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  1. I'll admit I don't use the Marketplace, but I'm fairly sure that's not connected to the funding needed within an Enom account to fund activities there. Marketplace funds, I'd assume, would fund purchases from that marketplace.
  2. I don't know about others on this community, but I'm not opening a zip file to see this. Any reason you can't post the code?
  3. If it involves the potential for them to sell something (like SSL certs), it's doubtful it will be removed or even made optional. They will tell us to open or vote in the feature requests graveyard section and that's that.
  4. This won't work for what you need? https://docs.whmcs.com/Ticket_Notifications
  5. Why this hasn't been made something easily configurable is a mystery, unless you count all the "we can make money off this" options they *do* add that takes up all the dev workers' time. A helpful "if this is a hosting product, show the lowest per month available first, with total and term, then monthly options" would be well appreciated. It is, after all, a billing application first. 😉
  6. He's using Cpanel. Even for cost cutting, I'd strongly suggest you not run your billing software on the same system as the hosting clients. Not only is that less secure, but if the VPS goes down, so does your support.
  7. Just commenting on the secondary greeting for Brian. I though that was amusing to do.
  8. bear

    tickets with email content

    There's a 4 year old (surprised?) request about this (well, about allowing for a "click to see original message" or something like that) that says it's under consideration. https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/add-an-option-to-see-the-original-mail-from-the-client-with-the-original-html-formatting-etc
  9. bear

    custom.css changes gone

    The only way to avoid it would be to never use the default template folder since WHMCS includes a blank custom.css in it by default. Make a new theme, with a new name, in a new folder, and copy all the files to that from the default theme you're using. Once that's done, tell WHMCS to use that theme on your site. The downside is you will need to manually edit that theme to be sure it's got the current code changes in the main theme after every update.
  10. bear

    hosting required before checkout?

    Maybe this will help:
  11. If "skip --SslSync" works, shouldn't it actually skip that and not be showing anywhere, or did you mean it's just showing none as valid because it's not actually checking?
  12. If they haven't by now (they haven't), it's extremely unlikely, I'd suggest.
  13. bear

    Deactivating 2CheckOut

    It's only active if you're using it or have enabled it. To disable (if it shows as active), you need to go here: /configgateways.php and look for "manage existing gateways". If it shows there, you choose "deactivate", which should prompt you to name a gateway to use in it's place. If it's not active and you simply want to remove it, you should be able to remove it from the modules/gateways by removing the tco folder and tco.php file. Same for any gateways not in use.
  14. The remaining 1%, they're older? 😇

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