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  1. 1. Client Area Popup For WHMCS 1.3.0 Did you know that pop-ups produce the CTR (click-through rate) that is roughly 6 times higher than that of banner ads? To put it in perspective: if an ad on the page gets clicked 5 times per 100 impressions, a popup ad would score 30 clicks - an impressive difference, doesn’t it? Our Client Area Popup For WHMCS will let you leverage this great potential with tools empowering you to compose customizable pop-ups visible across your system! Time to peek inside the module’s latest 1.3.0 release packed with further options related to effortless pop-up management: An even wider choice of pop-up styles to choose from. Animations making pop-ups either fade in or slide into any chosen spot of your page. A brand-new feature that limits the pop-up visibility to the logged-in clients only. Control over how many times each pop-up should be displayed in general or per client. The practical option for each pop-up to be hidden permanently. Keep your audience in the loop with Client Area Popup For WHMCS 1.3.0! 2. EasyDCIM v1.7.4 The folks at EasyDCIM have just announced a game-changing update of their platform rolled out with a purposeful mission of plugging the gap left by the quite scandalous demise of CentOS project. Some of the most prominent features this brand-new 1.7.4 version is packed with include: OS Installation For EasyDCIM v1.9.2 with the spectrum of OS templates further extended to include: AlmaLinux 8 CloudLinux 8 CentOS Stream 8 IPMI Integration For EasyDCIM v1.4.0 embracing revolution in the way IPMI proxy is handled owing to the transfer of servers to remote agents. See how EasyDCIM breaks new grounds in OS installation! 3. Below are the modules which also received an update during the course of last week: Kayako For WHMCS - v1.1.1 Payment Gateway Allocator For WHMCS - v1.1.15 Premium Support Tickets For WHMCS - v1.2.6 Product Linker For WHMCS - v1.3.13 Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  2. Accounting Doesn't Have To Be Mind-Numbing! Every little thing you would expect to handle finance dealings of your business in an effortless manner sealed up in a single tool - this is our QuickBooks Online For WHMCS! As soon as you start exploring new functionalities inside the module’s freshly launched 1.7.0 version, you will spot a broadened selection of relations between the collected financial details. Now, you are free to set up Custom Rules that shall be applied in case certain items appear on the invoice but have no relation with any QuickBooks service. Furthermore, the update offers the possibility to define a relation between WHMCS transaction fees and QuickBooks deposit account via the Gateway Fee Account feature. Sneak a closer look at all new advantages of QuickBooks Online For WHMCS 1.7.0! Have you seen what other module updates arrived in our Marketplace as of late? GoDaddy Domain Registrar For WHMCS - v3.3.8 G Suite For WHMCS - v1.3.5 Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS - v2.1.8 Time & Task Manager For WHMCS - v1.4.12 Virtuozzo VPS For WHMCS – v1.6.4 Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  3. As bitcoin gets more mainstream being able to use a popular bitcoin processor like bitpay.com would really help us hosts be able to take it easily. Any plans on making a BitPay payment module? It's already used by several top hosting companies. Thank you, Charles
  4. Hi there! Is there a way to access the variables of a payment gateway? With "GetModuleConfigurationParameters" I get the names of the parameters, but not their variables or content. If you can help me, that would be great !! Thanks in advance!
