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  1. One day you wake up and start thinking about coding a module that sends an email to your father when an order is placed. Everyone loves your idea so you start working on it staying motivated then here is what happens: You need an action hook that doesn't exist not to mention an API function that doesn't want to give you the only value you need A new update of WHMCS forces you to rethink chunks of your code People expect this module to support multi-language, SEO-Friendly URLs and to be fully responsive Most icons don't show up because the latest version of WHMCS still uses FontAwesome released 2 years ago 🤔 You relize you need to display, paginate, filter, export some records and you also need a file uploader. Scripts don't write themselves Umh... this is getting out of hand. I need an installer, an auto-updater and a webservice that notifies clients about updates 😩 There's one guy on whmcs.community.com that wants to send the email to his sister instead of his father. Another guy uses SMTP so I can't rely on phpMail. And this guy named Charles wants to attach a picture of his dog Have you started coding this project in procedural? Game over. Refactor the entire project on OOP Implement a licensing system (🤣🤣🤣), enjoy ionCube and sell your software There's a guy that runs WHMCS on Windows XP with Oracle and PHP 3.0 🤯 guess why you script doesn't work Fix bugs, reply to tens of tickets per day, write documentation that no one reads, take 10000+ screenshots, repeat yourself a million of times, take the blame for World War 2 Prepare yourself to reply to the following question "Is this module still active?" for the upcoming 10 years If you managed to reach this point congratulations! You must be Harry Potter! 🧙‍♂️
  2. There have been 5 new releases. We're now at 2.2.117 and here is the recap. First off Customer Retention has been improved with new features and it also looks better. Here's the an animated gif that shows you how it works for both customers and WHMCS administrators. Keep in mind that the gif below doesn't show EPP Codes for obvious reasons... I do not own amazon.com domain 😜 Customer profiling for electronic invoicing now logs every change submitted with full details. Moreover the entity type automatically resets when nationality changes. Lastly there's a new feature that automatically sends an email to the selected administrators when an overpayment occurs. The email also shows if the overpayment has been invoiced or not (that's another feature of BX). Adios!
  3. You should also consider working hours, holydays and weekends 😜 otherwise avg. response time make absolutely no sense. Let's say your office closes al 18:00 and opens at 09:00. A ticket opened at 18:01 will have an avg. response time greater than 14h 59m before you had a chance to read it. Anyway I think you can get what you need by looking at tblticketlog table that logs all activities. You should focus on tblticketlog.action LIKE "Department changed to {YOUR_LII_DEPARTMENT}%" and tblticketlog.date.
  4. Then you should uninstall all modules you have including ones you think are legitimate. In fact any script can include a "surprise" that your antivirus won't even notice 😋 Few years ago my AV was detecting BlueImp (one of the most popular file uploader) as a malware and it was a false-positive. Few months later it was no longer detected as such. As I said earlier I don't know this module and I never heard of whmcs.com.ua before. I just don't like when people jump to conclusions so quickly. You could try to upload the script on virustotal.com and see what happens. If you don't want to use this module that's fine but accusing them of being a * because of language and TLD in use and the "opinion" of your AV maybe is too much.
  5. I don't know anything about whmcs.com.ua but why are people so quick to judge? You went from purchase to "you are a ramsomware" passing through inexplicable complaints about the TLD in use and Russian language in less than 48 hours 😔
  6. Kian

    Admin Page Loads Slow

    You can temporarily rename third-party modules in modules/addons directory (e.g. rename modules/addons/somemodule to modules/addons/_somemodule) to determine which one is causing the problem.
  7. Kian

    Hook to change product

    Of course it's possible.
  8. Kian

    tblClients Manual editing

    Let me understand. Are we talking about renaming columns? If so, DON'T do that. It will break the entire system.
  9. Then, as brian suggested, it's display name.
  10. Your cPanel is using PHP 5.4 to run crons hence the error. Make sure your cPanel uses PHP 7.2 to solve the issue.
  11. "Free" doesn't trigger invoice creation. As Brian said, make it recurring to solve the issue.
  12. Kian

    Send an email to a particular admin

    Load you template, replace variables (e.g. Dear {admin_name} becomes Dear Sara) and put it in custommessage API parameter.
  13. For countries include this json. As for languages use glob('*.php') in language directory.
  14. Kian

    Urgency help | WHMCS CHANGE

    Same thing. As soon as I can use a PC I'll give you an example.

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