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  1. This wouldn't be a paid script you're trying to remove the license key from, would it?
  2. Still on 8.1.3 here, and since it's clearly not something they're likely to fix/change if it still does this, we set up a filter that looks for ticket replies (only) and copies them to a mailbox. We check that mailbox frequently, and if we don't also see a ticket response we can add the contents and email recipient in. Pain in the rear, but at least nothing's going missing.
  3. Most of the code, but definitely the most relevant bits for modification of the script.
  4. Reminder: it was them that took this away without asking, and refuse to put it back.
  5. Should someone come across this, I have the likely explanation. As mentioned, we're in the process of moving domains from Namecheap to Namesilo as they come up for renewal. To do so, rather than the cancel existing invoice, create transfer in WHMCS and apply payment method it seems to want, we simply initiated the transfer outside of WHMCS, and once complete change the registrar within the admin interface. Seemed simple enough, with less confusing emails to clients, and was working fine. Only thing is, that method was not resetting the WHMCS method of tracking what notices were sent (tbldomains, reminders field). It was keeping the old reminder info, so not triggering new emails. Clearing those out seems to have fixed it. This means I either make sure to use the fairly convoluted and confusing (to clients) "kill invoice, add transfer invoice, pay and proceed" or I need to go fiddle in the database on every move. Neither appealing, but the "use WHMCS for transfers" seems the lesser of two evils.
  6. Mike Dance, a devoted Blesta fanboy, is behind that site, or at least was at some point. He sells it, moderates their community, actually works for them in some capacity (see his name on articles he's edited) and was behind several failed hosting companies and previous license selling sites (which also failed). I found the few times I looked at that bash site it was all about bashing WHMCS and elevating Blesta to the "end all be all", which it isn't.
  7. Saw that on Git, and asked at Namesilo. The scripts that they provide do all the provisioning stuff and sync, but none of the expiry notice emails. That's all handled (or in this case, not) by WHMCS. Despite that I've updated to the latest Namesilo files, no change (since they don't handle those emails). Yes, I get the email about sync from WHMCS (as well as the separate one from Namesilo, from a separate cron), and the WHMCS one used to say in the past "registrar module not compatible" for any Namesilo domain. Lately it says "In sync" for both registrars, though I'm fairly sure they aren't checking at Namesilo, as I can find no mention of that being added anywhere. I will mention this about paid addons; I don't trust them. Nearly all are encoded (and have intimate access to the installation), and so many have vanished over the years that it's a crapshoot that it will continue to work or potentially do something awful.
  8. Came to realize that expiry notices to users with domains at Namesilo are not sending. No errors, nothing to indicate failure other than WHMCS (8.1.3) not generating emails. Those still on Namecheap receive them. I opened a bug report, and WHMCS says it's not something they're seeing, changed it to "not a bug" and asked for access (again). I also noticed the regular domainsync now shows Namesilo domains as "In Sync", even though they're not actively polling Namesilo, AFAIK. Waiting to hear if they changed something there and how they're determining sync status. Since last summer we began moving names from Namecheap to Namesilo, so this is only now coming up and it's a major problem. For those of you with client domains using Namesilo, are they getting the domain expiry notices you have set?
  9. Not sure if they'd support custom code and hooks/themes. Most often the advice would be to disable both and see if it works without them, then put them back one by one until it breaks.
  10. You've earned the unique achievement of being added to my ignore list. Few are there with you, going back all the way to Usenet. Well done.
  11. It was YOU that fired all those warning shots at members here, not the other way around. If you troll, don't expect people to roll over. Now we can get back on topic. :agree:
  12. "certainly wouldn't judge those doing so" Truly, you are a master of restraint, and totally above denigrating others. It's a wonder we don't all self implode in your shadow.
  13. One of the rudest and most "troll like" responses I've seen in some time. I then wonder just how "valuable" your time is, and agree it would be better spent elsewhere.
  14. That was then, and it wasn't for a pat on the back, it was to see if I could also offer it. This was before the more recent screwings began, and before I lost all interest in selling it, much less continuing to pay for something I own (minus support, naturally).
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