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  1. iPhone 11 Pro Max / iOS 14.0 I have already opened a ticket about this issue with no result.
  2. Latest versions, same issue. Waiting for app update...
  3. So you deleted from the WHMCS and readded. But you still get the same error. Have you checked if when you upload the file, you host is deleting the file ?
  4. Delete the file from WHMCS and re-create it with new domain or detail you want.
  5. WHMCS is using Bootstrap 3.x. Check the tooltip feature on bootstrap how to use it correctly.
  6. There is not putty.zip in ‘/files/prog/‘ File not found at path: http:/www.olddomain.biz/files/prog/putty.zip Check if it’s deleted by your host.
  7. Admin Departments and General Settings > Support
  8. It’s not storing it, in the first place. Maybe on iOS 14 will...
  9. I just reinstalled the app. I’m on 11 Pro Max v13.7. Update: I closed the app, reopened it and its profile form again...
  10. We not use .text-center class on template file instead ?
  11. Its funny to have Push Notifications but not saving the Profile Credentials. How this will work in preview, if profile is not in the app after a while ? 😎
  12. @brian! I've said it before, your are a goldmine !! It worked like charm. Million thanks
  13. Not custom service statuses. I'm using the default service statuses. Yes. I created custom buttons (bootstrap nav-pills) as filters, at the top right of the table.
  14. Hello, I'm editing the Six template and I cannot find how to customize the service status filter for service table. To clarify: I have created my custom button filters, for the service status and I would like to add the count badges, as View shows in Product & Services page. https://nimb.ws/MpaeRK Any suggestion on how to add the count number of each status in my custom buttons ? I'm using `includes/pageheader.tpl` and bootstrap to create nav-pill buttons and default six template files with few GUI customization
  15. https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/5032
  16. A simple search in Marketplace would get you what you are looking for: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/514
  17. Brian suggested a good workaround. Have you tried appending xyz.com to `value="{$server.hostname}"` ? value="{$server.hostname}.xyz.com"
  18. Tell us when this would run. Check the Hook Indexes.
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