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  1. Leave license key as it is. There's no point in stacking information in the key. Don't forget that the licensing script is a WebService that POST data to your modules/servers/licensing/verify.php. You can make use of this "communication link" to perform additional checks locally with LicensingAddonVerify action hook and eventually return additional information. For example you can return to your remote scripts things like expiration date, link the invoice for renewals, inject news or even ... well I can't say that or people will go crazy 😝
  2. Kian

    Reaching Out To "Brian!"

    @brian! mentioning him should work 🙂
  3. Kian

    UpdateInvoice - newitemtype

    You can't. Workaround? Soon after UpdateInvoice triggers run a query to update item type manually.
  4. For sure it's doable with a standalone script that scans for KB and Announcements of WHMCS, rebuilds the URL based on your SEO settings and puts everything in sitemap.xml. Custom pages probably should be added manually since most of the time they're rewritten in .htaccess. Problem is I have no time in this precise moment but this is in my to-do list.
  5. Kian

    Will invoice numbering reset at midnight?

    After 7 years of failed attempts I made it work with a custom script... it worked on all systems I checked except with mine 🤣 My keyboard & mouse fixed everything
  6. Sitemaps are generated on a daily basis based on news, blog posts, documentation and lab entries of Mercury. Sitemap generator has nothing to index without such contents 🙄
  7. Now we are at version 2.2.24 meaning that this month we released 16 updates 😩 all due to Electronic Invoicing. Probably the most important feature we added is the one that will let you start 2019 without hassles if you are an italian-based company. Your customers will be able to specify their business type from the page visible in the screenshot below. Depending on their business type (individual, sole proprietorship, professional with VAT number, company, organization and public administration) customer will be asked to provide all the required billing details. VAT Numers are checked against Revenue Agency with VIES and Tax IDs (aka TIN, Codice Fiscale, CIF...) are fomally validated by format, length, control number and also by firstname and lastname that must resolve the first 6 characters of TIN. Still from this page customers can also quality for Split Payment that is required by public administration, listed companies in FTSE MIB in Milan Stock Exchange and state-owned companies (70%). Customers who did not complete the verification will see this sidebar in clientarea. In this case Billing Extension will use a feature we named "Guess my Business Type" that automatically detects the business type of a given customer based on the available billing details. One contrary when a customer is verified the sidebar will reflect his/her business type like in the following example. For more information read Assisted Profilation documentation. Moreover when BX is unable to generate the XML file of Electronic Invoice, the details about the errors are displayed directly on top of the invoice involed in addition to the integrated Warning System. Last but no least in addition to FTP Node transmissions (passive mode is supported) and the integrated WebService, we've also added a PHP classes 100% open source that can be used to manipulate the XML before Billing Extension sends it to the FTP Node and Revenue Agency. If you want to it also possible to re-route the file to a different location. In the PHP classes infact we included several methods for encoding, editing to upload file and many triggers. The file as I have already said is open source and documented line by line. Other notable changes: General improvements to core features Improved invoice suppression page (preview) The module is now compatible also with the old v4 admin template (preview) We've also published FAQs about Electronic Invoicing that will be useful for italian-based companies.
  8. There's no point in using the WebService for TIN validation. It provides just a formal validation that can be included and implemented locally. In fact such WebServices are not linked to any Tax Register. You just need to understand the formula to calculate and check TIN for every EU country. Personally I spent days to validate TIN for italian customers but it's doable. Intra-EU customers with VAT Number provided should be checked against VIES but it's more complicated. If you really want to comply to EU regulations, you can't simply implement checks against VIES or TIN. It would make no sense. First you should focus on things like legal status (sole proprietorship, corporation, organization, public administration, individual), the concept of intra/extra EU and own country, split payment and tens of other new trendy stuff like the damned 🤬 electronic invoicing. There's a lot of work involved and every year there's something that changes. The funny thing is that every single accountant has his own interpretations of the law... 😑
  9. Reminding people that widely used services like Analytics require you to put the cookie bar doesn't hurt anyone especially because of this: Forgot to inform your visitors about cookies? 36.000 € penalty Have you installed cookies without consent? 120.000 € penalty It's not that cheap.
  10. Google Analytics, Getclicky, maybe even Chatstack... Game over.
  11. Then EmailPreSend action hook is the way to go. Return abortsend = true depending on the selected payment method. Of course run it on only for the specific Email Templates you want to stop.
  12. You should detect duplicate invoice numbers as soon as they occur (doable) and fix numbers on the fly before sending any notification to customers. The first part is easy but dealing with the second one is one of the most frustrating thing of WHMCS. In fact a proforma can turn into an invoice in tens of ways. You need to use 3 hook points (invoice creation, invoice paid, invoice paid pre email) simultaneously avoiding making changes twice. It's a mess :(
  13. Kian

    Issues with Generating invoices

    What kind of problems? We can't help you if you don't share details.
  14. Kian

    Hook before generating an invoice

    Why don't you simply enable/disable the Tax Exempt status of the client in question? This way WHMCS will generate invoices accordingly with or without VAT.
  15. Kian

    SLOT price

    Lazy way. Add both options in the same select: 2 slots Private +1.6 € 4 slots Private +3.2 € 6 slots Private +4.8 € 2 slots Public +2 € 4 slots Public +8 € 6 slots Puclic +12 € Or make "Public" a checkbox (yes/no) that costs a fixed amount of money (eg. +5 €) instead of messing up with different prices for slots

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