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  1. DennisHermannsen

    Invalid positive integer

    By the end of the year, @WHMCS John? ... That can't be right. We offer a few free products through WHMCS, and are almost daily dealing with tickets from existing customers that can't order these products. This is quite a big problem for us, and I'm guessing we're not the only ones.
  2. DennisHermannsen

    Changing templates colors

    Also, remember that overwriting existing CSS can be a pain in the ass. If any change is not visible, add more selectors. Or just use !important as suggested above.
  3. DennisHermannsen

    Invalid positive integer

    I highly doubt it will happen within the next week. The issue was reported almost a month ago, multiple people have said it happens to them and WHMCS has confirmed it's a bug... But nothing has happened. I think WHMCS may see this as a non-critical issue, but it really is causing a lot of issues. A lot of the orders that go through our shop are zero-value, and we've had a lot of clients that were worried about something being wrong since they got an error when trying to complete the error.
  4. DennisHermannsen

    Use value for variable in hook

    Alright, thanks! I'm guessing that GiveMeEverythingINeedToSendAnEmail isn't actually a valid function? 😄
  5. DennisHermannsen

    Use value for variable in hook

    Is there any documentation for that anywhere? 🙂
  6. DennisHermannsen

    Use value for variable in hook

    Wait, is there any way to actually decrypt the SMTP password from the WHMCS settings? AFAIK, it can only be done using the cc encryption hash, and I haven't had any luck retrieving that? 😛 Also, I have a few if/else conditions in the email template, so the best solution would be to be able to parse the actual template the way WHMCS does.
  7. DennisHermannsen

    Use value for variable in hook

    The main reason I was using the SendEmail API was that I could use it to send emails that was built as email templates. I've already configured the module to send emails using SwiftMailer with the AntiFlood plugin (which allows configuring how many emails to send at a time). I can't really think of a way to send these emails (including variables) without SendEmail. Any ideas, @Kian or @brian!?
  8. DennisHermannsen

    Credit Card Charging Settings - potential disaster

    Well... If you insist on making it easy 🙄😂
  9. DennisHermannsen

    Credit Card Charging Settings - potential disaster

    Well, you have the option to create the invoice manually right after creating the billable item. Are you dealing with automated billable items? In that case, you could just use the GenInvoices API: https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/geninvoices/ Create a file called gen-invoices.php and place it in the crons folder. <?php $command = 'GenInvoices'; $postData = array( ); localAPI($command, $postData); Create a cron job that visits that php file every 5 minutes, and that should be it 😄
  10. DennisHermannsen

    Credit Card Charging Settings - potential disaster

    I don't understand what you're trying to achieve by running the cron job every 5 minutes. Care to elaborate?
  11. DennisHermannsen

    Use value for variable in hook

    @Kian wouldn't that still cause an issue with timeouts? I'm looking for a way to send these in batches in the background - kind of like how the Mass Email works.
  12. DennisHermannsen

    Use value for variable in hook

    I actually just came across it on the forums before I started making the hook yesterday and thought it was a good idea. I had never thought about showing open network issues on the client area! It also reminded me that I months ago thought about creating a hook that would allow users to receive email notifications about network issues 😄 Definately not - the module is mostly just a hook 🙂 I just wanted to mess with building a module for fun, and this was good practice for a newbie 😛 I'm still thinking about making the module publicly available. That's also exactly how my module works (and I'm a bit surprised to say it works lol). The only issue is that there's no way to use WHMCS 'Mass Email' feature, and sending 2000 emails through the SendEmail API will most likely cause a timeout 😕 I'm still confused as to why module hooks can't use module variables. It seems like such a logical thing 😄
  13. DennisHermannsen

    Use value for variable in hook

    So getting it through a database query is the only way?
  14. DennisHermannsen

    Use value for variable in hook

    Hi. I'm currently building a module that allows customers to receive an email notification once a Network Issue is opened/edited and that issue affects one or more of their products. Currently, my config looks like this: function networkissuenotification_config() { return [ // Display name for your module 'name' => 'Network Issue Notification', // Description displayed within the admin interface 'description' => 'This module sends an email to the client if a network issue has been created or edited.', // Module author name 'author' => 'Dennis Hermannsen', // Default language 'language' => 'english', // Version number 'version' => '1.0', 'fields' => [ // a text field type allows for single line text input 'Email Template Name' => [ 'FriendlyName' => 'Email Template Name', 'Type' => 'text', 'Size' => '25', 'Default' => 'Network Issue Email', 'Description' => 'This field defines which email the client should receive.', ], ] ]; } How would I use the 'Email Template Name' variable in hooks.php? I can use $vars['Email Template Name'] in the admin output, but $vars is completely empty when used in hooks.php.
  15. DennisHermannsen

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    It's still my opinion. I also think it's stupid to provide hosting for $15 per year. Only as a solution to people who keep whining about the increase in price and keep screaming about how it will make their businesses go bankrupt. Improvise, adapt, overcome. One major concern is downtime. If you have 1000 clients on a server, you're gonna have ~1000 impacted clients if something goes wrong or you need to take the server offline for some reason. That's why I don't like having so many clients on one server, but I understand why smaller companies do it; to reduce costs. I'd be shocked if cPanel as a company actually cared about any of this. They're going to make more money than they did before. You only really hear the opinion of the people who feel hurt. The customers that are accepting the change mostly won't get involved in these discussions. A lot of companies has other things to do than to waste their time complaining in discussions like this; they know it won't change anything. A lot of the people who said they would be leaving cPanel have changed their minds. End-customers want cPanel. Companies know this. Last year in February, a known Danish web host was aquired by another, bigger company and all activities had to be moved to the new company who didn't offer cPanel. We got so many requests that month from people asking if we offered cPanel, and our income that month was increased by a whopping 50% (of course this doesn't say much if our income was only $10 - but it wasn't 😉). That bigger company keeps buying other companies (and has also reached out to us to see if we're willing to sell), and we keep getting requests like "Hi! X is aquired by Y and I'll no longer have access to cPanel. Do you offer cPanel?". cPanel is a major factor for many people when choosing their web host. We know it. You know it. Most web hosts know it. And most importantly, cPanel knows it. Had cPanel not been such a sought after product, they would never had had the balls to pull off such a dramatic price increase... But they do have the balls because they know that people want their product.

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