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  1. I'll agree. The 403 error page you described sounds like there's room for improvement. At least needs to be specific so users can make educated decisions on how next to proceed. I will say this, however, this community is not built by WHMCS in the slightest. It's built by Invision Community.
  2. You should make the promotion apply to his domain TLD, using "Promotions" section of WHMCS Admin.
  3. This is unusual. We've been using them for several projects over the years and always get quick replies and quick delivery.
  4. Create Configurable option for "Server Location" and your locations as the choice. I believe this layout is called "radial" style.
  5. Rad Web Hosting is pleased to announce the release of WHMCS VPS Reseller Module v1.1.1. Update details: https://blog.radwebhosting.com/whmcs-vps-reseller-server-module-v1-1-1-released/
  6. Which WHOIS server is configured for ".free1gb.com" TLD?
  7. Most premium domains are given this delegation by the Registries, I believe. They should add some flag in response so we can scrape the Premium status from WHOIS!
  8. What server module do you use for provisioning services to your clients?
  9. Rad Web Hosting is pleased to announce the release of WHMCS VPS Reseller Module v1.0.5. Update details: https://blog.radwebhosting.com/whmcs-vps-reseller-server-module-v1-0-5-released/
  10. Try adding the custom code in the footer
  11. This indicates that the nameserver fields of a domain must be unique. I.e: ns1: uniquens1.domain.tld ns2: uniquens2.domain.tld
  12. It’s probably a bit of a stretch for the OP to go from Bluehost shared account to Hetzner VPS. Having said that, I definitely agree that a VPS server would be a much better environment for running a WHMCS installation. Customize it specifically for a dedicated WHMCS installation for best performance performance and compatibility.
  13. Much thanks for the recommendation! Unfortunately, Bluehost and their EIG brethren will be near the bottom of the list for most of your concerns. They are sure to keep the Freeze PHP & extensions at the time your server is initially configured. Additionally, the extent of their WHMCS helpfulness probably stops at sending reference links to the official WHMCS documentation. I would recommend literally any of the aforementioned providers as more capable and more suitable for what you are looking to accomplish. Best of luck ✅
  14. Brian Jr solving lots of threads 🙏
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