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  1. None of those are new features in 8.1.1.. they are new features in 8.1.0 already out for over a month. If you are on 8.1.0, you should update to 8.1.1 to fix a number of bugs.
  2. I was able to resolve my issues with Gocardless by redoing the connection to Gocardless via the WHMCS admin backend.
  3. It does depend on how you had it all setup. If you are familiar with another php application (Wordpress/Joomla etc) moving WHMCS will only require the same level of skill.
  4. It's fairly standard and painless. See the following: Licensing - WHMCS Documentation Moving Storage Locations - WHMCS Documentation
  5. .. or use a SMTP gateway that can be used to tracks delivers and opens etc. I've used Postmark: Application Email Service with Exceptional Delivery for many years.. it's brilliant. Note, you don't see the opens, clicks etc in WHMCS, only in the Postmark interface.
  6. This issue has been reported and confirmed as being worked on by WHMCS: CORE-16022 double validation warning password reset page: https://whmcs.community/topic/304324-twenty-one-template-minor-tweaks/?do=findComment&comment=1346483
  7. As I understand GA4 will work like tag manager
  8. Sorry, we are discussing this same issue in 2 different places.
  9. Sadly, WHMCS say they cannot replicate this and that I need to provide them admin access to my system before they will look into this further. I have contacted Gocardless and passed this on to them (WHMCS blame Gocardless or my setup) for WHMCS not receiving a "Confirmed" status being passed back to WHMCS.
  10. Whmcs support say they can't replicate this issue. I'm contacting Gocardless now as whmcs are adamant Gocardless should be sending a Confirmed message instead of the paid out message they are now sending.
  11. That is a serverside issue. Please try the manual update.. it might just work and save you lots of time.
  12. For the record.. since I dug into this today.. this has been happening since at least 8.0 for me.
  13. Did you end up resolving this? It's now an issue for me.. I don't use Xero.. but WHMCS is not marking paid invoices as paid.. instead they are stuck at pending payment. I have opened a ticket with WHMCS but as yet no reply.
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