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  1. Precisely: VAT is chargeable at the moment the service is supplied or when a payment has been done... what of the two come first. If I pay you TODAY for a service youl'll provide in september, you're required to invoice my payment today, not at september.
  2. As for object: any easy way to change Premium Comparison cart in order to show 4 columns instead of 3 ?
  3. The server status monitoring service by WHMCS works only on Linux servers. But it's based on a quite simple php file, uploaded on each web server... it should not be a "mission impossible" to modify it in order to work also in a Windows environment, I guess. Does anyone tried it yet?
  4. ... or maybe it's you, who are using it in the wrong way... A piece of software is a piece of software. Or you find a way to adapt it to your own business, or it will not work. I have a car who can run up to 170 Km/h. Maybe even more. But in my own country maximum allowed speed is 130 Km/h. Does this make my car "illegal"? Obviously not... it's as I usr/drive it which make the difference between "lawful" and "unlawful". So also about any billing and accounting software: almost every billing software will allow you, somehow, to correct/delete/rewrite a yet issued invoice. It's your own choice to do it or not. (There're other softwares, which archive fiscal documents in a secure and impossible to modify way... but this include digital signatures and other tricks, which are very far from WHMCS's goals) WHMCS is a quite good software, which is used right now in Europe at least by few hundreds of companies, I guess. And, as my own company, all of them are using it in a way which is respectful of current local laws. To do it we need to properly configure WHMCS and also (why not?) also adapt our business model to WHMCS. If you don't want to do so, you have only two other options: look for another billing software which fits to your needs write your own billing software Good luck! By the way: I asked about how you manage your business not because I'm curious or I want to persuade you to change it or whatsoever: I asked just to understand if there's a way to adapt and configure WHMCS to fit it. So, ultimately, I asked it to help you. But if you're firmly convinced that you're right and WHMCS (and its community) are wrong, sorry, but I can't help you. Again, good luck!
  5. Call them "order proposal/confirmation" instead of "proforma invoice", and everything go fine... ;-) About your habit of using "full" invoices in B2C, I have a question: are you issuing invoices to consumer, before their payment? Number of given-up services in consumer market is quite high, I think it's only a way to make everything more difficult, with a lot of credit note to be issued to users who did not renewed... And ... what happen if a user yours pays lately? The domain went in redemption mode, and the customer paid only a percentage of your cost to recover and renew it...
  6. Remitur

    Free Hosting Product

    Put "Recurring Cycles Limit " to 1 instead of 0 (0 means unlimited)
  7. see also this link: http://www.sandrasilk.co.uk/article/88/Why-issue-a-proforma-invoice/
  8. Proforma invoices are proforma invoices, which is different from "unpaid invoices". If you issue (unpaid) invoices, they're fully fiscal documents. If you name them "proforma invoices", they're not invoices. This depends: it's your national law which decides it, not european directives. I don't supply the service until the proforma is paid, so not VAT is chargeable. So, i.e.: customer order a domain registration I issue a proforma customer pays the proforma 10 days later I register the domain and issue the invoice about his payment Otherwise, what happen if a customer doesn't pay? customer order a domain registration you issue a full invoice customer doesn't pay the invoice you need later to issue a credit note to cancel the invoice you issued Again: on a PROFORMA invoice you can do it. BTW: proforma invoice exists in european countries too. It's widely used in international trading, and import/export, mainly for custom purposes (https://www.dhl.ie/en/express/customs_support/customs_paperwork/proforma_invoice.html ), but also for internal commerce too ( http://www.teamsystem.com/store/2017/05/08/fattura-proforma-cos-e-perche-utilizzarla/ ) If you don't like the "proforma invoice" name, you can change it to "order proposal"... nothing change. The only mandatory aspect is that you are required not to supply the service before the payment.
  9. Why "illegal"? Unpaid invoices are to be considered as "pro forma invoices", which is to say that they're no fiscal documents. You need to set up your WHMCS in order to give them different sequence number when they're paid, and begin to call then "invoices", and not "pro forma"...
  10. Yes. They suggested to upgrade to 7.5.1 (I'm to 7.5.0) and verify... Not sure the issue has been fixed in 7.5.1, and will need to find a way to test it...
  11. I experienced this issue again (same situation: two domain expiring the very same date, so entering in redemption mode... and only one row about redemption fee being inserted in the invoice). Anyone experienced it too?
  12. You can setup the grace period lasting as long as you want, and the grace period renewal fee to zero... But, beware! Depending on the TLD you're using, renewing it after expiration date may be much more expensive, or even impossible... So, what's happen if your customer pays for the renewal 15 days later, and you discover that renewing that domain costs to you ten the sum your customer paid to you?
  13. Yes, it's a new (and long waited for) feature ... You can find everything about it here: https://docs.whmcs.com/Domain_Grace_and_Redemption_Grace_Periods
  14. What's the expire date and due date of the domain? Did you configured grace period and redemption period for that TLD?
  15. Situation: two domains, expiring same day, both in autorenewal the system issue a single invoice for the renewal (there're no available funds for the renewal) the domain expire, and enter directly redemption mode WHMCS updates the invoice only for the first one (adding the redemption fee), but not for the second one. It happened for sure in a single case; having not yet made further testing, in order to understand if it happens randomly or always.

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