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  1. Because that's not an array. Try: $criticaldept = array('5'); // id of emergency department
  2. His reply looks a lot like someone that's copied from some other thread to gain counted posts. Just guessing, but that's what it looks like.
  3. Another one you might look at if all you need is a simple and cheap one is https://www.domaincart.net/ Have not used it, and no idea if it's any good; simply saw him advertising on a community I'm on. Claims to be an ordering system (no provisioning) with recurring billing of some kind.
  4. You sure? "tbldomains" has domains, tblhosting has packages and so on. What makes you believe you can't export anything?
  5. So you want to buy from a "trusted reseller" using untraceable funding... Interesting.
  6. If it were me I'd first try uploading the default tpl and testing to see if it behaves properly. That would rule out a server issue being to blame if it works with the default tpl and logo.
  7. Can you view the logo in a browser from that address? Have you tried reuploading that image?
  8. Odds are low Brian! will respond. He's off on a beach somewhere (one can hope).
  9. It is? My download shows May of this year. EDIT: Hmm, looking at the WHMCS site, support ended late December of 2021. Weird.
  10. Helpful if you don't keep the fix to yourself?
  11. The game is and will remain that feature requests are ignored, often forever.
  12. You mean the encrypted passwords that we're not permitted to see or change? Those passwords?
  13. Assuming it's that Wordpress/WHMCS bridge plugin? https://wordpress.org/plugins/whmcs-bridge/
  14. Have you tried {$ticket_link} instead?
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