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  1. First off if possible don't use WP + WHMCS. You can get the same results directly with WHMCS. Having to deal with 2 separate systems is a time consuming activity. You have to maintain both them, you double the risks, it's unintuitive since you'll have two separate admin interface & database. Last but no least you are forced to keep both templates to look the same. Anyway this is my personal opinion. If you want to use WP + WHMCS, you can make them look the same by editing head, header, footer template files and playing with CSS. Here you can find the documentation. There are also plenty of threads on this community with tutorials. Keep in mind that it could be a quite long process if you are not familiar with WHMCS, CSS and Smarty but it's doable. Skilled people usually need 1-2 hours to get pretty decent results.
  2. Kian

    How to ruduce whmcs database size

    Clear logs (email, activity, module, license etc.). I've seen WHMCS installations with log tables storing over 30 GB of useless information. Not only it's a waste of disk space but it also hits the performance of your CPU(s). Reindexing A_I on every new INSERT on a table that stores millions of records is heavy and can even slow your WHMCS.
  3. Stop stressing out with keyword meta tag. It's worth nothing since more than 12 years! And for duplicate content, there's no need to do crazy things. Just use canonical meta tag. When you use it on your page, it doesn't matter how many different URLs bring visitors to that page. The only valid URL will be the canonical one.
  4. Kian

    List of random VAT Numbers

    Yessssss! Thank you! p.s. My Google skill sucks
  5. My question could be a bit off-topic but I'll give a try. Probably 90% of pre-sales questions we receive is about live demos (we develop WHMCS modules). We have multiple dev-installations of WHMCS we use to provide such demos but they're not enough. Moreover we constantly need to drop & recreate the entire database to prepare the demo for the next client. That said, finally we've almost finished developing a system that allows us to automate the entire process (this is how it works if you are interested). Now I'm completing the script that populates WHMCS with realistic data everytime a visitor requests a demo. I've already managed to create 520 randomly generated identities from tens of countries each one with invoices, products, domains, payments etc. The problem is that I need to transform 40% of my EU-profiles as companies with real VAT numbers. At the moment I'm using VAT numbers of popular brands (eg. Ferrari, Juventus, Air France, Amazon...) but at this rate I'll need centuries to get 200+ real VAT Numbers. Is there a service or a website from which I can download tons of real European VAT Numbers?
  6. He said "please bear with me" then I saw your post and your nickname. Don't worry, I'm already embarrassed.
  7. 🤣 Why am I so stupid? 😪 I deserve a ban. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back on topic, I understand your frustration. That's why I hate my sister. She works for a marketing company and she crafts pages like that.
  8. Edit: my fault. I was autoloading and registering my prefilter without force recompile = true.
  9. Kian

    Use WHMCS public area as web site?

    Here you go: Creating Pages. You can create dynamic pages based on products, groups etc. by pulling data directly from WHMCS. That said, think twice about Wordpress. The amount of time needed to "link" WHMCS and Wordpress could be comparable to implementing everything directly in WHMCS. Having two separate admin interfaces, limited integrations and the need to make WHMCS and Wordpress look the same is painful.
  10. I could be wrong but I think that it triggers with some gateways when the client returns to the invoice before the callback is complete. In fact the message is the following: Thank you for completing the payment process. We are awaiting notification to confirm the payment you just made. We will send you an email confirmation as soon as this has been received. Basically it says «Calm down and don't worry! You have successfully paid the invoice. Just wait few seconds to see the invoice turning to Paid».
  11. Tricky question about Smarty. vendor/smarty/smarty/libs/Smarty.class.php line 500 public $default_modifiers = array('upper'); I would expect that to see all Smarty variables of WHMCS in uppercase but in reality it works just on custom pages (the ones where I use new ClientArea();). I can't see where WHMCS loads and extends Smarty class but I suspect that it ignores or overrides all custom constants and user-defined methods including my $default_modifiers. That said, does anyone know how play with the mysterious Smarty class of WHMCS so that it respects my customizations?
  12. Since 24/29/2018, Mercury received 6 new updates. Below I'm going to provide a recap with the most important changes: Automatic updates Changes to File Uploader (easier interactions, inherently more secure, ligher to use, less storage space used) Support for lastest version of MySQL Improvements to MagicInput Inhibition of Directory Browsing Full changelog is available here.
  13. Like I have already said, I would send an ajax post and eventually show a spinner icon or a progress bar with % and details (eg. Calculating taxes... Done / Preparing missiles... Done). This way clients can see what is going on. I would use the ID of the currently logged client to show him this "panel" even when he F5 or changes page. Alternatively if you don't want to provide so many details, just send a separate curl() to your long_query_function() without waiting for answer. If you need to prevent people from performing certain actions when the long_query_function() is still in progress, just place a boolean (0 = do what you want, 1 = you must wait) somewhere. It could be on a new table, column or a client custom field. If 1 die('Wait damn it!') else nothing.
  14. Kian

    whmcs overrides language

    I suspect that you're downloading the PDF as an Administrator from backend or with View as Client > Download. In this case WHMCS uses the language set in your backend - probably is English. Long story short make sure you're downloading the PDF in Dutch. Try to login as a real client with Dutch language and repeat the download. This way you should see the right language.

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