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  1. I can not believe that WHMCS going to do this. They dont know that we pay they salary and bill without us they be no place
  2. yes sometime I get also and they want more money of whmcs but they can not fix all this old bugs that peoples report a year ago
  3. That it true right now Blesta and ClientExec is happy that whmcs did this now they going to get clients
  4. Click n here https://whmcs.community/discover/unread/ you see alot about this
  5. That true Brain & no response from whmcs.com about this
  6. https://assets.whmcs.com/customer-licensing-guide-2021.pdf
  7. Yes that crazy man & I guess with this they going to lost alot customer now
  8. Version 6.2.0 Added New Daily Report Cron Job Added Select all locations by default Added Disable the option to allow users to select locations Updated Missing lang vars Fixed Problem with navbar language Fixed SSL Fixed Problem with API adding locations Fixed Problem with API multi-location Fixed Problem with multi-location selection Fixed Problem with the keyword in Client API Fixed Pushover small issues Fixed Problem with ports table on Windows Server Fixed Problem with PHP 7.x
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