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  1. Parlane con @Kian : a parte il fatto che il suo modulo di fatturazione รจ quasi indispensabile per gestire decentemente la fatturazione con WHMCS in italia, recentemente ha anche creato dei "pacchetti" di servizi di supporto che forse possono fare al caso tuo... ๐Ÿ˜‰ Se hai qualche dubbio specifico... chiedi pure qui!
  2. I tried also using product addon, but with a lot of limitations: product addon has no way to manage upgrade/downgrade for product addon it's impossible the resending of welcome email (so, i.e., if the user lost his credentials, you need to manage this manually...) Both of them could be fixed coding something (easy the second one, but much harder the upgrade/downgrade): so I guess that "bundle" is easier to fix...
  3. Hello. I want to create a product bundle, and that all of the products in the bundle to use the same domain specified by the user. Is it someway possible? If the products of the bundle are specified to require a domain registration, the user is asked a domain for every single different product (and so he can buy the services of the bundle referring hem to different domains) If one or more products of the bundle do not require a domain specified, the order go on... but can't be set up because the services have not a domain specified, and so can't be created... and I get an order as follows: Apart from coding a hook that intercepts the order of the bundle, and modify it populating all of the products with the domain name of the first one... does exist any more elegant fix?
  4. Remitur

    How to offer private domain registration?

    Also: check for what TLDs you can enable ID protection (on many ccTLD ID protection is impossible or forbidden)
  5. Just my 2 cents: using the same email address for personal and business use is stupid. And in some countries may also be unlawful (GDPR...) So: ask to the user to choose another email address to use for company. In the meanwhile: on you own domain, create a fake address which is a forward to the real email address of the user, and use this fake email as username for WHMCS. Being an alias, any message sent by WHMCS to the fake address will be forwarded to the real address of the user. But care to write to the user, explaining this and persuading him to change his address... Last trick: if the user is using gmail... for Gmail name.surname@gmail.com namesurname.gmail.com na.mesur.name@gmail.com are all the same address (gmail doesn't care about dots) but for WHMCS instead are different email addresses ... So, the user may use the same gmail address for many different WHMCS accounts, just insering a different number of dots in different positions...
  6. Hello. Any trick to resend the welcome email for an add-on service from admin area? going on "edit account" and clickig the button to resend welcome email, the email to be re-sent is the one of the parent product/service selecting "Send message" and selecting the welcome email for the addon service, it's a mess: the text will be that of the selected template, but the referred data (username, password) will be those of the parent product/service ๐Ÿ™„
  7. Remitur

    Insert DNS Record for Free Subdomain?

    Many different ways to do it... Create a single wildcard DNS record:. *.example.com A. (it will work for any subdomain, without the need to create a new DNS record for each site) Use the cpanel DNS service as primary (he will create the required records on its own) Script a custom code (it depends on what kind of DNS service you're using)
  8. There are commercial modules which do it, so I guess it's possible... Even if almost for sure it's not easy.
  9. Remitur

    RequestDelete after domain status change

    Among the Registry, expire date will be updated only after 30 days since expiring? That's to say, .i.e.: testdomain.ma, espiring date 10/4/2020 10/04/2020 - the domain enters in grace period, expire date in whois is still 10/04/2020 11 /04 to 10/05: the domain is in grace period mode (or autorenew mode), expire date in whois is 10/04/2020 10/05/20: domain renews, whois expire date becames 10/04/2021 ?
  10. Remitur

    RequestDelete after domain status change

    This explains the issue (which was nonsense in a Reseller -> Registrar environment... while makes sense in Registrar -> Registry) What is the TLD (or TLDs) you're managing? (Note: each TLD usually has its own rules on how and when you're allowed to delete a domain... i.e., .it domains are allowed to be freely deleted only in days 1 to 12 after their expiration; to delete them in any other moment. you're required to collect an undersigned document from the Registrant)
  11. Remitur

    RequestDelete after domain status change

    This genericepp? https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/2822 (which, I guess, it's the same as https://github.com/XPanel/Generic-EPP-with-DNSsec-Registrar-Module-for-WHMCS ) It's strange, because an EEP module is supposed to be used by a Registrar to interact with a Registry, and not to be used by a Reseller (you) to Interact with a Registrar. Then, again: who is the Registrar you're using? Without this information, help you is nearly impossible. And very time-wasting, both for you and for anyone who may want to help you.
  12. Remitur

    RequestDelete after domain status change

    Again: Have you the source code of the registrar module you're using? If "yes": something may be done If "no": maybe it's an impossible mission. Beside that: knowing what is the Registrar you're using would be very helpful to find a fix (if any). And I can't find any reasonable reason to keep it secret.
  13. Remitur

    RequestDelete after domain status change

    Have you the source code of registrar module available? Or is it encrypted? What's the registrar you're using?
  14. Remitur

    RequestDelete after domain status change

    This seems a very strange management of the registrar you're using... If auto-renew is enabled, it's done BEFORE expiration date; for some TLDs, it may be done during grace period. I don't know any TLD which may have auto-renew at rhe end of grace period (also because during grace period a domain is usually parked, and so no one would be happy to have a domain which every year does not work for 3 to 4 weeks ...
  15. Remitur

    RequestDelete after domain status change

    Are you sure that the registrar module you're using allows the domain delete command? BTW: usually, issuing a domain delete command if a domain is in redemption mode it's not only not required, but it's also impossible. What is the domain extension involved? And what's the registrar module you're using?

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