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  1. I've modified the custom ones, left the defaults at defaults. As for updating beyond this version, it's likely when my support runs out, so will I. 😉
  2. Latest, 8.1.3, having been forced to use it. 😉 It may well be that I've numbered some the same as the prebuilt ones. I just renumbered, and some are behaving unless I resize the window, then all bets are off.
  3. I did on mine as well. It's still following the "I need to fill spaces when the window changes" mode, and more or less ignore the weights defined. They change in the list behind the gear, but on the page still fails. In addition, if you shift them manually, then change the window width, it goes right back.
  4. From my experience that only sets it's position in the list that opens when you click the gear. On the page it's still the "dancing blocks" thing.
  5. Interesting to recommend a Cpanel certified server admin after acknowledging you're not using a cpanel server. Always the best suggestions.
  6. ^^this, in a nutshell. That money could hire a few quite talented developers that could provide a usable solution in a reasonable time frame. Anyone making that money and staying with WHMCS for convenience is spending foolishly.
  7. This: I wanted to leave a comment, but find it wanted yet ANOTHER login to do so. Rather than use the community login, or the billing area login, or the feature request login...it wants a Discus/Google or some other third party login. Really not trying very hard to make this all friendly like. Unsurprising.
  8. Though I agree obfuscated code is partly to blame for this debacle, open source is not a full on panacea here. Yes, as it stands now you could patch/update (for those that are able), but there are other considerations in play. Basing the decision *JUST* on it being mostly open source code is likely to fall flat at some point also, though possibly for different reasons. Not everyone loves the "blestaverse", but pickin's are slim at present.
  9. The next thing to be charged extra for....
  10. That's not the point. The entire "pay per client" model (with subsequent increases) is mainly what's abhorrent here (not to mention how it was announced). I'm losing a few owned licenses in exchange for paying more for a leased version (should I stay) that changes in price according to my success, that they monitor rather closely. There has never to my knowledge been a public disclosure of exactly what metrics are actually being sent, so for all we know they could be gathering full client details for eventual soliciting with one of their hosting company partners, some day may start sending notices to clients under suspended licenses about a "better host that doesn't have license issues", or who knows what. This isn't even mentioning the connection to cPanel and the interesting data that could be correlated between WHMCS clients and the things they host and do with Cpanel accounts and so on. Do remember, WHMCS has the ability to log you into Cpanel servers and individual accounts through that interface. All sorts of mischief possible, if you're willing to do whatever you feel like with apparent impunity. Lately the licensing server has been having issues verifying validity "if you don't log in every 10 days". I log in daily, and mine failed the check until I forced a reissue. Now imagine you don't remember to check that very public license checker to know yours failed, and failing that check now blocks access to the admin of your installation, since this is in fact a lease that disables non-payers (actual or perceived). See any issues there with the new licensing other than the "you can afford it" price?
  11. I believe you're right. Kayako rid themselves of owned users by making it so onerously expensive that most would balk, and those that paid eventually saw the lack of attention to updating it received and moved on or decided the better solution was the SAAS version, as that one got all the feature requests that stagnated for 4 or more years (sound familiar?) rolled into it. The "classic" version got none. I'm not big on "cloud" personally, and even more so when it comes to billing applications. Where I'm responsible of someone gains access to my system, what happens if someone gains access to the SAAS server? That could be epically bad.
  12. I used to think it was speculation, but I think you're right on all counts here. All indications are there, if you look objectively. Not immediate, but on the horizon, surely.
  13. Support states it just looks for a login to admin once every 10 days, and if it doesn't see one, it gets upset and sends you to the naughty step. Thing is, I'm in there every single day. My browser doesn't ask for a new login every day (though WHMCS asks for my pass on nearly every damn page if I'm not actively using it), so what's the problem here? Interestingly, it's the 8.13 version does it, since the day they said I last accessed it was the day after I upgraded that particular license. When I mentioned I'm in there all the time, they immediately asked for admin access to "see what's wrong". I declined. Support does not have to immediately resort to "you can't fix this, so let us in", IMHO.
  14. My own included. One of my two fail the test, but both are licensed and have current support periods. 😞
  15. Actually, one of my two shows unlicensed. Generally I stay logged in, but when this showed I logged off then in again. Still fails. The other, same deal; stay logged in, it's showing as licensed. Both owned, both have active support/updates on them. I'm hesitant to use the "force license check" in admin, since who knows what that will do. 😉
  16. Say what now? Owned license holders were paying $59.95 every 6 months (if they stayed up to date). That's nearly $120/year. The new licensing has the lowest license costing $227.40/year. My math says that's approaching twice the cost. How is your math showing no changes to the "vast majority" of license holders? Absolutely NO customers will see no change at all, unless I've missed something here. This is so ludicrous I nearly didn't respond. You yank the rug on us, then say that? The proper way for your owned license holders would have been to say "from today onward, you must keep current or you will lose access to newer versions and support, until such time as you pay to make it current, including anything due from the last payment made.". This would place the onus on us to keep current or be "fined" to get back up to date. But then, the fees are far lower for that method, so subscription and the "deny access if in arrears" is a much friendlier approach. Really. Well done.
  17. Because it was and is used predominantly by startups that can't even configure this much less get half a dozen different things talking to each other as a replacement. Hell, I consider myself a bit above the bottom coding wise (a little, anyway), but still have needed help with this at most things I needed done. Well, at least when it was less expensive it was used by lots of folks. Now that they've pulled the rug out it may backfire a bit more, but trust me when I say this, there are more that will fall in line than are leaving. I hope I'm wrong. Is it? You can keep your license, and use it forever. What you can't do is buy support and updates for it. Though it renders it more useless over time, they're not denying you using it if you so choose. Really awful to do to us, but legally sound, IMHO.
  18. In what way? "I haven't moderated here in years". < I haven't (that was 12 or so years back). "it wasn't custom to hold posts in moderation". < It wasn't.
  19. And with it the near certainty of having something "extra" added in. I may hate what's been done here, but the only one you'd hurt is yourself (well, that and all the client data). Breaking laws to "get back at them" or evade increased costs is a straw man argument. Most that consider it now, already had before. This is just the nudge... I'd say it's unlikely, since it would cost them to file and pursue one. They might do it a few times to show they're serious about piracy, but in the end it's a "cost of doing business" and ignored unless *very* public.
  20. A decent guess, I'd say. If this sort of thing historically had 75% or more actually following through, less companies would consider it as a viable risk. I'm sure cpanel took a hit with folks moving to DA, but the increases likely more than paid the loss and then some. Once the anger subsides and the reality of implementing an entirely new system sinks in, many will see the mountain as pointless to climb and just pay. A shame, but that's reality for you. This is not the last unpalatable change that's in the pipe. Mark my words, another shoe will fall at some point in the not so distant future. More outrage will follow. A waste of energy. It's move on or fall in line, so a simple binary choice. 😉
  21. And only about 4 years in that queue to be "under consideration", if you're lucky. 😉
  22. He doesn't appear to be using PHP 8. Might have misread that.
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