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  1. Soon we hope launch the beta-test with two different business model: sell individual VPN accounts and sell dedicated VPS with VPN and WHMCS management. If you folks have ideas or suggestions from what kind of VPN service needed to management (OpenVPN etc) fell free to PM me.
  2. My team is working in a product suite to VPN sell on WHMCS based on open source technologies to you launch your VPN service in hours!
  3. Hello @northgate sorry for the delay, I don access community for a while and I do not see your message. Lawrence is right, to get tracking Adwords conversion you will need to use our module Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce for WHMCS
  4. I try to display a new smarty template with _remoteinput but doesn't work. I believe that if override the default creditcard.tpl to your template file will works?
  5. Hello, community! I have developed the WHMAUTIC, a new plugin that Integrates WHMCS with Mautic. What does this module do? The WHMAUTIC Module integrates your WHMCS with Mautic, synchronizing your customers directly into the Mautic marketing automation platform and enabling you to identify business opportunities, automate marketing campaigns, and segment your customers based on your interests and products. Track the WHMCS shopping funnel to help you identify campaign performance through Mautic and improve your sales conversion. With this module you can: Synchronize your WHMCS customer data with Mautic contacts Track all pages in the WHMCS client area with the Mautic pixel Track the WHMCS sales funnel to identify opportunities Target Mautic contacts based on WHMCS information Automate marketing campaigns for your WHMCS products See all features and screenshots in the link https://market.eunarede.com/whmautic-whmcs-mautic-integration/
  6. In 2016 I have questioned the WHMCS team about this function, I found the reply:
  7. Hello, community! I'm doing some experiments with the API UpdateTransaction but it looks like it is not working with any combination of parameters. I used the required parameter transactionid and tried to update the fee and description, but nothing happens. The API returns success.
  8. Hello @steven99 I have tested the _remoteinput function and these appear to be fired on the input pages
  9. HTACCESS rules you can perform this change =) Try search HTACCESS rules regex!
  10. I believe that you can use the oAuth to perform your need - https://developers.whmcs.com/oauth/
  11. Do you want to remove the news option on your index page?
  12. Maybe you can use the jQuery.get() to Load data from the server using a HTTP GET request. jQuery.get() - https://api.jquery.com/jquery.get/ jQuery get() Method - https://www.w3schools.com/jquery/ajax_get.asp
  13. Hello WHMCS Community! I'm having a little challenge on a custom theme. I need to override some translations in a specific theme through the language file. This need is to be able to meet the need of the theme in changing words in the translation that help the user in the products that will be displayed in this theme, but this could not change the standard translation used in other WHMCS themes. Is it possible to create a translation file that is used only on a specific theme?
  14. @zub , I believe that the first step is the search for a good PHP library to base your needs. I have developed a provisioning module that integrates with the IBM MQ and a good SOAP library help me save lots of time in development.
  15. I get this resolved look the Data Feed files architecture. The data feed files can serve as the reference on retrieve this type of information.
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