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  1. it's already displayed in every page except for pages where client are not logged-in, could you explain what you mean in more details?
  2. sentq


    you may advertise about your module in the following section instead: https://whmcs.community/community/89-commercial-modules-and-addons/
  3. ClientAreaPage action hook point triggered when anyone browse your client area (Admins, Clients, Contacts and normal clients) if you need to display these Todos to logged-in clients only (this includes Admins, Clients and Contacts) all you need to do is to change the following line from: $client = Menu::context('client'); to: $client = Menu::context('client'); # Return empty todolist if client not loggedin, admins still able to browse this section if (is_null($client) && !isset($_SESSION['adminid'])){ return array("todologs" => array()); }
  4. sentq

    WHMCS affiliates

    this is the case when you need to use coupons to identify the affiliate account and assign it to that order, but people will not be encouraged to enter any promotion code if it doesn't give them any discount.
  5. sentq

    admin widget to update Database

    @nimafire I've updated and tested the original widget code: https://whmcs.community/topic/281801-admin-widget-to-update-database/?do=findComment&comment=1275269
  6. sentq

    Part Payment Add on

    not out of the box, but it's doable
  7. sentq

    Prevent sending invoice payment reminder

    this should do the trick, create new {File-Name}.php file inside /includes/hooks/ directory and place the following lines inside it: <?php /** * Prevent "Invoice Payment Reminder" email from being sent to specific clients * * @author SENTQ */ use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; add_hook("EmailPreSend", 1, function($vars){ $clientIds = array(1, 12, 25); if ($vars['messagename'] === "Invoice Payment Reminder"){ $getClientId = Capsule::table("tblinvoices")->where("id", "=", $vars['relid'])->first(); if (in_array($getClientId->userid, $clientIds)){ return array("abortsend" => true); } } });
  8. they are saved in "mod_invoicedata"
  9. sentq

    Customization whmcs

    it could easily done, if you're interested contact me here for quote
  10. sentq

    Invoice number issue

  11. I could include it before, but as not every website affected by this I thought pointing to the fix would be enough
  12. @sitesme if you need it as a hook file here it is <?php # Fix Six Template's Content Area add_hook("ClientAreaHeadOutput", 1, function($vars){ return '<style type="text/css">.main-content {min-height: 600px;}</style>'; }); create new php file inside /includes/hooks/ directory called "FixSixTemplateContentArea.php" or anything else as you prefer and place the previous code inside it, now you can forget about fixing this issue again
  13. there is no default language for google, you need to index both versions of your website, then when a user search for something that could be found in your website, Google will display the version suits the user
  14. sentq

    Child Dropdown in addon

    WHMCS already has this file included, you don't need to include it again

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