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  1. Did you update your version of WHMCS? What version are you running of WHMCS and ionCube?
  2. Are you sure that both transaction was actually a fully charge? Sometimes, the amount will get reserved and put under "Uncaptured" in Stripe.
  3. Tick "Admin Only" to prevent custom fields from showing up in the client area. To only show a specific custom field in case the client has a specific product, you would need to use the ClientAreaPageProfile hook, query the database to get the needed info and then return that as a variable that can be used in the template file.
  4. Correct. WHMCS will attempt to capture the payment on the due date. If that fails (or if the cron for some reason doesn't run on that date), WHMCS will attempt to capture again after a week. This will continue for however many weeks you have configured in WHMCS under "Automation Settings".
  5. It's empty if they haven't selected a language. They're using the default language.
  6. Try changing that specific line that I sent to match the jupiter theme.
  7. @steven99 the keyword in your post is "nearly". I can't count how many times I've tried to use an Eloquent function in WHMCS that for some reason wasn't implemented 😅
  8. Hi. For convenience, I wanted to create a custom model for my module. I didn't like having to call Capsule every time I needed information that the module stored in the database. I want to share the code here in case other people didn't know how to do it but also to gather some feedback on this way of doing it. <?php namespace WHMCS\Module\Addon\MyModule; use WHMCS\Model\AbstractModel; /** * Convenience model for custom modules */ class MyModel extends AbstractModel { // Set the table that should be used for searching protected $table = 'mod_mymodule'; // We almost always have access to the service ID. Has to represent a column in the mod_mymodule table protected $primaryKey = 'serviceid'; } When using the model, we're able to do MyModule::find() or create a new instance using 'new MyModule()'.
  9. I feel a bit weird about sharing this on the WHMCS community but also couldn't find anything in the rules that said it wasn't allowed. The most popular one is BoxBilling: https://www.boxbilling.org FOSSBilling is another one that seems interesting: https://fossbilling.org/ If I had to choose, I would probably go with FOSSBilling.
  10. Well, WHMCS doesn't decide exchange rates, and being able to manage 250 active clients for $18.95 per month isn't (in general) a whole lot. If you have 40 client's, that's about $0.47 per client and only 0.08 if you have 250 clients. It's not WHMCS' fault that you don't have more active clients. I don't completely agree with WHMCS' way of pricing their licenses but if I started a business, $19 a month to manage my clients wouldn't be a lot. I understand that the amount can seem like a lot depending on where you're from but it would be difficult for WHMCS to consider this. If the price of a WHMCS license only cost $10 for customers in Brazil, a lot of people would fake their information in order to get a cheaper license. There's multiple open source alternatives to WHMCS that can be used - I would use one of those instead of spreadsheets.
  11. How the heck did you assume that WHMCS would store your data in a remote database that you do not have access to? The company WHMCS doesn't store any of your data, except for the info you entered when you ordered the license.
  12. I think you're using WHMCS very wrong if you don't think WHMCS offers anything that couldn't be done with a spreadsheet and a calendar. It's not fishy because it's not true. The data doesn't magically just appear in WHMCS - it's pulled from the database. You can export the data easily from phpMyAdmin. WHMCS even has a lot of different exports that you can create directly from the system. If you don't like the exports, you can even create your own using the API, models or database queries.
  13. It's stored in the session. The key is 'Language'. If the key doesn't exists, the visitor is using the default langauge.
  14. $theme = 'paper_lantern'; // Must match current selected cPanel theme ('paper_lantern' in the majority of cases, 'x3' is possible as well) Tried updating that?
  15. You would actually be able to use the Email Campaign (not Email Marketer) feature. You're able to set a specific server (or select all servers). The email marketer sends out emails in batches when the WHMCS cron runs. Only issue is that it only sends 25 emails per time the cron job runs (or per minute, the documentation is a bit vague on that point).
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