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  1. bear

    Merchant Account?

    We moved from them to Stripe, for the very same reasons. Stripe is far more reasonable. Take note, when cancelling with CDG, make very sure you receive confirmation it's been canceled. We missed they hadn't confirmed, and a recent audit showed they were still pulling the monthly fee from our connected account. Fighting to claw that back currently.
  2. Illuminate is just creating the DB connection. WHMCS is trying to say it's not finding the table being asked for. I've seen hooks and addons calling Illuminate, so it's conceivable some reporting module or template you're using was supposed to have created it? I notice: /modules/addons/ticketsd/hooks.php in that quote of yours. That's where I'd start looking, since it's likely what's triggering this.
  3. Tried to capture a Stripe payment and it failed with this: "You passed an empty string for 'customer'." While I wait for my ticket and the inevitable "upgrade (on 7.6.1) or give us full access to look" response, I was wondering if anyone knows why it's doing that and if there's a fix. I tried searching, but quoted it finds nothing, unquoted finds all instances of any word with "you" in it. Anyone have an idea on this?
  4. Should anyone come across this thread after seeing this error, this fell over on mine because the client didn't have an active subscription with Stripe yet. They were subbed with the previous merchant provider we were using, and I hadn't noticed the changeover date or it might have been clearer. It would have been good had WHMCS simply said no card/profile found or something of that nature instead of heading off to the merchant without checking and the gateway log being the only hint. Too much to ask of a billing system, maybe. 😉
  5. How about only allowing registration if they buy something? Generally it's pointless to allow that without an order of some kind.
  6. bear

    Payment Problems

    If it's broken, this begs the question as to why these "hotfixes" don't get rolled into updates, if it's not in the latest download/autoupdate.
  7. bear

    WHMCS iPhone app

    And still the same disappointing Android one as before...
  8. Maybe disallow changing user details in WHMCS for clients? Even if just temporary, it will stop that cold.
  9. That doesn't help determine what went wrong. Perhaps you should temporarily (just long enough to get the result) enable error reporting and load the page?
  10. Did you enable the use of PHP tags (which is not generally a good idea) in the settings of WHMCS?
  11. bear

    Renewing domain at registrar

    If you have someone that's late (some clients we give extra leeway to) and want to renew before payment, another method is to move the domain line item on the invoice (along with price) to a new line, save, then delete the original line it was copied from. That way you don't need to remember to put that check mark back (which affects *all* domains). That's the method we use, since it keeps the invoice due and won't renew the domain again if it's paid later. The following renewal/invoice is back to normal. https://docs.whmcs.com/Domains_Management#Manually_Registering.2FRenewing_a_Domain
  12. bear

    I propose a tax-free world

    I have nothing meaningful to add except the "LOL zone" if friggin' hilarious in that. :agree:
  13. You said you were diving, so I was waiting. :) Simplest way is to load the page, and look for the CSS calls. Looking at "/ph-web-hosting.php", there is no head content at all, including CSS calls, which means it's missing the header include. Seeing as it's outside the WHMCS directory structure, that may be the reason? Without seeing what it is you're specifically doing, it's hard to guess accurately. Did you follow this at all, making sure paths were defined properly? https://developers.whmcs.com/advanced/creating-pages/ Or did you want these to be fully external to the WHMCS structure and only call information from WHMCS?
  14. bear

    Payment gateway

    All one can hope is one day soon you search for a difficult issue you're having, and come across a thread that has someone with the exact same issue as you have, and you think "oh boy, I can finally fix my problem". You open the thread, and it states "fixed it", and nothing more. Only then will you feel the frustration that posts like that cause. Glad you fixed it.
  15. bear

    Payment gateway

    Perhaps you could share so others might benefit from the solution?
  16. I get this: Firefox does not trust this site because it uses a certificate that is not valid for www.hosting.sundezine.com. The certificate is only valid for the following names: foundationapi.com, www.foundationapi.com If I leave off the WWW it will load, but only the public facing pages. Those load fine? EDIT If I try to load product pages, they all have names like "ph-cloud-server.php", and the main site appears to be a GoDaddy Resellerclub (sorry) affiliate/referral site? Do the pages exist in the WHMCS directory, at the base level of that directory?
  17. bear

    How stop ticket spammer !!!!

    The FW method is piping, and no messages should be saving to an email inbox unless you have some other mechanism in place to copy it there too.
  18. bear

    How stop ticket spammer !!!!

    Generally the email import grabs the message and deletes the copy on the server (if using POP import). If using the pipe method, it isn't stored on the mail server at all. I'd say your thought that they're visiting the page is correct, if it's not in the WHMCS mail import log. How do you know they're bypassing the Captcha, just because of the odd subjects and so on? If you have access, you might want to look through the server logs and find out who is hitting that form to submit, and see if that's something you can block.
  19. bear

    How stop ticket spammer !!!!

    There is nothing in the email import logs for those?
  20. bear

    Sun Dey Introduction

    WHMCS takes the initial installation location as the licensed one. In your case, the local server. You will need to reset the license so it sees the public facing one, which will disable the local one it knows about now. For testing, WHMCS generally allows a dev license, which is restricted to being non publicly accessible. Not sure how they handle licenses from a server company, though. They might actually be a little upset you installed on something other than the hardware you got it with, even if it was apparently a harmless thing you'd done.
  21. Did you know you can find these for yourself? A color sampling tool would help, as would using something like Firefox's web tools. While viewing the page, hit the F12 key. That should open the console, and in that a button that you can click then hover over the color in question. Click on the element, and it's fairly easy to find why it's the color (or location and so on) it is.
  22. bear

    Spam orders

    In your settings: "Request users to confirm their email address on signup or change of email address" Also set up fraud checking, and never autoprovision accounts, except maybe for existing clients.
  23. Hmm... "Promotional Code: LEGACYIMPORT" That sounds like it's been taken over and this is the new management doing this. This page claims all new support, and no mention of Lee. https://whmcsmoduleshop.com/blog If so, and the client database was purchased or transferred, that could be a problem as they're in the UK, looks like.
  24. I seriously doubt the use of WHMCS is behind their decision, or that you offer web hosting, unless it's adult or warez related. That sort of thing is prohibited at the link you gave in that screen shot, but hosting is not. No mention of the billing system in use being a factor. We went from 2Checkout to Stripe. Aside from the recurring payments not working due to changes only implemented in the latest version of WHMCS (we haven't moved to it due to some bugs as yet not resolved), it's been terrific and smooth. As far as integrating 2Checkout into WHMCS, there's a module for it. Simple to set up.
  25. I used them for hosting billing for years using WHMCS, without issue. Maybe I was able to use them because hosting wasn't prohibited when I joined? We left when they made it untenable for us due to silent cost changes. Our rate, the one we'd signed up with, more than doubled per transaction, without notice. When we contacted them and pointed out it still showed the expected rate on their website, within the hour that page vanished and was replaced with a new rate chart...STILL showing we should have been charged less. They refused to honor any of it, and we stopped using them. Took nearly 5 months to get the last of our funds off there. You dodged a bullet. Almost anyone else would be a better choice, IMHO.

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