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  1. twhiting9275

    Storing Variable

    There's a LOT about their documentation that needs to be updated. It's sorely lacking, unfortunately
  2. twhiting9275

    Storing Variable

    Keep in mind that however you store this, it's going to be visible. If you store this in the database, it's easily obtainable through any number of editors (or directly through the CLI interface) Please don't recommend deprecated functionality (especially to someone just starting out). Capsule is the way going forward. mysql_xxx query stuff is dead and shouldn't be used anywhere. Who knows where that's going in the future (likely removed).
  3. You're going to need more than one query for this. You need to examine the table, look for active services then update that You'll then need to go through invoices, look for active invoices for services you've just updated, which are unpaid , and update those This would be a small amount of work, not something you want to do unless you absolutely know what you're doing
  4. twhiting9275

    Send SMS to Client

    It does? I'm not seeing one out there at all. Maybe you could point us all to it, as I couldn't find one. I could only find a grasshopper3d api, and that's not relevant. If they have dev docs, please do link those here 🙂
  5. twhiting9275

    Send SMS to Client

    WHMCS , by default, doesn't allow for sending a text message to clients. Perhaps you're using a 3rd party sms addon? If so, you'd be better off contacting that developer's support team for help
  6. twhiting9275

    Going interactive with hosting notifications

    I've been getting some excellent feedback on this (posted to a few places to get a broader reach), and this is shaping up quite nicely. Now to get all of this integrated 🙂
  7. twhiting9275

    Going interactive with hosting notifications

    Maybe? See here I was rather surprised myself to see both Clickatell and Twilio offering WA integrations when I checked last week. I know with both, I can set a return URL for messages, which should be able to just parse the message and send a response. I'm still toying with the integration itself, haven't had the time to play with the return URL (much), but if it's anything like the return URL for voice (should be), it shouldn't be that hard to analyze the response and handle a return based on that.
  8. twhiting9275

    Upgrade - Manual VS Admin?

    Hands down, old school I have a backup script, and have a zip created (lara addons, theme) then just upload it and run.
  9. twhiting9275

    Going interactive with hosting notifications

    I appreciate the feedback, thank you! Replace LiveChat with WA Might be possible? I'll have to look into that. It'd definitely take some tweaking of the current addon to do so Two-Factor authentication using "randomly" generated codes sent via WA. No more costs for SMS and phone calls Definitely doable, but why with Google Auth integrated in 7.8? Consolidated reminders about services and domains that expire next month The addon already sends individual notices and reminders when invoices are generated to other channels, so that's not an issue 🙂 Notify me when I login/logout with hostname, IP and location I had though about adding that into the addon itself, but since it's available through a public mod here (free) not sure how useful. Since I'm retooling the addon's client UI anyways, maybe I'll reconsider that 🙂 Chatbot I had thought about adding invoice payment, credit adding through the bot itself. Not sure if I want to go about doing that though because of legality and liability stuff. Not adverse to it, but this is one of those very, very grey areas. Sure, it'll be secure, but tracking that order in case of fraud reports, etc, might get a bit ugly.
  10. This is a very very huge problem, and shows some rather incompetent administration, honestly. As far as the OP's question: Truth be told, what I'd do if you're looking for the same 'look and feel' is use WHMpress . This product provides a direct integration with Wordpress. They've got a couple of addons as well (comparison tables , client area). I have all three (haven't tied in client area yet), and it can be setup to appear that your clients are doing everything from your site, look and feel. I've dealt with those guys in the past and they are pretty responsive and reasonable. Pointed out a couple of errors and they fixed em right up 🙂
  11. twhiting9275

    Going interactive with hosting notifications

    The addon existing isn't really the point. Competition is healthy for a market. The app I've developed has been around long before this was thought of. At one time I thought of putting WA in it myself, but that was before they had the business options to do so. Those only came around last year. The point of the thread (why this is in general, not ideas, etc) is to get feedback on the options available and obtain more input on whether or not this would be useful to both end customers and businesses
  12. Greetings, I'm not sure whether this belongs in this specific community or not, but I'll let mods decide on that. One of the things I'm exploring doing with a current mod (for WHMCS) is working with WhatsApp. Since they've enabled a 'business' API and platform, it's possible for customers to message that and get messages back. I've got this already partially integrated into the addon (invoices created, ticket replies, etc) so the customer (and admins) will get notified. That part is easy. The not so 'easy' part of this is understanding a way to make this more 'creative', more engaging, so that the customer would have the ability to interact as it were. Not looking for 'how to' (that's already covered, too), but more'what', and gauging interest here. I have a few ideas that I'll be implementing in the next few days, but need more input on basic ideas. So far, I've come up with one line command (ideas) : invoices - open invoices tickets - tickets awaiting your response domains - domains needing renewal (maybe) credit - credit available on account (maybe) Security won't be that much of an issue I don't think. Client will have to login to their account manually, enable WA on their account, and add the # to their account. Additionally, admins will have the ability to turn each of these (and the global 'bot') on / off at will Any other ideas on what commands I might add? Input? Is this something you'd find useful from your provider?
  13. twhiting9275

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    This is completely untrue. Again, if you're hosting this many accounts, you need them on a dedicated server, not a virtual one. Even with larger hardware (which is possible in today's world), hosting this many accounts on a VPS is just asking for problems in a big, big way. Just because you (and a few others) do it doesn't mean it's the 'standard'. It's not. Not by any means
  14. twhiting9275

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    You shouldn't have more than 20, 30 accounts on a VPS. They got that one right, actually. Anything more will need a dedicated server. Just saying
  15. twhiting9275

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Not true, in the least bit. Over the past 17 years, I've worked hand in hand with some pretty awesome providers, and some not so awesome ones. The end result? They will all be quite affected by this, and, none of them are "offering hosting for $1". A few prime examples: A2 offers reseller accounts , allowing users to sell from 40 on up to 100 accounts, at reasonable prices. Those plans just got affected hugely MOST major providers pack their servers full. We're talking 300+ accounts, per server. This is far and beyond the 100 max that cPanel has outlined. The hardware can take it, obviously, but this just placed cPanel at more expensive than the server hardware, in many cases Then, you have small shops like myself. I've been a one man show for years (though I do work for and with providers occasionally to pay the bills), but my own VPS licensing just doubled. Now, let's talk retention. I've long warned hosts that keeping clients for 30+ days after they don't pay is, well, just not good practice, yet some of the best in the business do it. Why? Because they want to be "nice".... Well, not so much any more. Why should they pay for keeping the client's data? This isn't being "blown out of proportion". If anything, it's being drastically ignored. The affects that this is going to have, across the industry are astounding. From a 200% price increase on up to 900%+ , simply because someone in charge said "do it". cPanel is an industry leader , and the PTB should have taken the affect this will have on the industry into account. Now, will this drive the price of hosting up? Sure. It'll get rid of a few of the bottom feeders, but it'll do more to turn cPanel's name into mud than anything. The "I'm moving" list is already growing very, very long, and major providers (at least one, Ramnode) have stopped offering cPanel altogether

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