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  1. Hello there Any update regarding WHMCS mobile app. Thank you.
  2. @bear it comes from contact.php form on the client area theme. Advice is not use that for and instead use support department with additional human verification The additional human verification we would typically recommend adding would be the google hidden reCAPTCHA system as this is designed to detect bots prevent automated messages from being submitted via ticket. Those bots are terrible...they send message like if you are sending message to yourself, using SMTP...
  3. I have open a ticket to request WHMCS experts to look close...it looks like it is been sent from my server (managed VPS). I have sent WHMCS a full email header... The strange thing is like this email is send it using WHMCS installation and also email is sent out using SMTP
  4. During this month I started received some suspicious emails, spam, coming in like if it is not a fake email. Not sure if these emails are sending out from my WHMCS installation or my server it self. PS: Those emails comes direct to inbox, and I use google paid emails (gsuite\google workspace named now). What you guys do in this situation... See print of part this email. - Scan entire server?? I suspect these emails could possible be sending from my server and my email email are not rejecting it.😬
  5. @Bluesteam https://whmcs.community/topic/315470-from-the-blog-whmcs-version-851-released/?tab=comments#comment-1373498
  6. just update my production site to 8.5.1 with no issues using Automatic update. my modules also is working OK.
  7. If this module become integrated on current Lara Theme as one complete package...Lara possible will be rated as more powerful module on WHMCS ranking, given currently Lara users more reason to not leave Lara module even when human Elon Musk flight to Mars planet after 2030. As a Lara Admin user will give it a try on next days. I would be very happy when imagine a possibility that with one unique module I could control WHMCS admin to have a great design like Lara Admin + managing client area like an developer (customize client area easily) .💪💪😉
  8. unfortunatelly they wont. About 4 years ago I submit a future request for something like this where I need to manipulate that table for my needs and they just ARCHIVIED IT, Brian has a natural talent. This community loss with him not here, not just because help he provided, but also for the person behind all those skills, with always friendly comunications, emojy while helping others... Now this comunity looks sad 😌. I still come here very frequently and read almost a lot of posts. Hope in future brian cames back, but perhaps not for getting all posts answered as he is not paid for that and most important he is not interested in get paid for that. It looks everyone now likes WHMCS less, including me...now it is like we just use it because it is good compared what we found outside on internet, but people looks now less involved in WHMCS.
  9. My gess is: WHMCS always had reseller with thise tear prices according to number of licenses you have active Thememetro probalby has more than 100 active customer with croster theme (if see on marketplace they have up to 135review). Croster Theme only exists if WHMCS exists. So I think that partership becomes from thememetro contact made to WHMCS, I would do same in their place. Croster prices was before partership 15.95 lease price too...same price WHMCS starter. Thememetro is taking advantage of sacrifice some profit from their module (that if they sold it always there is some profit), so they have 50% comission from getting WHMCS reseller and also get 50% from their module....Profit for them will be similar, actually will be better, because customer will get more (bundle produt). Regarding that WHMCS strictly restricted only from hosting provider, perhaps in the past it was like this, but at the end it is up from each one of we, to contact WHMCS and propose our partnership intention. I undestand that some developers understood that WHMCS should advertise before accept thememeatro as a reseller, but we can not use it as full justification. Personaly in my business I usually select some of international company and propose a partnership, usually some of them refuse, but others provide positive answer. I do not think ThemeMetro is benefeting for belonging to any WHMCS owners or something like that...WHMCS partnership process starts with opening a ticket, paying $68 application fee, get an interview (conference call with WHMCS staff), if you get approved you are a reseller. To became a reseller you must keep at least 5 active licenses, the licenses you got more discount. My guess is ThemeMetro is taking advantage of has a great number of customer on croster in just 2 year of existing Croster. As a WHMCS customer personaly I think it is good have that, because these days money is critical for small business and get 2 products for same price is a must. But huys there is hosting providing selling WHMCS license for even more competive price.
  10. Can we install those websites on subdomain? I tested using a subdomain but if negate and requested only a domain
  11. No. You can apply for becoming a reseller and after enroll all requirements and get approved you are done. I was a reseller about 3 years ago, but I cancelled it.
  12. Guys, We can always buy licenses from resellers, for those who will keep using WHMCS, and be out of those WHMCS oficial prices. Hope it helps.🙂
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