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  1. Tried to test out the code, and found the sample given is truly sucks... Here's the snap of code I try, and it is now successfully import with multi years price, in year multiplier basis on subscription price assigned. $item = (new ImportItem) ->setExtension($extension['tld']) ->setYears(array(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)) ->setMinYears((int)$extension['minPeriod']) ->setMaxYears((int)$extension['maxPeriod']) ->setYearsStep(1) ->setRegisterPrice($extension['registrationPrice']) ->setRenewPrice($extension['renewalPrice']) ->setTransferPrice($extension['transferPrice']) ->setRedemptionFeePrice($extension['redemptionFee']) ->setCurrency(strval($extension['currencyCode']));
  2. Well, I might be a bit late, but just wish to contribute. For anybody has interest, can give a try on WebNIC. The whois protection is free and good customer support.
  3. Hi Guys, While coding the registrar module, TLD & Pricing Sync function, the setYears method confused me. Can anybody show me any reference on how the array structure should be arranged? Recently I tried to pass the array as follow to setYears. Array ( [1] => 7.5 [2] => 15 [3] => 22.5 ) It ended up show in the import screen as 7.5 years as follow screen captured, with no years pricing tap also. Tried with the setMinYears(1) and setMaxYears(10), but no use, the imported TLD is only configured 1st year price tier. TQ. Best Regards, Nelson
  4. Wow! Thanks @brian! for the detail response. It is always be good to have you here! --------- Btw, I am still wondering, what will happens if Admin cliecked on this option? Really didn't notice what will be made by the registrar module. I am guessing the option will only provide a option which required registrar module to handle the contact details as per choosen by the admin... And as always, the poor WHMCS documentation never mention about this at all... sigh.
  5. In registrar module, how could I get to know if the admin had configured to unticked "Use Clients Details", which layed under "General Settings" --> "Domains"? Can't find any clue under domain params. Wonder I can only check the config through Carbon?
  6. Thanks on the suggestion, will try this out. @steven99 Do you have sample code to share the proper way to include these functional pages? I used to get error and not very familiar on the WHMCS global variables when includes a php page. Thanks you all in advanced.
  7. Hi all, I wish to perform some registrar API activities in the registrar hooks, but as the hook's vars or params didn't provide credential details, I tried to get direct from DB Capsule and unfortunately noticed the data stored in encrypted format... Any suggestions to over come this? TQ. Best Regards, Nelson
  8. Push up the topic as it had been sinked due to very long approval process...
  9. Hi all. Had been diving in this community for almost 1 year. Just posted a few questions in the community, but yet to have moderator approval... for days... Anyway, I guess maybe I have not yet intro myself and causing this? lol --- Well, am administrating a registrar module and develop/maintain a few addons modules. Now having hard to migrate all of them into WHMCS v8. 😉
  10. Well... had posted a topic and awaiting the moderator to approve. Already over 4 days, but yet to pass... Any hints or tips I can get ride on this?
  11. Hi all. Recently I have a custom addon module which placing order through localAPI, but it seems this limits my client to purchase 1 item at a time, which brings not so good UX. I wish to get some input, what's the proper way to change the order placing through my custom addon module, direct to normal shopping cart. Thank you all in advance. Best Regards, Nelson Neoh
  12. Hi. I have developed an Addon Module (says addOnModule), which requires some custom entry of details (says Domain Name, and/or hosting ID) while placing order. On Paid, it will then have to write some additional details on a custom table (says tbl_customModule), aim for further management activities. The module will carries all product under Other (myProductType). The module works fine on Customer Panel, but facing issue when Add New Order in Admin Panel. Hopefully I am able to get some hints/advice from kind people here. Q. When admin performed Add New Order in Admin Panel -> Orders -> Add New Order, it can't read my module, but defaulting Product Type as hosting service, although the product name is listed under products options. I can't find a correct way to overcome this issue. How can I correct this issue? Here's the desired workflow of the Addon Module: 1. When myProduct picked, it should capture the product type as myProductType. 2. The custom fields then populate under the product details section (refer to attached sample). 3. After filled up the form and submit order, it will trigger my module to save required info into tbl_customModule. At last, thank you for any input. Best Regards, Nelson Neoh
  13. I have run through this issue. While perform bulk Order Accept, it will says Function Not Supported, but I have totally blind on what's the function being called is not supported? Any suggestion how to get a brighter clue on this error?
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