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  1. end users are never going to be looking at the WHMCS knowledgebase, or even know what WHMCS is.
  2. SOLVED have to post the request as form fields not headers,
  3. OK, I found some alternatives . currently trying out https://www.integromat.com/ which allows you integrate with anything that has an http API However I cannot get it to recognise my API credentials. I am using the HTTP request module and have added the headers "username, password, action" I have setup API creds and used them here as per the API docs I have allowed the IP address of the server for API requests. But it says authentication failed every time. Anyone (i.e. Brian) know what I am doing wrong here https://nimb.ws/U0JLDV
  4. I want to sync my WHMCS clients with SendInBlue. There is no native solution for this, so I looked at Zapier, but the only WHMCS trigger available is "NEW TODO ITEM". Is there any other solutions similar to zapier I can use?
  5. Hi Brian 🙂 I have just discovered the other day that my welcome emails for ADDONS are displaying the wrong product information. so in the welcome email that is sent when customer purchases an addon, I have this. Order ID: {$addon_subscription_id} Product: {$addon_product} First Payment Amount: {$addon_recurring_amount} Recurring Payment: {$addon_recurring_amount} Billing Cycle: {$addon_billing_cycle} Next Due Date: {$addon_next_due_date} But this is inserting the information about the parent product into the email instead of the addon. I can't see how i'm doing anything wrong here, these are obviously the correct shortcodes for addons, so what is going on here?
  6. I have some custom lead tracking code I need to add to whmcs, where would be the best place to add this? preferably so it doesn't get deleted when I update WHMCS.
  7. Thanks as always brian.
  8. I have contacted marketgoo support. They told me that the optimise pages is a pro feature. Yet this is not mentioned anywhere, there is no error, it just doesn't work. and doesn't tell you why, obviously confusing for anyone that uses it. It also tells you that your pages are not optimised even if they are are, it only cares if you optimised them via marketgoo, so will tell you all your pages are crap with no SEO even if this is not true. I would say the the LITE plan is pretty much useless as it is now and I would expect to receive complaints from any customers I resold this to.
  9. LOL yes I know I keep typing marketplace, I can't seem to get out of that habit, sorry if its annoying you 🙂 I did already apply the hook to remove the sidebar selector. It also appears on the checkout and on the marketconnect product pages. so do I just create hook with this code and nothing else? <?php if($_SESSION['currency'] != '1') { $_SESSION['currency'] = '1'; }
  10. I have USD enabled, since this is required for the marketplace addons. But I do not want customers to be able to pay in USD, I only want them to pay in GBP, otherwise it makes my accounts a nightmare. Is there any easy way to disable all the currency selectors that appear on the all the various pages, I asked WHMCS support, but they said I have to modify all the cart and order form templates, which is going to cause another nightmare, as I will then have to reapply all those changes every time I update WHMCS..
  11. I tried to send an email to the client to tell them that this means they will receive no notifications at all about anything or even ticket replies, but I can't even do that, it has completely blocked me from communicating with the client. So really does seem like a bad idea. Certainly the client would blame the provider anyway if their services got suspended and they received no notification, even though they disabled them.
  12. just tested it myself, I can confirm that the optimize pages does not work at all. You try and add a page, nothing happens. It also tells me that none of my pages are SEO optimized at all, which is garbage, as they certainly are and I appear on the top page of Google for some keywords. There is no contact/support option either, so you have to go to the main site to find contact details, not sure if we are supposed to contact them or whmcs for support.
  13. So I noticed that even the primary account holder can now disable all their email notifications, not just contacts. So I just noticed that a client has pretty much disabled all notifications, surely allowing the primary user to disable all notifications is going to cause some issues. He won't know when an invoice is overdue, so it won;t get paid unless automatic payment is enabled He won't be notified if his card expires or fails, so invoice won;t get paid. He won;t be notified if a service is suspended. If he opens a ticket, he won't be notified of replies etc General Emails - All account related emails Invoice Emails - New Invoices, Reminders, & Overdue Notices Support Emails - Receive a copy of all Support Ticket Communications Product Emails - Welcome Emails, Suspensions & Other Lifecycle Notifications Domain Emails - Registration/Transfer Confirmation & Renewal Notices Affiliate Emails - Receive Affiliate Notifications
  14. did you ever find any solution to this?. currently I am using perfex CRM which has a lot of great features, including billing, project management, CRM, tickets, quotes and the ability to generate contracts for a customer to sign. https://1.envato.market/EvrrD While this is a great solution for the cheap price, the billing side of things is very basic compared to WHMCS, as I have to deal with domain registrations and renewals etc manually. So it would be nice to use WHMCS for the billing side of things so I can resell the marketplace products and automate domain renewals etc. I also use eform to generate forms on my website that clients must complete and also provide a signature to sign up for services. here is an example, scroll to the bottom of this page: https://michaels.me.uk/thanet-it-services/managed-wordpress-kent/ So I am thinking this could be used with WHMCS, as I could simply get them to complete separately, which I then have stored, and could even print it as a pdf and upload to whmcs as well. Here is a link to eform: https://1.envato.market/YPAGK
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