  5. Not Encrypted! EncryptCoin is a real peer-to-peer payment gateway for WHMCS which allows you to accept cryptocurrency payments without transaction fees, monthly fee or bank account EncryptCoin payments are easier to make than any other payment gateways purchases, and can be received without a merchant account. Payments are made from a wallet application, either on client computer or smartphone, by copying or entering the recipient's address, the payment amount, and pressing send. To make it easier to enter a recipient's address, many wallets can obtain the address by scanning a QR code. Feature list: Fewer risks: EncryptCoin transactions are secure, irreversible, and do not contain customers’ sensitive or personal information. This protects merchants from losses caused by fraud or fraudulent chargebacks, and there is no need for PCI compliance. Merchants can easily expand to new markets where either credit cards are not available or fraud rates are unacceptably high. The net results are lower fees, larger markets, and fewer administrative costs. Automatic Payment Acceptance: An automated check whether the client has transferred the funds at the required value or not. And then accept the payment without human intervention and all you have to do is monitor from afar. Testnet Support: You can try EncryptCoin without using a real coins. Just get a free testnet coins from any faucet then activate the TestNet Mode. Now you can try everything in EncryptCoin. (testnet mod supported coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum). Real-time Exchange: You can choose from the real time exchange rate or the fixed exchange rate by manually setting the prices. The real-time exchange rates conversion supports these currencies "USD, AUD, BRL, CAD, CHF, CLP, CNY, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, INR, ISK, JPY, KRW, NZD, PLN, RUB, SEK, SGD, THB, TWD". Cold storage wallet: cold storage refers to keeping your wallet completely offline. It's the opposite of a hot wallet where your coins is kept online. Since cryptocurrencies is a digital asset, keeping them online increases your risk or attack surface for having your coins stolen when kept online using a custodial service. By keeping your wallet in cold storage, your attack surface is greatly diminished. Translation Ready supports multi languages and RTL languages for both client area and admin area. It’s very easy to change the displayed language to any language. Accept cryptocurrencies payments on your WHMCS with 0 fees: Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum. Litecoin. Dash. Other currencies will be added. No online wallet needed. Keep your wallet safe and just use receiving addresses. No registration, ID key or login needed. No setup or recurring fees. Wallet to wallet, "From your clients pocket into your pocket". Mobile payments made easy. Available to all countries without exception. ------------------------------------------ Requirements: PHP >= 5.6 WHMCS >= 7.0 Installation: Copy all files to your WHMCS directory. Install and activate EncryptCoin payment gateway. Install and activate EncryptCoin addon. Add your wallet addresses to the addon (You can use any SPV wallet "like Electrum" to generate multiple addresses) Check our website for more information and screenshots.
  6. When a customer selects to purchase hosting from me and then completes the order process. The customer fills all their details and then selects complete order. No Payment option comes up. The system then takes them into their client area, one can see the invoice. Why is the customer not asked to pay before the process is completed? I would expect a paypal window to open so that the customer can make a payment. regards Gunther Wallendorf
  7. I have attached screenshots below. When I add a new payment method or previous, it sends request to remoteinput method and it receives response on callback and works perfectly. However, when I make payment using saved token, it makes payment perfectly, but callback does not work. Can somebody please help?
  8. Just thought I would save other peoples time looking at payment gateways, specifically the Paymate AU and NZ native in the box gateway in WHMCS. Paymate AU and NZ no longer allow Website Hosting or Design businesses to conduct business with their gateway! After going through the process to set up an account and get verified and provide bank account records they have closed my account and referenced their terms of use "Unacceptable Business Types" https://global.paymate.com/paymate-terms-of-use/#35:. I'm not sure when this was put into place but should be removed out of WHMCS to save other people making the same mistake!
  9. Hello, I am looking for someone to develop a custom Paygate Checkout System Similar to Paygate or 2checkout Does anyone know the correct person who can help me with this? Regards,
  10. I've been seeing a few processing issues with reporting statuses, on: Client > Invoices > Invoice # I finally had to double check and compare my local/stipe.com previous 4 weeks data... because it'd be horrible if these statuses were correct! here's a few examples of what I've been seeing, on the Transaction History section (bottom of paid invoices). and these are *all* reporting as being *PAID*. i haven't looked through everything in detail, but they (so far) appear to all be paid. looks as though the status & descriptions simply aren't matching up in our admin area. (at least, i hope that's all that it is) Date Payment Method Transaction ID Status Description 02/19/2020 15:04 Credit Card N/A Success Your card has insufficient funds. 02/19/2020 15:04 Credit Card txn_notrealtrxnumber Success Your card has insufficient funds. 02/19/2020 15:04 Credit Card txn_notrealtrxnumber Success Automatic Payment Attempt
  11. Hello! How can I make it so a new client must fund their account or pay an invoice with, for example, a credit card (stripe gateway) before the client can fund their account or pay an invoice with BitPay gateway? So really what I mean is that I want a payment gateway to be reserved until another payment gateway is used, and only then will the client be able to use this particular reserved payment gateway. The reason I want this is so that I can avoid fraud and better verify the identity before allowing payment with BitPay, a cryptocurrency payment gateway. Thanks! I suspect this will require some hook of some sort.
