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  1. We are pleased to announce our Domain Reseller Registrar WHMCS module has been updated to support WHMCS v8.x. The module is free and details are available on the marketplace. Additionally, the GitHub URL has been changed: https://github.com/Rad-Web-Hosting/RadWebHosting-whmcs Sign up for a free account: https://radwebhosting.com/domain-reseller
  2. TLD import and pricing are based on the values synced from the registrar. You can manually change them during sync.
  3. 1. You have several options beyond changing your hosting service. The first. and simplest, option is changing the template of your WHMCS installation (or simply modifying it). You can probably adjust the domainregister.tpl of your active orderforms template to limit the output. You may also have a custom template, which could have additional outputs beyond the scope of the default WHMCS template. Modifying these could optimize your performance and save you time and money on upgrading your server. You could also have fewer TLDs available for registration and this would also limit the output you mentioned. 2. Some email templates will not stored in client's email history by design. These templates generally contain sensitive data and thus it is seen as more secure for your client (and less of a liability) for you to not store these mails in this manner.
  4. Yes, the Softaculous module is definitely the way to solve it and it's only like $2/mo for dedicated license...very valuable
  5. We've had good results with custom projects at @wsa and ModulesGarden...both are easy to work with and helpful with updates/changes/support
  6. Not necessarily relevant to your specific requirements, but if, by chance, your desire for one-time product with recurring configurable options is correlated directly with pricing scheme, then you could create a recurring product with $0.00 recurring price (add setup fee to collect a one-time fee for this product) and assign configurable options (with desired billing settings).
  7. I think WHMCS should leave mobile application (specifically iOS) development to the professionals. I have had the same experiences going back to previous version for sometime.
  8. With WHMCS, you can create the ACL lists under "Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges". with the aforementioned account limits. Include ACL group name in WHMCS reseller product configuration (in Module Settings). If done correctly, the WHMCS will apply the ACL list when creating the hosting service, and apply the related account limitations.
  9. You can also check this module from WHMCS Services as it has served us well for years: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/2966-services-fee
  10. You should rename this without any spaces and also provide the correct file extension for best results
  11. Try: Check the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Check logs
  12. Yes, you should "Limit Reseller by Number" in order to impose account creation limits. The previous fields (above the reseller-specific fields) will limit the reseller's account (in the case that you have chosen to make the Reseller own their own account). Unlimited is not possible, but you can throw a long series of "9's" in there for good measure.
  13. This can be fixed in the WHMCS admin. Head to Setup-> Products/Services-> Servers and edit the server related to the outdated nameserver IPs. Between Hostname and Server Credentials fields are the fields for nameservers and their respective IPs. You can modify them accordingly. These fields are where the nameserver IP values in your product emails are generated from.
  14. If you have a registrar module enabled, the nameservers are returned by the registrar via API. If you are a registrar, then your nameservers would likely be returning this information via query from your WHMCS. Im sure there is some module or integration for storing these values on your local WHMCS, but as far as I know WHMCS always attempts to retrieve real-time nameserver records from the registrar.
  15. You can check our services as we offer both VPS and Dedicated Server WHMCS reseller modules. <Removed by community moderator - Reminder we have strict advertising rules please review the community guidelines>
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