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  1. Sorry for necro-quoting but I'd like to say something especially now that I saw your signature... ... and this announcement. Basically you are suggesting that we are all a little bit ungrateful to WHMCS. Let me put things into perspective. You can afford to thank WHMCS team for the simple reason that you have never been affected by their many inexplicable decisions and general immobility. Your job consists in creating templates. What could go wrong with that? Nothing compared to what companies like Modulesgarden, me or any other developer faces on a daily basis. Have you ever invested 3 months of your time to figure out how to overcome a critical bug that exists from years? A bug that would take minutes to fix but WHMCS doesn't seem to care. Now imagine this happens every day and that on every new release of WHMCS you have to start over facing new bugs that adds up to old ones. Do you think is normal that a company of the size of Modulesgarden is forced to face this sort of things on every major release of this software? I had shivers down my spine on every update since I was pretty much sure I had to re-test old bugs & workarounds and face new ones. Not to mention reinventing the wheel due to WHMCS discontinuing features to introduce new defective ones. You don't know anything about that since you never committed yourself to coding modules on this platform. I assure you that is a painful experience. You can never sit down and have a normal day. There's always a new bug or a poorly designed feature to face. Templates don't give this sort of problems. Just think about it. Where all developers gone? Why WHMCS has so many abandoned modules? Most devs moved to another markets. You can count the remaining few on the fingers of one hand and they keep disappearing. That being said, now we have this massive price increase during covid and for no reason. Usually when companies increases prices, they explain you the reasons. What we have here? Nothing. Same bugs, same immobility, same attitude and the certainty that they will continue to ignore us. Thanks team WHMCS? I'll pass. As for providers, they've been milked from years. First by Plesk then cPanel and now WHMCS. They can't even freely migrate somewhere else as WebPros will surely buy every competitor as soon as they become tasty. The only solution I see is looking for an open source & free software that doesn't exist yet.
  2. Yes, the latest change should not open the search bar automatically. Use the link provided by brian.
  3. It works now. Not the most elegant script I coded but at the moment I have other plans.
  4. Really? 😲 I wrote that hook just got out of bed. WHMCS will surely change the license check before the 1st July. It can't be based on a count(). The thing is that even if they base it on multiple tables and conditions, one can still legitimately pass their check and save a lot of money. Prices are based on something that lives in my database. I can do what I want. At the moment I found several methods some of which can work even if they make their check more complex. And I'm just one of the many developers here. I don't know how they can make it work now that prices have been increased up to 3154% on a yearly basis. A backdoor will surely help 😅 Generally speaking, a provider that earns 200k per year, will never try to avoid paying <500$ per year for a software that runs his business but now we're moving to 3.600 $ and 10.200 $ per year 3 months from now. Not to mention the rage of "lifetime" license owners. This will surely trigger many devs and providers. Sigh.
  5. The reason why I'm a little worried is that WHMCS could change they way they bill customers. As we know, they base their revenue on the "Active" status. As more people realize that they can use "Inactive" status as the new "Active", WHMCS could start counting all customers including inactive ones. If they do that, I can still legitimately run the entire system with "Closed" accounts that will work exactly like "Active" ones. With this huge price increase and the middle finger to "lifetime licenses", people are more inclined to circumvent the new pricing structure. I'm not talking about cracking the software but legitimate ways to make it work with low budget. One could even make it work exactly with 249 customers to ensure the license always costs 18.95 $ / mo. If tomorrow someone releases such a script, it's game over for WHMCS as the vast majority of people will use it. As a reference, most of my customers will pay 3599 $ per year instead of 479 $ (+651% price increase). They're already looking for this kind of solutions and frankly I don't know what I should do. If you don't do it, someone else will. It's terrible from any angle.
  6. I'm pretty sure it is but even if they improve their check, sooner or later one will figure out how to avoid the new fees legitimately. In less than an hour we found 3 ways (2 easy, 1 stlish and really cool). All legit but I think WHMCS staff already know that. Honestly I'm a little bit scared of the possible outcome if someone reveals anything or come up with new ideas.
  7. Really? Is it just a cosmetic change? There must be something else. p.s. Sorry for asking dumb questions but I'm using owned license since 2007 or 2008 so I have no idea what's the difference between active and inactive.
