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  1. I feel that this is a hacky way of doing it but I couldn't think of any other way to do it in WHMCS. https://pastebin.com/B9prAf6L
  2. Under "General" tab: - Email Address (The default sender address used for emails sent by WHMCS) Under "Mail" tab: - System Emails From Email What is the difference between these two? I'm having a hard time understanding what type of emails gets send using the address defined in the "General" tab and the address defined in the "Mail" tab.
  3. That seems highly unlikely. All of my messages to them have been answered within hours, mostly within minutes 😄
  4. @kako the theme shouldn't have any PHP files. The theme consists of .tpl files (and styling and scripts, ofc). If you only have PHP files, it's not a theme for WHMCS.
  5. Utilities > Email Marketer.
  6. There seems to be an EasyPay module for WHMCS already:https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4968-easypay-easypaisa-payment-gateway
  7. @WHMCS John Funny enough, that's one of the domains we had no issue with. None of our admin areas (or the API) is accessed from anything but the domain it's used for. Besides that: Would anyone be able to lock us out (in case the license servers are down) as long as they have a domain name that points to our websites' IPs?
  8. @WHMCS John I've got news for you. It wasn't a move or a reissue that caused the issue. We did nothing. I was on a Discord server with a lot of WHMCS users (a few hundred) and a lot of them had the exact same issue as we did. The way the call home is performed is NOT a viable solution. Our WHMCS installations were down for more than an hour because what? Did we mess something up? No. It was WHMCS' license check that was coded by someone who had their head up where the sun doesn't shine. That license check has to be rewritten immediately. Why is whmcs staff trying to make this less of an issue than it really is? Supporters saying it's something configured incorrect locally, and you stating on only happened for a small group of people who all just happened to reissue their licenses at the same time. Please, don't let this be one of the topics where you just leave after making your initial reply.
  9. Make sure that you're not on licenseerror.php - try navigating away from it.
  10. *sigh*... We're running multiple (5) WHMCS installations from the exact same environment. Same PHP version, same PHP settings, everything is the same (except for the document root). 3 out of the 5 installations were hit with this problem while the rest was not. The WHMCS employee who responding to your ticket is an idiot.
  11. I've been keeping an out out for Wisecp. That looks great!
  12. @wsa it seems like they fixed their license servers now 🙂
  13. It's because your WHMCS installation hasn't performed a license check - when it does, everything will start timing out. Don't try to force it 😄
  14. Don't worry. We're probably compensated with a price increase in 2022 😬
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