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  1. Yeah, if you believe it to be a bug, the quickest way to get it sorted is via github.
  2. I believe this has been fixed by Synergy in an update yesterday 🙂
  3. Other platforms dont seem effected.. For example my shopify partner login.
  4. Each time Edge updates Im forced to relogin to WHMCS admin area. Any idea why?
  5. John, can you advise if running the above mysql is beneficial/ safe?
  6. Interestingly, for me, after updating to 8.0.2 the cron sync now seems to be working correctly. No more updating of dates. 🙂
  7. Yes, its frustrating - Especially because there is no way of knowing if its changed.. It would be really handy if a) it could be fixed. b) when WHMCS does update the next renew date or expiry date that it logs the previous date - Even if its only mentioned in the email. So we can clean up a mess if it creates one.
  8. Thanks - Applied. seems ok so far. Do I need to worry about the negative order numbers in my system?
  9. Since upgrading to 8 and 8.0.1 I have noticed orders I create in the admin area end up with negative order numbers.. Example: -822230234 (ID: 2295) Any reason?
  10. This appears only half fixed. the next due date seems to be reported as updated since installing the new version.
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