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  1. Not helpful because i want to host both files in same directory
  2. i did that but create issue other directories and then you have to put .hatccess in every folder to rewrite back to index.php as i created index1.php and set default but it applies on all directory and also we have to change whmcs logo url everywhere back index.php to index1.php
  3. Because i created custom php design and use in same whmcs directory and the design is different of my home page and the whmcs design is different! i just want to use whmcs only for clientarea! like namehero did. everything ok the last issue handle of index.php if i put custom design from homepage.tpl then it will load header footer from whmcs theme but i want index independent
  4. @pRieStaKos please take a look if possible, thank you
  5. how i can call my custom page or index.php for home page i want to show my landing page on index.php not whmcs page but it's not possible to use 2 index in same directory! i rename whmcs index2.php then rewite in .htacess but it create issue liike domain search not works and other some function also not works any simple solution like i can use custom landing page on imdex.php not whmcs index or anyway to get call my landing page into main home page!
  6. No Secondary, Thank you it's done now! i add hook and removed from orderform code!
  7. How to Hide main-sidebar on whmcs orderform any hook? Thank you
  8. Can anyone tell me how we can remove header/footer from orderform of whmcs, or how to change header/footer only for orderform. the clientarea header footer should not be effected.
  9. Any Expert who can help, i am still looking help for this
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