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  1. pRieStaKos

    Hide Menu Items before user login

    @brian! I was sure that you would come up with a hook 😂
  2. pRieStaKos

    Translate Tax ID field

    $_ADMINLANG['fields']['taxLabel'] = "Tax ID";
  3. pRieStaKos

    Hide Menu Items before user login

    Go to "header.tpl" in your template folder. Put {if $loggedin} tag before <nav> (check here) and close the tag properly (line 134) This will hide all the nav bar. If you want to hide only the line, but keep the blue nav bar as it is, put the tag in line 120 (before the include file)
  4. pRieStaKos

    Translate Tax ID field

    $_LANG['tax']['taxLabel'] = "Tax ID"; You should update lang files to latest version.
  5. pRieStaKos

    Cron running in wrong time...

    I saw from the beginning of the transfer to my new that the time is set to host local time. So I tried to set it by php.ini to my local time (Europe/Athens), but i checked that it was not working for cron jobs. So I calculate the hours to set it to run at 12:00 of my local time, 05:00 am server time. And it's fine for me.
  6. pRieStaKos

    Cron running in wrong time...

    Cron is running every 5 minutes. Last Run will say the time that cron runned by script on server. For example, I got Cron Status says Last Run: 12/02/2019 04:50 but I have set the Scheduling Time of the Day at 5:00 am (of the server), to adjust with the time I want to run. At WHMCS I got the correct local time (no server). At cPanel I've set to run every 5 mins and thats it.
  7. pRieStaKos

    Ticket notifications for 2 WHMCS

    Slack is working very smoothly. Check Notifications about this feature.
  8. pRieStaKos

    change the blue color of the WHMCS theme

    Go to `custom.css` file of the template and set the classes with the color you like. .navbar-main, ul.top-nav > li.primary-action > a.btn, .btn-primary { background-color: #286090 } Note: `custom.css` file is been reset after update. Its something you should be carefull, before you update.
  9. pRieStaKos

    Facebook Pixel Code

    There is a commercial module in Marketplace, but you can add the code to footer.tpl. https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/358 If you want to do it only for cart, put {if $templatefile == 'viewcart'} before, to include it only to viewcart page.
  10. pRieStaKos

    A couple mobile theme things with 7.7

    I confirm #2 on stock "Blend" template.
  11. pRieStaKos

    Invoice language as admin

    I can switch between languages before go to /viewinvoice.php?id=x and see the invoice in different languages.
  12. pRieStaKos

    Invoice language as admin

    If you are using the "Loggin as client" you load client language options. Set in the URL "?language=english" to switch on-the-fly the language. It will be saved in session only.
  13. pRieStaKos

    Invoice language as admin

    You mean after you logging as client ? As admin through Admin Area, you see in your chosen language.
  14. pRieStaKos

    Problem on Version: 7.7.0

    If it's not here, it's not resolved yet...
  15. pRieStaKos

    SSL Check under /clientarea.php?action=services

    I doubt too. Many features should be optional, but ....

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