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  1. Confirmed as Case #MODULE-7660 -- WHMCS devs are working on it, no timeline to repair.
  2. Having worked with the Plesk API and PHP SDK before, I suppose an alternative explanation could be that the session created by the connection to the first server isn't being invalidated and is being passed on to the next connection attempt, despite the difference in connection info (ie: new server hostname, username, password)
  3. If you're not using Plesk and you are using well supported/updated 3rd party modules, it should be a smooth upgrade 🙂
  4. We're seeing the same issue here. Furthermore it appears to interrupt the ability to update hosting usage stats. When I go to the Disk Usage Summary report and click "Update Now" at the bottom, the module log shows plesk_usageupdate on all servers result in something like this (I've trimmed it down and replaced the actual domains): Array ( [@attributes] => Array ( [version] => ) [webspace] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [get] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [result] => Array ( [0] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [status] => error [errcode] => 1013 [errtext] => domain does not exist [filter-id] => domain1 ) [1] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [status] => error [errcode] => 1013 [errtext] => domain does not exist [filter-id] => domain2 ) [2] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [status] => error [errcode] => 1013 [errtext] => domain does not exist [filter-id] => domain3 ) ) ) ) ) Prior to the 8.2 update, usage stats updates were working fine. All resource usages show last update was roughly a week ago. It looks like it's attempting to load stats from all servers by sending each API query (for all the servers) to just the first server. It successfully obtains usage stats from our first server in the list for both resellers and customer objects in Plesk. But then it sends the API query for subsequent servers through to that first servers as well, resulting in the 'domain does not exist' errors -- which is correct as WHMCS is querying the wrong server. We've already applied these hotfixes: - CORE-16812 - Plesk Login to Panel SSO IP - CORE-16765 - TypeError provisioning Plesk services - CORE-16844 - Add zero price recurring products to cart Which apparently don't help with this particular issue. More details: Our cron is set to run every 10 minutes and shows successful on the Automation Status page It even says: Server Usage Stats -- Task completed successfully. (which can't be true, so whatever it's using to judge that seems to be failing as well). Activity log shows the following during daily cron: Server Usage Update Failed: Error code: 1013. Error message: Reseller does not exist - Server ID: XX (this is because of the reasoning above -- it's looking for a reseller on the wrong server). I think it's pretty clear that something in the servers loop is preventing iteration and only returning the first server in the list.
  5. Thanks @WHMCS ChrisD! Yes, that's a more complete solution to my submitted/accepted pull request 🙂 Great to see a quick turnaround time on it.
  6. WHMCS staff said this on the topic: The Type Error hotfix must be applied With the 8.2 version of the Plesk module, they now send the server IP to authenticate with Plesk, which does not match the client IP and so Plesk invalidates the session To work around this, you must have the option in each of your Plesk server's enabled to not validate user IPs: 'On your Plesk server, please enable "Allow IP address changes during a single session" under Plesk > Tools & Settings > Active Plesk Sessions > Session Settings'. [The Plesk dev team told them this session setting was enabled by default, yet none of our servers had it enabled, so perhaps only with the most recent versions of Plesk is it enabled on fresh install?] We do have an open case for that so that the Plesk module can be updated to send the client IP (case CORE-16812) and our development team is working on that. Unfortunately, I cannot provide an estimated time for completion for this. However, once we resolve cases and push features they are available at our change log. I asked "Since the 8.1.3 version of the Plesk module works fine, shouldn't this be priority since this bug is a regression?" to which they said: "As for the prioritization, what I said could change if our development team determines that a hotfix is necessary or if any conditions surrounding it change (for example: if they determine that the impact on our users, despite the workaround, merits it). I've already tagged this ticket to case CORE-16812, so if a hotfix is released, we will be in touch and provide it to you." And so unless you only have one or two Plesk servers where you can easily apply the workaround, I think the best option -- until they either release a hotfix or an update to WHMCS that includes the fix -- is to simply roll back the module to the version from 8.1.3. Correction, it seems they did release a hotfix after all. I have applied the hotfix and can confirm it resolves the problem.
  7. Hey @WHMCS John Ahh, found the reason in the activity log. I had checked previously but was looking to specifically for errors. Checked timestamps this time and the error found was because of cron troubleshooting run by WHMCS staff at the time (when they temp renamed the module): Required Product Module 'solusvmpro' Missing So the module error it refers to was a lack of the module entirely which will not occur again since I found the real code problem in that module and fixed it. Problem solved. (Also the email wasn't sent due to a coincidental and mostly unrelated temp blockage of the SMTP port in the server's firewall). It would definitely be handy to include the error shown in the activity log within the description of the to-do entry as well 🙂 -Jordan
  8. Seems like when the invoice was paid, WHMCS created the to-do entries, much like it does for domain registrations when the module command is unsuccessful. However in those instances there's always a module queue entry for it as well -- there isn't for this because there is no module command for renewals of servers.
  9. After the update to 8.2 we are seeing to-dos being created saying manual renewal is required but only for VPSs. To-Do contents look like this: This is what we see for domain renewals when they don't complete successfully at the registrar. However this hasn't previously occurred for renewals of regular products. There's nothing in the module queue about it and the renewal date was successfully updated for the services and there's no entries in the activity log about the services. There shouldn't be anything else required to renew successfully that I can see. Thoughts on where we should look to determine why it thinks this renewal has failed?
  10. Did their type error hotfix resolve this for you @papo2414? Support says it should, yet I had applied that hotfix before opening the ticket and it didn't do it for me. Just looking to see if you had the same experience.
  11. Same issue here. I just created a ticket with WHMCS support about it. I restored the modules/servers/plesk folder from my 8.1.3 backup and it works fine again with that -- I suggest doing that until WHMCS figures this out and releases a hotfix.
  12. In case anyone wants to dive headlong into GTM 4 (as this doesn't support anything earlier), check out our module on GitHub: https://github.com/websavers/WHMCS-Google-Tag-Manager As a developer GTM 4 is fantastic as the API for building events no longer feels like 7 different APIs hacked together with duplicate data everywhere. Granted its front end reporting tools can sometimes feel a bit weaker than the former enhanced analytics. Open to pull requests.
  13. When you've had a client accept a quote and you're in the process of converting it to invoices, WHMCS provides the option to Split into 2 invoices - a deposit and final payment. Below that it says "Send Invoice Notification Email". If you check that box to send the invoice notification email and click Submit, will it: 1. Send an invoice notification for both invoices (when you've gone with split invoices)? Or 2. Send an invoice notification email for just the first invoice? Does anyone know the answer? Documentation on this is here, but does not have the answer to that question.
  14. Hey Brian, I like the idea of the Client Custom Field; pretty decent workaround, especially since we should be able to modify the VPS management extension to update it. Haha, yep! I feel like it would be beneficial for WHMCS to actively encourage developers to post development-specific feature requests in the community instead of the requests system as there's clearly way less WHMCS devs than users, so the popularity thing isn't really going to work for those types of requests. It would have to be limited to requests to modify the API and/or Hooks or something like that.
  15. Hey Brian, I was thinking about using Client Groups; but we do already have groups configured, making using that more complicated for sure. Here's the feature request: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/mass-mail-based-on-product-and-a-configurable-option-like-location#comment-16249
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