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  1. regional third-level domains

    http://www.nic.it/docs/nomi-riservati-dei-comuni-italiani Looking for nic.it accredited registrar? Here I'm!!!! Rules about .it registering are changed: to register an .it domain the registrant is only required to have an address in EU or Switzerland. The rule may be: if .se and .com.se have different rules/registrars/rules/prices, configure them separately in WHMCS then WHMCS will look always for the "deeper" TLD (i.e. parsing the name starting from the leftier dot) If not found, parse to following dot So if someone try to register brian.com.se , WHMCS will look for .com.se If try to register brian.se, will look for .se If try to register a (non-existent) brian.biz.se, will look for .biz.se (which does not exist), so following step is looking dor .se So WHMCS will look for brian.biz.se in the whois server of .se, and this one will return some kind of error
  2. Some ccTLD have some reserved regional second-level geographical variants; i.e., for .cn you may have also: AH.cn (Anhui) BJ.cn (Beijing) CQ.cn (Chongqing) FJ.cn (Fujian) ... and so on, for two-dozen or so. Others ccTLD may have hundreds, or even thousands of there variants (i.e. .it has a document of 1190 pages(!!!!) of reserved geographic domain names... http://www.nic.it/sites/default/files/docs/Elenco comuni italiani.pdf ) For these domains second level is reserved, but you can freely register a third-level. I.e.: you can't register firenze.it, but you can freely register singer.firenze.it Right? The issue is. how to manage such domains in WHMCS? The classic way would be: configure every single third level in WHMCS, specifying also its price configure the whois server let's go... But I wonder. what about a WHMCS install in which you have 20.000 different third-levels, each one with its own prices? What about a whois.json file, in which a single "extension" command may be long few PAGES? What the customer experience of a user who is looking for a price in a list price of 20.000 different (mostly unuseful) third-levels? The perfect fix would be that WHMCS looks only for the first-level suffix, leaving all other works to the whois related server (a sort of wildcard for whois and price list) i.e.: if a customer inserts singer.firenze.it , firenze.it, fake.singer.firenze.it all th result are passed to rhe nic.it whois, without needing to specify them in price list or in whois.json; and the answer of whois server allow or deny the registration I think this at the moment is impossible, and would be needed to implement. Any idea for a walkaround? For any hook for the registrar module which may intercept the requesto of a user to register any third level, evaluate the request and act as needed to allow or refuse registration?
  3. You have CreateInvoice API function: https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/createinvoice/ and a full family of invoice-related API functions: https://developers.whmcs.com/api/api-index/
  4. Sometimes it happens that users make unusual and strange payments. I.e., a customer has to pay an invoice of 30 €; he has € 29,70 of credit, so he applies available credit and complete the payment with a Paypal transaction of 30c (while the transaction fee of Paypal is 35c...) Or a customer needs to do a large payment (i.e. € 1500) and makes it with Paypal, while it would be better a wire transfer... So, it would be great for each gateway to setup an upper and lower limit (i.e. Paypal: lower payment€ 5, upper payment € 800, wire transfer lower payment € 30, no upper limit, and so on...) Do you know of any module or trick which may allow such a setting?
  5. email sending to external address?

    Yes, but it's more code which you need to take care of (if you change SMTP, i.e.) And you loose the function of WHMCS to log email sending, and the standard email formatting by WHMCS, and to possibility to use templates... There're a number of different cases: when a domain is registered or transferred, but also the sending of authinfo to th registrant, expiring notifications, abuse notifications... A way could be this: You select a fake client-id (i.e. 1000) when you need to send an email to [email protected] you modify the data of client with id 1000 (changing the name and the email address) then you send the email and immediately after the sending you modify again the data of client id-1000 with fake data... It's not elegant, but it should work...
  6. This is a security issue which need to be managed web-server-level, because it may be used even without WHMCS involvment. Example: on my web server you have a hosting service for yourdomain.com customer Badguy orders a hosting service for badguydomain.com the hosting plan of badguydomain.com allows the use of domain aliases badguy create an alias for fake.yourdomain.com which redirect somewhere in badguydomain.com... As you can see, in this drawing WHMCS does not appear... but the issue exists, and it's the same you described. I guess that control panels (cpanel, Plesk, Directadmin) manage such an issue on their own...
  7. For domains, I have 5 differerent price slabs, with (obviously) different prices. Prices are daily updated for USD/EUR change, and the resellerclub-mods free module (https://www.resellerclub-mods.com/en/products/free-mods/free-resellerclub-tools.html) Everything worked fine till two days ago when, all at once, I found that all the price slabs were copied from the default slab (so, just now all the 5 slabs are equal to the default slab). I suppose a bug in resellerclub-mods module, so I'm here just to ask if anyone yet experienced such an issue... :-/
  8. Read language of the browser

    See this thread:
  9. Interesting, but useless for any sc***er. Follow me: i'm a sc***er *, and register the fake.yourdomain.com subdmain, referred as fake subdomain of yourdomain.com of yours I (the sc***er) will have full management of DNS of fake.yourdomain.com but this DNS management is useless if the guy who manage the DNS of yourdomain.com does not create the appropriate DNS records for fake.yourdomain.com (it may be done in a couple of different ways) So, what's the end of the story? I register fake.yourdomain.com when anyone try to ho to fake.yourdomain.com the DNS system forward it to RNAME of *.yourdomain.com ... which, usually, is the root yourdomain.com This trick is useless if you don't do a DNS poisoning too. But if you do a DNS poisoning, you don't need a fake subdomain... you can work on the root.
  10. i would need to send emails to external address, which are not customers. That's to say: in a Registrar module, sometimes I need to send a message to the Registrant of the domain (who is different from the customer). Does exist any WHMCS API or trick to do it, instead of hard-coding it (with all difficulties about languages, templates, SMTP authentication etc.) ? The API command sendmail ( https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/sendemail/ ) send email only to registered clients ... and so, does exist any way to send an email to any external address? (A trick may be: I create a new fake client, send the email to him, and then delete the client... but it's not "elegant"...)
  11. Hello. I was wandering if, somehow, would be possible to insert a link in a string in a language override file. Something like that: $_LANG['myvariable'] = "Go to THIS LINK"; Being THIS LINK all the HTML stuff needed for a href link command... (I tried various syntax, without success... :-(
  12. Question: is it possible modify an existing domain registering order, selecting a different contact for the registrant? Example: A customer make an order for a domain registration He forget to select the registrant contact, so the domain would be registered to him the order is not yet executed (so the domain is not yet registered) So: is it somehow possible to modify the existing order, selecting the right registrant contact to go on?
  13. Anytime, any reason I need to cancel a paid invoice, I would like to rembourse the user using credit. But WHMCS issues only a credit note, leaving me to manage someway the payment (to give back to the user, or use for a credit charge with another invoice... WHMCS doesn't care it) I would like that WHCS issue an invoice like follow: - (operation to be cancelled) - € 10,00 - credit € 10,00 total: € 0,00 Is it possible anyway ?
  14. Domain

    IMHO: it's the losing way to do this business. Customers want it NOW: they register, and they expect it's immediately up. We saw tickets opened because 10' after the payment the domain was not yet up&running... It happened that, for a strange and exotic .tld we manage manually, we got an order in the middle of the night. One hour later the customer, seeing the domain was not yet registered and still available, registered it amongst someone else. And the day after we found a mail full of s**t, and a claim on Paypal...
  15. I don't understand the issue. Anyone making (and paying) a fake order? You cancel the order as "fraud" and keep the money... ;-)

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