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  1. I have noticed that it does actually keep the original status in the database, it just doesn;t change it on the form. So the dropdown on the form that doesn;t work and still changes to answered. Changing the value in the dropdown has no effect. So now if I want to change the status, I have to reply to the ticket and submit then go back into the ticket, and us ethe status at the top to change it.
  2. alas no, the dropdown list is still defaulting to answered.
  3. I do use a custom admn theme called Lara if that would have any impact
  4. Thanks for that. I have tested it and its not working. the 'mod_keepticketstatus' table is being created, and the ticket status is being inserted, but when I reply to the ticket, it is still defaulting to "answered"
  5. hi, thanks for this, I did not see this reply until now. when I say keep it open, what I actually need is to keep the original status and not change it to "answered". so if the ticket is "open" when I reply, keep it open. if the ticket is "in progress" when I reply, keep it this way The status should only change if I actually choose to changem not change automatically.
  6. ah I had not seen that reply. I thought I had posted this before, but when looking under my profile, I couldn;t see this post anywhere.
  7. I don;t want to automatically change the status at all, I want to leave it as is. So if I am replying to a ticket, which has an open status, I want the status to stay as open, unless I change it. If the status is "in progress" then I want the status to stay as "in progress" unless I change it.
  8. I don;t want to the status to be automatically changed to "ANSWERED" I want the status to stay the same unless it is changed manually by the person replying to the ticket.
  9. It is a common requirement that I will need to follow up on a ticket or just tell client "I am working on it", so I want to stop the ticket status from being changed to "answered" when I reply to tickets, so it has to be changed manually. After some 15 years using WHMCS, it is clear that nobody can remember to change the status before submitting, so I need to create a hook that will do this, otherwise tickets just end up being forgotten or auto closed. I see that I can hook into this here https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/ticket/#ticketadminreply but what would the required hook code be?
  10. do u mean the zomex one or the whmcsservices one?
  11. yes, I am fully aware of this. I do SEO.... Tools like Cpanel SEO are meant for the layman website owner who does without previous skills or experience to DIY. Tools like AHREFS and Semrush are for experienced SEO professionals. however a tool like this is only useful if it actually provides useful insights and data and recommendations.... Cpanel SEO seems to fail at this so far.
  12. lol, you might want to check the prices on both those products. Not cheap and way beyond the skillset of the average cleint. Currently loking at hikeseo
  13. I have tested out cpanel SEO on one of my sites, and so far it seems to suck. It took 1 week for it to finish auditing my site, which is terrible.... it should take minutes, 1 hour at most. And the result is complete garbage. It has returned no data. and reporting complete nonsense. no keywords, no ranking, nothing in compeitor comparison, 0% visibility.... etc etc All of which I know is garbage as I use other SEO tools to track my keywords and raning, so I already know the real data. opened a ticket with cpanel seo support, 6 days and still no reply. I stopped offering any of the marketplace products as all of them are terrible and so are the comapnies behind them, I have hoped this might be the one redeeming feature, but I guess not.
  14. I bit the bullet and purchased the WHMCS PM, and it is rather disappointing in how basic it is, and doesn't seem to have had any updates in years, I am thinking of getting a module developed to integrate with Perfex CRM. Which has a decent project manager, proposals, estimates, contracts and lead tracking and is cheap as chips at only $59
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