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  1. twhiting9275

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    This is completely untrue. Again, if you're hosting this many accounts, you need them on a dedicated server, not a virtual one. Even with larger hardware (which is possible in today's world), hosting this many accounts on a VPS is just asking for problems in a big, big way. Just because you (and a few others) do it doesn't mean it's the 'standard'. It's not. Not by any means
  2. twhiting9275

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    You shouldn't have more than 20, 30 accounts on a VPS. They got that one right, actually. Anything more will need a dedicated server. Just saying
  3. twhiting9275

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Not true, in the least bit. Over the past 17 years, I've worked hand in hand with some pretty awesome providers, and some not so awesome ones. The end result? They will all be quite affected by this, and, none of them are "offering hosting for $1". A few prime examples: A2 offers reseller accounts , allowing users to sell from 40 on up to 100 accounts, at reasonable prices. Those plans just got affected hugely MOST major providers pack their servers full. We're talking 300+ accounts, per server. This is far and beyond the 100 max that cPanel has outlined. The hardware can take it, obviously, but this just placed cPanel at more expensive than the server hardware, in many cases Then, you have small shops like myself. I've been a one man show for years (though I do work for and with providers occasionally to pay the bills), but my own VPS licensing just doubled. Now, let's talk retention. I've long warned hosts that keeping clients for 30+ days after they don't pay is, well, just not good practice, yet some of the best in the business do it. Why? Because they want to be "nice".... Well, not so much any more. Why should they pay for keeping the client's data? This isn't being "blown out of proportion". If anything, it's being drastically ignored. The affects that this is going to have, across the industry are astounding. From a 200% price increase on up to 900%+ , simply because someone in charge said "do it". cPanel is an industry leader , and the PTB should have taken the affect this will have on the industry into account. Now, will this drive the price of hosting up? Sure. It'll get rid of a few of the bottom feeders, but it'll do more to turn cPanel's name into mud than anything. The "I'm moving" list is already growing very, very long, and major providers (at least one, Ramnode) have stopped offering cPanel altogether
  4. Order Now - $45 In today's world of 'instant messaging', 'instant everything', email gets often left in the dust, forgotten about, caught in spam filters, or just flat out never, ever delivered. Wouldn't it be just great if there was a replacement? A way to ensure that staff and clients get properly notified of things? Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to hear the excuse From your clients again? Well withi WHMCS Notify Extended, this is entirely possible. Not only can you directly notify clients, but you can directly notify clients, but you can directly notify staff of critical events. Take control over your WHMCS notifications today. Stop relying on email, and start sending messages and ensuring that they get through. Here's just a quick overview of what WHMCS Notify Extended can do for you: For your clients: Messages can be sent via Text (sms) - Twilio, BulkSMS and Nexmo supported Pushover Pushbullet Telegram Order Now - $45 For your staff: Messages can be sent via Text (SMS) Pushover Pushbullet Telegram Campfire Ryver Slack Hipchat ll that said, what exactly does WHMCS Notify Extended do? Well, the approach is different, whether you're looking for notifications for staff , admins, or clients For Clients: Notifications can be configured, and sent for Service Suspension Service Unsuspension Service Termination Cancellation Requests Invoice Creation Invoice Paid Invoice Refunds Invoice Late Fees Domain Renewals Invoices Overdue For Staff: Notifications can be configured and sent for Ticket Replies (from client) New Tickets (from client) Ticket Assignment Ticket Notes (if staff is admin, or assigned to ticket) Service Suspension Service Unsuspension Service Termination Cancellation Requests Invoice Creation Invoice Paid Invoice Refunds Late Fees Added New Order Fraud Orders For Admins (superuser level stuff) Service Deleted User Deleted Domain Deleted Addon Deleted Order Deleted Order Now - $45 WHMCS Notify Extended also introduces a new feature for all staff, something never found in the WHMCS system. Ticket Nags!!! You can now setup your system to notify your staff if a ticket has been sitting too long, with 5 customizable notification periods!!! If your client opens up a ticket, or replies to a ticket, which is not replied to in X period of time, then alerts are fired off to the appropriate channels and staff. This is, as with everything, configurable per staff member, per department, and per channel. Never again will you hear the excuse "I missed the email" from your staff. They will receive up to five separate alerts (configurable at different times) telling them they need to address the issue. When they address the issue, the 'nag' gets removed, and when the client replies, the 'nag' is then reset. This ensures that your clients will receive speedy service, no matter what! Special: Because you read all the way through this thread, I'm going to give you a one time special deal, which expires on 9/1/2018. This is exclusive to the WHMCS community community. Use the code 'tenoff' to obtain $10 off your order now Have questions? Please do contact us today. We'll help as much as we can!!
  5. twhiting9275

    Wish List for WHMCS v8

    Both of these exist, and shouldn't be part of the 'community'. Don't want to use them? Great, but that's not WHMCS' fault. I don't disagree that bugs should be opened up a bit more, but you're never going to see that happen. Ever. The lack of communication, as I've explained, comes from the top, and that will never change. While it's a nice update, no, it's not necessary. Then again, updating it should have affected literally nothing. if it affected your third party theme, that's on your developer, not WHMCS Yup. Pretty much anything you want to do can be done through hooks and APIs. Now, if only WHMCS would properly document those... Then again, they keep on refusing to do that, too. And this is exactly how it should be. Qualified, educated, skilled individuals only. Want to learn? Great, but, like any other system, you're going to have to experiment FIRST
  6. twhiting9275

    Add Wordpress Header in WHMCS Client Area!!

