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  1. Hide Sidebar by click

    did you take a look at the slider templates that are included with WHMCS... they use a sliding sidebar (if the feature is enabled in setup -> general settings -> ordering).... that might give you a starting point.
  2. GDPR and domain contact data?

    Hi Chris, generally speaking, WHMCS doesn't store registrant contact info of a domain - if it ever needs it, WHMCS pulls the contact info from the registrar and returns it to the registrar after updating... it's never stored in the database (if i'm wrong on that, someone from WHMCS can correct me). obviously the client's details are stored in the database - but they may or may not be different from the actual registrant info used with the domain registration. all the tbldomains table will store is that 'chris74.com' is registered to userid #34 or whatever... if you delete his account in WHMCS, they'd be no way to link the domain to the client because the client's details will have been removed from the database. if a domain has expired, then at some point, the current contact info will be removed from its record by the registrar/registry and made available for registration again... plus after a domain has expired, I can't see how you could modify/remove the registrants details anyway - it's not theirs at that point. with the usual caveat that i'm not a lawyer(!), you can delete the domain in WHMCS, but it's not going to make a blind bit of difference to what the registry stores... at that point, I think the GDPR responsibility falls on them, but the registrant info is going to get removed at some point anyway if the registrant doesn't renew the domain... i'm not even sure if the registry could remove the info on demand because they may need to store it internally for legal/police reasons.
  3. WHMCS extension

    you may be in luck, because with a bit of investigation on my part (Poirot style!), it might be possible to import NETIM pricing into WHMCS! I think you are going to need to download 2 free modules from Marketplace. NETIM Pricelist csv ISPAPI Pricing Importer so the first module will download your pricing from NETIM and export it to .csv; then you'll have to edit it to match the format used by the ISPAPI module, and then use that module to import the modified csv file with your pricing. i'd recommend backing up the database before starting though. the first module is marked as v7.4 compatible, whilst the second is marked as v7.2 compatible - but seeing as the ISPAPI addon was last updated only a fortnight ago and is PHP7.1/7.2 compatible, i'd be amazed if it isn't v7.5 compatible and they just haven't updated the Marketplace entry yet... but it might be worth contacting them both before starting just to double-check.
  4. Hi Martin, won't they just be client custom fields ? https://docs.whmcs.com/Custom_Fields#Client_Custom_Fields if you don't need to store VAT details, then you can just delete both field(s) - or just delete one if you can work out which one of them to keep (e.g the one that was used by the EU VAT Addon)!
  5. My registration page is jacked up

    under normal circumstances, it would be clientregister.tpl, but perhaps best to contact the Clouder developer @ThemeMetro for advice on this.
  6. the problem is that WHMCS is passing the negative $taxrate2 value to the invoice as 0... therefore the if statement isn't triggered... also, it nulls the $taxname2 variable... I really don't think WHMCS expected it's users to ever use negative tax rates. the partial good news is that the $taxrate2 value is stored correctly in the database, so you can pull that value out using a hook... but the taxname2 isn't, so you'd have to make an educated guess with the query... if you only have one -18% L2 tax rate, then that's simple enough... if there are multiple, it could be a nightmare! also, you couldn't use a hook on the invoicepdf, so you'd have to embed the query into the file itself... and you'll run into a similar issue with the email invoice as that won't mention negative tax rates in it's output either. there are a few GST products in Marketplace and it might be worth checking them out to see if they have a solution for this problem - otherwise, you're going to end up having to make a lot of modifications to get this to work.
  7. Update to 7.5

    you can run v7.5 using PHP5.6 (I usually do), but I think it needs PHP7+ during installation... it was a real pain to install it, but once installed, it works for me (using 5.6 -> 7.2) - following Chris' advice to get the system admin involved is a good idea, they'll be in a better position to help with the installation. there's nothing wrong with updating manually - neither method comes with a 100% guarantee of success.
  8. Oops! Something went wrong

    looks like an incomplete/corrupt upgrade... maybe the thread below will help...
  9. GDPR and supportickets

    with regards to tickets, I would have thought a support custom field would be the easiest way... https://docs.whmcs.com/Custom_Fields#Support_Custom_Fields make it a tick box and add your basic info to its description... contact might be a little trickier - not least because the resulting email is hard-coded... you could edit the contact.tpl template and add a checkbox, but you may need a hook if you need to store the value on submission.
  10. Blank dashboard after update to 7.5.1

    the first thing I would do would be to get the v7.5.1 full download and upload that - that should rule out if it was an upgrade error... assuming it isn't, do you have any old widgets used in the admin area? I got a blank dashboard a couple of days ago - for no apparent reason.. tried disabling hooks, then tried disabling some widgets and found that it was being caused by a widget that I wrote for my own use... once disabled, the dashboard came back.
  11. not sure about "everywhere", but to remove them from the phone number dropdown I think will require editing /templates/six (or custom)/js/scripts.min.js - or more conveniently, editing scripts.js (in the same directory), minifying it and then overwriting scripts.min.js with the minified code. at line #36328 in scripts.js, there is the following option... // don't display these countries excludeCountries: [], change that to... // don't display these countries excludeCountries: ["ir", "sd", "sy", "cu"], and then those countries will be removed from the phone number dropdown list, e.g the removal of Cuba... unless/until WHMCS bring in another way to do this (i'm not sure you could use a hook for this but could be wrong), then you will almost certainly have to do this process after every WHMCS update.
  12. Client Area Logo - Retina Compatible

    I think you're doing it right, but sometimes the problem is the .svg file itself... i've seen it fail with some .svg files, but work with most others... for example, in the above linked hook thread, the .svg used is from wikimedia... https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/ce/SVG-logo.svg ... and that works. similarly, if I download a logo from a GitHub repository, then they seem to work too... so try the hook using one of those logos, and that should tell you whether the hook will work for you, or if there is an issue with your svg logo itself... also, I assume you have checked that the template (if custom) is actually using $assetLogoPath ?
  13. WHMCS extension

    there will be modules there for eNom and LogicBoxes (resell.biz, resellerclub, netearthone etc) that can import prices... not sure about the others... which registrar are you using ? the problem is that each registrar has their own way of extracting their domain pricing (possibly some don't even have the option) - so if WHMCS were going to do it, they'd need to write a separate process for each registrar... and then maintain them with each updated version... almost certainly never going to happen - unless the registrars get together and come up with a generic way to do that works the same for all of them. also, like a lot of WHMCS features, domain pricing was designed years ago when there were far fewer TLDs available to sell and, under those circumstances, importing pricing wasn't really a necessary consideration... it would be now, but the horse has bolted and it's left for third-party developers to create solutions for specific registrars if they believe there is sufficient demand and/or requested directly to do so.
  14. I don't know if it works, but...
  15. https://whmcs.community/topic/272661-marketplace-modules-languages-files/ https://whmcs.community/topic/286221-marketplace-translation/ https://marketplace.whmcs.com/help/connect/kb/overview/general/promotions_and_upsells__what_are_they__where_do_they_show_up__how_do_i_manage_them__enable_disable___how_do_i_customize_translate_them

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