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  1. It's not a hijack if it's the same issue. Many "support" channels have something like "I have this problem too", so it's understandable. As for starting his own, I've seen threads ignored here (lack of interest, lack of user participation?), so he may have thought he stood a better chance adding his to a similar/same thread and not get yelled at by the "community police" that there were already threads about this...only to be yelled at for not starting one. Irony.
  2. Had an existing client create a new account for a new project, but intended to have it separated from his existing one (login, manage, all of it). He used a new email, but the same name (his), and it somehow created the new account with the new email, but added his user with the new email as a user on the OLD account. He's very confused, and so am I. This new user system is not at all simple to manage, and unless it was his error in the first place, it seems like WHMCS added him because of a simple name match. If I delete that user from the old account, the docs seem to indicate that will remove him entirely, including his legitimate 2nd account that uses that new email. Do I have that right? How does one remove that user from the old account then? Is it as simple as changing the email in the user profile on the old account where it doesn't belong to the old one ( making owner and user have the same email)?
  3. It's a hook someone posted here on this board. It allows us to see if anything was unexpectedly blocked. This is likely it:
  4. To each his own. Screencap below showing all but one blocked from Eric by phrases (the lone email block was manual).
  5. Until the email address they use changes. Then you need to block again. 😉 (and again)
  6. These have been working for us: "boostleadgeneration" / "Talk With Web Visitor" / "talkwithwebvisitor" Just those phrases, no "quotes", in three separate rules.
  7. That 2nd one has been harassing forums also, but seems to have stopped as fast as it started. The same users that did that are now spamming something new (site called datebest), so be ready for that. Unfortunately, our buddy Eric there uses a massive wide range of IPs, so that will take constant effort, and is not going to stop him, it will just cause a lot of spent time with little effect. Phrases catch them all once you set it up, with the only down side being if some legitimate client asks about the spammer's links. So far, none have here.
  8. We've successfully blocked him by using phrases instead of email or IP. Just look for the domains he includes, and block the name itself (just the name, not the ".com") and a few others he uses. They will always have a link with one of them. Be creative, and he can be stopped.
  9. Any chance of linking to it so the next person with the issue can find it also?
  10. We were informed, without any leeway, it was lease or nothing. We were within the (lower) version 8 branch, however, when ours expired, as we'd purchased in advance of the support cost increase just before the famous rug pull.
  11. Pretty sure supportpal still has an owned desk version that may work for you. It wasn't to my liking and the cost is around $250/year, but it fits your request.
  12. Though I'd normally suggest the license check for WHMCS is often wrong (have to check ours own weekly to be sure it still shows us as licensed), in this case there's no chance that's a valid seller of any of those. While you may get the product, it will be nulled or otherwise getting around legitimate licensing, as well as likely having some "extras" built in that you really don't want anywhere on your system and billing. They did, however, get a free link in your post. Someone will see the price and ignore the true cost...
  13. Since $result isn't defined in the code this was about, your code is likely not the same. Can you show your code?
  14. Found in the WHMCS instructions (via fast Google search): https://docs.whmcs.com/Client_Area_Navigation_Menus_Cheatsheet#Open_Links_In_A_New_Tab
  15. They removed admins ability to do password resets, for "security reasons". Personally I think something broke when they implemented the user/owner/contact scheme and aren't willing to tear it back apart to fix it. Other than editing in the database, I don't know of a method to change one any longer.
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