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  1. <?php use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; add_hook('AfterCronJob', 1, function($vars) { $alreadyRun = Capsule::select(Capsule::raw('SELECT id FROM tblactivitylog WHERE DATE(`date`) = CURDATE() AND description = "I did it!" LIMIT 1'))[0]; if (date('H') == '14' AND !$alreadyRun) { // Do your stuff logActivity('I did it!'); } }); I'm going back to my cave.
  2. Okay, it's even worse than I expected. I don't know what WHMCS was thinking when they designed such an unbalanced working environment where X must follow the rules while Y can do whatever he wants. That's not about becoming resellers. It's just that WHMCS forbidden us to play with the same "weapons" preventing many developers and providers from joining their reseller program. I guess we can pack our bags and disappear.
  3. Continuing from... I think we all want to continue discussing reseller program. Let me recap. We were asking this question (quoting Zomex). After several weeks, this is what was learned few hours ago from a ticket submitted by wsa. This raises other questions. Basically there are 2 groups of developers: As far as we know, Theme Metro is the only member of the lucky group that has been allowed to profit on WHMCS reseller program in contrast with rules. Good for him! He managed to get a very good backdoor deal In the other group we have pretty much every other known developer. The same that have been ruled out from the reseller program for the last 15 years Of course WHMCS can freely do what they want including favouring a developer at the expense of others. I guess we must accept that a competitor will play with an unfair advantage. As I said in another thread, he even asked me a partnership to help him abuse his position. It doesn't sound right to me. I'm questioning what is the role of other developers in this scheme. What are we to WHMCS? I have the feeling we're just a bunch of developers not worthy of attention. I underline that I'm not angry or upset. I'm disappointed by how WHMCS fail to realize how such "special deals" negatively affect others. Why should a developer stay on this platform? Just to be repeatedly ignored and subject to "special deals" in contrast with written rules? We've all been refused in the past. This includes the many providers that were trying to do what exactly what Theme Metro is doing in this precise moment. I'm confused 😵
  4. You could start something in solitary like cycling or running. As for cycling, be advised it can quickly turn into an expensive hobby... a better bike, better wheels, GPS, powermeter, fashy outfits. At the moment I've higher maintenance costs for bikes than for cars 🤣
  5. Sport 💪 as if there's no tomorrow
  6. @WHMCS John 39 days. Still waiting.
  7. @WHMCS John I'll keep asking this question every week till I receive a real answer. I will never stop. I'm not looking for marketing fluff and I'm not angry or upset. It's just that I spent more than 15 years coding on this platform and I don't get why me and other devs must follow rules that Theme Metro can freely ignore.
  8. Technically you're wrong 😋 Months ago WHMCS pricing page was showing all tiers from the chepest to the most expensive including the one with 4000% price increase ($1299.95/mo). After months of angry customers spamming "4000% price increase" on the internet, WHMCS probably had enough of this so they changed pricing page to display only 4 tiers. The most expensive tier was stopping at $299.95/mo. All other tiers had been hidden behind a "Contact us for pricing". Starting from that day, John started to say the popular phrase «Please rest assured that your price is not changing by 4000% as some are claiming». $39.95 to $299.95 is not 4000% increase. Just brilliant, isn't it? Anyway recentlly they changed pricing page once again. As far as I know tiers have been hidden from public view. The most expensive plan is $44.95 so probably John can claim that we had just a 12% price increase 🤔
  9. I quote: Rules are simple but let me be more specific. Theme Metro, Zomex, WGS, WSA, Modulesgarden and me all share the same characteristics: They are not providers They don't sell any hosting-related service We could stop here already and conclude that none of them can join reselling program but there's more. To avoid any possibile confusion, WHMCS say that licenses can't be sold to the general public or as a standalone product. There's no loophole. Back to Theme Metro (not a provider), he sells templates (not hosting services) but has been allowed to join WHMCS reseller program in contrast with the above rules. I don't see any marketing trick here as @ChrisTERiS was suggesting. WHMCS licenses can be sold only from a provider to a hosting reseller or the owner of a VPS/dedicated hosting. I don't see how offering a free banana, coffee or apple with WHMCS license included (or vice versa) can turn you into a provider and your customer into a reseller or into the owner of a VPS. I've nothing against Theme Metro but over the years MANY of my customers have been rejected from WHMCS reselling program because they were selling VoIP, gameservers or internet radios even if they have much in common with hosting. I don't get how a template is more similar to hosting than VoIP. As for me, ages ago I had a green light from WHMCS to resell their licenses from my hosting company. In the same time they felt the need to point out that I was not allowed to do the same from my software-oriented website (I hadn't even asked it). So here comes the question: Why? Option A: rules are changed. Anyone can join and sell WHMCS licenses as they like Option B: WHMCS made an exception for Theme Metro at the expense of other developers. If that's the case I'm speachless. There are 5 or 6 developers left in WHMCS that are probably going extinct in the next few years. Such a move from WHMCS can only boost this process. Why should a developer stay with the many cons we all know plus the special treatment reserved to Theme Metro? It's clear that third-party devs are not welcomed 👋
  10. @WHMCS John answer please? We need to know if third-party developers are now allowed to become WHMCS resellers or if you made an exception for Theme Metro.
