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  1. bear

    Due and overdue invoices widget

    Is there a way to show overdue invoices in a different color in this module? I know how to do date comparisons, but inserting an if/else in this module isn't working. Maybe it needs to be done in the query by grabbing the status or something?
  2. bear

    Domain transfer away

    Does your registrar support that function? https://docs.whmcs.com/Domain_Registrars
  3. bear

    Domain transfer away

    Pretty sure that refers to the registrar associated with it in your billing system. You would need to manually change that to none, and since it's no longer registered with you, change the status also.
  4. Anyone noticed the date format on the email is UK (dd/mm/yyyy), even if the system is set to use US (mm/dd/yyyy)?
  5. Earlier versions, yes. Nothing past 5.2.8 on that site, not the last version in that branch (I believe), which was 5.3.17 (or so). If there were public exploits beyond that, I've not seen them. 😉 Doesn't mean there aren't any, naturally, but then again, there is just as much possibility of unpublished ones for more recent versions, even the latest (given it's complexity, and how hooks are being written by amateurs like myself). Clearly the OP needs to move on and bite the bullet at some point, but alarmist claims aren't needed, I'd suggest. CVE-2016-10033 is about PHPmailer, not WHMCS. 😉
  6. I'm unaware of any exploits in the wild for v5 that would justify the "small / unknown and crazy" or "being lucky" comments. The push to v7 is more to "stay modern" and up to date, but I can't recall seeing exploits being done against them or releases to address "bad things" while was still actively supported. Have links?
  7. Kind of a small issue, but my installation is set up to be using US date format: mm/dd/yyyy. The domain sync email arrives using the UK date format: dd/mm/yyyy. Any way to make that honor the system settings?
  8. I'd mentioned that. :) It should be a case of letting us know it exists, and we decide to install it. It should not be a built in thing, as it's unrelated to the billing system we'd paid for; it's an addon that you can choose to sell from and WHMCS gets a cut.
  9. Goes without saying that things like the marketplace should be completely opt in, and only installed on demand; not there by default and disable if you don't want (but still on the installation and kept updated and installed). Anyone remember Cpanel and that Attracta fiasco? Feels a lot like that, apart from the auto-enabled thing on CP.
  10. Filter it before WHMCS sees it? It is, after all, arriving as email. 😉
  11. bear

    Adding / editing cPanel servers: FAILED ARRAY

    I'm not sure that will help keep things working right, actually. I've had a few things that wouldn't work on my dev install (using auto updating), that worked as expected on a live (manual updating) installation recently. Although that *might* be something I had in that dev installation that's not in the live one, it makes me sufficiently nervous to stick with manual updates, painful as that may be. WHMCS can be kind of twitchy these days, and the smallest thing turns into an unrecoverable failure (small issues prevent loading, etc) of the system until it's found.
  12. The dates on those two files are both July 31. Before I replace the original download files, is that right? Build Date: 27 Aug 2018 < full download that isn't working Build Date: 27 Jul 2018 < hot fix just downloaded
  13. It would also appear the domain cron email is hard coded to use UK date format. That should be using the system setting, no?
  14. Hmm, I edited that code block to show the proper entry, and it's missing. Included below. Also, the automation status page still shows expiration status updated as 0. Maybe that's just looking at ones it's changed the date on? 0 */2 * * * php -q /path/to/cron.php do --DomainExpirySync --DomainTransferSync
  15. Hmm, something amiss. Using the call provided, and instead of every 4 hours (I'd changed that to 2), it's running once per minute. Check what yours is doing, I'd suggest. Oh, of course. First entry is "every minute". You need to put a time in that. * */2 * * * php -q /path/to/cron.php do --DomainExpirySync --DomainTransferSync

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