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  1. Thanks Brian ... I Truly didn't remember where we got it and always Want to give credit where it is due..:-)
  2. You can also add an extra tickbox (or multiple even) by adding a hook for it. What we use for this is the following and it should work all the way up to the latest version of WHMCS, and even in V8, but test carefully as always 🙂 (change readextrarequirements and extra_requirements to something more useful, espcially if you are using multiple different ones) <?php /** * Example hook to provide an additional agreement requirement in checkout. * * @copyright Copyright (c) WHMCS Limited 2018 * @license https://www.whmcs.com/eula/ WHMCS Eula */ use App; add_hook('ClientAreaFooterOutput', 1, function ($vars) { if (!defined('CLIENTAREA')) { return false; } if ($vars['filename'] != 'cart') { return false; } $a = App::getFromRequest('a'); if (!in_array($a, array('view', 'checkout'))) { return false; } $readextrarequirements = App::getFromRequest('extra_requirements'); $output = '<div class="text-center"> <label class="checkbox-inline"> <input type="checkbox" name="extra_requirements" value="1"' . ($readextrarequirements ? ' checked':'') . ' /> &nbsp; I have read, agree and can comply with any applicable specific requirements. If you can not, please contact us Before placing any order to discuss the options. </label> </div> <br />'; return '<script> jQuery("#btnCompleteOrder").before("' . preg_replace( "/\r|\n/", "", str_replace('"', '\"', $output)) . '"); </script>'; }); add_hook('ShoppingCartValidateCheckout', 1, function ($vars) { $readextrarequirements = App::getFromRequest('extra_requirements'); if (!$readextrarequirements) { return 'You must confirm you read and agree with the requirements'; } }); add_hook('AfterShoppingCartCheckout', 1, function ($vars) { $orderId = $vars['OrderID']; $readextrarequirements = App::getFromRequest('extra_requirements'); if ($readextrarequirements) { // Run any additional code post checkout here // For example logging of the agreement, time, IP, etc... } });
  3. Yes! Thank you Brian!. That works a treat and didn't realise it could be done as simple as that 🙂 I'll check the other one out as a correct error message may actually be better but this works pretty sweet as is. Thanks mate
  4. Hey Brian, We actually removed it from the template now but I hate doing that as any new update ... well, we know those issue all too well, right?! 🙂 And changing with language override does indeed only change 2 but the other one Can be optional (there are plenty of legit companies that do not have a VAT number 😉 ) So, a solution with Only changing the company one with a hook would be perfect. I'll test and and let you know if that did it as I've seen the same question quite often before so I'm sure many would like simple and clean solution.
  5. Dear Brian, as far as I can tell, the very latest version. It worked before we upgraded and now gets notified as php 7.3 incompatible/doubtful (so can't use it whilst WHCMS is trying to sort one of many issue)
  6. This doesn't seem to work with v7.10.2 anymore .. Or have I done something wrong? 😉
  7. I know that we're bringing out a solution for this really soon that will let you do that for all Custom Fields. Including selectively overriding if a value Was already present (force override). Let me know if you're interested so I can keep you informed.
  8. Hey Brain, I just tried your hook version and it does require it but the field still shows (optional). Is there a way to change that, that you know of (we only work with business, so optional is really not what we want to show for a required field 😉 )
  9. Yep, I would say, be careful with BlueTip at this time. Bought resource mailer, doesn't function at all so we opened a support ticket on the 16th of March 2018 .... no response at all yet Not good practice at all
  10. This is So needed! Can't wait for it to finally be usefull rather then being extra work
  11. Hi Sean and yes, I would love to have that and have a look at how you did that (still think it should be default behaviour though ;-) ) I'll IM you. (coudln't answer before as the forum didn't let me p[ost for some reason)
  12. Yep, I was too late too ... :-( hahaha
  13. Just did that same upgrade and no problems, but we did do a clean install of the v6 and then added the custom bits and addons back in. (do think about renaming the admin area back to default before the upgrade and change it back to non-standard afterwards, this might save loads of issues ) Most addons worked or had working upgraded versions avialable. It takes so time to do it correctly, but the upgrade went without any issue. Good luck and you should be fine (but always do a full backup of the files, for your custom work and db ).
  14. I manage 2 installs with iWHMCS and the one install works perfectly and the other one started having issues with not showing the open orders anymore. 'Error: Invalid Server response' Both those whmcs install are running on the same physical server with same settings, so there shouldn't be a difference. I thought i t might be a rights issue but it's not as the logged in user is a full admin. So I thought to make it force an update of the user by changing the password for that user and all hell broke loose. Whatever I try, I can go to to the screen to edit the user for that install and on 'Done' the app crashes, always and no change is saved. I tried to delete the whole profile and the app crashes, not even saving the delete! Whenever the app now starts it 'tries' to connect to that bad profile and says Error: 'Authentication failed' while i'm 200% sure that the right details for that user Have been type in. I just changed back to the old password and at least I can see some of the app again now hut I still can't go into orders. Anyone any idea as this is doing my head in. Thanks and regards
  15. We've come across these 2 issues often and both are undesirable and often lead to issues. 1) We sometimes need to just add a line of text to an invoice or quote to explain something or to subdivide sections but both invoice and quote will add a 0 as value which is sloppy to say the least as it's a text thing, not a product. We remove the 0, but obviously it's put back. Please advice on how to stop that or make it possible to not enter a value. 2) On the Quotes the discount column is always shown. We've had plenty of situations we're we send the clients a quote and they give us hassle as they ask us, because they see that column, why we didn't give them any discount on top of the quote. We feel it should only be shown to the client if we would want it, so perhaps a tick box to enable / show it? Or, if no values are entered it automagically won't show to the clients and on the prints/pdfs?
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