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  1. If this module become integrated on current Lara Theme as one complete package...Lara possible will be rated as more powerful module on WHMCS ranking, given currently Lara users more reason to not leave Lara module even when human Elon Musk flight to Mars planet after 2030. As a Lara Admin user will give it a try on next days. I would be very happy when imagine a possibility that with one unique module I could control WHMCS admin to have a great design like Lara Admin + managing client area like an developer (customize client area easily) .💪💪😉
  2. unfortunatelly they wont. About 4 years ago I submit a future request for something like this where I need to manipulate that table for my needs and they just ARCHIVIED IT, Brian has a natural talent. This community loss with him not here, not just because help he provided, but also for the person behind all those skills, with always friendly comunications, emojy while helping others... Now this comunity looks sad 😌. I still come here very frequently and read almost a lot of posts. Hope in future brian cames back, but perhaps not for getting all posts answered as he is not paid for that and most important he is not interested in get paid for that. It looks everyone now likes WHMCS less, including me...now it is like we just use it because it is good compared what we found outside on internet, but people looks now less involved in WHMCS.
  3. My gess is: WHMCS always had reseller with thise tear prices according to number of licenses you have active Thememetro probalby has more than 100 active customer with croster theme (if see on marketplace they have up to 135review). Croster Theme only exists if WHMCS exists. So I think that partership becomes from thememetro contact made to WHMCS, I would do same in their place. Croster prices was before partership 15.95 lease price too...same price WHMCS starter. Thememetro is taking advantage of sacrifice some profit from their module (that if they sold it always there is some profit), so they have 50% comission from getting WHMCS reseller and also get 50% from their module....Profit for them will be similar, actually will be better, because customer will get more (bundle produt). Regarding that WHMCS strictly restricted only from hosting provider, perhaps in the past it was like this, but at the end it is up from each one of we, to contact WHMCS and propose our partnership intention. I undestand that some developers understood that WHMCS should advertise before accept thememeatro as a reseller, but we can not use it as full justification. Personaly in my business I usually select some of international company and propose a partnership, usually some of them refuse, but others provide positive answer. I do not think ThemeMetro is benefeting for belonging to any WHMCS owners or something like that...WHMCS partnership process starts with opening a ticket, paying $68 application fee, get an interview (conference call with WHMCS staff), if you get approved you are a reseller. To became a reseller you must keep at least 5 active licenses, the licenses you got more discount. My guess is ThemeMetro is taking advantage of has a great number of customer on croster in just 2 year of existing Croster. As a WHMCS customer personaly I think it is good have that, because these days money is critical for small business and get 2 products for same price is a must. But huys there is hosting providing selling WHMCS license for even more competive price.
  4. Can we install those websites on subdomain? I tested using a subdomain but if negate and requested only a domain
  5. No. You can apply for becoming a reseller and after enroll all requirements and get approved you are done. I was a reseller about 3 years ago, but I cancelled it.
  6. Guys, We can always buy licenses from resellers, for those who will keep using WHMCS, and be out of those WHMCS oficial prices. Hope it helps.🙂
  7. Hello Case 1: Supose I am using gmail SMTP to send my email over WHMCS that now supports OAuth2. What happens when we have more than 500 hundred emails to be sent out (example 1200 emails). I read outthere on google that GMAIL limits only 500 emails per day. If i have 1200 custumers and try to send email to all of them, does WHMCS only sends 500 hundreds and hold others to send next day?
  8. Hello there How can I disable all recurring promotion code on all client? I am tinking if phpMyadmin can do that with anykind of SQL query. I intend to change my price strure, and in the past it was done creating some kind of recuring promotion code, that I need to fix it, with an official one.
  9. to make those invoice items more traceable I could even do this when add them... and on invoice will look like this So as client ID: 55 already exists on WHMCS as inactive client anytime I know that invoice generated is for that client and my new software system already has also those same ID imported from WHMCS. PS: And what if could exist an hook that after those special invoices are generate and Scan those invoice items and create a real invoice on those related client ID present on those invoices and later canceled first invoice....these can be done manually but it is not mandatory, as i said before WHMCS is not our official invoice for accountable. these changes will make me gets down far 250 active clients and save some dollars.
  10. Ok. I will share more details to see if helps what my new crazy idea are. I found out-there a better solutions software for my business need...Same time I do not want to leave WHMCS completely, as I have some invests made on WHMCS, and also WHMCS is my website front-end too. So the idea is using new solution software and WHMCS only for what is missing on new solutions software + whatever could still be useful on WHMCS. I will reduce WHMCS costs reducing number of total WHMCS clients, it will be directly -10 USD\month on my business model. 1 -I have about 90 -100 clients with no valid email on WHMCS (fake email), as these clients do not have email them selves, so they never access client area, they never receives email to...These clients are already on group name NO VALID EMAIL, no now have them on WHMCS means extra costs, as they do not take full advantages of WHMCS. 2 - I will create new client named GENERAL CLIENTS (NO VALID EMAIL) and will assign a lot of services only on this new client. those services will be services from those clients with no email valid. 3 - Later I will canceled on each client with no valid email related service that will become attached to GENERAL CLIENTS (NO VALID EMAIL)...with this i will reduce my total amount of client by -100, and become on tier up to 250 active clients (plus I can buy branded licensed on my theme front end developer as it is a WHMCS reseller, so will pay with discount about 14 dollar\month , instead of paying currently 25.45 dollar to be on tier 500 clients active. WHMCS will stop been my main management software as it was during 4 year. I will still use it, as I will still been on hosting business too. Other Software that I will start use, will have all my clients, and WHMCS too, but will have as inactive. As my new software do not have automation on invoices, I still need WHMCS. I starting simulating this on my WHMCS DEV. There is 4 invoices there #38 #39 #40 #41 each invoice is from one difference client with different invoice items. PS: My service is not HOSTING, so less stress with mixing it on one single client. Needing to add a new ticket is just to remember an agent (staff) that there is a new to do item...Copy and paste those invoice items to new software we will start using. Case A) Brian1 has a hosting with my company, so Brian already a registered client (active) that will become an inative client. > Brian1 service's will be replicated on my new client named NO EMAIL, so automation will get working and same way and our company will never forget to create that invoice to brain. I hope WHMCS has no limit on the number of active services I can add on one single client.🤐 With these changes I will have every time to open invoice to know exactly from what client that invoice is allocated, but I have a staff that can do that for me. Any more elegant idea is very welcome out-there!!!!!! PS: Still having WHMCS automation + support tickets + CMS dynamic front-end website + My own payment gateway integrated on country rules (developed opensource) + an easy way to send mass email to my clients even they are allocated as inactive + some reports + PM + a few others thing...all of this for only 14\month is not a bad deal until one day I found one only solution to do everything. Not sure this will work fine, that is why will test on DEV before. having and ticket automatically created is just in case an agent knows that pending task is created to him, that is copy invoice lines and go the other system and paste it there as invoice (whenever WHMCS creates BILLING). PS: I never uses WHMCS PDF invoices, only text messages on email templates
  11. or even better create a ticket with that invoice on attachment or any thing that highlight that invoice item lines
  12. Hello there How can I have WHMCS open new ticket every time new invoice is generate by automation? better would be a hook, but how to define what messages to have on that new ticket! Any idea @brian! @Kian These would be very very helpfull.
  13. Probably I will move before you. I am already using other system now, for live testing on last 40 days...as I have some owned modules on WHMCS I probably keep using it on tier 250 active clients, branded license bought on reseller with discounts about paying about 14$\month during until better solutions be available.
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