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  1. oh I don't doubt it works for you on your site, but I can't get it working locally in v8 or v8.1 - not to worry, I give up trying to make it work.... posted code really needs to work with no more than a copy&paste.... btw - you should replace the text where you can with language strings - cargando and cerrar will have existing client strings available to use. no - but it could contribute to a problem is a site owner uses it.
  2. that doesn't really matter - if I ran a Dutch site, where port43 .nl lookups might be limited to 15 per day, and i'm wasting one each time by someone looking up the whois of an existing .nl domain, then it's one less available to someone who might want to register a .nl domain (assuming standard_whois is being used for domain searches in the cart). like ptomter, I can't get it working at all on my v8.1 dev.
  3. i'd be wary of using it if you sell a TLD that has very strict whois lookup limits - cos wasting whois lookups on this could prevent accurate results for those wanting to register a domain using that TLD.
  4. quickest way for now would be to edit the header-nav.tpl template and after <ul class="nav navbar-nav">, put... <li class="lr_tooltip"> <span class="lr_tooltiptext">New Project</span> <a href="addonmodules.php?module=project_management#" onclick="createnewproject();return false"><i class="fas fa-plus"></i></a> </li> that will give you a + on the menu... click it once to go to the PM page; then click it again and it will open the New Project window.
  5. going by the v8 class docs, I assume it should now be $client->isEmailAddressVerified rather than $client->emailVerified
  6. I do like to see a good rant here! 🙂 though I think really you should have posted in the v8.1 forums, as WHMCS staff will have more chance of seeing it there - personally. i'd consider the child theme process to effectively still really be in beta (or let's call it "more public testing" lol).... I don't think it was tested thoroughly during beta (certainly I didn't nor did I see a lot of threads about it), so I would consider it buggy until we get towards v8.2 or later. are you sure? i'm seeing the custom.css file on your domain options page...
  7. there is a Bambora gateway in Marketplace, but it looks as though it hasn't been updated in many years. similarly, I can see a gateway on GitHub that hasn't been updated in 3 years - but I guess it might still work, or possibly a starting point for writing your own.
  8. I could have just said "remember" instead. 🙂
  9. the error suggest that there is a database table missing - it might be worth opening a ticket with Support... if you get your license directly from WHMCS (login required) - https://www.whmcs.com/support/ if you get your license from a reseller / host (no login required) - https://www.whmcs.com/reseller-support/
  10. try switching your theme to Six or 21 - if it works fine with that, then it is probably an issue with your Antler custom theme.
  11. if the URL of the image file is defined in all.min.css, did you upload a modified all.min.css in the child css folder or redefine the url in a custom.css?
  12. I would assume the solution below still works...
  13. yes, but why ? the default process would be... User add to cart. Checkout (either first logging in or registering). I could understand (upto a point), registering first before ordering (e.g hide the cart until they can login), but your way complicates the ordering process and wouldn't really save the user any time... or make sense (unless i'm missing something?).
  14. either define it in your ordering /. product group settings or add &carttpl=standard_cart in a cart URL
  15. do you want to show invoices on every page ??? are you actually wanting to show a list of invoices on every page in the client area in the header ?? I can understand a count (and you wouldn't need a hook for that), but a list ?!?
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