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  1. yes, when I said "Seems the only solution would be to extract the list of customers from the DB and import them into my MLM instead." this would need to be be done via SQL.
  2. Other than manually going into every single client I cannot see any way to do this. Also the primary reason for doing this is to marketing upgrades and addons to those clients. So flagging them in that way with a group or CCF would be rather permanent. So if they do upgrade, they would still be marked as free, Seems the only solution would be to extract the list of customers from the DB and import them into my MLM instead.
  3. On one of my sites I offer a FREE service with paid addons. I want to be able to sent a mass mail to all my users who currently are not paying me anything, i.e. they are only using the free product but no paid addons. Can anyone (i.e Brian) tell me how to do this? I do not see any way to filter my customers like this, so I am guessing I am going to have to manually extract a list of customers from the database and do it that way.
  4. is there anything I can do to clean up emails/tickets that have loads of superfluous css and html in them, like this https://nimb.ws/ROIqQt WHMCS annoyingly removes stuff I often need, such as links or quoted html/code but leaves behind loads of stuff like the above.
  5. nothing much has changed in the last 10 years... There are so many bugs which have taken many years to be fixed and some which are still not fixed. Same for feature requests. They have so many customers that they don't have to care about pissing you off or if you leave.
  6. I contacted WHMCS support again about the fact that WSA says this issue has existed since 2016. They say this is not true, and also that only 2 people have ever reported this issue. Which is presumably me and WSA, which presumably also means the issue does not affect everyone, especially since you have said it doesn't happen for you either. So even more bizzare that WHMCS themselves were able to re-produce it.
  7. not sure how you managed that then? Even going into the admin and resending the welcome email doesn't work, this also sends the welcome email for the product not the addon.
  8. so are you saying I need to insert this into the welcome email template of all products that have addons? I can see this is applying if/else logic to output content based on the addonid, but what about the welcome email it is put into, this is still going to send every time as well?
  9. I have no idea what I am supposed to do with that?
  10. So I have discovered that welcome emails for addons do not work. WHMCS simply doesn't send them, instead it sends the welcome email for the parent product instead. This has been confirmed as a bug, although I have no idea how long it has existed. does anyone know of any workaround for this, how I can get the addon welcome email out to customers, other than doing it manually.
  11. so I have discovered that it does only send on the EXACT number of days specified, so is no use for sending new marketing emails to exisitng clients. Any other solution for this?
  12. If I add a new rules to the email marketing that is sent to customers after 30 days, does this send only to customers who signed up exactly 30 days ago, or will it send to ALL customers who signed up 30 or more days ago?
  13. I have no idea why, but it has just mysteriously started working. I had cleared the template cache and my browser cache and even put cloudflare into dev mode. other css changes were working, just not this one.
  14. yes it was just a copy/paste error. here is my entire css file header.header{ background-color: #242424!important; } #mainNavbar #nav li a ,.navbar-nav #Secondary_Navbar-Account a{ color: #ffffff!important; } #mainNavbar #nav ul.dropdown-menu li a { color: #242424; } .cart-sidebar .list-group-item.list-group-item-action.active { background: #666666; }
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