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  1. Not in our experience. Though we've offered the free certs to those that ask, every single one opted for a paid certificate instead, even if just a cheap Comodo one. My customers aren't always the most technically savvy, but the notion of something free to secure them is apparently off putting. Your result will most likely vary.
  2. Not getting it. Joke? Dig?
  3. One of many reasons I don't enable the marketplace in mine. 😉
  4. bear

    Client groups

    Those of us that have been here a long while have noticed that the obscurity and difficulty of participating in that feature request section leaves people not bothering. If they do bother, most of the features aren't then implemented unless a lot more people participate. I do have a question, though; what do you feel is the difference between "traction" and "popularity" in this context? I mean, if a lot of users say they want it, that makes it "popular" and at the same time gives it "traction", I'd say. How do *you* define those?
  5. Not if you download it locally to call it from your own server. 😉
  6. There may be legal restrictions on that, but I have no experience using it. I know places like Wix state you can't ever take it with you, so I'd assume the folks at Weebly thought of this also.
  7. Still a bit vague on the Weebly site, but it *looks* like it terminates the whole thing, removing the account from Cpanel also. https://cloud-developer.weebly.com/cl_plugins_whmcs_customer.html
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if it's hard coded behind the encryption then. Quite a lot of things that probably doesn't need to be is, and that makes things just that much harder.
  9. Without trying it, I'd guess it's this bit within the announcements.tpl around line 22. {if $announcement.text|strip_tags|strlen < 350} <p>{$announcement.text}</p> {else} <p>{$announcement.summary} <a href="{routePath('announcement-view', $announcement.id, $announcement.urlfriendlytitle)}" class="label label-warning">{$LANG.readmore} &raquo;</a> </p> {/if} Change that "350" and if it's longer than that it should display the "...more" link. Again, it's not tested. 😉
  10. I haven't heard that term since my Usenet days. How nostalgic!
  11. I'd say that's a bit much, the 5 million lines, but I know a guy that's incredibly good with it, and was eventually hired by Yahoo to manage databases and the queries that ran them. He'd have to configure a change to a live system to fit what they wanted, and was given a downtime window of something like 10 seconds to restart and it *had* to work. He once looked at a script for me that was roughly a hundred lines, and read through it once and knew the fix I needed, which he got right immediately, and wrote it on the fly. They exist.
  12. bear

    Best domain reseller?

    Google gains data they can use to advertise and sell to others, so not in fact free. Facebook, same thing. As for CF and this domain deal, I spoke to someone recently about this, and they said it made them very uncomfortable how connected they were to other very unrelated things he does in CF, to the point where it feels as invasive and "all encompassing" as both of the above companies. Food for thought.
  13. bear

    Using WHMCS (admin area) on iPad

    That might explain why it's showing on the page, since it's PHP code and meant to be in a hook (as written).
  14. Am I the only one that finds this dropdown absurdly unusable in recent versions? Do you all feel that the dropdown listing a short amount of "sorted by ID" clients, regardless of status as something useful? Are you all instead using the left column search, which slows things down dramatically, instead?

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