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  1. you shouldn't even need to do that - just add the configurable option to an existing product and test it in the cart - so making a test order should be unnecessary... except for peace of mind about the process! for simplicity of price updating, i'd have gone with the slider and that way you'd only have to update one price. with more advanced coding, you could change the labels on the slider to suit your needs... https://www.screencast.com/t/jNuvO49MrMkm in the above screenshot, the configurable option slider is still set in GBs (Min: 0; Max: 5) and priced at £4.95 per GB... and as you can see from the video, the sliding will work and adjust the price accordingly. of course, then you have the potential added complication that the order summary will still output in GBs - you could change that in the ordersummary.tpl template to show MB if you had to... ... but then you'd probably have to alter the viewcart templates similarly, along with possibly the invoice and email templates too.... hence why I originally said it was easier to just sell them in GBs! that's ok - no offence was taken... though bear in mind that I didn't say I needed access, I just wanted to see the public site... over the years, i've found it quicker to actually see the public site myself rather than ask a series of questions and wait for the replies. it would take a sadist of extreme perversion to answer questions on WHMCS when they don't actually use it themselves! 🙂 i've got 2 live production WHMCS installations (probably reducing to one next year) and I think currently 9 different dev installations of various versions from v5.3 to v7.6.1... no doubt increasing to 10 after the forthcoming v7.7 beta is released. 🙄
  2. then you will need a hook - the one below should do it... <?php # Remove MarketConnect Navbar Hook # Written by brian! use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar', 1, function (MenuItem $primaryNavbar) { if (!is_null($primaryNavbar->getChild('Website Security'))) { $primaryNavbar->removeChild('Website Security'); } });
  3. brian!

