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  1. Add an option to see the original mail from the client (with the original HTML formatting etc.) https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/add-an-option-to-see-the-original-mail-from-the-client-with-the-original-html-formatting-etc Give your vote to increase chances WHMCS take a look at this. 👍
  2. Does this module works only with six template or it works with custom modules ?
  3. zitu4life

    tickets with email content

    yes, if there is a a group of few users interested to divide amount for a developers to create it, yes, I am interested, and I would contribute. Of course if amount is reasonable to compensate this investment. Interested: 1 - @zitu4life 2 - 3 - 4 -
  4. zitu4life

    tickets with email content

    It looks that is impossible to fix it... I guess even a module could not fix this scenario. Why? 1 - WHMCS imports emails, but WHMCS are not able to distinguish what is real body message, and what is Header and footer coded HTML or css. 2 - some emails marketing or any kind of announcement have body test, pictures, and mix of lot of things...so WHMCS do not have a way to deal with that, and even their developers I guess are not interested in that or simple do not have a way to deal with that. Personally if I anyone find a way to get it better, or even a module that could filter those garbage I would pay for that, but perhaps it is not possible to be done technically, but I am not a developer.
  5. Hi @WM Mods Wish you success with your new module! Hope for future this module could also allow. have: 1 - Sub Admin on WHMCS admin side, I mean... you are master administrator and you module will allow create another sub-admin login (not staff), but other others admin that could have chosen privileges. So with that, we could like Rent our main WHMCS installations to others business. So instead of having multiple WHMCS installations, the main one can create a limited administrator. - Main WHMCS will be MASTER ADMINISTRATOR - Module will allow creating sub-admin that can also login on WHMCS admin blend.
  6. Thanks for your answer 😉...Ya, but WHMCS is used worldwide and there is some countries where finding people with no email address is not stranger thing, so finding someone with one email could be natural scenario. There is also some entrepreneur, that uses his personal email (free from outlook or free from gmail) on his personal business too. And in such scenario, yes, you will have situation to deal with client feedback, «I just have one email». Mixing personal and business is not recommended (we all know it, but yes, we have clients that are still doing that on a wrong way, but we want to do it on right way...there is client with 2 business, but he have one email 🙄). Some country IT Services are not like Europe..., but your 2 cents, is very welcome, and useful. So as a WHMCS software holder we need to ensure we can reach our clients on time, we want our invoice to reach our clients on time. Our services all has description, so even if this client is receiving different services on same email, he will know instantly for what services we are invoicing him, but if we can not reach clients on time, means we can not receive payments on time too. 😃 For clients that do not have any email address, our company uses sms addon to reach them and also they all located on special client groups (no email = yellow group), so if that invoice still unpaid WHMCS will highlight it as colored client on overdue invoices and our staff will if needed give this client a call to understand why payment did not be paid and encourage him to proceed with payment. But if a client has one email is enough, so the point is that WHMCS do not allow repeat email twice. But we will live with all things that WHMCS do no allow and when possible we adapt it to our own needs. 😊
  7. zitu4life

    Printing WHMCS reports need a fix

    Many thanks for your time to test it @brian! your inputs clearly were speed up this. Case CORE-14340 were opened on feedback to my ticket, so we can expect in future to have it addressed. "In the meantime, if you really want to get these printed without that, select the appropriate year you wish to generate a report on, then set this line in the annual_income_report.php file to false, then view the printer friendly version of the report:" $reportdata['yearspagination'] = false;
  8. Hello there I have a client with his personal account registered. Later this client requests another service for his own business (personal company). So I have to register this client twice: 1- Personal 2 -Company It is not recommended to mixed, because at all it means 2 different clients, but this client provide me same email to register, but WHMCS do not allow me to register same email twice. What I have been done so far. Creating a fake email for one of those accounts, but sometimes it gets confusing, if I have to send quotes email, I can not reach fake email. It is easy just to ask client to provide another email (I will made registration by admin side), but what if client just has one email and also it is not good if he provide me an old email that he usually do not check regularly and my emails will not be read on time. What you guys do in these situation? Can we change WHMCS to accept same email on two clients?
  9. zitu4life

    Printing WHMCS reports need a fix

    I have reported it as a BUG, lets wait to see what they think about it. Thank you @brian! at least I find out how to disable those header on my google chrome browser.
  10. zitu4life

    Printing WHMCS reports need a fix

    So this mean, it is complicated to remove name branded WHMCS on those reports? If WHMCS create reports, and end users of their software needs to do those steps to fix it, their definition are wrong. So if I am using an software and want to fastly print an default reports to present on meeting, and first need to inspect it on browser, or turn some code off that I do not know what mean, to fix their report, for me it is BUG, and for them would be easily to fix it I guess. I will take my chances and report it as a BUG. WHMCS software is not only for coders or developers, but also for end users, so they need to looks at those things too. I would accept name WHMCS branded on top, but those php links clearly needs to be fix on future release, if not in v7.10 but at least in near future, I would be happy if they just open a case regarding that, even if it take some time to be fixed. Let´s bring @WHMCS ChrisD just to make sure they will read this post.
  11. Hello there I am testing how to print WHMCS reports but detect some issues. I will post a print that i have made to pdf. PS: tested on version 7.9.2
  12. Hello there If we goo to to reports menu and trying to (simulate printing reports)... Reports»annual income report»on tools bellow help link we can view Printable version, so if we click on that it will open a version to click but... at the end of page will be there an option to Close Windows, and that close windows never works. Some one can try and confirm that problem is not in my side, but on WHMCS code. In all reports that button do not work!
  13. zitu4life

    BUG? Understand why TAX ID field disappears??

    Yes. that it!! i have Tax configuration disabled because I use external Accounting software because WHMCS will not be accepted in my country as certified invoices, so I use WHMCS as management system, but for official invoice I use other software, so that is why i have tax disabled, and now i realized that WHMCS have it linked to that...But I still use WHMCS to store all client information including TAX ID. I will try to activated tax on WHMCS and see if it will not cause me issues, because all my products and services are tax included and I can not split it on invoices....usually government will sum all invoiced amount and apply x% of tax to be paid. PS: I am not allowed to invoice clients splinting and showing x% tax even on emails send out, that is why i always have TAX disabled. Interesting is even with TAX ID disabled WHMCS allows you to insert TAX, so that is why it make me think it could be a bug, because sometimes TAX is there and sometimes it is not. Many thanks
  14. Hello there I am trying to understand why tax id has this behavior. steps reproduced: 1 - Add new client and leave tax id empty 2 - After create this client, goo to this client summary page and next to profile tab to edit this client information 3 - Even Full administrator can not insert TAX ID later for client that not had inserted TAX ID on first time that client were added to the system. Does this behavior correct or is it a bug? PS: even on default blend we have this situation!!
  15. it works and also, now I understand how to re-order it according with my need 😉

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