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  1. John, can you advise if running the above mysql is beneficial/ safe?
  2. Interestingly, for me, after updating to 8.0.2 the cron sync now seems to be working correctly. No more updating of dates. 🙂
  3. Yes, its frustrating - Especially because there is no way of knowing if its changed.. It would be really handy if a) it could be fixed. b) when WHMCS does update the next renew date or expiry date that it logs the previous date - Even if its only mentioned in the email. So we can clean up a mess if it creates one.
  4. Thanks - Applied. seems ok so far. Do I need to worry about the negative order numbers in my system?
  5. Since upgrading to 8 and 8.0.1 I have noticed orders I create in the admin area end up with negative order numbers.. Example: -822230234 (ID: 2295) Any reason?
  6. This appears only half fixed. the next due date seems to be reported as updated since installing the new version.
  7. True, thou this version has some major changes, and first release is always going to have issues. just wait another week or two until the second point release.
  8. The hotfixes can be downloaded from the community in the normal place https://whmcs.community/files/category/80-v80x-hotfixes/ - I've applied all but two of them.
  9. I try not to delete customer accounts.. haven't come across that one yet 🙂 I just had a bug approved via ticket - The Auto Recalculate Price button on products doesn't work. (It seems to work for domains thou).. They say this will be fixed in the next point release, due in a few days. In the past ive always felt WHMCS havnt been responsive - but in the last few releases I had done some beta testing and reported bugs.. and to their credit they did fix.
  10. Is there a specific show stopper bug you have? Ive reported a few and have had a few confirmed.. Some a bit painful, but nothing thats stopping me trading.
  11. WHMCS 8 has bugs, thats for sure, but they are being patched - there is at last count 4 hotfixes. I would stick with it and provide WHMCS with clear concise bug reports so things get fixed quickly
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