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  1. not from settings. if you made that client custom field of password type, then the value would be clearly visible in the admin area, but it would be shown as ******* in the client area. if you needed the value to be masked as you describe, then that's going to be a hook, prerably ClientAreaPageProfile rather than using the generic ClientAreaPage hook and limiting it to one specific page (though that would work)... or a template tweak (but hooking would be safer in terms of updating WHMCS).
  2. I don't think there would be a simple solution to this - especially if the registration period = renewal period internal hard coding is still in place (haven't played with that in v8.1, but have no reason to assume it will have changed). as you know, the best solution would be to get WHMCS to change domain pricing and the aspect of entering a registration price enabled that year.... but that' s not going to happen this year, and probably not next. that's the road you're going to have to go down - with just 2 votes, I can't see this being introduced anytime soon by WHMCS. first place to check for existing modules on this would be Marketplace, but nothing springs to mind... registrar gateways might be worth a search if there is a WHMCS module for your registrar and they support these TLDs you're wanting to resell. I just double-checked .to and it can be registered for 2, 3, 5, 10, 25, 100 years, but renewed for 1-3, 5, 10, 25, 100 - WHMCS would natively only support upto 10 years, so anything beyond that would need a custom solution. unless you specifically run into a TLD where renewal period is always less than the smallest registration period (which I don't think your list or com.bd do), then I would just let registration equal renewal, e.g if they reg for 2 years, then they can renew at 2 years (optionally if you enabled renew of demand then addition years could be added if applicable).
  3. there is a "Clients By Country" report available in the admin area. https://docs.whmcs.com/Reports#Reports
  4. as above, you're going to need to enable error reporting to get WHMCS to give you more details as to the cause of the issue.
  5. have you made any changes to the templates ? specifically viewcart.tpl ?? if so, what happens when you use a clean (unaltered) version of Six and standard_cart ??
  6. if a product is going to use a subdomain option, then you won't need a hook to add it - you can do that via the product setup configuration (other tab -> subdomain options). the only time a hook should be needed would be if a) you needed to make the subdomain the default choice or b) you wanted to remove one or more of the other options. I don't think i'd go down the multiple hook path, i'd decide what needed to occur for each product, see if any of the product choices can be grouped together in an if statement and then code it accordingly.
  7. for the record, the original source of that hook code...
  8. well I would have used one of my hooks posted in that thread, as Jesus' were written for his own situation, whereas mine should work for everyone. the rawpricing array would always be x.xx as it's not currency formatted... if you were in a hook, you'd have more options to apply a format to a value, but in the template, string replacing might be the simplest option. at least with one of my hooks, you should be able to add the currency prefix/suffix back into the output.
  9. there's little point in replacing an existing feature request that has 2 votes, with a new request that would then only have one - chances are that your new request would either be rejected, or merged with the existing request... so nothing gained. can .ai domains be renewed for 1 year ? I thought it was 2-9 ?
  10. I wonder if that's because clients/accounts cannot login now - users login. what happens if you use UserChangePassword instead?
  11. it hasn't been so far in the v8.1 beta - it's only in the Ticket Info sidebar (as per the screenshot).
  12. I don't think v7.5 would support PHP 7.4 as it wouldn't have existed when v7.5 was developed and released - try dropping the PHP version down to PHP 7.2 or 7.3, or if you need to use PHP 7.4, then you might need to use v8 or later.
  13. I can't see that happening any time soon - looks like the existing orderforms have just been updated... nothing new.
  14. you want to increase the id to a much higher figure, e.g 1000 etc? though I don't think clients ever see their ID...
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