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  1. Never miss a chance to promote, even where it's not allowed. 😉
  2. Had a feeling. I've never had one expire on me until this week, where it happened on 2 installs a day or so apart. One canceled the invoice and marked the name expired, the other kept it and canceled the domain. Hooray? Another compelling reason to continue the migration away, I suppose.
  3. WHMCS 8.1.3, had a domain expire last night, and this morning see the status is "canceled" within WHMCS. Nothing specific in the automation log about it, the client has never logged in, and the domain had never been set to that status prior to today/last night. The invoice still exists, so I'm baffled as to what could have marked this as canceled. "Domain Grace and Redemption Fees" set to on, 30 days and no cost in either one. Any thoughts?
  4. That bit of info might have been useful earlier. 😉
  5. To be marked as active they need an active service, no? I'd check but it's been a while since I got any fraud orders.
  6. Yes, likely ones marked fraud. I suppose it can't be helped, but creating the account *then* checking the order validity is not great.
  7. Only if there's a referral/affiliate program they can connect to and profit from.
  8. In the right hands, nothing at all wrong with Dreamweaver. That's "elitist" nonsense from those that say "I code only with Notepad" or something like that. Sure it's not the best overall, but not worth disparaging someone's choice to use it.
  9. It's not likely being considered. The new tiered owner/user system made it too difficult to formulate a way to keep it, so they removed it under the guise of "security". They alone feel the ability of being able to change a password for an account by a logged in admin is unsafe. 😉
  10. Brian doesn't come around much these days. You need to check the settings in WHMCS that determines what tickets to show as "active" (Ticket Statuses).
  11. https://blog.whmcs.com/133709/seasons-greetings-from-whmcs "By John / December 20th, 2021" Good to know. And about 2021-2022? 😛
  12. Can't blame you for leaving, but perhaps you should ask about removing that gearhead title/position? Why let them continue to show you as an "expert on call" as they make it out to be?
  13. Brian! retired, basically. Though he pops in once in a while, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting. 😉
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