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  1. Remitur

    Registrar module for OVH?

    Official OVH Registrar module included in WHMCS is "deprecated" (using the old version of OVH's API), does not work anymore and will be discontinued in future releases ( https://docs.whmcs.com/OVH ) That's right but... what else to manage domain registered using OVH? Does exist any third party module about this?
  2. Just for getting something useful: does exist any way to remove the MarketConnect widget from the home page of the admin area? It's huge, I find it always in the middle of it, and being totally unused it would be a good thing to remove it... 🙄
  3. I give an answer on myself. I tried it (in a sandbox), and it works fine. In admin area you can configure both Duo and Time-based One Time password, and set them in order to use the first one in admin area, and the second one for client area.
  4. Remitur

    Use WHMCS public area as web site?

    Be care: never, never, never let WP and WHMCS share the same space. Keep them separated, in different subdomains, on different hosting plans, even on different servers... 😄 Keep particular attention about the db: use different db, with different users. If WP need to access the WHMCS's db, let it do in read-only mode. Or, even better, use mysql to dynamically replicate the required contents od WHMCS's db in another db, managed by WP.
  5. Mi sembra strano, per diversi motivi: in Slovenia nessuno m ha accennato a nessuna novità si tratta di norme comunitarie, e mi pare difficile che le possano cambiare nella legge di bilancio sarebbe un controsenso, perché a questo punto il consumatore sarebbe spinto ad andare a comprare in rete da fornitori di nazioni con l'imposta più bassa (ovvero, proprio il motivo per cui era stato messo in piedi tutto questo bordello...) Vabbeh, aspettiamo e vediamo che succede... 😉
  6. Annullamento del MOSS?!?!?! E da quando, come, perché...?!?!?!?!?! Non ne ho sentito nulla... 😦
  7. Remitur

    Translate date in the email templates

    You can translate it into dominio/i It's horrible, but no mo more horrible than "Domain(s)" ... 😄
  8. I'm currently using Duo for 2FA to admin area, and it works great. Would like to activate 2FA also for client area, but Duo is too much expensive for client area, so would like: use Duo for admin area and use Time Based One-Time password for client area Is it possible? Or do I need to switch also admin area to use Time Based One-Time password ?
  9. Remitur

    Can i use for my business?

    If you use a single, local key, it's useless: if the server is compromised, also the key will be violated. So, you need a second key, stored elsewhere... and the issue is: where? And who can get it? BTW: protect a mysql server is much more easier than a web server: you know exactly what IP are authorized to access to that mysql server, what ports, what's the entity of traffic... you can inject whatever code you want in mysql, you'll be able to delete the data, but if you want to retrieve data from it you'll need to get control of a web server authorized to connect to it.
  10. After the update of php from 5.6 to 7.2.11, I get an error in client area when trying to edit domain contact details using a registrar module developed on my own. The page is /clientarea.php?action=domaincontacts , and I get the error when confirming the data (and before the data being submitted to the Registrar) The error message refers only to WHMCS internal modules, so it's useless to me to understand the issue: TypeError: Argument 3 passed to WHMCS\Domains::saveContactDetails() must be of the type array, string given, called in /home/devdomai/public_html/whmcs/clientarea.php on line 0 and defined in /home/devdomai/public_html/whmcs/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Domains.php:0 Stack trace: #0 /home/devdomai/public_html/whmcs/clientarea.php(0): WHMCS\Domains->saveContactDetails(Object(WHMCS\Client), Array, '', NULL) #1 {main} Any idea ?!?!
  11. It's like bootstrap: even if your site is local, if you use bootstrap you retrieve contents from bootstrap's CDN. you can move your site away, but still you'llneed to retrieve contents from bootstrap. So it's for weebly: if the site was developed using weebly, the site needs to use weebly's material, that is retrieved using CDN. Even if you move the site elsewhere, every time a user visit it some contents from weebly's CDN will be recovered. So, if you don't want to make business with weebly, you'll need to use your own sitebuilder...
  12. Take any site built using weebly, and analyze the code: you'll find TONS of external material (CSS, javascript, images and so on) which is retrieved using a proprietary CDN channel. So, your weebly site is not completely local: many contents are external. And, I guess, weebly can both track and close the access to those contents.
  13. Remitur

    Electronic invoicing

    Or Slovenia... 😉 We need to talk about it...
  14. Remitur

    Can i use for my business?

    Yes, I know, password are always to be stored encrypted in db, etc etc Now, let's analyze it together: 1 - the user inserts a password in a ticket 2 - the content of the ticket is encrypted by SSL, and arrives encrypted to our server: no "man in the middle", no traffic sniffing... 3 - SSL decrypt the ticket, and so also the password, which is plain 4 - Do I need to encryt the password to store in on my server? Really? Ok. And what key do I need to use to encrypt it? But, mostly important: WHO IS AUTHORIZED TO KNOW THAT KEY? If your company is something different from a "one man company", you'll have a bunch of collaborators who will be authorize to retrieve that password... do I need to distribute that key to each of them? Well, but a key who is distributed to more then one is no more private but is a public key, so the encryption is useless... 😄 So: you need to protect your db, where you have not only that (temporary) password sent to you by your customer in a ticket, but a lot of other sensible data... Because if anyone can violate your WHMCS db, you have big issues.... and that temporary password sent in a ticket is the last and less important of your problems... 😉
  15. Remitur

    Electronic invoicing

    @Kian Electronic invoices will be mandatory Europe-wide in few years. In some countries it still exists since few years (i.e. in Slovenia it's mandatory for every payment made by cash or credit card; right now it's still exempted if the payment is done by wire transfer or Paypal...) The mechanism I guess will be slightly different, and every country will need its own customization... so I suggest you to keep your "electronic billing module" as modular as possible, so you'll be able to easily customize it for every single european country .. .

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