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  1. I think, I've over looked the currency option under payments section of WHMCS, I've sorted this out - thank you 🙂
  2. Hey guys, I don't want to have 2 currencies running on whmcs. while setting up, I choose country as India and setup products in USD. This made client area have a currency-dropdown upon selecting products show/hide. I don't want this, I want only USD available all over the WHMCS but not INR - how do I do this? Things I've tried: reset the county to US but INR doesn't go away. this seems to be complex Best Regards, immu.
  3. Hey Brian, Thanks for your reply. Yes, you're correct, its a custom template. with this said, I think adding a WHMCS Bridge in between will be the reliable solution, will see the feasibility and revert Thank you so much for your help Best Regards, immu.
  4. Hey Team, I have a custom form where user inputs his domain name and tld, post submit - I want to catch the query string parameters, execute search (for availability) and show results accordingly. in WHMCS I see lot of 'clientareadomain...' tpl templates, I'm not sure which tpl points to ' register new domain page' in client area. can you guys help me here, really stuck Thanks in Advance. Best Regards, Immu
  5. Hello and welcome, I'm excited to announce - Backup Bro : WHMCS backup solution What is WHMCS BackupBro Add on? Complete WHMCS Installation + Scheduled Automatic backup + Store WHMCS Offsite + Delete old backups automatically Your WHMCS needs a reliable backup strategy using a trusted backup module like BackupBro. Server crashes are disaster, resuce your data with BackupBro. While other backup solutions backup only database BackupBro backs up your entire WHMCS installation. continue reading: http://backupbro.9to5host.com Installation Guide http://backupbro.9to5host.com/install-backup-bro.html Prerequisite to install BackupBro on WHMCS To install BackupBro, you need WHMCS v7.2+ (v7.2.*, 7.3.*, 7.4.0 - beta) PHP 5.6 iOnCube loaders 5.6 More FAQ's : http://backupbro.9to5host.com/errors-and-faq.html
  6. Hello team, My license gets suspended due to duplicate trails, though my IP, Path and domain are same. don't you think WHMCS should allow to use license key if the above mentioned parameters match? I've a functionality where user needs to deactivate and reactivate module, if he want to change settings - due to nature of its functionality. in other words, how to fix a license which falls under "Duplicate Trials Use " Thanks & Regards, immu
  7. oh wow, thanks missed it coz, by-default only 25 rows were displaying
  8. any help on which table SMTP details are stored?
  9. Hey guys, need little assistance, I need to implement SMTP functionality in my module and don't want to include PHPMailer script , instead I want to use SMTP settings saved in WHMCS (setup > General settings > mail) can someone guide me Thanks in advance cheers
  10. Thanks for the reply Andrew . strange but encryption done via cmd line worked Moderators can close thread
  11. Hey guys, I have a question regarding, encrypting with ionCube currently I'm using WHMCS Version: 7.2.3, PHP 5.6.31 and ionCube v10. I have encrypted the files with ionCube 10, build with > legacy > php 5.6. Once I upload them to modules/addon directory, my WHMCS crashes. error log says this: any help Thanks & Regards immu
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