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  1. I'd be checking DNS and your Apache/Nginx config files to ensure the domain is pointing to the correct IP address and directory.
  2. Not sure if its a bug, I've never seen that option available on the order screen for renewals, only registrations. Renewals can be done from the domain management page.
  3. I wouldn't say banned, more so they probably have a limit of lookups allowed per IP address per day that murtala exceeded.
  4. Have you disabled all addon modules and checked if the same error shows? Likely a module issue.
  5. Burti, What versions of WHMCS and PHP are you running?
  6. Hi Burti, Are you running Cloudflare? If you are, take a read of: If not, the following CSS will fix this: .lightbox { display: none; } Make sure not to use the !important flag as that would prevent all lightboxes from showing.
  7. Hi Marwan, Feel free to DM me a link to your site, I'll do a test order to see if I can find anything.
  8. Where are you placing that code? I don't see what part of the code would auto populate the options.
  9. If you run into any issues, let us know 🙂
  10. Your select options in the screenshot are blank, is that the issue?
  11. What are you ordering? A domain, a service? If its a service, what module? Also is this happening on multiple products of different types?
  12. Possible yes, you can use the last_login field in the tblusers table to find out when each user last logged in. Compare that to the last 30 days and you'll get your report.
  13. What kind of module is it? Eg. Service, Domain, etc..
  14. Unless your settings dictate otherwise, or the client has automatic CC processing switched off, I'd imagine the payment attempt would be automatic on the invoice close to the due date. Which payment gateway is the client using?
  15. I guess the issue is that your Google account may or may not have 2FA enabled, if not enabled then the WHMCS account could be compromised if the Google account was breached.
  16. Hi berndkusen, You can find the email logs under System Configuration > System Logs > Email Message Log
  17. With 2FA I'm guessing the login process is done in two steps. I'd imagine the Google login is part of the first step of logging in, instead of entering the email and password. 2FA would be part of the second step.
  18. Documentation is here: https://fossbilling.org/docs/category/getting-started
  19. What are you looking to export? I'll create the query for you... By the way, you can export most, if not all data through Reports > Exports.
  20. Hi Timothé, Can you give an example of the module used for the service, and what the configurable option is? (a screenshot would be preferrable)
  21. I believe if you choose System, it will send it out to all clients that have active or suspended services, open to correction though if you'd like to test it and see!
  22. Which email is being sent? I can't test this at the moment but you can stop it using the EmailPreSend hook.
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