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  1. I'd be checking DNS and your Apache/Nginx config files to ensure the domain is pointing to the correct IP address and directory.
  2. Not sure if its a bug, I've never seen that option available on the order screen for renewals, only registrations. Renewals can be done from the domain management page.
  3. I wouldn't say banned, more so they probably have a limit of lookups allowed per IP address per day that murtala exceeded.
  4. Have you disabled all addon modules and checked if the same error shows? Likely a module issue.
  5. Burti, What versions of WHMCS and PHP are you running?
  6. Hi Burti, Are you running Cloudflare? If you are, take a read of: If not, the following CSS will fix this: .lightbox { display: none; } Make sure not to use the !important flag as that would prevent all lightboxes from showing.
  7. Hi Marwan, Feel free to DM me a link to your site, I'll do a test order to see if I can find anything.
  8. Where are you placing that code? I don't see what part of the code would auto populate the options.
  9. Your select options in the screenshot are blank, is that the issue?
  10. What are you ordering? A domain, a service? If its a service, what module? Also is this happening on multiple products of different types?
  11. Possible yes, you can use the last_login field in the tblusers table to find out when each user last logged in. Compare that to the last 30 days and you'll get your report.
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