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  1. ✅ ok, so , automation will auto create invoice let's 6 days before due date. if Billing Cycle in monthly that invoice should go from (30-11-2019 - 29-12-2019) ✅ client have received by email invoice ✅at this stage yes you have canceled the invoice as client request. ✅checked ❌⛔I have reproduced all the steps, and looks here we should firstly manual set due date to November 30 before we invoice selected items. Perhaps I would follow all steps like you pointed, but looks like when we upgrade\downgrade those popups will ask to choose again billing cycle, so when we choose in this case monthly it automatically set (+30 days or +6 month, or +annually as new order) according to what we choose, so as we know we need to invoice this client immediately we must manually made that correction removing those future billing cycle we have add. And after invoice that order will cause that issue. Thanks for sharing this, Certainly will help me you future ⚠️
  2. Hello Brian! Would you mind to share your hook for that. I usually prefer hooks because update would not affect it, but create hooks looks to be too much for me, for the next 2 years of learning. My post was print picture edited manualy.
  3. After reading that DECLINED future requested I realized it will not be changed nor on v8 or v50 🤐
  4. Let's pray 🙏 when v8 comes and they surprise us removing those bored branding cron footer. Personally I think if those Branded WHMCS name\logo get removed from cron emails and also on those admin popup WHMCS would really increase their revenue, because developers would also be more able to take advantage of this amazing platform and adapt it for vast others business...but how to do that if WHMCS insist on having their logo everywhere. I have deactivated all unnecessary email just to avoid see those emails with WHMCS branded FORCED LOGO. I truly do not understand if some files are hard-coded and software is licensed why limit it and penalize grow up opportunities 😓 If anyone can point me a technical reason why those admin popups and cron emails must have WHMCS branded I really appreciate that.😷 PS: hope their sales specialist or whatever staff are responsible for that area think about that 👀🗯️💡!!!
  5. Hello There Today I facing a case where a staff did not complete a important task, because in their mind that task were not urgent important (financial task) and could be done later (in their mind a great target time could be 15 days 🤔 🤔). Our company mission and vision clearly answer staff doubts and points the way we should work to achieve our goals, so I have an idea to have our mission and vision on top of admin badges just in case, to make sure spirit of company will be all the time clearly on everybody mind, at least until I think it is not necessary anymore. What options I have to make it happens: 1- Hooks to displays text? 2 - Duplicate native badges and modify it to make it only to display texts with some font awesome to make it more friendly 😍? 3 - There is any ready module out there that can already do something like that idea? 4 - Fire up that employee 🤣 (can not be done).
  6. zitu4life

    WHMCS 7.8 Sync Tool Button missing (?)

    Server sync was introduced on 7.8 If your current version are updated, try to clear cache images and see if it works, if not consider open a support ticket.
  7. zitu4life

    WHMCS 7.8 Sync Tool Button missing (?)

    Firstly you need to complete server setup process like your print and later, Go to: Setup>Products/Services>Servers
  8. zitu4life

    Can i use whmcs in Support Center Website

    There is a module from modules garden Asteristic Voip Center and also CRM for WHMCS developed for modules garden to. So I guess your ideia is like to use WHMCS as a base plataform for you call center. I think WHMCS would cover your needs, if you use the right tools\modules. With asteristik plugin and using modern voip phones client phones call will be record on log on whmcs, you also have ticket sistem, client database. WHMCS is superb!
  9. Well I have read this threat on morning and now it looks different, but anyway, if my comment is worth something, I kindly think new rank is appreciated and it demonstrated some way to value some users that daily makes this community a better place to learn, and to stay...I am certainly very few community out-there is amazing like this. New rank is very appreciate, but it certainly needs some improves and we all can bring some inputs to improve it as Chris suggest. But I have also to agree that word Advisor should not be used without a better regulations, because rank should be used to value especially those who deserve it more and also to setup a maximum podium. I have learned in this world that "thank, gratefulness, rank, money" are very welcome to demonstrate someone value. (personally I prefer money, because everything is easy with that in this planet). Coming back, it is not fair seeing a lot of users categorized as Advisor, regular advisor, SUPER ADVISOR, when their posts all related personal interest, or they only comes to this community when they need personal help and next 6 month they comes again...it is not fair compared to who comes here everyday, especially on Sundays and holiday to help others and make this community a better place. Special users should definitely be recognized.
  10. zitu4life

