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  1. - https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/cron/#postautomationtask - https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/cron/#preautomationtask Runs every five minutes
  2. Why you bother with requests.whmcs.com ?? You can see topics declined and accepted without any reasonable amount of votes, years now.
  3. This is a registrar feature. You should ask them. Another way is to say registrar adjust their module to store the EPP to WHMCS as a service custom.field and then you can create a Hook to display a button on Client/Admin Area and trigger a SendEmail API function and send the EPP through an predefined Email Template.
  4. Yes. $values[‘id’] depends on the $customtype.
  5. What is this ? $values["id"] = $primaryid; For general customtype, API wants the $clientid
  6. cWatch it’s not a module that is provided by WHMCS. You should ask the developer.
  7. Do the same for your query on Capsule. You are not providing id to the API.
  8. You should use a return to see where is the issue: $tesult = localAPI('UpdateClientDomain', array('domainid' => $v, 'autorecalc' => true), $adminUsername); var_dump($result); There will be a “result” and “message” if there is an issue. Or you will get “result: success” and API function is OK.
  9. use WHMCS\Database\Capsule; $order = Capsule::table('tblorders')->where('invoiceid', $invoiceId) ->first(); $orderId = $order->id; https://laravel.com/docs/5.2/queries#where-clauses
  10. Welcome. You must be new here. Go to Search on this page and type “password change” to see how many topics there are here, since v8.x and you will get your answer…
  11. Check what did you do wrong on /templates/{your-template}/viewcart.tpl.
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