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  1. Hi Corey, No, no answer was forthcoming. I talked the customer through updating their details after logging in. We haven't had to updated any card details since but never got an answer to why WHMCS deleted the client at Stripe instead of just removing the linked card.
  2. Nov 2 to Oct 28 is not a long time. The english.php file you sent was still the older (incorrect) one. I don't expect support here either. I posted here because you have sent emails in the past asking for us to post reviews and I figured that this forum would be a good place for other potential customers to see how you interact. The module is good and we are happy with the way it functioned up until the last release.
  3. Thanks for updating the demo version on your site. I've just downloaded 3.2.0 again from your client area and the english.php file has been updated to include $_ADDONLANG['multicurrency'] = 'Multi Currency'; That appears to be the only difference in files. The original zip I downloaded didn't have this line and the file sent by support didn't contain it either. I note that english.php is dated 28 Oct and the original download it was dated 1 Aug. Clearly it was missed and has been subsequently added. Why not just say that and supply an updated file? Once the incorrect CDN library reference is removed it will be working as expected.
  4. It does stop the module from working, look at the screenshots that were sent. The support person also confirmed that it wasn’t working on their install. The form fields dont appear so values can’t be changed. How can that mean that it still works? Your demo site with this module doesn’t have this version installed. I checked that before writing in.
  5. WSA support confirmed that this release has a bug it in but no hotfix available, nor an eta on a fix. We’ve been happy with the module and support up until this point. Can’t understand how a bug that stops it from working can be acknowledged and a customer being told to wait for the next release - at some stage in the future.
  6. Oh perfect. Thanks! I didn’t know about {debug} but it makes sense given it’s Smarty based.
  7. Hello, Has anyone implemented a way to show the card type and four digits of the credit card used for invoice payments? We would like to do three things: If no card is on file display a note on the PDF invoice / email template / print invoice. If a card is on file display the card issuer and 4 digits on the PDF invoice / email template / print invoice. As for #2 display the same information in the transactions table below the transaction ID. I was not able to find any template variables so suspect it may be a direct call to the database to look this up. Thanks, as always.
  8. Yes mustardman the old files were removed when we switched over to the WHMCS included module. It's all been working fine up until two days ago. Andrew there are no notices on the config page either. I'll open a ticket and get support to look in to it.
  9. Hi Andrew, I tried the clear button as any attempt to update the card details resulted in a remote storage error (contact support). The gateway log shows a message to say that the customer (cus_9999) doesn't exist. When I look the customer up by email in Stripe it shows nothing but when I look in the logs it shows the customer as deleted. Now I can't add a card for this customer. Why isn't the card removed, and not the customer deleted? How do we now get a card stored this customer? We used to use the free Stripe integration before converting to the WHMCS supplied gateway and it didn't work this way. Right now we have a customer that is unable to pay by credit card.
  10. When trying to update a customers card via the Admin area the customer is deleted from our Stripe Account. The logs show an API call that updates the card followed by an immediate call to delete the customer.
  11. Well priced .nz and .au domains

    Synergy Wholesale. Not part of the MelbourneIT/NetRegistry/TPP "family". Great systems, great people and great pricing.
  12. The 'old way' doesn't work without modifying templates and the KB search that appears on the client area home page doesn't work. Advice from WHMCS was to contact the 3rd party and get them to update and the advice from the 3rd party was to modify templates.
  13. I understand the changes to the htaccess rules set by WHMCS are causing the issue. It is not a case of it just removing the extension. For the third party support module to work it appears that the links must go to /knowledgebase.php not /knowledgebase or /index.php?rp=/knowledgebase etc. To be clear this issue is when using a 3rd Party Support module (as properly configured within WHMCS). This latest version of WHMCS seems to ignore it completely and instead show the internal knowledge base.
  14. Hi Ed, That's not true. The Fully Friendly Rewrite option turns the links to /announcements and /knowledgebase instead of /announcements.php and /knowledgebase.php It seems that the .php is required for the 3rd part module to be linked in properly.
  15. Thanks Brian! I don't know what rules need to be used to have it like it was. I have tried all three settings and none of them work.

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