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  1. But that is not the version which is offered through WHMCS. The version offered through WHMCS is a hosted cloud service like g suite.
  2. sorry not sure what you mean by "the machine has to be licenced". What machine are you referring to?
  3. it tells you on the website what is included. https://www.open-xchange.com/products/ox-app-suite/
  4. I think people do not realise that DKIM needs to be setup in every place that sends email form your domain, not just gmail. I have forgotten to set it up in cpanel myself.
  5. if your deliverability is bad on g suite, then you need to make sure you have your spf and dkim setup properly, as that is the usual cause. Also make sure you are not on any blacklists, free gmail is not the same since it is not using your domain, so google themselves are constantly monitoring blacklists for their own domain and banning any acocunts that spam. You must have some other issue affect the google drive backup and sync as that is not normal. I don't use it myself, I use Netdrive, which allows me to map multiple acocunts and services as network drives.
  6. Hi, thanks for the reply. Do you mean that the OX suite app downloads all email to the phone instead of using IMAP ?
  7. I can confirm my plan worked. I used outlook.com rather than gmail I set the outlook account to download mail from my cpanel mailbox I then set whmcs to download the mail from outlook.com I set outlook.com pop3 settings NOT to allow the client to delete email, so it stores a copy of all downloaded emails under deleted/pop I now have access to raw emails and everything is working as normal in whmcs. Aliased emails are also piping to the correct dept 🙂
  8. ok I think I have thought of one solution for the incoming email, without having to pay for g suite. Since I know that gmail keeps a copy of all deleted email. setup a free gmail account. set that gmail account to download the emails from the domain mailbox. set whmcs to download the emails from gmail the gmail acocunt will retain a copy of those emails in the deleted folder.
  9. As we all know, when WHMCS imports emails, it strips quite a bit of content from them, which often leaves important information missing from tickets, including links. The way I have always got round this is to just login to gmail (g suite) and find the original email in the DELETED folder. However I have 2 more WHMS installations which do not use g suite/gmail, they use the hosting providers email. And it turns out that emails being moved to the deleted folder is not a standard feature of pop3, and as such my hosting providers mail server does not do it. So I have no way to access the original emails. Is there any other solution to this?
  10. I know, this is LITERALLY what I have said above.
  11. This could be a whole new discussion on the point of why WHMCS do the things they do 🙂 I voted on that request 2 years ago... This looks like exactly what I want thanks.... I did look for solutions but never found this. They would probably do well to put the words "auto release alternative" somwehere to make it easier to find 🙂
  12. I need some additional functionality for the auto release module. When using the auto release module on any product or addon, it just creates a ticket with a completely useless message about a service ID. I want the ability to specify the exact text that gets added to the ticket, which will state what it is for and why it has been created. Or alternately, create a new category for email templates called "auto release message " allow me to choose messages from this category in the auto release module. This should also allow me to insert the shortcodes for the client fields and product/addons fields
  13. I am in the process of importing all my customers from another billing system, so I am therefore adding them manually via the admin. I have created a custom welcome email to send them, however when it sends, it is just putting ****** instead of the {$client_password}, which is obviously no good. I recall it has always been this way, but Its been quite a few years since I have done this, so I cannot remember what the solution is. 2 questions. 1) If I do not enter a password when creating a new user, does it generate one automatically or does it leave it blank? Since it is not visible anywhere, I cannot tell. 2) how do I get the password to show in the welcome email.
  14. snake


    mystery solved.... it was cloudflare causing the problem 🙂 All my CSS is working perfectly now.
  15. snake


    have just checked in MS EDGE and get different results again. with single slash I get this, which is different yet again /* ***************************************************** ** Custom Stylesheet ** Any custom styling you want to apply should be defined here. ***************************************************** */ #nav.navbar-main{ background-color: #242424; } .top-nav>li.primary-action>a.btn { background-color: #BD282A!important; } a { color: #BD282A; } #home-banner{background-color: #242424;} with double slash I get the same as chrome
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