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  1. V2.0.1 Released on 07/09/2018 Thanks to all feedback received, we managed to quickly spot and fix some errors. New: Viewing suppressed invoices: new page instead of "Invoice not found" alert Invoice suppression: new "Order Completed" page Improved: Order View: improved the quality of information provided Small improvements in Utilities PHP class Fixed: In particular circumstances invoice suppression wasn't working as expected Fixed some errors in the Upgrading tool of the module V2.0.2 Released on 11/09/2018 This is a corrective release in which we focused on making the process of invoice suppression more reilable and easier to use. Billing Extension wasn't "catching" invoices paid with Automatic Credit Use. The same goes for orders manually added by admistrators simultaneously with the option to apply credit. Now this has been fixed and the module detects invoices fully paid by credit more accurately. We've also added a new feature that prevents WHMCS from sending specific notifications (Invoice Created and Invoice Payment Confirmation) for invoices that have been suppressed for reasons described here. In the linked article you will also find a detailed description of our new Suppression Notification feature. New: When an invoice is suppressed the module prevent WHMCS from sending any related email notification New option in Settings. You can select an Email Template to send when an invoice is suppressed The module creates log for all actions that occurr during installation in Activity Log Improved: The module detects when invoice suppression is required more accurately Added new checks that make sure that Company Profile is updated correctly Company Profile. VIES is automatically disabled when country changes from intra-EU to extra-EU When Admin has no default language set in WHMCS the installer will use English Settings page. Improved redirects on change Fixed: Installer error when importing Invoice Data Snapshots from WHMCS Related Screenshots: 1, 2 V2.1.0 Released on 13/09/2018 Many of you asked us to reintroduce Transactions page in clientarea. We gave to this project in our Lab the highest priority. The new Transaction page uses DataTables. You can see a preview in the gallery of this release. We've also implemented a feature that can automatically add this page to your navbar. Other than that, we continue improving the upgrade functionality that helps people to move from Billing Extension v1 to v2. New: Transactions page for clientarea Option to add Transactions page in clientarea navbar The new TinyMCE of WHMCS 7.6.x is fully supported Customers accessing Enhanced Renewals when this feature is disabled are redirected to Access Denied page Improved: The function that issues document numbers for proformas, invoices and credit notes has been hugely improved Depending on WHMCS version in use, Billing Extension will use correct TinyMCE Further improvements to Installer when upgrading from BX v1 and EU VAT Addon Small improvements to Tax Rules Related Screenshots: Transactions page, Transactions navbar, Clientarea settings, Restricted access V2.1.1 Released on 19/09/2018 We tuned some features and make it possible to translate language files of module with Language Overrides. Now we're working on implementing Fatturazione Elettronica and Marca da bollo with a brand new concept in WHMCS: plugins! New: Online Contract: as a client is deleted the module deletes also information about contract acceptance As a client is being added to WHMCS from admin interface, the module automatically accept contract version for him Module's Language files overrides. Customize translations in the same way you do for WHMCS Improved: Online Contract. Improved functionalities Changed: In few section was possible to see the codename we used while developing Billing Extension. We changed that VIES Client Custom Field. Now you can leave "None" but VIES will not work Fixed: Error on servers with PHP 7.0 that were using ionCube 10.2.x and BX package with PHP 5.6+ support
  2. V1.2.0 Released on 19/09/2018 Most of the changes we made in this release are "invisible" but still relevant. If you are familiar with social media marketing campaigns, you have probably heard about the Open Graph Protocol and OG tags. For detailed information about OG tags read the official guide written by Facebook. We updated Mercury to support Open Graph Protocol so that all your news and blog posts are now fully compatible with this technology. Moreover we've also implemented Language Overrides so that you can translate Mercury language files like you are already doing for WHMCS. New: Open Graph Protocol support Module's Language files overrides. Customize translations in the same way you do for WHMCS Improved Canonical URL in head are now absolute Related screenshots:
  3. Kian

    Disable Auto Provisioning for one client?

