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  1. Remitur

    Modifying Mass Mail Recipients List

    It would be great also if WHMCS could provide few of its internal modules in unencrypted version... almost unuseful code out of WHMCS environment, but it would be very useful to developers to customize modules on their own, without the need to reinventing the wheel...
  2. Very, very, very bad idea... So, you confirm your email address instead of the email address of Registrant, isn't it? Well, but later you need to update registrant data, and modify your email address setting the right address of your customer, isn't it? And when you do so, according to ICANN rules you get: a double email confirmation request (one to your address, and one to the address of your customer) a sixty-days lock on the domain a confused customer who is wondering why the registry is asking him a confirm about something he's not fully understanding
  3. Not yet... It's somewhere in the "to do" list... 🙄
  4. It may happen that you need to restrict a customer to use just a payment method (i.e. only wire transfer, not allowing him to pay using credit card or PayPal...) WHMCS "off the shelf" seems not be able to limit it: a user is always able to choose between all the available and supported payment methods... Any trick about it?
  5. You need to do it server-side. The fast and easy way to fix it at WHMCS-level: enable 2FA
  6. Remitur

    Any way to post-process reports?

    Something even little more difficult... the idea is to get reports data, and somehow transmit it to an external php script (to do some operations required by accounting). I guess that report data should be in form of an array, but I can't check if it's really so and what's tha name of this array (if any...)
  7. In WHMCS there's available a number of "standard" reports, and you can add also custom reports... ( /admin/reports.php ). And this is good. You can also export "exports" report in csv ... and this is good too. And when you have your csv files, you can process them in whatever way you need/want... and this is good too. But... does exist any way to do a postprocessing directly in WHMCS, without the needs to export the csv and process it externally? That's to say: it's easy to add a button to a certain report, which calls a function which (i.e.) send an email but... how to recover the data in the report and pass it to this function? Is it somehow possible?
  8. I guess you can arrange a cron script that, daily, select few services that are going to expire, and issue the invoice... but just days BEFORE usual default invoicing by WHMCS.
  9. WordPress, if you keep it up-to-date and use it properly, is quite safe. There're two reasons why I suggest to install it in a different environment than WHMCS: WordPress for malware it's like honey for bees: it's so common, that there're thousands of BOT around which scans any WordPress site, looking for a vulnerability... keeping your WP blog far from your WHMCS, you'll also keep away a number of bot scanner... WHMCS security is of much higher importance: on WHMCS you manage domains and services of your customers (and, of course, money of yours...), while in WordPress you manage just news (and maybe user subscriptions...) On WHMCS you'll set up security management services (i.e. 2FA, VPN for administrative interface etc.) which would be excessive and annoying for WordPress. Besides this, having two different environments you can freely leave a third party (i.e. a freelance) access your WordPress for maintenance, without leaving him access to your WHMCS too... 😉
  10. WordPress is a completely different planet... Two security suggests: use it only on a different subdomain (never, never use it as a subdirectory of your WHMCS) Install it on a different hosting service (if possible, on a different server, with different IP)
  11. Remitur

    Addon domians get own cpanel

    It's a completely different thing. The first: the customer has a bundle of resources (i.e. 5 GB disk space, 5 email addresses, 1 db etc.) he can use for hos 6 domains The second: the customer has SIX bundles of resources (i.e 6x5=30 GB disk space, 6x5= 30 email address etc) And with the new cPanel's price policy, with the first one you pay to cpanel just one user (20 cent/month), with the second one you pay 6 users (1.20 USD/month)
  12. Remitur


    You can use also the whmcs tax engine, which is free, but I do not suggest it: https://docs.whmcs.com/Tax_Configuration
  13. Remitur


    Here are the limits: https://www.avalara.com/vatlive/en/eu-vat-rules/eu-vat-number-registration/vat-registration-threshold.html
  14. Remitur


    There's a limit under which you're not forced to have your european VAT number: I don't remember how much higher is this limits, but it has at least 5 zeroes... So, three fixes: If you're under the limit, do nothing If you're under the limit and want to please your customer, add a "vat number" custom field to your configuration, leave your customers edit it inserting their own VAT number, print it on your invoices If you're over the limit, you need this add on: https://katamaze.com/products/billing-extension Note: the 2nd is better than the first because few European accountants pretend (wrongly) the customer's VAT number in any buy documents, even if extra-UE...
  15. Remitur

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    You're the one that, one day ago, wrote: So, yesterday, according to you hosting 200 users on the same server was stupid. Today, you suggest hosting 500 to 1000 users on the same server ... 😄 I can host 100, 500 or 1000 users on a server: it's me to decide and plan how to do it, and many variables are to be managed in such a decision. The best way for KISS ("keep it simple, stupid!") is reducing as possible the number of involved variables. And I (and many others...) are going to reduce thin number simply giving off cpanel. None would discuss today about it, because cpanel with such a pricing policy would not be the number one (or number two, it's to be decided) as it is, but it would be one of the many little competitors which fight for sharing the 10% of the market...

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