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  1. Admin Area Display Issues

    Anyway, this is definitely a WHMCS bug that should have been investigated and resolved when it was first reported... Unfortunately, not so much The resolution to this? Use php 7.0+, so WHMCS does not support php 5.6 as advertised here 5.6 is still a legitimate PHP version, but apparently this release was never tested against 5.6, just 7.0+ Not sure what the difference is, TBH, don't care. This is something that should never have been passed on to the public though.
  2. Admin Area Display Issues

    Just tried incognito to ensure it wasn't a browser plugin... Same thing. Same exact result
  3. Admin Area Display Issues

    It would be really nice if people were actually listened to when filing bug reports during beta... I mean, really, super nice. Yet again, same thing as happened in an earlier thread, which mysteriously went missing (no surprise). WHMCS is effectively worthless Steps to reproduce: Upgrade (no fresh install needed) What happens: See attachments Yes, I've cleared the templates_c directory Yes, I've cleared browser cache Yes, I've turned off CloudFlare for the domain Yes, I'm using the default template Looking at the attachments, you can see there's no script errors, the system just fails. This was reported weeks ago, and apparently never fully investigated, or addressed. Same screenshots (or close to it) were added, nothing was done
  4. What @brian! said is correct. If you're just updating now, you probably want to switch things to the 'six' theme and then see what happens
  5. Client service custom Field to use in hook?

    That's rather vague... What specifically are you trying to do here? If you can get us that, then we can probably help point you to the right direction.
  6. Login to your control panel Find PHPmyadmin Select the WHMCS DB In the SQL tab, run: UPDATE tblconfiguration SET value='on' WHERE setting= 'DisplayErrors' There you go Just make sure to turn it off when you're done.
  7. Session issues

    It sounds like you've likely got an issue with your session storage settings. You'll need to work with your host to verify that these are setup properly
  8. Stop automatic CC charges

    There's not really an easy answer to this one. I would assume the easiest is going to be just to change their gateway for the service and when they want to pay for it, have them select the gateway. Other than that, just remove their credit card details each time.
  9. External Admin Login

    getadmindetails won't work here, sadly. The best approach is going to be wrapping your code around WHMCS and using sessions to validate whether they're already logged in as an admin user. Is there a specific reason you don't want to do this?
  10. Help 6.3.1 Upgrade to 7.4.2

    I can certainly help you get this done if you like. Feel free to contact me here and I'll get you a price quote setup.
  11. WHM Backup vs. Cpanel Backup

    If it 'seems to be working good', then great, however, a few things: 1: Never trust backups at a place you do not control.This includes AWS, Google, anywhere. You need to be in control of your backups, and what they can do. 2: You need more than 5 day's backups, as a 'just in case' scenario 3: Redundancy is key. You need more than one place for backups 4: You need more than one daily MySQL backup As someone who's been in the business long enough to see bad crap happen on a (repeated) basis, you really need to take that advice to heart. a bad backup plan (which, relying on AWS, Google, etc, not preparing for disaster) is going to be the end of you. I've seen it happen more than once How is Jetbackup any different from cPanel backups? It's miles away. Jetbackup, for as little as it costs, is just insanely better off than cPanel's backup. To start with, this resolves #4 in my list above. MySQL is the most fluid thing on any server, production or not. It's going to change , and it's going to change often. Would you like your host to say Or would you rather they said Pretty sure you (and others) would go for the second, as opposed to the first Multiple jobs, and destinations can exist for Jetbackup, taking care of #3 on that list. Currently? I have 3 spots. One doing just MySQL, one doing snapshots, and one doing account backups (compressed). All in all? I spend about $20/month, including cheap backup servers and JB licensing, for peace of mind. Backup destinations are pretty cheap. Jetbackup, when using incremental (snapshots) can utilize hard links, which means that you're conserving space pretty well. Right now, I've got incrementals set to keep 45 days of backups, and that's only using about 2x the space of my main server, or about 160 gigs total). This means I can reverse the account (or files) to the state they were 45 days ago, with ease. If I wanted to push it, I could go longer, but 45 days works beautifully for me. Unlike cPanel's backup system, I don't have to restore the whole account just to get a file, or mysql database. Nor do I have to uncompress a big old tarball, or navigate a specific directory. Nope, I simply login as the cPanel user and restore the file, db, or whatever. Pretty slick. I can set Jetbackup up so that it restores accounts off of a backup server . Say I had a massive catastrophe and had to wipe the server. All I have to do is login to WHM, navigate to JB, and select the accounts and what backup to use. Step away for a few hours (duh) and it will be done. cPanel doesn't have such a facility Like i said, for the nominal price that JB charges, there's really no reason not to have it
  12. From the clientareapage manual Pretty easy to test this one out, just create a hook, add your function in there, and go to town. This works whether the client is logged in, or not, yes it might be a good idea to get clarification on that, absolutely So, if you're after something, say, verifying that the client is logged in, check the session, or client vars in PHP
  13. Automatically? I'd say no. You could use a hook to put something together, but then you'd run the risk of spamming that someone every few minutes, so that's not a good idea either.
  14. If you have the response added to the ticket, then I'd say yes. If you have the response directly mailed to the customer, then probably not.
  15. WHM Backup vs. Cpanel Backup

    Second. Jetbackup is so easy to use, it's not funny. You just need a server to put the backup on, and you should have that already. Don't rely on WHMCS for your backups. Use proper backup methods

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