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  1. A workaround would not be needed if WHMCS devoted 15mins of developer time to resolving this issue. If WHMCS uses the Google logo in their implementation they should have followed the Google guidelines. When this was brought to your attention in a ticket it should have been resolved asap. It's 6 week since my ticket.. and counting. It's crazy how I was told in my ticket that this was a customization request and that WHMCS would not be able to help. Then, when I tried to get the staff member to understand the issue (despite being crystal clear) the "workaround" they provided was totally useless. And, now WHMCS staff are still debating with me/us about whether there is an issue or not in this thread and providing workaround. Just resolve this issue please!
  2. See ticket: #IPF-991182 30 Jan 2019 I was told that this was created: #CORE-12868 Why was a ticket not enough? Why did this issue only come to the attention of WHMCS developers after an active community thread? In future, how do you suggest we report issues like this?
  3. You're killing me John 😉 I opened a ticket about this more than a month ago.. and it was closed twice (the second time after I reopened it). Unless you request verification Google won't show your app (your integration) as authorised.. to quote them: Why do people like me need to education WHMCS on simple issues like this? Yes, see:
  4. Thanks for your continued help.. I just hope WHMCS incorporate the correct Google branding in their next update.
  5. Ok.. what dumb thing have I done.. I've added these overrides to custom.css.. but still not seeing my changes..
  6. Thanks for your help guys.. To be honest, WHMCS reply wasn't as I had hoped.. it's on their list.. but no urgency.. and also the blame was put on Google. It will be resolved in the future, but who knows when. I asked them for a quick solution like the one above here.. unfortunately the tech didn't read the ticket carefully as they gave me a solution for replacing the admin logo when configuring Google Sign-in integration. If features like this are not supported, it's probably best not to use them.. maybe I'll just disable it.. but I will check out the solution above and see if Google approve it. Thanks again! @wp4all and @brian!
  7. If you have Google Signin enabled, on this page /clientarea.php the "Sign in with Google" breaks Google Branding Guidelines: https://developers.google.com/identity/branding-guidelines If you try to have Google approve your integration (verify your domain) they will now turn it down until this is resolved. I have already reported this to WHMCS, but in the meantime does anyone have any suggestions for bringing this into compliance? I can see it's all CSS.. but I've not yet worked out how to resolve this and use a button like this for example:
  8. Great tip, thanks Brian Strangely, while using a custom theme folder, I actually merged my small few css changes with the latest 7.7 templates.. I'll try to rename the folder and see if that is all it takes to resolve this.. Edit: Clearing the template cache was all that was needed. And here I was sure that happened automatically on each upgrade. Anyway.. simple fix.. thanks!
  9. Despite enabling recaptcha invisible I still see the default whmcs captcha on my domain search page. Just me? Any suggestions? I'm talking about this domain search.. Begin the search for your perfect domain name...
  10. Same result here. @WHMCS ChrisD I do have an open bug report about this (as do others apparently). If you test this yourself I am sure you will be able to replicate the behaviour we are ALL seeing.
  11. xyzulu


    This release also breaks the domain sync cron. Myself and others have reported this to WHMCS already.
  12. I'm seeing the same.. please keep this thread updated when you hear from WHMCS
  13. It's visually better not to see and have to tick the google recaptcha box on the domain search page (home page). I can't think of any downside.

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