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  1. DennisHermannsen

    custom.css changes gone

    The 'six' template will always get overwritten. That's the default template. It's not a bug. Just create a copy of the six template.
  2. DennisHermannsen

    if product id in cart

    Could you paste your entire viewcart.tpl? I've just inserted this: {foreach $products as $num => $product} {if in_array($product.pid, array(1,2))}it's in there!!{/if} {/foreach} And I get the exact same as @brian!
  3. DennisHermannsen

    if product id in cart

    What does your activity log say? Normally, and error would be output in the logs.
  4. DennisHermannsen

    if product id in cart

    @mihai666g I think you misunderstood @brian!. Your code was wrong. By wrapping all of your numbers in one single quote, it's treated as one number - either wrap each number in their own single quote (array('23','32','45')) or don't do it at all (array(23,32,45)). Did you try using the code he pasted? It's not the same as the code you posted.
  5. Yeah, well. Then no-one wants to offer a price first.
  6. Wouldn't the easiest solution to just make you entire signature something like this? Hello [FIRSTNAME], Kind regards Name Surname All your base are belong to us LLC. That should work just fine 😄
  7. They don't want to give an estimat publicly. Another company will come and make a lower estimate, a third will make an even lower estimate.
  8. DennisHermannsen

    WHMCS issue after upgrading

    Doesn't it say anything in your website's error_log?
  9. DennisHermannsen

    Avoid eNom - seriously

    Hi, We made the same decision, although we wanted to move from Ascio to Hexonet. I built a script that runs on the PreRegistrarRenewDomain hook for domains where 'registrar' was equal to 'ascio'. The script aborts the renew, gets the EPP code through Ascios API and initiate a transfers through Hexonets API. If successful, it changes the registrar in WHMCS. To make sure everything goes correctly, admins will receive an email about whether initiating the transfer failed or succeeded. Some domains aren't renewed during transfer - if this is the case, the email message will tell about it. If a domain has a registration period of more than 1 year, it's also stated in the email. These last two scenarios require manual intervention. It took about a week to get sorted, but holy hell has it saved us a lot of time. Since November, we've moved around 800 domains. You could do it the same way 🙂 For most domains, the transfer will be ACK'ed after 5 days if no action is taken by the registrant. To avoid that our customers did this, I used the SendEmail API in the hook to tell the customer what was going on. So far, we haven't had a customer deny the transfer - but it could very well happen, and there's nothing more we can do about it. Also, just changing registrar and initiating a transfer isn't the best option as transfers costs the same price as renewal for a lot of TLDs 😛 And after typing this, I read your last comment and realized you already knew this. 😄
  10. DennisHermannsen

    I have see this on lot of versions and never worked!

    You are indeed correct. This doesn't work.
  11. DennisHermannsen

    Spammer is using my WHMCS

    Is it through support tickets? If that's the case, enable CAPTCHA: https://docs.whmcs.com/Google_reCAPTCHA
  12. DennisHermannsen

    RequestDelete after domain status change

    You would have to use RequestDelete through API or EPP. There's no function that manages domain status. It is all handled by the WHMCS Cron Job. When a domain is past the expiry date in WHMCS, the domain is set to 'expired' when the cron job runs. Previously, it was done by a seperate cron job: https://docs.whmcs.com/Crons#Domain_Sync_Cron You'd need to get domains the list of domain to delete through MySQL. You could make a query that searches for domains with an expiry date older than yesterday. When you have the list, you'd need to get the rest of your code done.
  13. DennisHermannsen

    RequestDelete after domain status change

    What you want needs to be custom coded. You'd have to create a hook that runs on DailyCronJob. There's no way for us to know how to do it based on what info we have here. It would require access to your WHMCS installation to start working on.
  14. Never tell the user about the login.
  15. You mean go to the next page, right? It should redirect to another page on submission.

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