  12. how to activate Coinbase commerce instant notification system??? please help me
  13. Hello @WHMCS John, As we checked, it seems that modulename_remoteInputWithTemplate & modulename_remoteUpdateWithTemplate functions support get removed from credit card form page in latest released version 7.8.x We had a custom payment gateway module which is using our own custom credit card form template file instead of default one creditcard.tpl, similar like ewaytokens module is working. But, ewaytokens module files structure is also get changed in recent versions. Can you please confirm if this functions are permanently removed from latest versions and advice us on priority what is the best alternative to use custom creditcard form page to accept card details. For reference, existing topic : Suggestions appreciated from anyone else. Thanks & Regards, Logicmaker
  14. We have released a new update of our WGS PayPal Tokenization WHMCS Payment gateway module. This new 1.0.6 Update brings in the compatibility with the latest WHMCS 7.8 - 7.8.1. Our module has become the most updated Paypal tokenization module in the WHMCS Marketplace. Users can download the latest files from the WGS Client Area.
  15. I am looking for some beta testers to test out a Stripe gateway module out before release. As this is a beta, early access, bugs are to be expected but it has been running smoothly on our install. Testers are expected to actually test the module and report any issues or comments. I am only looking for a few testers with varying amounts of activity and so this is a limited opening. When the module is released, beta testers will receive a discount on the released version and the beta version will be disabled. If you are interested in beta testing this module, please contact me for further details. Details on the module: Uses Stripe.js Elements to collect card info Uses a custom form for card info on both manage credit card and checkout pages Options to force usage of the module if you are switching card gateways Currently supports card payments and not items like Apple Pay. USD currency only supported at this time Offers a one time payment option where the card token is removed from Stripe after usage.
  16. Hi All, Does anyone know if it is possible to make a payment through a custom gateway from outside the WHMCS system? I want to let users pay with a credit card using my custom payment gateway through my own website rather than the WHMCS website, since the API does not have any function built in for payment of invoices from the remote API I was going to try and reference the payment gateway file directly. Is there a clean way to pass through the variables that the payment gateway is looking for or should I $_POST the variables and then just overwrite whatever the gateway file is looking for so that I don't need to change the gateway code that currently functions? Not sure if I will have to manually run the remote API command to AddInvoicePayment to the system depending on whether it is processed or not. Thinking about it like that could this be seen as a functional way of completing a payment? If someone has a cleaner/simpler solution I'd be happy to hear it? Thanks in advance
  17. 1. Just a split second ago, Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS 2.0 was blasted off to let you supervise the offered payment gateways at a sky-high level. Set out on a journey through some of the greatest new possibilities, taking as much time as you need to tap into their full potential! Feel the instant flow of freshness triggered by a dynamic new framework. Well-balanced arrangement, minimalist design, and most importantly - more time-effective handling of the module. All of that already within your grasp. See what it means to be really in charge. Lay out multiple tiers of discounts and charges to be implemented whenever an invoice displays a specific value. Still not enough! Configure as many activation conditions as you need for each billing rule to let it be applied only to a specified client group, currency or country. For instance, if you would like to grant a discount or collect a fee from customers who opted for a particular currency, or those who come from a specific country even – you can now go right ahead. Most modernizations are several times more powerful when used in practice than they are described on paper. You know what we are implicating, don't you? View the complete changelog of Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS! 2. If you hear someone persistently knocking on your door right now, it must be Cupid reminding you that yesterday was Valentine's Day! As each year, we could not let this lovely opportunity pass by without thanking you for teaming up with us. First, we wanted to write you a poem, but the lines did not rhyme. Then, we tried our hand at drawing hearts, but ended up with scribbles instead. So we will stick with what we are skilled at best – expressing our appreciation through a heartwarming promotion! Put in a good word for your beloved product on our Marketplace and let the 20% discount on any other module or extension that you set your eyes on fall into your embrace! And if you have a big heart capable of accommodating love for many items – review them all and get rewarded for each and every one separately! All's fair in love, war, and ModulesGarden! 