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  1. Remitur

    Document Access

    Better trick: set the translation service as "Auto release" (which means "manual managed"...) Configure the service making it opening a ticket in a suctom department; the default text of this ticket ask to the user to upload the file to be translated (specifying also the format etc.) https://docs.whmcs.com/Auto_Release
  2. It's free, but admin contact is required to be in Saudi Arabia (and is required to have a Saudi Arabian mobile phone too)... so you can sell (at whatever price you like, of course...) the service of "local presence", acting as local admin contact for the Registrant.
  3. @ThemeMetro ( https://thememetro.com/ ) has developed WHMCS theme which are available in RTL too...
  4. Non on "every" invoice issued, but just on every invoice which amount is higher than € 77,47 So, in the invoice you posted as example, tax-stamp is not due. 😉
  5. I've the suspect that the PreRegistrarRegisterDomain hook is not always running as expected... if a "Register" command is issued in admin area (i.e. clicking on "register" button on a domain management page), it works nicely if a "register" command is issued directly and automatically by WHMCS when a new order is paid and processed, I suspect that PreRegistrarRegisterDomain is skipped ... Before going to mark it as a bug, is anyone else experiencing the same issue? (WHMCS 7.6.1, php 7.2.1)
  6. Remitur

    pls help Cron job not working

    Where did you see that cron stopped? In your logs there're a number of activitied done by cron (i.e. currency change update) There're also a number of undelibered messages because your email server is blacklisted... 😕
  7. Remitur

    Enquiry on cPanel addon in WHMCS

    After recent price increases, it's very strange you meet an "increasing domand" about cPanel: there's a general runaway from cPanel, so be sure you're offering it at the right price, or easily you'll meet serious troubles in september. Just to answer to your question: buying your licence not directly from cPanel, but from buycpanel.com , you can use their WHMCS add-on module: https://www.buycpanel.com/resources/ (BTW: buycpanel is cheaper too...)
  8. Remitur


    It depends on how your server is configured, if you have any control panel, if you're an administrator or a user. The easy and dumbproof way (which works only if your server uses Apache, and your sysadmin configured it in order to allow it): set your php preferences in .htaccess file
  9. There're two quite important features which are missing in the new Domains Reseller (2.x) : in the new version, you can (and have to...) define your own domain pricing for each TLD and for each integration you create (API, WHMCS, etc.) It's great if you want to create a new price list, different from the one you're using on WHMCS interface, but it's annoying and time-consuming if you want to keep the very same price of a price slab yet existing in WHMCS the second missing features is about domains yet existing in WHMCS for certain customer: the new Domains Reseller module "see" just and only the domains ordered by mean of the DR module itself. But the user usually wants to use API also to manage yet existing domains. Both of them may be fixed manually in an annoying and time-consuming way... or may be easily done using two MySQL queries (in a short: it's just required to keep the yet existing data in WHMCS tbl, format them in a different way and copy/update in the MySQL tables used by DR), and this query may be used also to keep data up-to-date (i.e. you can run it in MySQL backend on a daily basis, and so any modification of list price done on WHMCS for a certain TLD in the very next day will be mirrored to be used by API too...) (even if the perfect fix would be MG implementing this feature in next coming release...) But, just no to reinvent the wheel ... nobody has already tried to make these queries?
  10. Remitur

    TestConnection Failed Error

    Thank you. But (pls confirm), if I want to manage on the same DirectAdmin server both hosting accounts and reseller accounts, I need: - to add it in WHMCS using a DA "reseller account" and adding to (i.e.) "DAsharedhosting" group, in order to create and manage single hosting account - and to add it again in WHMCS, using a DA "admin account" and adding it to a different group (i.e. "DAreseller"), in order to create and manage reseller account Is this right?
  11. Remitur

    TestConnection Failed Error

    I'm just getting very same issue during DirectAdmin testing, and I guess it's somehow related to a WHMCS project issue. Let's explain: - in DirectAdmin you have three kind of users: admin, reseller, users - "user packages" is something referred to reseller only (which is to say: only a reseller can create a user package) If you configure your server in WHMCS using admin-level credentials, the test you're referring to ("test connection") is ok, but nothing else works... because an admin has no "packages", so you can't create products etc. If you configure your server in WHMCS using reseller-level credentials, "test connection" fails (with the very same error you have reported), but you can define product using the packages created by that reseller I'm going to open a ticket to WHMCS to understand how to manage this issue (but if there's any trick to create a "user package" owned by admin instead than a reseller... )
  12. Yes, but does exist any way to recover directly the variable? My previous example was not properly chosen, let's say I need to recover a language array, as: $_LANG['mylanguagevariable'] ['first']="aaaa"; $_LANG['mylanguagevariable'] ['second']="bbbbb"; It it somehow possible to recover the whole array $LANG['mylanguagevariable'] ? (a very dirty way, not tested by I guess it should works, would be a require, i,.e. require('lang/override/' . $language . '.php'); .... but it's a very dirty way to do it, and don't know if it may bring with some kind of issue with WHMCS core)
  13. Hello. Having defined some language variable, i.e. $_LANG['mylangvariable'] = "This is my language variable"; how can I recover the value of $_LANG['mylanguagevariable'] to use it in a php hook?!
  14. Remitur

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Lot of confusion about this... The answer is "maybe..." 😕 cPanel wrote on its own blog: https://blog.cpanel.com/update-to-account-based-pricing/ So it seems it works only if you're a direct cPanel customer. But I was able to get a yearly renew of an expiring cpanel license from buycpanel (so, paying the old price, and with unlimited accounts) just mentioning this post and that I was managing it using WHMCS. I guess that Oakley's guys did a mess, improvising a commercial policy without being ready to support it, and without realizing the implications not only commercial, but also technical of doing so ...
  15. Remitur

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    No way to do it by mean of WHMCS yet. It seems that, if you buy cPanel license from a partner, if you manage it using WHMCS you can have access to old price until new release of WHMCS which will allow to do it... but it's a sort of buzz (one of many about new cPanel policy). By now, refer to these guides: https://forums.cpanel.net/resources/how-to-identify-abandoned-cpanel-accounts.627/ https://forums.cpanel.net/resources/faq-how-can-i-find-cpanel-accounts-on-my-server-that-are-not-integrated-with-whmcs.631/ IMHO, the best fix is: run away from cPanel, and do it ASAP... 😕

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