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  1. Here is some information that is relevant to your issue: https://radwebhosting.com/client_area/knowledgebase/241/HTTP-Error-503-Service-Unavailable.html
  2. In WHMCS Admin, /configdomains.php page, you disable/enable per TLD
  3. I noticed this on Coinbase Github: https://github.com/coinbase/coinbase-commerce-whmcs
  4. Best WHMCS VPS Reseller Module on Marketplace Integrate with ready-made WHMCS module to leverage auto-provision of Cloud VPS servers from your private-label cloud controller. By integrating with Rad Web Hosting VPS Reseller module, your VPS procurement headaches are over. Your Own Virtual Private Datacenter You instantly have access to your own Virtual Private Cloud VPS cluster-with automated server provisioning available direct from your WHMCS and delivered by you to your end-users. With on-demand VPS provisioning and a full suite of applications and included OS templates, you'll greatly reduce the time-to-market-all without the hassle and costs of building your own cloud data center from scratch. Become Cloud Leaders Your end users will not only have VPS administration abilities from the WHMCS interface, thanks to our VPS Reseller provisioning module, but they can also access incredible feature-rich white-label VPS control panel. The control panel is fully brandable-all the way down to the login URL. Simply choose your preferred hostname and point to the IP address provided at sign-up in DNS. Now, your clients can login to the panel from vps.yourdomain.com and not be bothered with any unfamiliar addresses or see any other company information from their VPS panel accounts. Add Cloud and VPS to your service offerings right away and start selling white-label VPS services to your clients. Installation Installation can be completed in as little as 30 minutes, yet still offers highly customizable options to give you complete control of how you sell and fulfill VPS services to your clients. The best part is there is no time-consuming and costly software or hardware to maintain-we handle all of that as well as provide amazing support for anything your team needs to run your VPS operations. Complete details, pricing, and documentation resources are available on our website-OR-simply reach out to our help desk to begin speaking with our knowledgeable team of VPS Reseller guides!
  5. WHM adds prefix to distinguish reseller packages from root packages. You can enter the package name into WHMCS without the prefix when creating or modifying your WHMCS products.
  6. Yo u should check the logs to see when the invoice was created (i.e. whether during your cron)
  7. Domain Renewal invoice generation depends on expiration date value for domains with Auto-renewal enabled
  8. Domain Renewal invoice generation depends on expiration date value for domains with Auto-renewal enabled
  9. We are pleased to announce our Domain Reseller Registrar WHMCS module has been updated to support WHMCS v8.x. The module is free and details are available on the marketplace. Additionally, the GitHub URL has been changed: https://github.com/Rad-Web-Hosting/RadWebHosting-whmcs Sign up for a free account: https://radwebhosting.com/domain-reseller
  10. TLD import and pricing are based on the values synced from the registrar. You can manually change them during sync.
  11. 1. You have several options beyond changing your hosting service. The first. and simplest, option is changing the template of your WHMCS installation (or simply modifying it). You can probably adjust the domainregister.tpl of your active orderforms template to limit the output. You may also have a custom template, which could have additional outputs beyond the scope of the default WHMCS template. Modifying these could optimize your performance and save you time and money on upgrading your server. You could also have fewer TLDs available for registration and this would also limit the output you mentioned. 2. Some email templates will not stored in client's email history by design. These templates generally contain sensitive data and thus it is seen as more secure for your client (and less of a liability) for you to not store these mails in this manner.
  12. Yes, the Softaculous module is definitely the way to solve it and it's only like $2/mo for dedicated license...very valuable
  13. We've had good results with custom projects at @wsa and ModulesGarden...both are easy to work with and helpful with updates/changes/support
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