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WHMCS License verification (Domain name verification ) intergrade on my website

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Hello all,
I need to create a feature on my WHMCS website.
It's a Additional Required Information (WHMCS domain name) on my configure product page, when someone enter the domain name on that field I have to verify , that domain name have valid WHMCS license, otherwise they can't be able to add my product on cart. So how I can verify WHMCS license on my website.
I know there is a verification method on WHMCS website https://www.whmcs.com/members/verifydomain.php  , but how I have this on my website.
Anyone do this type of job, please let me know.



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They no api for this I did as a hook but am planning to change it to a module

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8 hours ago, Corner said:

I was truing to get response from https://www.whmcs.com/members/verifydomain.php  on my website,  but because of invisible recaptcha I am not able to get response on my website.

I don't think that https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php?m=licensing has recaptcha enabled on it (so far!), so that might be an alternative form to try to access.

though it might be worth opening a ticket in case WHMCS has an alternate way to do this.

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14 hours ago, wsa said:


They no api for this I did as a hook but am planning to change it to a module

@wsa  I have just done it, many thanks to @brian! .


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