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  1. If there's a new version, with up to date code, can't you simply use that?
  2. Modules Garden experiences?

    You did not, actually. See below. "Ok, no problem, stuff happens, report it to the devs, right? So, we did that."
  3. Tried quoting your post, and this community software is just awful and wouldn't let me quote and respond outside of your quoted text. Namesilo is a registrar that gives free whois protection. As for the ownership, in the eyes of the registrar and the law, it's the registrant that owns it. If your name is on it, you own it. It doesn't matter if you have a paper that says they do, since in any dispute that won't matter.
  4. You seem to be asking to make yourself the whois registrant contact for all domains purchased through you? That makes you the owner, and not them, legally speaking, and will cause all sorts of problems. In my opinion, that's not only not legal, but incredibly inadvisable. Explain it to the person buying domains from you that domain whois details are readily and easily harvested at the registrar level, and beyond your control. Explain further that the fix is to order whois protection at the time of registering. Make it a sales pitch for the paid protection, find a registrar that includes it for free; but at the least, have that explained in your FAQs. Don't just put your info on them, please, no matter your motivation.
  5. Modules Garden experiences?

    You say you were working with a provider and contacted MG on their behalf, looks like. How is it you don't recall the specifics? You say you're not sure if it was work, or a module, and then say the "module was broken". Seems to me if you're going to bash them here (deserved or not), you should have those details at the ready, or leave readers with the appearance it actually is competitor related, despite the disclaimer.
  6. Is there a leading "<" on that, and is it at the top of the page? It needs to appear before any of the page code.
  7. Yes. Seems to be announcing a new version, but can't connect to the mothership for some reason. I assume that will clear itself at some point. Mine began today.
  8. iDNS letters *

    Nothing at all. They are relentless, and just another iteration of "Domain Registry of America" and others like them. They send these 6 months in advance of expiry to avoid crossing notices with legitimate renewals. Customer education is the key. Make sure they know you don't send any renewals via postal mail, and add an article to your KB about it as well. Link to that article in the emails that get sent on domain registration and renewal reminders. We get clients frequently checking with us about things like this, so they know to be cautious.
  9. The workaround is to manually update. That was given to you early on. The rest is advice about moving to a more secure option, if possible. As for someone moving to a new billing system due to this? It will be exactly the same recommendation to isolate your business from shared hosting accounts, since the potential for disaster is there for *all* of them. It's just the inability to use fopen to use autoupdates that's not working. Manual is the only way if you need or want to stay on shared hosting.
  10. Near as I can tell, single quotes should be used around things in this; so not "Sales". but 'Sales'. Also be careful about using any quotes within the statement, since that may be seen as special characters and end a statement early. You have several in there, like "you'd" and the URL to pay having double quotes. That's what I'd look at first.
  11. Honestly, WHMCS should never be installed on a shared server along with any shared hosting clients (even when not your own). It's simply asking to be compromised, since you don't control the other accounts on the server. Mysql attacks, cross site attacks and more are far more likely on a shared server than a VPS or greater since they can generally be better isolated. Yes it's more expensive, but generally speaking a far less risky setup. Just my opinion.
  12. Admin home widget, file contents

    Got this completed, and it's working flawlessly. Crons set to poll the Namecheap API periodically for each item instead of each home page load, and it displays the files in the admin home page widget as planned. Onward.
  13. Admin home widget, file contents

    That was it, Brian. Thanks! Using "content" it popped right in. Some days I just can't wrap my head around stuff. Onward to grabbing the actual content now!
  14. Admin home widget, file contents

    No joy there. Files are where they're supposed to be, called as mentioned, no content. <?php function widget_namecheap_includetest($vars) { global $_ADMINLANG; $title = "Namecheap Include Test"; $output = ''; $output .= 'Account Balance: '.file_get_contents("/home/xxx/namecheap/file1.txt").'<br>'; $output .= 'Total Domains: '.file_get_contents("/home/xxx/namecheap/file2.txt").'<br>'; $output .= 'Expired name(s): '.file_get_contents("/home/xxx/namecheap/file3.txt").'<br>'; $output .= 'Expiring name(s): '.file_get_contents("/home/xxx/namecheap/file4.txt"); return array('title'=>$title,'output'=>$output); } add_hook("AdminHomeWidgets",1,"widget_namecheap_includetest"); ?> Clearly I'm doing something wrong.

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