3. See what's on the list of the latest releases: QuickBooks Online For WHMCS – v1.4.2 Support Tickets Filter For WHMCS - v1.1.4 DirectAdmin Licenses For WHMCS - v1.1.1 Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  18. There are as many preferences when it comes down to payment methods as people in the world. But there are also two invariable constants: customers crave choice and assurance that their money is safely going to reach the intended recipient. Today we are here to offer you a solution which will help you respond to this eternal demand - Stripe SEPA Payments For WHMCS. With it, you will allow your audience to fill in all the information required for financial transactions as well as accept an authorization mandate directly in the WHMCS client area, thus enabling both one-time and recurring charges via the SEPA Direct Debit scheme. Carried out through the foolproof Stripe payment gateway, the whole process will be absolutely secure, swift and carefree for both sides. Extend your payment arrangements with our Stripe SEPA Payments For WHMCS to derive bilateral benefits! Learn All About Stripe SEPA Payments For WHMCS! No one should be forced to work with tools which are totally unintuitive in navigation, unsupportive, and time-consuming on top of that. That is why ModulesGarden is sparing no effort to introduce ever more products like Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS 3.0 – equipped with the ultimately pleasurable, wisely-composed framework in which minimalism and modernity are in perfect equilibrium. Gain Revealing Insight Into The Future Of Our Modules! Do You Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
  19. Hi Guys, I'm trying to integrate my WHMCS install with my banks payment gateway, they don't have the best documentation but I think i'm on the right track. I've got the preferences sorted and I think i'm most of the way there on getting the capture correct. But there are a few things i'm confused with, mainly the result url? The callback file is used for 3D secure transactions only is it not? I've added what I've done and the integration guide from the bank, hoping someone can take a look and let me know what I should use as a result url, The service doesn't allow for refunds automatically and I've removed the 3D secure function also. Just looking at getting the capture right then I can copy the concept to the other function, Also the documentation from WHMCS is a little lacking. How do we know what parameters are available and for something like the URL i've defined with the test & the live how do I reference the value of that variable? Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks. nabtransact.php Direct_Post_Integration_Guide.pdf
  20. Dear All: The "group" solution that WHMCS provides to assign payment gateways results in a lot of unnecessry work -- as every product that s offered in two different (or more) currencies needs to be duplicated. It is further flawed, as this does not work at all for domain registrations! Under version 5.3 of WHMCS we had the below edits working to take care of this, but it does not work anymore in version 6.3.1, and I can't figure out why not. Does anyone understand, and how to fix this? We use "six" and the "modern" shopping card ... the code below is a simplified version with just two currencies and two payment gateways. .../[whms]/templates/orderforms/modern/viewcart.tpl ------------ (...) {/if} <h2>{$LANG.orderpaymentmethod}</h2> {if $currency.id == 1} <p><input type="radio" name="paymentmethod" id="pgbtn1" value="paypalbilling" onclick="hideCCForm()"{if $selectedgateway eq "paypalbilling"} checked="checked"{/if} /> <label for="pgbtn1"><b>PayPal</b></label><br /> <input type="radio" name="paymentmethod" value="authorizecim" id="pgbtn2" onclick="showCCForm()"{if $selectedgateway eq "authorizecim"} checked="checked"{/if} /> <label for="pgbtn2"><b>Credit Card</b></label><br /> {if $currency.id == 2} <input type="radio" name="paymentmethod" value="dwolla" id="pgbtn1" onclick="hideCCForm()"{if $selectedgateway eq "dwolla"} checked="checked"{/if} /> <label for="pgbtn1"><b>Bank Transfer</b></label><br /> <input type="radio" name="paymentmethod" value="coinify" id="pgbtn2" onclick="hideCCForm()"{if $selectedgateway eq "coinify"} checked="checked"{/if} /> <label for="pgbtn2"><b>Bitcoin</b></label> {/if}</p> (...) ------------ Any ideas? Thanks! John
  21. Hello all, Not been on here for a while! Needing some advice on using WorldPay redirection to their payment page. Currently, we take payment directly on our site using WorldPay XML. This has worked very well and is nicely integrated. However, now that we are being hit by PCI compliance we need to use the complete redirection to WorldPay instead. So....anyone who uses WorldPay and simply redirects paying clients to the WorldPay payment pages and redirect back to your website...please can you give a little information on how this works/config and the module used within WHMCS? There seems to be confusion in the WHMCS documentation on this and anything we tried previously simply did not work. Hoping that things have changed! Many thanks!
