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  1. for something like this, you may be better off opening a ticket with Support and giving them your import log. https://docs.whmcs.com/ImportAssist#Troubleshooting
  2. does Mailerlite even have an automatic import option? everything in their docs seems to show it's a manual process only - whether it be importing from a file, adding, c&p or mailchimp.
  3. the community? you make it sound as though there are a group of developers just waiting to help you for free... looks around... if you can do it yourself, then that's ideal... but if you have to rely on community help (unless you catch the eye of one of the WHMCS developers who sometime lurk here) or the documentation, then the best of luck to you.
  4. perhaps the video below might help... https://youtu.be/PhEJegPBN9o once you have your server groups setup (with A in one, and B in the other), then the step you might be missing out is assigning each product to a particular server group (via the Modules tab in product setup).
  5. the lesson, of course, is always to test using a development installation before upgrading and read the changelogs! so there were preparatory cart template changes back in v7.2 and its removal from checkout occurred in v7.3b back in August 2017. it would be simple enough for them to put it back in a future update... it's whether they want to... and what the reason was for removing it in the first place (apart from the obvious one I mentioned previously) and whether that still applies.
  6. why the confusion? if you can't make the change you want from the admin settings (you can't), and there isn't an existing addon module available - your only two options are to live without the change you want, or pay a developer to write a custom addon for you.
  7. if there isn't an existing product in Marketplace, then you should consider posting in Service Offers & Requests and paying a developer to create a custom solution for you.
  8. if the documentation on their site is correct, then you could probably use the Clients Report, export the results to csv and then import into mailerlite. alternatively, you could run a SQL query, via phpMyAdmin, on tblclients, choose the fields you need (and their order) and export to csv, txt or whatever format is required.
  9. but following your PayPal Express link... so the whole point of this gateway is to avoid going through entering their details at checkout... I don't see the point of going to checkout and then using this gateway (which is probably why it's missing from there)... I'm pretty sure that you can use the default PayPal module and pay without creating an account with them (though perhaps that is dependent on the user's location). but going from archive.org, it looks like PayPal Express gateway has always worked this way... whether it was an option at checkout in previous versions I don't know (I assume from your reply that it once was), but if so, I can see the logic of removing it from there. what you may have to do is tweak the output at viewcart to explain the advantages of using PPE - either via a hook or editing the template.
  10. www. in search

    try this... <input class="form-control" name="domain" placeholder="Typ hier je gewenste domeinnaam..." autocapitalize="none" pattern="^((?!www.).)*$" oninvalid="this.setCustomValidity('Do not enter www.')" oninput="setCustomValidity('')" type="text"> then if you remove www. from the entered string, it will pass google.com to the cart to search...
  11. to test this, i've just enabled PayPal Express in a v7.4.1 dev (using Standard Cart) and you are partially correct - by the time you get to checkout, PayPal Express is not an option... however, on the page before checkout, viewcart, there is a new Paypal button... there was a template change in one of the v7.2 releases that added a gateway array option to viewcart... so the question is - are you using the latest version of Standard_cart, or if using a custom orderform template, have you updated it since v7.2 was released?
  12. i'm assuming you're referring to... then to do it on the server page should only require a similar hook (at least with regards to the db query), and use ClientAreaPageServerStatus instead of ClientAreaPageHome... <?php use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; function serverstatus_network_issues_hook($vars) { $client = Menu::context('client'); $networkissues = Capsule::table('tblnetworkissues') ->join('tblhosting', 'tblnetworkissues.server', '=', 'tblhosting.server') ->leftjoin('tblservers','tblnetworkissues.server', '=', 'tblservers.id') ->select('tblnetworkissues.*','tblservers.name as server') ->where('tblhosting.userid', $client->id) ->where('tblnetworkissues.status','<>','Resolved') ->where('tblnetworkissues.type','Server') ->orderby('tblnetworkissues.lastupdate','desc') ->groupby('tblnetworkissues.id') ->take(2) ->get(); $encodedata = json_encode($networkissues); $decodedata = json_decode($encodedata, true); return array("issues" => $decodedata); } add_hook("ClientAreaPageServerStatus", 1, "serverstatus_network_issues_hook"); ?> I can see an issue with date formats, but you could fix that in the hook, or in the template using Smarty... other than that, the above hook looks fine to me.
  13. you could use existing Data Feeds to obtain the information from the database and then use that to show the products in your existing design layout.
  14. Package Configuration

    I might have been tempted to use a Product Bundle to group the separate products together (Management, Hosting and Domain)... I wouldn't necessarily advise rushing into anything that involves deleting existing services until you are 150% sure of the consequences - my concern wouldn't be about deleting the service within WHMCS (it shouldn't delete the hosting account/domain etc), i'd be more concerned about the effect on invoicing. upgrading between products might be a safer path... or keeping them on the existing product, removing it from the cart for others to order and just changing their renewal pricing (unless we're talking about a lot of customers!)
  15. I remember posting about Block Existing Domain back in 2014... I think it's still buggy - sometimes it works as it should, other times not.... I haven't investigated it for a while, but I know the issue still exists with v7.4.1 as i've quickly tried it and was still getting inconsistent results. that's a bug and happens quite often throughout WHMCS where the error message is confusing and bears no relation to the actual cause of the error. if you mean IDN domains, I think they're only "supported" during registration/transfer (if enabled in the settings), not in existing domains. the best thing for this might be to open a ticket with support and get them to clarify the situation on each... certainly fixing/clarifying the error messages would be best done by them.

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