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  1. I need to look into how to make the domain active. I've been having trouble accessing the domain area for some reason I just get a blank white screen when I go to her domain area. Thank you for your help though. I appreciate it.
  2. Does anyone know how one client's account could become inactive? She renewed her domain for the first time through my WHMCS account (I just started using WHMCS). She paid on March 18th through her WHMCS account on my site. I renewed the domain on my OpenSRS account and everything looked fine in March. I paid them and upgraded, she paid me through her account and everything was perfect. Or seemed to be. Around this time I was fixing the Cron to auto bill and I thought everything was working fine and started getting daily cron job reporting saying things were working. Earlier this month I had another client invoice go out automatically. For some reason, it had her one domain that was about to renew and this other client's domain. When digging into the issue I found out that the original client above had her account inactive. I am not sure how her account was inactive since she was paid up, but it was done by the system. There must be a setting that made her inactive. Does anyone know what this setting might be? And why is made a paying client inactive? And why it shows her domain as expired when my OpenSRS account shows things are in good standing? I mean I thought the api and the autosync would provide correct user data for each user/customer. I made the original client account active again. Will it stay active? How will I know? How can I clear up WHMCS to make the original client's domain active? How can I get the data to sync correctly between OpenSRS and WHMCS? How can I guarantee that one client never gets invoiced for another client's product (domain in this case)? I am also wondering why the client that just got an invoice notice was not just billed for the domain instead of invoiced? Here credit card is on file. Is the invoice just an early notice that she will be autobilled on the date of expiration if she does not pay the invoice manually? Is it okay to delete the original client's domain off of the other client's invoice as to not be trying to charge her more than she owes?
  3. Brandwise

    OpenSRS PRO shows a blank page

    Thanks, Brian! I reviewed the WHMCS/OPENSRS link you shared and I think everything set up and I doublechecked on the PHP version and that is good. The one thing I have not confirmed yet is opening the ports on my hosting (55443 and 55000). My host has been giving me trouble opening these up (for security purposes). OpenSRS makes it sound like this is a mandatory thing, is that correct? Is there any way to get my host to just open these up? Is there a security plugin, app or something that would make sure this is not an open hole to get hacked or whatever the issue might be with this sort of thing? Keep in mind I am new to this so I have no idea the issues this could cause, but I should be able to just say… "open up port 55443 and 55000" and my host does it, right? WSA, thanks for the tip on modulesgarden.com. I will look into talking to them next if I am still having problems.
  4. I am new to WHMCS and I got a free license from my new hosting provider. As I am going through the setup process I am realizing that this is a pretty complicated tool with a ton of settings. I think I have it about 95% set up to start having clients manage their accounts, but seem to be having an issue connecting to my domain registrar. Although I have a license for WHMCS, for some reason, I have not figured out how to get tech support from WHMCS. So I am wondering if setting up WHMCS through a third-party is a smart move or if it would just make more sense buying directly through WHMCS. The one problem is I do not have many clients yet so I do not have a lot of recurring revenue to fund these tools (even as cheap as they are). So I was curious what others thought on this idea… does it make sense to invest time building out the free version I get from my hosting provider until I build the business up, or is this setting me up for a lot of headaches and failure since it seems tech support is not available (well, except the help I can get in this community which I just signed up for yesterday). Any thoughts or recommendations for a newbie?
  5. Hi, all my name is Dale and my company is Brandwise. I've been in business since '99 and I have been building websites since '96. I started selling hosting and domains for probably a decade and yet, I am just getting started with WHMCS. I know… what took me so long, right? Well, to be honest, the reselling of hosting and domains was never the product I lead with. I am more of an expert in the branding, sales, and business development space. That being said, I never really branded or focused on the business development side of my business. Only after years of manually managing things and screwing up have I decided to step things up and get more professional in this space. So I am a total novice in the professional management of hosting and domain clients. Sadly I think I missed a lot of opportunities because I neglected this side of the business. I was hoping this community could help get me up to speed on using the pro tools and maybe even enlighten me on other best practices to use in the industry. WHMCS looks like it will solve a ton of my management issues and billing issues and hopefully help me build a systematized approach to this side of my business. I assume if taken seriously, this could be a fairly lucrative revenue source. I'd love to connect with more people in this space and learn from them and hope to be able to give back some value to the community. Thanks for building this community. I look forward to getting to know many of you. Have a great day, my friends! Dale
  6. Brandwise

    OpenSRS PRO shows a blank page

    I originally used the WHMCS OpenSRS module, but I was having the blank screen and also I was getting an error like… 110 bad socket connection. After playing with both the WHMCS version of OpenSRS and the OpenSRS DomainPro tool I was not able to get either to work and I tried several things all day yesterday. Granted, I am not a super techy guy (meaning I do not program php (or similar) from scratch), but I have been setting up and using tools in this space for a long time. I seem to be getting the run around from my hosting tech support and OpenSRS. I can not seem to create and log errors for this, but thought someone here may have ran into the same thing. I was under the impression the blank screen was a php issue and not a conflict of either of the domain registrars modules I was trying to use. Am I wrong?
  7. I am new to WHMCS and so I am not sure I have the same problem via installation, but I am having the Blank Screen when I try to place/complete an order to for domain names. I am using OpenSRS' Domain Pro module to connect to OpenSRS. When I try to add OpenSRSPro or complete and order it just hangs and I am told this blank screen is a PHP issue. I am wondering if deleting the above php files will help me or if the above advice is only good for the upgrade mentioned above. I tried to turn on error reporting and reproduce the error so I can get a better idea what the error is, but it still is going to blank screen. I am not getting any error reporting in the module either. I am not sure what else to check. Any tips would be appreciated.
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