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  1. Enable error logging and display error and then see if anything is outputted either on the page or in the system log. If not then check your php error logs to see if anything is outputted there.
  2. Check that your database user has the required permissions.
  3. Anyone else notice the hook index is suddenly missing a lot of hooks? Eg. Authentication and User hooks are empty now? Potential merge of this commit looks to have deleted 6,000+ lines: https://github.com/WHMCS/developer-docs/commit/656fd23c2eec7cf9477729d449e9af383e4e1258
  4. Could add some JavaScript to change the theme by adding ?systpl=dark-theme-name to the end of the URL. Not ideal though and much better ways to do it.
  5. Can't say I get the 403's but there are a lot of outdated modules and it could do with a cleanup.
  6. Just a heads up that this does not work well with the six template or on mobile devices, will look into sorting this soon.
  7. Nothing to do with the login, have you tried installing a fresh copy of the theme? If so and its not a whmcs theme, please reach out to the theme developers/creators.
  8. Okay so its loading scripts.min.js and there are no errors in the console. I'm afraid you'll likely need to contact WHMCS support as I cannot see a reason for this to not work. Only other issue I can possibly think is a browser extension or addon module is interfering. Try disabling all browser extensions and addon modules/hooks temporarily and then try. If the same issue occurs, perhaps reinstall the WHMCS theme you are using in the client area (eg. six or twenty-one)
  9. It's definitely a JavaScript issue, can you both open the developer tools and go to the Network tab. Filter by JS scripts and refresh the page. Send me a screenshot of the scripts that load.
  10. Sorry! Not sure how I missed this. Try disabling all browser extensions/try a different browser and then try again.
  11. Strange one, second report of that happening (albeit the other report wasn't the licensing module, rather the system health checker). Sounds like a bug in the update utility (which I assume was used in your instance?)
  12. I'd suggest downloading 8.6.0 again and copying over that file manually while overwriting the original file.
  13. I believe WHMCS uses -1 to indicate the option is disabled.
  14. If you visit the hostname normally (i.e. outside of whmcs), does it redirect to the IP address also?
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