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  1. Hi everyone, I think I know the answer, but better to check with more experienced people first. When I first installed WHMCS I followed the recommended action (https://docs.whmcs.com/Further_Security_Steps#Secure_the_Writeable_Directories) for securing the attachments, downloads and template_c folders. Following upgrades, I now have the newest versions in their original place. So, should I just move the folders' contents to the more secure locations, overwriting files where neccessary? It seems like the logical thing to do, to my way of thinking, but, y'know, ask first! Thanks for advice and insight, HarryAdney
  2. Rather than set a colour, I'd much rather it just showed the text. This is an important issue for people with colour-blindness. Cheers.
  3. Hi everyone, Looking at my error_log today I see "Uncaught TypeError: Return value of Symfony\Component\Process\Process::close() must be of the type int". Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Cheers Edward, I've opened a ticket as suggested and hope to have the situation sorted soon. Thanks everybody!
  5. Hey guys, many thanks for your help. I've asked the team to get me the current full zip file and I'll reinstall. Is it safe to reinstall over the current installation? I know it probably isn't ideal, but...
  6. Thanks John. I've enabled the errors, but the page is exactly the same. I always assumed the website was affected by the errors setting, rather than WHMCS itself. I've opened the activity log and it's taking a long time to load. Apparently there are 7128493 records in 142570 pages! It also seems to have knocked my site offline - it's showing a 503 error now. I did set the "limit activity log" to 10000 originally, so I haven't a clue why it should be 7128493 now. Wondering if I should reinstall... or maybe go be a window cleaner lol.
  7. My configproducts.php page (Setup>Products/Services>Products/Services) is missing it's css since the 7.8.0 upgrade. Checking the source code, it seems the header and footer includes are missing. I've checked a few other pages, which are unaffected. Any suggestions? Many thanks.
  8. Cheers Chris, Yeahg I know about linking to a specific product, I was just concerned that my affiliates would lose their potential income. I assume the affiliate link just creates a cookie, then does the redirect?
  9. Hi guys, Quick question, when testing out an affiliate link the page redirects straight to my home page, i.e. clicking on https://domain.com/*?aff=1 redirects straight to https://domain.com. Is this correct? Cheers, Martin
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