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  1. I was thinking these days that a rise price could get them removed those bored hardcoded again as they already provide unbranded license, so I do not see why having it hardcoded again, hope they annouce that they will removed it soon. Also hope that they make WHMCS cellphone app free 🙄.
  2. Thank all. Yes I get recovered. But be sure those virus are serious. On the first 5days was terrible, but I won.💪. I will start working regularly tomorrow. All of you take care because it really can cause death.
  3. I have the same feeling, but I am feeling that others users are just thinking that my purpose is just defending WHMCS, like they are credit some dollar on my account 😀. I pay WHMCS monthly, if I do not pay my admin will be suspended. When I choose WHMCS in the past I found on that way all others billing system pointed here, I have softaculus premium on my hosting, so I could test all off those billing system easily. After test all of them I decide that WHMCS will be better for my business as I am not a developer. So to make WHMCS more interesting, I decide use WHMCS as my main website, so this reduces me costs, no need to worry with wordpress website update anymore, So to have my website update is related to get WHMCS update wich is less complex to wordpress. Thanks to front-end module, I also have my front-end with new futures 3 times a year. We take advantage of all WHMCS futures to make it competetive for us. I got COVID a few days ago, and while I was seek at bed, WHMCS still works for me and receiving money on my bank account. At this moment for me WHMCS still best option, if at some moment I find a better solutions-price, offcouse I will move for sure, for me it is all business. Let's think as a business owner and also as a WHMCS customer. There is 2 perspective. So far I got paid them several money, but sure I have won much more.
  4. There is a lot of iptv provider out there with more than 20.000 active clients billing more that million dollar annually. New tier prices did not come without any reliable analysis by WHMCS. of course also there is also government on some country uses WHMCS to make a database and other kind of registers. I can not image that a lot of hosting business legitim has those monster number of clients 20.000 40.000 clients 100.000 lets think if someone provides a services and receives annually Billing Cycle 45 USD per customer, if he has 20.000 clients 45x20.000=900.000 USD those guys will receive all those money with out need to hire nobody, only WHMCS send invoices, remembers clients, receive payments, send confirmations, while those guys are on the beach, vocations. Important thing those provider all that have those huge number of clients can afford new prices tier for sure.
  5. And I would expect that WHMCS realizes that having you here is a must for their software and getting this community what it is now. I guess WHMCS should introduce some kind of new line of licenses created designated for developers perhaps with limit of clients, not unlimited, but not for any developer, but for those who are officially registered on marketplace with reliable review, and deliver more value to their software, and those license could be emitted with certain criteria. So this mean most of owned license that are developer, will not be affected by end of life OWNED LISENCE. And of course for Brian, no criteria, they should just emailed you your new license, and only asked total amount needed for testing v8 v7 v6 v5 etc.
  6. Hello there Most of us like WHMCS software and I can not believe that we just change our minds because latest announcement and this peace of software deserve noting. 1. Regarding owned licenses... Personally I think a lot of providers and developers continues to make mistakes offering owned licenses for a range of price that after 2 years customer's will feel so lucky. WHMCS realized that having customer's with owned licenses is not ideal...on the beginning WHMCS was Math-CEO, so decision on that time was based on emotion and getting money quickly, and also promoting new software WHMCS, so lot of owned licenses sold out. What happens now is just that they are trying to fix what should not happen in the past. Example: I have a module owned license that I saw potential on that and bought it for price A, after 1 year I saw a developer increases prices almost double, the mistakes is that usually when company is young prices are not make like it should be, and when we decide to fix it most of time will hurt costumer expectation. Owned licenses should never exists for a business model like WHMCS, of course who have owned licenses will not think like this, personally if I had a chance to buy owned license when was possible until if get closed, I would buy perhaps more that one, but for my perspective it is great deal, but for WHMCS not a fantastic deal, if I was wrong they would not finish owned licensed with no talk to find 50% deal. 2. New prices... WHMCS know all it is competitors better than us (hostbill, blesta, clientEx, etc, etc)...WHMCS already knows that his software is more complete than all others. We know that too. So What we do not know is what