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  1. No Email Notifications on Ticket open

    Hmm, anything in logs? See admin -> utilities -> Logs -> Activity logs . Perhaps an internal template got messed up Additionally, it's worth checking the server logs, or having your server admin do so. See what exactly happened. Did it go out, or did it get caught somewhere. Thirdly, use the smtp_debug option NOTE: Do this in the middle of the night when you're not going to get any tickets, so your clients don't see the output of this , as it can be rather lengthy. This is a Hail Mary though, maybe it'll work. Look through activity logs, and work with your SA's first though Chances are if you're seeing issues where clients are getting mail, but not you, it's a templating thing somewhere
  2. intelligent search

    hahahahahahahaha, exactly
  3. Ya know, looking through this community, it dawns on me that hey, I've never actually introduced myself in here.... So, hey, how's it going, the name's Tom. I'm a WHMCS 'guru', been working with the software since 2007. From time to time, I drop out of the community world for a bit, but looking to correct that. Some other cool stuff about me: I've been involved in the computer world since early - mid 80s now. My first was a Timex Sinclair 1000 , back in the day when we had to actually program our own stuff to get it to work. No disks, it was all saved on cassette . God I miss those days I've been working online, as this or that, full time since 2002. I started out with a little known server admin company, then started doing WHMCS modules, addons, stuff like that. I've been working with various programming languages since that TS 1000, but started getting more and more focused with this stuff in the early - mid 90s, doing C programming for telnet based gaming (MUDs for those that know what that is) I started working with PHP / MySQL in the late 90s, trying to tie in one of said MUDs to a really crappy website (thanks, PHP-Nuke) When I'm not online, I'm usually watching TV, or somewhere hiding out on Xbox Live. that is, when the cats let me enjoy myself I'm the guy that'll call it as he sees it. Have always been that way Enough said. Just thought I'd take a moment, pop in and actually 'introduce' myself
  4. intelligent search

    The easiest way ? Use Lara. This theme really is underpriced for what it does. A beautiful theme, sometimes a bit overbearing, but it is just amazing at the cost. You'll never look at WHMCS admin the same again
  5. automated install of joomla with custom data

    Can you? Yes Now, can you 'out of the box' (with no modifications) ? No This can, absolutely be done, but you'll need to utilize the hooks features, and probably tie this in with your control panel, with a predef script to do this. Will take a good bit of customization, but it can absolutely be done
  6. Client Login

    Hello, The login itself is performed inside of WHMCS, so yes, that's going to take you to the WHMCS login page. That's just how it works. There's no 'easy' way around what your after, however it can be done by using the ValidateLogin API . If failed, you can take it back to your own user, or create the session. However, this is the best approach that you'll find. Once you get the failed password attempt returned, you'll need to authenticate them other ways, perhaps? Or use the UpdateClient API to change their password. That's not really 'easy' or 'simple', by any means, but it's not terribly complex if you understand the WHMCS API calls well enough. This can very easily be embedded into your website via form, as long as you can work with the WHMCS API
  7. Without knowing what you're doing, we can only speculate really. if doing this after the order is accepted won't work, then you may want to use PendingOrder instead. However, this is going to be triggered before the checkout, or it should Alternatively, you could use some php magic and call AddInvoicePayment . However, you'll have to query the order table for that specific invoice, make sure that it should be doing what you're supposed to. AddInvoicePayment will trigger whether the admin creates the order or not, and PendingOrder should always trigger whan an order is 'Pending'.
  8. Greetings, 2018 has found me in a position to actually do some WHMCS module work again, and I'm actually excited about some of the ideas I've got going around in my head. Good stuff on the way. If you were behind WHMCS, what one or two modules or features would you put into place before anything else?
  9. mass-moving domains between clients

    yeah, module probably not needed for this. Follow the advice above and it's the easiest approach
  10. Hmm, maybe instead of using AfterShoppingCartCheckout, you want to use AcceptOrder instead? I'm not sure of the scope of what you're adding, of course, but this would do what you need to do, once the order's actually accepted by admins, and yeah that would apply to admin orders, since like all , they have to be accepted?
  11. Aaaand you would be correct. I mean, yes, as you said, this is a user error, but one would think that software should be able to anticipate what could go wrong, and prevent this. In this case, don't let it submit if it's not checked. Or maybe remove the checkbox all together? I mean this is one of those things silly like
  12. Addon request

    What, specifically are you trying to do, place these at the end, or the beginning of the page? Something like an ad, for your own company? This is quite a bit outside of the scope of WHMCS (a billing / hosting account manager), more like in the scope of your server admins, but you can do that through a number of apache modules.
  13. then the problem is indeed with your shopping cart. I'm assuming you've modified this, but have you modified it, or compared it to standard_cart? Betting you missed something on an upgrade there.
  14. WHMCS PHP Upgrade

    I get that, really I do . As a developer myself though, the question gets back to how. If having to encode the files per version is necessary, then that's just going to get ugly. I had assumed (maybe incorrectly) that somehow the bundled loader was going to solve that. Nevertheless, 7.2 support in 7.5 is great news!!

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