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  1. brian!

    Price Display

    not really a bug (by their definition), just a long standing method of thinking in smallest cycles rather than lowest price, that when you take a step back and look at it clearly, is silly. there are lots of features that are still based on how they were doing it 10+ years ago. I agree - though after nearly 7 years of this nonsense, i'm now conditioned to think the WHMCS way of cycles and not prices. 😡 I can't see WHMCS touching this in v7.9, so they're probably going to wait until a future major release with new templates... which I assume is v8 in the Summer but who knows. however, I will guarantee that this issue will be addressed by others outside of WHMCS long before WHMCS themselves get around to doing it - and I can say that based on inside knowledge of some exciting projects that are currently in development. πŸ˜‰
  2. sure - I bookmarked the thread last week when you replied, but have been too busy with other commercial projects to look at this closely - though I think your clarifications have simplified the required coding. i'm not working today, so i'll take a look at this on Monday.
  3. i'd ideally like to have seen the whois,json file that you created, but using the following is working for me.... [ { "extensions": ".gh,.com.gh,.org.gh,.edu.gh", "uri": "http://www.nic.gh/whois.php?domain=", "available": "No Object Found" } ] possibly your port43 whois.nic,gh from your screenshot might work for you, but it didn't work for me - however, using the whois form on their website in WHMCS does seem to work.
  4. except that I gave you the whole fishing kit to play with. 🐟 ☺️ for a capsule query, you would normally use $child->domain (depending on what you've called the $child part in the foreach loop). always remember to choose a client that has more than one domain! too often i've chosen a test client that doesn't have the services/domains that i'm trying to output, and i'm then scratching my head, looking at the code knowing that it's right and it should work. it's not listed in the select part of your query, so it won't be part of the results array until you include it there. the query itself is fine - though as I said, you're probably missing the NDD from the select. that foreach really needs to be foreach ($clientdomain as $key => $child){ if you're going to loop through the results array correctly. https://developers.whmcs.com/advanced/date-functions/ see above with regards to the select values in the query.
  5. brian!


    I think the problem is that you just changed the status on the account from the profile tab - that doesn't really have much practical effect other than to change the status. however, if you had pressed the "Close Clients Account" link, then that should have. https://docs.whmcs.com/Clients:Summary_Tab#Close_Clients_Account yet to get such activity will take years - so bear that in mind when submitting or voting on a request... it's not a quick fix. and unless this feature has changed in recent versions, the solution already exists. πŸ™‚
  6. it has to be whois.json, otherwise WHMCS won't use it. you only need to list any custom extensions in that file - so you're Ghanaian entry and any in the main dist.whois.json file that you later find are out of date.
  7. let's say you have 3 products - Alpha, Beta and Gamma... and then let's also assume that your clients need to have an active "Alpha" service before they can access the domain registration page (as per the above hook). so a user with an active Alpha service logs in... they can now register a domain (and hence need to pay using PayPal).... but what happens if they've added Beta or Gamma to the cart too? can they still only pay with PayPal or can they use the gateways allowed with Beta & Gamma ?? but once in the cart, they could add other products / services if they want to - or at least I assume but only you know which products you're selling! if you're telling me that there are no other products they can access in the cart, other than domain reg, then fine that simplifies it. effectively, you're removing gateways from checkout - but you're going to do need to do that based on what's in the cart.... so if it's only a domain, then that's simple enough and you remove every gateway apart from PayPal... if there is a domain and a product/service in the cart, then that's why i'm asking what you want to do in those circumstances - stick with PayPal only, or allow other gateways? all options are doable - but the answer to the above will change what the conditions you have to check for will be. πŸ™‚
  8. brian!

    submit reply AND close ticket

    in the admin area ? on the ticket reply page, you can choose "Closed" from the statuses dropdown above the existing reply button and when you hit that "Reply" button, it will send the reply AND change the status of the ticket to the one selected in the dropdown (e.g Closed) at the same time.
  9. oh if only it was as simple as that. πŸ™‚ something along the lines of below? it won't be getting the data from a template - it will be pulling the information from the database. almost certainly I will have posted similar hooks to the one required for the above panel - basically you're just foreach looping through your results array. you will also have to determine what you want to output in the content... e.g. domain & manage button; domain, NDD and status etc.. for the quick example above, I just kept it vaguely similar to the Services panel layout, where each row is linked to the appropriate domain details page.
  10. brian!

    Paypal No Fees Gateway

    possibly they've pulled it so that they can test it on the latest WHMCS release and they don't users trying themselves and getting a load of tickets? you could always send them a PM @altomarketing and see if they reply to that.
  11. Hi Kingsley, there's no need to do that - in fact, you should never edit the dist.whois.json as you can create a whois.json custom file in the same folder and the update won't touch that file. you should just test those TLDs after an update to ensure that they still work... if they don't, then check to see if an updated entry has been added in the dist.whois.json file. https://docs.whmcs.com/WHOIS_Servers
  12. it would probably take me longer to explain how to do it than to actually do it for you - and i've posted a similar hook previously anyway. πŸ™‚ <?php # Redirect Users From Domain Registration Hook # # Written by brian! use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; function redirect_users_from_domain_registration_hook($vars) { $client = Menu::context('client'); $clientid = $client->id; $validproducts = array(1,2); $activecount = Capsule::table('tblhosting')->where('userid',$clientid)->whereIn('packageid',$validproducts)->where('domainstatus','Active')->count(); if ($vars['templatefile'] == 'domainregister' && $activecount == 0) { header("Location: cart.php"); exit; } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageCart", 1, "redirect_users_from_domain_registration_hook"); if the user tries to go to the domain reg page, but is either not logged in with applicable product(s), or not logged in at all, they'll be redirected to another page - currently back to the main cart page. the only line you should need to change is the list of product ID(s) in the $validproducts array. btw - this hook will have no impact on products that require a domain - this only applies to registering domains directly. by default, domain registrations can use any gateway - so the method i've previously described would be to remove the gateway(s) that you don't want to use for domain registrations.... again, that's another clientareapagecart hook, and optionally a clientareapageinvoice hook if you need to prevent them choosing another gateway at the invoice stage... almost certainly, I will have already posted these here previously. what you will have to think about is what happens if the user orders a domain registration and product Y - do you force them to use your domain reg only gateway or can they use any payment gateway option ?
  13. then I suspect you didn't configure it as I had in mind.
  14. you could use the Notes tab on the invoices page to remind you what the items in each invoice are related to... but if these notes are for your (admin) use only (e.g you don't want the clients to see them), then you will have to remove them from the invoice templates (both html and pdf) - either by editing the templates, or in the case of the html invoice template, by optionally using a action hook.
  15. brian!


    but for the purposes of the "Hide Inactive Clients" count, both Inactive and Closed statuses are included in that total (so really it's a "Hide Non-Active Clients" button) - that might be what @All Business Internet meant when he said they were "Inactive".

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