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  1. Hello, I'm trying to translate Project Management addon, but I cannot find a logical translation for the below strings: $_ADDONLANG['editedadminfortimeid'] = "Edited Admin for Time ID - "; $_ADDONLANG['editedstarttimefortimeid'] = "Edited Start Time for Time ID - "; $_ADDONLANG['editedendtimefortimeid'] = "Edited End Time for Time ID - "; I don't have Project Management addon activated. Anyone can provide information or screenshot to figure out what is the correct meaning of this strings ? Thank you in advance.
  2. Kudos @steven99. I was looking for a light version on resolving that, but uploading the latest zip from GitHub and using the following, worked !! use WHMCS\Carbon; use Carbon\CarbonPeriod; Thank you.
  3. Hello, I'm creating a module cronjon and I want to create a CarbonPeriod, but when I'm using `Carbon\CarbonPeriod` it returns the following error, every time I run the cronjob. Trait 'Carbon\Traits\IntervalRounding' not found I downloaded CarbonPeriod.php from Carbon GitHub and uploaded to `vendor/nesbot/carbon/src/Carbon/ ` I tried use Carbon\Carbon; use Carbon\CarbonPeriod; and use WHMCS\Carbon\Carbon; use WHMCS\Carbon\CarbonPeriod; without any luck. Any suggestions ? I want to check if a create period `CarbonPeriod::create($service->regdate, '1 month', $service->nextduedate);` contains `Carbon::now()` Thank you in advance.
  4. Login as Owner Change Password (https://youdomain.com/whmcs/user/password)
  5. Nice. I was informed that this will be fixed in the next app update.
  6. @WevrLabs I don’t know if you have opened a ticket , but in mine whmcs support (Sam P.) suggested to remove the Support Ticket signature from admin / my account and the profile bug, in iOS app is gone. Go to https://yourdomain.com/whmcs/admin/myaccount.php Empty the "Support Ticket Signature" field Enter the password Click Save Changes I couldn’t verify the same solution in android. Can you test and reply here ?
  7. Happy New Year. You need to change the version number in the `$configarray`. "version" => "1.0",
  8. Thank you @WHMCS John, I will look into it. How about the app profile issue ?
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