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  1. Invoice prefix

    then if there are 3 installations, i'd be tempted to use a hook to create a custom invoice number - similar to the one I posted in the thread below... in terms of v7+, the hook below would prefix invoices with a custom invoice number... <?php /** * Generate Custom Invoice Number Format * @author brian! */ use Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager as Capsule; function generate_custom_invoice_number_hook($vars) { $invoiceid = $vars['invoiceid']; $customnumber = "A-".$invoiceid; if (isset($customnumber)) { try { $updatedInvoiceNumber = Capsule::table('tblinvoices') ->where('id', $invoiceid) ->update(['invoicenum' => $customnumber,]); } catch (\Exception $e) { // Deal with error } } } add_hook("InvoiceCreationPreEmail",1,"generate_custom_invoice_number_hook"); ?> then for v5, you could rewrite the above and replace the capsule code with similar mysql code.... or just edit the templates!
  2. Invoice prefix

    are all three companies using the same WHMCS installation or are there 3 different installations of WHMCS ?
  3. integration to sell .se and .nu domains

    you'll also need to remember that there are registration requirements (e.g additional info needed) for both TLDs.... WHMCS is already configured to ask for that information during the ordering process (using Additional Domain Fields). so for .se, you will need to obtain the following info... OpenSRS sells both TLDs; eNom I believe only offers .nu and I don't think the Logicboxes registrars (resellerclub, NEO, resell.biz etc) offer either TLD.
  4. Can't remove Change Password from module

    ok, just noticed you're trying to use a client area hook in the admin area.. that's never going to work... it might be useful to see a screenshot of what you're seeing and where this button is.
  5. Can't remove Change Password from module

    it would work as a pure hook, but remember... https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks/module-hooks/
  6. the quick way would be via setup -> general settings -> other -> default to Client Area... that would redirect them to the login page... however, they could easily bypass that by clicking on one of the navbar links. but if you want to really prevent access to non-clients, the better solution might be to use sentq's action hook below...
  7. Can't remove Change Password from module

    if (!is_null($primarySidebar->getChild('Service Details Actions'))) { $primarySidebar->getChild('Service Details Actions') ->removeChild('Change Password'); }
  8. You are good guy - keep it up.

  9. then next would be the 'includes' folder - again, you shouldn't have any customisations in there, except perhaps in the hooks folder, but reuploading won't overwrite them (apart from example.php but that's irrelevant). http://help.whmcs.com/m/72132
  10. re-upload the entire 'vendor' folder... there shouldn't be any customisations of yours in there, so there's little chance of further breakage!
  11. Place logo

    it's an issue with your Cloudme custom template - not sure how old it ism but try getting the latest version from its developers... the logo is there when using the "Six" template on your site... though as it's a transparent png with a white logo, you can't see it on the white background! the issue will be with your header.tpl template - that could be easily fixed, but I assume there might be other out of date templates, so you may be better to get the latest version and see if that resolves it.
  12. I think it's correct as your product is set to use pro-rata on the 30th of the month... that will change the initial price charged. now you could argue that the order summary should show that the total is pro-rata adjusted, but I don't think it ever has done...
  13. Please remove welcome post!

    good to know... deja vu after every major release...
  14. you modify either the tblinvoiceitems database table, or the invoice template(s).
  15. seems ok to me too - as long as all the required fields are completed.

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