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  1. I would assume that the array pulls the list from the AcceptedCardTypes field in the configuration table... editing the table wouldn't be a good idea as I imagine using the general settings tab list would overwrite any changes (I think it's a hardcoded list)... using a ClientAreaPageCreditCard hook might work to alter the array, but I don't know how WHMCS would react with a new card brand... might be worth you trying in a dev though and see what it does.
  2. brian!

    Automatially put clients into groups

    there was the old Set Client Groups addon, but the developer went missing, changed his business name and his products were later removed from MarketPlace! 🙄 there is a similar product there, but only marked as compatible with v6 - so probably not much help. not on it's own, no. ultimately, I think you should just need a ClientAdd hook to alter the groupid value when the account is being created by WHMCS (assuming that you've already setup the client group itself)... the trick will be detecting when to change it, e.g detect its coming from the new site, rather than the old one. again that would either be a hook (clientareapage or clientarepagesubmitticket) or a template edit... I would imagine that you'd have to make these departments client only, so that they will need to login and once logged in, you can detect their client group and decide which departments to show... as a hook, it should just be removing entries in the appropriate array, but you'll have to plan out who sees which departments (e.g old site clients, new site clients and those not logged in).
  3. brian!

    domain search error

    those 404 errors could mean that there are file(s) missing - so it could do no harm to try reuploading the 'vendor' folder again... i'm also assuming that you haven't altered standard_cart and Six in any way too. your site does work when using the Modern orderform template... you might be better off opening a ticket with support and letting them take a look - there are so many things that could be causing this, that they may be able to decide which it is after a closer inspection of your setup... and perhaps update this thread when you find the cause...
  4. brian!

    Income Forecast Error

    the income forecast report includes domains too - so it's possible that it's an active domain with a 2+ years registration period causing this. there will be something in either that tblhosting or tbldomains that this report is getting that value from (unless there is an error in one of those tables)... it can't be making it up ! 🙂
  5. brian!

    Adding second currency in invoices

    I thought that stopped after you had made 5 posts... but ours is not to reason why. 🙄 number_format is really just about defining the decimal places of the result and its general formatting... I think I explained roughly what needs to be done, but not necessarily how to do it lol.
  6. brian!

    Affiliates cpanel

    i'd go along with @mwndesign in that it's probably not a good idea security-wise, but if you really want to you could probably use ModulesGarden's Reseller Center addon module - that allows resellers (aka affiliates) to login as their users (to WHMCS I assume)... and once logged in, there should be cpanel links for appropriate products...
  7. brian!

    PayPal Credit

    sadly, I can't read the link as I suspect its for US PayPal customers only - but on the equivalent UK site, the APIs page mentions Payflow... Express Checkout is mentioned on the same page, but doesn't specifically list PayPal Credit (only Payflow does)... there is a Payflow Pro gateway option within WHMCS... https://docs.whmcs.com/Payflow_Pro but I don't recall anyone here asking about PayPal Credit before, so I don't know if this is the gateway you need - Support may be able to specifically tell you and it might be quicker to open a support ticket than wait for a WHMCS support member to see this thread. you may need to go to the product groups setup and add it as an available gateway for those products, as I don't think new gateways get automatically enabled for products... it should be available as a gateway for domain purchases without any additional changes.
  8. brian!

    Domain Name Search.

    if you didn't already have an existing form, I would have said that using the Domainchecker Data Feed would be an option on your website. it will generate a search form from your existing domain pricing and post the search to domainchecker.php if you were using an existing form, then you would post the form to domainchecker.php and the search input field would be named "domain" - it should post the search term to the appropriate page and begin the search.
  9. brian!

    domain search error

    the first step should be to test the site using the "Six" template and "standard_cart" orderform - that should at least tell you whether it's your custom template, or some WHMCS setting that is causing this.
  10. brian!

    Invalid domain name provided

    three points that I can see... you shouldn't update a production site with a beta - they are notoriously buggy and are only suitable for testing, not live public access. if you're using custom theme/orderform (e.g ClientX from @WGS), then you shouldn't update WHMCS at all until the theme's developers have confirmed that it's compatible with the new version - which they are unlikely to do while it's still in beta. you might want to update your license details with WHMCS - your installation seems to be unlicensed. btw - I couldn't reproduce the error that you saw on your site.
  11. brian!

    Explain GoCardless workflow

    not to disagree that the v7.7 release should be updated to include this invoice status, but you could manually edit the sidebar.tpl and menu.tpl templates and add the links yourself if they don't do it.
  12. I think this has been previously reported... https://whmcs.community/topic/282277-help-zippostal-code-is-incorrect/ https://whmcs.community/topic/292040-logicboxes-api-does-not-play-nice-with-whmcs/ it might be worth opening a ticket with Support to see what they say - there's nothing about it in the v7.7 changelogs, so I don't know if that issue has been resolved yet.
  13. no worries - that's the helpdesk equivalent of telling you to turn it off and on again... it often resolves some problems! 🙂
  14. never heard that happen before... but if it's a one-off, then I suppose that there's nothing to worry about.
  15. perhaps the link to the video I posted in the thread below might help... in WHMCS, the database table you will want to be importing to is tblclients - but backup the entire database (even if tblclients is empty) as a precaution before beginning. 🙂 also worth noting that in WHMCS, the country is stored as a two-letter ISO abbreviation - so if in the csv, that field currently isn't in that format, you might need to do a search & replace before importing. one other minor thing when importing clients from csv is that the uuid value probably won't be automatically generated - editing the record(s) via the admin area will add any missing entry, or there is an admin script (untested by me) that should generate them.

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