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  1. It should apply to all items (domains, services, whatever...) on the original invoice. But there's an issue about PayPal subscription, that makes it completely useless for domains. Example: - 5/3/22 customer registers a new domain and activate Paypal subscription - 4/3/23 for many TLD (i.e. .eu) is the last day for renewal - 4/3/23 payment is not already received -> domain expires and go into redemption mode - 5/3/23 - PayPal does the payment, but it's too late... and now the renewal fee is higher too.
  2. Where do you find this? In Whmcs's official doc ( https://docs.whmcs.com/PayPal_Basic ) you can read a different story: And AFAIK Paypal Basic is not EOL (and the only alternative is the buggy and sh*tty "PayPal Checkout" )
  3. Cosa intendi con "le altre attività hanno questa impostazione (tipo Aruba)" ? L'unico posto in cui Aruba ha un'impostazione del genere è nel suo pannello partner ArubaPEC ( cche subito che chiunque al mondo utilizzi per fatturare). Comunque lì le uniche classificazioni sono: Esente UE Esente ExtraUE UE NO VIES (?????) MOSS Imposta completa split payment (ed altri improponibili, tipo NI art 72 ...) (e comunque, più che vedere cosa fanno "le altre attività", dovresti edere come si comportano i vari software di fatturazione) Io confermo la mia ipotesi: l'addebito dell'IVA al privato extracomunitario in questo settore è un'aberrazione, contraria alla normativa comunitaria, che solo qualche commercialista italiano più realista del re può aver fatto propria. Ma è sbagliato.
  4. Esistono delle nazioni in cui non esiste né VAT né VAT number. Altre dove un professionista è tale anche senza avere VAT number. Altre ancora dove un'azienda è tenuta ad avere VAT number solo se supera un certo fatturato annuo. Ed in tutti i casi, tu ti baseresti solo su dati forniti dal cliente al momento della registrazione, senza nessunissima possibilità di effettiva verifica da parte tua...
  5. Come ti ha già spiegato @Kian, per farlo sarebbe necessario che tu specifichi COME fai a distinguere un privato da un professionista/azienda extra UE... Cosa che evidentemente né tu né il tuo commercialista sapete come fare, perchè un criterio oggettivo non esiste . E come pretendi che il sw comprenda se uno è un professionista/azienda o un privato? "John Smith mi sa di privato... mentre Saul Goodman suona figo, è sicuro un professionista! Mentre invece Чайник пом'ятий chissà cosa è... boh, facciamo finta che sia un'azienda..." Seriamente: hai chiesto al tuo commercialista perchè non applica l'art. 1 della direttiva UE 2017/2455 e l'art. 7 del regolamento UE 282/2011 ?
  6. Does namespinning work fine with .gr domains? I can't make it works: just an error message (claiming port 43 is closed... but it's open) Otherwise... what's the right whois set for .gr domains?
  7. Where is it hidden? (BTW: it should be hidden in a VERY GOOD way...) It's possible: Setup -> Payments -> Payment gateways -> Manage existing gateways Uder "PayPal Basic" you can find this checkbox: Force One Time Payments Never show the subscription payment button
  8. Found: it's a bug in the sample-registrar-module available on GitHub. sample-registrar-module is very old, and maybe it worked fine with very old versions of WHMCS... but it's not so anymore. I've just opened a pull request on GitHub: https://github.com/WHMCS/sample-registrar-module/pull/12 The fix is very easy: in registrarmodule_GetNameservers function, just delete following line: 'success' => true, @WHMCS John, please take a look and approve the pull
  9. Does it work fine with a different registrar module? May it be some kind of bug in your client area template? (but being so the issue should be present with any registrar module you're using...)
  10. The technical reason of this is that WHMCS's "email" registrar module sucks. Will you disturb WHMCS's support asking about this unusual "behaviour" of their module, they'll answer that it's right so because yadda yadda ... The fix? Use my (free) "Manual Registrar" module: https://github.com/DomainRegister/WHMCS-manual-registrar-module This module gives also to your users a way to change nameservers (that is not real: it just create a new task in your WHMCS "to do" ... Even more: this module does not use email notifications (that are unreliable and annoying) but instead create "to do" item (easier to track and manage...)
  11. Dipende. Visto che si parla di WHMCS, interviene anche la normativa relativa ai "servizi prestati tramite mezzi elettronici", e l'art. 1 della direttiva UE 2017/2455 prevede che: E l'art. 7 del regolamento UE 282/2011 prevede che:
  12. You can do so just for few services you manage on your own (i.e. an hosting service on your own server) If it's a third party service (i.e. SSL certificate, domain registration, some kind of hosting service provided by a third party) you can't: you need to renew the service (for one year, one month or whatever...) before the expiring date, and there's no way you can postpone it of days or weeks ... Should exist some kind of hook point for invoice merging, it should be easy (take all the expiring date for every involved invoice, choose the lower, change expiring date of every involved invoice with this date, let's go on merging it...) But such a hook point does not exist... 😞
  13. Email logo is defined in General Settings -> General Check the HTML code of your email header: the image URL may point to a wrong URL, or something like that. Elsewhere, post here the HTML code of your email. (Note: in the past i also experienced some kind of issue about this, even if I don't remember exactly what and what reason... I fixed it leaving blank the WHMCS field for email logo,and inserting related HTML code in email standard header, as defined in General Settings -> email -> Client Email Header Content I guess this is also more efficient)
  14. This is the kind of news I would like to read in "next release announcement" of yours ... IMHO much, much more useful than any "with this new version you can manage SSL Site Seals!!!" (seriously?!)
  15. Please take at look here: https://github.com/Katamaze/WHMCS-Action-Hook-Factory You can find dozens of hooks for free. Few of them are trivial, few others are pure gold. It should be possible to assemble them in half a dozen of add-on commercial modules, and the global value is thousands of bucks. All of them have been developed by @Kian for free, and their source code is available for free. So, I understand that you feel frustrated, but I absolutely cannot share your point of view.
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