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  1. Hello, Issue has been resolved. I just noticed a silly mistake on the action URL. I set `&` instead of `?` in the parameters: action="modules/addons/custom_folder/actions/setup.php&sid={$service.id}" - action="modules/addons/custom_folder/actions/setup.php?sid={$service.id}"
  2. Learn about Laravel (Queries), Smarty and Bootstrap. For provisioning modules, check market servers API and WHMCS documentation (classes, API etc).
  3. Hello, I would like to post a form action with $.ajax, to modules/addons/custom_folder/actions/setup.php&id={$service.id} but i get 404 error, on submit. If I set the form to post to action="clientarea.php?action=productdetails&id={$service.id}" the form is submitted successfully. <form id="setupForm[{$service.id}]" action="modules/addons/custom_folder/actions/setup.php&sid={$service.id}" index="setupForm" method="post"> </form> $(document).on('click', 'button.submitForm', function(event){ event.preventDefault(); $(this).button('loading'); var form = $(this.form); var indexes = ['reinstallForm', 'consoleButton']; if ($.inArray(form.attr('index'), indexes) !== '-1') { var formData = $(form).serializeArray() var formObj = {} $.each(formData, function (i, input) { formObj['formData[' + input.name + ']'] = input.value; }); } $.ajax({ url: form.attr('action') + '&loadData=' + form.attr('index') + '&namespace=' + form.attr('namespace') + '&index=' + form.attr('index'), type: form.attr('method'), processData: false, contentType: false, data: (jQuery.inArray(form.attr('index'), indexes) !== ' -1') ? jQuery.param(formObj) : $(form).serialize() }).done(function (data) { table.column(5).search("Active").draw(); $('button.submitForm').button('reset').closest('.modal.in').modal('toggle'); if(indexes == 'activateConsoleForm') { checkStatus(); } else { data = data.data if (data.status === 'success') { addAlert(data.status, data.message) setTimeout(function () { // wait for 5 secs location.reload(); // then reload the page. }, 5000); } else { addAlert(data.status, data.message) } } }); }); Any suggestions ?
  4. Website is online as I can see, but you can send them a message https://m.facebook.com/myworkssoftware
  5. You better save their slack channel for future incidents like this...
  6. Read https://docs.whmcs.com/Client_Area_Navigation_Menus_Cheatsheet
  7. It seems offline. Check this https://down.com
  8. Hello, I'm trying to create a hook to open a ticket but not as client or admin. I want to add a bot name/email as the one that opens the ticket, attached to the service id. But when I remove the `clientid`, API is not running: $command = 'OpenTicket'; $postData = array( 'name' => 'Ticket Bot', // The name of the person opening the ticket (if not a client). 'email' => 'bot@email.com', //The email address of the person opening the ticket (if not a client). 'deptid' => '2', // The department to open the ticket in. 'clientid' => $vars['userId'], // If applicable, the Client ID to create the ticket for. 'orderid' => $vars['orderId'], // The order to associate the ticket with. 'serviceid' => $service->relid, // The service to associate the ticket with . 'priority' => 'Medium', // The priority of the ticket (Low, Medium, High). 'markdown' => true, 'subject' => "New Ticket", 'message' => $messageContent ); $results = localAPI($command, $postData); Any suggestions ?
  9. iPhone 11 Pro Max / iOS 14.0 I have already opened a ticket about this issue with no result.
  10. Latest versions, same issue. Waiting for app update...
  11. So you deleted from the WHMCS and readded. But you still get the same error. Have you checked if when you upload the file, you host is deleting the file ?
  12. Delete the file from WHMCS and re-create it with new domain or detail you want.
  13. WHMCS is using Bootstrap 3.x. Check the tooltip feature on bootstrap how to use it correctly.
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