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  1. I know this option but not this. I want to link it to a server not to a group.
  2. No, not from here. If I remember correct was in Product/Service and I think is normal to be there. Maybe the option was removed?
  3. Time ago I remember a settings from where you can specify for every package on which server to be created. Now I need again this option but I cannot find it. I still have this option activated for one package but no idea from where I made this settings. Also WHMCS support cannot help me, the guy who response to my ticket didn't know anything about this. Anybody know about I'm talking? Many thanks!
  4. I added AND tblhosting.domainstatus='Active'; at the end and is perfect for me. Many many thanks!
  5. Hi Brian and many thanks! The .tld is not so important. Can you tell me please exactly how can I exctract the customer's email for every domain? ☺️ Thanks again!
  6. Hi! I'm searching for an ideea how to extract in a .csv/.txt a list of .tld domains name plus customer emails if they has no administration domains at me, have only the hosting. I'm sure with php+mysql can be easy made, if you know php+mysql 😄 Also maybe with a phpmyadmin query is possible. Many thanks!
  7. Any ideea what whois to use for .es? With whois.csrnic.net is not working anymore. Thanks!
  8. Sounds strange, I know 😎 I want to sell cPanel licenses for example and also to offer the posibillity to people who buy VPS/dedicated servers to choose the option to buy cPanel. I know I can make one time cPanel as product and second as Addon to a product but I want to be only one item not two. I hope I was clear with my request 😁 Many thanks!
  9. Few days ago I have changed the module for registration .ro domains and the previous one had some hooks. I think from there was the problem because now work very well. Thanks for info! 😁
  10. I use this hook and work with a little problem. After I finish to complete the forms, also VAT ID field and I press Finish order I get an error how the VAT ID field was empty. If I put again the VAT number and press Finish is working. How can I solve the problem to be viewed from first time? Thank you!
  11. With hook from @brian! works perfect. Thank you very much! Thank you also @leewolz for sugestions!
  12. In my country is mandatory to have VAT ID on invoices, so, how can I make the field TAX ID required? I think I have to use a hook. Manythanks!
  13. Hi! Did you solve the problem? I have exactly the same. Thanks!
  14. Hi! We made a custom module for tld domains registration and we have a problem. All .tld domains has nothing at field "Expiry Date", we imported and populated the field "Next Due Date" after a query to get expiry date. After every renewal WHMCS remove everything from "Next Due Date" and add the date today+nr of years renewals at "Expiry Date" What we need to do for "Next Due Date" update with new expiry date and ignore "Expiry Date" (or put the same data from "Next Due Date"? We tried something simple like $values['nextduedate'] = $expdate; $values['nextinvoicedate'] = $expdate; but nothing, I think value nextduedate is named different. Thank you very much!
  15. I have a problem with LiveChat after finally WHMCS work under Php 7.2. I cannot login and I get the message ”Connection Error! I use Ioncube 10 and I downloaded the latest version of LiveChat with ic10. I get an error in Console like is a 403 error in accessing the file /xml/WebService.php This file has the same permissions like any other files from the same folder who can be accessed without any problem. Any ideea? Thank you!
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