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  1. It's why we've been moving off, mainly. Revealing my pricing, confusing customers with those emails, and soliciting them with offers of competing products; all under the guise of "mandated ICANN reminders". So far they've been pretty good, but be aware of how they do things. When you transfer a name in they act as the "designated agent" and confirm email changes and transfers and so on. That means that there is no email to the owner asking if it's ok to transfer in, and if changes are made to the whois afterward, there is no confirmation sent to the registrant. They confirm internally, on your behalf. That's concerning. Another thing to note on transfers in, they will change the whois to the account holder (you). After it's transferred, you need to check the registrant on all domains moved, to make sure it's what it was beforehand. We've been recording current underlying whois before each transfer, and putting it back after.
  2. Have you reached out to WHMCS support directly or only asking in the community?
  3. Personally I can't believe something like that got enough attention it was implemented, but things many of us wanted went ignored. Did that have a lot of users saying it was wanted? I also find it absurd to remove it while it can be so easily bypassed. 😉
  4. Someone thinking of me? oh...
  5. I don't recall seeing an unencrypted version of it. Was there one?
  6. Does the email address root@ec1.quichosting.com exist? Seems that's the running cron sending messages about the cron's activity to that address.
  7. There are notable exceptions in the software I use, but some fail, sure.
  8. Ordered on December 24 of 2020 for one year. Next due on the same date in 2021, and expires (presumably) on the date of the domain's normal expiration. This is normal. Were you expecting it would change the dates to all match the day?
  9. That will only say if Gmail accepted it. It won't say if it hit the inbox, the spam box or whatever. As for embedded pixels? I block those. I'd assume, since that's a common spammer gimmick to validate email addresses, that others do as well.
  10. You will be able to see if it went out, but if it's to an external server such as Gmail, out the door means out of sight. 😉
  11. Has anyone seen badly written spam through a contact form? Yes. The way it's written it almost sounds like a threat, but it's just someone trying to sell AV software.
  12. We let our clients know we were changing registrars, since it involves them obtaining the EPP and approving the transfer (moving off Namecheap, who doesn't have a way to grab the EPP in WHMCS). We shut off autorenewal and have been moving them off as they are paid. We included a link to instructions along with an explanation of why in the upcoming notices as well as the first domain invoice generated. Aside from a few that didn't pay any attention, it's been running smoothly.
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