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  1. Hello. Does exist a way (different from a direct mysql query) to retrieve the values of custom client fields for a certain customer? I looked around in API and documentation, but was not able to find anything about... 😞
  2. Does exist any API call to create a new to-do item ? I looked around, finding nothing... Is it necessary to create it operating directly on database?!
  3. Remitur

    Nameservers During Transfer

    There's a parameter to set this in resellerclub-mod registrar module: https://www.resellerclub-mods.com/en/products/registrar-modules/lcdrm.html But keep attention: many registrars delete DNS zone as far a domain is transferred; so if the domain used the losing registrar's nameservers, it's needed to provide new nameservers, otherwise the domain will no resolve anymore.
  4. Remitur

    EU VAT Rates 2019

    I guess that this is related just to UK sellers only, who want to sell to EU consumers. If any european-based company will sell digital services to a UK consumer, after Brexit no VAT will apply to this sell... just as happen for any other no-european country in the world.
  5. Remitur

    Nameservers During Transfer

    AFAIK, nameserver change during transfer is not done by any WHMCS function, but is managed by every single registrar module. In my own install, I have a registrar module which works fine (and regularly changes the nameservers during transfer process), and another one which always leave the original nameservers (so, forcing the user or us to change them manually when the transfer is completed)
  6. Sometimes it happens that the order for a new domain, to be registered, is processed regularly, but the registrar assigned to that TLD (regularly configured) is not assigned to the domain, so the order is approved, closed, but the domain keeps on hanging, with registrar set to "none". it happens for different TLDs, managed by different registrar modules; so, I guess, it's not a registrar module bug when in the same order there's more than one domain, this affect all the domains included in the same order it affects roughly 1% or so of the operations; so it happens that I receive 50 different orders for 70 domains, that are processed regularly, and then a single one order for 2 domains is affected by this issue no error messages, no alerts, no pending module actions... It's annoying because the only way to see it is the customer's ticket ("why my domain has not been registered yet?"), or going regularly on /admin/clientsdomainlist.php looking for any domain with registrar set to "none" (note: in search/filter option the "none" value is used for "any", so this filter does not works... :-( Anyone is experiencing this same issue? Any idea about what may it be related to?
  7. I was looking for a way to manage the "local presence" service sometimes needed for registration of few ccTLD. A way could be as follow: - the user order a .de domain - in the .de domain registration, I create a "local presence needed" special field - if the user check the "local field needed", when the registration order is inserted into the basket, then another service ("local presence for .de domain" is automatically inserted in the same basket So, it would be needed an hook which, under certain conditions, automatically insert a new service item in the existing basket. This hook may be useful also under other conditions: - whenever the user order the transfer of a domain, you can insert in the basket a free hosting service - whenever the user order a specified hosting service, you can add another (free o paid) service (i.e. a SSL certificate) - if you have a hosting service which is a bundle of different services, you can manage it so instead of using the sometimes confusing "bundle" feature of WHMCS So, before going on writing code, finding stupid wasting time to re-invent a way to warm the water... anyone yet wrote such a kind of hook? 😉
  8. Remitur

    WHMCS with WordPress

    WHMCS is slightly more difficult to break than Wordpress, for a number of different reasons: it's much less common than Wordpress (let's say: one WHMCS site for every 10.000 Wordpress sitees?), and so knowledge about it is less common, also in the cracker planet it's encrypted, and so it's not so easy analyze the code looking for vulnerabilities if there's a new exploit on WHMCS, this will be know to a single cracker/hacker, to his victim and to WHMCS's guys. If there's a new exploit on Wordpress, you'll find details about it few hours later using Google But, if you want, let's assume that WordPress is as safe as WHMCS... So, you install both of them in same space, and secure both of them independently. And begin the issues, because you'll need to find a way to insert in the same .htaccess different policies, an d it may be that there will be conflicts... but you study, waste a lot of time, and find a way to do it. And, at least, you have WP and WHMCS in the same space. What's the result? You spared an hosting account, but have a system which has doubled the possibility to be exploited. if you install Joomla too, 3x. 😄 The basic rule of security is: keep serveces as separated and as independent as possible. For WHMCS + WP it's very easy to do so, and very cheap ot no cost at all... and so, what's the real reason to keep them together? To spare a cPanel account?!?!
  9. Remitur