    How to apply multiple Hotfixes

    I "think 🙄" we should assume that if we follow WHMCS sequence of make public those hotfix , next hotfix delivered will come with all past updates, so if you did not follow past updates on the time they got published....I guess best is navigate to https://whmcs.community/files/category/76-v78x-hotfixes/ for 7.8.3 hotfix published update and follow all on the sequence they have published by date: - CORE-13774 - Separate email CC's when opening a ticket as a support contact via email Posted October 11 - Payment Gateway Issues (Reference, eWay, Auth.net CIM, Stripe, 2Checkout, Accept.js Posted October 11 - CORE-13809 - GoCardless Mandate Migration Improvement Posted October 14 - CORE-13801 - Call to undefined function run_hook accessing Client Area Posted October 28 If we apply hotfix posted on october 28 first and then goes to october 14 and later go to october 11 if some of those files were override I thing you assume right it could make a mess. If those hotfix are not files related perhaps doesn't mater , but files are hardcoded, so I usually follow WHMCS dates published or wait v7.9 release that will come with all previous hotfix.
  11. Technically it looks possible to made happen, but you should also think on issues regarding Privacy and Policy personal client data for those membership end users. If those institution also o has their own manager means that they could also want to have their "let's say admin login", So I do not know if there is any module out-there that could separate your clients (Webhosting business from others membership users) and regarding invoices, how to separate it completely?. There some modules that could point you to take a look Katamaze Modules and also Modules garden Multibrand but I am not sure if any will suits your desired needs.👴 Mixing things (clients for one company with another company, invoices, etc...) can bring you issues in future. Why not create sole WHMCS installations from each other company needs and you still charge those others company for hosting+whmcs license+your developer work solution for them? There is future request regarding something interesting here but WHMCS never changed their status in 6 years. https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/multiple-billing-accounts-using-one-login There is also a modules for modules garden Reseller Center that can allow you have clients that will "belong to reseller" but this modules at the end mix again your main clients to reseller clients...So there is no best solution to advice you unless running different separate WHMCS environment.
  12. zitu4life

    Customize Admin badges

    Many Thanks Brian. it works! It is great to have at the top badges total active clients, so I know instantly when will be need take some decisions on time. 🏋️‍♂️ I will all try to override Pending Modules Actions too on my dev with others important inputs according to the WHMCS installations idea.
  13. Hello there I find this client area searching on google, I can assume it is WHMCS 🙄 but i have saw that it uses pictures on knowledgebase client area...from WHMCS admin I did not see a way to add pictures. Any idea how to add pictures? PS: I have edit named and some picture due to possible copyright and not to expose others website.
  14. zitu4life

    Customize Admin badges

    Hello These days I have learned a little regarding Font Awesome, so now I know I can customize\replace it according to my desired on WHMCS . Admin badges has 4 Font Awesome icons, I have changed it for testing purposes and works OK, but I need help now is to change code badge to count all active clients I have, like on ClientActivity. Perhaps it could be just copy and paste code from ClientActivity to badge, but what to copy exactly? I think I have to edit these line s on badges <div class="detail"> <a href="orders.php?status=Pending"> <span class="count">{$pendingOrders}</span> <span class="desc">Total Active Clients</span> </a> </div> for counting active clients I need to replace this line <span class="count">{$pendingOrders}</span> replace $pendingOrders with something. I am testing some changes technically availability for some specific business needed. Thanks for your help!
  15. I would like also to learn with your case. I think when a domain is registered by registar, no way back until 1 year (thinking that cycle was minimun 1 years). I guess no way back, if not, you have loose this money, and need to move this domain away from this client, let's say, move it to your own client and wait one year to cancel it. I guess there is no refund from registar for your mistake. But I am not sure, let's wait for others with more experience in domain business. I do not think domain registar terms and services says they will refund for mistakes.

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