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  1. Namecheap does that. Every domain renewal reminder has links to pay *there* (which they can't, since it's in our account), and links below the reminder to hosting, SSL and more. Since the setup there is not an actual "reseller", they claim they're not doing anything wrong, and "ICANN makes us do that", under the guise of that 60/45/30 etc notification of expiry. They spam with every one.
  2. I vote we have mandatory SSL checks, 11 new "marketplace" offers that they get a few pennies each from, dancing info blocks in the admin area and per user pricing. Oh, wait...
  3. Though this is just a random thought, having an admin login log suddenly show it's been changed like that is concerning. I, for one, would be making quite sure it was the update when this started and not some other cause like unwanted access that attempted to hide his tracks...
  4. Have you tried removing the bit between the .php and $? The "." means a single character, and the empty space? What's the point of that entire part?
  5. Though I doubt it's causing the missing menu complaint, I'd assume you're on a version greater than 7.01? You're using "pluck" in the posted code, but it's been replaced. //'pluck' was renamed within WHMCS 7.0. Replace it with 'value' instead.
  6. Did you also create the template file and tell your page where to find it?
  7. Certainly explains it. Getting a string when expecting a numeric date would definitely do that. Of course, I had no idea there was a hook. 😉
  8. Then I'd reach out to WHMCS support and explain that "$announcement.timestamp" and "$timestamp" return different results, and ask how to troubleshoot the "$announcement.timestamp" value being called.
  9. That leads me to think it may be the info in the database, or possibly a stray file from an older version somewhere. Usually when it displays that it's related to data it can't understand, like a string instead of a date. It tries to format it as a date, and gives the default when it can't decipher the input. As an experiment, I'd try changing the call on the one that looks *right* (save the line for putting back) to the one that gives the 1969 date and see if it does it on that page also. This may be a good one to ask support about.
  10. Mine works with no change (except I did move the date format around so they match), but I'd wonder why they give different results. You could give it a go, but I don't know if that will adversely affect anything. Worth a look, but save the old line to put it back should things go pear shaped.
  11. Looking more closely, these are generated by two different templates, using slightly different methods. announcements.tpl uses: {$carbon->createFromTimestamp($announcement.timestamp)->format('M jS Y')} Where the full article view (viewannouncement.tpl) uses: {$carbon->createFromTimestamp($timestamp)->format('l, F j, Y')}
  12. I'm running an older install here, and it's not using $carbon so I can't check the template. In mine, it shows as expected everywhere, though in the excerpt it's using date/month/year rather then the full day/month/date/year in the full article. [edit] Not sure why, but my text editor wasn't finding $carbon. It's there in the announcements.tpl template.
  13. Agree with Brian. That's defaulting to the epoch time in your time zone, meaning it's not getting a proper date from it and it's guessing.
  14. How disappointingly predictable (unlike widget locations).
  15. I'm not on the latest version; do they still jump around when you roll one up/down or remove? Any option at all to pin in place yet?
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