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  1. do you use any addon ?

    Yes As an addon developer, not really allowed to 'self promote' , and I'll do my damnedest not to here (no links, etc), but here's a few that I use myself (including those not made by me) 3rd party (not by me) Lara This is the best of the best WHMCS admin themes, and only runs $15/yr. Seriously, pennies a day and worth every penny Fraud Record One of the best databases out there for fraud checks. I always manually check orders, and this is part of the process. No automatic checks, but it works for me Additionally, I use modules that I've written to handle things such as notifications (slack, sms, telegram, pushover, pushbullet, etc) for both clients and staff, as well as IP / country based login / order / data restrictions
  2. No "Support > Knowledgebase" option in admin backend

    What WHMCS version are you using? I just checked in 7.5.1 and it's there Could be also that you're using an unsupported admin theme. Try switching to 'blend' (I think that's the current supported one?), or using the default WHMCS admin theme, if you've made changes
  3. Cron job? No You could probably use PreModuleCreate though to do what you're doing For example, put the client in a specific group, and if the client's group is X, and they've paid, then run through the procedure, no matter what Otherwise, if there's no admin id assigned to the session, don't create it Would take a bit of work, but could likely be done that way.
  4. notify client and admin prior to deletion

    Can you be a bit more specific as to what you need there? I'm sure that this can be worked with, just need more details... "deletion of data" is incredibly broad.
  5. Payment at every two months

    The only thing I can think of at this time is to allow credit payments and refill credits automatically, though that's not exactly what you're after. Alternatively, use quarterly payments (every 3 months), which is a standard thing. 2 months, not so much.
  6. Client can only login from IP belong to their country?

    I'm actually in the process of pulling all products from the WHMCS marketplace due to their inept verification process. There is no way that a non client should be allowed to review a product, because they 'feel' violated (ie: their order was rejected due to fraud). This only ends badly for developers. Some sort of verification that the item has been purchased, downloaded, and activated needs to be put in place to prevent these fraudulent reviews. As far as the product directly, @brian! is correct, that won't do precisely what you want, though it will lock it down quite a bit. I'm sure if you posted in the dev community that someone can get with you on creating a module to do what you're after there.
  7. Here's the link. For whatever reason, WHMCS likes to make it difficult to obtain reseller support That being said, if you have a license through your host, you should always try to get support from them first. In most cases, they can resolve issues As far as good / bad idea: Your reseller license (from your host) can only be used on your host. You cannot order addons directly through WHMCS if you want them (licensing, etc), and as you've noticed, getting support can be a bit problematic. Personally? I'd say pay the minimal cost for WHMCS directly, not through your host. Pay for the thing that keeps your business running, don't be cheap.
  8. Incorrect change from active to inactive client

    This is how it's supposed to go. Since the product is inactive (not current), the client is thereby moved to inactive state. When the product gets renewed (if), then they'll be moved back to 'active' state. Your client won't know they're active/inactive, that's just an internal (and WHMCS billing thing).
  9. Update to 7.5

    7.5 will upgrade with php 5.6, shouldn't have a problem installing there either. That's not saying you likely won't see issues (I have , a few), but it'll upgrade / install when using php 5.6
  10. Contact form of WHMCS is illegal at Europe

    Yeah, the template is the quick and dirty approach, but it should be fixed a bit better, at the core itself. Just sayin
  11. Disable all your hooks and addons, then re-enable them one by one, then test. One of these is causing problems, and you need to figure out which. The only way to determine this is through the process of elimination.
  12. If you've got an older version of WHMCS, you may need to update it. The "oops" messages weren't too friendly prior to recent versions (I can't recall when exactly that changed).
  13. Error updating to WHMCS 7.5

    Your best approach is going to be to download and upload the upgrade, not rely on their updater, which is more problematic than anything
  14. It's likely one of your addons or hooks is causing an error preventing this. You'll need to go through the processes outlined here in order to figure it out
  15. Can you have a SolusVM KVM VPS root password sent in an email?

    Sending any password via email is just insecure. Just because "everybody does it" doesn't mean it should continue to be done

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