    MarketConnect does not fully automate SpamExperts

    additionally, don't forget that MarketConnect has been around for 18 months now - so these issues should have been ironed out by now. ... and when someone @ WHMCS says "this is something we are looking to do in the future", my heart just sinks... it really does. 😢
  4. the welcome email for the main product - custom template or MC, or welcome email for the addon ?? does the invoice email list either in the order summary? if so, then it would be an option to put this info in the invoice email... not great for the end user experience, but if the welcome email doesn't have those details, then you're left with either adding the instruction generically in the welcome email template (e.g every purchaser of that product will see it), or you go down the road of additional coding to identify if either addon is in the order.
  5. so is this a hosting product with a MarketConnect service (e.g SpamExperts) as a product addon ? you could try setting a welcome email for the product addon (as previously discussed it would have to be custom, and not MC) and it would be sent once the addon had been activated.
  6. no doubt MarketConnect will soon have an option to sell your firstborn at highly competitive prices. 🙂 I would have added {debug} to the template you want to add the conditional to, rather than create a custom one... the debug window should show the arrays relevant to the email template type, e.g general, invoice, product etc e.g if you add a {debug} to an invoice template, the arrays available will be relevant to invoicing.... whereas, if you do the same to a welcome email, there will be no invoicing details, but a lot of service related information. the MarketConnect welcome emails might have a lot of additional variables added in the background that a new custom (unrelated to MC) probably won't have - I suspect to test this correctly, you would have to add the {debug} to the SpamExperts welcome template and make an order... of course, as we discussed in another thread, the MC welcome emails are often only sent when there is a failure - so this could be a bugger to test. as I say because you're trying it in a custom email template - I daresay that $configuration_required variable is only available to the MarketConnect welcome emails - there is probably code running in the core program that is adding that variable specifically to the SpamExperts / Weebly email templates. do you see why I tend not to bang my head against a brick wall trying to work out how some hidden feature in WHMCS works any more - it's often not worth the hassle. I suspect if you could add debug to the SpamExperts welcome email template and make an order (and perhaps make it fail to generate the email), then the popup window would show $configuration_required - i'd be surprised if it wasn't there to be honest. now if you wanted to recreate $configuration_required in a custom template, then you're into the realms of writing mergefield hooks and trying to figure out under what conditions $configuration_required values exist... i'm guessing that it's true if autoconfig has failed.. so possibly if the product status is set at pending in tblhosting - but that's just a wild guess.. only WHMCS will know what's going on with MarketConnect in the background.
  7. Hi Brett, that's because a full public list doesn't exist - I daresay WHMCS wouldn't touch doing it themselves as it would soon become out of date and they would not want to commit to keeping it updated. the usual way would be to add {debug} to the email template in question; send a test message using that template; view the sent email via the client summary -> emails tab - click on the email and it should open in a popup window and more importantly, the debug popup window will also appear with a list of available variables and arrays... and you should then be able to know which variables are available for your conditional statements.
  8. that sounds like an incomplete/corrupted installation... at the very least, you're looking at reuploading the /vendor and /include folders again and hoping that fixes all your issues. also, get these things working on Six/SC before using a custom template - otherwise, you won't know whether it's a WHMCS issue or a template issue and it will take longer to figure out which. if you've updated the database to the latest version, I don't think you can revert it back... unless you had a backup copy of the database from the previous version... but then you will lose the data between then and now.
  9. oh I see - you can't do that out of the box, quantities must be priced per unit... I suppose if you altered the database table structure and allowed for more decimal places, you could price them at $0.005 per MB (or whatever it would be), but that's not even worth considering. the two easier solutions would be, if using a quantity slider, to sell them in blocks of 1GB rather than 1024MB - that's allows you to price per GB (e.g $4.95)... but if you're going to do this, you'll need to remove that additional code you added in configureproduct.tpl that moved the slider in steps of 1024 units, they now only need to move in single steps (as normal). alternatively, you would use a dropdown and sell them in blocks of either GBs or 1024MB and price accordingly for each option. if anyone vouches for me, who vouches for them? 😛 now that I know what you're talking about, I won't need access - I didn't before, I would have just needed to see what you were seeing (in the cart) to understand the issue (if the slider wasn't working as intended).
  10. that's true - and the facility is built into WHMCS without the need for an addon. https://docs.whmcs.com/CPanel/WHM_Import from the same page... I can remember that being one of the most tedious and boring tasks of using WHMCS when I first installed it. 😴 if you had client and billing data outside of cPanel (e.g in another package), then you might be able to import it using Import Assist or by getting a developer to write an import script for you... otherwise, prepare for one of the most tedious days of your life!
  11. brian!

    How to ruduce whmcs database size

    you could trim the logs stored in the database if they are large... https://docs.whmcs.com/Maximising_Performance
  12. brian!

    Configuring $itemlimit and $itemsperpage

    I don't think it's in either - it will be determined by your Datatables settings... which you should be able to tweak by either editing /includes/tablelist.tpl or with JavaScript... the documentation on their site should prove useful to you as you'll find nothing about it in the official WHMCS documentation! 🙄
  13. it should do it automatically - take a look at the video below showing it working on a v7.6.1 dev - the only code change that i've made to the template is what I have posted above and it's adjusting the price accordingly. https://www.screencast.com/t/FENlc5oK if it's not working for you, and you're using the default themes (e.g Six and Standard_cart in v7.6.1), then I might need to see your WHMCS site to see what's going on... but out of the box, this should work automatically... I think only if you're using custom theme/orderform, might you run into an issue... but even that should be fixable as i'm not making the template do anything that it isn't designed to.
  14. brian!

    List of random VAT Numbers

    the only vaguely related list that i'm aware of is the test result list from a js VAT format validator script.. https://www.braemoor.co.uk/software/vattestx.php .. there's probably 1000+ valid (in a format sense) VAT numbers listed there... though i'd recommend clicking the links of any that you intend to use just to double-check that they're currently being used by a business.
  15. brian!

    Modify PrimaryNavbar & SecondarySidebar

    wouldn't it be easier to remove their creation from the module hook rather than trying to do it after it's been created using another hook ? https://github.com/WHMCS/sample-provisioning-module/blob/master/modules/servers/provisioningmodule/hooks.php

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