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  1. Kian

    How to make payment gateway

    Read this article.
  2. Kian

    Document Access

    Alternatively you could use a small "cheat". Create a Support Department dedicated to translations that unlocks only when customers paid for your translation service. Support tickets already integrate a file uploader therefore they can use it to attach their files. Keep in mind that you could design this specific Support Department so that it doesn't even look like a ticket. You can hide title, content, name, email fields leaving the uploader with description.
  3. Okay, all you need is looking for solutions that allow to use multiple domains on the same installation of WHMCS. There's Multi-Brand of ModulesGarden and another one that will be released soon. Once your domains have been configured, the Affiliate program should work without any problem. This way you'll have one WHMC that can be accessed from multiple domain names. Each domain will work for affiliates.
  4. Even though I did a good amount of custom templates, I never released a "generalist" one that can be purchased multiple times by anyone exactly for the reason you have just described here. In my opinion a template should have things like navbar manager (add, remove, move items from an interface), image carousel creator (upload an image, write description, define call to action, link to product, set order etc.), an interface to edit header/footer on the fly, change colors, create custom pages and so on. Long story short the same stuff you have on WordPress. This way anyone can get very good results just playing with a GUI instead of editing Smarty and hooks. As you can imagine, this is more than just a template made of CSS, images, js, HTML. It requires an extensive addon module (PHP, MySQL, hooks). Creating such a structure takes several months to complete and it's harder to maintain. On the other hand completing a one-off template takes hours, days or weeks and you just need to make sure that it still works with the latest version of WHMCS every 6-12 months. I think that this explains why there very few (maybe none) "advanced" templates. That's my opinion.
  5. Let's ignore for a moment affiliates. Do you need to run both domains (and additional ones) on the same WHMCS?
  6. Kian

    Database Structure issue

    Alternatively you could create a new table (tblmfoland 😀) and store all your stuff there. You could retreive everything with a simple JOIN by User ID.
  7. No problem but as I said weeks ago... At the moment I had to pause this project because of this: Anyway I confirm you that it's 100% doable so don't worry.
  8. Kian

    Database Structure issue

    I think it depends on sql_mode NO_ZERO_DATE. With this setting I can't run the query for the same reason (I cannot change my sql_mode atm).
  9. Sorry, I have just noticed your reply to this thread. Like I have already said you via PM, the idea is that Mercury will have a sort of site-builder where you can change colors on the fly, create mutiple versions of the same template (one for christmas, one for labour day etc.), upload banners for sliders with all the necessary options (settings for animations, URLs, call to actions etc.), add, remove and move widgets on the fly just dragging them on the page (latest news, latest posts, top features etc.). Below you can find a preview (click to enlarge). The problem is that we had to pause this project because at the moment we're: Working on Electronic invoicing for Slovenia and Portugal Implementing RCTI/GST and ABN lookups for Australian companies in Billing Extension, Commission Manager and Affiliates on WHMCS (this mess 🤢) Creating a new module that allows to use multiple domains/subdomains on the same WHMCS like we do on our own website (katamaze.it in italian language, katamaze.com in english) and also multiple brands. For each brand you will be able to: Set a Template Define Default Language Hide/Show specific Products/Services Hide/Show specific Support Departments Have different logo on invoices Allow/Disallow registered customers to order from other brands Report a bug (maybe?) to ionCube Move into a new house Move into a new office Complete 2x custom projects Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story... I bet that it is no longer available in theaters... I need to reserve a table for dinner tonight otherwise I'm a dead man I need a vacation 😩
  10. Kian

    Sell Software

    Fattura24 gives me shivers. I suggest you not invest money for an integration with their platform. They invented an XML that has nothing to do with the XML of electronic invoicing but that looks similar. This way customers spend money for an integration that cannot be used elsewhere meaning that they can't move to another platform unless you accept to lose all the money you spent. That's how you secure customer's loyalty in 2019 🤑
  11. You can no longer edit your post. You could try to mention @WHMCS ChrisD that hopefully will remove the picture. It could work but make sure that: "Payment Gateway Fee" can be replaced with your "Marca da bollo apposta in originale ai sensi di..." It can work according to regulations. Read this article for more details (it's written in Italian and it is "hilarious" 🤮 good luck) p.s. Knowing how/when Tax Stamp should be applied is still a mystery to me therefore before you start doing anything I suggest you to contact your accountant. I've seen people who wanted tax stamp on VAT-free operations, others based on Intra/Extra-EU status, sex, religion, size... 🤬 1 law 100 interpretations. I've stopped trying to understand how invoicing work long time ago. All I do now is to provide all options so that anyone can freely choose his/her interpretation.
  12. Kian

    Database Structure issue

    As far as I know the problem is that created_at columns uses 0000-00-00 00:00:00 as default value that is not correct. Timestamp data type supports dates from 1970-01-01 00:00:01 to 2038-01-19 03:14:07. The 0000-00-00 00:00:00 used by WHMCS as default is clearly out of range hence the error.
  13. Kian

    localAPI and hook

    Yes. For example if you run CreateInvoice API you'll trigger InvoiceCreated hook point.
  14. Fixed. @mywebsolutions Maybe you want remove the image from your post since we can see all the details of your customer.
  15. You have to use UpdateInvoiceTotal hook point and run UpdateInvoice API command to add that line. Tax Stamp must be applied only when the following criteria are met: Amount greater than and not equal to 77.47 euro (the price of Tax Stamp - 2 euro - doesn't count) If you use multiple currencies, amounts must be converted into euro Tax Stamp can be applied on Invoices and Proformas but NOT on Credit Notes Only VAT-Free operations require Tax Stamp If for some reason the amount of your invoice changes, Tax Stamp must be applied or removed accordingly Make sure that Tax Stamp doesn't exist yet on the invoice (having duplicated Tax Stamps is bad) That said, keep in mind that it's not that simple since you'll need to find a way to detect your Tax Stamp line in every moment otherwise your calculations will be wrong and you risk to have duplicated Tax Stamps every time you update an invoice. Sadly you can do that via API. You'll need to do that manually with queries. As a reference it took me 7 queries (SELECT, UPDATE and DELETE). It's boring and frustrating 🤮

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