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  1. Also check this li L and the security advice steps in the documentation. https://docs.whmcs.com/Customising_the_Admin_Directory
  2. I downloaded the module to take a look. It's dated 2013. A lot has changed with both WHMCS and TPP/netregistry/melbourneit/etc since then. Although it may still be 'The Console' with them. What's the error? There maybe a simple change to make. Long term you could look at a wholesaler that's genuinely interested in wholesale business and remaining current. Synergy is the perfect candidate.
  3. Push it back on them, they release the module and not WHMCS. Maybe their support department (wherever they're located now under the amalgamated brands) don't realise that. Send them this link https://www.tppwholesale.com.au/whmcs/😉
  4. @Bigol'tastynuggets I didn't offer to hug you. I was suggesting that maybe you needed a hug. As for PHP I am comfortable that WHMCS using ioncube will be ready for 7.x to be at EOL. A current system requirement of WHMCS is ioncube so as we choose to use WHMCS we comply with the requirements. John,s post above make me even more comfortable.
  5. Yes it was still a harsh post. Just because you say it many posts doesn't make it more pleasurable. For all you know they did search and found nothing relevant or current. A little courtesy goes a long way, and costs you nothing. If you're annoyed by an extra post then maybe it's. time to take some time away from the community.
  6. All good 🙂 The recommendation still stands for @snake (the OP). I hope all went well with your WHMCS migration. We are staying with it + SupportPal for the foreseeable future. Although having lost our lifetime license (yes, technically we didn't if you follow the WHMCS line). The time, cost and changes we would require are so much greater than the monthly recurring fee.
  7. To the end user it's seamless. There is a feee WHMCS plug-in for it that's the client details, products, invoices etc in the ticket as well. No additional logins either. As an operator you log in to SupportPal not into the WHMCS admin area. It was mid 2016 when we started with it. None of our support staff have any issue with the interface and have never had system changes occur unexpectedly. Each new release is well considered, tested and of benefit. Grab the trial and check it out. The importer took a couple of goes and I used their support teams help. Having the ticket history is invaluable.
  8. We have been using it for 6 years now. If you look at the support config area in WHMCS you will see that SupportPal is in the dropdown to select. We were using Kayako as the drop in support system but it moved to a cloud solution and really went down hill.
  9. Support Pal integrates directly with WHMCS and is by far superior than the built-in ticketing system.
  10. No way to disable it. It's a 'feature'. Support suggested I open a feature request. I've been around WHMCS for long enough to know that it's a waste of time using the request feature. But... as annoying as it as the iOS issue on an iPad appears to be a password manager app getting in the way. So the option now is to disable it and forgo the benefits of it for all other sites and wait for WHMCS to function like any other website to allow an entry or not use these devices and WHMCS together.
  11. I am already logged in as administrator and yet I am required to enter a password to access some (not all) admin areas. Confirm password to continue You are entering an administrative area of WHMCS and must confirm your password to continue. On a device running iOS you cannot even enter the admin password. The only option presented is to use a strong generated password. How can we remove this ridiculous password entry requirement that is superfluous at best?
  12. @Kian it seems mean spirited to post saying you aren't willing to share. Why bother posting if you've left this 'community'. ?
  13. Hi, I have started seeing a strange thing occurring. When a domain expires but an invoice for its renewal exists the invoice description is removed and the price too. Effectively leaving a blank unpaid invoice. Reminders are still sent despite an amount of nothing. is this a configuration setting or something else?
  14. Why can not this function be made available and controlled by Admin permissions? feedback to WHMCS, even the requests site is just pointless
  15. Did that already. Thanks 🙂
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