  8. If it's a bug report it. If you have something urgent that is not a bug and you can't wait, buy 360° support. If you're looking for guaranteed reply with standard support I'm sorry, you will have to look somewhere else. There are thousands of tickets per year each one is filled with many questions and requests. It usually takes 20 minutes to reply but each reply generates new questions for the simple reason that people are always looking for changes, new features and adjustments. At the end of the day processing a ticket can take days or weeks. One person (me) can't reply to such a big number of tickets. Not even working 16 hours per day. For every closed ticket 5 new ones are submitted. Similarly I can't make adjustments on demand for everyone. In the same time I also need to continue coding and deal with all the terrible updates of WHMCS. Every update introduces new bugs or replaces core features with new ones that have been clearly designed in a circus. In essence, reading all tickets isn't possible. The only viable option is to focus on companies that are willing to pay for dedicated support with service level agreement. For all other customers there are 488 pages of documentation not counting almost 400 releases. I'm not a rookie. I'm working with this software since 2007 and I belive I committed myself to WHMCS more than WHMCS staff in many occasions. I spotted countless of terrible bugs. Most of them are still there and I've been forced to write thousands of lines of code to deal with them. It takes time. Lastly, I was not born yesterday. I did everything to prioritise customer care: 250k words of docs and articles for self-help support (Tier 0) available in two languages We created lab where people can submit feature requests and bug reports instead of opening tickets and live demo to let them try modules before purchase 7 modules have been cancelled and merged in one way or another in 3 modules to free up time Speaking of freeing up time, I stopped working on custom projects 5 years ago regardless of how much they were willing to pay From time to time registrations have been closed during periods with high-volume of tickets (eg. launch of electronic invoicing) I hired an employee but it wasn't enough. I needed to hire two more developers to provide decent response times so for the very first time in 14 years of activity in WHMCS, I increased prices (from 95 to 149 euro) explaining the reasons why I needed more funds. We received tons of tickets with complaints. In essence they were all saying "I don't need better support but cheaper prices". That's fine. I guess it is what it is so I had to go for premium & paid support approach for providers that can afford it and leave the rest of customers with "best effort" model In conclusion, don't forget that this is WHMCS, a low-volume market that doesn't leave much room to investments. Not to mention it is getting worse over time making the life of every developer a living nightmare. There's a reason why there are so few companies and developers working on WHMCS. There are 50k+ providers and maybe 8 third-party WHMCS developers to choose from. And they keep vanishing since the effort/revenue ratio is nothing spectacular. That's why most of them are also active on other platforms. As for me, I'm finding that coding a software that integrate with Amazon, eBay, Zalando etc. is 100 times easier, more profitable and rewarding. Ironically, months ago I was even considering to integrate WHMCS with my new puppy that sells stuff everywhere (Amazon Seller, Amazon Vendor, eBay... with "full service" support - logistic, shipping, inventory, tracking, invoicing...) but hell no. I still love WHMCS but I'm not a masochist ⚰️ p.s. I'm not in the mood to start a debate about what I just said so love me or hate me. Feel free to choose any of my 7 competitors. Next year probably they will be 6 and then 5, 4, 3, 2... I think this will be our future if WHMCS keeps ignoring bugs and imposing silly decisions. They're on the right path to kill dev-community.
  9. Just give up. Even if you manage to get it working, you have to understand the following. These are not SEO-Friendly URLs. Let's have a look at the URL you just linked. Let me show you how terrible it is: https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/knowledgebase/50/Oh-and-twisted-thoughts-that-spin.html https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/knowledgebase/50/Round-my-head.html https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/knowledgebase/50/Im-spinning.html https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/knowledgebase/50/Oh-Im-spinning.html https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/knowledgebase/50/How-quick-the-sun-can-drop-away.html I can create an unlimited number of URLs, the same article always opens. Have fun with duplicate content. It doesn't even detect lowercase and uppercase letters meaning that Hello.html, HELLO.html, HeLlO.html, heLLo.html (...) according to Google are all "unique" URLs. And the .html at the very end makes no sense. This "tecnique" was already a SEO myth more than a decade ago. Go figure out 🤔 Not to say I can exploit this flaw to trash your online reputation since I can create URLs containing words like s-cam, viagra, porn. They will work as normal in the URL. As for multi-language, who cares that such URLs are not multi-language? Search engines can only "see" your WHMCS in default language. Your translations are not crawable nor indexable because WHMCS language is based on PHP sessions. Crawlers don't use session therefore your site will only be indexed in default language. But, above all, as I said tens of times in other threads, SEO Friendly URLs are a minor ranking factor. Even if you manage to get perfect SEO URLs, your rankings will probably improve by 1%. Perhaps I'm being a bit too optimistic as WHMCS has many more anti-SEO stuff in place.
  10. There's no way to bypass help desk especially because it's the weekend. If the problem is so serious you could set WHMCS in maintenance mode. You could also try describe the problem here.
  11. I'm using this software since 2007 and I've seen plenty of disasters. Some of them still exist. That said, there's no "special" way to contact WHMCS. Even if you think your issue is special. Submit a new ticket or reply to the existing one.
  12. There's no need to spam opening 6 threads. Submit another ticket or reply to the existing one and wait. There are hundreds of bugs and vulnerabilities in this software so don't panic 🤭 It's part of the game.
  13. That's exactly what you are supposed to do. There is no other way. p.s. I prefer to use phpmailer also for customers due to API limitations. It's 2021 and I still can't remove/add attachments 😐
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