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  1. It happens to work perfectly! 😁 Many many thanks!!!
  2. @brian! Now (probablyfrom the WHMCS 8 ) if in the last page I choose "Already registered" after I click "Submit order" I get the message with "You did not enter your Tax ID". But the ID Number exist in customer's account. If I click again on "Finish order" works... Any idea? Many thanks!
  3. I know this option but not this. I want to link it to a server not to a group.
  4. No, not from here. If I remember correct was in Product/Service and I think is normal to be there. Maybe the option was removed?
  5. Time ago I remember a settings from where you can specify for every package on which server to be created. Now I need again this option but I cannot find it. I still have this option activated for one package but no idea from where I made this settings. Also WHMCS support cannot help me, the guy who response to my ticket didn't know anything about this. Anybody know about I'm talking? Many thanks!
  6. I added AND tblhosting.domainstatus='Active'; at the end and is perfect for me. Many many thanks!
  7. Hi Brian and many thanks! The .tld is not so important. Can you tell me please exactly how can I exctract the customer's email for every domain? ☺️ Thanks again!
  8. Hi! I'm searching for an ideea how to extract in a .csv/.txt a list of .tld domains name plus customer emails if they has no administration domains at me, have only the hosting. I'm sure with php+mysql can be easy made, if you know php+mysql πŸ˜„ Also maybe with a phpmyadmin query is possible. Many thanks!
  9. Any ideea what whois to use for .es? With whois.csrnic.net is not working anymore. Thanks!
  10. Sounds strange, I know 😎 I want to sell cPanel licenses for example and also to offer the posibillity to people who buy VPS/dedicated servers to choose the option to buy cPanel. I know I can make one time cPanel as product and second as Addon to a product but I want to be only one item not two. I hope I was clear with my request 😁 Many thanks!
  11. Few days ago I have changed the module for registration .ro domains and the previous one had some hooks. I think from there was the problem because now work very well. Thanks for info! 😁
  12. I use this hook and work with a little problem. After I finish to complete the forms, also VAT ID field and I press Finish order I get an error how the VAT ID field was empty. If I put again the VAT number and press Finish is working. How can I solve the problem to be viewed from first time? Thank you!
  13. With hook from @brian! works perfect. Thank you very much! Thank you also @leewolz for sugestions!
  14. In my country is mandatory to have VAT ID on invoices, so, how can I make the field TAX ID required? I think I have to use a hook. Manythanks!
  15. Hi! Did you solve the problem? I have exactly the same. Thanks!
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