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  1. Thanks - Thats great. It will allow me to start offering simpler billing to new clients straight up while allowing me to slowly switch everyone else across.
  2. I have been reselling some products in WHMCS that I am thinking about switching to prorata billing. Here is an example: Office 365 mailboxes: Exchange Plan 1, and business Standard are setup in WHMCS as products. Some clients have say a dozen Exchange Plan 1 products and say 2 dozen business standard products. Most of these started on different days of the month. Some are billed yearly, and some are billed monthly. You can imagine that after a while it gets a bit crazy - Lots of invoices going to the client throughout the month. I was thinking about switching on prorata billing - however there is no documentation to explain what happens after enabling it. How are the existing customers effected? Can someone explain what happens if I enable prorata on these products?
  3. So far, ive had no issues - however this release is a bit of a nothing burger.
  4. Hi John I dont understand that answer - all of the hosting accounts that had the Package Name "wp-toolkit-deluxe" not found on server error in the module que existing long before the WP Tool kit add on. In other words, the hosting accounts have been in existence for years, and I just added the WP Toolkit Deluxe add on to them.
  5. I've been using it since release day - Nothing at all in this release that stopped day to day. I run a stock WHMCS install, only a domain module added.
  6. WHMCS: 8.2 cPanel: 96.0.11 Toolkit: 5.5.0-2623 The module log triggers with some data. I have created a ticket with video and a copy of module log (which is just the returned results of API call: json-api/listpkgs) Ticket is: #BVA-838219
  7. The documentation is extremely light on and it doesn't explain how an account in cPanel gets access to the deluxe toolkit. All my customers have access to the free toolkit - This is working fine. I have added the addon in WHMCS and it seems to work - However my module que is filling up with "Product attribute Package Name "wp-toolkit-deluxe" not found on server" errors. This seems to indicate I need a feature list called this on the server? Is this correct? I have two different feature lists that I use with my regular shared hosting plans. For customers on the smallest of hosting plans, I have restricted access to some features. Do I need two new feature lists which are duplicates of these with the deluxe feature enabled? If so, how does the add on know which one to select? Very confusing.
  8. Hi John. Thanks for your help. You were correct, for some reason there was no default server set. I now have a working WP Toolkit addon feature working. Perhaps some sanity checking code would be helpful - The UI should have led me to fix both these issues? P.S Can you confirm exactly how the WPTOOLKIT addon actually activates the addon for a hosting customer? I was under the impression I needed to create a new feature in cPanel and then create new hosting packages with that feature list - however it would appear this isn't the case? (infact from cPanel, I cant seem to tell if an account has the delux tookkit or not?
  9. Hi John Excellent - I was able to select the appropriate products once I selected cPanel. Note: Once I select cPanel, select the appropriate products, I cannot seem to select a WHM Package Name (even after selecting Product Type and Server Group) If I check my servers, they are there and are working fine? Is this a bug?
  10. This same UI blunder was in the beta, and I couldn't have been bothered reporting it because I figured it would be picked up for sure before release... But alas. The entire ADD ON UI is horrible. 1. (Both types of add-ons - Independent Product and Add On Feature) Once you save the add on, there is NO UI to go anywhere - No back to add on list or any other way out. 2. (Add-on Feature) When selecting applicable products to assign your addon to - you cant even select individual products - You HAVE to use the search and can ONLY move across the visible list of products. VERY weird UI? (it should work like the same UI in the INDEPENDANT ADD ON UI) 3. (Add-on Feature)The applicable products don't save, Making the ADD ON feature toast. WHMCSaddon.mp4
  11. If they think hosting companies are going to let someone else host their billing system, they must be crazy.
  12. The new theme doesn't underline links - So if I create a KB article that links to a file download, it looks like normal body text.. Surely links should be underlined?
  13. Yeah, if you believe it to be a bug, the quickest way to get it sorted is via github.
  14. I believe this has been fixed by Synergy in an update yesterday 🙂
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