    WHMCS with WordPress

    Security. Having your main site on https://auswidehosting.com and WHMCS on https://auswidehosting.com/accounts means that WP and WHMCS stay in the very same space: WHMCS is just in a subdirectory in which WP is installed. So, WP has full access to that directory (and to the file configuration.php of WHMCS, where're stored whmcs's db credentials...), and any malicious code may be injected in... The point is that WP is usually reasonably sure, but it powers (it seems) something like 30% of web sites in the world... so it's a really tasty dish for any cracker in the world. Thousands of people constantly study how to violate WP or some plugins, and when they finally find a way, then thousands of BOTs are ready to use this new vulnerability... See, i.e., what's happened few days ago with WP GDPR Compliance plugin: https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2018/11/privilege-escalation-flaw-in-wp-gdpr-compliance-plugin-exploited-in-the-wild/ In few hours thousands of WP sites have been violated. Would you have used it for your site, in the most fortunate hypothesis you would have found both the installations (WP and WHMCS) infected by a BOT. At worst, however, a human cracker could enter and do whatever he wanted: recover the cpanel or plesk credentials of all your users, inject a script to retrieve the authinfo of all your domains, create a user with a unlimited credit and start registering domains without paying them, and various other nightmares ...
  10. Remitur

    WHMCS with WordPress

    So you have WP and WHMCS on the very same hosting ... bad, very bad. Keep WP as far as possible from WHMCS. Different hosting space, different IP, if possible different server too. Best solution is: Main site: https://auswidehosting.comWHMCS: https://accounts.auswidehosting.com And (mostly important!!!!) never, never, never share the same db!!!!! Use two different db... and if WP for any reason need to access data from WHMCS, use a third db in which you copy just the data needed from WHMCS, and on which WP has read-only permissions.
  11. Remitur

    Registrar module for OVH?

    Official OVH Registrar module included in WHMCS is "deprecated" (using the old version of OVH's API), does not work anymore and will be discontinued in future releases ( https://docs.whmcs.com/OVH ) That's right but... what else to manage domain registered using OVH? Does exist any third party module about this?
  12. Remitur

    MarketConnect does not fully automate SpamExperts

    Just for getting something useful: does exist any way to remove the MarketConnect widget from the home page of the admin area? It's huge, I find it always in the middle of it, and being totally unused it would be a good thing to remove it... 🙄
  13. I give an answer on myself. I tried it (in a sandbox), and it works fine. In admin area you can configure both Duo and Time-based One Time password, and set them in order to use the first one in admin area, and the second one for client area.
  14. Remitur

    Use WHMCS public area as web site?

    Be care: never, never, never let WP and WHMCS share the same space. Keep them separated, in different subdomains, on different hosting plans, even on different servers... 😄 Keep particular attention about the db: use different db, with different users. If WP need to access the WHMCS's db, let it do in read-only mode. Or, even better, use mysql to dynamically replicate the required contents od WHMCS's db in another db, managed by WP.
  15. Mi sembra strano, per diversi motivi: in Slovenia nessuno m ha accennato a nessuna novità si tratta di norme comunitarie, e mi pare difficile che le possano cambiare nella legge di bilancio sarebbe un controsenso, perché a questo punto il consumatore sarebbe spinto ad andare a comprare in rete da fornitori di nazioni con l'imposta più bassa (ovvero, proprio il motivo per cui era stato messo in piedi tutto questo bordello...) Vabbeh, aspettiamo e vediamo che succede... 😉

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