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  1. You need to check the below: - collation of database - collation of table - encoding of connection - convert your test (column) to new encoding There are plenty guides through the internet for emojis (one here).
  2. Go to General Settings and check the WHMCS System URL. is it with https ?
  3. Hello, Take a look at this guide.
  4. Open the files and check the versions, mentioned inside. If they are not equal to the version you are using, download the related zip file and replace them. Then try again.
  5. {assign "service_custom_fields" ","|explode:$keywords} {$service_custom_fields.0} or {$service_custom_fields[0]} Smarty hasn’t change much. It’s PHPish
  6. You need to catch the order with a hook and open a ticket with API
  7. Or read the payment methods with a hook, remove the one you want and return the array back to template.
  8. I don’t think the team is targeting to improve user experience. Your report is an addition to many other (old enough) reports/requests from users that left the community, as no one listens anymore. The path you should take it to use your own template (with many modifications) or get a commercial template to do your job. …but worth trying. 😃
  9. cWatch addon is not compatible with WHMCS 8.6.x nor PHP8.x, as listed to marketplace. Remove it or contact the vendor to update the addon.
  10. Open the latest WHMCS zip file and check if these files exist in /feeds/ folder.
  11. Check if signature contains unsupported content (texts, emojis, code etc)
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