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  1. @brian! Do you know how to trigger the addition of the free product, after main product is fully added to cart (after product configoptions) ? On Review & Checkout page.
  2. Hello, I want to change an addon price (Support Plan), when client chooses a specific configoption. I tried from OrderAddonPricingOverride and PreCalculateCartTotals from Shopping Cart, but neither of them worked. add_hook('OrderAddonPricingOverride', 1, function($vars) { $return = []; foreach($_SESSION['cart']['products'] as $product) { // This is a product with addon purchase $productObj = Product::find($product['pid']); if ($productObj->module == "OvhVpsAndDedicated") { foreach($product['configoptions'] as $id => $configOption) { $optionName = Capsule::table('tblproductconfigoptions')->where('id', $id)->value('optionName'); if ($optionName == "Storage") { $price = Capsule::table('tblpricing') ->where('type','configoptions') ->where('currency', 1) ->where('relid', $configOption) ->value('monthly'); $return = ['recurring' => $price['monthly'] * 1.20]; } } } } return $return; }); Any suggestions ? Thank you in advance.
  3. @brian! Thank you again (typical) for your help. 😅 I managed to add a free product by using `PreCalculateCartTotals` and push a product array in `$_SESSION['cart']['products']` $addProduct = array( "pid" => $customProduct, "qty" => "1", "domain" => "", "billingcycle" => NULL, "configoptions" => NULL, "customfields" => NULL, "addons" => NULL, "server" => ""); array_push($_SESSION['cart']['products'], $addProduct);
  4. No. I didn’t know it’s using the session. I will check it. If only WHMCS had updated their dev. documentation.... 😆 Thank you @brian!
  5. Hello, I would like to add a free product every time a client adds a specific product from a product group. I'm trying to find a hook and an API call to use for this, but I cannot find anything related. Note: Due to complex product configurations and other provisioning actions I cannot use bundles for this. Any suggestion ? Thank you in advance
  6. You should see the Greek translation on the word “domain”. It’s “τομέας” that is the properly translation of the word “sector”. So for domains we are not translating the word “domain” or we use the words “όνομα χώρου”, which really is “name space”. So I follow the line of not translating specific web service global words to local language, because it’s no use loosing the real meaning.
  7. When you try to open a ticket there is a notification box above that says about live chat support. They respond immediately.
  8. I already got the utf8 charset in my configuration file. I got it from the first installation there. In the app, after I click on the 3-4 client profile I get the JSON error. And pops up unstoppable... Although the Profile form still annoys me every time I open the app.
  9. Ok. You reuploaded the template and the issue is still here. - Clear template cache - Close your CDN - Disable your hooks. - Clear browser cache - Check again
  10. {$invoice_total|replace:'€':''|replace:',':'.'|replace:'EUR':''}
  11. Do you have any hooks related to order checkout ? Example OrderPaid, PreModuleCreate etc. Try to disable them and test it again. Another cause would be your payment gateway module. Do you see any error log in module log activity ?
  12. Hello, I recently redesigned my template and I included hooks that returns information about service's server status (status / uptime). When a client has above 50 services (active), the page takes a lot of time to load. I tested and it takes above 60 seconds (avg) only to load the page, from any other page inside WHMCS. I checked and I know that my hooks are slowing down the page, but I need to decrease the loading time, or somehow change the page loading flow. If I could make the page loads and load the hooks after, so the visitor can see that the page is loading, but the table list takes time to fully rendered. Any suggestions ? Thank you in advance.
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