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  1. Ciao @Kian ed altri utenti. Ci sono per caso novità valide per ormai whmcs 8.5 e prossima 8.6 riguardo sicurezza del software sotto il punto di vista GDPR ? Grazie a chi potrà rispondere e condividere informazioni in merito.
  2. Hi guys, i'm using whmcs 7.9 actually and i 'll want create something already worked in this post, but without create a different hosting package. My goal would be using an already existing hosting package and directly have a coupon in checkout added if client check to transfer his domain, if not ( eg. client register a new domain ) nothing would be applied. Could be a good start poing this kind of brian's hook ? @brian! Thanks
  3. Ciao Kian, grazie per la tua risposta, non riesco a trovare il link ma mi sembra che whmcs aveva annunciato delle features in grado di cancellare clienti che avessero anche utenti interconnessi tra più clienti stessi. Quindi mi confermi che al momento la versione 8.1 non è gpdr compliance effettivamente? Al momento io sono ancora con la 7.x e non con molti clienti ~300 Tralasciando poi il discorso dei nuovi costi mesi che avrà whmcs, come si possa fare per chi non ha modo d'ninvestire adeguatamente in proprie soluzioni non saprei. Ho visto che il tuo sito su cui hai molti moduli utilli hai gli stessi con compatibilità per la versione 8 ed hai anche un modulo per il multibrand, come stiamo messi a gdpr pertanto 😕 ? Legati ovviamente a whmcs e loro bug, problemi...giusto ? Per caso hai sviluppato qualcosa per Bles** ( : P ) , come ad esempio il modulo per fatturazione elettronica italiana ? Grazie.
  4. Salve, chiedo a chi possa saperne di più sull'argomento. la versione di whmcs 8.1 con il suo attuale stato e gestione dei clienti / utenti è effettivamente GDPR compliance ? Noto che ci sono possibili problemi sulle cancellazioni di utenti condivisi su più account a cui hanno accesso. Grazie per risposte in merito.
  5. Hello Brian, thank you for your reply. I thought if client in whmcs register a domain for other one, creating so a contact profile, i could remember it in his clientarea, for example in admin i can see the order and check that domain has a client contact different from billing one , 'cause every domain registered to a different entity ( company or private person ) by client... whmcs create a contact profile for this purpose. Thank you
  6. Hi all, i'm on whmcs 7.8 and i need to know if there's possibility give client from his clientarea to check domain holder informations for his domains. Give to check ( not to modify ), actually i'm using "domain registrar" as "email notifications", which is the domain holder for his domains registered by him or for other entity ( company / private person ). Thank you for the help.
  7. Hi, i'm finding some points to start to understand if possible make to generate from whmcs a coupon code after order payout to send automatically ( for example with cron ) to client that bought a certain hosting product . The situation would be that client buy a hosting product "A", whmcs create automatically a coupon code ( with autogenerate code ) with some specific options setted ( for example time to use, max uses, expiration date, billing cycles, applies to only some product and so on ... ) then sent it in email template automatically with the cron to the client. Thanks.
  8. Someone could give me a suggestion to do it answering my last post ? i'm totally mess :/ Thank you for any suggestion
  9. Sure thanks Steven, but from documentation hook OrderPaid it hasn't variable $pid , could you guide me to a correct solution so? <?php add_hook('OrderPaid', 1, function($vars) { $return = []; if ($vars['pid'] == 70 { $return = ['recurring' => '30.00',]; } return $return; }); i think that it doesn't work 😕 Hi Brian, thank you, yes i thought it, but i'm using only one currency. Thanks
  10. Hi all, i'm newbie with whmcs and i need help to solve a problem. I'm working with whmcs v. 7.x and actually ( not even in 8.x ) there's a way to change hosting price after 1 year, without creating and using a promotional coupon code . So i need that one of my product hosting with pid=70 that it's price 20.00$ could be changed automatically to 30.00$ in Recurring Amount after 1 year. For only client he's buying it. So after client have bought it and paid invoice, hook could work and update Recurring Amount value in hosting product for client...There's a way to perform it with a hook ? I'm seeing documentation about whmcs hooks and i found the " OrderPaid " . Something below could be works? <?php add_hook('OrderProductPricingOverride', 1, function($vars) { $return = []; if ($vars['pid'] == 70 { $return = ['recurring' => '30.00',]; } return $return; }); Thanks for any help.
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