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  1. seandnz

    Licensing Addon for Wordpress

    Thanks for the heads up, the preference would be to use WHMCS licensing module or a WHMCS Plugin but that's about it, thanks.
  2. seandnz

    Licensing Addon for Wordpress

    @mfoland Thanks for that, I have seen this and have been in touch with the developer but it won't work as I need it to. Thanks for keeping an eye out though, as soon as I do have a solution I will post back here.
  3. seandnz

    Licensing Addon for Wordpress

    @Andy Thomas Hey thanks Andy, I looked into that but not quite what we want, but still looks like a good product. @mfoland thanks also for responding, we've looked into an ionCube solution but the dev was quite confusing and impatient so we didn't take it further. We are interested as long is it does not cost a fortune, we would be interested in a custom solution, what do you need to know from us, or is the original post enough to go on? thanks. SEAN.
  4. seandnz

    Licensing Addon for Wordpress

    Hi Andy, I did not manage to find a solution but I will certainly contact WHMCS Services, thanks for bumping the post. SEAN.
  5. @ModulesGarden hey guys, you may want to check out the job I have posted.
  6. We are looking to replace WHMCS Support with Zoho Desk (ZD) just like Kayako can. What we need is for ZD to show support tickets where WHMCS Support tickets are being displayed now. When the user logs into WHMCS they will also need to be authenticated in ZD to create and manage tickets. Users need to be able to see history, submit tickets, respond and re-open within WHMCS just like they do now. If you're interested please let me know and I will send use cases on how we see this working, thanks. SEAN.
  7. I am sure I have suggested this a few times but after every update...nothing. My real frustration is that when WHMCS creates a task for you on the Dashboard but no link to any service, no name, just a service ID but when I search for the ID number I get multiple results and my guess is, that it's just picking up other numbers, not necessarily the actual service. I really want to see a description of the service in the task and a link to the service so we can go straight to it, can it really be that hard? SEAN.
  8. Hi Everyone, we build WordPress sites for clients and I know we can't license WordPress or any templates we use. We do a lot of work to build these sites and want to be able to license these sites until they have been paid for. The problem is that once the site is live, clients can just copy the site put it with another host and we're out of pocket. We're happy to buy the WHMCS Licensing addon but PHP is not our thing so we wanted to see is a developer could create something for use where the site cannot be used unless the license has been paid, I'm not sure whether this would be a plugin, or encrypted php file etc but we would be keen to hear from any developers who would be interested in coding a solution, thanks.
  9. I purchased this template, is it possible to only call this template when on a mobile device and not have it as the default template for my desktop? If so what would the URL be? Thanks.
  10. seandnz

    Auto Installer Suggestions

    Any news on the Wordpress compatibility with WHMCS V5?
  11. seandnz

    Module: W-Blog v1.5 for WHMCS

    We have just purchased and installed and this addon works great and looks great. Nice and simple and since there is no demo site available, I thought I would help out and show potential buyers what it looks like. We had a couple of tech issues but they were resolved quickly with no problems. Here is a link if you want to take a look. http://www.bigplans.co.nz/clients/blog Would highly recommend (no we did not get a discount to write this!)
  12. seandnz

    Module: W-Blog v1.5 for WHMCS

    Hi There, can blogs be posted and seen by public and clients or clients only, and also can comments be posted by public and clients or just clients only. I just want to get some understanding of permissions for viewing and commenting, thanks.
  13. seandnz

    L.E.D. Tickets - First of it's kind.

    Could this be used on a larger scale with a number of support agents and have a large LED in the room to indicate 100 tickets blue, 200 tickets turquoise red over 300 tickets red so at a glance in all agents can see this? and work towards blue? as an example?
  14. Would your addon work with the Cloud Version https://www.4psa.com/products-voipnow-hosted.html We have been using VoIP for years but now want to offer VoIP to our clients. If this is not a suitable product to use with your addon, could you post a URL which would be suitable? many thanks in advance.
  15. seandnz

    Module: W-Blog v1.5 for WHMCS

    Hi There, I see you purchased this addon, does it work well? do you like it? thanks

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