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  1. You're not alone, it seems. Some of mine are slow to appear also. Awesome. Really helping your image, WHMCS.
  2. Thanks, first I'm seeing those (having just been posted on Twitter, which I don't use). Looks like the trick is to coincide with the end of your yearly term, if leaving, or raise a big stink.
  3. Until just enough money is dangled or something catastrophic occurs in either his life or the software. Mark my words, he'll break at some point. Had you asked Matt in 2012 if he planned on selling, you'd have had the same reply. "No chance". Turns out there is one after all.
  4. I never imagined they'd go this far. My imagination tends to be limited by my own moral compass, so that limits the things I'd believe could be done here. VCs and corporations have no such limits. We'll see.
  5. Anyone responding to the "verification" is asked to provide license details, and a few more very identifying details. Doing so would be sent to the company, and will potentially target you for something awful. I'd suggest not doing so; I certainly wouldn't.
  6. The subscription allows access to all the titles they sell. That makes it valuable to me, at least. I've looked at Affinity, and it's got some great titles, at a really good price, but I'm still using Adobe because Dreamweaver is proving to have no real rival with other web editors. If Affinity came up with something to compete there, I'd certainly be interested.
  7. For the record, they haven't responded to me in a week now; the built in desk has no function to pipe/pop emails in and there's a lot that's configured *for* you that you can't seem to access. Oh, and an affiliate link to them was posted in this community Thursday...and is still there. 🙈
  8. And yet, that's an improvement. Rule #2: Be wary of those that volunteer readily...
  9. ^^ This. Lock them in, which makes migration harder, updates easier and income all but assured. Maybe not this year, but watch this space in 2022 or so.
  10. At the current rate, that may be a while. 😉 I'll keep watch. He once asked me to moderate something inappropriately on another community, and when I refused I was attacked, harshly. Later I had reported a post here, and got a snarky reply from him saying he didn't need my help moderating, so stop reporting...along with another snarky comment on my ability to moderate anything. Some day maybe I'll learn why he left, but I'm guessing attitude was involved. Even better I declined when I was asked then. No idea why I was even asked, but due to my having moderated here (volunteer, thank you) in the past, I was often accused of defending WHMCS because I was an employee. That's all I'd have needed was for a "free license" to be included.
  11. And eventually decide to launch it for money, and likely follow the same pattern as those before you. 😉
  12. All you will get are likely to be canned responses, written or at least reviewed by the VC legal department in order to prevent anything being said that's in any way usable against them. "Party line" comments like "bringing pricing in line" and "in order to provide ongoing" will be sprinkled throughout, if they respond at all. They're waiting for the anger to fade. Then back to business as usual.
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