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  1. Just received from WHMCS: ( Did I already write that oakey capital is unpleasant to me? )
  2. This is genious. Real genious. (Maybe a better documentation from WHMCS would help to find solutions like this with a little less genious requirement but, being so, I need to blame WHMCS about his documentation, and praise your genius)
  3. I want to disable partial payment using credit: if a user has enough credit, he can pay using it. If the credit is not sufficient, he is forced to pay the full amount in a different way. Doing this is easy, using ClientAreaPageCart. But I would like to add a warning to the user, such as "You have 4,56 of available prepaid credit, that is not enought to pay this: pay in a different way, or do a credit refill in order to pay the full amount using credit"... but this is impossible in ClientAreaPageCart I guess that maybe the best fix could be using ShoppingCartCheckoutOutput to inject a condiional Smarty code...
  4. Does exist any trick, using the ClientAreaPageCart hook, to inject some HTML in page? Or the only way is using ShoppingCartCheckoutOutput hook? (But doing so it' necessary to use and "syncronize" between them two hooks...)
  5. Note: to fully remove a gateway for a customer, it's required to check (and apply this hook) in other pages too... I changed this: if ($vars['templatefile'] == 'viewcart') into this: if ($vars['templatefile'] == 'viewcart' or $vars['templatefile'] == 'clientareaaddfunds' or $vars['templatefile'] == 'upgradesummary' or $vars['templatefile'] == 'masspay' ){ and added also this: add_hook("ClientAreaPageUpgrade", 1, "cart_gateway_removal_for_non_clients"); (so the very same function is called from two different hookpoints...) Don't know if there may be other points where it may be required to add this hook...
  6. Nice shot! Thank you! (The mistery about the fact that no one set that checkbox in the past in production environment, so I guess that it was so by default; while test environment, re-installed a couple of months ago, has it unchecked ... so I guess that somwhen WHMCS decided to change the default state for this checkbox...) And no words about "where" this checkbox has been hidden... 😕 Yes I have... why this question? Should I need to know anything about them that I currently don't know? (I'm planning to change my current custom theme, derivated by a Thememetro theme, to a child.. hoping this will help with future updates, that currently are reallya pain in the ass...)
  7. The addon prices are the very same for all TLDs; you can recover from database table tblpricing field type domainaddons The three fields msetupfee qsetupfee and ssetupfee are the values you're looking for.
  8. Hello. I'm encountering difficulties in understanding what are the .tpl files involved in credit card payment process. The issue is this: I'm currently using a custom theme, six-based (not yet a child, that is a new thing: an old theme, customized few years ago, and updated on the way as needed) enabiling a new credit card payment process (Stripe), I'm getting in client area (i.e. in example.com/index.php/invoice/12345/pay ), using Six or my custom theme I'm getting two quite different forms (see screenshots) particularly, in my custom theme the user is asked for two unusual (and unuseful) credit card fields ("start date" and "Issue number"), that are quite confusing and I would like to remove It should not be a great job, but looking into involved .tpl files is a mess, and I can't understand what are the files involved... I.e., I understand that: /payment/card/inputs.tpl and /payment/card/validate.tpl are (or may be) involved, but they're exactly the same both in Six and in my custom theme /clientareacreditcard.tpl may be involved, but I'm confused because the clientareacreditcard.tpl in six is an empty file (while in my custom theme it is not empty), but looking into WHMCS changelog I found anything about "when" and "why" this file was removed ( https://docs.whmcs.com/Changed_Template_Files is available just until 5.2.3 ... seven years ago...) I did few grep in order to find where the involved language variables were used, but found nothing useful about... So: any idea about what is the .tpl file I need to check and edit?!
  9. Wonderful! It's exactly what I was looking for! (Note: definitely, this community needs a better search engine... just to find your precious previous posts! 😄 )
  10. Does exist any way to enable or disable a payment gateway for a user? I.e.: I have three gateways: paypal, banktransfer, stripe for user A, I would like to be available just paypal and banktransfer for user B, instead just banktransfer and stripe (note: A and B may be filtered according to country, or on a custom field... it doesn't matter, there're a number of different ways to do this filter. What I'm looking for is a way to temporarly disable a gateway for a customer in client area, in order to make impossible for him to use it)
  11. You need to ask to WHMCS support to enable your licence for every single different domain you want to use. Then, you can use this free add-on: https://www.modulesgarden.com/products/whmcs/geolocation-hook (note: source code is provided, so you can easily customize it as for your needs)
  12. Hello. I was evaluating Adyen ( adyen.com ) as payment processor to integrate into WHMCS. Any experience about? opinions? Anyone did ever used it previously with WHMCS?
  13. This operation is called "trade", and it's not done by a hook: it's a matter of the Registrar Module you're using, not of WHMCS itself. Even more: for some TLDs, this kind of operation may be unlawful, or require further steps from Registrant to approve (i.e. .com), or may be billed by the Registry (i.e. .au), or even be simply impossible (i.e. for .ru the trade is done on the site of the Registry, and has to be done by the Registrant himself)
  14. Googling around, I found this post about WHMCS's db optimization: https://support.reliablesite.net/kb/a280/optimizing-the-whmcs-database-for-performance.aspx that suggests following changes to improve performance: ALTER TABLE tblproductconfigoptionssub DROP INDEX configid, ADD INDEX configid (configid ASC, hidden ASC, sortorder ASC, id ASC); ALTER TABLE tblpricing ADD INDEX relid (relid ASC, type ASC, currency ASC); ALTER TABLE tblproductconfiglinks ADD UNIQUE INDEX pid_gid (pid ASC, gid ASC); ALTER TABLE tblproductconfigoptions DROP INDEX productid, ADD INDEX productid (gid ASC, hidden ASC); I'm always quite skeptikal about "simple and universal recipes for performance improvment" (would it be so simple and without any collateral effect, why hasn't it been implemented directly by the WHMCS development team?), and also a test done in my dev and test environment would have very little meaning ... so here I'm to ask your opinion and experience about this proposed "tricks", or other db optimizations that may be useful...
  15. Slightly OT: what about a post on "how to remove MOSS support for UK tomorrow night" ? 😉
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