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  1. Yes it does require local installation of files, but that's the same any other module (registrar, payment, etc). That modular approach isn't a 'hack' but one way to integrate. Looking at the WHMCS mobile app preview it gives the impression that it's using the WHMCS API already. The developer docs show that it's there to use.
  2. We use SupportPal, very happily, with WHMCS. You will even see its a support module in your WHMCS configuration. The client area sections are replaced with its tickets, knowledgeable and announcements. Only the admin side isn't connected so tickets are managed via the SupportPal admin area. Their WHMCS integration shows the linked WHMCS services. It's been brilliant - and is self hosted.
  3. How about on the unpaid invoice list amd amount owing you include (or even show separately) the amount owing (ie credits to be applied automatically) not just the original invoice amount.
  4. If that selector is correct then you can force it to overwrite. By adding the !important declaration. This will stop any other css applies afterwards being used. Have you also cleared the caches to make sure your custom CSS is being displayed? background-color: #666 !important;
  5. The WHMCS updater is mature enough now (nay-sayers aside) that hotfixes could be available via the admin area. Manually applying a hotfix is cumbersome and requires knowledge that it exists. How about prompting that they exist in the admin, similar to 'update available' in the header. Would certainly help support/development in getting users to the same codebase.
  6. Why not filter these at the MTA level? No need to have them come into your WHMCS at all.
  7. A 503 is resource limits and would be CL. There must be something showing as a fault in CL. What are the limits set on this account?
  8. Do you have a firewall on the server? Check that port 465 is open.
  9. Would that be because the PHP cli used by the cron is different to the version used by your web server? What version is listed when you run ‘php -v’ as the user from the command line?
  10. If they’re posting without a browser then html 5 validation wouldn’t occur either. I have not looked but surely WHMCS is validating the input and not just assuming that it’s going to receive an email address. There have been other instances where WHMCS has not sanitised / validated input so at a guess it just accepts anything.
  11. Instead of zero you have to set it to a very high number, one that will never be reached. See the Notes section of this page. https://docs.whmcs.com/Disk_Space_and_Bandwidth_Overage_Billing#Notes
  12. Nope. Each cPanel login has to be its own account. As you’ve pointed out that’s what WHM resellers is designed for.
  13. In my example screenshot the ‘Shopping Cart’ entry is for a domain renewal so an invoice number did exist. So MODULE-7151 needs to be expanded beyond initial signups.
  14. The silence from WHMCS on these issues is telling. Support staff are responding to other posts but these payments ones are quiet at the moment. Would be good to get some kind of official acknowledgement.
  15. Yes we are also seeing this with 7.8.3. The description in Stripe is still not correct. It now shows our {Descriptor} + Shopping Cart for manual Stripe payments. But between the 7.8 and 7.8.3 release it was showing {Descriptor} + invoice number. I can see a transaction on our account on Sept 24th that is set this way. For all cron payments it shows {Business Name} + Tax Invoice #99999 (Tax Invoice is a language string we use). The description needs to be consistent! Include the Descriptor or Business Name and the invoice reference number.
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