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  1. Without knowing the domain, it's impossible to give an answer... (Post also a domain that is working fine on the very same server)
  2. I've just setup a simple script to do this (and get rid of other useless stuff): function logcleaner($vars) { if (date('H') == '12' && intval(date('i')) < 5) { $deletedtblwhoislog=Capsule::table('tblwhoislog')->where('date', '<',date('Y-m-d', strtotime('-2 days')))->delete(); $deletedtblactivitylog=Capsule::table('tblactivitylog')->where('date', '<',date('Y-m-d', strtotime('-2 days')))->where('description','LIKE','%Automated Task: Starting%')->delete(); $deletedtblactivitylog2=Capsule::table('tblactivitylog')->where('date', '<',date('Y-m-d', strtotime('-2 days')))->where('description','LIKE','%Domain Sync Cron: Completed%')->delete(); $deletedtblactivitylog3=Capsule::table('tblactivitylog')->where('date', '<',date('Y-m-d', strtotime('-2 days')))->where('description','LIKE','%Cron running at%')->delete(); $deletedtbldns1=Capsule::table('dns_manager2_log')->where('date', '<',date('Y-m-d', strtotime('-2 days')))->where('value','LIKE','Cron Log Cleaner Started')->delete(); $deletedtbldns2=Capsule::table('dns_manager2_log')->where('date', '<',date('Y-m-d', strtotime('-2 days')))->where('value','LIKE','Cron Cleaner Started')->delete(); $deletedtbldns3=Capsule::table('dns_manager2_log')->where('date', '<',date('Y-m-d', strtotime('-2 days')))->where('value','LIKE','Cron Status Zone Started')->delete(); logActivity('log cleaning: tblwhoislog deleted '.$deletedtblwhoislog.' records - tblactivitylog deleted '.($deletedtblactivitylog+$deletedtblactivitylog2+$deletedtblactivitylog3).' records - dns_manager2_log deleted '.($deletedtbldns1+$deletedtbldns2+$deletedtbldns3).' records'); } } add_hook("AfterCronJob",5,"logcleaner"); This script runs daily, at a given hour (in the example code, every day at 12:00). In the example, there's the code to clean also of dns_manager2_log, useful only if you're using the DNS Manager Addon module by Modulesgarden) ref: https://domainregister.international/index.php/knowledgebase/667/WHMCS---Automated-Log-Cleaning-Hook.html
  3. A fix could be modify the template of client area ( clientareadomains.tpl ), changing the default... By default, now cancelled and transferred away domains are included and visible (the user can filter them out, keeping only active domains, but he needs to do it on its own applying the filter). It would be necessary to change this default, leaving cancelled and transferred domains not visible (but leaving to the user the function to filter them out...)
  4. I suggest you not to delete them, but just put them as "canceled" or "transferred away" It happened several times in the past that we were asked for info about domains deleted or transferred away years before, and having removed them from our system would have been a mess or, at least, a great waste of time to recover requested info...
  5. If you want to just put it in status "cancelled" in WHMCS, you can use UpdateClientDomain: https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/updateclientdomain/ If you want to delete it from WHMCS, removing the record from db, I guess you can't do it using API, and you need to write your own code. If you want to delete the domain from the Registry (note: it's not possible for any TLD; few TLDs require you to leave the domain going to expire, because it's not allowed to delete them before expiration date), it's a matter of the Registrar Module you're using
  6. Thank you, much appreciated! It was a different kind of issue: few days ago I moved my WHMCS on a different server, with different IP... and forgot to ask the whitelisting of new IP to red.es! (I could compile a roll with the "to do" when you migrate a WHMCS install... starting with required PHP extensions, that the WHMCS install does not report as missing, then the number of different ports to be opened, then the whitelisting of new IP amongst a number of different providers... ) BTW: one of the reasons I moved on a different server is that WHMCS does not provide direct support anymore on servers that have not some kind of control panel installed... so they refuse to assist directly if you can provide just SSH or root access. It was not the only reason, and not the most important, but this was was also the reason I moved on a new DirectAdmin server...)
  7. Yes, but for each AfterCronJob you don't know exactly the time that your script will be run: there may be other scripts elsewhere that use that very same hook, and your script may be run before or after them... so "11:00:00" will not be "exactly "11:00:00"... but any time between 11:00:00 and an undefined lapse of time (it depends from the time used by other scripts out of your control...)
  8. WHMCS has a hook to run a script daily, together with daily cron job (DailyCronJob: https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/cron/#dailycronjob ) and two hooks to run a script every five minutes (AfterCronJob and PreCronJob) But what if I want a script running at a given hour, different from the hour of the main Daily Cron Job? The only way (different from creating a different cron job in the system, outside of WHMCS) is: using AfterCronJob or PreCronJob checking if the hour is (about) the right hour to run the job if yes: run if not: return Simple but... how to check that it's "about" the right hour to run? If I want to run the script, i.e., at 11:00 , it will be called every five minutes all day long, but there's no warranty about the exact time it will be called each time, so it will be called one or two times in the interval between 10:55:00 and 11:04:59 ... So, what may be a reliable formula to decide that it's the time to run, skipping the risk to run it twice?!
  9. Are you kidding? https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/billing-term-change : 174 votes. That, together with the "twin" you quote, are 174+29 = 203 votes 😎 But it's meaningless, because we can find also: Request for support pin code: 236 votes. Declined. https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/support-pin-code Monthly emailed PDF statement: 204 votes. No answer. https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/monthly-emailed-pdf-statement Charging VAT on credit: 111 votes. No answer https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/credit-system-usable-in-european-union-countries And ideas with just 3 votes that were accepted and completed: https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/integrate-fraudlabs-pro-into-fraud-protection-core (I looked also for the request for a feature like marketconnect, or the strange and buggy multi-user system you realized, but was not able to find it: can you please link it? 😉 )
  10. Nothing changed. WHMCS's guys are too busy developing useless and unwanted stuff for marketconnect, to deal with such trivial platitudes ...
  11. WHMCS stores in tbladdonmodules all the configuration parameters related to any addon module... but somewhere else in the db should be stored the info about a certain module to be "active" or "deactivated" (used, i.e., by WHMCS in /admin/configaddonmods.php to propose you to "activate" or "deactivate" any addons module... but, I guess, also used by WHMCS to decide if hooks in a certain module are to be used or not) (if you're asking why I'm looking for this info: I just realized that I have a running hook, belonging to a module that, according to WHMCS, is not active... and I'm trying to understand HOW is this possible...)
  12. What do you find in Support Ticket Mail Import Log ( /admin/systemmailimportlog.php ) ? There you can find the message imported, and so you can understand if it's a POP importing error, or some kind of post-processing error (= during the process to convert an email message to a ticket)
  13. Just a question for @Kian I just realized that in WHMCS there's a number of old tables, likely no more used, with prefixes: mod_billingextension* mod_bx* The tables used right now by BX2should have bx_ prefix, and I guess that those mod_billingextension* and mod_bx* tables are no more in use,,, but (better safe than sorry) here I'm to ask: may I delete them?
  14. You need few addon modules from https://www.resellerclub-mods.com/whmcs/ Let's start with ResellerClub Tools (which is free, and is a must): https://www.resellerclub-mods.com/whmcs/free-resellerclub-tools-addon.php Then choose the addon modules you need...
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