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  1. important to have mentioned the Lagom use.... once you use custom themes, then the options will be different. i'll add a font awesome icon to the Store menu..... <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar', 1, function(MenuItem $PrimaryNavbar) { if (!is_null($PrimaryNavbar->getChild('Store'))) { $PrimaryNavbar->getChild('Store')->setLabel('<i class="fas fa-shopping-cart"></i> '.Lang::trans('navStore')); } }); I would therefore assume you can use the <img> option instead of a FA icon in a setLabel - but no doubt you'll let me know if that doesn't work! it might also be simpler to use absolute paths to any images to ensure you're calling them. ...and with regards to adding "Home" to the home navbar icon, it's already there - but it's hidden by default in the CSS, so that should be a quick CSS fix to show it.
  2. you can always PM me - though there's no guarantee if or how quickly i'll be able to reply.
  3. as I said in another thread, I no longer need to work - so why spend my time constantly supporting failing software that I will never use? on the contrary, i'm genuinely finding it easy... I knew for the last 2 days, i'd be coming here today and I wasn't looking forward to it. I wish I had logged in today, found all/most the threads getting answered by others... in reality, I sadly find that despite not being here for two months, i'm still top of the monthly reputation leader board... that's ridiculous and shows you how dead this place has become. sadly, I no longer want to come here frequently and reply to questions.... I can still do it if I choose to, and I know i'm probably the best at it, but my heart is no longer in it (and that's not going to change).
  4. you can use an action hook...
  5. technically, that location is defined in the template - so you could move its location (the hookouput foreach) by editing the template, or use a more generic output hook point and use JS to define the ideal location you want.
  6. it's out there! that's where you copied *my* code from - it's not difficult to link to the original thread, rather than imply that you wrote it yourself! 🙄 then you get the hook to find the current theme name and react accordingly.... as I mention in the above thread! 🙄
  7. bear in mind that that is a private whois server and you will need to authorise your server IP with them before it will work correctly... e.g if you search for "google.es" it is showing as registered (correct), but if you search for "remiturandbrian.com.es", then that shows as registered too. ... but it's really available. ⚠️
  8. I could think of a couple if the data was complete and valid... sadly it's not, so not very useful.
  9. nature of the beast i'm afraid - in recent versions, the more TLDs you add, the slower those pages are. frankly, it would likely be quicker to reduce the number of TLDs offered than fundamentally fix WHMCS.
  10. as i'm finding whilst reading the backlog of hundreds of threads since my last visit.... thankfully I don't get emails about mentions, so i'm happily going through my whmcs-free life in ignorant bliss... i'll be back in November if I have the time (and inclination!). they still haven't reversed on this ??? disappointing , but sadly not unexpected.
  11. data feeds are slow - especially if you're using many on the same page. if it's a WHMCS page (and not an external page), then it should be quicker to use hooks to pull the data from the database and/or to output it to the template - though with the hook working, you could easily edit the relevant template to output the variable(s) obtained by the hook.
  12. are you sure that it's WHMCS doing this and not a custom orderform template/theme ?
  13. you could do the same by adding the CSS to custom.css and not need the hook.
  14. originally in v7, primaryid was used to determine if the user was a client or contact... in v8, different techniques would need to be used to determine who the user logging in is.
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