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  1. radwebhosting

    DNS Hosting Add-on for Domain Registration/Transfer

    It's not turnkey, but it's as close as it comes with prepackaged modules. Let me know how it goes.
  2. radwebhosting

    DNS Hosting Add-on for Domain Registration/Transfer

    BusyRack also built DNS management module that connects to cPanel DNS clusters. It can be configured to bypass the registrar DNS management in favor of hosting/managing the DNS from these nameservers.
  3. It is not mandatory to use Auto Release module. To my knowledge, the existence of Auto Release server module will not affect existing server modules. You should not use Auto Release module if it is causing interruption of your desired/expected workflow.
  4. radwebhosting

    Three domains and one WHMCS

    This could be tricky as WHMCS requires a template declared in tblconfiguration which will cause one template to be cached in favor of others. I think there are some third-party workarounds available, however, that might be helpful, specifically ModulesGarden has one that supports multiple stores in one and supports multiple templates.
  5. radwebhosting

    Stackpath CDN WHMCS issue

    Enable the error logging and verify the tblconfiguration values, in addition to verifying that your CDN is configured appropriately.
  6. You can upgrade your license to "Business" and the link will automatically be removed from client area output.
  7. radwebhosting

    Manual Provisioning

    A better client communication experience is gained by using the New Order Ticket 3rd Party module, which allows highly configurable communication automations in response to orders placed. RE: the actual provisioning of your services, it is impossible to say without further details of your service. Hope it helps.
  8. We invite you to access the RAD WEB HOSTING domain API for remote domain name management and domain reselling. You can find more details on this FREE module by visiting our WHMCS Marketplace listing. Version 2.1.0 released - visit the Github repository.
  9. radwebhosting

    What triggers AfterModuleCreate?

    To answer the original question of what triggers the hook 'AfterModuleCreate', is successful ModuleCreate function. This hook would execute upon successful completion of ModuleCreate function.
  10. Changes to (interactive_timout, wait_timeout) would be made in configuration file for database server. This will most likely not really fix the cause of your issue. You should determine why the query did not insert an appropriate value for the field.
  11. Nice workaround, @Kian. Would you mind sharing the basics of how this works? It would probably help users for years to come who are scouring Google for solutions.
  12. With Six template, it seems to work properly with conventional .htaccess Apache directives. Version 7.x updates require some changes to template structure from previous versions. Some unexpected/unintentional behavior can arise if custom templates from previous versions are not adjusted properly.

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