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  1. snake

    decline non UK registrations

    You should take note that it explicitly says "unjustified geo-blocking", it does not say that every company must do business with other countries, which would make no sense at all. Plenty of businesses have justified and legitimate reasons for not doing business with other countries, such as if they are physically not able to support people from other countries, especially most small business who do not have any foreign-speaking staff or the service they provide applies only in their own country. If a business provides PC repair services for example, then they are only going to offer this to local customers who can visit the shop or who are within travel distance, they obviously won't be offering this to someone in another country.
  2. snake

    tickets with email content

    yes, it is a poor suggestion from WHMCS support when they themselves have everything going through their own ticket system and there is no other direct email address for them. It is also not really possible to do this, as you cannot pick and choose whose emails go into the ticket system. The only workaround I have so far, is that I do some filtering on the actual mailbox. So if email comes from a known email address which I know is problematic, then I forward and delete it so it doesn't get imported.
  3. I am having an issue with a lot of emails that come into my ticket system which contain eamil and CSS. These tickets are completely unreadable as all the css is displayed as text, which makes the ticket several pages long, and the html is presumably stripped out, which makes a mess of the content and completely removes some of it. Is there any solution to this?
  4. snake

    decline non UK registrations

    ok, so how can I force country to UK and not allow non uk addresses?
  5. Is there any way to restrict WHMCS to only allow customers from UK to register or purchase services?
  6. snake

    403 forbidden.

    I contacted my host and they fixed it. It was obviously a firewall issue.
  7. This is in the cpanel errors log 2019-10-03 23:37:37.534019 [INFO] [35686] [] File not found [/home/foodbooking/public_html/403.shtml]
  8. I am no longer able to make any changes to my general settings, I get this error when I try to save. This is a new install, only set it up about 2 weeks ago, and I was able to edit the general settings just fine back then. I think this has occurred since I auto installed the latest update. 403 Forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied!
  9. snake

    bulk updating domain prices

    I tested it myself, I logged in as a client, and it was giving everything in USD as well as GBP. WHMCS support told me this is intended behaviour to enable new currencies on all products, and I would have to go and edit every single product and explicitly disable USD
  10. snake

    bulk updating domain prices

    ok I found this but how would I apply that? (note I am not a php developer)
  11. snake

    Marketplace apps

    but if I change it to shared hosting, as you mention above, then surely it is now an applicable product?
  12. snake

    bulk updating domain prices

    My only issue with that is that it requires enabling USD currency. Last time I did this (for SiteLock), it allowed all my clients to pay their invoices in USD instead of GBP, which some of them then did, which caused a right headache with the accounts.
  13. snake

    bulk updating domain prices

    yes I found that already, see my last reply above 🙂
  14. snake

    Marketplace apps

    ok i'm a bit confused them, you said in your previous reply When you enable marketplace connect it presumably applies the addons to all the existing products?
  15. snake

    bulk updating domain prices

    ah just found this https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3821

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