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  1. Running current version. Tweets showing up, but no announcements. Anyone else come across this?
  2. Thanks everyone, for all your great advice. I guess I'll have to think about the best way to go with this one. If my business closed for whatever reason, if I order the full 10 years now, then at least it's paid for and my client won't be impacted. On the other hand, technology being what it is, as @Remitur points out who knows what domains will look like in that time frame? Apparently Tim Berners-Lee is looking to remake the internet, so, yeah, either choice is a bit of a gamble.
  3. Is it possible to configure WHMCS domain registration pricing to more than "triennially". I have a client who wants her domain and hosting to last 20 years!
  4. Thanks to both of you guys! I found the issue on the Custom Client Fields page, as suggested. Problem solved!
  5. I've just noticed there are two VAT boxes in the client area (see image) I did have the EU VAT module installed, but after removing, they are both still showing. The client involved is marked as tax exempt. If I try to update any of the details on the my details page an error message is displayed: The following errors occurred: VAT is required VAT is required Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. Is there a way to disable comments in the Announcements function in WHMCS? Ideally I'd like to do that on individual announcement, allowing them on some but disabling them on others. Thanks.
  7. HarryAdney

    Change invoice to monthly DD

    Thanks Brian.
  8. HarryAdney

    Change invoice to monthly DD

    I have a client who pays very unreliably. He currently gets invoices from me fore renewals which he should pay off, but only the domain name being lost or his website not working gives him the prompt to pay up. (This happens every year!) Is there a way to change his payments to a monthly direct debit? Will I need to setup a new service?
  9. HarryAdney

    GoCardless Direct Debit Payment Module

    I think it was a previous version that was discontinued. This one seems to still be available. Last updated 24th October 2017.
  10. Thanks Brian, Yeah, I'd noticed that the file didn't actually exist on the server, but the tokens one does. The problem is, I can't access the payment gateway page to disable it.
  11. Hi guys and gals, I get the OOPS! error apparently relating to eway.php. The full error message is as follows: Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again. exception 'Whoops\Exception\ErrorException' with message ' The encoded file /home/xxxxxx/public_html/modules/gateways/eway.php is corrupt.' in Unknown:0 Stack trace: #0 /home/harryadn/public_html/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Utility/Error/Run.php(0): WHMCS\Utility\Error\Run->handleError(16, ' The encoded...', 'Unknown', 0) #1 [internal function]: WHMCS\Utility\Error\Run->handleShutdown() #2 {main} The xxxxxx replaces my home folder. Any help? Thanks in advance, Martin
  12. Yep, me too. The first problem was the backup failed. So, trusting to luck (I know, I know) I just clicked the update button. The High priority service from my providers is very slow. So I had a look online and found this. At the moment I'm waiting for my provider to get me a link to their copy of 7.2.1 so I can download it from their site, upload it via ftp, then run the install again. I'll let you kow how I get on. Incidentally, do any of you have the 7.2.1 zip file handy???
  13. Sorry if this is in the wrong section; does it matter how the code of language files is organised? For instance, Could I put all of the page titles together, then subheadings together? Or page by page, so that all of the home page content is together, then all of the about us page, and so on? Or does it not matter? TIA.
  14. HarryAdney

    Client FTP details export?

    Yeah, I thought that would be the case; obvious really, but y'know, it was worth asking, on the off-chance. Thanks for your help mate.
  15. HarryAdney

    Client FTP details export?

    Hi guys, Anyone know of a way to quickly export the ftp login details for all of my clients' websites? FileZilla lost them all when I recently upgraded. Cheers,

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