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  1. so it should now look like this? I also notice there is code in here to decide if ticket forwarding is allowing according to if($adminonly), but where is this setting defined? <? use ZBateson\MailMimeParser\Message; use WHMCS\Mail\AutoSubmittedHeader; add_hook("TicketPiping",1,"fwd_ticket_pipe"); if(!function_exists("fwd_ticket_pipe")) { function fwd_ticket_pipe($vars) { $to = $vars['to']; $subject = $vars['subject']; if (strpos($subject, 'Fwd:') !== false) { $adminonly = false; // For admin only import $subject = str_replace("Fwd: ", "", $vars['subject']); $lines = explode("\n", $vars['body']); $message = ''; for ($i=0; $i < count($lines); $i++) { $lines[$i] = str_replace("> ","",$lines[$i]); //Split out the sender information portion if (preg_match("/From: (.*)<(.*)>/", $lines[$i], $matches)) { $name = $matches[1]; $email = $matches[2]; } else { } if($i > 8) { $message .= $lines[$i].' '; } } $mailParser = Message::from($vars['body'], false); $asHeader = new AutoSubmittedHeader( $mailParser ); if($adminonly) { $adminrow = Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager::table("tbladmins")->where("email","=",$vars['email'])->count(); if($adminrow > 0) { logActivity('Forwarded email is sent from an admin email account. It has been imported', 0); processPipedTicket($to, $name, $email, $subject, $message, $vars['attachments'], $asHeader); } else { logActivity('Forwarded email is not sent from an admin email account. It has NOT been imported', 0); } } else { logActivity('Forwarded email is sent from a generic email account. It has been imported', 0); processPipedTicket($to, $name, $email, $subject, $message, $vars['attachments'], $asHeader); } exit(); } } }
  2. I have signed up with AWIN.com and need to add their tracking code in WHMCS. Can anyone tell me how/where to add this? I want to do it in such a way that it won't get broken/overwritten every time I update whmcs. here are the instructions. Order Confirmation Page Add the tracking code snippet to your order confirmation page. This enables us to send accurate transaction data and correctly attribute sales and commission to your partners. Replace the placeholders in {{ brackets }} with the variables your site uses for that specific information. To find out more about each placeholder, please click on the examples below the code. <!-- Fall-back Conversion Pixel - Mandatory --> <img src="https://www.awin1.com/sread.img?tt=ns&tv=2&merchant=45669&amount={{order_subtotal}}&cr={{currency_code}}&ref={{order_ref}}&parts=DEFAULT:{{sale_amount}}&vc={{voucher_code}}&ch=aw" border="0" width="0" height="0"> <!-- Conversion Tag - Mandatory --> <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ /*** Do not change ***/ var AWIN = {}; AWIN.Tracking = {}; AWIN.Tracking.Sale = {}; /*** Set your transaction parameters ***/ AWIN.Tracking.Sale.amount = "{{order_subtotal}}"; AWIN.Tracking.Sale.orderRef = "{{order_ref}}"; AWIN.Tracking.Sale.parts = "DEFAULT:{{sale_amount}}"; AWIN.Tracking.Sale.voucher = "{{voucher_code}}"; AWIN.Tracking.Sale.currency = "{{currency_code}}"; AWIN.Tracking.Sale.channel = "aw"; //]]> </script>
  3. I have been using stripe for years, but I cannot cope with their incompetent and absymal customer support anymore, so am looking to move. Their total lack of understanding of security and 2FA is shocking. Can anyone suggest a good alternative with same or better commission rates, preferably UK based.
  4. I am not a PHP dev, although I have a background in coding in other languages (cobol, pascal, fortran, basic, assembler, ColdFusion), so can usually figure out basic stuff in PHP. Since a lot of mods, like this one, require editing templates, I always thought it would be useful to create an addon that would perform automatic search and replace rules in templates. This could then be execute manually or automatically whenever updates were installed. e.g. Rule name: change status dropdown behaviour find this: {foreach $statuses as $statusitem} <option value="{$statusitem.title}" style="color:{$statusitem.color}"{if $statusitem.title eq "Answered"} selected{/if}>{$statusitem.title}</option> {/foreach} in this template: viewticket.tpl and replace with: {foreach $statuses as $statusitem} <option value="{$statusitem.title}" style="color:{$statusitem.color}"{if $statusitem.title eq $status} selected{/if}>{$statusitem.title}</option> {/foreach} replace how many occurances: 1 themes to update : (list of installed themes)
  5. this does not solve the problem, read the post properly.... I also explicity stated in my reply Posted October 27 that I had resorted to using the bulk pricing updater
  6. sorry, glad I like what? and what have you been using?
  7. I had to resort to doing it the hard way as usual. I had to calculate the price increase for each product, and then apply it to each clients product using the bulk pricing updater. The actual products I have to update manually 1 at a time. It seems crazy that after 15 years there is still no way to do this. But that is the case with most of the WHMCS misisng features.
  8. The other huge issue that ""allow insecure imports" causes is that if this is not enabled, it will blocks all sales enquiries, since obviously those are coming from people who are not currently users/clients. So any attenpt to make tickets secure just causes a raft of other problems.
  9. After weeks and weeks of back and forth on tickets and my addons/hoocks being blames and being told to re-produce the issue on a stock installation, I now get told out of the blue that " Reopen Existing Tickets if Importing Fails " only works on closed tickets. So once again, lots of time wasted due to WHMCS support staff not knowing how their own product works. So if a ticket has any other status, nothing happens at all when a reply is received that is not imported, no nobody is aware of it unless they just happen to look at that ticket and se ethe not-imported reply. There is also no notification sent to the client to tell them it was not imported, so they just think they are being ignored. So basically all the secuirty features are completely useless as they all just cause more problems than they solve.
  10. I need to update prices on multiple products by a %percentage and also all the existing purchases of those products need to be updated by the same amount for all clients. It seems there still no built in way to do this after 15 years, are you aware of any other solution? Obviously this is somehting every provider needs to do epriodically, so there must be somehting out there.
  11. I need to update prices on multiple products by a %percentage and also all the existing purchases of those products need to be updated by the same amount for all clients. Is there still no automated way to do this after 15 years?
  12. Is there any way to disable the pre-sales contact form? I have 2 depts SALES and SUPPORT Support is restricted to registered clients only But sales cannot be restricted, as we need anyone can send an email to sales, and we send emails to this dept via the contact form on our website. but this results in it being visible to guests (non logged in users) in the client area. This result sin clients submitted support tickets tot he sales dept, which means support do not see it. So I need it so that only logged in users can submit tickets from client area, but SALES can still receive emails from anyone.
  13. this is already enabled, so it doesn;t solve the issue
  14. don;t suppose you can recommend any of theses and same me some time searching 🙂
  15. I have discovered that the ordering page is causing confusion for customer on mobile devices. Note most customers are pretty computer illiterate. On the main site I link through to the shopping cart page for each product/service. https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/32089336?key=cee2e451ca6a2363855dfe1400be2cde the first thing they see is the select drop downs and so start clicking these and then get lost. They don't realise they need to scroll down and fill in the domain info. Is there any solution to this to make it less confusing?
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