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  1. Invoice reminder security

    Support Can you please help us on the following: 1. When an invoice reminder is received the {$invoice_link} from the reminder email template is converted to the following: https://www.sadomain.co.za/viewinvoice.php?id=78611 2. When you click on this link the relevant invoice will open up. 3. If you change the id=78611 to any other number like id=78626, then you can view the next clients details 4. Link https://www.sadomain.co.za/viewinvoice.php?id=78611 and change the end to https://www.sadomain.co.za/viewinvoice.php?id=78626 5. So all you have to do if you want to see anyone else's invoices you just have to change the invoice ID till you find someones details that you can copy, this poses a security risk. 6. Is there a work around for this to secure the invoice ID so that no one else can see it.
  2. .eu additional fields

    I am trying to setup the additional fields that are required for the .eu domain extension in whmcs I have created a new file named additionalfields.php within the /resources/domains/ directory and now I need to know what additional fields are required for the .eu domain and also how to add the script so that it will only allow you to enter the countries and phone numbers within the EU when doing the registration
  3. Does anyone know if this module works as we have written to them and got no reply, or if there is anything else similar for whmcs.
  4. New gTLDs Whois Server

    New gTLDs Whois Server I am having a problem with the .online registrations, when doing a search through whois.centralnic.com it shows as taken. But when doing a search through whmcs it shows as available. Can someone point me in the right direction to getting this solved. The whois entry is as follows .online|whois.centralnic.com|DOMAIN NOT FOUND
  5. six theme domain search problem

    Brian How is the jquery pulled into the page
  6. six theme domain search problem

    Brian Would it be possible to mail me the domainchecker-results.tpl and domainchecker.tpl or zip the six theme and send it to me. [email protected]
  7. six theme domain search problem

    Brian We did a complete delete and then installed a completely fresh version of whmcs version 6.2.2. Before I added any modules or addons I did a test to see if theme 6 worked. Unfortunately it still had the same problem where I could register anything and it picked up the price of R367.00. After that I reinstalled our original version of whmcs 6.2.2 , that is why you are picking up the Portal, Classic, Default templates as I reverted back to our original version. I have scanned all the coding in both themes and picked up on the following which I hope will help. 1. On the domainchecker.tpl page in theme five line 44 there is the following code which I assume checks if the TLD is valid: {if $lookup} {if $invalidtld} <p class="fontsize3 domcheckererror textcenter">{$invalidtld|strtoupper} {$LANG.domaincheckerinvalidtld}</p> 2. On the domainchecker.tpl and domainchecker-results.tp pages in theme six I cannot reference or find anywhere where it looks up for invalid TLD's
  8. six theme domain search problem

    Brian We tried a new install v6.2.2 from scratch. The problem still persisted with the search. Any Domain tld (.bbhd) could be registered in theme six. I don't know if this will help. I noticed that theme five has a check valid tld function in it in the domain checker tpl. I couldn't find a check valid function in theme six.
  9. six theme domain search problem

    It was faulty before the last update
  10. six theme domain search problem

    I have already done that. This problem is driving me nuts as some clients register extensions that we dont have and pay for them. Then they give me a hard time as to why the system allowed it. - - - Updated - - - If you use template five, it works which makes it more confusing http://www.sadomain.co.za/?systpl=five
  11. six theme domain search problem

    Brian You can check the six theme of ours at: http://www.sadomain.co.za/?systpl=six This is the original with no changes to code. I am running V6.2.2 If you can help me or point me in the right direction to getting this repaired ill appreciate it. Regards Andrew
  12. six theme domain search problem

    It is unusual as im trying it with the original six them and I am updated to the latest version of whmcs. Under General Settings: Do you also have it setup as: Domain Lookup Standard WHOIS Use the Standard Public WHOIS service for lookups. Also do you perhaps know where I can get a fresh copy of six theme.
  13. I am running theme six and have the following problem. When someone does a search for a domain name extension that doesn't exist e.g: abcd.aabbbcc from the main page, the domainchecker page shows this domain as available instead of showing that it is an invalid extension TLD. I am using the Standard Public WHOIS service for lookups.
  14. Has anyone written the code for this yet as there must be more people with clients who's affiliates are asking to see more details as in the domain name for that particular service.
  15. Importing client data

    i am trying to attach a .csv file to this message and it wont let me as it says it cant recognise the file. Do you have an email address so i can send it directly to you.

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