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  1. Dear, May I ask is there a way to create some hooks for cPanel? I want to create some hooks for my client like restart hosting, reset hosting, suspend hosting and unsuspend hosting in client area. Don't know if it's possible or not??? Because the way it works is just suspend storage and don't use storage. As for Reset hosting, it will run the command to delete hosting and automatically recreate that hosting right after deleting, suspending allowing customers when DDoS or website crashes, customers can use that command to prevent others from accessing hosting. Unsuspend is the opposite of suspend. Can anyone write or provide me some documentation regarding suspend, destroy, delete archive and create archive functionality? Or anyone who can code, please share it here. Thanks everyone
  2. Hellow everyone, 1. Currently I want to add a button to reset the client's cPanel in the "action" hook. As I want, when I click on it, a confirmation button will appear, just click on "confirm", the system will automatically run the module "terminate account" then run the module "create account" with the domain name first. there, user and password unlock. 2. I'd like to find a module or a way for customers to manually change the primary domain name within WHMCS. But I couldn't find it. Can anyone share it with me? I have no money. Hope everybody help please 3. I see there are some websites that can let customers restart cPanel account (but not the whole server) I still can't understand the principle of it. Does anyone know how to integrate it into WHMCS? Or if anyone knows the reason why, they can share so everyone can learn. In short, the above modules and utilities I have not seen anyone ask about them. If anyone can make a module, they can use this idea to code more modules 🙂 But remember to share it with me. I don't have the money so I can't do it, and I'm not a developer so I can't. Please don't scold me. Thank you for everything
  3. Why i can't setup it??? It load load and load Please help me!
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