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  1. Why not just provide the hotfix here on the community?
  2. Slightly related to this.. I've seen emails come in with CC recipients and none have been added to the ticket automatically. Other support emails with CC recipients are added just fine. I've not had time to dig deeper into this however.
  3. You need to remove the card from two database tables.. .. tblcreditcards and .... tblpaymentmethods I have the same issue.. WHMCS know about this since I opened a ticket with the when 7.8.0 was released.
  4. Any updates on this? For now I have switched to basic urls as well.
  5. I am also facing a similar issue (not being able to delete cards), however for it is for some customers who never had a card on file.. after visiting their profile they then have an undeletable card (I can delete them manually of course). I've opened a ticket with WHMCS about this quite a few days ago.. so they are well aware. Still, 7.8.1 fixed all the other Stripe issues I had.. especially the ones where I had to process invoices manually. Also, before 7.8.1 invoices were being charged but not marked as paid.
  6. xyzulu

    Daily billing issues

    On 7.8.1 it worked correctly for me when my daily billing ran. Cards were charged correctly and invoices marked as paid.
  7. xyzulu

    Daily billing issues

    Did the cron run correctly this time?
  8. You should probably also open a ticket about this so it's not missed.
  9. Sorry.. just trying to help. I agree this isn't an acceptable solution for you. I've already billed my customers multiple times since upgrading to 7.8.. and now rolled back to 7.7.1... so I'm also fairly upset too.
  10. You can skip the overage billing using a switch, see https://docs.whmcs.com/Crons .. a temporary workaround perhaps.
  11. See https://help.whmcs.com/m/90416/l/1139022-troubleshooting-an-convertrenamedoptions-error .. also... 7.8.1 is now out
  12. Please open a ticket with WHMCS about this. They should be able to address this issue with a hotfix
  13. xyzulu

    Stripe Error

    It looks like this fix is included in 7.8.1 now.
  14. xyzulu

    Daily billing issues

    As you can see from my other ticket (unable to delete credit card) this migration process in 7.8 just created multiple blank cards under the user whose profile I'd visit... I'm been unable to delete the cards from the user after this. The tech told me the issue was a custom admin template (which I don't use). If you do care.. I'm not sure your workaround works.. especially if you visit the profile of a customer who has no card on file.. then they will have a blank undeletable card.. or 4 as I ended up with.

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