    Sure it does. If you look at the guy's plugins, you can have the entire site , everything done directly from inside of wordpress. Your client doesn't even leave WP... And if they do try to access the install directly, they're sent back to WP to do things your way (or they can be).
  7. twhiting9275

    Wish List for WHMCS v8

    I don't disagree here. Make this stuff public so that people can comment on this and hey, instead of having known issues come up over and over again in tickets, well, you can point users there. Also: FIX YOUR BUGS!!! The community hasn't always been here for that, and this should, honestly be separate. I do agree that the WAY that feature requests are implemented needs to be drastically improved, but the current website for it is pretty straightforward. No need to fix anything there. I've said this for years now. Quit adding 'massive new features'. START patching bugs. Quit denying bugs exist, and start fixing what are known bugs. I reported a bug years back, and they still refuse to acknowledge it as a bug, or fix it (it is a bug). No, no, no, no, no... For exactly this reason: Open source software is great, for some things... The problem? If you've got something as big as WHMCS, you cannot have people mucking around and editing things. People already don't update because it'll break their theme changes... More than you care to know. All turning this into an open source mess is going to do? Just increase the number of vulnerable installs out there because people have tweaked their source code and stuff. Yes, yes and yes. sadly, we all know (at least those of us who've been around for a decade or so :)) that this will never ever happen. How about 'never'. Why? WHMCS staff doesn't care what the users think. More specifically the one person at top doesn't. We've been shown this time and time again. That person's opinion is the only one that matters. Again, I wouldn't call the system 'broken', just how it's used. If those in charge of development paid more attention to what the users wanted (read: the most popular items) and worked towards getting them done, as requested (not like the auto-update failure mess), then this system has a chance. However, again, this isn't something that's going to happen, at all. Again, I've been saying this for years. It's great that we get so many releases with 'new stuff', but how about fixing stuff, testing stuff thoroughly before releasing it! There's a reason that people wait until the first release after a major release to update. The major release always, always, always has bugs in it, because it's never thoroughly tested.
  8. twhiting9275

    Add Wordpress Header in WHMCS Client Area!!

    I know it's an old topic, but I don't make my way through these forums as much as I used to for personal reasons. You may want to check out the stuff from this guy on codecanyon if you're using WP and WHMCS. He's got some impressive WP and WHMCS stuff there, including a client area integration. Doesn't look like he's got updates for 7.6 yet, but I wouldn't let that worry you, he's great at getting things done and if you message him on his support site, he'll get you the updated files for test (usually). Just my 0.02. If you've got WP and WHMCS, WHM press and related stuff is always the best to use.
  9. twhiting9275

    DecryptPassword API broken

    Prior to v6, it was able to be decrypted.
  10. twhiting9275

    WHMCS Hooks, Global vars and includes

    It sounds like what you need is a custom include file specifically for those things (API key, etc). Typically, something like this would go in the software's configuration file, but WHMCS doesn't like to play nice with other development tools and things will break if you do that. So, you'll want to create your own... Say, call it customconfig.php or something. Then, in all your hooks , you can simply include the file from there, and use global $varname; at the top of the hook function you want to use. If you put customconfig.php in whmcs/includes/hooks, you won't even have to call the file as an include, it should (in theory) be already loaded in.
  11. twhiting9275

    do you use any addon ?

    Yes As an addon developer, not really allowed to 'self promote' , and I'll do my damnedest not to here (no links, etc), but here's a few that I use myself (including those not made by me) 3rd party (not by me) Lara This is the best of the best WHMCS admin themes, and only runs $15/yr. Seriously, pennies a day and worth every penny Fraud Record One of the best databases out there for fraud checks. I always manually check orders, and this is part of the process. No automatic checks, but it works for me Additionally, I use modules that I've written to handle things such as notifications (slack, sms, telegram, pushover, pushbullet, etc) for both clients and staff, as well as IP / country based login / order / data restrictions
  12. What WHMCS version are you using? I just checked in 7.5.1 and it's there Could be also that you're using an unsupported admin theme. Try switching to 'blend' (I think that's the current supported one?), or using the default WHMCS admin theme, if you've made changes
  13. Cron job? No You could probably use PreModuleCreate though to do what you're doing For example, put the client in a specific group, and if the client's group is X, and they've paid, then run through the procedure, no matter what Otherwise, if there's no admin id assigned to the session, don't create it Would take a bit of work, but could likely be done that way.
  14. twhiting9275

    notify client and admin prior to deletion

    Can you be a bit more specific as to what you need there? I'm sure that this can be worked with, just need more details... "deletion of data" is incredibly broad.
  15. twhiting9275

    Payment at every two months

    The only thing I can think of at this time is to allow credit payments and refill credits automatically, though that's not exactly what you're after. Alternatively, use quarterly payments (every 3 months), which is a standard thing. 2 months, not so much.

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