is exactly the reason for that decision. WHMCS before this have made an full analysis on all their database and see TOP WHMCS client by number of active clients. TOP 10 clients by active clients (examples) 1. HOST_DEVILLL total active client 365.000 2. PRO-SERVICES total active client 259.000 3. WEB-MASTER total active client 156.000 etc etc ZITU4LIFE-HOSTING total active client 253 WHMCS has detected that there is a business out there with an absurd number of active clients, that profit more than even WHMCS, and some of those business sometimes are offshore business that profit millions euros. So a price update was needed. For who are stating suing WHMCS for first time, now there is no STARTER LICENSE, so the increase is just about 3 USD For who have up to 500 clients there is an increase, but not something for other planet Over 500 clients ok, I understood that was a hurt because before was up 1.000 clients and them UNLIMETED, here is the point. customer's with more than 150.000 clients before pays same like customers with 1001 clients, so this new tier gave more justice. Usually the more active client with recurring subscription service we have means more PROFIT we go, in my case every time I own new client I goo to income forecast to see how much forecast increases. I have 253 active clients, but If I simulate having 1500 active clients now or 2000 clients, I would be very happy that my profit would be so great that paying WHMCS at that tier 99 USD still have great deal for me. If I got 5000 active clients I would never remember the prices that I pay for WHMCS. I do not know what final prices everyone applies on their services, but guys we have to think on the benefits WHMCS bring to us. I do not intend to defend WHMCS, I do not have any advantages with that, I am paying for monthly license for over 4 years, and this powerful software automation helps my company a lot, just it. For all of you that already are on tier above 1000 clients, means paying more instantly, but if someone has 60.000 active clients and pays same value for who have 1020 clients, WHMCS is loosing money there, because who have 60.000 active is paying just a Pennie. EX: internet service provider uses WHMCS to hold entire city and host 160.000 active clients and pays WHMCS just 44 USD/month. Does this company with all these clients can not pay more. Lets analyze with care our business, and see what we could do to save money, if at the end the decision is to cancel license, OK, it is all our decision. I had to take that decision last month when I reach 250 clients, I feel that prices duplicated, and was afraid if this software will continue in our company, but after saw all the benefits. I decide should continue, and happy with 235 active clients, if I got 1000 clients in future, I would still happy. So you have more than 1000 clients, be happy, you have done a great job.
  7. I am totally agree that combine one or two hooks can deal with auto- turn client inactive and before this active client subscription related to end date get it active active and WHMCS will run automation, after get paid, aput a client inactive active and so on. I can not code it, but I am hundred sure it can be done.
  8. Maybe now they will offer free cellphone app with the license, to make their software more complete.
  9. Hello there I am looking a hook that will auto detect if client is logging in on client area, to override LOGO url to clientarea.php Usually if we click on logo it will take us to index.php page, but I would like it to forward to clientarea.php if client is logged in. So every time I click on logo it will forward to picture below page.
  10. Hello there I have a situation where most of my clients do not have domain or hosting services (some has, but they are few). I know that WHMCS has in settings an options to disable domains, but I can not use it because I have clients with domain. So, my idea is, if would be possible to get hidden domain badges if a client do not have domain, which means: 1 -normally we have this picture. But I am looking to have it like this, considered that this client do not have DOMAINS PS: I edit those pictures using windows paint. Does anyone already think in such situation in the past, already has a hook for this?
  11. Hello there I had this idea today and do not know if it is a viable idea, but I will share here. What if this app has option to activated display browser PHP errors. Some times on WHMCS updates we lost access to admin and we forgot to activated PHP error before starting update. Since this app connects with WHMCS admin installation by API, maybe it will be able to activated display error when we do not have access to admin.
  12. Hello I have a situation where if I tried to print Income by Product Report it will show all registered product, in my case it goes up to 7 pages, but the issue is: 1- I only need this report to demonstrate those products that have been sold on that month, which will represent 1 or 2 pages max. I know that this report is editable. A hook is viable or file edit is needed to achieved that. So idea is: If a product has a unit sold ZERO do not display it on report:
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