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  1. Hello, I'd like to sell single mail-accounts to my clients on my own domain (e.g. "http://macbay.email/" )like this: - client creates account with custom username@macbay.email - client-account & billing (e.g. 12,- € for the upcoming 12 months) are being created on whmcs - mail-account is being created on mail-server (e.g. cPanel or iredmail) All WHMCS extensions that I have yet read about would allow me to sell hosting and domains, so that the client can setup multiple mail-accounts. But I want to sell only single mail-accounts on my own domain with features like aliases (limited to 3 aliases per account), forwarders, sieve filters, identities (limited to 3 identities per account), fetchmail and the ability to extend mail-storage as config-option. Any idea about how to accomplish? I would be willing to pay for someone to help me establish such a solution. Thank you and kind regards, Sascha
  2. Thank you for your prompt reply So there is module to integrate Cerb4 (v8.x) with WHMCS (v7.x) and it's been actively maintained? Where can I get it?
  3. Thank you for your prompt reply, Chris! So which news-channel would you recommend to keep on track with WHMCS-News? Thank you, sascha
  4. Hello, WHMCS supports Two-Factor-Authorization (TFA) via DuoSecurity, but it seems quite expensive to use their service with monthly costs starting at 3,- USD per user! I have a hosting-plan starting at 2,80 and would like to offer TFA via SMS. Does anybody know a good alternative to DuoSecurity that can be used with WHMCS easily? Thank you and kind regards, Sascha
  5. Hello and good day to you I have just failed to integrate WHMCS official blog to my feed-reader (feedly.com), anybody knows a workaround? This is the feedly-output after adding blog.whmcs.com (screenshot): https://www.evernote.com/l/AAOIuMB_Gq1GToSv1YJ_asvTg07bYBCwVdw I have tried with blog.whmcs.com as well as https://blog.whmcs.com , but no success. Any advice is welcome Thank you and kind regards, Sascha
  6. Hello, my name is Sascha and I'm operating a small hosting venture in Berlin (Germany). I haven't used WHMCS in production environment yet and will be happy to learn more about it. By the way: I'd like to add a picture to my avatar here, but whenever I hit "Edit Profile" an error will be returned "Not allowed to edit profile". Any idea why and how to change my avatar? Have a lovely day, Sascha
  7. Hello, this request is only for German speaking It-Specialists: I'm looking for an IT-Assistant and Projectmanager (junior level) for helping setup, configure and manage several Webhosting-Services including cPanel, WordPress, Mail, Fax, NextCloud and others for different brands all managed via WHMCS. The Integration of these services will be deployed by external Admins & WHMCS specialists. I need you for coordination, documentation and projectmanagement, probably only 4-8 hours per week. If you are speaking German (almost) fluently please feel free to PM me. Have a nice day, Sascha
  8. Hello, I'm setting up a hosting-service with WHMCS and cPanel plus "cPanel Extended" module by modulesgarden. Apart from selling cpanel-hosting I'd like to offer simple storage-boxes to my clients, so that they can order a simple storage-account to store files, photos etc. online and after order-confirmation they receive credentials to access their storage via SFTP, WebDAV etc. They should be able to upgrade or downgrade storage-size. This is a very basic offering for clients who don't need a website, domain, email etc. so probably it would be overkill to sell cPanel to them. However it would be nice to use cpanel to provide the account, storage, credentials etc. as long as it would be possible to easily strip the according offering and the service-management-GUI in WHMCS to the very basic features described below. But if cPanel is not suitable for this, any alternative would do of course (which one?). Online Storage Service Feature Set: - order / terminate storage-account - view credentials or resend credentials to client (FTP, SFTP, WebDAV etc.) - upgrade / downgrade storage-size - optional: add sub-user with its own credentials and assign storage sub-directory to sub-user How would you implement such an offering in WHMCS? If you'd use cpanel, how would you configure such package and how would you implement in WHMCS so that features in clientarea-GUI will be stripped down as described? If you would use a separate server for this, which server-management would you use to connect with WHMCS and setup this offering? I'm looking forward to your opinions and wish you all a lovely day Cheers, Sascha
  9. Hello, I have searched this forum but haven't find anything that could help me. I'd like to resell Storage-Boxes by Hetzner (BX) to my clients via WHMCS from https://www.hetzner.de/storage-box At least I'd like to sell single accounts on each BX. So I wonder if anybody knows if there's an WHMCS-Addon to sell Hetzners "Storage-Boxes"? Or at least how to provision Accounts on them via WHMCS? Have a nice day, Sascha
  10. Hello, I'd like to offer two plans, BASIC & PRO. BASIC will provide a standard set of predefined parameters like CPU, RAM and HD. PRO should be set individually by using sliders within the PRO pricing-table. I will show you an example that is exactly how I'd like to provide the slider: https://windcloud.org/infrastruktur/ (check the "Custom" table) I want to provide this kind of table on both my WHMCS and WordPress site and did some research already, but without any result yet. Does anybody know how to provide such a table in WHMCS and even WP and would be my super-hero by sharing his or her knowledge about that? Thank you and have a nice day, Sascha
  11. I second the plugin and would probably buy it. Just wonder about the current status. Also, Cerb6 is out there for quite a while now ...
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