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  1. yes! I was beginning to question my own sanity. 👨‍⚕️
  2. aahh, that explains it - there was a bug/discrepancy where that value wasn't passed in v7.8 - you'll have to get it another way... <?php # Email Verification Icon Hook # Written by brian! function email_verified_icon_hook($vars) { $client = Menu::context('client'); $emailverified = $client->emailVerified; if ($emailverified) { $displayTitle = $vars['displayTitle'].' <i class="fas fa-user-check fa-xs"></i>'; return array("displayTitle" => $displayTitle); } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageHome", 1, "email_verified_icon_hook"); the above is tested as working in v7.8.3 - and should work in every version thereafter.
  3. which version of WHMCS are you using ?
  4. it will be in the $clientsdetails array... if for whatever reason it's not there, you would have to get the value from the database.
  5. I would be more inclined to ask in the cPanel forums considering they wrote it.
  6. you're going to have to throw me more of a bone that that... are you on the clientarea homepage - the one with the panels? what happens if you output {$clientsdetails.email_verified} in that template. throw a {debug} in the template and get the value of $clientsdetails.email_verified - it's going to be true or false... if it's false, then they haven't verified and that explains why the hook is seemingly doing nothing.
  7. then we need to start debugging the cause... <?php # Email Verification Icon Hook # Written by brian! function email_verified_icon_hook($vars) { $clientsdetails = $vars['clientsdetails']; if ($clientsdetails['email_verified']) { $displayTitle = $vars['displayTitle'].' Verified'; return array("displayTitle" => $displayTitle); } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageHome", 1, "email_verified_icon_hook");
  8. are you using an account where they have already verified the email address ?
  9. to allow clients to renew services on demand like domains ? no - there was supposed to be this feature added to v7.8 (I think - last year anyway), but it never appeared - I assume it will be in v8, but that's just an assumption on my part. if it's urgent, you can do it with the MG Hosting Renewals addon.
  10. there's a similar addon in Marketplace... https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/1478-elavon-virtual-merchant-converge
  11. it might be worth putting this in a GitHub and adding a link to it in Marketplace - who knows what's going to happen to Blend after v8, but that's going to be many months away at best.
  12. technically, it isn't the only way - if you could export the list of enom domains etc into a csv file, you can import them via MySQL... for the odd domain, I wouldn't bother - if you're looking at importing hundreds, then it's worth considering.
  13. I would consider this expected behaviour of Six - the reason why you're seeing it twice is because this client has already entered an answer to a security question - so the template is showing the question they chose and a field for the answer... that field is left blank in case they want to change their security question and/or answer - in order to do so, then will have to enter their existing answer again. after an answer has been updated, the template has access to the answer, so in the current session, it will show the answer (hidden as a password). if you had to, you could either get the page to show it by default if it exists - that's just a tweak to the template... either as a hidden password field or as text.
  14. that might take some time. 😛 possibly a ClientAreaPageCart redirection hook that as soon as someone hits cart.php, they're redirected elsewhere... similar to the one in the thread below, but instead of just specifying one page, allow it to work for all cart pages. *if* this is the navbar (and with that template i've seen it do similar things as a separate menu not related to the navbar), then the quickest way would be a primary navbar hook that removes the "services" parent tab (that removes the entire tab) and then you just add a new child link in the same hook file.
  15. not a nice way - other than modifying the links in the navbar/sidebar/panels with hooks... though they wouldn't change any links that were shown in other template, or generated internally outside of the navigation. I could be tempted to suggest htaccess redirection, but then you're potentially fighting against Friendly URLs settings and redirection loops.... though you could try it with one link type and see if it works, and then expand if it does.
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