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  1. Utilities > System > PHP Info. Look for allow_url_fopen and post a screenshot of it of let us know if local/master values are both set to On. Maybe it's turned off even if you enabled it because you forgot to restart Apache or master value is set to Off.
  2. Sure, with Addon Modules you can create an unlimited number of clientarea pages. This part of documentation describes how it works and gives you an example. Let's suppose that the name of your addon module is Ninja. Your clientarea page will be accessible from index.php?m=Ninja. Obviously you can play with $_GET in order to provide more pages like follows: index.php?m=Ninja&view=clients index.php?m=Ninja&view=transactions index.php?m=Ninja&view=emails And if you don't like these URLs you can still use htaccess to rewrite them as you prefer.
  3. I image that you are running cPanel. The error means that the domain already exists in cP or in some parts of it (Apache, DNS, domain, subdomain...). In order to re-create the account first you need to remove any reference of the domain in question. You should run some SSH commands or play a bit with the interface of cP but first try with the easiest approach (if it works). From WHMCS re-run Terminate command for this domain. It should clear all references for you. Now run Create. Hopefully it should work now.
  4. I would try with a simple nslookup {domain} {ns} Where {domain} is a reference domain that you can use to monitor your DNS and {ns} the IP address of your nameserver. If you manage to resolve {domain} successfully it means that your nameserver is up and running properly otherwise it's down. It should be fine and works remotely. Probably there's a better approach... I'm not a Sys Admin.
  5. Kian

    What to put in Paypal IPN?

    The URL is not important for WHMCS. On paper you could leave it empty but few months ago PayPal made this field mandatory. Simply insert your website URL (e.g. whmcs.com).
  6. Kian


    I guess that WHMCS team is trying to reserve API calls for actions. "Get" commands are in fact few and/or deprecated. There are various different ways to "play" with data. The best approach depends on what you are trying to achieve. Could you share more details?
  7. It's all written here. If you know a bit of PHP there shouldn't be any problem.
  8. Use ClientAreaPage action hook to recalculate {$amount} in complete.tpl. <?php use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; function somePrefix_ClientAreaPage($vars) { if ($vars['filename'] == 'cart' AND $_GET['a'] == 'complete') { $convertTo = 'USD'; // It's set to USD since Google needs it $clientCurrencyID = $vars['clientdetails']['currency']; $currency = Capsule::table('tblcurrencies')->select(['code', 'rate', 'default'])->where('id', '=', $clientCurrencyID)->first(); if ($currency->code != $convertTo AND $currency->default == '0') { $output['amount'] = $vars['amount'] / $currency->rate; return $output; } } } add_hook('ClientAreaPage', 1, 'somePrefix_ClientAreaPage');
  9. Kian

    What to put in Paypal IPN?

    Profile > Profile and Settings > My selling tools > Instant Payment Notifications
  10. Try disabling Setup > Security > Disable Session IP Check.
  11. Kian

    Client Area Output not working

    Here is the problem: The right URL is not clientarea.php?m=gocardless but index.php?m=gocardless. You were simply pointing to the wrong file. index.php is where the magic happens.
  12. I could be wrong but I have a feeling that this part of code is not correct. foreach (Capsule::table('tblinvoices')->select('status')->where('id', '=', $invoiceId)->get() as $statusInvoice) Why are you running the query in the foreach? This query always return a single record since you are selecting an unique ID. There can't be more than one record with the same ID in tblinvoices. Personally I would use ->first() instead of ->get() removing the foreach. Anyway I don't think that this is the cause the problem but it's a start.
  13. You can make this change in your database but it's not an "official" procedure. As brian reported, WHMCS team said in some tickets that it can be done. Personally I got the same suggestion more than 5 years ago when I opened a ticket about it but I preferred to use a different approach. I don't like changing default tables and data types because maybe one day when WHMCS v10 is out they'll change things breaking my WHMCS and/or fucking up the information I stored. Who knows? Your choice.
  14. Kian

    Show custom field WHMS 7

    Use ClientAreaPage action hook. If you are talking about Client Custom Fields you don't even need to query the database since these fields are always available when the client is loggedin. {$clientsdetails.customfields.2.value} Replace 2 with the Client Custom Field ID you are looking for. Alternatively create a php file in includes/hooks directory. You should rename somePrefix_ with something else to avoid function name collision. Copy the following code in the newly created file. use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; function somePrefix_ClientAreaPage($vars) { $clientCustomField = '2'; // Replace with the ID of your Client Custom Field $output['yourvariable'] = $vars['clientsdetails']['customfields'][$clientCustomField]['value']; return $output; } add_hook('ClientAreaPage', 1, 'somePrefix_ClientAreaPage'); $clientCustomField must be equal to the ID of the field that you are looking for. Now the value of your custom field is available in all pages of WHMCS and can be accessed in Smarty via {$yourvariable}. Of course you can rename it as you prefer by changing $output['yourvariable'] with $output['myawesomevariable']. With this approach the only difference is that you can freely define a name for your variable. If you wanted to show the value of a Product Custom Fields then ignore my answer. You'll need another action hook with a query to database.
  15. Since your WHMCS is configured to accept only USD yes, you should convert UAH back to USD before you register the transaction. You can find the USD/UAH conversion rate in tblcurrencies.rate. They're the same rates used for " Convert To For Processing".

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