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  1. Hi! An alert error with "oops!" code appears when I try to upload an image at Knowledge Base. It happens editing or adding an article. Image attached. Any idea to fix it?
  2. Hasta donde tengo entendido, tú puedes crear tus propias traducciones. Lo que hice fue basarme en los modelos en inglés y las personalicé a mi gusto. No cabe duda que en español tenemos algunas prácticas de escritura muy distintas a las del inglés, así que la mejor opción para mí es hacerlas a mano. Es un poco de trabajo, pero pocas veces las tocas de nuevo.
  3. Hi again! I just made a fresh install, (rewriting all files with 7.7.1) but issue still happening. Any idea?
  4. Hi! I recently update to 7.7.1, after that, I realize customers had issues trying to registrer new domains. The issue: reCaptcha. When you go to home and try to register a new domain, all is OK (only selecting not a bot option at Setup/General Settings/Security). But if you are logged in as customer and go to "Register a Domain", the classic captcha appears to write numbers and letters. After fill it and clic on "Search" nothing happened. Just reload that page with a new captcha challenge. Same classic Captcha appears in several places (like options at Setup/General Settings/Security, but ignore any configuration). I really do not know what could be happening. I made this steps to try to fix it: Change to brand new and updated Six template folder. Play with all options at Setup/General Settings/Security/ reCaptcha options. Create new reCaptchas codes and styles (v2 not a robot, v2 invisible, even v3) Change to brand and updated new admin folder Test in several browsers Uninstall Reseller Club Mods Contact WHMCS support, sadly they just recommends to change Template folder to Six After that, same behavior, nothing change 😞 Please, any idea to fix it?
  5. I again @brian! probably there is something wrong because even with those images still broken. Just text appears. You have another idea?
  6. Hi @brian! I tried this before, however, it doesn't work. I am not sure I am doing it right. I create a new hook changing the svg filename at /includes/hooks/newhook.php and put the image.svg at /assets/img/ but nothing happends. There is something I made wrong?
  7. Hi! I just created a brand new WHMCS installation, but now I'm trying to show a retina compatible logo at client area. I am uploading at /assents/img/logo.png and /assents/img/logo@2x.png however logo@2x.png file is ignored. Even I try to create a hook defining a new $assetLogoPath with a .svg file but doesn't work either. Can you have any idea to add Retina Compatibility to client area logo?
  8. Alguien sabe de alguna integración existente de MercadoPago para la Pasarela de Pagos?
  9. Hi Johnny! I am new too at WHMCS. Before start this project, I made an small research about domains pricing and I found the same scenario but with .mx domains (I am from Mexico). Most of domains registrars for resellers are really expensive and Enom is part of that group of my research. Right now I am using ResellerClub as main registrar. Still being a little expensive in my opinion, but is really cheap vs Enom and other options. Remember I didn't an exhaustive research, but maybe this opinion can be useful for you. Greetings!
  10. Hello Marco Aguilar welcome & thank you for joining WHMCS.Community!  Please take a few minutes to review our 

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