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  1. The easy way: when a customer register a domain, he has the option of this service for free... why not buy it? And even if he doen't insert it in the order, after the registration he'll be available to buy it (for free) Less easy way: write a hook, using i.e. PreRegistrarRegisterDomain , which activates that "hosting" order each time a domain is registered...
  2. And... about any walkaround to the (Laravel ?) error message... any suggest?
  3. It's not necessary toenable "display errors"... the error message is displayed also if that display errors is disabled (the detail is "invalid invoice id"... because WHMCS is trying to sent an invoice which no lenger exists) For this reason i think that it's a Laravel's error message... (BTW: being so: any idea to bypass it?) This is a very good question... my answers are not so good: it was the lesser evil in 7.5 there're features which I need since... I don't remember when. Too much time. it could have been worse: pther functions of Billing Extension are running no worst than before... BTW: I don't know if take it as a full dead project... according to Katamaze, it's not: https://katamaze.com/news/6/dear-customers But he writes about a "refactored Billing Extension", while the refactoring of Billing Extension is only a project, still running: and the version available is the same of september, with same bugs (a new version has been released few days ago, but only to grant compatibility with PHP 7.1 and 7.2 ... using still PHP 6, I didn't ever tried to install it) The refactoring of Billing Extension is still a project: https://katamaze.com/lab/1/refactoring-billing-extension He writes: No one but katamaze knows when will it be available. And how much time, after released, will be necessary to debug it and have a stable version.
  4. being not very easy to get support from the developer, I hope there's here anyone else using Billing Extension module (https://katamaze.com/modules.php?module=billing-extension ) and experiencing same issue: finding a fix or a walkaround (if any) may be easier working in two... The issue I experienced is using the "simplified invoicing" option ( = mass billing at the end of the month). When this option is enabled, it happen that: customer pays a proforma invoice Billing Extension take note somewhere of this paid proforma, and delete it from the database WHMCS try to send by email the paid proforma to the customer, but it fails (the proforma has beeen just deleted...) and so return an error Before WHMCS 7.5 this error was manageable: you had only to modify the "invalid invoice ID" message in "processing..." (or anything else...) and the customer did not realized of any error. After the update of WHMCS to 7.5 the error message is worst, because you get a full blank screen with the terrible message "OOps! Something went wrong" So a lot of customer opening tickets: "What's happen?" "I'm not able to renew my domain" "I tried 5 times to renew my domain, always getting an error message", and so on ... So: anyone has any idea for any trick to fix this? I don't understand why this error message changed so... I guess (but not for sure!) it's an error message coming from Laravel, but know no way to bypass it...
  5. Custom Registar Module

    No PM possible (you're not yet abled to receive PM on this community) So I give you the link here of a guy I guess can help you: www.upwork.com/fl/mahanders
  6. Custom Registar Module

    For sure not me!!!! Right now, I've just the time to breath... I can suggest a freelancer (in PM)
  7. Custom Registar Module

    I used a registrar module, born for .za domain, and modified it to differencies in EPP commands between .it and .za But the original module I used was realized using the dummy registrar module in GIT. Installing it in WHMCS is easy, the hard job is the EPP parts between the module and the Registry... Have you read the doc related to the code in GIT? https://developers.whmcs.com/domain-registrars/getting-started/
  8. It can't, because interfacing with an external DNS server is not trivial, and I guess it's a little out of its goals... But you can do it for free in a number of ways: Where are you registering your domains? Whoever is the Registrar, he offers his DNS service for sure... well, you put your own WHM DNS server as slave of the DNS servers of he Registrar. If the DNS service of your registrar is white-label, you can use it... elsewhere, you use it as a "hidden master", and no one will know you're using it. When you register a domain, your registrar creates the DNS zone on his server, and then your WHM copy the zone from it. Another way: you create an almost "empty" package in WHM, with only DNS and domain parking (you can manage several thousands of such services on any server without issue). Any "real" hosting service will be managed as an upgrade of this very basic package.
  9. Custom Registar Module

    I'm working on my own .it registrar module... far from being soldable to others, but for my needs it works fine. For what TLD are you planning to code the module?
  10. I just discovered the cause of may issue (which is probably different from yours): in browser console I find this error: Uncaught ReferenceError: whmcsBaseUrl is not defined ... and found that WHMCS's staff yet analyzed and fixed it!!!! http://help.whmcs.com/m/75601/l/869996-troubleshooting-domain-search-returning-no-results It's "only" an issue with template not up-to-date... let's try now to update it in the less painful way... ;-) Maybe even your issue is theme-related... any error message in browser console?
  11. After the update I've too issues with this page (even worst): domain searching go on hanging indefinitely...
  12. Someone found a way to do it... even if I don't understand how they do it. The add-on module which asks for formain custom field in transfer order is this: https://www.resellerclub-mods.com/en/products/registrar-modules/lcdrm.html When it comes to a transfer order for a domain managed through this module, it regularly asks for any custom field... They require a small editing of configuredomains.tpl, detailed explained here: https://www.resellerclub-mods.com/en/online-documentation/lcdregistrar-module-v3/howto-install-lcdregistrar-module-v3.html It works, but looking the code in configuredomains.tpl, I'm going to ask two new questions: why and how WHMCS doesn't ask for custom field in domain trasnfer? I didn't found any clause in configuredomains.tpl which differs registering from transfer... how to modify resellerclub-crm's template code in order to make it works with any domain (even if not managed by resellerclub-crm'm module) ?
  13. I didn't tried your script, but it seems to block also full legit third-level domains: i.e., .co.uk ... I guess the only way to be sure if it's a sub-domain or if it's a legit third-level would be a whois query...
  14. PayPal Pro (UK Based)

    In my experience, PayPal's commercial policies are quite confused, and sometimes seems randomized too... I.e., PayPal pro in not available in every european country; and if you ask "why" 10 times, you'll get 10 different answers...
  15. kayako integration

    I sugget you to give up to Kayako. In my experience, kayako offers only little more features than plain WHMCS ticket system, and is much more buggy and hard to manage. If you need customization, works on WHMCS system and you'll have a more reliable and integrated system.

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