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  1. I just had a search here to help a friend! I assume people worked it out in the end! the value is "gb"
  2. Yeah, I avoid them! It's too risky, You don't always see what issues creep in initially! The best thing ever is watching all the people report issues with them saying staff are unaware of an issue! You see the same thing over and over again! Feign interest, Pretend it's shocking and never heard of before, Offload them by pretending it's not their fault! It's the company mantra now! Hide, Deflect and Deny!
  3. On the fence here! It shouldn't allow people with active products to be deleted - That's just daft! But it does state it clear as day! It's just another half baked idea that was implemented 🤷‍♂️
  4. Good stuff! 🙂 Now, onto your profile.... do you work for one? As you seem to disparage as much as I praise? 😂 Pot.... kettle! 😉
  5. I definitely don't work for any billing system! 'm just familiar with both and use it in comparison! Had I moved to wise - I'd probably compare that to whmcs! Same result. I know you got upset on the last thread we spoke - Don't take it personally 😉
  6. Can't say i've ever noticed a drop myself when we went to 8.x, I assume the changes are to plaster market connect products everywhere eventually - giving more "real estate" to their additional streams of income! There are addons, such as one page checkout (Don't like them myself) or you could add it all into one if you're skilled enough with it! I do agree however that they drag the process out far too much, it seems more like places to advertise in the future to me! Fortunately we only have one service using whmcs now! The rest are with another piece of software and I've found it to be a huge improvement! Open source is the way forward, if you manage to get a copy of the whmcs SC you'll see why they hide it 😂 I firmly believe, this is why added steps are implemented, because they're unable to fix older bad implementations and they make do. Funnily enough, we have 6 different companies (All different services) and I finally feel like i'm in control of 5! It's weird not crossing my fingers and hoping brian! or kian have helped someone here already to get a quick fix 🙂 Back to your drop in sign ups, Have you got any more information on where people get to? Or had any user feedback to indicate this? Could it just be a rougher than usual period?
  7. They'll be centrally hosted by then! Too many freudian slips and evidence on the site suggesting so!
  8. Like I said earlier - There seems to be others happy with it. I'd give them an opportunity to fix on a *********dev install******* before I ran to cry about them being scammers and making a public embarrassment of myself. It's pretty simple to implement yourself as a professional web host. I certainly wouldn't buy anything from them but Kian is absolutely spot on. You're misunderstanding the risks and for the benefit of your customers you should re-visit that when adding random 3rd party dev files to your installation 🙂 You should absolutely refrain from speaking the way you do to people and about people with your company listed as a quick google brings all this up and gives off a wildly unprofessional vibe. Not only do you scream * at people, when you can't use a $25 plugin you bought and run on a production server by the sounds of it, You then continue to disparage people and not actually read things posted. That'd be an instant no for me and probably thousands of others - I dread to think how support works if this is the level of decorum when representing your business in a publicly facing community! Also from the sounds of it, they are offering the technical support you paid for. Stop being a princess and pay for a dev install so they can teach you how to use it, or spend the time to learn! Again - for clarity I would never purchase a thing from them myself before I get told I'm defending them. I certainly wouldn't spend $25 on 5 mins work that any professional web host could whip up! Best of luck with your business.
  9. "Could you install into a dev install and let them work out the issue?" do you keep your customers details on a dev install? If it doesn't work, then you know it is their issue - If they fix or refund 🤷‍♂️ up to the seller/buyer If it does work, it's a problem you can narrow down! There's no need to be persnickety and start telling me about TOS 😂 Jesus, I hope your TOS lets people know you don't read and accuse people of things they have categorically not suggested they did?
  10. This made me chuckle, Too true sadly 😂 I had someone tell me they found a bug 2 days ago with the processing of card payments.... Support acted as though they had no idea! I sent them the links here! They were understandably annoyed after making all the changes suggested and going through the "It's your modifications" rigmarole with WHMCS. Ahhh well, at least we know the staff are on the beach with their heads buried in the sand! And I didn't actually believe you were kitted out in flip flops enjoying yourself! You seem to be far too into punishing yourself! Hope you've at least found a less self-defeating hobby at least! 😂
  11. I dare not upgrade - But is that not sorted by status as opposed to age? That'd keep "Open" at the top and probably the more desired of the two! I do agree, regardless it's certainly a pattern! It's probably because they have a "New feature" coming to choose the sorting pattern....... if you pay enough! On a more serious note, It should be weighted differently to display more recent ones first! Although we do open/in progress or closed and use a 3rd part support system purely because the in-built one is awful. We only actually use it for billing - It doesn't look to be doing that well with some payment gateways anymore! Oh such a never ending path of destruction, At least they price reasonably.... oh wait...
  12. Lol, it could be genuine............ but alas it seems pretty suspicious! Hopefully the OP is a well behaved young man and all this inquisition is for nothing 😛
  13. The automatic updates are a lottery! It works or bricks things 🙂 You can try increasing your timeout time, Or upload all the files to your web directory and do the upgrade process that way! From personal experience, I wait 6 months before updating because WHMCS breaks stuff on each update. Like not being able to accept card payments, Or do emails, or something minor like that for a billing system! They won't admit to any of this, but it's evident in peoples experience! 8.2 is buggy, I would stay there for a while personally, But if punishing yourself is something you enjoy then try the above steps! Remember with all this increased support money you pay, whmcs say they are around 24/7 via ticket/live chat (if you pay enough) 🙂
  14. Ah, you'll make me jealous! What spill? There is no spill. Maybe there's only a spill for you? CanI get access to your glasses to take a look? Nice, I long for the day when I truly pick and choose my work! It sounds heavenly On a related subject, My puppy has learnt to not urinate in the kitchen, I may take up a role in training those with seemingly no issue in rolling around in their mistakes like there is nothing wrong! 🙂 "We've listened to our customers say they'd like to sell......." No, Nobody did. Ever. Nobody wants to pay for access to affiliate links. It's turning into a multi level marketing scheme, Except without the promise of riches or things that will amaze your customers On a more serious note, I'm glad you're kicking back a little! Hope the beach was good 🙂
  15. A playful hair ruffling is just what these youngsters need! I have a theory about the circulation of air! I think the excessive alternatively styled hair causes overheating in some! I wouldn't decorate my graphics card with my old mop so I don't understand the desire myself! Anyway, Hope you're enjoying your Friday brian! Hows the self imposed freedom crusade coming along? I keep my eye out when I go to my local supermarket, But nothing has drastically improved there so I'm assuming you've chosen a new hobby or finally enjoying yourself mate? 🙂
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