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  1. @bear it very much feels that way. If these forums and the 'requests' aren't actively monitored it does more harm than good for reputation. Its a real shame. cPanel are great with their forums even though not an official support channel. They appreciate the value of customer interaction.
  2. I'm trying to vote for a feature but I'm being told You have voted for this idea this month. You will be able to vote again next month. But I haven't. There are features that have a lot more votes than others but seem to be ignored. Is the feature request tool actually used for feature development?
  3. If the message is sent via Google mail then the full header will originate with them would it not? All you will be able to supply is the sending OAuth user, To address, sender, subject and date/time.
  4. Correct this was my point. @yggdrasil I know how to upload themself, so please don't suggest that it may be too hard to do. I also have no expectation of a quick turnaround. But it would be nice to have it align to the default (and only official cPanel theme) and not get overwritten on updates.
  5. I am asking when WHMCS will update them.
  6. When will the sprites displayed in cPanel be updated to the new Jupiter cPanel theme? https://docs.whmcs.com/Application_Links_and_cPanel_Quick_Start_Guide The current icons/sprites look terrible.
  7. There are references to ea- in both. So yes there is something wrong. Rename them like I suggested and try again.
  8. If you view the source of the email message what's the URL for the image?
  9. ea- is cPanel PHP, alt- is CloudLinux. Try looking for a .htaccess or php.ini file in the home directory of the account. Rename it to something else and try again.
  10. It would be helpful for other people that stumble across this thread if you provided details as to how it was fixed.
  11. Also check this li L and the security advice steps in the documentation. https://docs.whmcs.com/Customising_the_Admin_Directory
  12. I downloaded the module to take a look. It's dated 2013. A lot has changed with both WHMCS and TPP/netregistry/melbourneit/etc since then. Although it may still be 'The Console' with them. What's the error? There maybe a simple change to make. Long term you could look at a wholesaler that's genuinely interested in wholesale business and remaining current. Synergy is the perfect candidate.
  13. Push it back on them, they release the module and not WHMCS. Maybe their support department (wherever they're located now under the amalgamated brands) don't realise that. Send them this link https://www.tppwholesale.com.au/whmcs/😉
  14. @Bigol'tastynuggets I didn't offer to hug you. I was suggesting that maybe you needed a hug. As for PHP I am comfortable that WHMCS using ioncube will be ready for 7.x to be at EOL. A current system requirement of WHMCS is ioncube so as we choose to use WHMCS we comply with the requirements. John,s post above make me even more comfortable.
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