  11. You need to use the paid version of Gmail where limits are enormously higher. Or use MS Exchange.
  12. If you don't trust a third party then you shouldn't purchase and use their products. A developer don't need access to your WHMCS install to steal credit cards. All it takes is a simple backdoor expertly hidden in your system that you will never find unless you perform checksums every couple of hours. If you think is not safe to give access to your system, then you shouldn't give any dev the opportunity to place a single file on your system since it could be a backdoor. Nothing against you. It's just that many people think that preventing devs from accessing FTP & WHMCS backend is a big thing. You feel safe but in reality you're not.
  13. Scraping is the way. Curl the page while posting the domain for verification, parse the response with dom and use xpath to retrieve the result.
  14. That's not about crying but not being treated equally even against rules.
  15. I'm not a big fan of making such comparison. It's obvious that secondary brands always play the "bro-card". Exhibiting a customer-friendly attitude is the minimum you can do to attract customers. Ages ago in this very community we had the staff partecipating and actually listening to people. This is no longer needed when you affirm yourself as the leading company. Especially when you made competitors irrelevant for more than a decade. Everyone eventually ends up doing it. It's just a question of time (and money) before Blesta will turn into WHMCS. I've seen it happening countless of times. Every time a company increases prices or does something unpopular, a chunk of customers moves to the competitor that assures them they will never do that because they "highly value your feedback" or any other bull💩-catchphrases. Few years later they manage to become relevant and end up taking almost the same decisions so the cycle repeats. Join, invest time, leave, repeat. I've worked with hundreds - if not thousands - of providers and all these mass migrations to "copies of inverior value" never solved anything. The few that cyclically switch software because of things like price increase keep going backwards. Like it or not WHMCS is the best software to run a hosting business. Same goes for Plesk or cPanel. Every provider is free to move to competitors (Blesta, Direct Admin, ISPConfig... name one) but they're condemning themselfs to decline. I don't see how one can boost the growth of his/her business by constantly downgrading technology level and by using second-class solutions. I'm not saying that one should stick to one software for the rest of his life. I'm saying that one should leave the boat only if it is sinking or is bringing you to the wrong place. If you don't see any future with WHMCS then leaving is not only fine but mandatory. On the other hand if one is leaving just for price increase convicing himself that Blesta is better or because their staff is more friendly or again because they promised you something, let me underline that: Fact: WHMCS is better Friendliness will go away when it is no longer needed When Blesta will need more funds, who you gonna call? Price increase! Be prepared to leave Blesta for HostBill followed by HostBill, Ubersmith, ClientExec... In my opinion the real issue here is not if X is better or cheaper or friendlier than Y. You can take as granted that in this whole industry every software that counts costs you more and more. Or even worse wants a % of your revenue. This is the root of the issue. All software companies share the same needs (lot of funds) and adopt (or will adopt) the same revenue model. I don't see how bouncing between the same stuff can make a significant difference. My 2 cent.
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