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  1. If history is any judge, some time soon someone from WHMCS will pop in here to say to add it as a feature request in that system. I'm curious why this was never spotted or discussed in the BETA testing so they might keep it in place rather than removing such a useful thing. Oh, did that also suffer some changes no one asked for?
  2. I'll probably get in trouble for this, but this thread was closed after some apparently incorrect info was posted. "This can be refreshed on demand by clicking the Refresh icon on the widget" There isn't one in the version I'm using. It's 4 large info boxes, and that's all, same as the screen cap in that thread.
  3. I'm sure you were referring to those. :agree:
  4. A module (like the one you sell and seem to be referring to), is a third party CMS. Nice try. 😉
  5. That looks more like someone trying to gain counted posts to me. 😉
  6. I've personally never liked that branding free doesn't apply to the entire installation, but that's the addon you purchase, just to remove it from client side things. I'm sure it's prevented countless instances of company staff wondering what paid product is in use, and convinced hundreds of staff members striking out on their own to think first of WHMCS. That *is* the point of it, right? 😉
  7. Does that go just to the admin/support operator like that, or is the client also seeing it?
  8. Been looking for something also, and came across Anchor. Looks very promising. https://anchorcms.com/
  9. It isn't, though it should still keep up with renewal dates for billing. To sync expiry, you need to run the Namesilo script separately. WHMCS has shown no interest in having theirs also do NS expiration date sync, from what I've seen. Love to be wrong about that.
  10. The only way I'm aware of is to filter them in your mail server or program.
  11. I can attest to that, as it was offered to me at one point, and I'm not very good at creating things or supporting more than the basics with WHMCS (not always even getting that right). I would understand Brian! or Kian having it, but me? Lowers the bar a bit, that. 🙂
  12. Has it been determined what the cost will be once that ends?
  13. OK, weird. If I change from no URL rewrites in settings to "full friendly", it saves fine.
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