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  1. {if $templatefile|in_array:['account-contacts-new','homepage']} for equal and $templatefile|strstr:”linkedaccounts” as @othellotech said for search.
  2. Use AfterModuleCreate hook and trigger UpgradeClientProduct API to set the new recurring amount, on the products you want.
  3. Why not change the Next Due Date on service, to be the same as the other services ? Simple solution from Admin Area.
  4. Hello, After we switched from PayPal Basic to PayPal Checkout and a client got credits, on Complete Order page, even if you check Apply Credits, the page is redirecting you to PayPal and applies Subscription ID on service. Even if you cancel the PayPal login (not login at all) and return to merchant page, the invoice is marked as Paid with credits and Subscription ID is applied (?). From WHMCS they said that the "Every order must generate an invoice to complete. To generate the invoice, WHMCS requires a payment gateway to be assigned to the invoice." and to enable a Bank Account payment gateway and rename it to Pay with Credits. Anyone else got the same issue and fixed it somehow ? Thank you in advance.
  5. Contact your host then. It's firewall issue.
  6. Have you followed this guide? Port is not 110
  7. DailyCronJob hook or ModulesGarden Report Generator.
  8. Language parameter is optional and inside the source code. You can disable the language option to client area, but parameter will still be available.
  9. Ok. Then you can use convertCurrency() to change the amount before pushing it to your gateway. $userCurrency = getCurrency($invoice->clientId); $paymentCurrencyID = WHMCS\Database\Capsule::table("tblcurrencies")->where("code", "LKR")->value("id"); $total = convertCurrency($invoice->total, $userCurrency["id"], $paymentCurrencyID);
  10. What’s the payment gateway ? You can set the currency to be LKR always with code, if there is no option for this.
  11. In addition to this reply, you need to check the correct Menu Name (documentation shows how). If you are trying to getChild() of a menu name that doesn’t exist, you will get the mentioned error (of null). You need to start from parent, then to child.
  12. Hello, I'm using Xero v4.3 module from EdgeHosting and I'm trying to skip specific invoices been pushed to Xero, from WHMCS. I set these invoices with custom `invoicenum` (not `invoiceid`) and used (after EdgeHosting's suggestion) `custom-hook.php`, from their module folder. My code is the following: <?php namespace EdgeHosting; use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; /** * Hook point triggered before bulk data is sent to Xero * * @param string $type The pluralised entity type being sent to Xero (i.e. contacts, invoices, payments) * @param array $data An array of entities being sent to Xero * @return array You must return the original data array with any modifications */ function preXeroSync($type, array $data) { if ($type == 'invoices') { foreach ($data as $key => &$invoice) { if (isset($invoice['Reference']) && strpos($invoice['Reference'], 'TEST/INV') !== false) { unset($data[$key]); } } } unset($invoice); return $data; } All the invoices are been pushed to Xero, no mater what Reference exists (or not), so all invoices are been pushed and skip is not working. Code was confirmed by EdgeHosting that "it should work" and "If you require further customisation they offer a paid service." (No, thank you). Do you see something I'm not ?
  13. Old is PayPal Basic and new is PayPal (referred as Checkout) on source code and db. Go inspect element on browser and check the names on Payment Gateways or on related table on db.
  14. No. I’m saying this in many Facebook group posts too. It saves posts 🙂. @romeromatus if you check the attached posts, you will see a hook with code similar to what you want.
  15. Search this community before post. https://whmcs.community/topic/292210-pre-select-payment-gateway-for-each-currency/?do=findComment&comment=1346233
  16. You can check WHMCS GitHub pages, like https://github.com/WHMCS/sample-addon-module in developers.whmcs.com. Also there is classdocs.whmcs.com
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