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  1. WHMCS should have just left those of us who purchased the owned license on grandfathered plans and saved a huge backlash.. but... that's not likely to happen. It's strange that they were so willing to use current customers as the "whipping boy" to increase their bottom line instead of being confident enough with their new pricing that only need to apply it to new customers.
  2. 1. It's quite possible WHMCS could re-write things so that future version of WHMCS limit the amount of active accounts you have without having to "phone home" to WHMCS to check on your license status. This would probably be a wise move. If this is a new suggestion that WHMCS chooses to implement, I'd expect them to give me a owned WHMCS license as compensation.. oh .. wait... 2. It seems obvious that "we" are not the people WHMCS is engaging with. Perhaps some/most of us are just small-fry and the really future money earners for WHMCS are businesses a lot bigger than us (no offence to anyone in this thread). While I am personally waiting to see what happens, I don't expect WHMCS to change their minds about their future plans, it's more to see how it will affect me. Sure, I could move (I'd probably use Clientexec as I have used it before and know it does what I use WHMCS for already). I'm happy to pay a reasonable price for something that I use as a tool for my business.. it's just this connecting "our" business success (host many customers we have) with a provider like WHMCS and cPanel that is leaving a bad taste in our mouths.
  3. Sad that there is no engagement from WHMCS here on their forums. Where are Matt and the team engaging with customers?
  4. You can reset the password from the database. While I understand your reasons for wanting this feature back, resetting a password over the phone isn't the most secure way.
  5. /clients.php has an accurate figure of active/inactive clients. You can use the slider to include/exclude inactive clients. Have you checked how many active customers you have? Also /configauto.php do you have it set like this (default 8.1.3)?:
  6. As much as you are upset by WHMCS actions.. have they really broken the law? (rhetorical question) I'm not happy either, this is poor customer treatment at the least (especially to the owned license holders), but have they really taken anything away they had promised? Anyway.. no need for a legal debate... I hear in some countries you can sure for anything you like.. but is is really worth the stress and money (it goes to the lawyers mostly)?
  7. /clients.php has an accurate figure of active/inactive clients. You can use the slider to include/exclude inactive clients.
  8. What I find a little disappointing is absolutely zero customer loyalty appreciation. ie some of us have been using WHMCS for around 20 years, and while they offered owned licenses, we (many of us) were still paying yearly support plans. This new change offers those on owned licenses no discount, promotion or even a free hat 😉
  9. None of those are new features in 8.1.1.. they are new features in 8.1.0 already out for over a month. If you are on 8.1.0, you should update to 8.1.1 to fix a number of bugs.
  10. I was able to resolve my issues with Gocardless by redoing the connection to Gocardless via the WHMCS admin backend.
  11. It does depend on how you had it all setup. If you are familiar with another php application (Wordpress/Joomla etc) moving WHMCS will only require the same level of skill.
  12. It's fairly standard and painless. See the following: Licensing - WHMCS Documentation Moving Storage Locations - WHMCS Documentation
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