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  1. Thanks for sharing. Now I learn another way to achieve. 🙂
  2. According to the reference, as long as you are checking for a particular client profile, all invoices should be returns with invoice details when conditions matched. Maybe you should check properly on the localapi getinvoices and its response in detail?
  3. This is hardcoded in the theme. You can check the respective theme in use and make a child theme. You might have misunderstanding on the currency format setting. Your selection should be 1.234,56. Btw, these questions I feel like it shouldn't be in developer corner but belongs to other board? 😅
  4. WHMCS won't do anything if it is not being documented clearly... So I am guessing, except the page and client custom fields it mentioned in the example, non of other custom fields will be auto loaded. So I would suggest you first check the param passed to template, if the reference item really exists. If no, as usual, you will need to extract it from DB, and then form the proper array and pass to template for the display. Hope my 2cents help.
  5. Not sure if you still need an answer. Steven had give you a clear direction. Check the https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/updateclientproduct/ for the example on how to make a localAPI call. Then place this localAPI call in the OrderPaid hook will do.
  6. Here's something answer formally by WHMCS support and adding in some elaboration on my questions. Please help to contribute some idea, or point a way for my research. Will share here on any findings later. Recently there is no such thing supported by WHMCS. Am asking for any possible workaround. If you do have some point to share, greatly appreciated. Asked support but they don't really captured what I am needed. Pending for clues. It seems like no native "renewal" localAPI can use. I am thinking just make a custom function to handle this, all by direct Models manipulation. Well... this one still have no clue. Regards, Nelson Neoh
  7. Hi there. After a long search in Google and this community, I didn't really able to find a clue on how to handle this, if there is a product which upgrade will incurs a full charge, rather than default prorated charge in WHMCS. Do you guys has any hints or workaround? Here's the full list of issues I am experiencing now, hope will get any help from you here. Thanks in advance. 1. What's the proper procedures to take, if there is a product/service renewal or upgrade will incurs a full charge rather than prorated according to remaining days? 2. When a product/service renewed (recurring auto CC charged or invoice paid), which hook or function in Addons/Provisions can use to trigger follow up actions? Like post an API request to principle for such renewal action. 3. When a Renewal button being click, either on Admin/Client Panel, it will triggers invoice and charge directly on client deposited funds if sufficient fund available. Which localAPI should I call? 4. I noticed if the Product/Service being created with recurring terms, for example monthly or annually, it will automatically triggered an invoice by WHMCS cron. Wish to know if there is sufficient fund in client account, will the cron direct credited its balance and send a paid invoice? Which hook should I use if the invoice send is a paid invoice? Best Regards, Nelson
  8. Well... we are just learning from each other and sharing details, which the principle doesn't really care to share in much detail... lol To an extends, all the additional domain fields must be able to display in a full detailed WHOIS lookup, so I make a simple workaround under registrar_GetContactDetails to first requset a full detail WHOIS, place them nicely in an array, then merge with the standard contact array and return the final. Here's a snap of code which might help. //Additional fields under Registrant. $arr_additionalfields["Registrant"]["Registration No"] = $arr["registrant Registration No"]; //... $return = array( "Registrant" => array( "First Name" => $arr["registrant first name"], "Last Name" => $arr["registrant last name"], // ... ), "Admin" => array( "First Name" => $arr["admin first name"], "Last Name" => $arr["admin last name"], //... ), "Technical" => array( "First Name" => $arr["technical first name"], "Last Name" => $arr["technical last name"], //... ), "Billing" => array( "First Name" => $arr["billing first name"], "Last Name" => $arr["billing last name"], //... ), ); if(!empty($arr_additionalfields)) $return = array_merge_recursive($arr_additionalfields,$return); return $return;
  9. OK. Finally found a related discussion here: look like I shall pass on this to get other more important thing done... (well... MJ's "They Don't Care About Us" pops into my mind... 😩)
  10. I am working on a registrar module, and wondering how to make the Country field in Domain Contact Information (clientarea.php?action=domaincontacts&domainid=55) to show as a dropdown, rather than a text box. Any clue to share? I know if wish to show the correct phone country code, must declare object Phone Country Code. Wondering what should be the proper object to pass to achieve above mention. TQ. Regards, Nelson
  11. Have got the answer from WHMCS Support. The fields should be returned in Registrar Module, registrar_GetContactDetails.
  12. Actually this is what confused me: If the index should start with 0, and the value equal to "year", where to define the price?
  13. What it told in the developer page, is just says the setYears is an array. Maybe you can provide some details on how the setYears array should form? Tried a lot of way to get this work, but yet failed. Thanks in advanced.
  14. Hi there. I noticed there are sometimes we need to put some additional information in the Contact Information form (/clientarea.php?action=domaincontacts&domainid=123), to fulfill certain TLDs Registry requirements, especially on ccTLDs. For example: Company Registration number and etc. There is always a quick fix to hardcode in the template but for sure it is not the appropriate way to do so. Any advice I can inject those required custom fields based on selected TLDs, when client accessing respective domain contact? Thanks in advanced. Regards, Nelson
  15. Tried to test out the code, and found the sample given is truly sucks... Here's the snap of code I try, and it is now successfully import with multi years price, in year multiplier basis on subscription price assigned. $item = (new ImportItem) ->setExtension($extension['tld']) ->setYears(array(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)) ->setMinYears((int)$extension['minPeriod']) ->setMaxYears((int)$extension['maxPeriod']) ->setYearsStep(1) ->setRegisterPrice($extension['registrationPrice']) ->setRenewPrice($extension['renewalPrice']) ->setTransferPrice($extension['transferPrice']) ->setRedemptionFeePrice($extension['redemptionFee']) ->setCurrency(strval($extension['currencyCode']));
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