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  1. You probably should fix that PHP discrepancy first
  2. radwebhosting

    WHMCS Domain Parking

    Its currently working for us
  3. radwebhosting

    Is this possible?

    Are your servers using any compatible Server Modules?
  4. radwebhosting

    Best domain reseller?

    You can also access low pricing and source code module from OnlineNIC: https://onlinenic.com/integration/
  5. radwebhosting

    MySQL query to bulk cancel a product.

    A crude resolution, would be to use UpdateClientProduct API which requires ServiceID, which can be gathered (even more crudely), by using the Reports in WHMCS Admin to generate the ServiceIDs of all products that are active with your desired ProductID. From here, you can Concatenate the API calls by inserting the unique ServiceIDs into your API calls. This would allow you use the Status parameter to modify all 260 status' to "Cancelled". Obviously, this is really only suitable for one-off situation where you have 260 products to cancel and not an ongoing requirement for these status changes based upon any other outside factors. I hope someone smarter than me can provide the MySQL query that magically solves the issue!
  6. radwebhosting

    Slow Pages After Adding TLDs

    You could create some negligible product (even could be scheduled to terminate 1-2 days from purchase). Make the product auto-setup and no fees. and no description. But otherwise, you may want to consider using the Integration Code and hosting your own domain lookup interface outside of WHMCS.
  7. radwebhosting

    Receive notification after Invoice Paid

    You can utilze the Notifications feature in WHMCS to create a notification with the Email Provider to send an email upon Invoice Payment. Here is some HTML for you to use on your email template: <h2><a href="{$notification_url}">{$notification_title}</a></h2> <div>{$notification_message}</div> {foreach from=$notification_attributes item=$attribute} <div> <div>{$attribute.label}: {if $attribute.icon}<img src="{$attribute.icon}" alt="" />{/if}{if $attribute.style}<span class="{$attribute.style}">{/if}{if $attribute.url}<a href="{$attribute.url}">{$attribute.value}</a> {else}{$attribute.value}{/if}{if $attribute.style}</span>{/if}</div> </div> {/foreach}<br /><br /><span>Client name: {$client_name}<br />Client ID: {$client_id}<br />Invoice ID: {$invoice_id}<br />Invoice #: {$invoice_number}<br /></span>Amount: {$invoice_last_payment_amount}<br />Transaction #: {$invoice_last_payment_transid}<br />Total Paid: {$invoice_amount_paid}<br />Remaining Balance: {$invoice_balance}<br />Status: {$invoice_status} This would meet all of your requirements.
  8. Okay, let me see if I fully understand the procedure: Okay, so I believe your methodology of order management is preventing the automation. Your custom Automation Settings aside, I think your procedure removes critical portions of the workflow and therefore does not actually fail to perform automation, but it never gets started. At least nothing which would trigger any registrar actions. By marking your order as 'Active' upon creation, when your client pays the invoice, accounting automation takes place, by creating the Transaction, Applying the Transaction value to the Invoice, and Marking the Invoice 'Paid'. From here, depending on your Automation and Order Acceptance configuration, your WHMCS should now Activate the Order and Provision/Register the services/domains. Because the order is already listed as Active, the system does not perform the Order Activation processes or any post-activation processes. You can check your log and you won't have any module actions attempting to register the domain, so you want to make sure that your Automation Setup is correct for your ideal automation experience, and also that you are not impeding the workflow.
  9. radwebhosting

    Custom Registar Module

    I would recommend reaching out to whmcsservices.com for a quote as they have some experience in this regard. We've worked with them multiple times and will again once we need more WHMCS development.
  10. Try setting order status to "Pending" and accepting Pending order with your chosen Registrar module selected from dropdown list in Pending Orders menu
  11. radwebhosting

    It doesn't return domain search

    I don't think that is WHMCS
  12. radwebhosting

    buy domain and activate dns zone in whm server

    Since you are using WHM server, I will recommend cPanel DNS Manager Addon module from BusyRack, which offers option of Automatically creating the DNS zone upon registration or even if domain is pending. No other invoices are involved in this method.
  13. radwebhosting

    Payza issue

    You need to use Ioncube_Loader 10.1 for both WHMCS and this module in order to circumvent this error. If running PHP70 or earlier, it will not work.
  14. radwebhosting

    Custom Registar Module

    You should discuss your requirements with @wsa
  15. radwebhosting


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