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  1. Most premium domains are given this delegation by the Registries, I believe. They should add some flag in response so we can scrape the Premium status from WHOIS!
  2. What server module do you use for provisioning services to your clients?
  3. Rad Web Hosting is pleased to announce the release of WHMCS VPS Reseller Module v1.0.5. Update details: https://blog.radwebhosting.com/whmcs-vps-reseller-server-module-v1-0-5-released/
  4. Try adding the custom code in the footer
  5. This indicates that the nameserver fields of a domain must be unique. I.e: ns1: uniquens1.domain.tld ns2: uniquens2.domain.tld
  6. It’s probably a bit of a stretch for the OP to go from Bluehost shared account to Hetzner VPS. Having said that, I definitely agree that a VPS server would be a much better environment for running a WHMCS installation. Customize it specifically for a dedicated WHMCS installation for best performance performance and compatibility.
  7. Much thanks for the recommendation! Unfortunately, Bluehost and their EIG brethren will be near the bottom of the list for most of your concerns. They are sure to keep the Freeze PHP & extensions at the time your server is initially configured. Additionally, the extent of their WHMCS helpfulness probably stops at sending reference links to the official WHMCS documentation. I would recommend literally any of the aforementioned providers as more capable and more suitable for what you are looking to accomplish. Best of luck ✅
  8. Brian Jr solving lots of threads 🙏
  9. Supposedly, WHMCS FreeRadius integration is designed for such purposes: Source: https://www.whmcs.com/for/isp-billing/
  10. We will need to know the details of your error output and your whmcs environment
  11. Depending on configuration, some users may have enabled "Separate Invoices for Services". This doesn't make your point invalid, but lends itself to the possibility of unique product per invoice and relationship.
  12. Hi @TheHackRepairGuy, So @yggdrasil makes some valid points, which are highly likely scenarios that could break the billing automation you are trying to achieve. Having said that, it is entirely possible, at least in a controlled environment, to make it work. It might require some purposefulness to initialize, but it's completely doable with PayPal and other gateways to create automatic yearly domain renewal payments with subscription billing. WHMCS won't initialize subscription checkouts unless the service, for which a checkout sequence is generated, is scheduled to be renewed at a defined variable (month, year, etc) at the time of checkout. So, you could ensure the domain is set for auto-renewal in your WHMCS, then initiate a manual renewal of the domain. This should satisfy the required prerequisites for WHMCS to tell PayPal to initiate subscription checkout option. After that, it would be between your client and PayPal whether they complete the process and also later do not cancel said subscription.
  13. I'm leaning towards the fact that the billing subscription has never been initiated for that specific domain during a previous registration/transfer/renewal payment, but that could be determined by checking the gateway logs of those previous transactions.
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