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  1. on the topic of GearHeads going forward and if anyone wants my opinion (even if they don't, i'm going to give it!), in an ideal world, they should really be looking at having 4 GearHeads here - because if there were 4, then you have some redundancy built in so that if one goes missing (for whatever reason), the other 3 can cover the replies... at an absolute minimum, you need 2 if they are both active... having just 1 (whoever it is) is not viable long-term... of course, other fringe users can (and should) reply to threads too.. and personally, i'd keep replies from WHMCS support staff down to a minimum (except for things they have responsibility for. e.g bugs, announcements etc)... the more they post, the more this place can feel like an offshoot of the support dept... and what I liked about this place is that it wasn't like that! though in the absence of finding suitable gearheads (not everyone accepts the position when it's offered I understand lol!), staff involvement may be a necessary evil to cover the gaps. ... and of those 4 GH, they need to have a wide spread of knowledge between them - no point having 4 TPD, or four who know nothing about WHMCS coding - there needs to be a good mix so that the various question areas are covered. sadly, I can't think of four who would qualify.. can think of 3 (at their peak) who could, but then I draw a blank on the 4th... anyway, not my problem. ☺️
  2. thank you, my friend. think of it as a bonus feature of being a GearHead! πŸ™‚ as I said previously, it's essential when posting serious lengthy code to be able to go back and edit it... otherwise, you'll end up with a thread of variations/fixes which gets confusing for everyone... and i've seen a few of them here over the years! and if you start a thread yourself, you can hide the entire thread too (even if others have replied) - the temptation is strong, so use it wisely.
  3. brian!

    Stripe 3D Secure

    even if it's released in the next 5 minutes, it's going to be in beta for the best part of a month... and you should never use a beta on a live installation as it will be bugged.
  4. brian!

    Stripe 3D Secure

    no - never have been... i'm just a WHMCS user like you helping out here for free.
  5. brian!

    Stripe 3D Secure

    I can proudly confirm that I have never worked for WHMCS - so not responsible for the timing of the release - to be fair, neither are Chris or John... so it comes when it comes... patience, my friend, patience. ☺️
  6. brian!

    Stripe 3D Secure

    don't bring me into it - May was just an educated guess on my part! πŸ™‚
  7. I suppose you could get the title of the article, query the tblkb table and see if there's a language assigned to the article and redirect to the correct language with a hook.... though whether that's worth doing, I don't know.
  8. brian!

