out if everything is OK. As a company owner, I need to delegate this task to another staff, but I do not want to give him access to send it. What if some day this staff gets crazy and send out whatever email he wants to all clients? Could get a company in bad bad reputation, that I could never get fixed. If you have a business that only you managed, fine, but as business grow-up and as a business owner you need a team, but also you need to be on control. Hope WHMCS also understand that this is a valued contribution. PS: I intend to give a staff a task to create some emails, but is it fair that this staff to send mass email for example to over 600 clients without my consent.
  12. you ca use Croster module from thememetro to have an index frontend page, but croster is focused on hosting and domain by default, but I am sure that you can edit it to have it only with custom products. Croster is now on version 1.9 that should be released very very soon, Croster will make WHMCS a real front-end website. I am using croster since first version and also have tested about 3 different modules with similar functions, and I can say it is just at this time best on their category (front-end template). WHMCS automation's is a value added for lot of business , so yes, you can, I use it for mostly IT services and products...of course for hosting and domain to. here are a print of what I have achieve with croster and also @brian! tips too.
  13. Hello there In v8 WHMCS introduces a more powerful email-campaigns-tool that look much better compared to previous tool. I did not test it yet on live production, but will do it soon. I intend to stop using mail-chimp and just using this new feature on WHMCS as I do not see my company need a critical marketing tool needs like mail-chimp. Does anyone tested this new WHMCS tool to provide a more accurate experience. https://blog.whmcs.com/133648/feature-spotlight-new-email-campaigns-tool-in-whmcs-80
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