    As far as I know no but it should be really easy to implement with an action hook. Use PreModuleCreate hook point. Retreive the user ID of the client in question and abort the Create action with abortcmd=true.
  4. Trigger the downgrade with DailyCronJob action hook X days after the invoice is still unpaid.
  5. Kian

    addon doesn't appear in user interface

    Addons are "linked" to products. Click on that Tsunami VG8.1 from clientarea to open details. In the sidebar you'll find "Addons" menu.
  6. Kian

    Dropdown custom field key value pair

    Sure, it possible. Just use | to separate key/value like follows: 1|user1,2|user2,3|user3.
  7. Kian


    Here you can find System Requirements for WHMCS. Nowadays it can be installed almost everywhere.
  8. Kian

    Add product description in E-mail template

    Sadly it's a bit complicated. You have to create an Action Hook (EmailPreSend) to detect the specific Email Templates where you need to add descriptions. Once done, run a query to retrieve descriptions and return them in a custom array.
  9. Kian

    IPN does not work anymore

    Take a look here: IPN Handshake Invalid. Probably it's a problem with charset. Enable Module Debugging (Utilities > Log > Module Log) and see what you have in your Request. Look for weird chars.
  10. V1.1.1 Released on 13/09/2018 We improved several aspects of Mercury including an annoying bug described in our Lab. The most relevant change is that Mercury is now fully compatible with the new TinyMCE text editor (preview) that has been introduced in version 7.6 of WHMCS. We have great plans for the future. We're considering to implement Social Media Auto Publish on Mercury. Stay tuned. New: The new TinyMCE of WHMCS 7.6.x is fully supported Improved: Depending on WHMCS version in use, Mercury will use correct TinyMCE Compatibility with the FontAwesome 5 Clients Releases (Widget) now only shows published releases Empty Widgets (eg. no news, posts, releases etc.) looks better now Request features / Bug Reports: character count is more accurate When Admin has no default language set in WHMCS the installer will use English Small improvements to Installer
  11. Kian

    Tracking pixel on Order Paid

    With an action hook that adds the necessary javascript to complete order page. Something like follows: <?php function customPrefix_ClientAreaPage($vars) { if (($vars['filename'] == 'cart') AND ($_GET['a'] == 'complete')) { $pid = '1'; // Select IDs of all products/services on invoice with a query and add as many 'contents' you need in tracking code echo "<script>fbq('track', 'Purchase', { contents: [{ id: '{$pid}', quantity: 1, item_price: 0 }], });</script>"; } return $output; } add_hook('ClientAreaPage', 10, 'customPrefix_ClientAreaPage');
  12. Kian

    HOW to Change Admin Password???

    You can't use the same address for an administrator and support department in the same time unless you manually change them from database. Make sure that your account email is not used by any department.
  13. I don't know how Uservoice and Useresponse work but yes, customers can post features (or report bugs) and others can vote and/or comment them. All requests must be approved by an admin. Voting is a simple "drag & drop" process (preview) where clients create their own priority list. We decided to use this approach instead of the classic 5 star rating system because this way people have compare every requests instead of just spamming 4 or 5 starts everywhere (people want everything 😛). Clients can also add comments (preview) on all existing requests only if they have the right to do so (eg. if a request is about product X I can comment only if I own it). All comments can be reviewed by admins. They can like or dislike or convert comments into requests (preview). Lastly the module uses both information (votes and comments) to calculate ratings for each feature from a scale that goes from 0% (no one wants it) to 100% (most wanted feature).
  14. Nah, I removed the fixed tax from Billing Extension together with Level 3 taxes... I was crazy 🤫 Anyway he needed an option for "Marca da Bollo". I'm pretty sure I have an action hook for that in my old HD. I'll share it if I find it.
  15. I know people that are still running 5.x for mysterious reasons. They're relatively fine because they have small and unknown websites and they're crazy too. I mean they're counting on luck. That said, WHMCS will not explode but of course you should upgrade for obvious reasons (security).

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