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  1. Depending on configuration, some users may have enabled "Separate Invoices for Services". This doesn't make your point invalid, but lends itself to the possibility of unique product per invoice and relationship.
  2. Hi @TheHackRepairGuy, So @yggdrasil makes some valid points, which are highly likely scenarios that could break the billing automation you are trying to achieve. Having said that, it is entirely possible, at least in a controlled environment, to make it work. It might require some purposefulness to initialize, but it's completely doable with PayPal and other gateways to create automatic yearly domain renewal payments with subscription billing. WHMCS won't initialize subscription checkouts unless the service, for which a checkout sequence is generated, is scheduled to be renewed at a defined variable (month, year, etc) at the time of checkout. So, you could ensure the domain is set for auto-renewal in your WHMCS, then initiate a manual renewal of the domain. This should satisfy the required prerequisites for WHMCS to tell PayPal to initiate subscription checkout option. After that, it would be between your client and PayPal whether they complete the process and also later do not cancel said subscription.
  3. I'm leaning towards the fact that the billing subscription has never been initiated for that specific domain during a previous registration/transfer/renewal payment, but that could be determined by checking the gateway logs of those previous transactions.
  4. Glad to hear. Without having a look inside your operation, my first instinct is that a setting may be preventing the initialization of subscription billing on the domain registration or transfer. When the user renews it with a manual invoice payment AND the domain is also already set to auto-renew, a billing subscription should be available, assuming everything is configured.
  5. PayPal module supports the subscription billing if the service has recurring billing cycles (i.e. monthly hosting, yearly domain. etc). The subscription checkout option only occurs when the product or domain order has scheduled future renewals. However, I don't think the client has an option to choose auto-renewal settings when configuring a domain registration in most cases. So you may need to enable "Default Auto Renewal Setting" in order to establish the appropriate circumstances required for subscription option to be presented at checkout (in the case of registrations). If you are unable to generate subscription billing option under all circumstances, double-check that you are using PayPal gateway (as opposed to PayPal Basic gateway). Also, verify the gateway is configured appropriately for subscriptions.
  6. Which PayPal gateway are you using? Some offer support for billing agreements if configured.
  7. Remotely manage and resell VPS Servers with WHMCS Server module.Rad Web Hosting has published updated WHMCS VPS Reseller server module (version v1.0.4).The WHMCS server module provides ability for reseller to automatically deploy VPS servers directly from their cloud resources based on custom values from order form submission. Now partners will have white-label cloud VPS deployment for their clients with seamless service delivery. Partner clients will only see their brand and even get full access to the VPS from their WHMCS and with control panel access.Integrate with ready-made WHMCS module to leverage automated provisioning of Cloud VPS servers with integrated private-label cloud controller. By integrating with Rad Web Hosting VPS Reseller module, leverage enterprise-grade cloud VPS deployments on-demand.Partners instantly have access to their own Virtual Private Cloud VPS cluster-with automated server provisioning available direct from their WHMCS and delivered by them to their end-users. By leveraging on-demand Cloud VPS from Rad Web Hosting, businesses significantly reduce time-to-market, capital expense, and risk associated with building a cloud data center from scratch.Steps to Upgrade Server module1. Upload the latest version to WHMCS.2. Once uploaded, the updates will automatically be applied.Read comprehensive WHMCS integration guide: https://blog.radwebhosting.com/how-to-integrate-vps-reseller-with-whmcs/Changelog:Fully compatible with WHMCS v8.5PHP 7.4 supportPHP 8.0 supportAdded support for numerous languages/translationsUpdated NoVNC moduleUpdated to reflect latest cloud panel styleMinor bug fixesCode improvementsHave questions about features, installation, or troubleshooting? Contact Rad Web Hosting support to get help.
  8. It’s definitely unique so I give it 👍
  9. Remotely manage and resell Rad Web Hosting VPS Servers with WHMCS Server module. We are pleased to announce the successful completion of scheduled upgrade of VPS Reseller WHMCS Server module to v1.0.3. You may need to login to your account to reset the API key & whitelist your IP address(es), before attempting to communicate with the API. Additionally, some API commands may have changed. For a complete list of available API commands, please visit the VPS API Knowledgebase. Users that integrate with the WHMCS VPS Reseller Server module will need to install the latest version to resume API activities. Steps to Upgrade WHMCS Server module Upload the latest version (download here) to /path_to_whmcs/modules/servers/virtualizor_cloud Once installed, access your WHMCS admin system to activate the Server module (Setup->Products/Services->Domain Registrars) to reactivate. Read comprehensive WHMCS integration guide: https://blog.radwebhosting.com/how-to-integrate-vps-reseller-with-whmcs/ Changelog: Fully compatible with WHMCS v8.4 PHP 7.4 support PHP 8.0 support Minor bug fixes Code improvements View Diffs: https://github.com/Rad-Web-Hosting/whmcs-vps-reseller/compare/1.0.2…1.0.3 Contact us for any issues relating to your VPS or updating your WHMCS integrations. Our support techs will be available to provide complimentary update and installation if requested. Please note that the previous versions of Rad Web Hosting WHMCS modules might be considered deprecated for all intents and purposes. Shortly, we will be releasing detailed documentation and guides for accessing the latest features. An email will be sent to users with active VPS Reseller accounts when this is available. Does this Affect VPS Reseller Pricing? The pricing will remain the same. You still get the discounted VPS Reseller Program pricing, as listed on https://radwebhosting.com/vps-reseller For Questions and to Get Support Please submit a detailed request and our support staff will follow up with you shortly.
  10. With all that data shifting servers, how does anyone maintain any semblance of GDPR compliance?
  11. This is not really an achievable data point, as WHMCS software does not collect domain registration statistics from all licensed users (thankfully) and Domain Registrar/Registry does not typically accept/request details of about registrant software usage.
  12. Here is some information that is relevant to your issue: https://radwebhosting.com/client_area/knowledgebase/241/HTTP-Error-503-Service-Unavailable.html
  13. In WHMCS Admin, /configdomains.php page, you disable/enable per TLD
  14. I noticed this on Coinbase Github: https://github.com/coinbase/coinbase-commerce-whmcs
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