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  1. Are you looking for more then just the standard WHMCS Header/Footer Theme Integration? Hire us to create a custom theme or a more advanced theme integration at http://whmcs7.com We also offer Custom Orderforms, New WHMCS Login pages and more! Visit our site and contact us for a quote! Here are some examples of what can be done:
  2. Client Login

    Just make your website look like WHMCS then your clients will appear to be on the same site Or if your site is html/php based (not using wordpress or a cms) convert all your pages over to whmcs. I am not really sure why you want them to login to whmcs but not go to whmcs? Maybe i am missing something.
  3. use code 10PERCENT and save on your order!
  4. Developing a WHMCS OnePage Ajax Order Form

    I would say that yes there is a demand. And as long as your pricing option is better then the only current one page checkout that i know of (that costs around $200!) you should have good sales.
  5. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    Hi I use WHMCS. If you login to your account you can view your ticket easily.
  6. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    Um can i ask why you do not reply to the support ticket of all places?!
  7. Creating Custom Pages

    Glad to hear you got it figured out
  8. Creating Custom Pages

    Odd, its not your code because I tried it out and its working on my install.
  9. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    Hi, was chatting with you on support tickets but you have vanished. Still waiting on the site design you want integrated ....
  10. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    Also this theme does come with a modified orderform to match the design - its jut not one page.
  11. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    Hello Ok I am willing to do that. Once you order the theme open a ticket.
  12. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    --- sorry I made a new reply with a quote to make sure it alerts you ---
  13. New Premade WHMCS 7.3 Theme - MATERIAL WHMCS $25.00

    Hello I do not have any one page orderforms. The Premade Themes are sold as-is though for an additional fee i can customize it.
  14. Upgrade to 7.3.0 - Admin page

    Hmmm, odd so nothing shows up at all on the index? When you view the source code on the page is that blank too?

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