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  1. well that's annoying. which TLD is this occurring with? if multiple, just give me one of them.
  2. not natively, by default in v7.7+, they're now all shown to both... https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/additional-fields-in-domain-transfers 6 years, 24 votes... gets completed and closed. now the long battle begins to get the option to only show these fields in registrations or transfers, not both... https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/ability-to-separate-registration-additional-fields-from-transfer-additional-field i'd be surprised if this was fixed in v7.8, so you're probably looking at v8 at the earliest. practically, you could probably use a ClientAreaPageCart hook, run it on configuredomains only, and then manipulate the fields subarray within $domains based on whether the current domain is a transfer or registration... but the $domains array doesn't store if it's a transfer or not - though if you need EPP for all transfers then you could get away with using that value... otherwise you may need to look at the session array.
  3. have you asked them to do so? the official line would be to submit a feature request - although I can see one already, but it's 6 years old, received 62 votes... and still under consideration. 🙄 you do realise that PM went many years (maybe 3) without any form of update - neither have the mobile apps.
  4. a slightly unusual way to have done it - i'd have taken the following route... you could even use it to add icons to those links too. btw - I doubt you would need the path /billing/ in that replacement home URL. to be honest, you could just duplicate the hook from the above thread, change "ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar" to "ClientAreaSecondarySidebar", replace references of $primarynavbar with $secondarysidebar, change 'Store' to 'Categories' and it would work on the sidebar too. 🙂 although if you only have two links to change in your sidebar, then that hook might be overkill and you could easily just write a hook to replace those two non-MC group links.
  5. quickly comparing those prices, I couldn't see any where eNom were cheaper... not that pricing should be the only factor when choosing a registrar, e.g the quality of support comes into the equation too. without checking our records, i'm pretty sure that we've never bought anything from eNom in the years i've been registering domains... of course, they're now owned by Tucows and i've had a long business relationship with them - I daresay that at some point down the road, the two brands will merge under one name. by the time I started using WHMCS in 2013, i'd already built relationships with existing registrars by then, e.g a Nominet member - so the WHMCS/eNom solution was totally irrelevant.... pricing wise, it wasn't even close to what we were paying. in any event, I prefer direct business relationships with my suppliers as i've found that to be the most constructive, and productive, path to follow - the idea of having an intermediary step in that relationship just seems pointless... perhaps, if that intermediary could provide significant discount or advantageous products, then it might be worth a punt, but neither the free eNom subreseller account, nor even MarketConnect in general does that for us... which is why we don't, and never will, use either option. that said, if a newbie user, new to both domains and WHMCS, wants to use either the eNom subreseller account and/or MC as shortcuts to get started, I can understand the simplicity of them doing so.
  6. two thoughts... are you trying to add a domain for a TLD that isn't priced in your settings? e.g a third-level .gr domain etc ?? are you adding multiple domains in the same order ??? is it an option to switch to an older version of PHP, e.g 7.2 or 7.1 just to ensure that this is not a 7.3 issue - yeah I know WHMCS 7.71 (which I assume this is) is supposedly 7.3 compatible, but always a good idea to rule that out as being the cause.
  7. brian!

    Table on productpage

    Hi Elias, which implies you're not using standard_cart, but one of the comparison or slider templates... or a custom template ? simplest solution would be to just edit the appropriate products.tpl for whichever template you're using - take out the existing products group code and replace it with your custom code for each product group.. {if $gid eq '10'} table 10 {elseif $gid eq '11'} table 11 {/if} and where i've put table 10 or table 11, you would replace that with your html code for those product groups. you could use a hook to generate the output, but you'd still need to edit the template to output that hook, so you might as well just edit the template. 🙂
  8. brian!

    Additional Policy Agreement

    i'm assuming two things with this answer... you are referring to John's hook from the thread below.... when you say "This would only appear if a domain name was being purchased as part of the order.", i'm including both domain registrations and transfers in that - if it registrations only you want to check for and not transfers, then that would require additional coding... somewhere in those 3 existing IF statements, you should just need to add... if ($vars['domainsinorder'] != 'true') { return false; } the value should be true if it's a reg or transfer, false if owndomain, subdomain or no domains in the cart.
  9. have you compared their prices to those offered by other registrars ? even if the account is free, i've never been able to think of a financial incentive to even apply for it.
  10. brian!

    Email Marketer Logging

    I had always assumed that it did - perhaps I was mistaken... will have to test that when I get the chance.... there's nothing in the docs about this either way, nor any requests asking for it. in the meantime, there is always the option to add your email address to the bcc box in the email template used by this marketer rule and you should receive a copy of it at the same time WHMCS sends it to the client... not particularly useful if the marketer is sending a lot of emails, but an option nonetheless.
  11. brian!

    SiteLock features translate

    have you worked your way through the two threads below - I suspect that what you want to do would have been covered in one of them... ... though let me know if it isn't! 🙂
  12. brian!

    Email Marketer Logging

    has the daily cron run yet ? the Marketer only runs once per day, at the daily time specified in your settings... https://docs.whmcs.com/Crons#Change_of_Daily_Cron_Hour first port of call might be to check the activity log to see if the daily cron, and especially the marketer, has ran.... if so, then you could check the email log to see if the emails are shown there...
  13. brian!

    Additional Policy Agreement

    i'd be tempted to say yes, because you should just need to search the $session cart value and see if there is a domain reg/tran in there - probably at the ShoppingCartValidateCheckout stage... it's too late to look at coding tonite (especially after 11 hours watching cricket), but with a refreshed mind tomorrow, things should be clearer to me (and i've bookmarked the thread). 🏏
  14. brian!

    Adding an ICON to Menu

    don't worry, i'm here - beware of pale imitations leading you up the wrong garden path. <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar', 1, function(MenuItem $primaryNavbar) { $client = Menu::context('client'); if (is_null($client)) { $primaryNavbar->addChild('Login', array( 'label' => Lang::trans('Login'), 'icon' => 'fa-lock', 'uri' => 'clientarea.php', 'order' => 70, )); } }); you shouldn't need to unless you're using something other than FAS - but throw it in if you think you need to. I hope this isn't a sign of the future with Support staff posting code but then immediately disclaiming it... 🙄
  15. brian!

    Make one panel full width

    that's a simple one line hook, that i've probably posted many times...

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