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  1. If you downloaded it long time ago, I guess it's outdated: almost for sure it was written for PHP 5.x, and can't work with PHP 7.x Have you it in source code? If yes: editing it in order to work with PHP 7.x may be annoying but not impossible... It's a project which could be interesting for manypeple: can you share your code?
  2. I liked to use the "contact" form of WHMCS, AND manage any received contact as ticket... and it was working fine (I still need to understand what WHMCS update broke the magic...) Would not use a separate department just for this kind of contact, because we would not create another email address (which is necessary to manage a department). But I understood what should be the code issue (even if without having access to contact.php code...) This behaviour is normal for phpmailer: if you specify just $mail->addReplyTo($email); phpmailer will ADD the $email address to the sender email ad "reply to", if you want $email to be the only "reply to" address, then you need to use also the ClearReplyTos() method. So right code should be something like: $mail->ClearReplyTos(); $mail->addReplyTo($email);
  3. Hello. I've just realized an issue in contact form, which brings to the loosing of email address of the user trying to contact If the user compile the form, his own address is lost: the ticket opened by WHMCS processing this email report only the system sending address (noreply@ ) I.e.: John (john@example2.net) compile a form: looking at the email message created by the form, I can find: To: info@mydomain.com From: Noreply <noreply@example.com> Reply-To: John <noreply@example.com>, John <john@example2.net> But grabbing the email to import it as a ticket in WHMCS, the system loose the second address of John , and keep only the first one (noreply@example.com): so, basically, the email address information of the user is lost. In the support ticket mail import log I find: 14/05/2020 18:25 info@mydomain.com Contact Form: info test From: John «noreply@example.com» Ticket Imported Successfully I don't know exactly when this issue rised: few months ago it worked properly...
  4. Keep attention, because this for EU is strictly forbidden: if you offer something to spanish, italian, or french citizens/entities, the price need to be exactly the same. While you're free to bill russian and canadians whatever you want...
  5. I guess they're right. It's not enough that you set WHMCS in order to be in "test mode", but you need also configure it in order to work on the resellerclub sandobox (https://test.httpapi.com/ instead of https://httpapi.com/ ) More details: manage.resellerclub.com/kb/node/3188
  6. I'm experiencing following issue which, I guess, is some kind of bug in WHMCS. A user has a domain example.ext , expiring i.e. 20/05; ordinary renewal price is 10, no grace period, redemption fee 50 for this domain autorenew is enabled in "general settings" the "Domain Grace and Redemption Fee Billing" is set to "Generate a new invoice for the domain renewal including any Grace and Redemption Fees" at 05/05 the user has an available credit of 6 What's happen? 05/05 WHMCS tries to renew the domain; there's no sufficient credit, so WHMCS issue a proforma invoice (#1234) for 10, applies to it the credit of 6, and then sends it to the user, who should so pay just 4. 6/5: the user does a credit refill of 100, but he does not apply it to the existing proforma #1234 20/5: the domain example.ext expires 20/5: WHMCS removes it from existing invoice #1234 (which remains empty, but still the credit of 6 remains applied to it, so the "total due" of this invoice is -6 (minus!!!) 20/5 WHMCS issues a new proforma invoice #1456 for renewal of example.ext in redemption period at 10+50=60, applies to this invoice 60 of the available credit of the user, and renews the domain So: the user paid 66 instead of 10 the user has an "unpaid proforma invoice" of -6 @Kian, I know you loves this kind of matter, so it's impossible for me not to tag you... :D
  7. Verification is possible using regex (google for "regex partita IVA" and you'll fine a number of different regex expression for partita IVA checking). If you have a customer custom field, you can set it in order to allow the user to see and edit it; if you want to display it somewhere, you need to edit the corresponding .tpl file.
  8. It's quite easy to trick just the domain linked to WHMCS license. There're is also a module which allows you to use same WHMCS install with a number of different domains (each one with different theme, language etc.)
  9. No issue: WHMCS licence key is stored in db in encrypted form: what you get (and can use to do your own check) is just an hash. But the hash - as the original key itself - it's unique, and this is all you need... (BTW: I'm not sure if this hash change when you reissue the licence of WHMCS: being so, each time you reissue the WHMCS licence, then should reissue also your module's licence... only way to be sure about this is testing)
  10. Licence key is stored in tblconfiguration, so I guess you can freely use it for licence check...
  11. Parlane con @Kian : a parte il fatto che il suo modulo di fatturazione è quasi indispensabile per gestire decentemente la fatturazione con WHMCS in italia, recentemente ha anche creato dei "pacchetti" di servizi di supporto che forse possono fare al caso tuo... 😉 Se hai qualche dubbio specifico... chiedi pure qui!
  12. I tried also using product addon, but with a lot of limitations: product addon has no way to manage upgrade/downgrade for product addon it's impossible the resending of welcome email (so, i.e., if the user lost his credentials, you need to manage this manually...) Both of them could be fixed coding something (easy the second one, but much harder the upgrade/downgrade): so I guess that "bundle" is easier to fix...
  13. Hello. I want to create a product bundle, and that all of the products in the bundle to use the same domain specified by the user. Is it someway possible? If the products of the bundle are specified to require a domain registration, the user is asked a domain for every single different product (and so he can buy the services of the bundle referring hem to different domains) If one or more products of the bundle do not require a domain specified, the order go on... but can't be set up because the services have not a domain specified, and so can't be created... and I get an order as follows: Apart from coding a hook that intercepts the order of the bundle, and modify it populating all of the products with the domain name of the first one... does exist any more elegant fix?
  14. Also: check for what TLDs you can enable ID protection (on many ccTLD ID protection is impossible or forbidden)
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