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  1. pRieStaKos

    Using phpstorm+xdebug

    You cannot run addons outside WHMCS sandbox. You have to run it through WHMCS admin dashboard.
  2. pRieStaKos

    WHMCS API DOC ERROR AddTransaction fees

    I got a few mistakes on Developers Documentation too, but no one is bothering to update it. Github Requests are just been ignored. Some day they will update it. Perhaps in v8 😁
  3. Hey everyone, After the transfer to the new server, my WHMCS sends dates in email in English and the other text in preferred language. Do anyone remember how to change that and make it follow the preferred template language ? Thank you in advance
  4. pRieStaKos

    Issue with reCaptcha

    Updating your template to updated template/Six folder, should override the old and update to new reCAPTCHA vendor files. General Settings > Captcha Form Protection : Off when logged in should make reCAPTCHA visible only to visitors. Logged in users won't have to fill this field. I got Invisible reCAPTCHA and option 2 on Off when logged in and works.
  5. pRieStaKos

    QuickBooks Desktop Sync

    Not really. I haven't seen anything like Quickbooks before either.
  6. pRieStaKos

    QuickBooks Desktop Sync

    @apollo1 check their site. They discontinued their module.
  7. pRieStaKos

    iOS App

    @brian! I bet it would be like cPanel mobile app. Just viewing the admin page through the app. Nothing further.... 🤣
  8. Do you want it for new customers ? Do you assign .edu customers to a specific Client Group manually ? Because you can assign a discount for a client group. You can do it with a hook but you need coding skills or a third party addon.
  9. Did client status changed to Inactive after that ? I haven't seen WHMCS canceling invoices after a short period (before v7). I cancel them with a hook, after cancellation of service.
  10. Setup > General Settings > Invoices Setup > Automation Settings > Billing Settings
  11. pRieStaKos

    Hide Menu Items before user login

    @brian! I was sure that you would come up with a hook 😂
  12. pRieStaKos

    Translate Tax ID field

    $_ADMINLANG['fields']['taxLabel'] = "Tax ID";
  13. pRieStaKos

    Hide Menu Items before user login

    Go to "header.tpl" in your template folder. Put {if $loggedin} tag before <nav> (check here) and close the tag properly (line 134) This will hide all the nav bar. If you want to hide only the line, but keep the blue nav bar as it is, put the tag in line 120 (before the include file)
  14. pRieStaKos

    Translate Tax ID field

    $_LANG['tax']['taxLabel'] = "Tax ID"; You should update lang files to latest version.
  15. pRieStaKos

    Cron running in wrong time...

    I saw from the beginning of the transfer to my new that the time is set to host local time. So I tried to set it by php.ini to my local time (Europe/Athens), but i checked that it was not working for cron jobs. So I calculate the hours to set it to run at 12:00 of my local time, 05:00 am server time. And it's fine for me.

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