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  1. snake

    multisite addon

    Are you still talking about the same ADDON I posted about at the start?
  2. snake

    multisite addon

    How would the addon get access to the DNS records?
  3. snake

    multisite addon

    It must be using URL rewriting to achieve this, otherwise there would obviously be a license error.
  4. snake

    multisite addon

    I am aware of the ModulesGarden addon, but I won't touch anything that comes from modules Garden. I have tried several of their modules in the past and they were all very flaky, unreliable, buggy etc. Their support/customer service also was pretty awful, I had to chase them continually for replies to emails for weeks.
  5. Has anyone tried this multisite addon? Is it any good? https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/2222
  6. snake

    bulk pricing updates

    I have gone through every client manually and recalculated. Luckily I didn't have very many on this occasion, but this could be a real nightmare if I was updating something that a lot of customers have purchased. WHMCS is used by thousands of hosts, some of them are HUGE providers, so I have to wonder how they have been dealing with this.
  7. snake

    bulk pricing updates

    you need to be a php/whmcs developer to do that 😞
  8. snake

    bulk pricing updates

    I added requests to improve the updater and voted on other such requests many years ago 🙂 If this is not possible, how on earth are all the thousands of companies out there who use WHMCS updating their prices?
  9. snake

    bulk pricing updates

    I need to bulk update pricing on products which uses configurable options. If I use the bulk pricing updater, this doesn't seem to work, as it only seems to look at the TOTAL price rather than the configurable option price. so if I need to update product x from 3.95 per user to 4.95 per user This is only working for clients who ordered the product with only 1 x user, thus their total is 3.95 anyone who ordered multiple users, no update is made Is there any way to solve this? I have been using WHMCS for over 10 years now, and the bulk updater is still as rubbish as ever, can;t believe it still hasn't been improved.
  10. snake

    GoCardless Usage Questions

    wow, this seems like a no brainer. WHMCS should be embarrassed by the bodge job they have done compared to this. Are you just a user or did you create this module? 1 last question then, does it conflict with the native GC gateway ?
  11. snake

    GoCardless Usage Questions

    Does this allow to easily link to existing mandates? Does it still allow customers to also use other payment methods as well for other services, rather than the messy cludge WHMCS has done in using the gateway ID, so cards cannot be used.
  12. snake

    Account Statements Module

    Please note this module is now FOSS https://bitbucket.org/russmichaels/whmcs_account_statement/src/master/
  13. snake

    Enabling USD for Marketplace

    If I delete the USD currency and start again. if there a way to enable it just for SiteLock without affecting other products?
  14. snake

    Enabling USD for Marketplace

    yes I did enable the exchange rate auto update because in the the marketconnect settings you set YOUR prices in GBP, so I assume it has to recalculate the price if the exchange rates change
  15. I recently enabled SiteLock in my marketoplace settings, which required me to add USD currency. What I did not realise was that doing this would make every single product available in USD, as a result some clients have started to randomly pay in USD instead of GBP. Is there any easy way to fix this, as I don't fancy having to edit dozens of products and services to disable USD currency?

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