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  1. Choose one response: 1) It was a feature asked for by many users. 2) Open a feature request for us to ignore. 3) The new user/client system means it's hard to get right, so no.
  2. Got it. WHMCS changes have pissed everyone off, so therefore help/answers is what you can scrounge from older posts. Always enjoyed being punished for someone else's faults. 😉
  3. Very minimalist, that. Don't suppose more detail would be possible?
  4. Copy to text files and give them those?
  5. I've had a few ticket responses fail (I use piping import), and have yet to see that in this hook. Always shows empty. I have ticket responses going to a 2nd mailbox just so I know they've failed, and the most recent few show only "Ticket Import Failed" in the main log. No reasons given, just that brief message. I opened a thread asking if there was any more info to be found anywhere, but it got no responses. Disappointing.
  6. Why does it say to put the file into modules/hooks? That doesn't seem right (doesn't exist, for one).
  7. User opens a ticket, we're conversing in it. One of the more recent replies didn't get imported. The error message? "Ticket Import Failed". Helpful. Same email for the client, same email for the desk, ticket ID in the subject, no clue why it failed. Piping, version 8.1.3 of WHMCS. Any idea if this generated something more useful to help troubleshoot? My crystal ball is broken.
  8. Likely the result for many, not just you. May want to give them back the gearhead title too. 😉
  9. It was never offered, and in fact refused for every provider in the past, unless it was included with a hosting product. Until this recent revelation, I'd never once heard of a legitimate seller that didn't. Back door deals? I imagine it's not the only one.
  10. Honestly, WHMCS support should be the ones to help you, now that the rates for the software are what they are. They relied on members in this board to handle the things they either broke/removed/missed, and they've lost that support. They were told it was going to happen, and carried on as if it didn't matter. It did, and it does.
  11. Once the helpers that kept things running have all left (not just Brian!), that will probably be the fate.
  12. This is not a WHMCS security issue, as far as I can see. If the method you're using for signups isn't preventing this, that means it's probably a failure of ReCaptcha combined with allowing signups without a purchase. If you're using invisible recaptcha, change that to challenge/response and see if it helps. If that also fails to stop them, I'd suggest shutting off signups without a purchase, even if just for a while, if that's possible. I'd try the captcha first, and see if it does anything.
  13. OK, so the visitors are connecting to the normal signup pages, and you allow signups without purchase. Someone is connecting repeatedly over a VPN and setting up accounts and not being stopped by Recaptcha, so you feel WHMCS is hacked? Have I missed anything?
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