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  2. My customer reported bug in Register Domain page. Eg. He was trying to search a domain that domain not available. after enter nrew domain name but search button not active (disabled) how to search ? then was after page reloaded then working ? My Question is every new domain search page reload required
  3. I am happy to assist in any way that I can. You may reach me via reply or message.
  4. Well... had posted a topic and awaiting the moderator to approve. Already over 4 days, but yet to pass... Any hints or tips I can get ride on this?
  5. I am curious if I wanted to find a WHMCS developer to help me troubleshoot our WHMCS set up and do some troubleshooting to fix some problems we are having, is this the group I would find someone? Or is there another group that might be more helpful or somewhere else I should look? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, We have a WHMCS platform, which manages two Plesk servers, for the purpose to switch from server Plesk 01 to server Plesk 02 when the fist server will be fill full. Currently, WHMCS do the switching to server Plesk 2, when this value "Maximum No. of Accounts" it's equal to value reconfigured the server plesk 1. We are looking for somebody who can customize this for limit by nombre of domaine created, not by the nombre of account. we are available for any further information Best regards
  7. Yes, it seems too much slow activity , if we compare from 2014-2016
  8. Hi, friends: the WHMCS community is not active. how do you think this?

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