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  1. Interesting. Lia plays the part of the "interviewer", but I've seen a WHMCS Lia here on the community. Part way down she asks (but allegedly knows nothing about the release: "Q: VPN is something we haven't really seen before in WHMCS. What's the thinking behind launching this product and how will it work?" Lucky guess?
  2. The third one down implies a third party, and looking in 7.3's files, the path includes/classes doesn't exist. I'd suggest you compare the file list with a stock WHMCS version downloaded from the site and see if those files are there.
  3. From the WHMCS docs: https://docs.whmcs.com/Client_Area_Navigation_Menus_Cheatsheet#Changing_the_Text_Label_of_a_Menu_Item
  4. Indeed. It was through Google I found that one, more or less by accident... I should instead just look for your old posts. 😉
  5. Search doesn't always find the relevant thing, either due to my wording or what have you. I also edited to default to the annual being ordered when clicking in order to avoid confusion to the end user. Adding "&billingcycle=annually" in the button code accomplished that.
  6. Found the answer: Using the standard template, starting around line 80. It was also necessary to remove the lines that followed which called language files: $LANG.orderpaymenttermmonthly, since it was being handled by this edit.
  7. Is it still not possible to show an annual price of a hosting plan on the standard cart? Seems it's using $product.pricing.minprice.cycle and will default to the monthly price even if the per month cost for yearly is lower. Seems to be basing it solely on actual price of the plan, and not calculating anything. I saw a feature request (3 years old, still in progress) which I get the feeling won't be coming anytime soon. I'd like to see the yearly plan (even if it shows monthly breakdown) listed by default for plans that have yearly terms... Any chance of that?
  8. Unlikely you'd see anything in either one about email login issues. From a shell, try this: less /var/log/exim_mainlog | grep 'username' The username should be the email account login.
  9. Pretty sure the cron will use whatever the server default (on Cpanel servers) is set to. PHP 5.2 is pretty old now, and out of it's support period, so things may start to get "interesting" on that server if that's in use as the default.
  10. That's exactly the same result. It's generally called a "soft delete", which removes it from public view. I'd love to know what the problem was with it, but maybe I broke some hidden rule? It sure wasn't any public one...
  11. I was about to do so when I came across another change that has me far less interested in helping with "engagement". My inbox: Used 1100% messenger storage. My new limit is 2 messages. Not only that, but I've had a post removed in this thread without notice or need. It wasn't rude, disruptive, arguing, negative, advertising or anything normal moderation of a community should have flagged. You're the moderator, you figure it out how to "engage" people. I'd suggest severely limiting inboxes and removing posts without cause isn't the way, but hey, you're in charge.
  12. Have to agree there, on pretty much all points. Must admit suddenly being labeled a "Super Advisor" was a bit weird and frankly misleading. Not easy coming up with a lot of titles to hold/generate interest, but maybe this needs a bit more thought.
  13. I sure did. You, apparently, didn't read the link I gave. In that, it explains, in full, what you need to do. Try this link, which was easily found there: https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks/getting-started/
  14. Navbars are done with hooks. https://docs.whmcs.com/Editing_Client_Area_Menus
  15. Interesting. WHMCS gets us using hooks for everything having to do with menus in order to survive updating...except here. This means it won't survive updates unless steps are taken. Consistency would be helpful.

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