  22. I have been using paypal with whmcs , recently when I tried to setup 2checkout it is not displaying on the order form but the paypal option is still visible, tried changing form template and disabling paypal payment method but 2checkout still not available. Show On Order form check in Payment gateways for 2checkout is visible and i am using modern order form template. WHMCS Version: 7.1.0 Anyone know what is going on please help
  23. I am trying to process an order for a client. I took their information over the phone and entered into their profile. Not the first time doing this. Then I went to the invoice I clicked on Attempt Capture I got the below error message. Capture Error The capture was not successful. Please check the gateway log for more details. In the gateway log I get the following, which has be redacted: Invoice ID => #### User ID => #### Amount => $$$$ No Client Profile ID Found I am using WHMCS 7.1.1 on a CentOS server with PHP 5.6.29. I have confirmed there is not a matching account on Authorize.net.
  24. Hello, I have had my whmcs acct for a couple of years now, but havnt acted on using it. I was mulling it over again, but have a lot of pre-sale questions... I guess my biggest concern is,...is there a support phone number anywhere? I am having a hard time believing that a company this big (and charges) for their services (especially ones that take money ..anyways) would have a better support system in place for its customers? It can't really be, that this and an email is the only support mechanism..is it???? My next question would be, about payment processors....I don't really want to go the route of getting a full merchant account...(as they check your credit right???) - so I am wondering - I saw paypal (and all the different types) in the documentation as being compatible, but I am wondering if I try to set up recurring payments then I am assuming in this instance I would have to use paypal pro? Does anyone know if paypal pro is like a full blown merchant account in that they have to run your credit to get approved? Also, qould just the regular paypal or paypal express work? or no, because i want to be able to handle renewals, and subscriptions and I think only paypal pro does that... Also, I'd like to hear from people already using the system...if you all dont mind responding...but like how is the customer support? Do they respond in a timely manner? Are they helpful in fixing issues? This really scares me...I can picture in my head something going wrong, and not being able to get support for whmcs... What payment processors is everyone using? Having good experiences with? I need to find one, and I just don't know where to start... Thanks so much,
  25. It is with utter bliss that we announce two marvelous updates with much to commend them! 1. cPanel Extended For WHMCS 3.0 has been reinforced with support for CloudLinux on WHM! What is more, the module has gone through a series of substantial improvements to let you carry out day-to-day work in a swift and effective manner. Changelog - v3.0.0: New Feature: Support for CloudLinux on WHM New Feature: Define CloudLinux resource limits per product New Feature: Define CloudLinux PHP version per product Bug Fix: Protection against redirection loop on phpMyAdmin page Bug Fix: SSO login for administrators Find Out More About cPanel Extended For WHMCS! 2. With our Payment Gateway Switcher For WHMCS keeping a hold on the payments made through your system is simple yet highly effective. The essence of newly released version 1.1.0 is meticulously remodelled interface which, combined with several refinements, makes the module even more efficient and enjoyable to use than before! Changelog - v1.1.0: New Feature: Limit available payment gateways depending on country and state Improvement: New admin area user interface Bug Fix: Minor tweaks and improvements Find Out More About Payment Gateway Switcher For WHMCS! Do not miss out on a wonderful chance to win a 25% discount for your favourite extension module! See what's on the list of latest releases: Multibrand For WHMCS – v1.5.1 Quotes Automation For WHMCS – v1.1.1 Plesk Extended For WHMCS – v2.1.1 OpenStack VPS For WHMCS – v1.3.1 Clients Profiler For WHMCS – v1.5.1 Coming soon: Discount Center For WHMCS – v1.1.0 Recurring Billing Extended For WHMCS – v1.1.0 DNS Manager For WHMCS – v2.4.0 with DNSSEC support! Need Custom Software Development For Your Business? Get Your Free Quote Now! Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create a new module or even a completely new system built from scratch!
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