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  1. All admin messages stay together in the same place. Otherwise, recovering the wrong template for a user, it may happen that you send to a user the message reserved to an admin... And this is no good. 😉
  2. Remitur

    WHMCS is not creating DirectAdmin user

    What kind of DA user did you configured in WHMCS to interact with your server? It's not well explained in doc, but the kind of user you need to configure in WHMCS has to be a "reseller": if you use an "administrator", it does not work. If the issue is not this... enable module logging in WHMCS, try to create a service, and look what's happen in the log... 😉
  3. Remitur

    I propose a tax-free world

    No: you did not steal anything. You simply get an higher payment: you can fix it two different ways: 1 - cash back the higher sum to the user (it's, i.e., what happens when any slovenian company goes to buy a chair in italian Ikea: they pay italian VAT, asks for the VIES invoice, Ikea issues the invoice and does a wire transfer of the VAT amount) 2 - bill the higher sum as "prepaid credit" (applying any VAT to it, if required), which the user will be free to use as usual (it's exactly what your module does when it find an overpayment) About your second example: a good thing of your module is the way it allows to manage the billing of prepaid credit (applying the VAT to it). If you pay TODAY 100 + IVA = 122 for 100 € of credit, both of us are fine, even if you are going to use that credit when the IVA will be rised to 35%... this because VAT has to be paid at the payment .
  4. Remitur

    I propose a tax-free world

    Curiosity killed the cat but... what countries?!? 😵
  5. Remitur

    I propose a tax-free world

    No, just one hook and a cron. The hook on InvoicePaid: you take the WHMCS invoice (that, thanks to some editing on invoice template, has been changed to a "order confirm"), and generate the "real", right invoice The cron just to analize and check transactions during the last day, and check if everything is rightly reported in your system (to intercept, i.e., the recurring payments that WHMCS in certain circumstances assign to the original invoice of years ago...) and other erratic operations which should to be billed
  6. Remitur

    I propose a tax-free world

    Tax stamp is just italian crazyness. It makes sense as the emperor of Nowhere island forcing you to personally bring him a perforated shell jumping on one foot only for each invoice issued ... 🤣 Don't blame WHMCS about tax stamp because AFAIK any billing/accounting software in the world has issues in managing it... But for everything else you are completely right. One little trick, which maybe will be helpful: ROUNDING. Almost anywhere in the world small roundings are VAT free. In Italy too ("fuori campo IVA"), and if you look at any italian water bill you'll find an easy rounding to + or - one full euro... So no one will ever blame you for a 1 o 2 cents rounding in a single invoice... About WHMCS invoicing mess: Have you ever thought of "stealing" the whole billing part from WHMCS? That is: rename all the WHMCS documents "proforma", "order confirmation", or something like that ... and then you issue the real tax invoice in a completely independent way Thatìs to say: - let WHMCS handle "billing" as he wants, but make his invoices "unofficial" (and you can also not have them sent to the customer) - then take the WHMCS "invoice", completely redo the calculations as you need, adjust what needs to be adjusted, fill in and send the official invoice to the customer, and store it in your own table, completely separate from those of WHMCS In this way, instead of having 1000 different hooks that intercept the work of WHMCS in various ways, you will operate on a unique and definitive situation, and much easier to control ... Just my two cents!!!!!
  7. Yes, it's possibly and it's also quite easy... If each registrar has its own WHMCS module. You need just: Configure each registrar module Set each for in order to work with the right registrar module
  8. Beware: to do this, your company and your system are required to be PCI compliant (over 300 different security checks, external auditing...). It's a nightmare, and costs a lot of money early...
  9. About this, I guess that @Kian may help you ...
  10. You can do it easily using just two different API commands: AddContact (https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/addcontact/) DomainRegister With the first one you specify registrant data and create the registrant contact profile With the second one tou register the domain, specifying the ID of the new contact just created with the previous command. BTW: this add-on: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/1602 is working exactly as you want. But I'm using it, and believe me: when anything is going wrong, it's a nightmare... 😕
  11. Hummmm... no. It's not so. That's to say: it's not a matter of WHMCS, but it's matter belonging to every single Registry and related Registrars modules it's not true that this happen always Let me explain: for few TLDs a domain transfer ( = change of registrar) includes always a trade (= change of registrant) too, for few others TLDs transfer and trade are different and unrelated operations (so, first you need to complete the transfer, and then you'll be able to to the trade), for few others TLDs both are possible an example of the first: .es You need to transfer the .es "as is", and when the transfer is complete you'll be able to change registrant data (trade) an example of the second: gTLD (.com .net etc.) Everytime you start the transfer of a .com, in the very same EPP command you specify the new registrant data too. an example of the third: .it For .it, you have two different EPP commands: one for "transfer+trade", and the second one for "transfer" If you use the first one (transfer+trade), the behaviour is exactly the same as for gTLD. If you use the second one, the behaviour is exactly the same as for .es But choosing the first or the second is a matter of the registrar module, not of WHMCS... To make the matter even more complicated, there're few many exceptions: .ru You can't edit or change registrant data at all Registrant data may be modified only by the Registrant himself, working on the registry's site (nic.ru) .fr Trade (change of registrant) is a paid operation; your user can't change registrant data directly, because he's required to pay fo it ... and so on... BTW: the problem sometime I meet is exactly opposite to your: customers edit just a contact profile in WHMCS, and then wonder "Why all of my domains (hundreds of them, dozens of different extensions) were not updated accordingly?!?! Your system does not work!!!!!!!" 😀 The fix for both? Just lock the "edit" feature for contacts profiles. If a user needs a different contact, he will be forced to creat a new one.
  12. Con un pensiero speciale per @Kian 😉 Avete clienti a Campione d'Italia? Bene, dal 1° gennaio di quest'anno dovreste applicargli una tassa sostitutiva dell'IVA (o che comunque ci somiglia), con aliquota dell'8% Però questa tassa, in vigore dal 1° gennaio, si scoprirà appena il 1° aprile come vada gestita... 😄 Devono morire di una morte lenta, e molto dolorosa... https://www.ilgiorno.it/sondrio/cronaca/campione-europa-1.4964096
  13. You're reading bad your price table. There's a very light division line every 3 rows... so the first 3 rows are referred to 1 year, the second 3 rows to 2 years, the last "RUB" row is referred to 3 years (you need to scrool to see the others...)
  14. It works, but it's not advisable. On production environment you should have a number of different protection measures (firewalling, IP filtering, 2FA etc.) which would be annoying and time-consuming in dev environment... Beside this, in dev you should also test server-level operations (i.e. OS update, PHP update etc.) which you can't do freely if you're in production environment. At last: it may be confusing. If the system is the same, it may happen that you wrongly operate on production, instead that on dev...
  15. Remitur

    WHMCS Affiliate Link

    It's cookie-based: it works for all the time the cookie is valid, even in coming days

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