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  1. brian!

    Help with WHMCS template code

    I don't see why - any errors logged in the activity log?? perhaps there are invalid characters in the post, try either of these {if $loggedin && $clientsstats.productsnumactive eq 0}do something{/if} {if $loggedin && $clientsstats.productsnumactive == 0}do something{/if}
  2. brian!

    Hook for view ticket list??

    aah, when you said "user", that implied the client area. in the admin area, AdminAreaPage would run... AdminSupportTicketPagePreTickets would run if you wanted to add return some text/html output below the tabs...
  3. if it's a default menu item (e.g you haven't added it with a hook), then using a hook is one option, but another simpler option would be to use Language Overrides for each language used on your site... $_LANG['clientareanavhome'] = "Ocastaned Home"; on a Spanish site like yours, it should default to... on your site, it says "Home" using English or Spanish, but uses the default translation for other languages - that implies one of two things: either you have changed the above language string in Spanish to "Home", or you have an existing navbar hook that is setting the label to "Home" for Spanish... if I were you, i'd check your /lang/overrides/spanish.php and see if there is a language override in there that is changing this label.
  4. possibly an advantage of being the "Marketing Strategist" for WHMCS. 😉 thanks for the link - I rarely take any interest in the blog as most of it is pure marketing spin... would be nice to see these people answering genuine questions publicly here from the users. interesting though that there is no mention on hosting renewal on demand - that was planned for this year but must have been shelved and held back for v8 next year... and going GA the week before Christmas?? 😲 there are only 4. CORE-13774 - Separate email CC's when opening a ticket as a support contact via email CORE-13809 - GoCardless Mandate Migration Improvement CORE-13801 - Call to undefined function run_hook accessing Client Area Payment Gateway Issues (Reference, eWay, Auth.net CIM, Stripe, 2Checkout, Accept.js) personally, I would apply them in reverse date order (as above), so oldest first (e.g the 3 dated 31st Oct and then the larger multiple 1st Nov patch last) - but if you don't use GoCardless, then there is no real need to install the GC patch (so there's one less to install!)... if you're installing v7.8.3, you only need to worry about the 4 hotfixes tagged v7.8.3.. any patches tagged for earlier releases should have been incorporated into the next maintenance release afterwards- so v7.8.3 should contain all those patches apart from the four tagged v7.8.3. the sequence shouldn't matter as they should all be independent of each other, but if i'm wrong on that, then WHMCS staff will no doubt correct us. generally speaking, WHMCS don't update their maintenance release zips with hotfixes... I think I can recall them doing it when a MR had some missing files (they updated the zip, slightly changed the internal release version, but didn't change the public release name)... possibly they may update the version installed via the automatic updater, but I doubt it. so the v7.8.3 zip available from September 2019, should be the same as the one you can download/install now (with no additional hotfixes added) - I checked the zip a few weeks ago after the hotfix releases and it was the same as the Sept version, so I doubt they will have updated since I last checked (but again, they will correct me if i'm wrong on that). not that I am aware of - hence why I said the method would be to install v7.8.3 and then add the hotfixes. depending on your current installed version, unless there are feature(s) that you desperately need in v7.8.3 today, it might be a preferable option to wait until v7.9.1 early next year and update then.
  5. brian!

    Rigster button disabled

    if it's disabled, that usually implies that you haven't completed all the required fields in the registration form - are you using a custom or modified theme ?? if so, what happens when you use the "Six" template instead ?
  6. from their previous statements, my understanding is that there isn't going to be a v7.8.4 and they intend to go straight into v7.9 with a beta release "before the end of the year"... if you needed to update today, you would use v7.8.3 + any applicable hotfixes - if you want to wait, then I suspect the beta would have to be launched pretty early in Dec for it to reach GA before year-end... and WHMCS don't pre-announce beta releases unless they are imminent.
  7. with the crippled search functionality in my account now, I can hardly find anything - but I rarely used it anyway except to find previous posted hooks of mine... not to worry, there are always workarounds and alternatives to such obstacles.... hell, in the last 6+ years, i've continuously had to develop workarounds to WHMCS inadequacies! 😛
  8. brian!

    how change style of custom fields?

    the customfields already have a class assigned to them, so you're really replacing what's already there by changing the class. a bad example as that isn't a customfield, but I get the gist - for something like this, you have at least 3 options... edit the clientregister.tpl template and use a Smarty replace... {if $customfield.id eq 42}{$customfield.input|replace:'class="form-control"':'class="form-control2" placeholder="place holder"'}{else}{$customfield.input}{/if} so in this example for CF42, I am changing the CSS class and adding a placeholder - for other customfields, it does nothing... though you can have multiple if statements, in_arrays etc to cover whatever conditions/changes that you need to do. use a ClientAreaPageRegister hook, loop through the $customfields array (these input fields are just html strings) and use multiple replaces on the input fields and then return the updated array back to the template. use jQuery in a ClientAreaFooterOutput hook to change the class and add the placeholder to each CF field you want to change.
  9. this might be a daft question, but why can't they login to verify? https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/verify-email-without-logging-in-to-whmcs might be worth checking Marketplace to see if there are any addons that do this - from memory, I don't think there are though.
  10. brian!

    Payment method according to invoice amount

    your solution is also dependent upon Clients Choose Gateway not being enabled - otherwise, the client can just switch to another gateway on the invoice page gateway dropdown.
  11. brian!

    Hook for view ticket list??

    ClientAreaPageSupportTickets would run on that page... supportticketslist.tpl would be the template (if using Six)... and how to add something depends on what/where you want to add. 🙂
  12. I can't see anything particularly wrong when using USD - the fact you haven't added domain pricing in BDT yet would explain why you can't search foe domains when using that currency.
  13. if they're ordering a product with a free domain, any other domains would be charged for at full price (assuming no promo codes are in play)... if no promo codes are used, then the user could order multiple products with free domains if they chose to (a promo code to limit it to one per product per client); even if promo codes are used, there's nothing immediately to stop them creating multiple accounts to get the free domains if they want to.
  14. I was afraid of that. 😲 changing the due date would have been my first suggestion.. another option would be to mark the service as "Cancelled" as services marked as cancelled are not included by WHMCS when it auto generates the invoices - the service will continue to work as normal, but will not be invoiced... then when your ready to invoice the service again, change it back to active and assuming the NDD is within range, it will be invoiced for on the next daily cron run... or you could manually invoice it when you're ready to do so (but the status must have been changed to Active first). I suspect either of those options would be better than a coded solution because, whilst you can prevent a generated invoice being sent to a customer, it's trickier to prevent it from actually being generated in the first place.

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