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  1. I know you're hopeful that will have some result, but like pretty much any other feature request, it will sit there and not happen. Thing to note about that request? "Amir Zano shared this idea 5 years ago", so no action in all that time. If it doesn't generate additional income for WHMCS, it's generally very, very back burner.
  2. Many would agree, myself included. Extremely helpful and knew a thing or two. 😉 Several here on par with him for the most part, but not always around, again, mostly due to the reprehensible licensing changes 'round here (I'm guessing).
  3. Brian! essentially retired from this board a while back. Though he did say he'd (very) occasionally drop in, it's unlikely a good plan to wait for him. Sorry.
  4. Edit the language file to change what it says. Look for the "lang" folder, find the language you want to edit, open in a text editor and search for that line (roughly line 1809).
  5. That isn't code to use within plugins, it's to be used in the .htaccess file specifically. https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/howto/htaccess.html
  6. Fun, right? In the document root of your entire site should be a file named .htaccess (if you don't see it, "dot" files may be hidden). In that, the following should block it: <FilesMatch "\.(tpl|bak)$"> #Order Allow,Deny #Deny from all Require all denied </FilesMatch>
  7. Unless you prevent that via .htaccess. 🙂
  8. Disabling this allows it to work: /templates/CloudSave/libraries/zumada/bridge.min.css
  9. There isn't much in what you provided to have anyone here help, so, have you asked support?
  10. Sonofagun. It's just the "test this connection" that fails. Each time I'd tried, I stopped short of making the department because it told me it wasn't connecting, and the server logs bore that out. Decided to follow through, make the department and set up the cron and it imports fine. Thanks for the replies, looks like this is a case of the WHMCS check doing something weird. So much wasted time...
  11. I understand what he'd meant there, but as it's connecting to 2 separate servers in testing, the chances of it being an email server issue are somewhat less (and besides, Gmail setup with 0AUTH is a royal pain if I have no intention of using Gmail with this). As for the server logs, I gave the result above in my initial post: "Server mail log shows: pop3-login: Disconnected: Aborted login by logging out (auth failed, 1 attempts in 2 secs)". Same result with TLS (port 995) and plain (110) on both servers. The same account that won't authenticate using WHMCS is fine using a mail program. Something WHMCS sends is causing it to crap out.
  12. I'm not interested in using Gmail, I need to try and figure out why this is failing with my own servers.
  13. My own servers (Dovecot). The setup asks for the email and password, which more than one server refuses to authenticate. The accounts work, so it's something to do with the WHMCS connection.
  14. Since day 1, I've never been able to get POP ticket import working in WHMCS (v 8.1.3). I've tried port 110 and 995 (both ok/reachable on the servers) with a mail account on the same server as well as a totally different one, a new POP mailbox as well as an older one and so on. No success. Mainly the same error: "The Mail Import test failed: last request failed: [AUTH] Authentication failed." Server mail log shows: "pop3-login: Disconnected: Aborted login by logging out (auth failed, 1 attempts in 2 secs)" Mail account can easily be checked using local mail program here, auth is just fine. Changed passwords on the mail account being tried so it had no special characters, as well as making it both long and short, respectively, and have the same result. I've been using piping, but had a need for one department to use POP import, so would like to get some fresh ideas, if anyone has any.
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