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  1. You've installed a beta version. Issues and bugs will exist. Roll back to your backup. If you installed this on your live/production site then the onus is on you.
  2. Would you not be able to locate all the strings in the English file? As mentioned by Brian they would have 'ox' in the string name so maybe easy to search for them that way.
  3. It's a reasonable business decision to not exclude 'legacy' (non recurring income) access by default. But to deny it a reasonable cost is the insulting part. That's bloody frustrating and annoying but their business is focused on improved revenue. And as license holders we are realistically liabilities. WHMCS has moved on from its original user base, and if it's no longer fit for purpose then they're ok with that.
  4. https://blog.whmcs.com/133600/announcing-new-improvements-to-your-customer-experience
  5. I'd like to see owned license users that have an active support subscription be able to access chat support. We invested early and continue to pay a subscription. There's currently no way to get live chat support unless we abandon our investment and pay a monthly premium.
  6. It would be great if you'd provide some additional commentary now. There's lots of feedback and it appears to be falling on deaf ears.
  7. Oh @bear stop stirring the pot. Haha. We would hate and move away if a hosted version was the only option. Respect and security for our client data is too important to us. Kayako burned us. SupportPal rescued us.
  8. This recurring subscription is nothing more than a pre-planned payment. It's not assigned an invoice number at this stage. If the client places a renewal and pays it then that transaction is different / complete and has its own invoice. Here in Australia the subscription payment would be added to the clients account as a credit amount to be applied to an open invoice.
  9. It may have been litespeed. I've disabled it for WHMCS. Oddly hasn't seen this behaviour until now. Thanks for the pointers.
  10. Thanks for the replies. It did clear itself but was around 20 mins. Is there a chance of other caching than directly set at 2 mins that might've contributed?
  11. Home Dashboard shows 1 pending. But there is nothing in the queue. I've cleared the template cache but it remains.
  12. I too am seeing the N/A. System health is all clear and nothing in the system log other than the standard 'Automated Task: *' messages and email notifications going out. The cron email is still received and it appears to be only the N/A that is unexpected.
  13. Nothing gets logged when I recreate the error. I tried both logging, displaying and both for good measure.
  14. @brain! I agree. There's a big gap between between functional and business direction. You've been around a long time too and instrumental with so much help and support. I understand the need to prioritise. WHMCS has lost the ability to please/appease its vocal user base and its capital investors. It would make sense to close the forums and any public conversation if it's being disregarded. The official line here seems to be thanks for the feedback, we made this decision, place a vote if you want change. So much has changed in the decade+ that I've used WHMCS. It would be great if WHMCS took some to serious time in understanding use-case and not just what is thought makes sense.
  15. Thanks @slim. I understood that this is a 'major' release. The item I mentioned as an example was something new and should have certainly been identified during internal testing. Issues and bugs come up all the time but I'm looking forward to an official response from WHMCS to this one. WHMCS is not the same software, or development team it was 5 years ago (or 1 year, or 10years). The pretence of public beta testing does not excuse a quality release.
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