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  1. It definitely works in WHMCS 7 version, as we're using it. If those options aren't available in v8, it's most likely due to changes in v8. I believe they have their own devs working on things, since they adapted something for me to be able to grab a list of domains that will expire within a certain time frame without them having to be in WHMCS at all.
  2. Doesn't sound like them (he said somewhat sarcastically). 😉
  3. They never *had* to allow reselling a license you owned, and I don't recall if it was in the terms or not. For a while they did, but now they decided that's no longer acceptable. Terms are not permanent, and are subject to change. Sure, they can't say that you now have to pay them $1 a minute to keep using it (even if added to the terms), but they do have the right to stop allowing resale. I don't like it, but it's allowed. Nearly every one I've read states that they reserve the right to make changes, and that it can and will at some point. As for Kayako, I actually have three unlimited licenses, two paid, one given to me by the original creator long ago. What they did was try and kill the owned version in favor of SAAS. When users complained strongly, they kept it, but raised the price to absurd levels (over $11K *PER YEAR*), so no one wanted to buy. At the same time, they said you could pay monthly "support" for owned if you had it...but that was like $35/m per seat, where we have unlimited before. They wanted the owned to stop being a thing, and found a way to make it so unpalatable it came to be. Optimistically, that won't likely happen here. The pragmatist in me is watching the horizon.
  4. It applies to all owned licenses, which you could only sell once, and only if you bought directly. As for terms, most of those are not permanent, and can change over time. The new terms don't change your ownership, they just disallow selling it. At some point in the future, I'd assume they could say the owned version will no longer be developed (look to Kayako for precedent) or supported or perhaps have a gigantic support price increase that most would say no to and that's that (again, Kayako is a good example). This may be a big worry over nothing, but with the pattern of things of late, no longer a sure thing not to happen.
  5. Downside? If you have a script/form being abused that will make tracing it a bit more difficult, but not impossible. Terrific convenience on servers where you have clients hosted, though.
  6. If you have WHMCS on a server that you have WHM access to, it's in tweak settings. Look under mail for "Track email origin via X-Source email headers" and shut it off. That should resolve it. Of course, it sounds like you have your billing system on a server where you have clients, which is typically a lot less secure...
  7. This explains it pretty well. It's not WHMCS, but php. https://www.the-art-of-web.com/php/x-php-script/
  8. It becomes a little less far fetched when you learn they quietly stopped allowing owned licenses to be sold by current license holders at the end of September. Starts to make this a little less implausible, IMHO. Love to be wrong. Gut says there's a chance...
  9. That's certainly one possibility, but not the only one. 😉
  10. ^^ This, most of all, especially when it involves something like forced SSL checks (and not only that one). Things outside of the core operations like that need to be optional, not baked in.
  11. There are only a few competing products at this price point, and my experience is with only two of the three main ones (which I won't mention by name). It's been years since I used either, so I've simply stopped recommending altogether. While WHMCS is still what we use, we've grown apart in thinking over the past few years, and it gets harder with each new iteration to get behind it. I've defended and recommended WHMCS, but no longer. Now I say nothing. 😉
  12. I'm an owned user and I used to participate more, but the newer versions are more and more complicated, so I offer less and less help. For the same reason, along with current practices and pricing from WHMCS, I no longer recommend it to others. I was loyal from back when it was just Matt and he was pretty much just starting out. Very different company these days.
  13. Or at the very least, asking users if it's a good idea before implementing a change like this. We don't do this often for clients, but as we do know most personally, it has come up in the past. Be nice to know the official reasoning behind it being removed.
  14. So glad I posted it. 😉 Going to go skulk off now
  15. Left side is not the primary, it's the secondary. Try this? <?php use WHMCS\View\Menu\Item as MenuItem; add_hook('ClientAreaSecondarySidebar', 1, function(MenuItem $secondarySidebar) { if(!is_null($secondarySidebar->getChild('Support'))){ $secondarySidebar->getChild('Support')->removeChild('View'); } }); Interesting. I posted the above hours ago, and it's not in the thread. See if it works this time.
  16. I'm just waiting to see what happens when I finally go to renew support, and find out if they will allow it after having been expired for several versions. My gut tells me I'll be in for a shock of "you have to purchase all the ones you missed to get the update" or a "fine" or something like that. Odds are good that will be that final straw, to be honest.
  17. Thanks for that, both of you. I haven't been in the support area much (just logged in to check), and never noticed any indication of a chat icon. Perhaps that won't show to me as an owned license holder who's support period isn't current. I guess people who spent to own it are less important. 😉
  18. Owned license holder here, and I wasn't aware there was even a live chat support option.
  19. That's "depreciation" of deprecated items for you... 😛
  20. And just as the last bugs are mostly resolved...calendar says it's time for a new beta... 😉
  21. As usual, I discover the cause while waiting, and it's an interesting one. File name. If the widget file name has dashes (in my case it had both underscores and dashes in the non working version), it won't show in the admin "enable" list, but will appear in the permissions list for the role. Once I tried it without dashes, there it was. If that's documented somewhere, I certainly could't find it, so maybe this will help someone in the future.
  22. Just to be sure it works, took the PHP and queries and stuck them in an external file. Works perfectly. Just can't get the widget to appear in the list of choices. Still on v7.6.1 of WHMCS, if that matters.
  23. Modifying a custom widget I created long ago to use different queries. Copied the existing one, changed some things and have it set to be available for my user role in the admin. Thing is, though it's there in the permissions, it's not available in the drop down to enable seeing it on the admin home page. No errors being produced, it just isn't showing up in the list. Where does one start to determine what's wrong with that? Kind of baffled with this.
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