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  1. The beta forums aren't a good measure as reports can be sent directly too. Generally speaking give it a few days for others to do it, report critical items that get fixed and then do the upgrade. Non automated payments must be a real pain for this user. Hopefully it gets them up and running again.
  2. Have you checked the configuration? There are options that can set to sync (or not) the date with a lead-time too. https://docs.whmcs.com/Domain_Synchronisation
  3. Does 203 make it more viable? The requests site and how it works is ambiguous at best. Especially with no dates/times.
  4. Why won't WHMCS put the ability to set a new client password back into the admin area? Have it controlled by an admin permission to limit who can actually do it. That leaves the choice up to the WHMCS administrator/owner.
  5. Why not set it up (as you've mentioned already) outside of WHMCS? You have full control over its timing then.
  6. Have you considered a enabling google reCaptcha on the sign up form?
  7. No problem. I had a ticket reply earlier where it was noted. The eagerness of WHMCS support to get admin access and file level access concerns me. My client data is not worth risking for the sake of the support troubleshooting to identify a bug/issue.
  8. When you enable this option there is a message at the top of the admin area stating that this option is on and it includes a link to the settings so you can disable it. That link goes to the root and doesn't include the admin path. And why does the message displayed have a massive Err notice before the text entered as a notice to clients? How about making this display with a user/client focus instead of a developers troubleshooting message. Maybe even give it the email header/footer wrap so there's some consistent messaging.
  9. That won't do it. It's a system generated email and from memory can't be removed. It's the same as the cron email.
  10. SupportPal. Has integration with WHMCS. In fact the only one that does. Self hosted, support is incredible and the release new features with updates. Stuff that you didn't even know you'd benefit from.
  11. @WHMCS John @WHMCS ChrisD surely by now, with all the feedback and grievances aired, WHMCS will have something to say publicly to their customers.
  12. Hello, There's been plenty of feedback about the recent announcements from WHMCS about the changes to licences and pricing. Apart from two replies (Chris, and John (referencing Chris')) it's just silence from the WHMCS side. Does WHMCS have nothing to say in a reply to all the feedback provided? *Please keep this thread quiet until a response comes from WHMCS staff. There are other threads open to share our experience/comments/disgust.
  13. If you have an owned license of WHMCS you can save 30% This is on their homepage as of right now.
  14. We've paid $99.95 USD for the last 4 annual "Support and Updates" addon. e.g. 2018, 2019, 2020 and this year.
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