    Marketplace translation 2

    the farce of it is, the icon is 92x120, yet the HTML hard codes it to have a width of 175px ! πŸ™„ in the hook, change... return array("tplOverviewTabOutput" => $output); to... $output = str_replace("width=\"175\"","",$output); return array("tplOverviewTabOutput" => $output); and that will remove the width from the icon. πŸ™‚ you could use the same code to change the size of the icon too, or even change the icon used, if you wanted to. you could do it in the template with.... {$tplOverviewTabOutput|replace:'width="175"':''} but you've got the hook, so go with that. 😎
  9. effectively, I was - sentq has been absent from posting for a long while, and Kian was about the only other poster who could have been promoted to Gearhead - in practice, for technical questions that WHMCS staff consider customisation (and hence won't touch with a bargepole), there has recently only been Kian, steven99 and myself to reply to the posters. frankly, there haven't been nearly enough people replying here over the last few years and this place is far too dependent on too few posters getting involved... perhaps by my taking a step back for a while, it will encourage others to contribute more... it was becoming an increasing burden for me and ceasing to be as much fun as it once was - plus, in my opinion, there was far more of a community spirit years ago here than there is now and that probably contributed to that feeling too. coming back from a 3 week break from here and finding that out of the 200+ threads posted, half of them had seemingly gone unanswered or not answered correctly, told me everything I needed to know about the "community" - i'm missing for 3/4 of the month and i'm still going to get the most reaction points of anyone for the month by a mile... absolutely ridiculous. so all i'm doing is taking a break from openly replying to threads and so others can pick up the slack now... or leave the threads unanswered if they prefer to... that's their choice. maybe I should have done what other gearheads have done over the years and just faded into the background for a while, and not be honest with what I intend to do.. but I thought if I did that, others would be concerned with my absence... turns out, honesty is not the best policy! πŸ™„ i'm not going anywhere - i'm just doing what 99.9% of the community does (including nearly all the experienced members) and not replying publicly to questions (for a while at least) - I would hope that most users would agree that i'm entitled to have such a break after years of uninterrupted service! i'm still likely to post comments (some even humorous!), perhaps even the occasional link if a question has already been answered by a thread, but i'm not going to spend endless hours banging out hooks for no reward - in fact, one other "developer" here has frequently been taking my posted code here and turning them into commercial addons - I can do that myself from now on if I choose to. so as I say, i'll still be here, just working/lurking in the background for a while and spending more time on development projects and my businesses - my door is always open for anyone to ask me anything (within reason!). πŸšͺ don't be sad Christian, i'm not and i've no regrets (* except the need for my apology to Kian below) of my decision - i've been looking forward to June for a while and taking a break to do other things on my terms, not other peoples! πŸ™‚ i'd already posted that I wasn't going to be here the first week of June anyway (or next Monday either)... having now seemingly been immediately moved to L2 membership (boy if they could release hotfixes/updates as quickly as they did that, it would be one hell of a company to support! lol), I lose the option to edit posts - that would make posting technical replies take far too long to do (as i'd have to double-check and proof read before posting), so unless I am returned to the Gearhead ranks pretty soon, there's no chance of me posting answers again here.... actually, I can see why others might not reply to those threads now as they'd be an absolute pain to do without editing options. perhaps the holiday can start earlier - win-win!! 😎 oh that can be annoying when it occurs and it seemingly does it randomly - some days it works fine, other days you just get stuck inside the mention unable to get out.... never figured out the cause, so I found that it's usually just easier not to use the mention option. for the avoidance of doubt, my announcement was not related, or a reaction to, Kian being made a gearhead in any way - I had intended to make the announcement next Friday before going on holiday, but I felt Chris' post made it more apt to mention it in passing today... sadly, my post has seemingly overshadowed the initial announcement and for that, I apologise to Kian as that wasn't my intention at all. I will indeed - the nice thing about PMs is that I can say whatever I want in them! 🀐 PM reply sent. πŸ“¨
  10. congratulations to @Kian πŸ™‚ sadly as one is added, another leaves @WHMCS ChrisD - just to let you know Chris that I will not be publicly answering questions in this place after May 31st 2019... I will switch to doing more private consultations and development. <Removed by WHMCS ChrisD - This is not the correct place to raise these issue> I wish Kian and any future Gearheads the best of luck in the future.
  11. aah it's falling down the black hole that is your Renewals Page... there's something very weird about that page on your site as it previously refused to obey my hooks! I doubt any hook will work on that page on your site, but this is what I see on my dev... i've probably asked this before, but which version of WHMCS are you using ? just for my peace of mind, can you try the hook below... <?php function brian_test_hook($vars) { return array ("brian" => "hello world!"); } add_hook("ClientAreaPage", 1, "brian_test_hook"); all it does is create a $brian variable available on every page (but check it on the renewals page), which you should be able to see when you add a {debug}... if you can see the output in the debug window, then I at least know that the hook is running.... if you can't, then something weird is going on.
  12. brian!

    Front-End Logo Size

    did you remove the code ? because when I look at your active custom.css file @ https://xclusivetechja.com/order/templates/six/css/custom.css it's empty! if it worked, you're site should look like... so, three further suggestions for you to try... ensure that you're putting the css code in the correct file.. ensure that your site/browser isn't caching as you may not see any changes. if it still doesn't work, slap an !important in the css to give it a little more persuasion to behave. section#header .logo img { max-height: 130px !important; }
  13. brian!

    Check the menuitem disable or not

    Security questions aren't really enabled from a setting, they're enabled when you add a security question from the admin area - so the way to test would be to query the database, specifically the tbladminsecurityquestions table and do a row count - if it's more than 0 (I think it's empty on installation - but check that), then security questions should have been enabled.
  14. brian!

    Get Some Data for Sync to ERP System

    I don't think there would be a direct relationship. I think the important database columns for you to check are 'type' and 'relid' in tblinvoiceitems... because the value 'relid' relates to the 'id' of other database tables, depending upon the value to the 'type' field... so for example, the first 'relid' of 41 relates to the id column #41 in tbldomains; the second 'relid' of 29 relates to 'id' column # 29 in tblhosting and so on. so if the invoice line refers to a service/product, that relid value will relate to tblhosting... then within tblhosting, you can get the 'packageid' (Product ID) value which relates to the id field within tblproducts... with regards to promotion discount, that should be a line item in tblinvoiceitems... if you had wanted the name of the promo code (and not value), then you could have got the orderid value from tblhosting and that relates to the id value in tblorders... which contains a column called 'promocode' which stores the name of the code used in the order.... you could then used that value in tblpromotions if you needed details of the promocode requirements.conditions etc - but you don't want that, just the value - so you can just pull the value from tblinvoiceitems as above.
  15. brian!

    WHMCS payment issue - shows my card info

    if you get your license directly from WHMCS - https://www.whmcs.com/support/ if you get your license from a reseller / host - https://www.whmcs.com/reseller-support/

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