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  1. I absolutely agree - and don't update a production install until you get the all-clear from any 3PD that their (updated if necessary) modules are compatible. in fact, when you get the all clear and v8 goes out of beta, and your modules have been updated by their developers - then you can thoroughly test it on a dev to see if any errors occur before upgrading the production install.
  2. it's an option you can enable/disable in the settings - and I can't remember if its on by default. let me have a ponder on this, because I think the simpler solution would be to use jQuery to change the dropdown and then that should change the payment method details too (which in the case of PayPal includes a form generated by WHMCS internally)... but the invoice page doesn't have a header or footer, so injecting code via a hook is a little more involved... and I don't particularly just want to do it in the template if that can be avoided.
  3. if you were thinking of purely changing the text, then you could use Language Overrides for that. however, if you're thinking of removing it entirely, then you're looking at using one of three options... edit the configureproduct.tpl template and remove the <div> that contains this info box. <div class="alert alert-warning info-text-sm"> <i class="fas fa-question-circle"></i> {$LANG.orderForm.haveQuestionsContact} <a href="contact.php" target="_blank" class="alert-link">{$LANG.orderForm.haveQuestionsClickHere}</a> </div> ... though if you do this, you would manually have to update the template again after every upgrade. you could use custom CSS... #order-standard_cart .info-text-sm {display: none !important;} .. though that might get applied to the div box in domainoptions.tpl too. you could use an action hook to specifically add the custom css only to the configureproduct.tpl template - that would have the advantage of being able to specify only this info box.
  4. I don't know if it would still work with v8, but the hook that I posted three years ago minimises the admin sidebar on page load and works upto v7.10.2...
  5. have you added your clients and their domains to your WHMCS install yet?
  6. i'm happy to be contradicted, but I don't believe so - i've checked back in v5.3 and that didn't ask for a password... v7.8.3 doesn't ask for a password - neither does v7.10.2 in fact, it wouldn't make any sense for it to do so, because they may be products that don't require a password - so why would WHMCS automatically want to create a field for one ? how far back are you thinking ?
  7. for me, your code works as is - but I was suggesting that you might need to add !important to some lines... .btn-primary:hover { background-color:#24da72 !important; border-color:#204d74 !important; } if you're not changing the font colour, then you don't need to add the color line in the custom.css code.
  8. I wouldn't treat statements like that from WHMCS Support as gospel or definitive - it usually just means that they don't know how to do it, not that it cannot be done.... and I speak from once being told that very same thing about another issue, that I was able to resolve myself within an hour.
  9. it is - the if statement should be (if you aren't going to use in_array)... if (($vars['filename'] == "billableitems" || $vars['filename'] == "clientsbillableitems") && $_REQUEST['action'] == 'manage' && !$_REQUEST['id']) { the problem is there are two ways to create a billable item - from the admin menu, the link goes to billableitems.php (the original hook handles that); but if you're in the client summary page, you can use clientsbillableitems.php (your hook handles that) - with the above if statement, the hook should handle both. 🙂
  10. then if it's a bought custom theme, it might be worth asking its developers... i've seen custom themes not have the edit link, but can't think of one that has it, yet doesn't work...
  11. oh ok - I wasn't sure if you were removing or adding... the invoice database tables don't store quantities of products as a separate value - they will just be multiple line items... and they will either be listed individually on the invoice, or if you have "Group Similar Line Items" enabled, they'll be grouped and shown as per your screenshot. generally speaking to get a qty for a line item, you would do a count of the tblinvoiceitems table (the pdf template will know the invoice id)... and similarly for cycles, amounts, etc, it is often easier to get them direct from the database rather than manipulating, or trying to figure out, from the description string. the added complication for your situation is that you're using the Clean PDF addon - I know there is an overrides template that is not encrypted, but I don't know if you have options to modify the template in the way that this would need.
  12. I get that - but you still haven't said whether CCG is enabled... e.g is there a dropdown on the viewinvoice page or do the invoices only have one option - because the answer to that will decide how to do this.
  13. by bundled, do you mean you have them as product bundles? well users can't choose the billing cycle of an addon during ordering, so you might have to use a specific monthly addon with a monthly product etc.... if they're going to be on different cycles, i'd leave them as separate products, or a bundle... or possibly a config option depending on what the purpose of the maintenance products are. if a product has multiple billing cycles, then passing a cycle in the URL just preselects the chosen cycle - unless coded not to, the templates will allow the user to change from one cycle to another during ordering... e.g you could pass annually in the link, but they could switch to monthly... or vice versa. if a product only has one cycle, then there's no need to pass any value in the url. 🙂
  14. by extract/export, you mean remove specific content from the description ? if it's purely in the PDF template only, then it's just a case of working out what you want to remove, and manipulating the description value using various PHP replacement methods... and what method to choose depends on what you want to remove.
  15. a link from where - the client area when they're already logged in or in an email ? what does the link do - just take them to the viewinvoice page and preselect a specific gateway - or do you actually want to forward them to PayPal from that link ?? also, do you have Clients Choose Gateway enabled ?
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